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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

For a second, I was closing in on the Arbitarian Relic, just a room away. Now, however, my environment seemed to be the inside of a hollow, twelve-sided die made completely of ice. Oh, and Blizzard was in it, ice skating directly above my head. He was attempting the legendary Dice deathtrap that nearly felled Gear Pesse himself (Gear was forced to retreat) once more, but this time, it was obvious that he wasn't slightly happy. He wanted me dead, and he was no longer evading my execution.

I was alone this time: Blizzard didn't want additional competition. Lesha and Scyez, Vyraz and Karazin they were all outside the icy prison. They weren't here physically, but Blizzard had no way to keep me from reaching Karazin with telepathy.

<"Karazin!"> I called.

<"OK, you're not dead!"> Karazin responded. <"Blizzard's ice's blocked off the way, I can't get through!">

<"OK, I'll try to defeat him here, and you try to find a way around."> I responded.

<"Sounds like a plan!"> Karazin confirmed, before Blizzard started making his move.

I tried moving, but then realized my legs were incased in the ice. I tried moving them desperately, before Blizzard got close, but they weren't budging with much strength. I used the Starblazer, and cut out my legs, jumping onto the ice above me with antigravity before Blizzard could get a good cut in. I Arbit-Burned out the rest, quickly, but Blizzard was making another attempt, and he jumped over towards where I was standing. I ducked out of the way, as Blizzard's blade met where I was, I myself just a few feet away. I struck at his blade, but the metals barely met, as Blizzard moved forward. I hand-planted, and kicked Blizzard while he advanced towards me.

My kick flung Blizzard to another part of the icy battlefield, allowing me time to truly get up and get my bearings. Blizzard didn't want this, obviously, and suddenly the whole place shifted, and while Blizzard was standing still, I once again was on the ice, and this time, it was coming up to meet my skin.

Blizzard spoke not, but resumed skating towards me, and I didn't do anything, yet. At the last possible instant, Arbitarian Fire suddenly encircled my position, making Blizzard duck back while I used it to get rid of the ice.

<"Avalon, the die moved! It shifted enough that I could get through the door! Whatever you just did, keep doing it!"> Karazin called.

<"Gotcha."> I said, while jumping back up. Blizzard once again made the whole place shift and shake, but I was more prepared this time: I flew at him, tackling him, forcing him to stop early, and forced his cranium into the floor, kicking it down for emphasis. His head was bleeding, but that didn't stop him from freezing the wound up.

I was in midair completely now, something Blizzard probably didn't want. From the center of the die, I could easily control the battle. Next second, Blizzard removed the middle of the die from the equation, as pillars of Ice shot out from the corners of the cage into the center, and I barely avoiding getting impaled by them. Blizzard got up, and used the pillars to come up to my position, as the whole die moved slowly, steadily...I forced him to engage, blade-to-blade.

Our strikes were incredibly fast, incredibly strong, a powerful force each swing, swings innumerable, a flurry of fatality for any who dared to get between the two blades. Blizzard's strikes contained fury but were controlled and paced: Mine were totally controlled and physically not as taxing as Blizzard's. I knew who would break first: Blizzard retreated, suddenly increasing speed to catch me on the opposite pillar. I darted away, but he knew where I was, and I darted away again to nearly the opposite side while Blizzard was caught on the opposite pillar. I shot a Dragonbreath at Blizzard's exposed back, but he blocked it with his blade.

Suddenly, the Die shook again, and I was sent flying into a pillar, one Blizzard was heading towards. This wasn't my best day...Ugh! A quick reflex kept Blizzard from getting at my neck, but he got my backside in a clean slash, and turned right around to do it again. I got myself off the pillar...Which I was starting to d**m in annoyance: Seriously, would it hurt to have less ground to skate on?!

Blizzard shook the whole place around violently once further, and this time, I was rammed into a pillar face-first. the whole area around me froze, preventing any movement, but leaving my neck exposed...This wasn't good. I would die if I couldn't find some miraculous way out of this...

...The dry, cold air, making the hairs of my neck stand on end shoot up in tension and chill, suddenly lost both things...To replace it was a feeling-homey, relaxing, familiar, maybe a little boring, but for the most part, welcoming. However, I was still encased in ice, so I wasn't dead, and this wasn't Heaven. Then the same feeling disappeared from my neck, and brushed my leg, something totally incased in ice. Then the feeling of air-not the ice that gripped it prior, but air-returned to my leg as well.

Then I had an idea. I experimented with this new 'appendage' by forcing it to free me. Then I had another idea: What the f*** was going on.

A massive drop in energy embraced my body, my energy in a mass exodus, exaustion sweeping over my muscles, but at least the ice was gone. I took a bearing of my surroundings, and was, to say the least, impressed.

Once more, I found myself in an Arbit Storm. This time however, it was obvious that it was my energy contorting it, mine alone-a unique case, it was, for the Arbit Storm technique is too taxing to do alone in any other case I knew of, and it still extensively so even in groups of seven (Like I didn't ask Karazin about it after the Herobrine told me). However, this didn't last long, and the highly condensed Arbitarian Energy was cut off quickly to conserve the little energy I had remaining. The icy die was punctured, a gaping hole to my left. To my right, Blizzard was near the floor, near the stumps of the pillars and his rather angry face.

I flew outside, before Blizzard could retaliate, and even then there was little time to defend: Blizzard wasn't going to be stopped that easily. I barely got a defensive posture ready before Blizzard rushed out of his die, blades raised, and once again did our rapid strikes and lethal power meet. However, this time, I could feel it: Blizzard wasn't happy because Avalanche was dead, and I struck the final blow. I had to pop the question once more, mid-flurry.

"Why do you fight?" I said, with a level of calm that Blizzard probably wasn't expecting.

"Why do you?" He responded, with a brief sword-cross before resuming the flurry.

"I asked first." I stated.

"Because I am loyal to my cause!" He answered, crossing again, much more to his advantage. However, I took the edge a lapse in his footing gave me to push him backwards, towards the metal wall-which was a dark indigo. We were still in that lobby room, still so close to the Relic, so close, so dangerously close to it.

"I thought you fought for the man most likely to kill you-your d**m dad." I said. D***ing his dad didn't help Blizzard cool down.

"Maybe he taught me that cause!" He yelled, resuming the flurry.

"Maybe you didn't have a choice." I added.

Blizzard stopped, mid-flurry, it was of such a nature: A totally new and groundbreaking topic, choice in religion and duty-and his lack of it. Stopping mid-flurry doesn't stop the flurry, and Blizzard's snap back to reality came on the realization that his pause coasted him his grip of his blade entirely, being flung away from him.

"Now, I do believe you should be running?" I added, half-mocking Blizzard, putting the sword to his neck. He didn't take off his goggles, but I could tell surprise-still at what I said, or maybe because he stopped. Or both.

"Hee-hee-hee, they stop moving so easy!" Scyez said in that playful tone of hers she never lost. "Lookie, lookie! Look at Vyraz! He's evolved, and got those weird thingies!" She added.

Vyraz had evolved in my absence, something I was expecting at this point, and Vyraz himself was looking more thoroughly pleased with himself and his new green-orange form than anyone else nearby, a true dragon, with massive orange wings, fierce claws, and a long green tail. He couldn't help but flap his wings in eagerness for true flight-Almost five feet tall in height, and the ceiling so much higher, but not enough for flying more than a few yards up, he couldn't help but anticipate when he had more space. There was also Lesha upon Vyraz's new form, looking half-annoyed, and half like she had the time of her life doing whatever she just did. Karazin was also present, and once again, I noticed Lillith's body, being sucked into the vortex.

"The Arbiters are respawning much quicker in such proximity to this place. We need to be quick." Karazin said.

"Yhea, they're also coming back faster too, ‘cause the Relic’s close! Tee-hee!" Scyez added.

"Yhea, and you've somehow made an Arbiter stop moving, and he’s still breathing. Somehow. I thought you were a 'kill all Arbiters' type?" Lesha added, giving a critical eye towards Blizzard and my blade.

"Speed’s the priority, not the body count, considering the whole scenario." Vyraz added, in a much deeper, more mature (and slightly threatening) voice. "How'd you get into the Mythic Guards with that little forsight?"

"...Oh, yhea...Hey, I got in because of talent in defeating people, if you haven't noticed!" Lesha said, defensively.

"Uh, Avalon, one more thing-While you were away, I realized that it was a good thing I snagged Lillith's Arbitarian Pokémon-We need two to get inside. The only problem is that they're being much more cautious now that we're this close. We need to get a second one, somehow. From the Respawning Arbiters." Karazin said.

I didn't take my blade away from Blizzard's neck, the tip touching his skin, but I still couldn't hide the expression of someone who forgot something.

"Hey, what's that sixth ball of yours?" Karazin asked, pointing it out.

"Meh, no point in hiding it. While I was stealing the Shadow Pokémon from the Exio Void, I found out that they had some kind of Arbitarian Pokémon of their own, one of Tyzzax's. The guards thought it was a Chandelure, I haven't used it yet...Hopefully, the fact that Tyzzax is dead isn't going to matter." I said, pulling out the PokéBall, one I redesigned with the symbol of Eon Sky in blue, and all the rest in black.

"Could've told us that sooner, but whatever. It's the way inside." Karazin said, proceeding towards the door, while I punched Blizzard in the face, knocking him out.

We approached another door, the one leading up. There wasn't a lock ahead, though blood suggested that this was where Karazin, Lesha, Vyraz and Scyez had been fighting in, for at least some portion. There were also some torn cloth similar to Lillith's silks("Those weird pajamas were soft!"), and up ahead, another door. This door, however, was barred off in Celestial Onyx, with two Arbitarian Eyes coming out of it in Platinum: This was it. The eyes had two hollow insignias, probably where the PokéBalls went. Karazin and I proceeded inward, and Karazin shoved his PokeBall into the left eye, while mine was pushed into the right.

The PokeBalls swiveled in the 'eye sockets' for a few minutes, than for no reason whatsoever, came out.

The Lilligant-one with a rose-like crown and pink/purple coloration-was as belligerent as you'd expect a Snagged Pokemon to be if it liked its initial companion. However, my Pokémon wasn't a Chandelure, as expected: A Shiny Audino, more like it. In fact, it was. It was no different than another shiny Audino in appearance, not even slightly, other than the great amounts of Arbitarian energy that were about it, like the Lilligant.

"What the-Oh, come on, first that crazy f***ing ba****d Tyzzax, then those f***ing ba*****s from the Void, and now, this f***ing ba****d. What next?" The Audino said, defying any and all further expectations.

"You dare take me from Mistress Latona?! I will smite you where you stand, kidnapper!" The Lilligant said, rather violently, seeping out more energy, and pulling out a vine meant to serve as a whip.

"WE ACCEPT YOUR PRESENCE." Said a mysterious voice. As the two PokéBalls were popped out into our hands, the door opened, and sure as gold, the Relic was before us.

The Relic looked exactly like the Arbitarian Eye, coated in Gold, floating above a pedestal that was in the center of this room-said room looking like the Eye-and it was overflowing with Arbitarian energy. Had it not been contained by several visible force fields, it would have killed everyone nearby, which included us, our Pokémon, and three figures standing right in front of the pedestal. Three people. Prikade and Curze turned to meet us first: Curze's white hair and red eyes were in a particularly piercing glance, and Prikade was frowning, but both stepped aside from the third figure, letting him turn around: The High Priest, once more, exactly as I saw him last time, including his mask.

It was at this convenient time that Karazin suddenly realized how sleepy he was, and he fell flat on his face, out cold. The Buizel Karazin still had out immediately went to him, trying desperately to wake him up, but to no avail. Prikade tried restraining himself, but for a second, I could see him do an involuntary chuckle. I looked around for Mario's Aura, and Teleported Karazin and his Buizel nearby him, hoping I didn't teleport him into a wall.

"This is your last opportunity; I make this known to you now." He started, almost at once. The Pokémon proceeded within, ready to help me, including the Lilligant (only out of respect for the High Priest, obviously), and the door slammed shut behind us. "You, and you alone, will join us, and we will try to make the pain you feel stop. We will try." He said, his voice still quite twisted with the voice mask he was using.

"You will fail." I added.

"How dare-" The Lilligant started, bringing up the whip, but the High Priest spoke before she could get further.

"I see no further point in delaying the inadvertant much longer. Prikade, Curze, disperse. Stop Gear Pesse-his naval forces advance upon us. The Legend's presence means he will board us-take note of that." The High Priest said. "I will deal with the Archangel myself."

"I've never had much of a clue on what's going on, but now I'm just really lost." Said the Audino to himself, seemingly detached from the action, like he was watching it on the TV.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh, lemme bring him up to speed! So, this guy, he's a bad guy, I don't think it's that Tyzzax-whatever person you're talking about, but he's a baddie, and he thinks’ Avvie's this Arch-whatever, and he hates him, and now we're all just gonna fight him! Make sense? Of course! Let's pummel him!" Scyez said, cheerily.

"Now I'm even more confused." The Audino continued, taking a glance at his surroundings, and Lesha. "Hey, you're a hot one...What's your name?" He asked the Pikachu. Lesha wasted no time in slamming her mace upon the Audino's head after that.

However, I-and Vyraz-had kept our eyes on the prize: The High Priest.

"You claim you save lives from a worse fate, or kill them now so they don't suffer more later. You're hiding the full story for me once I join. If your reason for all of your seemingly needless and endless slaughter is so ridiculously good that not even the best Influential that ever existed could argue against it and gain one follower, then I'll reconsider your offer. Otherwise, screw over. That Relic, and your body, is mine to wreck." I said.

"Tyzzax was an incredible fool to even try to cheat death, Relic or no. None were quite sure what he was thinking when he did such a thing: Erevius, even, probably looked at it distastefully. None of us asked him, but he knew the reversal of destruction was occuring the instant it started. As if that was the worst thing he could have done: I've heard of and seen many dark figures over the years, mass murdurers that obtained grand positions of power and killed people, just killed mercilessly and without purpose. Madness. But Tyzzax was just out for slaughter, and he acheived it on such a grand scale, too, all because of that Relic. Our current situation demands that we stay alive, but we've no attachment to it. It is a minor asset, extreme benefit almost balanced out completely by the disgrace it and Tyzzax gave us." The High Priest said. "It is lethal to bring down those barriers: the Relic seeps with Arbitarian Energy in massive amounts, too massive to fully control. I made sure the barriers wouldn't be broken by energy. I assume Paradoxial Lightning would work to weave it's way inward. On the condition you wait for the rest of the Arbiters to reincarnate, I will let you destroy the Relic and leave. Challenge me, I defend it, the Arbiters reincarnate, you may not have the chance to escape or survive. Pick."

"I'll just leave the both of you to your own devices, can you tell him that I'll just watch this go on, for me?" The Audino asked

"Septim, you were such a coward. You do not see me weasel my way out of a fight." The Lilligant pouted. "I will"

The Lilligant was annoying me greatly, and I was smart enough to keep a hold on the PokeBall the Lilligant came in. I retreated her into her hole, and shoved the shrunken ball into my back pocket.

"Enough talking. Words are cheap. I'll just kill you first, so I don't have to worry about it later." I said, needing no finalization.

"...I see. This is for what I have had to do. Understandable. This must end, though. You've no memory of Erevius, or understanding of the role he plays; it shall be brought to light, and he will not take your word on such a subject as destroying all of known existence...At most, of course." The High Priest stated.

Like I cared that the Herobrine were correct. Destiny isn't.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

I immediately charged the High Priest, with my Pokémon (Septim the Audino excluded) right behind me. However, without much warning, a Barrier popped up behind me, separating me from them once again, the only realization of such a sudden 'thump' and the sight of Scyez pressing against it when I turned around. I wasn't risking Paradoxial Lightning to bring it down when it could harm my Pokémon, and I had to conserve my energy for the High Priest. I wasn't anywhere near tired, but I wasn't close to the full strength mark either, and that wasn't good, especially in front of someone that looked like he had been waiting for this the whole time.

Right then and there wasn't a 'use my Volteer powers' moment for the High Priest, as made apparent by unseathing his blade. It was the same one he used at Triaton, for the proportions were the same: Coincidentally, those same portions were the equivalent of the Illicit Blessing's, but I didn't care for it then. Now, however, I realized I would be facing a copy of the Illicit Blessing, every minute detail perfectly recreated, the only exception being it was made of a very reflective Onyx rather than Platinum.

"It's almost sad; I, the High Priest, have to use the twin of the very weapon you wield to stop you, the Archangel." said my enemy. It began then: I struck out against him, and he blocked it. The metal of the room was Celestial Onyx, the pedestal Celestial Platinum-I couldn't have done anything with the room. I was showing signs of my exhaustion: I managed a quick recovery with the Relic's overflowing energies, even with eleven barriers tightly compacted around it, but this advantage was being taxed by the High Priest's blocking. Our stances changed, and we danced around the Relic, neither of us willing to use an Arbit-Burning blade just yet, and the Arbiter strictly blocking. I could have told you every exact movement of me and my foe, and it went on like this for fifteen minutes. That period ended when I suddenly aimed for his stomach with a well-aimed kick, and I sent him backwards. Was he reluctant? Probably wasn't any more at that point, as now his stance changed to a more offensive one.

