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Old 10-27-2010, 04:51 AM
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Default good spots to ev train

where is the best spots to ev train?
i need to ev train my staryu for sp.atk. and spd. can anyone help??
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Old 11-14-2010, 12:47 PM
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Default Re: good spots to ev train

Hey, EV training in HGSS is actually very simple. Just use my following spots:

HP: Slowpoke well, first floor, water surface: Slowpoke give 1 HP EV.
Good thing is that Slowpoke is the only pokemon that appears here!

Attack: Route 42, water surface: Goldeen gives 1 ATT EV, while Seaking gives you 2 ATT EV. And they are the only pokemon who appear on this spot.

Defense: Route 45, grass: Geodude: 1 DEF EV, Graveler (most common): 2 DEF EV, Skarmory: 2 DEF EV. Run from the other pokemon.

Special Attack: Route 43, grass. Mareep: 1 SP.A EV, Flaaffy (most common :) ) 2 SP.A. EV, Girafarig: 2 SP.A. This route is perfect to train your Starmie (and Special Attack in general), because the only other pokemon who (occasionally) appears is Pidgeotto, which still gives you 2 Speed EV's. At nighttime though, this route gets a little less interesting as Noctowls suddenly crawl all over the place.

Special Defence: Route 27, water surface: Tentacool: 1 SP.Defence EV, Tentacruel: 2 SP.Def EV. Great spot, as those pokemon are the only one's who appear here and they are really easy to beat!

Speed: Route 9, grass: Rattata: 1 Speed EV, Raticate: 2 Speed EV, Pidgey: 1 Speed EV, Pidgeotto: 2 Speed EV, Spearow: 1 Speed EV, Fearow: 2 Speed EV. Very good spot, as most pokemon in this route give you 2 speed EV.

Two more things. If you're not sure how much EV a pokemon gives, check it stats. A pokemon will always give EV's depending on their HIGHEST stat! For example: Bidoof has the following (base) stats: HP 59, Attack 45, Defense 40, Sp. Attack 35, Sp. Defense 40 Speed 31. So it's obvious Bidoof passes on HP EV. The amount of EV (1, 2 or 3) is decided by it's evolution. First evolution's always give 1, so Bidoof gives 1 HP EV. If you're still not sure: check serebii as the EV points given are shown for every pokemon. Pokemon with two (or even three) stats the same (like Mesprit) while give you different EV's at the same time.

Last thing. If you want EV training to take as less time as possible (like me) then you can always speed up the process:
- IF the pokemon you're going to EV train is a hatched pokemon, ALWAYS let it lvl up about 20 levels in the day care. Great thing is that, while its being lvl-ed up, it doesn't get ANY EV's. Main purpose is making sure your pokemon is strong enough to do its own EV training.
- IF you have acces to pokerus, make sure to use it. It will double EVERY EV you get. Furthermore, use candies (for the first 100 EV's) and use Power Items (give's you 4 additional EV's, regardless of the normal EV you get).

Good luck training your Starmie!
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