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Default [RP] Ydos, the Parellel Beyond

Ydos, the Parallel Beyond
Idea, dragons and dragon SU and title by ID Saraibre Ryu
Plot, rules and SU sheets by Crystal Momoyia
Welcome to the world of Ydos. Itís not much different from our own, places still named the same names, towns built in similar fashion, however there is one small difference. One, would be that all of our machinery runs on Arcane; the magical energy that can be ordered to work in such a way that half the machine is made of the stuff. No power lines, no panels or conduits for electricity, just magic. The other difference would be of how all the animals around the planet evolved. Drastic changes in appearance and form, even influences on what is defined as Ďimpossibleí still to this day. The most dominant of all creatures thus far besides humans would be more commonly known as dragons.

Yes, dragons, so much culture and myth about them, itís hard to say what is real and what isnít. This isnít no medieval setting though, nothing from ĎBraveheartí or any other cliche movie that happens to have a dragon in it voiced by Sean Connery. No weíre talking about the modern times, as modern as you can get without going into the future. Yes, dragons live among the humans and other variable of creatures in another world would probably be called mythical or non-existent.

Everywhere, there isnít someone who isnít talking about Arcane, or dragons. However, lately there has been talk of a changing technology that is proposed to replace Arcane all together, one that uses more controlled means. This technology, and all technology, is controlled by one main company that is out to make everyoneís lives easier; Getrra Co. Anything that is made goes by them, and they also help provide anything that is everything to those government services, like they advertise, to make everyoneís life better. They became such a force for the world that they became part of the Ydos UN itself, having some say in affairs around the globe, trying to keep the peace of the world of machines, and the world of nature.

There however, has been trouble around the world entirely. Crime seems to be up lately, varying from corner store robberies to serial killers on murdering sprees, terrorist attacks to political kidnapping. No one knows why or how, but some of it is being blamed on the lack of reliable Arcane machines. Scientists are considering these minor flaws and looking at this new propose technology involving no Arcane in it at all. Arcane however, is required to be used in the world, or the massive build up could cause nature itself to revolt. To top off that list of problems, there is a symbolic identity, one of which wants to call upon themselves to unify a single ruling authority over the planet. In other words, its a form of global domination, but not in the cliche egotistical way, or in anyway you would, this identity wants to rule from the shadows.

They do it through any and all services, using the threat of Dominion dragons to keep a tie on those who may know something. Of course, as far as society knows, none of this abnormal persona actually exists. Slowly, protocols on dragon ownership began to change, as they did, dragons from the wild came out and started causing problems for urban and rural life. Technology started to change, and thus nature seemed to be in a state of confusion.

Anyone who has that intuition knows something us up. There are those who can only guess what is going on, and those who know, but will do nothing about it.

Will you hinder or help solve the mystery that is slowly coming more apparent? Ignore the changing world to save your own skin or stick your neck out and make the truth be told?

Dragon info:

Here we have two categories of dragons: Dominion and Domestic.

Domestic, as you can guess, are the more, pet variety, or ones found as the common wild animal rummaging around through your trash at night. Since they are slightly inferior to that of the Dominion, there species specifications are very blurred due to many attempts at breeding the perfect dragon guard dog back in the mid 14th century.
Domestic dragons are usually under 15 feet in length.

Dominion are those that are sought after, for riding mostly, but itís a high status symbol in society, should you happen to have one. These are classified into more specific breeds, also by elements for the certain few who canít quite remember what their actual names are. These are often owned by those who provide government services; police, hospital, fire fighting, even the military, and so on and so forth.
Dominion dragons are pure breeds that are 15 feet or larger in length.

