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Old 03-29-2011, 03:47 PM
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Default My Returning Sandstorm Team

Well its ben years since i properly battled pokemon and im returning to it with White.
I have always wanted to make a sandstorm stall team (just to annoy my friends who i battle with), and heres the team idea so far -:

Tyranitar @ ? (255 Atk/ 255 Spd)
Nature- Adamant
Ability-Sand Stream
Stone Edge
Hone Claws/Thunderfang
-Tyranitar as ive always loved him as a physical sweeper and ability is great for an opener to this team

Hippowdon @ ? (255 atk/ not sure where to split other ev's)
Naure- Adamant
Ability-Sand Stream
Fire fang/ice fang (for grass types)
Roar/protect (stalling with protect and Roar for hurting with Stealth rocks and spikes)
-Hippowdon is backup Sandstorm pokemon and a second phys attacker

Gliscor @ ? (252 Spd/40 Atk/ Def+Hp split of remainder)
Nature- Jolly
Ability- Sand Veil
Ice Fang
Aerial ace
- planned to be a bit of a physical wall and a mixed attacked too

Lucario @ ? (255 S.Atk/ 255 Spd)
Nature- Modest
Aura Sphere
Dragon pulse
- Special sweeper, and detect to stall

Skarmory @ leftovers (252 Hp/64 atk/192 Def)
Keen Eye
Nature- Impish
Aerial ace/Sky attack
- i was thinking sky atack to get an extra sandstorm damage in, and skarmory as a basic phys wall and spiker

Probopass @ leftovers (252 def/252 S.Def/ 6 Hp)
Narute- Careful
Stealth Rock
Thunder Wave/ Toxic
-Wall and used for stealth rock. toxic would be handy for stalling but i was thinking thunder wave to slow a spec sweeper so that t-tar could come in faster and kill it.

Any help would be really appreciated, especially with items, as im quite rusty at the moment
Thanks, NMX

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Old 03-29-2011, 05:46 PM
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Default Re: My Returning Sandstorm Team

Dragon Dance Gyara= gg. Same goes for any water type sweeper really. At +1 it can quite capably destroy everything on your team, with only Skarmory standing a chance of surviving a 2HKO.

Sandstorm teams don't have to be built solely around Pokemon that are immune to sandstorm damage. Covering type weaknesses and maximising synergy is far more important than simply avoiding the 6% loss, this just creates a bottleneck on the types you can use. Concentrate more on balance with a couple of members that can capitalise on the Sand rather than a team that can simply survive it. I'll rate again when things are a bit more balanced. That aside;

-On spreads where you're going to max out two stats, you want to go 252/252/6 rather than 255/255. Only EVs divisible by 4 actually apply to the stats, and every little helps if you can get an extra point out of your EVs.
-Get the idea of Sky Attack out of your head. You leave yourself entirely immobile for a turn and let the opponent know exactly what's coming next. Brave Bird is Skarm's best attacking option, you can Roost off the recoil.
-Hone Claws is useless on a Poke with access to Curse or Dragon Dance and only a single move with non-perfect accuracy.
-Probopass sucks as a wall, it's typing is way too poor and its movepool is severely lacking. It was terrible in gen 4, it's even worse in gen 5.
Old 03-29-2011, 06:39 PM
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Default Re: My Returning Sandstorm Team

see this is what i meant by rusty. i didnt think about any of these things. Hone Claws is out, as i thought it raised attack 2 stages, not att and accuracy. Any 5th gen pokemon being used a lot in competitions. and this wasnt meant to be properly competitive, it was just to annoy my friends and practice ev training and breeding again. Thanks for the advice Gofre


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Old 04-04-2011, 11:46 AM
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Default Re: My Returning Sandstorm Team

Use Hippowden as your defense wall and swap out Probopass for Excadrill. Seriously, Excadrill in a Sandstorm is a frightening prospect as a physical sweeper.

Hippowden - 252 Hp/252Def/4SpD
Nature - Impish
Ability - Sand Stream
- Substitute
- Slack Off
- Toxic
- Yawn

This set of Hippowden seriously bugs people out. Hes got the bulk to take hits, and with Toxic/Sub/Slack Off he can keep himself up all day long. Not only that but he keeps sandstorm up constantly.

Excadrill - 252Atk/252Spd/4Hp
Life orb
Nature - Adamant
Ability Sand Rush
- Earthquake
- X-Scissor
- Rock Slide
- Swords Dance

Terrifying pokemon. Switch him in on a pokemon your know your opponant is going to switch, Swords Dance once then just watch him steamroll entire teams.
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