Suddenly, he just flung his blade barely over my head, and the Arbitarian Energy formed at his fingertips. I kept an eye on the blade, and turned around to see the blade coming back at my face, like a d**m boomerang. I ducked, but it suddenly stopped its spin and did a small slash in the side. I ignored the pain and immediately got back up, narrowly avoiding another swipe from the Onyx blade, and caught by the edge of a burst of Arbitarian Fire-I put it out when it touched my shirt, but the energy hit the blade, and the blade started to flare up with the Arbitarian Fire, now more intimidating than a regular blade.

I Arbit-Burned my own Blade-ugh, the energy loss to do that was getting to me-and the High Priest started to attack me from the other side with the projectiles he sent-not just Arbitarian, but Temporal and Spatial as well-all of which I had to keep an eye on and sidestep while focusing on the blade. The High Priest took even further advantage of my state, and would use one hand to occasionally attack one of my sides with an energy attack-it became a multi-sided assault against me, I was tiring quickly, and the High Priest was controlling the battle without a sweat or a scratch. That was skillful if nothing else was.

I had to take action, and soon. The blade's movements were furiously increasing, I was starting to tire from the forced focus on defense, and I nearly lost my grip on the Illicit Blessing about ten times now. I needed to do something to change the situation. He made sure I couldn't attack him directly, and I couldn't use most of my skills to make a good use of it...And then the High Priest hit the blade with another energy attack, almost disarming me. I'd rather not lose my only defense against the opposing blade at that point. The Onyx Blade went in for a lunge, and the High Priest shot a blast of Spatial Energy...

I stood aside, letting the High Priest's attack collide with the charging blade. The latter was knocked off-course, and I caught it. I quickly removed his own Arbitarian Fire, replacing it with my own Energy to make sure he didn't do more tricks with it. I went in for a charge, finally ready to attack.

No good. The High Priest warped in another weapon-a Two-handed blade, considering the size, and decorated with Arbitarian symbols more so than the Illicit Blessing or its twin. It immediately started Arbit-Burning, and several orbs of Arbitarian energy floated around the leader of the Arbiters, an added layer of protection. He stayed in this stance for a few seconds, allowing me more time to feed off the Relic's energy.

"You're good at this. Blizzard used the Dice twice and lost both times; Pandora couldn't even touch you; Curze needed to redesign his tactics because of you; and of course, using my own attack to grab my weapon was creative. Gear Pesse should never have taught Knight's Assent to a child who wanted none of this to begin with, but he has obviously taught a prodigy...It must end, though." The High Priest said, that masked voice of his getting on my nerves. The Orbs of Arbitarian energy around him suddenly linked together, and expanded outward. I narrowly avoided getting slammed with one of them in their expansion, but then they started to shrink, and a bit of my hair got caught in it when I tried getting out. There wasn't a burn, but the hair caught was gone-a testimony to the power the High Priest had.

I backed up and turned invisible: I needed to not be seen. He still expanded the web, like I was still there, and I managed to evade it-the 'cage' was stopped by the barriers around the Relic. I ran behind the podium and started hovering, taking a better view of the situation. The High Priest suddenly teleported to my left, and expanded the web again. I had to back away, but the web was again stopped, this time by the outer barrier. Scyez and Lesha were giving him quite the show on inappropriate hand gestures, with Septim looked on, impressed, and Vyraz was flying around, trying to stretch his wings and roaring at the High Priest, all of them attempting to distract him. I still hadn't used Film or Meta. Meta was too big for this kind of fight, and he couldn't dodge the web, so I sent out Film, making sure the light wasn't seen. The sound still came, so he teleported nearby, and re-expanded the cage. However, I had grabbed Film and moved away, beyond the web's reach.

"...Is that the High Priest?" Film asked, whispering and holding onto my jacket. I told him of what I did, of course.

<"Yes. Meta is too big for this kind of fighting, and the rest can't help, so you're the only one I've got."> I said, summarizing the situation. Film nodded in approval, as the High Priest teleported directly under us and once again expanded the cage. I weaved through the cage to my foe, blades ready.

The High Priest blocked my attack despite not seeing me, but was vulnerable to Film: he knew Flamethrower, and used it to his best here, spewing orange-yellow flames on the Arbiter's cloak. He quickly doused it, and I quickly kept up the offensive, as the cage shrunk in, and Film used another round of fire. Whatever indicator of my desired avenue of attack was, the High Priest was using that to keep my blades at bay and completely deflected the second breath of fire...I slipped through the Arbitarian web, barely making it in one piece. Too close-I'd do one attack at a time. I also moved away.

"So, you're good with Pokémon. Respectable...But two can play at that game." The High Priest said, and the sound of a PokéBall was to be heard, behind the pedestal I was hiding at. I peeked out, still invisible, and Film could see it too.

That was probably the Chandelure the Exio Void grunts were referring to, despite not having it. Dark indigo flames, red eyes, and the reeking of Arbitarian energy off of his body was enough to distinguish between a Regular Chandelure and this one. He looked serious, but bored.

"Yzim, The Archangel chose combat over peaceful resolution. He's better than I expected. He's got a Pokémon of his own, it can breathe fire but I don't know what it is. His position's unknown-his ability to stay invisible doesn't stem from Illusions, it seems, but he can cloak others with it. Don't make eye contact. His energy is apparent at close range, use that." the High Priest muttered, trying to make sure I didn't hear.

"F*** you Arbiters!" Lesha yelled, through the barrier.

"Meanies! Bullies! Baddies! Dummies! Go Avvie!" Scyez threw in.


"And please ignore them." he added.

"That won't be terrifically hard." Said the Chandelure in an accent I'd define as British. He also spoke English. "I'm noting Septim among the audience, if you've not already." Added Yzim, making a slight gesture towards Septim before starting to move towards my position.

He didn't see me before I decloaked, which caused him a minor twitch's worth of surprise. Film used an Ancientpower, while I tried a small jolt of Paradoxial lightning, both aimed at the newer menace. He hit away the rocks made of energy with balls of pure Arbitarian Energy, but the Paradoxial Lightning was something unfamiliar to him, and his own attack only made matters worse for himself. He took a good hit, and I cloaked again and flew upwards. Better trained than most, Yzim was.

"He's not using spectral means, I can't see him. Don't know what's going on. His partner's a Togetic, knows Ancientpower. He's using Paradoxial Lightning now." Yzim quietly reported.

"Paradoxial Lightning. It’s powerful. It gets stronger in contact with other energies or magic, and even Celestial Metals can be slightly damaged by it...It's quite the draining energy, though. But that's not important, what's important is-"

What was important then was never known. His cage was still shrunk around him, and I took full opportunity by shooting another small spark of Paradoxial Lightning. The cage of energy quickly changed into the Red Thunder, and the whole thing was sent at him, making his advantage vanish while hurting him, and at last, an avenue of attack was open. I rushed to meet it.

The High Priest took a good slash to two parts of the cloak, but the hole I made revealed armor-leather and Kevlar, with Celestial Gold plates. He expected this. Yzim was immediately beside him, if only to help him up. Something fell out of the High Priest's torn robe, something that looked like a light source was trapped in a yellowish stone...And it glowed.

"Hey! A Shiny Stone!" Film said, leaving the relative safety of my immediate person to reach out for it. He was evolving quickly-but I couldn't disguise him while Evolving, and he was hit when it was too late to interrupt.

It was the full brunt of the attack; it wasn't a lethal attack, but my heart rate accelerated massively when I registered the hit. I yelled; I was honestly panicked. That was a rookie mistake: give the opponent an opportunity to attack. The ribbon of Arbitarian Energy slashed across his right eye, going across his whole body in a thin black streak, breaking up the evolutionary energies, but he was already evolved at this point. I cured the Arbit-Burn, but the new Togekiss-complete with a record-breaking amount of head crest spikes-would never get over the Arbitarian Attack, the pure black streak breaking up the white, as well as the red and blue triangles on his lower side. His new right eye was red and damaged by the energy, and I couldn't tell if it worked. The rest of him, thankfully, was OK.

I wasted no further time in crippling Yzim's ability to perform: I used a Dragonbreath attack right in his face, something that he wasn't entirely expecting, Half-Latries or no. I took Film away-now more cumbersome to work with-and fled behind the relic's pillar, cloaking Film again.

"Aagh..." Film said, using one of his new wings to try and rub his eye. It wasn't going to recover from the scarring, but he was good for now. The High Priest seemed to be recovering from my own attack as well, muttering: "I didn't expect it to be that powerful...No more playing around."

The High Priest immediately jumped over the pillar, almost silently, and I barely jumped out of the way, releasing Film from my grasp. Film flied off, with an initial awkwardness that came with a completely new form, but quickly getting the hang of it. Yzim confronted him, suddenly appearing in his path, but Film launched another Ancientpower at Yzim to keep him from getting the first blow. Meanwhile, I was engaging the High Priest, hoping that invisibility would work to strengthen the odds.

The High Priest was using my energetic presence to find me, for he blocked my blows quickly and steadily, despite wielding the more cumbersome two-handed weapon than my two blades, and not being able to see me truly. The attacks made by him were fearsome, strong, and fast for the weapon he wielded, but my blocks came with equal velocity-We both took a few hits at this point, but for the most part, we were flurrying with a fury and ability rarely seen. We were now just going for broke with whatever we could do with our powers while swordfighting as well: I would attempt kicking the High Priest while changing position, letting Red Thunder show on it for added strength; the High Priest would create illusionary clones of himself to surround me and confuse me briefly; I'd use a Dragonbreath attack whenever he got too close; he'd teleport around, sometimes launching an Arbitarian Attack from afar; I'd sometimes use the Starblazer when my block would break, and to attack him when simple blade strikes wouldn't; the High Priest would make the Arbitarian Flame rise up on the whole floor to attack me if I used the advantage of the ground too much; I'd use the advantage of flight to engage him from upside-down, sideways, and other directions; He'd try to slow down time in an attempt to catch up with my natural reflexes; I'd use Recover whenever my foe wasn't close enough. I could go on and on and on, but we basically let out every last trick in our own books, and even borrowed a few from the other guy's once in a while, all while countering the other guy's. All the while, I kept an eye on Yzim and Film: Their conflict was a different flavor than ours, tactically dodging and flying around, launching long-range attacks at one another whenever possible without compromising the sole piece of cover possible: The Relic's podium.

This took about two minutes. However, time was seemingly slowed down, every last little second stretched out to such a length that it felt like a swing took an eternity. The intensity, the adrenaline, the power...That was absolutely thrilling and terrifying.

Of course, it's rare to see Volteers use their weapons and their full range of Volteerist abilities at the same time at this level of intensity for extended periods, and this was no exception. We overextended ourselves, and although Yzim and Film were still very capable of fighting, the High Priest and I were so exhausted that we simultaneously fell to the floor, nearly face-first. I had a bevy of new scars-including one horizontally across my face, when the High Priest's blade barely avoided my eyes, one that stretched across my right arm, and a series of much smaller cuts that made Blizzard's cut across the back turn into a full-circle. Meanwhile, the High Priest's cloak had been torn in many places, and the armor behind it was also cut up in several places-in one point, skin was clearly showing. His cloak was almost completely gone, save for the hood and mask.

However, that made little difference: He miscalculated how much distance was between the floor and his mask. The mask hit the floor and broke, as expected.

I could barely move, using the relic's energy strictly to recuperate from the wounds and rapid energy loss I endured-I've felt like this after a good day's worth of training, but I would have reacted somehow if I was better off. Because I figured it out.

I recognized the face at once-the black hair, the face, the five-o-clock shadow, the cleft, the eyes. He was exhausted, sweating and panting, but his expression was serious. He probably would have masked his face with darkness, but no, he was just as exhausted as I was-too much to try anything else. I guess that for someone that saw it firsthand, seeing solid proof Avonu was an Arbiter wasn't entirely shocking. The part that scared me was that, obviously, he was the High Priest (unless he somehow bluffed it), and he had fought me to a draw. I was a Legendary Volteer, a Legendary Pokethrobe, and had trained in Knight's Assent: Avonu may have done likewise with Knight's, but he was definitely only a Major Volteer, like Tyzzax, and definitely human. But I found it out. If only Gear was nearby...

I then eyed the Relic. The energy barriers around it kept too much energy from seeping out all at once...shooting a spark of Paradoxial Lightning at those small barriers would cause it to devour the first barrier, allowing more of the Relic's energy to get through while systematically charging up the Paradoxial Lightning bolt on the barriers...It would rapidly increase the rate of recovery for me, set up the Relic-Destroying scene I needed, and maybe kill Avonu if he couldn't leave. I would probably get somewhere with that. The only issue: Running fast enough. Who knew how much damage such a high-energy artifact like that could cause if it was destroyed, and even if it was countered by the Paradoxial Lightning destroying it, I'd still have to contend with Gear Pesse if I stuck around.

I wasn't prolonging this battle, so I decided on that option, shooting the spark.

"NO!" Septim yelled, all of his bystander-like attitude forgotten. "THAT SEALS THE DOORS!!"

The first barrier came under attack by the Paradoxial Lightning, causing the barrier to disappear, and as predicted, let some more Arbitarian energy rush through. I quickly recharged enough to stand up, as did Avonu.

"Septim, miserably, is right." Avonu said, no longer trying to disguise his voice. "You should have done that from outside the room, while one of the doors was open, so that you could have escaped." He said, when the second barrier went down. "My wretch of a twin brother designed that mechanism to deal with intruders and simultaneously provide an escape route if the Relic went haywire..." Said Avonu, as the third barrier vanished, and we started creating energy filters. "He was mad, but he was smart enough to make sure that there was a emergency destruction procedure at hand, and a good one at that..." the High Priest said, as the fourth barrier was broken. We tried creating energy barriers to block off it, and Avonu retreated Yzim as I did Film. "No teleporting...No way you could open those doors...No way out..."

I knew what he said, but I wasn't the kind to give up on anything that easily. I had to ask.

"No way out? Certianly, you're not willing to let your brother's 'genius' triumph over you, of all people." I said. Avonu's expression didn't change, but he opened his mouth, and I slowed down time to hear as much as possible.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 29: The Omniscient

Today was certainly a fine day. Septim was struggling madly at the door that wouldn't open-apparently, he was correct with the whole 'door seal' thing. Scyez was totally ignorant of the danger, yelling "YAY! No more thingie! No more evil zombie-thingie that doesn't make people undead-whatnots...That don't really look undead!" Those two comedic points were the only things that kept me from panicking outright. Those weren't very comedic.

Now onto the negatives: The relic wasn't destroyed yet, and in the process of its destruction, the energy-containing barriers around it were being destroyed. The continuation of thus would lead to inadvertent death due to Overexposure of Arbitarian Energy-a painful and slow one for anyone that knew anything, and would include my Pokémon if the outer barrier refused to hold it in. I wasn't pushing my luck on that potential. I also had the joy of trying to slow time to the best of my (semi-lackluster) ability-as well as making an anti-energy barrier that would-for now-work against the energy flushing in en masse, so that the a**hole (doing likewise on the barrier) that was Avonu, High Priest of the Arbiters and (somehow) the president of the Onlisk Republic, could get through with a fact that could lead to a solution to our problems. His only will to try was the fact that not doing so would mean his brother outwitted him.

"The Relic itself...Well, the origin is beyond me. It was originally intended as an infinite conduit-one spark of any energy and the Relic will reproduce the energy in much greater amounts, at faster paces, and with other benefits...Whatever these effects are weren't exactly apparent, as the added effects were like the effects of Chaos Energy: They changed with the source of the energy that touched it. The energy coming out can be controlled by the person that gave the spark, but...The person that gave the spark in this particular case is Tyzzax...D**m him...We’re identical twins, yes, but we’re too different in enough aspects to count as different people. On that note, It's possible to stop it, but we’d need to hit it with a different energy-and we'll be dead before then." Avonu stated.

"Why did you waste your time on THAT?!" I yelled. Why did Avonu just give me facts I can't use?!

"There's more to it. The fact is, there are recorded instances of the Relic ceasing to produce the energy given to it for no logical reason, according to its defined characteristics...It seems to be coherent to certain things: If the person that donated the spark dies, then that's usually around the time the Relic stops functioning, but that didn’t happen for Tyzzax; If the person that gave the energy traveled inter-dimensionally after they gave the energy, the Relic may stop; If the person is being directly harmed by the energy the Relic took in, it may stop; It might be that the Relic isn’t a infinite conduit, and needs a slight recharge now and then, but I’m not pushing my luck there; I do know high levels of Coganan Energy can, and will, shut it down, and won’t be reproduced by the Relic."

