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Post Odyssey of the Forgotten

Author's Thread Check for updates on Character Files and other important information!

Please leave all comments on Author's Thread! Please do NOT post here!

World and Pokemon © Takeshi Shudo, Satoshi Tajiri, & Ken Sugimori ::: Characters and Plot © Jaylea-Felesian 2011- Current

Chapter One

Pallet town was such a small place: a town where everyone knew everyone, secrets were non-existent and some how you were related to your neighbor by some ungodly way; wither by law, marriage or blood. By some mystical chance, every year a new family came to live in the same house, but never staying; towns folk would swear up and down that the house was haunted. The town only held about three hundred people; tiny if you put it up against the huge city of Lavender, but to the citizens of Pallet, they thought their home was quiet large. The largest building in the whole town would always be Professor Oak's lab, the one and only place that all the new trainers would choose they're first Pokemon. Since the time of Ash, Misty and Brock the age had been bumped up to sixteen to start journeying thanks to the pesky Team Rocket. Pallet Town's hero had later gone on to become one of the Elite Four, while Brock had finally become a very successful breeder and Misty? She was still having a blast challenging new trainers in her gym along with her under-water shows. The town's layout was quiet simple. Oak's lab was the first thing that a visitor would see coming off of Route One, a small berry garden in the center and the housing section toward the sea side. The water side, that began Route 21, had widened over the years to create a small private sand beach for the town residents, many of them enjoying the cool water on a hot day.

A young girl, just nearing her 'adult' years, walked out of a tall brick house. The rich color of the stone shone in the bright sun that beamed down on the small town. Being beach side allowed the young woman to hear the gentle swell of the sea as it washed upon the white sands, even while the cool salty breeze blew her shimmering red hair into amber eyes. The young woman was dressed in a cream, long sleeved sweater, tan-gray skirt, and black thigh highs, while upon her feet was a set of girlish, lace-up boots. Her thick, red hair was swept up into a pony-tail held by a black, lacy ribbon even while tresses fell down beside her face. Her wide amber eyes were filled with delight as she lifted her arms to stretch, mouth opening in a yawn as the morning light hit her eyes. At her feet stood a small orange and black Growlithe, its luxurious fur gleaming in said light. “Well Fenrir,” the young girl spoke. “Today is the day!” A tremor of excitement coursed through her voice while she looked down at her companion. Pokemon were the worlds most abundant life and some of the humans had set aside they're whole lives to studying the amazing creatures that they shared they're life with. Giving a soft bark, the Growlithe at the woman's feet got on its paws and brushed its side against her legs. “I know honey,” she replied to her Pokemon. “I'm ready to go to.”

“Hey Raiku!” A child's voice rang out in the near distance. Turning to look at how called her name, Raiku smiled as a small child ran toward her, arm held in the air as he waved. “Hey Jamie,” Raiku greeted her young friend as he drew to a stop before her. Placing his hands on his knees as Jamie bent over panting, the young boy gasped., “I wanted to give you this.” His breath still slightly short, the young child handed her a small black and red Pokedex. “Grandpa Oak said that you would need it!” The young child looked identical to his great grandfather; the trade mark brown hair, equally dark eyes and a sassy grin. Dressed in casual cloths Jamie looked as if he were about to accompany the Professor on another field mission. “Grandfather and I will be leaving for a few days so he won't have the time to give it to you.” Breath steady Jamie grinned like a fool, happy to have completed his assignment. “Oh really? Where this time?” Raiku couldn't help but be a bit envious, Jamie had been traveling with his grandfather for years. “Johto Region,” the young boy chirped. “He's finally taking me to see the Lake of Rage!” The child's face lite up in pleasure as Jamie announced his news. Raiku grinned from ear to ear and lifted her hand to muse the dark hair atop his crown. “Well good for you sport,” she teased gently. “Guess where I'm going?” Jamie rolled his eyes, “Oh I know that already. 'To the top!'” He quoted the red haired woman. “I've heard it time and time again and I know I'll see you there when I start my own journey.” With a nod she agreed, “Yes you will, I know it Jamie. Look I got to get going, Fen and I are due to meet up with a friend of mine.” Bending down to give him a quick hug before heading toward the town's gates.

