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Old 11-14-2009, 04:33 AM
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Talking Re: Picture/Image Request Thread

Originally Posted by Novex View Post
Need an anime style pic of my pokemon trainer and her pokemon!

Female Trainer appearance
Tall and thin and kinda muscular
16-17 years of age
Tight Black Belly shirt w/ short sleeves - Cuts off about an inch above the bellybutton
Dark tan cargo capris w/ pokebelt
Black Hair - Length is Mid back
Black Sunglasses
Tannish skin
Black scater shoes w/ white ankle socks
Dark grey bandana - on head
Black choke necklace with masterball attached kinda like a pokebelt
Fingerless black leather gloves
Dark grey sling bag
Skateboard in her left hand
her right hand on hip

Mew - ridinging on shoulder
Raichu - Next to trainer on her right side

PM me when finished please!
But it'll be a traditional sketch. Is that Acceptable???

Credit to Seq for Avatar, Flacario, and shiny baby Gyartic.

Credit to DaSpriter for Dracario, Eevolu's, and Luceon's.
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Old 11-06-2010, 04:44 PM
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Default Re: Picture/Image Request Thread

Originally Posted by magentaman View Post
i have a request.
could somebody please draw me an anime style lineart of my character design?

pictures are just a reference, i don't mind about the pose
I'll give it a shot. And you just want the lineart? Pencil or digital?
As for the pose, could you give me a little bit about her personality? Or is a static pose like the one she's in in the references fine?
Also, is that a pokeball on the belt under her bust, or a heart that looks like a pokeball?

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Old 01-05-2011, 01:27 AM
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Default Re: Picture/Image Request Thread

I have three requests, please.

A tall girl who looks to be 13 with hair to about her waist. She has a T-shirt (I don't care what's on it) and bell-bottomed blue jeans over black button-up boots.

A 10-year-old boy with black hair and a blue shirt with a wave design, wearing black jeans (Or just shade it in with you're pensil, it'll work fine) and sneakers.

A short 17-year-old girl with anything, as long as it is not too girly.

All of these are for a Fanfic I am thinking of making, and my drawing sucks with a pensil and paper. Well, I suck at drawing humans. The other characters I am trasing off of something. I will give you full credit,and just so you know, the oldest is Trina, the middle is Manisa, and the boy is Justin, named after my little brother that I will never know.
I'm alive! -coughnotcough-
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