"Oh, sure, Coganan Energy, we're saved now! Oh, wait, I just remembered, I'm not f***ing Gear Pesse. CAN YOU SAY NOTHING BUT WHAT WE CAN'T DO?!" Rage enveloped my voice. It was like Avonu was purposely trying to waste time. Oh, yhea, and Relic-protecting barrier six was gone at this point.

"My brother was...Secretive in his works and experiments on it. Before he became the tyrant we both know him as, he was on a babble on all sorts of gibberish...To you, this whole world could be compared to a load of gibberish from the mouth of a madman, so you could only imagine how mad my brother became...Knowing that he became the High Priest before he actually found the Relic, and knowing my Brother’s personality, I'd say that either he thought he found the Relic and usurped the Title from the previous High Priest but found a dud Relic instead, or else, became High Priest without so much as a thought to the Relic itself." Avonu said.

"Avonu, I think you've gotten the point across: YOU HATE YOUR D**M TWIN! YOU...You sound a little full of yourself, actually...Ah, just tell me something, something I could actually use, before we die!" I yelled. Avonu didn't even mention a solution to our issue. I started straining myself to supply further temporal slowdown, just because I knew he'd be taking a long while.

Avonu, apparently, didn't appreciate my haste in removing the both of us from a very dangerous piece of Arbitarian History that should have been left in the dusty old tomb it belonged in. "I'm trying to think of something in a controlled state of mind, trying to find some piece of fact to help, if you didn't realize it by now. I'd usually not take this rather curt and unfriendly tone...But you're starting to get on my nerves." Avonu said. However, at least he decided several other facts may be needed at a faster pace: Barrier eight was now eradicated.

"...Tyzzax was going on about...A lot, quite frankly, and I wasn't really paying attention to all of it...Referenced Arbitarian Glory, of course...Muttered on about a Lapras, might have been one of his Pokémon…Something to do with History...Mentioned a Tower...'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little'...Something, I don't remember that...Scar? Lars? Char? A Pokémon from the Charmander Line?...Mentioned reaping after that…Said something of getting somewhere fast...Cars?" Avonu said, trying to recall whatever mad ravings Tyzzax had uttered. I tried pushing more energy into pausing time, Hoping that Avonu recalled something…

"...I think he mentioned a 'Norris,' he called Septim that sometimes, though...There was something about a few tears…Dixvahnok? No, some random piece of gibberish...He went back to that Little whatever, for some reason...I think he said something about a-"

There went barrier Nine-Never say Paradoxial Lightning moved quickly.

"Aw, d**m, it's gonna screw over!" said ‘Norris’, panicking himself even further to trying to restlessly attack the door. At this point, he wasn’t alone in this endeavor; Lesha and Vyraz were also attempting to rip the door off its hinges, Scyez still too engrossed with her enjoyment over the loss of the Relic to notice the immediate danger.

"Avalon, I'm seriously doubting Avonu knows anything good on his own! Do you have any idea?! Avalon, an idea?! Avalon, is something wrong?!? AVALON?!? WHAT IS IT?!?!" Latries yelled out, suddenly finding a voice again-Not like that he wasn't helping me in the willpower section to ignore the Arbit-Burns.

I didn't respond because I wasn't thinking about him. I kept going over the cryptic clues that Avonu gave me, holding time to as much of a crawl as I could get it, while trying to keep some sort of barrier up around my person. The ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little’ thing popped up, and I filled the remaining space with the fourth word in the title of a nursery rhyme on Earth: ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.’

I also lost all logical reasoning after that logical conclusion. "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star? Well, in a world where literally anything's f***ing possible, I have no Idea, Destiny Isn't, and all other sorts of bull****, an absolute burst of total insanity on good old Earth must be nothing more to these folk than the d**m everyday solution to whatever d**m problem they wind up having to deal with, because here, the s***ing answer to everything must come out of their a** even if the problem is as mundane as breathing! Plus, without exception, EVERYTHING in the D**M Nexus MUST be related to some kind of weird artifact of power from hell-knows-when, logic be d***ed! SO, I'll just whip out the Starblazer-Illicit Combo, throw that f***er at the Relic, and if it doesn't work, hell, nobody can say I didn't try, and I destroyed the d**m Relic either way, plus, if this fails, Avonu goes with me, so I F***ING WIN NO MATTER WHAT!"

Personally, I think that insane rambling is more accurate about the Nexus and it's inhabitants than most would admit to.

Without further ado, I charged up the Starblazer-Illicit Combo (using only the tried-and-true Illicit Blessing, of course), and in one fluid movement, tossed it at the relative position of where the energy was coming from while letting down the barrier so that I could actually throw it.

Avonu looked surprised at my move that could have killed us all sooner if I screwed it up. In fact, without any fact to say that my action could work, It could have made things worse. However, the trick-as per a Volteer's usual, which is to say, the absurd and near-impossible solution that should never work-well, worked. Call me a hypocrite. The Illicit-Starblazer broke through the last two barriers, taking the massive amounts of Paradoxial Lightning with it, and struck the Relic. The full might of the Relic wasn't capable of anything in that span of time. It was all over-sort of. The first second, the Relic was still there, releasing utterly no Energy-I now resumed Time's regular course, to recover quicker from the exhausting ordeal, nearly collapsing again. The next instant, a blinding light appeared, and all that remained after it cleared were six small shards, having fallen on or close to the pedestal the Relic once was located. Oh, and my blade, thankfully.

However, an explosion rocked the whole ship, sending everyone that had just given up trying to move the one door flying towards the other. The outside barrier, losing a lot of its strength after the Relic punished it, broke with the force of the three Pokémon, and all of us were flung with them. I got a telekinetic grip on the Illicit Blessing, to keep it from being flung at my Pokémon as well. I barely caught it before Lesha was nearly impaled by it, the blade inches from her neck. She, obviously, was the first to speak.

"May I be the first to ask...WHAT THE F*** JUST HAPPENED?!" Lesha barked.

"My opinion? We're lucky to live. The Relic houses enough energy inside it, considering its powers, that the whole of its energy being released all at once would be equivalent to...Oh, please don't tell me that was the Weapon's Depot... Avonu said, standing up again. "Oh, yes...Do not think I am any ally of yours, just because of your sheer burst of insanity saving my life...I'll leave the loser for now." the High Priest added. He walked up to the podium, where the mysterious shards of the Relic (or whatever else they could be) were to be found...The only things not to have moved an inch. Avonu examined them.

"Utterly unknown origin. Split into seven from the looks of it, probably by your blade. Possibly a stabilizer for the whole thing...I'll wager a guess and say it's totaled. It emits a light, though...Best to keep them separate, in case." Avonu said, throwing one of the small, triangular shards at the palm of my hand. It didn't touch it-it stayed just a few inches above my hand, floating. A bright light came from the tip, in a triangular fashion, but it was warm and welcoming. Avonu himself got all six, of course: keep them separate my a**. Well, more than likely, he didn't trust me enough to have one as well...The pieces of the cracked mask, for some reason also existing after the relic probably overloaded it with Arbitarian Energy, were picked up by Avonu, and somehow easily re-molded back into place, before he put it back on his face. A cloak of darkness assumed itself on the rest of his head and the revealed skin. Without further ado, Avonu vanished without a trace.

"OK, you know what? I'll save an explanation of this madhouse logic for safer places. And I don't think the Arbiters have given up being a 'Nexus-threatening' force. His subbies are probably everywhere." Septim said.

"I perfectly agree...What the-"

I had just used telekinesis to move the blade back into a position it should be in-my hand-and noticed something sticky-taped to it. I did not put sticky tape on my blades-I may have broken space-time when blowing up the Relic. Uh-oh. I removed the tape, and found...Something under it.

That 'Something' was a pyramid with a round bottom and a brilliant, warm light at the tip, with utterly no rough edges-so smooth, it was unnaturally so. It was otherwise blue, but tilting it could reveal stars, seemingly relevant on position. I had to ask myself a few questions: What the hell happened when I threw that blade at the Relic? What was that pyramid-like thing? And why was Sticky Tape, of all things, related to any of this?

"Latries, does your foggy memory feel of any nostalgia with the appearance of this?" I thought to Latries, mentally applying some influence for the heck of it.

"Clueless. There were several familiar things, symbols or statues, but that? I have no idea…Oh, you do realize that you’re thinking to yourself, and influency won’t work, right? I was kind of concerned about the…Brief lapse of sane thought." Latries said, wisely choosing his words.

"OK, that worth a shot. And yes, I know…I just like thinking thoughts I believe. Of course." I thought. I looked at the door in question: It was much smaller than the door I used to get in, so Vyraz wouldn't fit. Septim, I wasn't 100% willing to trust in a combat situation. I retreated both. Scyez and Lesha, the remaining Pokémon I had out, could definitely handle themselves. Without further ado, I opened it.

It was an elevator shaft. The Elevator itself was parked on the floor directly under us, easily capable of being stepped on. Above it were many other floors. I was in no danger of being squished between ceiling and elevator...I jumped on, silently: Who knew what was in there. Scyez did likewise, and Lesha simply jumped on my back. She liked free rides, especially after a load of physical stress. Hell, we all do.


Arceus'es voice was heard-and it was his, without a doubt. The elevator started moving downward, and I pressed an ear to the roof of the Elevator, trying to hear more of the imminent conversation. Scyez decided to join in on the hearing part, too. The elevator moved slowly, deliberately...Annoyingly thus. But it gave me time to hear.

"...Data is absurdly detailed!" Said Gear, confirming another bad event. Gear had penetrated one floor below me. Had he just gone up one floor...Then again, he probably couldn't. The Arbiter's weren't absolutely stupid.

"The Arbiters are madmen, they're probably hypothesizing about how Avalon's the Archangel based off of Latries'es form." Latios said. The three people that seriously shouldn't have been this close to my exposed rear end, but I was too focused on listening in. Knowledge is a weapon unlike any other.

"We assumed that as well. And guess what? We're wrong." Gear stated, a grim note going with the last part. "I got blown into a room full of papers when fighting Prikade. I broke a safe during the fight. Something happened, I guess-he retreated. I found these papers in the broken safe...He probably shouldn't have thrown me in there at all. They wanted us to keep thinking that we knew more than they did...Or at least keep us in the dark about how much they really knew."

Arceus started protesting. "How bad could-what...What the f-f-f…How...How did they know about Latries?!"

What the f***?!

"I asked myself that too." Gear said. "Could just be a false document, planted to confuse us, but that’s not confirmed." Gear said.

"So, they know Avalon’s also Latries. "

"There's more. Avalon's not the target. Avalon is, in the writer's words, 'a dangerously powerful and extremely antagonistic enemy to the Arbiters that must be brought under our control by any means, and forcibly the companion to the Archangel, Latries. His presence was recorded on Halloween Night of 2007. Distinction between Avalon and Latries was during the Triaton Incident.' That's right, they mentioned him right in the f***ing document, and made it look like f***ing common sense, Not to mention they figured it out almost a month before you told me! D**m, Arceus, tell me what you know about these kinds of people immediately next time! " Gear said, raging at Arceus for not telling him of that detail sooner.

"...You-you can't be serious? Latries is absolutely innocent of any crime, no impurities! Avalon has to be-"

"That’s just if the documents are correct. I hope they aren’t...Because Eradication will be required to dispose of him…And, unless that blast was the Relic being destroyed, we have to destroy it too. Along with a load of other s**t, too, apparently…Look." Gear muttered.

"...Scenarios...Some are circled...Hey, those honestly-"

"Those happened...They didn't even step foot on Alto-Mare, and they knew that Avalon stole most of the Exio Void's Pokémon and shot Arceus in the head at the Lati Gardens! They don't even know where the Lati Gardens are!" Latios said.

"Yes...And they give logical tactics to keep Avalon going in a direction they want. This is ridiculous-They mention that if Avalon dies, they hunt down another Legend and hold him ransom for Latries. They’ve got a b**chload of safety nets in case Avalon doesn’t do something they really needed-they’ve even gotten the Relic tagged on him without him knowing! And look, half of these scenarios are based off of if the Relic's Destroyed by me or Avalon…What the f***?! 'If these plans are found by any Onlisk official, we will resort strictly to direct contact with Avalon to manipulate. ' D**m, they're that good?! They've formed a plan to make sure that Avalon can be manipulated after we’ve f***ing find these, WHEN IT’S STATING IT RIGHT THERE?! Where are they getting this beef?!" Geoffrey went, thrust once again into another impossible scenario: Now he’s realizing he’s dealing with something far worse than previously comprehended.

Latries chose now to fully say his mind on these pressing matters: "Dear Arceus...They want me? They think I'mthe Archangel, and not...Well, it sounds logical, but...I thought they were just zealous, or insane, until now...Maybe they still are...Ugh! I should be remembering something else, a lot more than just about the Legends, I know it!" Latries said.

I couldn't even speak. Plans that were written to accommodate for the Relic's Destruction?! This went beyond simply being the President of the Onlisk...It was like Avonu was omniscient...Or else, was getting assistance from something omniscient...He could manipulate everything...Did he want me to wreck that relic?! Did he intend for me to go in there and destroy what could have only been an asset to them, only to further their plans in some way?!

I went in this bull**** way over my head...
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

I know your twisted mind and its grim humor, so I'm hypothesizing that Avalon and Avonu are VERY close in a way neither seems to know.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

While I was contemplating how smart the Arbiters really were, and how I could counter opponents who appeared to be vastly manipulative and seemingly nigh omniscient, I got another message.

<"Avalon!"> Mario Telepathed. He sounded worried.

<"Mario! What is it?"> I asked. It was a little annoying to hear his voice while I was eavesdropping on three enemies.

<"Yes, you're alive!"> Mario sighed-a sigh of relief, at that. <"We were fighting on the other side of the ship the Onlisk were boarding from-they boarded, by the way-and then, suddenly, half the freaking ship blew up! We swore you were dead!"> Mario elaborated.

<"Anything else?"> I asked simply. I wasn't as angry anymore, but I kept a serious attitute about being in this ship now, since half of it was no longer existing.

<"That's the good news, what I just said. Bad news is, the Onlisk are not going to let that ship survive. Not even a bit. I don't knw what happened, but Gear's alive as well, and once he's out, that ship's gone!"> Mario said. <"Do you have any idea where the exit is, because you need to get to it NOW!">

<"Don't worry, Mario."> I said, still a little annoyed by his presence. <"Gear's in an elevator, going down, and I know the way."> I telepathed.

<"Knowing the exit and getting there are two different things. Please don't get cocky..."> Mario said.

Oh, I was far from getting cocky, of all things. With three people in that elevator, one of which was capable of killing me, I was not going to test my ability to survive further. It was all about just getting out right now for me.

I looked at the cable that kept the elevator up and down. It might have been to save time and money, the way it was, but I knew that no safety measure was entirely safe with half the place gone, and no mere cable would stand the full might of a blast that took out half of a ship this gargantuan size.

"I'm not wagering that that cable will be entirely capable of surviving much longer...I'm not hoping it drops, but, I'm not being that hopeful of it either..." I muttered, under my breath.

"Are you crazy? Saying it could snap?! That'll guarantee it'll snap!" Lesha said.

"Uhh...I thought it was saying it wouldn't would make it would, and saying it would would make it wouldn't..." Scyez muttered.

"Oh, quiet the both of you. I'm not wagering odds on it, but I'm hoping it will stay stable." I muttered.

"Then why did you say that it could snap?!"

"Snap, pap, cap, lap, nap...Ooh, I love naps...Rap, c**p, whap, slap, flap, chap-"

Without further ado, it snapped, as predicted.




"What the f***?!" Gear yelled. Sudden increase of downward momentum left the three of us up top starting to hover inches above the roof of the elevator.

"Ah, great!" Arceus said. The Elevator stopped right then, but I caught Scyez and Lesha before they touched the ground again, because I knew they'd be heard touching down. We kept hovering, just above the only physical surface that kept me from Gear.

"Arceus, you leave with Latios! No point in you staying around here anyhow, we'll get more in-depth with this later! I'll get out myself, maybe kill a few Loyalists while I'm at it. Probably s**ted the elevator cable..." Gear said. I could hear the sound that made for Teleporting heard-Arceus and Latios had left.