Dominion Breeds: (Click on the dragons names for a sketch. All sketches drawn by me, no stealing)

European/Fire Dragon:
The classic dragon that comes to mind when you say the word. Four long legs, wings, a tail, and breathes fire. Their body structure is often lanky, long necks and tails that make useful whips. Claws on the moderate scale, heads usually triangular and bearing anywhere between 2-6 horns. Wings are commonly a dark colour to absorb heat hides often a warm hue. Completely fireproof naturally, their scales can withstand heat from up to 3000 degrees celsius. They shed often, enjoy exfoliation by sand blasting. This breed lives in warm, moderately dry climates as one would expect. Mounts ride on the back with legs in front of the wings, steer by tugging lightly on the horns of the dragonís head. Restricting throat or muzzling mouth is dangerous as venting heat is a must.
Length: 30-40 feet
Wingspan: 20-35 feet

Knucker/Water Dragon:
This stumpy legged, small winged dragon is unable to fly, but swims with incredible agility and dexterity. They are squat dragons, and maneuvering on land is difficult. Their wings are small but are perfect for underwater steering. Claws are webbed as well, and a long webbed spine from neck to tail is for detecting changes in water pressure. The spines are also poisonous, so back mounting is impossible. These dragons have a soft squishy hide that is not scaly feeling in anyway, but instead slimy. this slime keeps the dragon hydrated, and also, prevents any blade from cutting into it. Colours range from blues and greens, and patterns involve where the dragon was raised and in what aquatic setting it grew up in; humid jungles or anywhere there is water. Their heads are extremely hard and durable, as they usually headbutt as a form of attack. They can also hurl their own excess stomach acid at foes in large globules, or spray it out. They also have a venomous bite. Mounting is only done in underwater circumstances, and is done so from the belly. Steering involves light touches and sounds. Often used by reconnaissance Navy class military.
Length: 17-19 feet
Wingspan: 10-12 feet

Wyvern/Wind or Air Dragon:
The largest of all dragons, capable of carrying many people at a time. These dragons can fly the longest and the farthest and the highest. Their wingspan is massive, and their bulk is extremely well maintained. Coming in grayish hues with hints of green, brown, blue or red, these dragons are often the hardest to keep healthy because of their massive metabolisms. They do not breathe anything, though can let out piercing, ear bleeding screams that will deafen anyone within half a mil radius. Their tails are thick and muscular, legs, powerful with razor quality talons. They can carry their own weight no problem, making them easy choices for massive aerial shipments. In the military, they can be used for bombing runs, or supply runs. Their eyesight is the best of all dragons, capable of Ďzoomingí in focus from over 2000 feet. Mounting involves laying on the back to prevent loss of aerodynamics. Steering involves pushing specific nerve points on the dragonís muscles, mostly the wings.
Length: 50-67 feet
Wingspan: 55-80 feet

Lyndworm/Earth Dragon:
This oddity of a dragon only has too legs and is rather serpentine and no wings at all. Burrowing is this dragonsí specialty, as well as demolition. Itís thick, muscular tail is not only prehensile, itís a destructive club as well. Despite only having two limbs, this dragon carries extreme physical prowess and constriction strength that could easily turn a 2 foot thick steel rod into a mangled mess. They come in any earthy tone, ranging from tan to a coal colour. Sense of smell is the best, letting it detect even the odorless poisons in an food or drink, sight is not great however. These dragons are sensitive to vibrations of any kind, making it a pro as well as a con.
Despite having only two legs, these dragons can move when they have to. They arenít the fastest of runners but are more hit and run type strategists, as a hit from one of these would leave you down for a long, long time. They can also run vertical up a stony slope, giving this dragon a unique skill. These dragons can breathe a thick smog-like breath that doesnít seem to do much other than suffocate victims if inhaled, such as getting black lung. Anywhere there is dry land is where these dragons are found in the wild. There are numerous ways to mount this dragon and even more ways to steer it.
Length: 30-40 feet
Wingspan: N/A

