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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Old 07-25-2010, 07:32 PM
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Default First Day, First Catch (Hopefully) (Ready to be Graded)

The poor Starly
My birthday is today, and that must mean a Pokemon. It could also mean my first catch, if all goes well. I'll get to keep that Starly I've been asking my mom for. The one in the backyard.
Its a good Starly, and is always kind to me, most likely because I saved him from that Blaziken, and healed his wound, a scratch above his left eye. When I first met him, it was bleeding like heck. I wiped off the blood with a warm, wet cloth. He tried to resist, but eventually stayed there and took the healing.

But that was when I was 8. I'm 12 now.
The Birthday present
I walk downstairs, greeted by my family, all happy. "Oh boy, you look tired.." my mom had said, laughing. "I just woke up, what'd you expect?" I replied, my eyes still halfway closed. "You look tired all of the time, Eli. You're gonna have to get more rest if you want to become a great Trainer." She was right about that, no doubt. "But hey, you're going off on your own, I'll stop lecturing you for today." She replied. "So you'll lecture me tomorrow, and forever after that?" I joked. "Well, maybe. Now, to your present."
She walked me over to the living room, where there was a box on the shelf. "to Eli." It was pretty big, and filled with holes. "Mom, you...didn't need to.."
"Sure I did!" She replied. I opened the box....and....

a Psyduck pounced on top of my head. "Oh, cool, a Psyduck!" I said, excited. "Isn't it cute?"My mom said. It nuzzled my head, gently. I could tell we would be great friends at that one moment. "Psy...Psy...Psy..." It murmered. I laughed. "Thanks, mom. You're the best."
I was just about to run outside with my Psyduck, when I noticed I was in my pajamas. I was really that excited! I ran upstairs and got my trainer gear on, hurrying. Psyduck just stood there. It was actually pretty disturbing. I looked at my Psyduck, and he looked at me, as I had no pants on. We stared at each other for a few minutes. "I'll have to ask mom about your gender at some time if all you're gonna do is look at me while I change." I said laughing.
My battle gear is finally going to get put to use. It was nothing much, really, just a green shirt and some black pants, black cap too. I grabbed my Psyduck, and ran outside when-"Honey! You forgot your lunch!" She threw it at me....and not really at me.
She missed and it almost hit my Psyduck. "Ohh, I'm sorry! I shouldn't have even tried that, I'm so horrible at sports!" She ran over to the Psyduck and started hugging him. "I'm sorry you precious, cute little thing, you..." Panicing, the Psyduck managed to squeeze out of her grip, and landed on my head. "Well, bye!" My mom and the family had just said bye, and were about to send me off when-"WAIT!" another interuption?! A tall, gray haired man came along, with a briefcase, who seemed to be in a hurry. "Take this, just take it. I'm sure you'll be able to use it!" He dashed off. I turned around to my family, emberassed. "Uhh, everything's getting wierd around here, so I'll be on my way.
The Battle
I found that Starly in my backyard. He looked at me, and started fluttering with joy.

That is, until I took the Pokeball out.

He looked sad. "Look, if you let me catch you, we can be together forever. How's that sound?" The Starly looked at me in deep thought, and then nodded, before putting his wings up to look threatening. "Ah, so you want to battle me first? Thats cool. Alright, lets get the Starly, Psyduck!" Psyduck leapt off of my head, and without my order, charged at Starly with a Zen Headbutt. Starly gracefully dodged the attack, and went charging down at Psyduck, using Peck. "Psyduck, Confusion, quickly!" Psyduck stopped the Starly from attacking, and it fell down, dizzy. It wasn't out, but just confused, as it got right back up. There was a boulder behind Psyduck, the one Starly and I played on. "Psyduck, leap behind the rock and use Fury Swipes to break it into pebbles!" The Psyduck did so, but with a doubtful look on his face. The rock quickly were turned into pebbles. "Good! Now pick them up, and send 'em to the Starly with Hydro Pump!" He did so, and the rocks were sent foward instantly. With no time to dodge due to the speed of the attack, the Starly was as good as captured. Everything hit him, the rocks, and the water. "Go, PokeBall!"
It hit the Starly, and......

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Old 12-11-2010, 07:01 PM
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Default Re: First Day, First Catch (Hopefully) (Ready to be Graded)

I'm just gonna do what DU did (is that allowed? Or am I not special enough to do that?). Anyways, if the writer ever comes back, it's a capture. If said writer wants more feedback, they can PM me. But I don't expect that to happen.

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I can probably take some grading requests now. But don't all rush me at once. :/

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