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Old 08-26-2011, 07:32 PM
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Default Ref Wages 8/9/11 - 8/26/11

I hear wages aren't being done >;|

Pidge gets $2000
Last counted Post:
Reminder to go back and edit you last paid post

AshK gets $9500
Last Counted Post: Here
Reminder to edit your last paid post, you included one post from the previous wages in your presently owed ones :|

Neonsands gets: $20000
Last Counted Post: Here

Roulette: $19000
Last Counted Post: Here

Captain Dude: $16500
Last Counted Long: Here

Fierce Deity: $4000
Last Coutned Post: Here
Also, you posted as it paying you $4000 when its really $2000. Idk if you got confused or something.

ChainReaction01: $7000
Last Counted Post: Here

Synthesis: $47500
Wrong People: NoobRef
I won't dock pay cuz idk how this stupid system works and this looks like a pointless reason to take any of your money away (Although I should since you called me either Roulette or *shudders* "Mubz" >;|)
Last Counted Post: Here

WinterVines: $33000
You marked THIS log and the one below it as 7x, rather than 5x. But the wages you got and the battlers wages are at 5x, so I'll just assume you meant 5x for both of them.
Last Counted Post:

Ebail: $84500
Last Counted Post: Here

Mubz: $62500 (BMG) + $500 (PE2K)
You messed up your own coutning HERE
(Luckily you have me, you little nublet)
Last Counted Post: Here
Mubz you also get $500, from the PE2K thread, tyr to post on only one of the sites, makes wages easier ;o [PE2K seems to be better at not lagging and Timing Out or random Gateway Errors unlike BMG]
Last/Only Post Counted on PE2K: Here

Nitro: 26500
In you dreams I'd give you $25000 for THIS
Also your logging was off by $500 but not bad. ($7500 + $6000 from the FFA = $13500, not $13000) CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG!!!! I DARE YEW!!!
Last Counted post: Here

GmanDiddy: $7000
Last Counted Post: Here

Xali: $19000
I commend your log on being the best one I've seen. ALSO GOOD QUESTION ON YOUR LAST COUNTED POST!!: Here

TeD: $14500
Rule are rules and this only pays $1500 ):
Last Counted Post: Here

-Pichu Boy-: $12500
Last Counted Post: Here

Webmaster: $76,500 + $1000 (From PB) + Ask an official about your missing $2000
Fix this and ask an official
$1000 to Webmaster from -Pichu Boy-'s log
Last Counted Post: Here

Buzzer: $69500
66500 + 1500 = 68000, not 67000 Talkin' bout this
Last Counted Post: Here

Pokemaster: $18500
Last Counted Post: Here
^Also you messed up your wages in the last post. You're missing the $1500 gain :P

Dr. Stubbs $500 from Ebail: CBA to go find it again, just be happy you have it.

Stinky: $1000 from Neonsands log: ^That

You guys don't need to thank me, but go thank Ebail for helping me. Enjoy your wages, Also if I was supposed to dock pay for something here, screw it because none of these seemed like they deserved it and looks pointless too :|

Our energies would be much better spent on approving the Mart which I hear goes days without some. Good Day~

I made Soviet Bidoof, Jokester Jesse made this kick@$$ banner.

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Old 08-26-2011, 08:11 PM
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Default Re: Ref Wages 8/9/11 - 8/26/11

I'm going with what the declared precedent says. Taking my money.

^ Anastasia-R ^
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Old 08-27-2011, 12:19 AM
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Default Re: Ref Wages 8/9/11 - 8/26/11

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