Ever since Pallet Town had been attacked by Team Rocket a few years ago, the towns folk had agreed that a protective barrier was in dire need. Thus with the combined efforts of Pokemon and trainer alike the towns entrance gate was quickly erected. Just as they had planned a tall, but thickly, build young man was awaiting at the town's gate. “Raiken!” The young woman shouted and much like the child before, held her hand out as she waved to gain the tall man's attention. Raiken was a muscular boy of about seventeen, possibly eighteen, years with short, spiky, black hair swept back as well as in his crimson eyes. Dressed in an open, sleeveless black vest, gray under-shirt, elbow high wrist guards and black pants, with a matching red scarf and belt Raiken was one handsome man that put butterflies in Raiku's tummy. Upon his shoulder sat a large Pidgey, the beautiful feathers gleaming in the sun.

“Hey Rai.” Raiken smiled; flashing white teeth. Ever since the two of them had met many years ago, the two childhood friends had called each other Rai. Many of the towns folk had gotten the two mixed up in many of they're small 'adventures' that the youths had embarked on. Raiku's tummy dropped slightly at his charming smile, but managed to keep her cool. “Ready to go Rai?” She asked in a teasing voice. It was known around town that Raiken didn't exactly come from a happy home, he wasn't abused but his father and mother were on the verge of divorce and the fact that the whole town knew just added to the stress. The male gave her a look that said it all. Do I have to answer that? Giggling, the woman simply placed her hand on his shoulder and gave him a 'friend' hug, one where you squeeze they're shoulder yet wish for full body contact. “Well then lets get on the road!” Raiku chirped much like Jamie had before. “I just got rid of the squirt so lets get going before he finds another reason to bug us.” Ever the joker, Raiku gave her crush a light push toward the gate and began to walk herself. Finally... she quietly mused.

* * *
Route One was an easy enough path to follow; lush trees lined the path, a few hedges, high hills and even a small creek ran down the side of the path. The sun was shining, no sign of clouds nor rain and Raiku thought she could burst with joy. Here she was with her best friend in the world; granted secret crush as well and finally beginning her very own Pokemon Journey. What could be better? Raiken kissing me? The thought drifted through her head much to quickly for the young girl to squash the thought. Giving her head a rough shake that made her world spin, Raiku tripped forward and into Raiken's waiting arms. “Thought you were going to do that,” again with the charming smile and a tummy drop. “T-thanks,” she gave a sheepish smile before righting herself. “Sorry, was remembering that time when we set the lab on fire,” Raiku lied. “Oh boy was that funny!” Raiken laughed, slapping his thigh as they walked. Sobering up, Rai looked at her, “missing home already?” His crimson eyes had gone quite serious as they always did when he worried over her.

He cares for me, Raiku knew that, but wondered why Raiken himself didn't know it. “No not at all, just odd to think that we're finally leaving. After so many years of saying that we were going to leave, we're finally doing it!” Leaving was almost a chilling thought, it sent jolts of excitement, but also sadness, though her body. On one hand, the young woman was happy to be leaving but she would miss the days when she didn't have to worry about the dangers that leaving would pose for them. I've got Raiken! She assured herself. The man at her shoulder gave her a lop sided grin, “I know the feeling but think of it this way, when we come back we'll be champions!” The optimism in his voice couldn't be denied as Raiku gave a firm nod. “Of course we'll be champions!!” The dark haired male wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled Raiku into the curve of his body. “Just wait Shystal, we're going to have a blast.” Raiku turned to look at him, a slight blush upon her high cheek bones, “Shy- what?” Her tongue tripped over itself as she tried to pronounce what ever Rai had called her. “Shystal,” he corrected her. “And no I won't tell you what it means.” Raiku huffed, her amber eyes narrowed playfully but she let it go. “Oh you'll tell me one day...oh yes you will.” Raiken laughed, squeezed her to his side, then stepped away. “We'll see.” He muttered playfully, “we'll see.”

