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Trainer's Stats Post and update your trainer stats here. You can also find the stats of other trainers.

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Old 11-10-2011, 08:18 PM
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Default Sheepat's stats

Name: Sheepat
Money: 5000
Items: None
Wins: 2
Lose: 0
Draw: 0

Odo the Remoraid
Type: Water
Gender: Male
Evolve: 5 Battles
Ability:*Hustle:*Physical moves do 1.5x more damage at the cost of 20% accuracy. Or.*Sniper:Critical hits do 3x damage instead of 2x.
Story Rank: Medium
Water Gun, Lock-On, Psybeam, Aurora Beam, BubbleBeam, Focus Energy, Bullet Seed, Water Pulse, Signal Beam, Ice Beam, Hyper Beam, Soak
Battles: 2

Toad the Foongus
Gender: Male
Type: Grass/Poison
Gender: Male or Female
Evolve: 7 Battles
Ability: Effect Spore: 30% chance to induce paralysis, poison, or sleep when struck by a contact move.
Dream World Ability: Regenerator: Heals 1/3 max HP upon switching.
Story Rank: Medium
Absorb, Growth, Astonish, Bide, Mega Drain, Ingrain, Faint Attack, Sweet Scent, Giga Drain, Toxic, Synthesis, Clear Smog, SolarBeam, Rage Powder, Spore
Battles: 0
Once known as riolu42

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