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Old 01-27-2011, 05:34 AM
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Default Bibarel Sweep! A NU RMT


What's up Pe2k? Here's a NU team I've been having alot of fun with. I've battled with this team in OU too, and it destroys OU teams just as easily. The general
strategy with this team is to set up and pull off a Bibarel sweep. To do this, I set up dual screens and then pass a rock polish and swords dance to my Bibarel.
Gardevoir, Gligar and Bibarel could be considered a baton pass chain. The other 3 pokemon are mostly support although, sadly enough, I've beaten quite a few
battlers with these "support" pokemon. Their aim is to create an opportunity to start the chain while setting up stealth rocks and even getting a few koes.


I came across this monster in the Smogon strategy dex and decided to build a baton pass team around it. It's ability, Simple, doubles any stat change it receives.
In other words, a Swords Dance with give Bibarel a +4 instead of +2. Pretty awesome. A +4 speed +4 attack Bibarel with a life orb is practically unstoppable even
in OU.

What I wanted: a bulky baton passer that gives attack and speed boosts to Bibarel.

What I wanted: a bulky dual screener with a suicide move to start off the "chain".

What I wanted: a utility pokemon that would check many threats to prevent my team from getting swept and sleep move
to help myself set up.

What I wanted: bulky Stealth Rock user.

What I wanted: a lead capable of getting suprise kos against opposing leads and cleaning up in case Bibarel's sweep ends prematurely.


Magmortor @ choice specs

Flame Body
4 hp / 252 sp atk / 252 speed (ivs: 30 atk / 30 sp atk)

Focus Blast
Hidden Power (grass)

Magmortor is an excellent choice when facing slow bulkier leads. Many leads will stay in expecting a switch or a weak attack only to be ohkoed before
they can move giving me the 6-5 advantage in the first turn. To give you an idea of it's power: Magmortor outspeeds and ohkoes alot of OU leads like Hippowdon, Machamp, Swampert, Heatran, Tyranitar and
Occa Berry Metagross. Even after I get a suprise kill against their lead, there isn't much that can take a hit as every poke in the game is 2hkoed with the
proper move.

Quagsire @ leftovers

Water Absorb
252 hp / 252 def / 4 sp def

Ice Beam

Quagsire is NU's version of Swampert. He lacks Stealth Rock and has slightly lesser stats, but he makes up for those with instant recovery and
the ability Water Absorb. Earthquake and Ice Beam get good coverage with each other. Yawn is there to rack up Stealth Rock damage and put something to sleep.
With the opponent's pokemon snoozing, setting up is much easier.

Bastiodon @ shuca berry

252 hp / 4 def / 252 sp def (ivs: 0 atk / 0 speed)

Stealth Rock
Metal Burst

This poke's primary role is as a Stealth Rock user. Bibarel likes having rocks up for focus sash users and shedinja. After rocks are up, Bastiodon
simply tries to do as much damage as possible with his remaining moves.

Gardevoir @ light clay

252 hp / 252 def / 4 sp def (ivs: 0 atk)

Light Screen

Gardevoir starts the "chain" off with dual screens. With Reflect and Light Screen up, Gligar sets up easily and Bibarel doesn't mind switching into
attacks much. Memento is an awesome suicide move for screeners as it lowers both of the opponents offensive stats. Psychic is for the rare case that Gardevoir
is the last poke. the evs make Gardevoir as mixed bulky as possible.

Gligar @ yache berry

Hyper Cutter
252 hp / 12 def / 244 sp def (ivs: 0 atk)

Rock Polish
Swords Dance
Baton Pass

I usually Rock Polish first, rather than Swords Dance, so I can have a fast taunt to stop phazers. Hyper Cutter is so I don't have my Swords Dance ruined by
Intimidate. The evs make Gligar as mixed bulky as possible. Gligar's and Bibarel's typing complements each other nicely. Bibarel resists Gligar's Ice and Water

Bibarel @ life orb

252 hp / 252 atk / 4 def

Quick Attack

Bibarel...Once this thing gets set up, the list of pokemon that can stop it (even in OU) is alarmingly small. With Stealth Rocks up, the list becomes smaller. I encourage
you to try out Bibarel for fun sometime or even use this team.

I would love to make this team better. If you have any suggestions, please post.
PO: BulletPuncher

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