Walking along in mutual silence was easy for the two youths, Raiku was still buzzing over the closeness of Raiken and the young man was simply brewing over why she was blushing. Ever so clueless Raiken thought she was probably day dreaming about one of the recent Champions to visit Pallet Town. While their town was small, many successful trainers tended to visit the 'hometown' of Ash Ketchem and Gary Oak. Raiku's Growlithe quietly pranced at the young woman's feet, the Pokemon's bright fur ruffled with the passing breeze. “Fenrir seemed eager to leave,” Raiken commented quietly. The young woman nodded absently and hummed. Head still in the clouds, Raiku nearly tripped on a rock. “Geez Shystal!” Raiken barked as he grabbed hold of her for the second time that day. “Watch where you're going.” Blubbering a reply, the red head righted herself again before giving a small bow. “Sorry.” The man shook his head and waved off her apology to keep walking, even his own mind was slightly scattered.

“What sort of party will you make?” The dark haired Raiken asked suddenly. Startled by his quick question Raiku thought it over for a bit. “Well of course I'll have Fenrir,” she gave her fire type a loving smile. “But I want a rounded group so I was thinking one of each type.” Tapping her chin as she continued thinking, the female twirled her hair between two fingers. “A Zigzagoon for sure...oh and a Seel!” She exclaimed. For the next few moments the fiery haired young woman went over all the possible team partners she could want.

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Default Re: Odyssey of the Forgotten

Chapter Two

Not to far down the road from the young Journeyers two adults lay in wait. Dressed in steel gray uniforms, the fronts cut into a V to reveal a large red R; Manaki and Edena quietly whispered to each other. The plan was simple; snatch any Pokemon that made its way across the hidden trap they'd dug into the path. Old school as it was this trap had worked time and time again so they were sure to grab a new prize to bring to the boss. Sitting between the man and woman sat a rather large Skuntank; tail curled around its body. "Shhh," Edena muttered. The woman was darkly dressed in her uniform the back open to reveal a crimson tattoo. The top's short sleeves ended just past her shoulders; leaving bare the woman's arms until her wrists which were covered by black wrist bands. Edena's short black hair fell to the sides of her red eyes, bangs ending atop her brows and stopped just above her neck line. Manaki on the other hand was dressed differently. His gray uniform was covered by a black leather jacket, left ear pierced three times and wore a slight shading of eye liner to outline his striking blue eyes; shaggy black-blue hair framed his pale face only to make his eyes all the more haunted.

"Gengar is the best ghost-type out there!" A young girls voice echoed up the path. Evil grin spreading over her lips, Edena hooked her finger in the direction of the voices and motioned for both Skuntank and Manaki to remain quietly. Slipping out of her Rocket jacket-vest, the short haired woman made her way out of the bushes to stand in front of the hidden trap. As the two young trainers rounded the bend Edena called out. "Help! Help!" With a fear stricken face and quick pants; the female rocket looked the part of a fearful traveler. "Someone help!" Leading the way; the dark haired Raiken rushed forward with the female trainer on his heels. "Hold on, we'll be right ther-"


With a startled scream Raiku felt her body falling through thin air as the ground gave way. The tarp covering the hidden trap gave way leading them to crash to the ground below. "Ouch..." Both Raiken and Raiku muttered rubbing they're bottoms. "What happened?" The young woman asked as her partner got to his feet. "Ma'ma are you alright up there?" Raiken yelled to the "lady in distress". The young lady at the bottom of the hole glowered at her friend, "yea I'm ok... thanks for asking." Hiding her snarl, Raiku got up careful to sweep her skirt down as to not show her panties. Dainty hands brushed off dirt as Raiku continued to grumble. "We have to help her..." Raiken started before his brows bunched together in confusion. "Is that...laughter?"