Amphithere/Electro Dragon:
These beasts only have a pair of feathered wings to call limbs. Very serpentine, these dragons are often either slithering about or flying. Seen as a Ďnovelty dragoní these are often sought by the rich for their brilliant hides and plumage. Ranging from very bright colours such as gold to orange, lime green to red, they have the most diverse choice of colours a dragon can get, often to be a result of their jungle home. Wings are often elaborate and beautiful patterns that would shame a peacock. These wings however can store massive amounts of static electricity, which is then absorbed by glands near the chest. Though they Ďbreatheí lighting, the only catch is that it is so quick you donít really see it, and there has to be a connection of electrons from the mouth of the dragon, to itís target, leaving some time for it to get away. These dragons are often mounted with a fashionable saddle and bridle, such as a horse would be, and is steered as a horse would be. Feathers must be kept clean, water baths often weaken, or can even sicken these dragons.
Length: 26-37 feet
Wingspan: 30-37 feet

Frost/Ice Dragons:
The polar opposite of European or Fire Dragons, these scaly and rugged dragons are only found at the northern and southern poles. Owning one that is capable of living in any other climate must have been raised as a youngster in a new temperature. These dragons are naturally white, though often come in an either pink or blue tint, Their wings arenít feathered as they may seem, but instead adaptive scales that are waterproof and keep the heat in. Stout and bulky dragons, they bear two hors on their head and have bird-like features to them. A beak-like mouth, hind talons of that of an eagle, a tail with a wider, flat crest on the end. These dragons can fly as well as swim, though their skill in either is just above average. These dragons are more suited for sliding down icy slopes, as their bodies are heavy and not very aero or hydro dynamic. A sliding start is required for flight, and that is only a short time. Their breath is that of a liquid nitrogen like substance that is as corrosive as it is cold.
Length: 25-30 feet
Wingspan: 36-40 feet

Burst/Energy Dragons:
Almost considered a Domestic because of itís size, these dragons are the fastest flying beasts in the skies, that is at diving speeds. Often a solid single colour, these dragons are nimble, reckless by nature, but always willing to please. Their breath isnít really a breath at all, but instead spit fire shots of blueish, ignited venom, or what some fall, corrosive napalm. Because of their incredible performance, their metabolisms are quite high, and require rest on a daily basis, at least every 12 hours. Their hides arenít the strongest because of their reliance on agility, so it's rather a thick skin and are harder dragons to find because they are extremely adaptable dragons. They have a powerful bite that can easily break an arm or spine. These are the only Dominion dragons that can live in a domestic home without having the requirement of another shelter to be used, built or bought. Often sought out by dare devil pilots for extreme air shows.
Length: 16-20 feet
Wingspan: 17-22 feet
The Rules
  • All PE2K rules
  • No god-modding or flaming
  • No bunnying unless given permission from the player
  • Romance is allowed, but nothing above kissing in-game. Anything else must be taken to the PMs. Also, same gender relationships are acceptable if you prefer your character to be in that kind of relationship
  • The world of Ydoes is a parallel world of our own, Earth, so all of the places are the same and in the exact same spot. London is still London and still in England as is Dallas is still Dallas, still in Texas, and still in the United States.
  • You may have a max of two or three human characters
  • Only one Dominion dragon and a max of two or three Domestic dragons per character
  • For now, up to two people may have the same Dominion dragon species. Please notify which species, if you choose to have one, when you reserve
  • You do not need to have your character have a dragon if you don't want him/her to have one
  • Each dragon must have his/her own sign up
  • For long distance flights, there must be three posts- one for take off, one for travel, and one for landing
  • Both ID Saraibre Ryu and Crystal Momoyia have the power to accept, reserve, and deny people and characters
  • Beware of the random plot twists that will be thrown in at random times
  • Dragons do not speak or are able to use telepathy. Instead they have an empathic bond with their riders, so both dragon and rider can "feel" what each other is feeling and communicate in their own way without actually understanding what the dragon is saying, but dragons can understand their own language so you can use italics for when your dragon is speaking, for an example of what it would look like, here's dragon speak - "I wouldn't recommend flying south since there is a heavy lightning storm in that area, so I would advice that you show your rider that you will not fly in that direction and either take a different route or wait for the storm to pass." - A human would not understand a word of that, but could possibly feel the dragon's emotion on the subject, when another dragon can understand that perfectly
  • Please, at the beggining of your RP post, state your character's name, dragon, and location.
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Default Re: [RP] Ydos, the Parellel Beyond

Sirens pierced the silence of the night. Flashes of red and blue zoomed on the streets of New York City. Something big must have happened. Did someone break onto a house? Was there a robbery? No, there was a murder.

