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Old 08-04-2011, 07:47 AM
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Default [RMXP] Pokémon: Imperial Sky

Perihelion Productions Presents


"Pokémon: Imperial Sky" may look somewhat familiar to many of you, and this is because it is the reboot of the old Pokemon Helio Version! While much of the game is rather the same, many new places, people, plotlines, and Pokémon await you in this new, amazing, graphically stunning new masterpiece from Perihelion Productions!


~ ~
HELIOS, the primary protagonist
SELENE, the love interest
AARON, the friendly rival



Gym Leader #1: Warren
Etymology of Name: Warren was the name of the first Gym Leader ever since this project started. We never really thought about the relation of names to the types, so when we started revamping the Gym Leaders, we kept his name the same.
Runs the gym of Whimbrel Town and gives out the Pale Badge
Type used: Normal
Biographical Background: Warren spends most of his time training in the Whimbrel Gardens. Sometimes he may even hold Gym Battles there because he feels so attatched.


Pokemon: Imperial Sky takes place in the Emort Region of the Pokemon World, a region littered with prejudices, hatred, and above all, ADVENTURE!

A large group of moon-worshipping people used to adorn the Emort Region, but a more violent group, one which worships the sun, gave in to their prejudices and began attacking the moon-worshippers. These attacks were scattered across history for decades, and by the start of your journey, the moon-worshippers have decreased to become a very small group. But even these people still undergo large amounts of prejudice, though there are supporters out there who help the moon-worshippers.

You are a strapping young lad who lives in a small town on an island off of the coast of mainland Emort. Largely separated from this 'race war', you become thrown into it when your neighbor (and crush!) decides to join a group intending on helping the persecuted moon-worshippers. In order to impress your crush you decide to throw away all of your previous goals and join this group as well; however, what may seem to be an ordinary charity group may just turn out to create the biggest disaster the Emort Region has ever known!

The sun rises...and your adventure begins.


- 251 ORIGINAL Emort Region Pokemon! 144 of which never before seen!
- A completely redesigned Emort Region with tons of areas to explore anew such as deserts, forests, caves, mountains, rivers, oceans, and so much more!
- A larger screen resolution so as to keep up with the latest Pokemon graphics
- A coral reef based Safari Zone to catch a multitude of deep-sea pokemon!
- A captivating, realistic plot to keep you interested throughout the entire game!
- And so much more!




Starrmyt - Overall Co-ordinator, Project Manager
Aquakip - Graphic Designer, Co-co-ordinater
Bards Sword - Plot Writer, Character builder
FlameKoala - Moveset design
Dewitty - Tiles
Antisocial464 - Trainer Sprites

And to those previously on the team~
Senor Shyza

and others...

Poccil for the Starter Kit
BoOmxBiG for tiles

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Old 08-09-2011, 06:58 PM
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Default Re: [RMXP] Pokémon: Imperial Sky

This looks very impressive, i'll keep an eye on it.

"if you close your eyes, you see darkness, but if you keep them
closed for long enough, you see light"

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Old 08-10-2011, 09:30 PM
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Default Re: [RMXP] Pokémon: Imperial Sky

I'll be watching this, too! Especially since I remember it way back from the Pokemon Fan Universe forums.

Wow...That was forever ago...
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