Edena saunter over to the hole's edge, her tiny hand at her mouth as she laughed evilly. "Oh help...please help!" She mocked. "Really? You feel for that!" Silently Manaki walked to stand beside the woman that was his partner, full lips closed while Edena mocked they're prey. His blue eyes fell on Raiku's blazing hair, lush lips and ...heavens knows curvy body and almost felt a twinge of regret. Had he not been the "bad" guy in the situation he would of helped her out if only to feel her up. "Hand your Pokemon over." His voice was flat, void of emotion while he worked; this was his job not a hobby unlike Edena. "Your kidding right?" Raiku snapped, amber eyes flashing dangerously. "I think not," Edena sneered, eyes narrowing at the youth's blunt remark. "Your in the hole and I'm up here," she emphasize. "So unless you want to live...hand them over." From out of the brush waddled the Skuntank, purple tail poised to fire. "Hell if you wish to do it the hard way we can have Skuntank here spray you." Again with the sneering, Manaki rolled his eyes. "Just hand them over please." The red haired girl blinked, please? "Like hell I will!" Clutching her Pokeball to her chest Raiku glared at her captors. "I will never hand Fenrir over to you!" Beside her Raiken stood silently, fist clutched into a ball as he shook. "Shystal..." he whispered gravely. "We might have to..."

From a top the hole Edena laughed, "there be a good girl like your friend here. Give us your Fenrir and all will be fine, we might even help you out." She replied; behind her back the mad woman's fingers were crossed. Amber eyes moving to look at the dark haired Raiken pleadingly Raiku still held the Growlithe's ball to her chest. "What are you talking about?" She asked just as softly. "This is Fen we're talking about. Your just going to give them Laire?" Grief was in the man's eyes as he nodded, "we might stand a chance of getting them back Shystal." A snarl was heard from above as Edena finally lost her patience. "That's it! Skuntank use toxic!" The purple and black Pokemon, much like its owner snarled and lifted its tail aiming for the young red head. "No!" Cried Manki as the poison was released. Eyes wide, Raiku watched as the attack flew toward her even as Raiken threw his body a top hers taking the blow. Poison seeped into ever pore of the young man as he cried out in pain. With desperate cries Raiku tried to sweep the poison off of her friend even as it entered her own blood stream. Within seconds her own body was infected, pain circulation her body as she slowly stiffened from the effects.

"Get the Pokemon!" Raiku could hear the one known as Edena snap. Eyes barely open the red head watched as the haunted looking Manaki made his way down into the trap to gather they prizes. "I'm sorry..." he whispered over her body as he picked up Fenrir's Pokeball. "I'm sorry..." She heard him say again just before passing out.

Raiken's crimson eyes flickered open slowly; his sight hazy as he took a slow breath. "Where am I?" Vaguely aware that someone had his hand in a death grip the young man winced as his body twinged in pain. "Ouch..." Nervous laughter filled his ears as a small read headed woman came into view. "Your awake!" While her voice was soft Raiken could hear the relief in his Shystal's voice. "Your in Viridian Town PokeCenter." Raiku let that settle in before continuing. "When you blocked that Toxic attack... you were poisoned and when I tried to get it off so was I but not nearly as bad. Thankfully not long after you passed out Officer Jenny came by." Raiku smiled at him, "She found us just in time, even got Fen and Lai back!" At the sound of her name, said Pidgey flapped up to the side of the bed wrapping its clawed feet around the bed's iron handles. "Lai's been worried sick." Raiku blathered on.