The elevator's cable snapped, Gear thought it was Loyalists, Gear knew it was the cable snapping, and I was above the elevator, where the cable usually was, with nowhere else to go but up. I silently hovered upwards, wishing with my whole heart that Gear didn't see me. I did not want him to see me. I turned invisible, allowing Scyez and Lesha the same protection. If Gear saw me, I was dead. I wouldn't want to face him in such close-quarters. The trains, where it was a massive landslide in favor of Gear for most of the battle, had vividly remained in my mind, and showed up now more than ever, for now, he'd probably not go easy. I would have one hell of a hard time dodging a blow here. I turned invisible, and I could see the bronze armor pop out-Gear was out, in his usual armor, looking around, looking straight up where the cable snapped. I didn't move. Scyez didn't move. Lesha didn't move. It was threatening, to know that one wrong move here could easily mean the end of my life: I had the assistance of forty-or-so Pokémon to help the last time, as well as multiple heavy weapons, but here, I had no help but two. And Gear wasn't underestimating me. I got lucky the last couple of times, I had a bargaining chip. I did not have a bargaining chip. It would be me and Gear...And he'd screw the whole thing about me and him being equals in combat, and fight me.

Silence filled the elevator shaft like it was the only substance there. I was sweating. I was panicking. His gaze was fixed upwards, the only direction anybody could go, and I was not liking that it seemed that his eyes stopped moving in the minute shifts that meant he was looking elseware.

Silence...Not a breath was made...

...My whole life was hanging on him not seeing me, just this once...


Oh s**t. How did he find me?!


Oh s**t, oh s**t, oh s**t, he found me! He saw me! He somehow sensed my presence, somehow overcame my invisibility, and saw me! Oh s**t!

"AVALON!!!!!!!!!! YOU BA****D!!!!!!!"

Ohs**tohs**tohs**tohs**tohs**tohs**tohs**tohs**toh s**tohs**tohs**tohs**t-

Gear suddenly teleported to where I was, and I felt slightly better, just slightly; Gear didn't look as comfortable in midair as he was on solid ground. However, that didn't stop him from looking otherwise like the face of an inferno's wrath, the sun's scorn, the full might and fury of the long-dead colossi, something even a woman's scorn would quail and tremble at, f*** the old saying. Scyez herself was the only contender for anything close to resembling equal: The reminder of her master's pain by his hand only served to focus and outrage her, and it was clear to Gear that she would fight to kill him as much as he'd fight to kill me. The elevator, so far down below, suddenly flew up to meet our feet, and I had to elevate myself a few inches to prevent being flung up by the force Gear propelled it. Now he was on solid ground.

Gear's first move was to punch me. Just punch me. He did nothing more than simply punch me-sure, punch me at enough speed to make most professional boxers go green with envy, not to mention with the force to make sure that look didn't last long, but really, nothing more than one single punch. It felt like a fist of pure f***ing steel, a extremely painful and powerful attack; it would be easy for him to keep me pinned there if he just kept jabbing me into the wall. Was six times the strength of an Olympic athlete really not that much in comparison to this guy?

And that wasn't even how he was going to start this off. It was worse. Much worse. Gear's fist refused to budge, trapping me between immovable object and non-moving wall, the latter of which I wasn't testing to see if it would support a structure that was probably far less than any standard. That wasn't the bad part: cue the elevator moving downward, my back still pinned to the wall. My wings were in agony, but I couldn't change forms while pinned like that, apparently. Scyez wouldn't take my bloody agony, however, and she immediately gave Gear a reminder of who she was-with something appropriate. Another kick to the crotch-with a flaming leg and the same breed of nasty fury that knocked Gear out last time. Gear had to have come prepared at this point, however: It was apparent that he wore some form of competent nutcase to safely keep his weak point away from the insane Lucario. That alone wasn't enough to distract him from making my backside a bloody riot.

With that said, I doubt that anybody would tolerate a repetitive onslaught, screw effectiveness: Darkness, Ice, Fire, whatever Scyez used, she just kept relentlessly kicking Gear all over. It was at the seventh kick where Gear's head was hit, and it just so happened to be fire. If ineffective at hurting him, Fire wasn't something easily seen through. He put it out, kinetic energy all the cause, but he finally gave up the painful back-removing he was doing with me to confront Scyez.

Scyez obviously got lucky the last time she fought Gear-two, if you count her hitting him in the crotch as a Riolu. Gear quickly swatted Scyez aside, but it was enough for me to transform into a human form, and at minimum, not have my wings get torn to shreds by the back of the elevator. I was also smaller and less get-thrown-around-the-place-like-a-f***ing-ragdoll-proof...And my back was still the sight of some serious carnage.

Nevertheless, Gear still had the major disadvantage of having two people to fight at once. Lesha, meanwhile, was trying to decide whether her job as a Mythic Guard or her grudge that she held to Avalanche was the more important thing.

I tried to dodge Gear's next blow, and I barely did-he missed a karate chop by an inch. That was too close. I did NOT want to know how good his swordfighting was in comparison to mine, if his Kinetic Energy usage allowed him to outclass my own natural abilities that easily. However, I had to think of something.

Then it hit me. Common sense f***ing hit me like a bullet. Obviously, Scyez and Lesha were being kept out because of their fighting abilities (I wasn't anticipating Lesha having to finalize her alliances right then and there), and I didn't want to use metal control, because there was a chance of the structural integrity being lost, and me being thrown in space. However, Scyez and Lesha, considering that they were faring little better than I was, could easily just be returned to their PokéBalls, and as for the structural integrity being lost and me being thrown in space, well, I could breathe in space and not die, and that asides, the ship wouldn't fall on me if there wasn't any artificial gravity outside as well, right?

I quickly scrambled out of the way of Gear's next punch, while I got Lesha's and Scyez's PokéBalls out and returned them (Scyez, seemingly, with a complaint on her mind.). That magnetized Gear's next attack, a kick, to my location, and I got knocked to the corner. I tried manipulating the metal, but I couldn't-Gear must have gotten me with Coganan Energy, and my control of metal was done via Kinetic Energy (well, I assumed that much anyway, and yes, I couldn't even get my body itself a slight boost, where the energy comes from). No way I could use that. I had to use Arbitarian energy to get rid of it entirely, which would take longer, but I started burning the metal regardless, trying to force it-the sooner I got something else to work with, anything that could turn the tides in my favor, the better.

Gear forcibly turned me over, making me roll on my stomach. with me unable to move-I hadn't recharged my energy at all, I was pooped out at this point. Movement enough to dodge a fast, fatal attack like a punch would be near-impossible. He put his foot on the back of my head. Oh, please no!

"This...Is this what you want?!" Gear said. "Are you seriously going to die for the cause of insane men?!" Gear yelled. "ARE YOU?!" He screamed at me. The Arbitarian energy was my last hope, and, out of the corner of my eye, I could see it was...n't doing anything...At all. The Arbit-Storm Pandora produced didn't do anything at all to the floors back near the start either…The walls were made to withstand Arbitarian Attacks so they didn’t destroy the ship when one went off accidentally, for boarding purposes…

I was a dead man. My life flashed before my eyes-birth, my brother's birth, my sister's birth, TV episodes, my mom, my dad, my first days of school, playing video games, being homeschooled when I couldn't skip a grade, middle school when I came back into public schools, my dog and cat at home-Wait, rewind, rewind, rewind! There was that homeschooling, and there was science stuff in it, alright, and, what was it about? There was something to do with energy-

I couldn't believe it. The whole 'my life flashed before my eyes' thing saved my f***ing life.

Gear took my silence as a no, piercing through the sweet memories. "No answer? Well, you've gone past a line already! I wish you weren't twelve...But looks like execution day's going to have to come EARLY!" Gear yelled, raising his foot on my face.

Gear could prevent me from using the energy with his own Coganan Energy. That did not stop me from removing it, Coganan Energy’s only flaw. I could manipulate Metal's heat-cooling it and heating it. Cooling metal means it was removing energy, and albeit he couldn't see it, the metal under my body became very, very cold, and considering I had the lucky Dragon Type on my side, that wasn’t a problem.
My body was refreshed-enough, and I rolled out of the way before the fatal curb stomp landed. The result was that Gear instead wound up putting his foot through the elevator itself. He pulled it out quickly, but I pulled out my blades quickly, freezing the floor beneath me as much as possible, taking in that heat...I was sweating from it, but that, at least, was comparably easy to take with all the ice around to touch. I tried using the Draconic Energy to attack the walls, hoping to claw through, screw the chances, but I couldn’t for some reason.

I swung at Gear with the Illicit Blessing, but Gear blocked that with the Gear Titan. I used said blade to quickly flip over Gear's head, and use the other blade to attack him from the backside, in the Leather. A cut was administered, but it didn't even scratch the skin-definitely got through most of the Leather, though. Ugh.

Worse still, Gear's foot got unstuck, and I still couldn't use any of my other energies. I was forcibly cooling the metals down in most of the shaft, trying to find an answer to the bad question of why I couldn't use any of the heat I was collecting for anything other than moving...Until Gear gave me an odd (but still furious) look.

"Uhh, what?" I asked, quite unaware.

That disarmed the infuriated majority of Geoffry's look (if nothing more). "Dude, your hair's on fire." Gear said.

I looked up, and-

"What the f***?!" I yelled. Stop drop and roll! Fire on my head, fire on my head! I kept a hand on the beret, fearing its removal from my head (Doing that now was instant death, whether or not Gear decided to put the beret back on-he’d just kill me while I was down if he did put it back). I had somehow ignited my hair without realizing it. Great, there went a strategy, but at least I could move.

One Latries ear was uncovered from stopping, dropping and rolling, and that allowed me to hear something. From above, there were noises. To be precise, The noises of someone bounding off the walls. Probably whoever made the cable snap-probably an Arbiter as well. Whoever it was, a three-way battle would be more or less favorable for me, depending on what happened next and who it was. That being said, said combatant had to reach us first, and Gear was not giving me further free actions-he probably let me put out the fire because it was funny to see me panic like that. My mind wasn't going to flash before my eyes again, and if it did, my guess was likely that it wouldn't be reminding me of another life-saving fact.

Then I realized that simply doing a low-energy taxing Pokémon move-one that involved heat, as I was shot of everything else-could stall Gear for some period, at least. And I had a good idea as to which one. Gear charged in, I breathed inward, Gear saw the attack coming and got ready to block for it. He didn't really guess what it was correctly. Gear's reward for failure to do just that was a flamethrower to the face. Not Dragonbreath, Flamethrower. Gear was easily ridden of the flames, but the blinding effect I made with it allowed me to slip away and once again resume invisibility. "D**m!" Yelled Gear, looking for me again. However, Gear didn’t get very far before another combatant decided to hop on in-and do so by using Gear's back as a springboard to a wall, kicking him in the process, then using the wall as a springboard to kick Gear’s back again.

Oh, yes, from the looks of his outfit, said combatant was Curze. Curze was now involved, who was redesigning his tactics to specifically deal with me-They may have not gone into effect yet, as Curze was still using the Poison spikes. These tactics were for Gear instead, obviously, as there were several needles in Gear’s Leather the instant he was in sight range. Obviously, he'd have his anti-illusion goggles on. However, his outfit did not include his ninja-business suit hybrid nature, and of the ninja and business suit attributes, chose to entirely botch the latter. He now looked...Like a member of the Shadow Triad, sans the weird mask. Curze did not seem to notice my presence here, thankfully. I was invisible…I had an advantage, an all-crucial advantage, and I could exploit it. This ridiculously tough battle was starting to turn in my favor…Not like facing off against a massive f***ing golem of a man and a ninja were pleasant matchups for a twelve-year old, d**m the training.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Man, I gotta catch up on this XD expect me to have a huge review! Keep the good work up :3 I love it!

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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

The duel between Curze and Gear started quickly: Curze took a slash to Gear immediately, one Gear dodged. Curze then was forced to duck from a kick Gear sent at him, came in for another slash, and got sent to a wall by a punch. Gear went on to do the rapid-fire jabbing I was expecting earlier. However, Curze vanished quickly, letting Gear punch the wall once, leaving quite the dent.

Gear decided to teleport something else in: a chain entirely made of Celestial Bronze, ending with a wicked triangular spike. He put the chain around his left arm, and it came to life, snakelike and hovering, leaving Gear to hold the Gear Titan with just his right. Gear really was strong, to wield such a big blade in one hand like that...

Curze reappeared, and extremely close to Gear's face. However, something was wrong: Curze strikes very fast, mind you, but he looked oddly slow when he came in for a second slash. To contrast, Gear suddenly sped up...Does Kinetic Energy allow for the opponent's movement to be slowed so that your own movement could be sped up? If so, that would explain his massive reserve of energy-he used his foe's movement to recharge.

However, I had yet to move an inch-probably why he hadn't noticed me yet. Probably. I didn't even attempt breathing-I wouldn't inch close until I could attack and finish Gear in one hit-or Curze got to that point before then. I wasn't risking myself that badly yet.

"Avalon! Curze! I'll end you both!" Gear yelled, doing an overhead slash with the Gear Titan, forcing me to move, while he still whipped Curze. OK, Gear did NOT need me moving to detect me. It was my Life force he was probably sensing, and that was about as noticeable and invariably present as my Aura.

Gear kept whipping Curze into the wall, making him a bloody mess, and kept trying to slash me. The multitasking, however, was to his loss: One of his swipes was too high, and allowed me to get in low for a few rapid slashes at his ankles, ripping the leather away, and Curze slipped out of one of the swings of the chain.

Curze must have been absolutely focused on Gear, even though he knew where and how to look for me. Maybe he wasn't looking to fight me-maybe, just maybe, the Arbiters were still interested in their 'precious Archangel' thing, and were intent on putting themselves in danger to distract any potential threat from me, especially since there wasn't a Relic anymore...Though I had to imagine if losing their precious Archangel was a viable option for them, too. They seemed smart enough for it. Regardless, Curze ignored my existence. Gear wasn't so ignorant, he was just preoccupied with Curze. Either way, both were not in a position to attack me, a lovely thing indeed-especially since I was no longer interested in standing around.. I brought out Scyez again, and got ready to fight.

Gear himself learned that multi-tasking isn't always good, so this time, both sword and chain were being used against Curze, but Curze teleported faster than Gear could react, and was cutting viable and nasty targets from flaws in Gear's armor when he reappeared. To add to it, now Gear had me and Scyez to contend with. Scyez jumped upon Gear's back, her chest-spike digging into a piece of leather and latching on. Gear was immediately tempted to get her off, as she did more than just grab on. She wanted to punish the Cogix for beating her earlier, and as much of her body that could move was moving to harm Gear, using whatever attack came to mind: Spherical Dark Pulses, Rings of Fire, Icy kicks, whatever hurt him. I was also in the mix, slashing away at Gear, dodging his massive sword while I kept hacking at the leather and hoped to get at his skin. Curze was also into attacking Gear, but again, wasn't interested in me or Scyez-or was avoiding confrontation on purpose. Curze did not receive the same from us-he got kicked by Scyez, knocking him down.

That all took place in a few seconds. Gear smashed his back-Scyez included-onto a wall with all the force he could. He wasn't having Scyez there. Scyez groaned from the pain, but survived, and she stumbled away to avoid a whip from Gear's chain. Curze stabbed him quickly after that, and Gear turned around to whip one of Curze's katanas right out of his hand, letting the black blade go into a corner, still Arbit-Burning.

I disengaged Gear and went for the blade. I already had two, so I was just interested in the energy-heat energy alone was no good. I grabbed the Katana firmly and sucked up the energy on it eagerly. I turned around-Curze was right in front of my face, with the white blade raised and ready to slice. I got out of the way, and Curze struck where my arm was: Curze still wasn't going to hit me in the dire points, so he could keep me alive...That being said, I was more than willing to give Curze his Katana back. By forcefully shoving it in his leg.

"GAAH!!" Curze went, falling over. That was NOT pleasant, especially since now the Blade was Arbit-Burning. In his leg. Quickly remembering how an Arbit-Burn could work, I tipped my blade in his now running-blood, and relished the rewards of draining energy from blades, and the blades replenished the energy-the blood didn't vanish, thankfully, so I could finally get a source of energy, however weird and bloody it was. I needed Curze alive, though-as a punching bag for Gear's attacks and as a way to weaken Gear successfully. However, Gear's approach to our position got both facts out of my mind. Scyez swept in close for a punch to the back of Gear's head, but that didn't really work-he barely noticed and didn't even retaliate. Gear was inches from taking out Curze, but once again, he teleported, nearly simultaneous with me firing an orb of Arbitarian Energy at Gear's side.

"D**m!" Gear yelled, trying to get rid of the Arbit-Burn. Coganan Energy can stop Arbit-Burns, and he was the Cogix, so that was easy. However, Gear's leather now had a noticeable hole in it, and it was all I needed. I charged for that valuable weakspot.

The blade bounced off his skin-said skin feeling like steel. Gear blocked me with Kinetic Energy, and how! How did Curze hit several, hard-to-access weakspots in Gear's Armor for massive damage, while I hit a very exposed patch of skin and didn't do squat? Meanwhile, Gear only looked tired, not truly out of it, and I wasn't betting on him wearing out...I needed to get away for a few seconds. considering Gear could move the elevator up to remove any sort of height advantage, I was stuck with actually going inside the Elevator. Gear nearly slashed me, but Curze distracted him with a swipe, and I slipped inside.