Policemen in their vehicles started to arrive at Central Park. After the sirens were silenced, another sound was heard. Loud roars and the sound of something zooming through the still air could be heard by the officers over the sounds of their talking and the K-9 units scent hounds. Mighty creatures then started to land near the parked vehicles. Everyone know what they were- dragons. Only top members of the police force were allowed to own one. The head of the police force and a detective from the FBI dismounted their dragons and approached an officer, who saluted the pair.

"What's going on here, officer?" the head of police asked.

"Sir, an elderly couple was taking a night stroll with their dog. The dog caught scent of something and ran away from the couple. When they caught up with the dog, they found a man deceased. Neither can remember where exactly the body was found, so we are sending in the K-9 unit to locate the body. We believe the elderly couple is suffering from shock."

"We don't need to question the couple until they have calmed down. Take them to the office into one of the interrogation rooms and let them calm down. Once they are settled, call me so I may ask them a few questions. After that they will be free to go since I don't believe they could be involved with the murder," the FBI agent said to the young officer.

With a final salute to the two of higher authority, the officer when to escort the couple to the station. The head of police and the FBI agent listened as the search dogs barked and howled, signaling that they were on a trail. The two older men looked at one another.

"I didn't think that we would have a murder on this beautiful of a night," the officer said.

"Sometimes murders happen when you least expect it. I'm wondering who committed the crime and for what reason. That is our main priority."

The dogs howled again, this time louder. Over the radio, a member of the K-9 unit said that the body was located. The two men went with a few other officers to the location of the officers with their dogs. Over half way to the site, the officers caught something when their flashlights passed over a part of the path. When they shined their lights over it again, they realized it was blood. There was a bit of a struggle it seemed like. The FBI officer took a mental note of the finding before continuing on his way.

Upon arriving to the site, the officers came across a scene that was not for the faint of heart. A male body was laying in a pool of its own blood face down. Deep gashes covered the back of the body along with on it's legs and arms. No one dared to touch the body until the coroner arrived.

"This looks like a vicious crime," one of the men said.

"It is," the FBI agent said. "But why was he murdered?"

Another loud roar was heard, and it only meant the arrival of the coroner. He had made enough money to buy his own dragon, so he arrived on that instead of in a vehicle. Some of the officers ran from the site, feeling like they were about to be sick. Some of the canine handlers, the head of police, and the FBI agent stayed. The man from the FBI was making mental notes, trying to piece together the puzzle before him. This deceased man had to know something, but what was it? Did he have information on why the crime rate has increases recently? Did he know who was behind the crimes? None of those answers were going to be easy to find, but it was something the police force was going to do its best to find.

But little did they know that they were being watched. The canines nor the dragons sensed it. There was another dragon and its rider, watching the scene before of them. The figure one the creature smirked, though it was hidden in the dark night sky. With one tug on the harness, the creature turned silently and the pair disappeared into the night sky, off to do only what the rider knew. No one else ever knew that the pair was even there.

It wasn't long after the deceased was discover that the news media caught the story. All the different news stations on the television, radio, and internet started to post different views of the same story. By the next day, almost all of America knew of the murder, and the story was then traveling to different countries. People started calling in with information they thought would be useful, but all of the calls lead to misleading leads to the case. Everyone started to feel the pressure, and no one had any idea who the murderer was. However, with crime still on the rise, the murder at times took a back seat with the police force, but was top priority with the FBI. They soon sent out agents to question people to see if anyone knew something that they did not.
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Default Re: [RP] Ydos, the Parellel Beyond

Robert Phoenix
Vivian the Dominion European Dragoness
10:05 AM
The Law Office of Robert Phoenix, Attorney at Law

Robert closed the door behind him and flipped over the 'Closed/Opened' sign in the window. There wasn't much for work. Many of the criminals that were arrested for various crimes were, in fact, guilty of the crimes they had committed. Between the Magata talisman which allowed him to see when people were keeping secrets and how deeply hidden those secrets were, and his dragoness' ability to discern truth from lies, Robert was able to determine a person's innocence or guilt, and as such only took those who passed both of his 'tests' as his clients. Normally though, most of his clients were not anywhere near the ballpark of wealthy, but the income he made was enough to pay the bills, keep himself and his dragon fed, and enough to keep himself in business.