Confused at the sudden news Raiken shook his head. "But how? We were the only ones on the path?" The young man's face was pale, even as the antidote was taking effect. Large bags lay under his crimson eyes making the youth look tired beyond compare. "I was just up the road on my Bike," a tall woman dressed in a matching blue skirt and blouse walked in. Atop her head was the traditional officer cap and the badge pinned to her blouse. "When I heard your friend here calling for help when she came too I quickly hurried over." Officer Jenny wasn't a woman to be trifled with, at all times a large Arcanine was at its trainer heels ready for anything. "Your attackers got away sadly but the male...he threw me your was like he regretted what he did..." Raiken scoffed as he sat up. "Yeah right, he's just as twisted as that Edena was." Now it was Raiku's turn to object, "I don't know Rai...he apologized as he was leaving. I know he was robbing us but I don't think he wanted us to get hurt." The male's eyes flashed, "What does it matter? He tried to steal our Pokemon!" Knowing that once her crush's mind had been set nothing would change it Raiku gave a shrug and dropped the subject. "How are you feeling?" She pointed to an IV drip that was connected to his body via a needle. "Nurse Joy said you would be feeling better once the Pecha Solution had entered your system. She put it in an hour ago..."

Already some color was returning to the young man's face, the deadly poison having been treated would quickly run out of his system as he...relieved himself in the coming hours. "Better..." Raiken said quietly, his face shadowed by his fallen hair. No longer spiky Raiken's hair was framing his face, the dark black tresses falling down into his crimson eyes and over his ears. Now without his scarf a single dog-tag was hanging above his chest; the chain doubled around his neck. Reaching forward, Raiku gently held the tag in such a way that she could read it. "Ryu..." Tilting her head in confusion the young woman looked at her friend. "Who's Ryu?" Lifting his hand to take back the tag Raiken rolled his shoulders, "no one." Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, brushing Raiku's in the process, the man leaned over as a wave of nausea hit him. "Urg..." Gripping his belly with his free hand, the other attached to the IV Raiken fought down what ever was left in his tummy as it threatened to come back up.

"I told you to be easy!" Raiku chided him. "Its going to take some time to get over the poison." Ever stubborn Raiken brushed over her scolding and slowly got to his feet, careful of his IV. "Can you get this out of me?" He asked indicating to the annoying addition. "In an hour or so," a second woman walked into the room this time pink hair caressed a shapely face. Nurse Joy was one of the kindest women you would ever see, all of them were. At her side stood a Chancey; much like Jenny's Arcanine; the Nursing Pokemon was ever faithful. "I'm fine really. Just please get this out of me..." Raiken said without looking at the needle. Raiku turned to face the short woman, "really he hates needles." The red headed woman spoke sheepishly. Huffing a bit the nurse relented, "I must insist against this. However it is not my choice, Chancey if you will?" Nurse Joy motioned for the small Pokemon to begin taking out the IV while she took a small bag out of her pocket. "Here," she handed the packet to Raiku. "That should help with any lingering out breaks. A Skuntank's Toxic is very dangerous if not treated." Joy said sternly. "These Pecha berries will help with the pain."

Needle free and able to move with out restraint Raiken quickly shrugged into his vest and scarf. Noting that he was hiding the tags, Raiku gave her crush a sharp look before shrugging. "Is there a gym near by?" Joy gave the young man a sharp look before clucking under her tongue. "Sadly our Leader is out of the region. Had some business at the Lake of Rage in Johto." Briefly recalling that both Jamie and Professor Oak were heading to the Lake, Raiku smile. "Must be nice... wait." Then it hit her, " so we can't challenge a leader in this town..." Disappointment shadowed her face for a moment before perking up. "Well we can go to the next and that will make this one that much easier!" Officer Jenny laughed, "sadly it won't. Our leader is the last of the chain." Mouth opening in a bit O, Raiku blushed. "I didn't know that..." Clasping her hand on the young woman's shoulder Jenny grinned. "Your new so don't take it to heart. You have a lot to learn."

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