Inside, the Elevator was boring and dull-quite like most of the ship itself. However, Scyez joined me within, fur bloody and body wound. A bit of rest and rethinking of strategies was in order.

Five seconds later, Curze teleported into the elevator. One instant later, Gear poked his head in, and thankfully saw Curze first. "D**m Arbiter! Die already!" He said, getting in, Not wasting time attempting to whip Curze with the chain on the way in. The Arbiter ducked, but Gear got his feet in to trap Curze, seemingly for good.

"Well, as they say in Jacinto, curbstomp beats everything." Gear said, more to himself than Curze, as he flipped him over-exposing a slim line of skin on his back. Did he see me? It didn't matter, I jumped on the chance, and slashed at Gear. At last, he reacted in noticeable pain to one of my attacks.

"OOW!" Gear yelled out, not expecting the slash to occur there of all places. He gripped the backside where he was slashed, and Curze was smirking, slightly. He didn't smirk further when Scyez used Aura Sphere, and he was knocked out when it landed upon his face. That tipped Gear off big time, if the slash didn't.

"YOU BA****D!!" He yelled, angry and showing it. Gear loved calling me a ba****d.

"Oh, shut up." I shot back, simultaneously dodging an attack from Gear's chain. Scyez attempted a punch, but missed and got grabbed by the leg-I hit Gear with a orb of Arbitarian Energy to the back of his head, and he reacted enough to let go of Scyez, who kicked him in the head as he was applying Coganan Energy-The Arbit-Burn was gone, however, and Gear, arms outstretched, made a bull-run towards us. Scyez and I both ducked under his arms-shouldn't have held them out-but Gear ran through the elevator's side, tearing a hole.

He didn't run out of the ship itself-thankfully, we must have been farther away from the blast radius than I thought. However, Gear made a small hole of wires, pipes, and other things like that. Oh, and there was energy in all those wires, of course, sweet energy. Arbitarian Energy was good, and the heat was fun when I used Flamethrower on Gear's face, but I really wanted more variety in my attacks.

Gear wanted that energy too, apparently. He couldn't really keep all that protection up on him for that long without energy. He was already sapping away at the mechanics he revealed, taking some of the precious energy I needed to recover. I tried getting in on the action, but Gear was closer, and he was using some of his Kinetic Energy to push me backwards, making it nearly impossible to move forward.

With Scyez pushing on my back, I slowly tried to fight Gear's current. I took one step forward, braced myself a bit, then pushed forward further, then kept bracing for a little more, then managed to get a foot into the hole-ah, s**t.

Gear did another blitz without warning, and I was right in his path. Scyez managed to get to the side, and I almost got out of the way-almost. I was caught by the leg and thrown to the corner, now where Gear had successfully stopped. Gear had used the bait of energy to lure me in, and then trap me.

I tried moving my right leg, but it was really, really painful...Did I break it? That was not good. Gear was directly above me, and despite the amount of blood on his body and obvious wear, he was alive and able to stand. I might have been able to put up some resistance if I could try to kick him away a bit, but the good leg was between his own, quite unable to kick anything that would distract or push away Gear.

"For the record, I hate killing kids, but in your case..." Gear said. This time, he wasn't going for his curbstomp-he learned his lesson. He went for his chain, and was probably going to whip me in the neck. He brought it back-and Scyez caught on to the chain's tip. And she looked red in the face.

Maybe it was her being angry that brought out that strength. Maybe it was something else those idiots at Exio did. Or maybe it was the Aura being used as a Volteer used Kinetic Energy-to allow for greater strengths. Nevertheless, Scyez refused to let go of that chain, and did it well enough for Gear to get focused on it-more so than he was focused on me. In the meantime, I unsteadily floated upwards (thank you, energy-less antigravity), and half-stumbled, half-floated myself over to the wires. Recovery, Recovery, I needed Recovery!

Scyez was starting to lose badly to Gear, the mighty Cogix still stronger than a very angry Lucario, but it was enough to get myself over to the energy sources, and start draining them. Gear made it look easier than it was, but I was still getting precious electricity, which could be converted into any energy. I immediately started using Recover, and felt better as my bones started being patched up and recovered.

Scyez then lost her grip, and Gear regained control of his chain and pushed Scyez aside, knocking her head onto the side of the elevator and knocking her out. Gear was then coming forward to where I was-he still saw me, ugh-and had out the Gear Titan. I once again feared for my life-the recovery of my leg was done, but I still needed some more energy to fight at my peak. That wasn't possible, at this point. I was out of luck in the life-saving department. Gear was fully focused, and I was cornered.

"You know, you didn't have to get a case of BACKSTABBING FEVER the week I let you go! We could have been much better off than this!" Gear yelled, heated.

"Would it help that I'm only trying to get out as well?" I asked.

"...You were eavesdropping, weren't you?" Gear said, calming down a bit. A brilliant idea hit me-but it would work only if I could keep this conversation going, and keep getting energy. No Volteer would be suspicious of that.

"Yes, yes I was." I replied.

"You're still fighting for a madman's cause, you know that? You know who Eon Sky's last leader was? Teal?" Gear said. For someone that didn't have Influency, he could make a point.

"No, not much, but I didn't need Teal to take my stand. I didn't even join Eon Sky before-"

"I don't want to hear it. Do you understand what kind of terms Teal and Avonu were on before this whole Eon Sky s**t?" Gear continued.

"Clueless. Best friends?" I said, sarcastically.

"Ironically, yes. Not joking here, they were pretty good friends. Both were officers under my command during the first half of the war, as well, before Avonu became president of the Onlisk, and Teal went off the deep end." Gear said.

Now that was really surprising. Considering Gear, I didn’t think he lied about it either. "They were both just a rank under me, so they served as advisors in the field. I was still kind of new to Volteerism then, you know, but they weren't." Gear commented. "They usually weren't around each other, though. When they were, they worked together well, and I caught them doing a few rounds of chess when we weren't defending planets from Arbiters." Gear said.

"They were both around for Hyvin-Hul, and they fought against the Herobrine, until Tyzzax, for whatever dumb reason he had, decided to s**t them all off. I did defeat him then, but he wasn't killed-he fled. Avonu, Teal, me, and a few others were chasing him down, hoping to strike the final blow, and hunt down that Relic of theirs. Then we saw this ship for the first time...Ho boy, it was massive. Tyzzax wasn't in a fit condition to teleport, but he did get onto a ship that took him there. There were only two other ships, both one-man fighters. Avonu and Teal got on them before I could stop them, and they were off. I tried getting another vehicle at Alto-Mare to catch up, but the Arbitarian Stronghold cloaked itself and fled." Gear went on. "We got shaky communications from them for a week, once or twice a day, but we couldn't trace them. Teal was in the first few, but he was gone after day three. Avonu kept up. Eventually, we heard the news-Avonu managed to force Tyzzax to fight without the Relic reviving him afterwards, and Avonu killed him. The Arbiters didn't give up on the spot, but they let him through and gave him a way out. He didn't find Teal, though." Gear said. "We thought he was dead, and declared him MIA."

"A few days after Avonu showed up, Teal came back too, and we were glad to see him alive, but he was...Different. Shaky. A bit paranoid. He could remain calm in front of Avonu, and he never said he was tortured, but he never was the same. Those Arbiters can really screw your head over, even if you're really good at keeping your head straight. He later told me about his feelings-a vision showing Avonu leading the Arbiters to cause Armageddon. I didn't buy it for an instant, and told him to get some therapy. " Commented Gear. "Instead, when Avonu became President, he started Eon Sky, and I had to capture him, put him on trial, and watch as he was sentenced to death. I was asked to kill him. Apparently, he saw the fight take place-the one between Avonu and Tyzzax. I'm not sure how he got to, but I swore he went insane, and even now, I think I'm right." Gear said, looking a little sad at this point. He still had his blade out, and he resumed approaching me.

"Ah, s**t." I said. I really did not like the look of the facts I was given, or the scenario that was going on.

"Considering what you just heard, and what I just told you, well, I'm sorry, but this can't be going on much longer." Gear said. "The Arbiters will use you alive-I can't let you live. I'm sorry about this...Why does it have to be a kid?" Gear said, muttering his dislike of his situation.

"Can you at least say you don't hate me? I don't really hate you, never did, No matter how many times I called you a ba****d." Gear said, moving the blade closer to my body. "Don't worry, I'll make this quick, you won't feel a thing." He reassured me of a death I wasn't going to let happen.

"Not really...Just one question. Do you believe me?" I queried.

"...Let's not talk about that." Gear said, pointing the blade at my heart. "Just...Close your eyes, think of something nice and relaxing, something you like...And don't move." Gear said, remorsefully.

"Gear? If you don't believe me, then what happens if I'm right?" I asked. Time for the escape.

"I'd hate to find out." Gear said.

"Then...We'll need to be alive."

I did NOT stop draining energy from those wires until they were all gone, easily thought of. I believed Gear, for the most part. However, just because Gear didn't believe I was telling the truth didn't change the fact I saw firsthand proof of Avonu being the High Priest. I was obliged to help stop the Arbiters-and I had to stop Avonu.

I let small sparks of the Paradoxial Lightning crackle around me, which dispelled the minimal Coganan Energy that kept me from using metal control, then traveling up to Gear himself, and he stumbled back-there was no true defense against the Red Thunder. In that time, I got around him, into the Elevator, and Returned Scyez to her PokéBall.

Gear seemed to recover from the Paradoxial Lightning quickly, and regained some of his rage. "What the hell?" Gear said.

"For the record, I still don't hate you!" I said. I still kind of was attached to the person who-unawares to the both of us-was the basis for most of my fantasy before all this hell came about. I shot the Elevator down like a rocket, heading near the ground floor. I had to briefly wonder what Gear was doing after that.

"Touching little scene back there." Another voice said. I turned around-Curze was somehow standing, alive, conscious, and had recovered some of his wounds. He wasn't in perfect condition-blood from having his katana thrust into his leg was still staining said leg, and his torso also was still bloody, from Gear punching and whipping it...He had to have teleported away while nobody was looking at him. The Elevator wasn't big enough for me to not have noticed Curze's skin and blood once I was thrown into the corner Curze previously was nearby.

"You're not getting the same privileges Gear did, you're dead if you face me." I said, blades out. "I won't mind killing you now, in fact." I added.

"Just commenting. I'll leave...Hmph." Curze said, teleporting again.

Now, to get off this ship for real...
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 30: Trial by Fire

The Elevator reached its destination, and I did not hesitate to remove myself from the premises of said Elevator. I ignored the running crew members, now given the order to retreat themselves, and like them, headed towards the nearest shipyard. I was closing in, it was just a short hallway away, straight ahead-I made it!

The A-12 docks were good docks, according to Pandora's mind, as they were usually well-kept and sparse of others, so she could easily get some privacy when she got on and off her ships-a good thing, considering her dislike of noise. I had to add that: It was really the only description that could give credit to the type of chaos going on. The relatively calm dockyard was now alive in a chaotic frenzy of activity, ships going and leaving with relative speed. There was no longer any guessing where Gear was or when he'd be leaving, and through whatever intercom systems remained in the half-of-a-ship, they declared unanimous retreat. I could see Curze (badly wounded and on a limp), Avonu (masked but still bloodstained from head to toe), and Prikade (seemingly the only one of the three to not be totally wrecked) board an important-looking troop transport and leave very quickly. They probably didn't see me, though, which was good. Hell, nobody would have given a d**m for me at this point, like anyone could give a d**m-Taking all the ships first would certainly not seal my fate, and considering I had just recovered most of my injuries from the prior fight (I did use Recover) and had a good reservoir of energy left, I was pretty much guaranteed to live at this point. All that was left was finding the Calypso.

<"MAAARRIIIOOOOO!"> I telepathed, loudly.

<"Wha?! Are you OK?!"> Mario responded, quite scared for my life considering my tone.

<"Just checking! I'm at the docks, I'll get out! I just saw Avonu, Curze and Prikade board a troop transport, though, I'd keep an eye for anything fancy in the skies..."> I replied.

<"Don't yell like that! It'll make me think you're in deep sh-I mean, trouble!"> Mario telepathed, correcting his cuss.

<"Ah, don't worry, the chance I'll get buried in s**t is almost zip at this point! Just telling you ‘bout Avonu! Oh, yes, he IS the High Priest, confirmed for real. Don't have any proof but my sight, but it was definitely him, NOT Tyzzax. I guess that's two Zav from Issac, right?"> I said.

<"Uhh...OH! It's Avonu?! You found him, High Priest Avonu?! Fantastic! I should inform Issac...Anything else...Wait, No, you're still on that ship! Get here now, and tell me the rest later!"> Mario ordered, pleased by his minor profit, but deciding that he'd rather have me telling this next to him.

<"Gotcha! I'll be there."> I said.

"Ehh...Avalon?" Latries said.

"Yes?" I responded.

"Err...He's looking at you. In the bad way."

I turned my head, and saw, to my displeasure, one last Arbitarian Loyalist that dared stand in my way. Technically, in fact, he did NOT stand between me and freedom, but Blizzard certainly looked like he wouldn't let me go easily. Still wearing those Anti-Illusion goggles, too...D**m those. I need Intel, from the source, to get to the bottom of this! Facts were contradicting themselves, and fat chance they were all right!

"...Maybe you are nothing more than a murderer, after all." Blizzard said simply, unsheathing the rapier he had.

Ooh, scary, his ice-based offensive absolutely worthless on a frost-immune Dragon-Type, some spatial tricks that were somewhat better, and what else? I'd probably have a hard time being threatened the instant he pulled out the invariably predictable-HOLY S**T!!!

Blizzard-defying the prior strategy I predicted-suddenly brought a massive black mallet into existence-this was NOTHING like those anime cartoons where girls just grab mallets out of thin air to smack people, this was the kind of thing THOR would tremble at seeing, a hammer of pure Darkness. Worse, Blizzard seemed to slightly best me in the Darkness department, and he defiantly had a bind on that hammer that was a waste of a ton of energy to remove.

Dodging ensured. Whenever it brought down, it made a shockwave but never left damage on the floor, instantly dissipating whenever it hit the ground-and the nearby airspace lost half its light whenever the hammer struck. That wasn't enough for a revenge-driven Blizzard, though, and he also sent it flying like a fist towards me at times, slamming into walls. Blizzard got no hits-a mallet that big had some easily predicted movements, but it was fast, and the ducks and slips I had to use were always close calls.

The Black Hammer strategy Blizzard was going for subsided, but my adversary followed up with bullets, and even as they flew by my face, they were reeking nastily of death energy…Meaning no metal control. Aww, come on! I tried making a break for the sole barrier that separated ship from space-but Blizzard unexpectedly turned it into a hard wall. It was quite like pressing my face against a window, only the window was near-invincible. Said nigh invulnerability shortly proven thereafter by a ship, attempting its escape and clueless about the danger, ramming into it.

Yes, Blizzard did not notice the ship leaving right then and there, and yes, it exploded. And forcefully, mind you. I was thrown away from it. Blizzard was smart enough to include what made the barrier in the sudden burst of invincibility, otherwise I'd escape and he'd be sucked into space without a viable method of breathing. That being said, even though it was a small ship, the explosion was enough to envelop other ships in its explosive wrath, and Blizzard himself was swept away a little. Despite the fact that he nearly compromised a third of the dock, Blizzard was confident-and had perfectly logical reason to believe-that he had me pinned and as good as dead.

I would not tolerate that, not even a little. From the smoky aftermath of the blast, A long-reaching Dragonbreath, thin but long and still strong, hit Blizzard and sent him backwards, very near to a wall. He recovered from that as well, but when the smoke truly cleared, he realized that I was nowhere to be seen. He then realized that he noticed some odd pressure that was applied to his arms in some forceful and strong fashion, like something was gripping it. The instant afterwards he then realized that gravity's effects suddenly were nixed for his specific person. He then realized that the logical cause of both incidents were about to hurt him badly. He then realized the painful sensation of having your head knocked into a metal wall by an invisible Half-Latries Pokethrobe.

Oh, but I did not stop with merely a forced arrangement of a wall-meets-head scenario for poor Blizzard. Oh, no, I decided to ram him into the Ceiling as well. However, Blizzard braced just in time, and though he couldn't get a good enough Kinetic Guard going for him, he defiantly made sure my mach-speed wall-slam was not fatal. I threw him on the ground, still rapidly, and went to cover. No, I would play stealth this time. I was determined NOT to get put in another icy sphere.

"Hmph." Blizzard muttered. His head was bleeding his weird black blood a small bit on his head, but he froze it over. Blizzard moved slowly, steadily, and silently. He knew I was here, and he knew that I'd pop out at the most inconvenient of times to attack me, but he did not know where I was, and he did not know what I would do next.

