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Old 05-18-2010, 10:10 PM
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Default My Journey: Part 1, in which I meet my starter and battle a bug pokemon

My name is Miles, and I'm a new pokemon coordinator. I grew up in a big city with my mom, dad, and little sisters, Elaine and Anne. When I was little, I watched live pokemon contests on television all the time. I wanted to become just like them, with cute and pretty pokemon. So, I told my parents. They bought me everything I needed and gave me lots of support. I was finally ready to go on my journey!


I quietly walked down the dirt path. Grasslands were on my right, the edge of a forest was on my left. My bag was slung over my shoulder, my hair waving in the breeze. I had received my starter pokemon from the lab just an hour before. I hadn't yet opened the pokeball which contained it, and I was in such a rush that I just grabbed a random ball and forgot to ask which pokemon it was. I stopped by a low, thick branch and took off my burden. I wonder what my new pokemon is like! I thought. I decided to find out and pulled out a golf-balled sized pokeball. I adjusted it to full size and threw it in the air. A pokemon formed on the branch in front of me out of red light. When the light subsided, the pokemon I had recieved from the lab appeared on the branch--a Rattata.

"A...Rattata?" I questioned. The pokemon blinked at me. By the length of its whiskers, I could tell this Rattata was male. "Really? A RATTATA?!" I couldn't believe it! What a weak pokemon! I had to return this weakling to the lab and get something acceptable, like a Scyther or Houndour. The Rattata squeaked. "Ratta!" He hopped gingerly on my shoulder and nipped affectionately at my neck.

"Get off me, weakling!" I shouted, flinging him off my shoulder. He got up and began to cry. "I'm not taking that crying act!" I snapped, and turned away.

I instantly felt guilty. The poor thing didn't want to be weak. Maybe he wasn't weak at all! I turned back. The poor Rattata was still crying. "I take it back. Um, hi. My name is Miles." I said. The Rattata instantly perked up and hopped back on my shoulder.

"Rattata!" he squeaked.

"Well, it's good that you're chipper now, isn't it?" I said, grinning.

The Rattata's eyes widened. "Was it something I said?" I asked him. He nodded. " It's good that you're chipper now?'" I repeated. The Rattata brightened up at the word, "chipper". "You like the word 'chipper'?" He nodded. Then I realized why. The poor pokemon had never had a name! "I see! You want to be called 'Chipper'!" The Rattata squeaked in delight. "Okay, then, Chipper, let's go!" And off we went, Chipper riding happily on my shoulder.

The wind felt cool and crisp on my face. The leaves rustled, and the grass waved lazily. It was so peaceful. I looked at Chipper. He looked back and smiled at me. "Rattata!" he squeaked. I looked around. In the tall grass, Spearow sparred as usual. Magikarp splashed in a small pond near by. Grass pokemon of all types frollicked around in the fields.

There was a Leafy Cloak Burmy relaxing in the grass. Burmy were easy to catch, and were too cute--perfect for a coordinator. This was a perfect chance to capture my first wild pokemon! "Chipper," I said. "we're going to catch that Burmy, you hear?" Chipper nodded and ran into ready position. I was going to battle this Bagworm pokemon.

"Tackle!" I barked. Chipper ran at full speed at Burmy, hitting it by surprise. This really got Burmy off its rocker. It Tackled back, knocking Chipper off his feet. But Chipper kept it up. "Tail Whip!" I commanded. Chipper tried to smack the Burmy with it's tail, but then Burmy used Protect and he couldn't hit. Afterwards, the Burmy attacked again with Tackle. Chipper was losing! But I kept it up and yelled, "Tackle three times then Tail Whip three times!" Chipper ran at the Burmy, back and forth he went, Tackling thrice! Then he did it again with Tail Whip. The Burmy had taken quite a great deal of damage, but it kept fighting and attacked with Tackle FOUR times! Poor Chipper was thrown into the air. He would be knocked out for sure! "Quick! Do a flip in mid-air!" I shouted! Chipper flipped twice in the air and landed perfctly, but with damage nontheless. Still, he contiued to stand. "Tackle!" Chipper ran a little slower at Burmy, knocking it back. Burmy used Protect, predicting another blow. "Stay there..." I said. Chipper stood still. Realizing its opponent was too weak to attack, Burmy stopped using Protect. "Now!" I cried. Chipper lashed forward, Tackled Burmy, and knocked it out.

"Yeah!" I yelled. Chipper scampered back onto my shoulder. I pulled out a pokeball from my bag, adjusted it to full size, and threw it at the fallen Burmy. It was absorbed in red light and the pokeball began to shake. "C'mon..." I pleaded. "C'mon..."

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Old 12-13-2010, 01:49 PM
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Default Re: My Journey: Part 1, in which I meet my starter and battle a bug pokemon

Don't even bother grading this.
Writer left months ago.

In the event she comes back, it's a CAPTURE.
But she probably won't.

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