Robert was one of the more well renown defense attorneys. Even before acquiring his dragon partner and being 'paid' by a mystic in the form of the magata talisman, he was always able to defend his clients fiercely if he truly believed their innocence. Not only that, unlike other lawyers from either side, the one thing he stood for the most was not a win record, but to uncover the truth in each and every case, even if his client was truly guilty and was sentenced as such. He always sought to make sure all loose ends were covered.

Flipping on the TV, the news of the mysterious murder was playing on the TV. So far, the murderer was not found. That and the fact that this murder was in the city a few hours away made him shake his head a bit to try and snap himself awake. Murders were rare in that area, especially when the only punishment for non-self defense murder was death. Still though, with the increase of that new-found technology that was replacing arcane energy, things had been becoming much more chaotic and crime has been steadily on the rise. . Robert couldn't help but believe there had to be some sort of connection between these two facts.

Arcane energy was practically a limitless source and unless it was used, it would build up. Something like that couldn't be healthy for the world or the people in it. What purpose was there behind using a different source of energy? To him, it was like they were trying to fix something that wasn't broken. Nothing about this new technology sat right with Robert. And now with this, he was going to have to keep himself ready. Considering his reputation, chances were high that when the police eventually would find a culprit, he would probably be asked to represent them. He and Vivian needed to be ready at a moment's notice.

Robert opened the window next to his desk. Outside in the back of the building was a large fenced area about the size of an apartment complex, That was where Vivian rested. The dragoness moved her head to the window so she could watch the large screen wall-mounted TV. Robert reached out of the window to pet Vivian on the muzzle. "It's only natural for living creatures to fight to protect their own lives. But what makes us human is that we fight for others. But who do you fight for? How hard must you fight? That's the true measure of what human life is worth. We defense attorneys are warriors who are constantly challenged by that question. Even when the battle is over and the bonds that connect us are severed, we always return. Time and time again for one reason: to find the truth." Robert muttered. "I'm sure even you can sense if Vivian, probably better than most humans. The world is changing for the worse. This new technology, drastic rises in crime that are almost a result of it, the restlessness of the wildlife and dragons. There's something at work from the shadows. If we can unlock that truth, expose it from the shadows that hide it, we can start setting things right." he added, talking directly to his dragoness. Even though she could not speak or communicate in thought or language, he knew she agreed with him.

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Default Re: [RP] Ydos, the Parellel Beyond

Teiko the Wyvern
San Marino

Keiru sighed as he fumbled with his television, which had yet again lost its signal. At times, Keiru hated himself for taking residence in San Marino, but it was nice and secluded, and his dragon wouldn't be hunted by poachers looking to make some quick bucks. Keiru glanced with compassion at his dragon, smiling at her.

"You seem troubled Keiru, what is wrong?" Teiko spoke, though Keiru couldn't understand her.

Keiru stared at Teiko for several moments, their bond allowing him to feel her concern, and he sighed, before nodding to himself.

"I understand your concern for me Teiko." Keiru answered. "I hate how we are living in such a remote place when I have enough money to buy us a nice house somewhere in America, maybe even Spain, yet here we are in the small country of San Marino, living off wild animals."

Teiko looked offended at what Keiru had said about wild animals, and he glanced at her, sighing.

"Sorry Teiko, I didn't mean to offend you." Keiru sighed. "It's just, us humans don't really have the same tastes as you do. We prefer to have a wide variety of food, and we prefer eating domestic animals such as pigs,cows and so on, not wild foxes,wolves and deer. But, it is... adequate."