This was really, really starting to annoy me. If he saw me make a break for the barrier, he'd just solidify it, and it really was better to have one less living Loyalist, well alive. I assumed they all survived the blast, unless I got solid proof that they weren't. The less, the better in the long run, and in this case, there wasn't an option on snuffing him...Unless Gear got out first. That was about as suicidal as it got.

"<Avalon, what's going on, you should have been back by now!"> Mario telepathed.

<"Blizzard decided to kill me, and he's really starting to become annoying."> I replied. <"He's going to keep me in the ship by solidifying the barrier when I'm near it, so it's either him or me, and he definitely doesn't want it to be him."> I added.

"Those Arbiters...Ugh! Stubborn as hell, like Pikachu. I'll see what I can do about that!"> Mario yelled.

I peeked my invisible head over my sole piece of cover, a crate of ammunition for Arbitarian Crossbows I did not have. Considering they weren't explosive unless launched from said Arbitarian weaponary, I was safe as far as cover went. However, Blizzard was clearly in control, capable of keeping me pinned down and away from ships, and considering I last saw Gear in the elevator shaft, close to the edge of the ship, I was betting that his time in this place was not much longer. I had to take him out fast.

I floated about a foot off the ground, careful to not touch anything or go to fast. I approached Blizzard in this silent manner, truly afraid of what happened if he found me close to his body-that shadow hammer did not give pretty images in my mind of my fate. Considering he was moving himself close in the direction of my previous piece of cover, he only made me more nervous. However, when I got within viable striking distance, life for me got easier. I proceeded to make a blow against the seemingly unwitting Blizzard...And then he turned around, right in front of my face.

But he wasn't staring at me, of all things. Oh, no, he was looking at somebody completely different.

Well, I did say that his time for departure from this ship was imminent. Imminent’s time frame never really was specified, however, so today was the day I realized it meant whatever time was most inconvenient.

Yes, it was Gear, and a familiar, angry face was present on his head-though it was less pure rage than before, it still was a kind of face that made a powerful feeling that he was in charge come to mind very quickly. He didn't even bother for Blizzard (I was never sure if Gear saw Blizz that day at all), but instead came to the nearest ship.

"Gear." Blizzard said, simply. I was still invisible, but I got the f*** out of his line of sight-I'd rather not be seen by the guy who could detect life force after I basically abused his trust of me to escape death.

"Fallows. No surprises there." Gear said, still more focused on the ship than the Arbiter, not even looking at Blizz.

"...You do realize-" Blizzard said. Then, abruptly, he got sent flying to a wall, leaving an imprint of his body. Both Volteer's Kinetic Energy must have been strong, Gear for obvious reasons, and Blizzard for surviving the blow mostly intact.

"Yes, I realize you're an a**hole. I don't bother with them much." Gear said, closing the hatch.

Gear was in an Arbitarian Ship, like the rest-the anti-friendly fire chips would keep the guns of his ship from firing at him (how they got it to work that precisely, I'll never guess correctly), meaning the instant he got out of the resulting blast from the ship, we'd be done for...And I did NOT know how to operate an escape pod.

"I will keep you from leaving, you know?" Blizzard said, getting himself out of his imprint in the wall. Gear clearly couldn't hear him from outside the cockpit, but it was clear, and Gear breathed onto the glass, forced the moisture to stay where it was, and wrote upon it with his Kinetic energy, "Blizzard, f*** you." Clearly, Gear wasn't concerned with Blizzard's threats.

Gear also got the ship's thrusters going, and Blizzard's face turned red (or really, as much red as such a dark skin tone would allow), but then paled with some sort of horror-maybe his Spatial trick didn't work?

Gear took off, and Blizzard used Kinetic Energy to bolt towards the closest Emergency Escape pod. Clearly, Blizzard failed.

Time slowed down, slowed down as much as I could do it, slow enough to notice Gear start to approach the barrier at a crawl's pace and Blizzard enter the nearby escape pod-the only escape route at this point. Screw killing him, I was just interested in surviving-in fact, that meant he had to live, as he probably knew how to steer that thing, and I certianly didn't. Reach the pod, d***it, reach the pod! I started telepathing Mario the instant this was happening. <"Mario!">

<"Yhea, wh-">

<"D**m Blizzard stalls too good! Gear's nearly out of the ship! I'm trying to board a Pod Blizzard's taking, 'cause I never could pilot one!"> I said, rapidly, flying over inside the pod, careful not to touch Blizzard himself.

<"What the-">

<"No time to slow down!"> I added, as I decided to slow down everything else, but speed everything in the pod ridiculously fast. I was running low already, d**m, but I had to survive this, surviving this was everything! I could return to Eon Sky if I could just survive.

Blizzard made all the preparations to launch and accomplished said launch before he noticed me. In fact, it was because of the launch (which threw my body towards him due to the acceleration) that he happened to notice me at all.

"WHAT THE F***?!"





The dreams were thrown at me at mach-speed, but I could swear they were all of what was to come: I called out to allies, many whose names were unknown to me; I obliterated foes in uniforms unlike those of the Onlisk or the Arbiters; I was doing stuff that Legendary Volteers were accredited for; I looked upon faces new and old, in rage, joy, sorrow, boredom, and a myriad of other emotions; I distinctly remember Gear's Dog tags (or Cog tags, or both) being held in my hand.Much of it was a blur.

Then the last bit came, something that even today was crisp and clear: I distinctly recall a Meadow on an overlook. I don't know where it was, but I was definitely older for whenever this was-my body was much bigger. I was curious how an immortal Legend would age-maybe they chose their ages? Regardless, I distinctly remember it: Flowers of all sorts, some rarer than Shaymin’s Gracedias (You probably never even heard of some earth-native flowers. Those flowers can grow literally nowhere else.). I looked over the edge of the overlook, and saw a seaside town, nice and pretty, the ocean onward looking crisp and blue, fair weather and a gentle breeze helping along the feeling of something good.

Then I woke up. I woke up for real, because I could easily feel the cold steel. I struggled to move, but some of my bones were broken-especially the wings. I felt pieces of shrapnel in my arm, but that was about it. I then remembered what I was doing before I went under: Escaping from an about-to-explode Arbitarian ship in an Emergency Escape Pod, Blizzard nearby. Those pods were meant to make sure that if anything fractured, it didn't fracture towards the people inside the pod-however, the pods are designed to land sideways, not on its top or bottom. It must have been a crash landing, and it must have been either the top or bottom, but...Here I was.. Trickles of light were coming through cracks in the metal pile above me. I was also hungry. I wondered how long I was out. Gravity was here-I was on an object with gravity, at least. It may have been an asteroid, a moon, a planet, or somewhere else. I transformed into a human, and let the pain on my wings transfer to pain on my back, to at least lose size and worm out quicker.

"Hurrp-urup!" Went someone (or something). Clearly, whatever it was currently tasked itself to remove the debris. I waited patiently-metal shifted above me, as two more pieces were moved-

And then one movement of the metal brought another large piece of metal on my crotch.

"OWW!" I yelled, instinctively. The movement of metal directly above me resulted from that yell, and the light poured down.

Two men-whose faces were obscured by the sudden light source-were looking at me, but one immediately turned to another. "Sir, we've found another. He appears to be young, and he's bleeding! Notify the cleric, he needs to be healed!" One said.

The other immediately reassured me of my current status-still half-trapped under a pile of metal-would end soon. "Don't 'cha worry, sonny! We'll get 'ya out!" He said, clearly older than the other guy.

I nodded. The fact that, at least, they didn't immediately say anything that sounded like they'd kill me, was more reassuring of my lifespan than actually being found under here.

...That being said, I was still somewhere totally unknown to me. I'd probably get a grasp for what was going on here soon, but for now, all I knew was that I was at least going to a cleric, for some reason. Wouldn't a medic make more sense?
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

The answer to the question, apparently, was that the Cleric was the medic. Or should have been, at least.

"I know you're not normal, to say the least, but why in Arceus's divine grace is it that you aren't affected by Healing Magic?"

I also, apparently, was in a community of some sort, composed of human non-Volteer Arceists. Considering I was a Legend, that was about as much of a miracle as I could possibly obtain-of course, entirely ignoring the fact I gave the religion's primary deity s**tloads of reasons why he should loath me passionately, not to mention that Latries didn't exist in the Legendary Council.

At least the people involved in my rescue knew two things: I was a Volteer, and they knew better than to tell anyone else.

I happened to be in the back room of a temple, with a few beds: The Clerics here extended a helping hand to the sick and poor, though those that required absolute privacy were stuck back where I was. A gilded statue of Arceus stared down from a small shelf, lit up by candlelight, along with my PokéBalls (also intact, though Meta’s had a large scratch on his) and my two blades-but this small room, the only other comfort being a bucket to serve as a toilet (this place was NOT high-tech), served little purpose aside from making sure only those who were supposed to see me would. When the Cleric's magical skill in healing failed (that's the downside to complete magical immunity), I used Recover of my own accord (he didn't reconize it as a Pokemon move), though the Cleric demanded I stay for a little while, even after noticing I was well-I would get a (supposedly) very quick ride to the castle of the ruler of the land, with basic needs supplied on the go.

My clothes survived with little damage, for some reason. Apparently, whoever put these on me assumed I'd get myself in a whole load of bull****. The Cleric demanded that he washed them to make the preparation, including the beret-the beret that kept sound from the Latries ears. I prevented that crisis; the poor Cleric was easy to trick, and I used that when nothing else would work: Influency allowed the excuse of my beret being glued to my head by another Volteer, and the use of Telepathy to keep his hand from putting any force on the beret let the Cleric to let it to stay there. However, I didn’t try to do that with the rest of my clothes, so really, the only thing keeping me covered was the wool blanket. It was warm, but not soft.

...Really, nothing happened until thirty minutes later, when the Cleric came back with the cleaned clothes. He gave me privacy, and I quickly got dressed again in everything I had, got the belt with all my Pokémon on, sheathed the Illicit Blessing (I had no place to put the Onyx one), and left the room. I paid little attention to the actual monastery on the way out, nor the brief glimpse of the village around me. I was hastily shoved into the carriage, and the door closed, and they were off quickly, judging from the immediate roughness. That, or simply, the Carriage was usually this bumpy.

"To the capital, at once! Our Holy King Bavaden demands of it!" The Cleric said to whoever was driving this thing. He then turned to me, bread in his hand. "Here, eat it. We need you two somewhat nourished..."

I took the bread, but I didn't want to hear the word 'two' in that particular sentence. "Two? Did the other one survive?" I asked, knowing who he was probably referring to.

"To put it frankly, yes." The Cleric said. "However, our Holy King Bavaden had known what you two are capable of, and when your...Partner over there resisted, the retrieval party chained him tightly. He's in the back, but we gagged him. Not my choice, the gagging." The Cleric added. "I do hope he gets some sort of fair trial in front of our Holy King, but really, the instant he saw them, he attacked. Oh, but don’t fret, we gave him bread before he was gagged." Said the Cleric.

"Uh-huh. Say, you know that-"

Before I could speak, the Cleric took my hand and shoved the bread into it. I started eating-it was rough and not particularly tasty, but it was food, and that was enough for me to start chewing. "Hush! don't mention it, the driver must know none of this-this Valter thing." The Cleric muttered. "Yes, we do know that you're not from here, and whatever heathen religion you've got we'll bash out of you before you set on your holy mission-after which completion, you'll be free to repair your Ship, and leave." He added. I swallowed the bread.

"You're definitely Arceists, I know that much, but I'll do whatever if it's got a good reason backing it." I whispered back.

"You're not from around here, so I'll fill you in on one potential differentiation from other Arceists of our realm and...Wherever else they may be." The Cleric muttered. "A few centuries ago, a catastrophic event happened: A Shaymin from what is now known as the D**med Forest decided to rebel against Arceus and our lands, and immediately started using it's powers to decimate villages surrounding the woodlands, rallying Grass-types to assist her. It was only of our glorious Crimit that was harmed by this, henceforth the reason for the diversion." The Cleric whispered. "We prayed continuously to Arceus to send us a savior, a champion, to save us from the sudden attack. We got said savior within minutes: Ho-oh, the Legendary and divine bird of fire, decimated the legion of Grass-types and killed off the devilish Shaymin. As raids by other Grass-Types have been made over the years, we have only to know that the whole of the Shaymin and Ho-oh are still at some sort of conflict. Ho-oh, and all of his fiery brethren, are holy guides to salvation, while The Shaymin and their wicked, thorny servants wish to ensnare people from the true path." went he who told this obviously bull****-ridden story.

To start, something glaringly easy to know: Shaymin are usually more likely to flee than fight, and even in the bloster of confidence and bravery they get in Sky Form, they're still very considerate and sometimes still prone to being scared. Either way, you'd really, really, REALLY had to be working hard to piss one off enough to start killing people in the numbers described-considering the Cleric wasn’t exaggerating it or the villages consisted in the tens of people. I didn't doubt it actually occured-probably, the Shaymin thought that the human population had well overpopulated the area, and at this point had a ‘plausible justification,' and said, sole, single Shaymin went off and decided to destroy a few villages, but Arceus sent in Ho-oh, (who is a her, not a Him like the Cleric stated), to defeat the misguided Shaymin, and somebody saw a Sacred Fire go off. Ho-oh does that every other f***ing week like it's nobody's business, and she shoes away bystanders that gawk in awe at the fiery spectacle.

"Alright then, now let me guess what I have to do. You want me to go into the forest and kill-"

"I was only explaining it, because all I know you'll be doing is based around that particular concept, so I do assume it will revolve around going into and leaving the D**med Forest alive. Whether or not it will be that dangerous is...Questionable. I'd personally send an army after it, an army especially equipped to deal with such matters, had slaying that demon been the goal...That being said, I am forbidden to partake or assist in any violent affair as a Cleric, I took a vow of pacifism, and I intend to honor it." The Cleric whispered. "Whatever the plan is shall be known only to those our Holy King chose to know, which includes you and him."

I was forced to listen to more Arceist stuff-the Cleric would bring up a topic about Arceism that I had to answer often-but I dismissed anything that came out of his mouth as per the gender, nature, role, appearance, and even typing that I didn’t agree with: Sure, it was his religion, and I didn't blame him for believing something that I saw as clearly false. However, what happened to come out of his mouth was totally untrue for the most part-and considering I was the resident expert on Legendary Pokémon, that coming from my mouth has some authority. Come on, most Arceists know that Giratina is female (or at least considers herself female), and this guy clearly stated that Giratina was male. Rumors even Arceists commonly dismissed were believed by this man-and possibly, the whole of Crimit, regardless of it's size-and even I couldn't hide disbelief about some of the s**t. I didn't truly hate this guy: He was brought up on it, and they were mostly common misconceptions by those unaware of the Legend's true natures. However, considering who I was, I wasn't planning on becoming a true convert. All I had to do was parrot back a few words, and the Cleric believed me in full.

It took a few hours after the Cleric was done, which in itself took several. Apparently, this was as fast as the carriage went. There were no windows, by design, only a small hole above to make sure we didn't suffocate, and to bring in light. No idiot alive would put a candle in a wooden carriage when the carriage was prone to shaking and bumping. Like most of them.

However, once the trip was done, the light above was gone. The doors opened, and I got out at once. The Cleric got out at the other end, and in a compartment at the back, opened it. Two torches were lit above the compartment, courtesy of two men clad in steel armor (with flame patterns abound) and two others brought out a gagged and chained Blizzard. Clearly, the chains weren't of their own creation-I could see a very modern-looking Anti-Volt lock between the handcuffs of the chains. No Volteerism for clever tricks. The Cleric un-gagged him, probably to do another lengthy sermon on Crimit’s completely inaccurate Arceism. Blizzard probably had a beef with these guys at this point, if being chained and gagged and thrown into the storage compartment of a bumpy carriage wasn’t enough. Considering that the Anti-Volt didn't work on Influency, it should have been good if it was longer.

The Cleric cleared his throat briefly. "Now, before I send you off to see the King, I must teach you-however time-consuming it may be-our Religious affairs, and obvious differences between them and others." He started. Blizzard decided to cut in right there and shave off the majority of the time.

"Ah, then need speak no more. As it happened, the Carriage's bumping and bounding did nothing to stop me from overhearing every word of your lovely, low-toned conversation...Including the fact that you neglected to mention you came to collect us fully armed." Blizzard said. "You're religious nature has been accepted by me, but I must admit, I thought Clerics would be above lying? And if you weren't, please tell me why I didn't have the immediate impression that you were out to kill me by simply looking at the fact you had the weapons drawn?"

The Cleric looked genuinely surprised-he wasn't there himself for the collection of the two of us. "You, over there! I was never with the retrieval party, so is that true?" He said, pointing at me.

"All I saw was two guys lifting metal above me. I Didn't see any weapons drawn, though he must have regained conscious before I did. And he probably was less buried in metal." I said. "In any case, I'd ignore that whole thing-if anything, the only thing I could ever had said against the idea of drawing the weapons against him was not using them on him." I added, making sure the lightly-hinted wording of him being a murderer of the very dangerous kind was understood clearly.

"Ah, if that's the case...Well, I guess it's of no importance, in the end. Our Holy King has personally asked of you in private quarters. Do not think you two will be alone with him, he'll have bodyguards-deaf ones that won't be able to hear, yet still able to stop you. The privacy and safety of our Holy King is assured." The Cleric said, as the two guys with torches pushed us away. The hallway we were shoved into was pitch-black, save for the two guards with torchlight on their hands. I wasn't attempting anything, and Blizzard was removed of any Volteerist Power. Seriously, they knew how to make unremarkable scenery, personally. The Arbiters don't count for that, either, they made their repetitive scenery on purpose.

However, once we reached the end, the two guards quickly opened the doors, gently pushed us in, and closed them behind us, all in a few motions. I blinked-the light level changed.

After my involuntary reflex of eyelids was completed, the whole room was revealed. Of course, the deaf guards in steel were around, as promised, but red and gold banners depicting the great phoenix of rebirth, Ho-oh, were abundant, as was red and gold carpet, and a red and gold throne under the largest banner. Guess who was sitting on the throne? Yep, no prize for guessing, the 'Holy' King Bavaden.

His hair was black, clearly, but he died it red towards the tips, probably to notify others of his status as king. He wore a shining plate of gold, with Ho-oh inscribed upon it, and flames decorated his elaborate robes. His Crown was made to resemble an inferno. The guy wasn't tall, but he was definitely above average in the height category, and was definitely muscular. His skin was akin to an orange color. His clean-shaven face had blue eyes and some chapped lips currently positioned in an angry style. Clearly, our presence offended him.

"You two, you're the ones who've betrayed your leader's law that we of Crimit, and the rest of Hykidas, will not be disturbed by you, right? Provide an explanation for this atrocity at once, before I describe to you your mission-lest I simply execute you." The King said, quite quickly, with authority brimming.

"Sir, with all respects given, I do believe that our crash-landing into your planet, fully unconscious from take-off to landing, would qualify as an accident, would it not?" Blizzard said. "The ships fly fast, and this particular one was made for emergencies-meaning it flew particularly fast, and I'm not thinking of fast in the sense of ships that sail at sea that you may be familiar with, I'm talking of things fast enough to make Ninjask green with envy." Blizzard said. The King rubbed his bare chin for a moment.

"...Fine, it sounds like a good excuse...But you are still under Crimit's banner illegally, meaning at minimum you have a obligation to make it up to Crimit and I before you leave, and that aside, you're clearly...Volteers...Meaning you're probably suited to the task at hand...A task of utmost and absolute importance." The King said.

"You see, I have a daughter-meaning, a Holy Princess. Her full name, with title, is Crimit's Holy Princess Natalie. She wasn't ever...Well, she was easily capable of understanding religion, reading, writing, arithmetic, and a few other, more complex things, very well taught. She was obedient and appropriate, she was well-adored by the country, given appropriate freedoms and allowed to interact with others out of royal lineage. I knew of what made a great ruler, and I knew what made a good father, and I believe I have satisfied both requirements, as far as I can tell...I even gave her the right to choose her husband, that's something almost unheard of in the whole of Hykidas. However, she was unnaturally quiet-she responded vocally when asked, but even when completely healthy, her voice was curiously low. Those let close to her, myself included, noticed subtle mood swings, especially when her mother, the former queen, is brought up...Well, not mood swings in the traditional meaning, but she holds herself differently all of a sudden, and her tone changes slightly. She was interested in religious texts, heavily-natural for a Holy Princess, but unnaturally interested in anything relating to Shaymin and other Grass-Types, even if the scriptures came from other countries, completely different from ours...That she even got those blasphemies is something to be odd in and of itself, but I allowed it once I learned of it, diplomatic reasons...And, recently, she ran away, towards the east. She made an attempt to be hidden, and escaped the castle without being seen, but several villagers within the castle noticed her run off. It's been three weeks since she ran off...And from here, the closest route to the D**med Forest is directly East from here...Then, two days after she ran away, a report came that Natalie, however stealthily she managed to be, was seen by one guard on the outskirts of a village, specifically the closest village we have to the D**med Forest, still heading East, towards it...Then, a week later, other reports came in. Two guards patrolling near the eastern side, impaled by the roots of a tree that only grew in the D**med Forest."

The King took a brief moment of silence before continuing onward-clearly, having his Daughter go right into the lair of what he thought was a demon clearly had an impact on him-especially when the demon seems to have rekindled it's old grudge against the whole Country. "It is my belief that Shaymin might be behind the whole event, but whether that demon's involvement in my daughter's disappearance is an idea and nothing else is utterly irrelevant-you are going to be with a team of highly-trained Knights and myself to hunt down my Daughter. Previous attempts with similarly skilled Knights proved unsuccessful, and fatal for all involved, so that's why I'm asking you: You have the ability, however ungodly wrong it may be to have it, to contort the laws of nature Arceus set down." King Bavaden said. "You will be hunting her down over the course of one month, during which time you are never to use your abilities as Volteers unless commanded by me or another knight, my orders overruling said Knights. The Knights will be aware of your abilities, and appropriately prepared for them. If you survive the month-long period of the search alive, or else find Princess Natalie, I'll let you go and fix your craft. Desertion mid-search, unless the search for whatever unfathomable reasons was cut short, will mean that all the parts of your craft shall be melted, thereby making you unable to escape Crimit until your leaders pick you up. The consequence for betrayal or insubordination is execution on the spot. Oh, and even though I did say that Princess Natalie is capable of choosing her husband, you do not count for that, so don't get ideas of marriage if you rescue her from some danger. I will admit, working with you two is not easy for me...But my daughter, the next holy monarch of Crimit, shall not be lost! My heir shall not perish! Do you understand?!" The King yelled.

"Perfectly, Sir." I said, curtly.

"We understand perfectly." Blizzard added.

"Good. You'll retire for now-proportionate food will await you in the morning. We'll set out for the D**med Forest once all the final preparations are made. I will be watching you, as will be my men. Don't even think of betrayal." Bavaden said. He made some quick hand gestures to two of the Guards, and they nodded, taking torches, and escorting us. In the torchlight, we looked at each other-me and Blizzard.

No betrayal? Really? With Blizzard around? I'd have a knife sticking out of my back before this was over.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 31: Gangreen

The Holy King Bavaden clearly didn't know how much food a Volteer needs daily to be at full strength, and especially those of our level. We got a larger than usual ration-which consisted of a half-loaf of bread and carrots. To the knights that would be our allies and partners for the mission (and currently surrounding us), it was a feast-missions for them were a time where they could unleash their inner demons upon their 'unholy' foes while feasting upon more food than they'd ever get normally. They looked a bit deprived in some cases, too. And the deprived-looking ones were nearby us both, so we tried our best not to look disappointed. It was enough for me to live with, though, as we wouldn't be using our Volteer Powers as much as usual.

Nevertheless, King Bavaden clearly misunderstood what terms we were on-me and Blizzard, I mean. He thought we were at least tolerating each other's presence well, willing to get along when presented a situation like this. We appeared that way, but anyone in the room with us could sense the vibe-King Bavaden needed to worry less about his own back and worry more about what happens when one Volteer gets angry enough to kill another. Nobody was oblivious about it.

Our own Pokémon-released outside and away from anyone that would see, to make sure these guys didn't panic outright-were sharing our feelings. Meta had a big scar on his body, equivalent to the large scratch on his body, but everyone survived. Film, Scyez, Lesha, Meta, Vyraz, and Septim (the Audino) were all looking either angrily or suspiciously at Blizzard's Pokémon: a Golurk, a Gardevoir, a Houndoom, a Jolteon, and a Hitmontop were all angrily staring back. I hit Blizzard where it hurt with eradicating Avalanche, and clearly, the Weavile's absence was an unspoken knowledge among these Pokémon-seemingly the instant they were out. Blizzard must put that one out first.

Meta wasn't in a fine condition, considering the slash mark stretched almost across his whole body. There wasn't a way to heal him without a true medic around-the Cleric from earlier couldn't heal what was basically a metal, and considering that the metal was living, I couldn't use metal control either. Meta ignored it, and between the two of us, we telepathed our plans.

<"So, we're going to combine our telepathic powers to try to reach out to the Calypso, and hope they hear?"> Meta telepathed.

<"Ayup. Once we get contact, we keep contact as much as possible."> I responded. <"Whether or not we find the princess isn't important-making sure Blizzard stays in line until then is the critical part. Bavaden didn't mention who the leader of the Volteers was, but I'm betting it's someone from the Onlisk Republic, and someone that knows who I am, and that's worse than any execution."> I said.

<"...Why don't we just kill Blizzard while he's asleep?"> Meta suggested. So long as it was violent in some manner, Meta rarely disagreed. Mind you, he was rather benevolent of my suggestions, the first hand of kindness he ever knew in a long line of maleficent people he met, but when that's your back-story, violence never leaves you. <"It would eliminate an Arbitarian Loyalist, remove complications caused by him further down the road, make all of our lives easier, and considering the status of the Relic, he'd not be coming back."> Meta added. Valid reasons for doing it.

<"I'd agree normally, but this King Bavaden...He thinks Giratina is a guy, Shaymin are evil demons, and Ho-oh's Arceus'es son. Yes, you heard me, son. He hates Volteers, but I'm not testing to see if his wrath is invoked by me killing him."> I said. <"And before you ask, killing the King is out of the question-the Knights are equipped to deal with Volteers in case things go south, so I'm pretty sure Bavaden's got something up his sleeve too."> I noted.

<"Yhea, like his pants! Or fire. Or pants on fire! Or fire on pants! Or pants on fire on pants on Quantum Farting!!"> Scyez Telepathed. I forgot she could do that sometimes.

<"...Is she even partially sane?"> Meta asked. Meta was also kind of sarcastic at times.

<"I'm not even partially cane! Or lane! Or vain!"> Scyez declared.

<"I'm pretty sure she is, at minimum, off in her own little world, 24/7, and at most, she's absolutely insane with no rhyme or reason aside from liking soft things to hug."> I telepathed.

<"AND a total lack of Quantum Farting on fire."> Scyez added.

<"Or pants?"> Meta asked, sarcasm mode fully activated.

<"Oh, no, I have pants, see?"> Scyez said, pointing towards her upper legs, where her blue fur was long enough to contrast with her very short black hair immediately below it and give the 'fact' of having 'pants' a kind of justification.

<"OK, moving on from the lovely topic of pants..."> I started. Never got past the lovely topic of pants.

"ATTENTION!" King Bavaden called. We all turned our heads and stood-King Bavaden was clad in steel, now wearing a steel helmet with a rim where the crown could rest, and wearing armor that denied no chance of putting flame patterns on it. "Men, we are moving out right now. We've got a month's time I can be away from my castle, without the threat of enemies starting to capture territories in Crimit. Henceforth, speed and superior tracking skills are a must, and we must search thoroughly and deliberately at anything Princess Natalie can go through. the King said. "It will NOT be easy to hunt her down-if she sees a Grass-Type, she'll either hide or run, or hopefully she'll have a weapon on hand and fight it...I hate to bring this up, but the search will be over...If...We find proof Natalie is...Dead." He added, solemnly. Apparently, Natalie being dead was a big thing to the King.

"My Holy King, let it touch your mind not, the implausibility of Natalie's death! We burn the whole D**med Forest should Natalie be dead within by that wretch of a demon!" A Knight said. "There be no known kingdom that shares borders within the D**med Forest, so we may burn it to the ground if they do, lest there be a kingdom that doth protest to it, whatever country that d**mnated may be mad enough to suggest the idea within themselves."

"I understand, so if my daughter is not found by the month, or, we burn it. Getting the...body... is preferred, but I'll consider her cremated with the forest if not possible...Regardless, I do not want heroics against Shaymin if encountered. Unless you've got the capacity to bring more than one Pokémon with you, they're all fire types, there's ten of you, and you've all got Ho-oh's and Arceus'es divine blessings, you stand no chance against Shaymin in her despised domain, that wretched forest." king Bavaden said. "I would sincerely be happy to whoever could manage the impossible and do it, but otherwise, evasion of the encounter would be the wisest. I do not want to come back home, without any of you at all, even if we've succeeded in returning Princess Natalie to her proper home..." Bavaden added, before turning to us and noticing us-and our multiple Pokémon-for the first time.

"...Alright, which two are yours?" Bavaden asked.

"I have six. These." I said, gesturing to my own group.

"Five. These." Blizzard added, pointing out his own.

"How did you...Never mind, I'll not know of it." Bavaden said. "Regardless of that, you'll be expected to care for them on the usual ration for the rest of the Pokémon, so expect no favors from me. On another related note, we all know of their powers...Henceforth, it will be considered a criminal action to use them unless instructed by me or any knight, my instruction overruling any knight’s at any time." He said to us personally. "Knight's, you have the proper equipment to handle a situation with these men should they arise, correct?" King Bavaden said.

"YES, HOLY KING!" The Knights yelled with shocking force. They were devoted to their monarch.

"Now, for all of you, I have bad news. Another messenger came-Three days ago, the outskirt town had another attack. Two patrolling guards, west side of town. Same as before-one of the roots of the trees from the D**med Forest. The force behind these attacks-Shaymin or otherwise-is getting stronger, or at least bolder, in their offenses. It is henceforth dangerous for us to be dallying. We take the night in watches, one watch per the hour, different watchmen per hour until all have watched for at least one, including myself. There are Twenty-One Knights, Myself and those two, so we split into groups of four, six total, to search, and meet back, marking trails to and from the designated campsite." King Bavaden started. "Make sure you never are to sever sight from any one of your brethren-in-arms: at all times, someone will be looking at someone else, or else be in physical contact with someone else, or else have some other implement that you cannot be mistaken if the being beside you is a shield-brother, and not nothingness-or worse, a Grass-Type of the utmost vileness, or worse still, one of the Shaymin, the demon mistresses themselves." He added.

I gave the guy credit: He hated me and Blizzard for being Volteers, which is a kind of hate rarely seen among Arceists (in fact, according to the majority, the ability to do what a Volteer can do is basically a gift from Arceus that makes one more like a Legend), but clearly was an effective leader with a game plan, and despite loathing us, he was doing the best he could with the resources he had. He took into account a time constraint that would give him plenty of time to search while still acknowledging the time constraints that came with it and the scenario where his daughter dies. He was giving the instructions of what his men were to do at all times, making sure they never lost contact. He knew full-well that, although his knowledge of Shaymin's temper and power weren't good, every other Grass-Type there, or really any Pokémon there, would be pissed off by the Knights that were probably synonymous with the destruction of their forests (probably the reason why the rouge ever attacked at all).

...That being said, it then hit me: How was I going to get off this planet? The Expedition would last a month, so unless we found the Princess within days, I'd still have a month of dangerous trekking through a forest. Even with that done, Blizzard's the only one who knew how to repair and pilot the thing, so I was basically the Loyalist's Prisoner unless Blizzard died mid-expedition, and I was stuck because he couldn't fix or pilot it. I could go into space myself, yes, but without any food that would survive the temperature or extreme luck, I'd be dead of starvation rather quickly, and that's not even counting fresh water. The only way to achieve a rescue was to use all my Psychic ability to reach out to my brethren of Eon Sky, and hope they notice my telepathic signal. If they missed me, I was dead. I wasn't sure how long Hykidas was from the Arbitarian Stronghold either, and if it was a massive long shot...Uh-oh.

"We'll be getting to our destination via Siege Caravan-unarmed, of course, as to take our guests. I'll say this directly to you-please make sure your Metagross is using psychic ability to keep himself light. The platform can't take that much weight.


Yhea, getting there was uneventful in itself: just a ride-via a Siege Caravan, as promised. If you need any description, it's basically a big, flat, wooden platform with wheels being pulled by Rhydon. It was much faster than the carriage, or at least was going to a shorter distance-the first day would strictly be composed of getting to the village and setting up a secure base outside the D**med Forest (it was and still is the name). It was also usually armed with Crossbows and Cannons, but in this occasion, they were stripped to provide further speed and to carry more rations. The Rhydon were smarter and calmer than Rhyhorn, as anyone who knows the difference can tell you. However, they were still forgetful when it came to complicated tasks. Thankfully, someone else was steering them when they came to turns or veered too far from the correct path.

However, towards the end, I used the remaining time to converse with Septim, whose strengths were unknown to me.

"Alright then, first things first..." I started, wondering the question myself for a little bit. I had to get to know this guy. "...How'd you know about the doors?" I asked. That wasn't intelligence an ordinary ANYTHING should know.