Keiru stood upright as the television finally picked up a signal, and let out a sigh of annoyance as he recognised it as an American news channel. To make it worse, it was CNN, his most hated news channel, but he remained on it, as the report was quite interesting. Images were flashing on the screen, one in particular catching Keiru's full attention, it was of a murder scene, quite gruesome, and there was something about it that was odd.

"Welcome to CNN, I am your reporter, Tracy Campbell." the female reporter introduced herself. "Last night, a gruesome murder occurred in Central Park in New York, near the famous Central Perk coffee shop. This is another crime in a long list of increased crimes here in the US, and it has been getting worse and worse. As of yet, the police have released no details over the murder, not even the identity of the deceased, stay tuned for all the details."

Keiru shook his head at the report, zoning completely out of the channel as it continued to burble on. Something was seriously wrong if there were loads of murders happening in America. That was not normal, and Keiru was partly interested now, feeling as if it concerned him slightly. He turned his attention once more to the television.

"In other news, the fabled Goruudus Prime dragon has been cornered by the Bolivian military, as it has reportedly killed several humans, more on this story as it develops." Tracy Campbell stated.

Keiru's head raised and he glanced for a moment at Teiko, who stared serenly at him, and he offered a smile to her.

"We need to go investigate these series of murders. Hopefully, Eldredor can look after himself." Keiru sighed, and walked over to Teiko.

Teiko lowered her body to allow Keiru to get on top of her, and she stomped out of the cave, before breaking gracefully into the air, zooming in the direction of America, Keiru deep in thought as he pondered what he was going to do.

Eldredor the Goruudus Prime
El Dragon

Eldredor bellowed as a net was thrown over him, and the net tightened around him, before he tore through it, twirling round to unleash a swirl of flames which scorched his pursuers, a dozen of them falling to the floor, severly burned, and now dead. More damn humans hunting him for money, he hated nearly all the humans because of this. Breaking away, he zoomed up into the air, before zooming away from Bolivia. He needed to move faster. America would definitely welcome him. The US wasn't as hostile to dragons as some countries, which was good. Hopefully, he would meet Keiru again, a human that was actually kind and caring to dragons. Eldredor sighed to himself as he moved hastily, deep in thought over what he was going to do.
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Default Re: [RP] Ydos, the Parellel Beyond

(OOC: Okay, so I know next to nothing about New York, but I figured that's where I should start. But Kaioo, didn't they say that Dragons couldn't really talk telepathically?)

Kilo Allwin
Iria the Burst Dominion(disguised as Domestic)
Central Park, New York

On a golden morning like today, the performers of the Hurricane Riders traveling brigade should have been happily preparing themselves for their act, yet an unexpected drama had cut short their schedule. Officers and their dragons were crawling all over Central Park after a body had been discovered late last night. The daredevils who had been camping in the park had been forced into Delacorte Theater to be thoroughly questioned. Of course, none of the performers had any idea what was going on. As the morning drag on with little headway made by both the daredevils and the police, agitation was growing. It seemed that their show today was going to end up canceled.

Kilo, seated on the amphitheater with his legs propped up on the bench before him, warily watched the other daredevils haunting the stage below. Though he had known nothing about the murder last night, though some officers had already marked him as suspicious. The boy said as little as he could, having never gotten along well with police anyway. He was already in a precarious position with the law, being the son of a illegal dragon trader and a thief as well... Then there was Iria.

The silver Burst dragon was stretched out on the bench behind him, with her long tail curling around him protectively. As his thoughts drifted to her, the dragon lifted her head and eyed him in concern. She could feel his unease, just as he could feel that concern. Some dragon riders could forge an empathic link with their dragons, but it only got so strong that they could sense each other's emotions.

The corner of Kilo's mouth perked as he reached out to stroke the scales on her head.

"It's fine," he reassured her, hoping that he felt as confident as he sounded. The dragon would probably see right through him, but he didn't want to needlessly worry her. He himself was probably worrying too much. He was innocent, after all, right? At least of this crime...


(OOC: I hope it wasn't too short ^^')

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