"Well, I...Wait..." Septim started, slowly picking his words. Apparently, that wasn't the first question he was expecting. "...Well, as you already know, I am an Arbitarian Pokémon"...And...My owner was involved in suggesting the idea!" Septim said.

"Alright, question number two: What is the exact name of your owner in english?" I said, looking him in the eye.

"Uhh...The High Priest..." Septim started, still retaining his cool and not activating the truth-seeing thing. "...Sorry! Can't remember the last name."

"Let me guess the first name. Tyzzax." I responded.

Septim frowned. "How did you-how did you know?" He asked.

"Simple: One of the Exio Grunts I rescued you from said Tyzzax owned a Chandelure, and that was what they were guarding. They clearly weren't correct, but that aside, Avonu owning Yzim, pointing out you were correct with the doors, AND stating your name....Well, it added up really quick." I noted.

"...Hmph. Alright. You got me there, but I don't know much. He was crazy, and I tried my best to ignore anything that wasn't critical to life, which was most of his ramblings. Crazy a**."

"I Won't press it for now. He's been dead, anyway." I stated, hoping to reassure Septim his time with me wouldn't revolve around learning more about a dead person. "Now then, are you much of a fighter?" I asked.

"Not really. I can hold my own, and I have a few good tricks up my sleeve, but if I'm against a professional, or something else like her, I'll probably be worse off. I'll best save my battling strengths for later, mind." Septim said, pointing towards Scyez. Scyez was clearly not only powerful, but insane and intimidating, despite her only desire being to hold and hug soft, puffy things, like a Snorlax. However, she was clearly unaware of what constituted for being dead as opposed to simply sleeping-if the person in front of her was in one piece, than no matter how bad that person's wounds were, it was alive, just sleeping; Only if the body was in separate pieces was it really dead-and anything, even things that resurrect naturally, are zombies, as long as it resurrects. Even though it's been proven they cannot exist without necromancy, which is rare.

"Congratulations on putting yourself up as the first to come out in case of the most immediate threat, Septim." I announced.

"Wait, WHAT?!" Septim yelled out.

"Err, excuse me, young master?" Said someone-a knight. I turned to look at him, but his visor was up. "I swore I heard that Audino talk. And not of its own tongue, but of a man's. Am I merely mistaking this for a voice unfamiliar to my ears, or-"

"You're hearing things." I quickly said.

"Oh, I do beg your pardon. The rocking of the siege caravan is equivalent to thunder when the path is uneven, even when you've been on it a few times before...Oh, yes. I would tell you my name, but the King has...Prohibited that much. He wishes the identity of his greatest knights and best royal guards remains a secret" The Knight said.

I could see a speck on the horizon-the town we were supposed to go to. These Rhydon were fast, for being Ground-Rock.

...And I smelled Gracedia in the air...Rare flower, Gracedia. Associated with Shaymin, too.

And there was another scent in the air...A far less pleasing one. Even from here, I could smell it: Blood. I could already tell this would be fun.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Originally Posted by Latio-Reol View Post
<"I'd agree normally, but this King Bavaden...He thinks Giratina is a guy, Shaymin are evil demons, and Ho-oh's Arceus'es son. Yes, you heard me, son. He hates Volteers, but I'm not testing to see if his wrath is invoked by me killing him."> Avalon said. <"And before you ask, killing the King is out of the question-the Knights are equipped to deal with Volteers in case things go south, so I'm pretty sure Bavaden's got something up his sleeve too."> I noted.
So Avvie's a third-person person all of a sudden?
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

That was a mistake. Edited appropriately. Thanks for catching that.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

The town itself had little identity, other than the forest that loomed nearby. It was a mile away, yet the trees were large and tall, standing like clusters of spires in the distance. Everything else around it was grass or crops.

And corpses. Oh, yes, there were corpses, three total. Three. The messenger didn't get it wrong, another victim got taken while we were getting there-another town guard-in broad daylight, and not by a tree root either, but by a lethal-sharp, overly-large splinter shooting from the treetops so fast, it couldn't be heard until just after it hit (reportedly). Whoever did that had to have mad skill with throwing spear-like tree branches. The other two guards, the ones reported of being killed, were rotting-they hadn't gotten proper burial, since people were afraid of what would happen if they attempted it. Probably feared they'd get skewered again. They both got hit right through the chest with a very large root...Apparently. It looked like the roots were growing into trees, though, considering several leaves were starting to stick out of them.

"A Shaymin's work, indeed. Like a Blacksmith's favorite weapon to craft, this was undoubtedly the work of one of them. The accursed Shaymin of long ago used the roots of elder trees to crush and devour whole villages, men, women, and children all...This one's taking a different approach, though, systematically eliminating all the town guard first, allowing it to toy with the citizens once the city’s surrounded…I shudder to think of what the demon would do in that case...I pray not that Shaymin's uprising and my Daughter's disappearance were related...Take the Corpses with the flat ends of the Poleaxes and lift them up off the roots. If the roots claim them, let go." King Bavaden went, offering a metaphor, a glimpse at the situation, and an idea to bury the guards.

Three knights briefly squabbled over who'd take the Poleaxes, but one let go in the end, letting the other two take the poleaxes and put the flat ends under one of the guards. They lifted both up without incident. A local cleric and the duo were involved in the burial of them and the other two on the east side of the town, while the rest of us walked much closer towards the D**med forest.

From up close, the trees looked like Skyscrapers, brown and green spires of elder days that shaded the area ahead. The forest itself was dark enough to justify using torches to light the way in the middle of the day...If it wasn't for the fact that torches and trees could lead to calamity. Then again, they hated the D**med Forest with a clear, well-expressed passion: The spat on the roots of the trees that had grown this far. I could see a rain cloud gently pour down in the distance.

"Well, I could associate this forest with evil...Or at least Darkness. Darkness, and control over it, is like any other power, in the end: Only evil if abused..." Blizzard said, summing it up.

"Or, in our case, used in the wrong hands-or rather, used in hands that weren't intended to have them." Bavaden shot back.

"True. Some were never to get power. And yes, I am gracefully ignoring any and all insults to Volteers. I am not gleeful with my powers, nor am I reluctant to have them, but I can say that it was not my choice to have them at all." Blizzard said.

"That has what to do with it?" Bavaden asked, a little dangerously.

"...Pardon me, for that...Faux Pass..." He said, catching the signs.

"Good. I'll let you take the first Guard duty two." Bavaden said, pointing towards the two biggest Knights of the group, who eagerly stepped forward. Even with Blizzard's height-which was just taller than Bavaden-they were a few inches higher than Blizzard, and certainly intimidating, in all that fiery armor. "The rest of us-including you, Avalon-will help set up camp here. If anything seems fishy, tell me. I've already gotten dead wood for Fires, don't go hunting for firewood." Bavaden said.

My first job was to help nail in the tents. I wasn't used to using the mallet, so the Knights did most of the work (I'd get away with looking stronger than I should be? Yhea, right). Following that, I was charged in starting the fire. Scyez, not getting it, and possibly still suffering a dose of head trauma after the beating she got fighting Gear (I healed her with Life Energy, which I was never truly skilled at), used Blaze Kick to start it. Bavaden then, rather angrily, asked I kept the second watch, along with two more intimidating, tall knights. It went on into the night.

...I was really starting to hate his racist guts. Staring out into the forest, with six battle-trained Pokémon (five, really, but Septim seemed competent enough to count), four of which wanting to rip these guys guts out, not to mention I was lethal to these steel-clad knights just because of their steel-clad status, all my other abilities notwithstanding. If it wasn't for Blizzard having a chance of kicking my a**, I'd be done with this already. The only other thing holding me back was Latries.

"Please! If not for them, for the girl!" Latries annoyed me with.

"Yhea. I hope at the end of this the girl isn't dead-by me killing her or otherwise." I responded, curtly.

"You can be very, very violent." Latries said. "Seriously, tone it down some, OK? I'm your own self, and I feel scared of you."

"I wouldn't be surprised if she provoked the Shaymin into it. So strangling her then would sound utterly sane." I continued, like Latries never said anything.

"...OK, seriously?! You don't need more blood spilled...Not like ripping apart a ship with possibly over 1 million brainwashed, but nevertheless alive and sentient people in it, was enough blood to fill the Mediterranean." Latries added.

I didn't want to think of the Arbitarian Footsoldiers as sentient and living-it only made what I did sickening. That would mean I single-handedly killed millions of innocents. They didn’t seem to have any little ounce of free will, were probably so maddened by the Arbitarian Energy that they would lose any sense of their minds that didn’t comply with the Arbiters, and that was killing them as far as I was concerned, if not worse-my belief, or my excuse, one or the other. But Latries was part of me, a part that would never let the whole live it down, logical excuse that most others (if unbiased) would take as a legitimate reason to ignore it.

"...I hate to say this, but think of them as needed casualties, inadvertent either way!" I said. However much of my mind was synchronized with Latries, that part of it was now making me feel sick. It was like a part of my mind was rebelling-and possibly, that could be taken literally. "The Arbiters would have killed them later if I didn't do it then, the only difference is how they kicked the bucket." I added. I didn't want to say that: I was trying to appease my own hard-to-appease separate soul for a conscious I happened to have.

"No casualty is needed, nor desired. They were inadvertent, but you didn't need to-"

"I DIDN'T WANT TO!!" I mentally yelled, barely keeping that from a full-ranging telepathic image that everyone in a square-mile radius would know about.

Apparently, those close and telepathic nearby could hear it, despite my efforts.

<"Avalon!"> Telepathed Meta.

<"Want to what? Pee?"> Telepathed Scyez.

I nearly burst out laughing, forgetting my loss of temper previously. Scyez was insane and could care less for property damage, so long as I was safe, sound, and there was something soft and cuddly for her to hug, and she had a soft bed. But she could dole out the most ridiculous, mood-breaking, chuckle inducing things, and make whole droves of people forget about how d**m screwed over to hell they are, even if the Armageddon was approaching. In fact, potentially because of the Armageddon approaching. There wasn't a scenario Scyez could make something funny with. She was like a Friendly Sociopath with a knack for jokes.

<"...Do Legendary Pokethrobes even need to pee? I don't need or have toiletry issues of that kind..."> Meta pondered.

<"I haven't seen him go to the bathroom, so he doesn't."> Scyez reasoned. Full sarcasm loaded on 'reasoned.'

<"...You’re not a trusted source for reasoning, you know that?"> Meta noted.

<"But I've got plenty of that! I reason that soft things are better than hard ones! Like my pants!"> Scyez said, again showing off her fluffy 'pants.'

"Hey, what is it?" Said a knight, bruntly.

"It's nothing." I said.

"Oh, it's something." the Knight responded. "You better not be using that...Whatever it is...Or else." He added, sternly.

I stayed alert, not exactly fearful to provoke his (and everyone else's) anger, but rather, his dislike. If the knights hated me, they may prevent me from leaving, and they'd make life a living hell...That, or they'd be glad to rid themselves of a troublesome Volteer, and give them the way out, but they had certain equipment that could take care of that in and of itself.

Finally, when the third watch was taken, I could fall asleep (it was getting to dusk). I did so almost immediately.


...The dream? It was weird, and it was rapid. The images were moving too fast to discern anything. Then again, maybe it was because I was only asleep for a few minutes.


King Bavaden's lovely wake-up call was definitely why I woke up. Regardless of my want to see the dream further, I wasted no time in springing up-best behavior, ready to meet the morning with the energy needed-however draining it was of me-to hunt down that princess, and be done with it.

...Wait a minute, this wasn't even the daytime! Was this morning for them?

...Wait a minute, another knight got skewered by a root...OK, that's a justified reason to wake up everybody.

King Bavaden-still freaking armor-clad, mind you-was inspecting the poor fellow that got unlucky enough to be the target of the next attack. The creepy part-this guy heard nothing. It couldn’t have been roots, that would imply they were growing up from under them, making tons of noise that could be mistaken for earthquakes and some displacement of the earth, and killing them by shooting up. Their foe had a much more stealthy attitude about things, and clearly was pragmatic, calculating, and deadly because of it. If this was a Shaymin, it had to be quite the twisted one; if this was another, very powerful Pokémon, much less known for being timid and passive, I wouldn’t be as surprised. Possibly it could have been a human Volteer, an outcast of society the clear dissent of Volteers by the populace that knew of them generated, trying to exact revenge, abusing known fears of the people. Something, in essence, that wasn’t known for stand-up fights, but rather, sniping and striking from far, far away. Bavaden, however, probably thought otherwise.

"...Same as before, d**m those Shaymin! Now my knights? What betrayal against Arceus be this?!" Bavaden yelled, getting up. This was pissing him off, and badly. "Men, get torches ready. We're going to start hunting NOW. We find my daughter, then come back with an Army to get that Shaymin before it makes another move!" Bavaden declared.

The Knights instantly got moving-and I did too, lest Bavaden think I was being a lazy a**hole, and considering what the scenario was surrounding failure to follow orders, it would be the only time I ever would. The fire that was still going was convenient enough for a light source, and this time, the King had no issues with me grabbing fire from an external source.

My minimal sleep, despite being a massive drawback, was kept in check by a will to make sure I wasn't lost at this point-we had truly entered the D**med forest, and I could tell why these people feared it. The roots were massive, requiring two men to hoist people up in the worst cases. The Trees themselves were as big as some buildings I saw at Cavix, and the figures in front of me were strictly illuminated by the fires, thanks to the tree shade bringing in almost no light. I was careful, initially, not to trip and fall over rocks and smaller roots in the darkness, but I realized that I was slowing, so I took faster steps in an attempt to keep pace. I heard the calls of Pokémon reverberate on the treetops, but I saw no sources. The people around me were probably scared-if scared at all-by the enigmatic calls of the mysterious, ‘demonic’, and powerful Pokémon around them, allies of Shaymin, plotting their deaths and mocking the intrusion. But I heard what they spoke to each other in truth, and what they said spoke volumes: Calls of distress, mothers hunting down their children, panic, crying, mass movement, even a roar of rage and a call to action. These Pokémon were just as fearful and loathing of the humans of Crimit, if not more so, than the Crimit locals were fearful and loathing of these Pokémon.

I tried ignoring it, but soon, I quickly thought that these people, however fanatic about their religion and pleasing Arceus they were, either had to be shown they were wrong in every respect they were wrong in, or just die some horrible death. They probably saw what they were doing as the extermination of wretched demons and the purification of the land, making it safe for humans, while their victims saw it as a insentient, cruel torture and the destruction of their own homes, and they probably were just trying to keep their deaths from happening. Sometimes, both sides probably went too far.


I swore I was hearing things initially, but I then thought smartly-if this was Mario, hunting me down, I'd be home free before these suckers could grasp it. If they had a way to figure out whether or not I was telepathing right then and there, then no worries, telepathy was reading minds in and of itself, if just the surface thoughts. All I needed to do was think of what I would do if that was Mario.

"Mario! Thank goodness. I'm probably on some world the locals call 'Hykidas.' I started thinking.

<"Yes! Avalon! Hykidas, you said? We'll be there right away! I've telepathically locked onto you...Mind my voice in your head."> Mario added. It was Mario! YES! Now I could get off this planet. Mario's signal was weak, though-he probably stretched himself to his Psychic limits to contact me.

"No problem. The idiots I'm traveling with are racist, so don't mind me, you know, not telepath back..." I said. It's really rare for me to neglect telepathy, especially since it's usually polite to telepath back to someone if they telepath you, rather than let them read your surface thoughts.

<"No worries...I heard how racist they can get at Hykidas...They're all idiots, Arceists older than them know better in a lot of cases. I hope you're not in Crimit or Livizo, they're the worst. Gear's the only one that's gotten into either alive, they've had a history of killing Volteers if they develop.">

If I knew that sooner, that would just be dandy. I should have killed them sooner, and fought Blizzard solo-now I knew why Bavaden had set down so many harsh rules: everyone here was willing to murder me in broad daylight.

"Oh c**p. I'm in Crimit."


We couldn't agree more. There went diplomacy.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 32-Roseblade

"Latries, I just thought of something." I thought.

"And that is?" He responded.

"Why, why why, why why why, why is it that you called me out like I personally and guiltlessly murdered the footsoldiers, that still kind of aren't really alive, when I had no clue the explosion that killed them all was even going to happen, much less control over it?" I asked. Sometimes, all it takes is time to realize that there was less (or more) blame to place on yourself than you'd credit out of the gate.

"Ever heard of involuntary manslaughter? Plus, you still kind of wanted them dead. I am a part of you, you know, and you know I should know other parts, including the darker ones. Even if they're really deep down and mostly subconscious." Latries said.

It's kind of weird how morality incarnate (in a sense) was a part of me, yet still separate enough that even I felt like I was mostly innocent over that. That being said, as Latries was a part of my mind, I still felt guilty about the thing, but now the guilt felt foreign. It was hard to describe, other than it now felt more than ever like Latries was an intrusion, not a real part of me. And yet, Latries, despite these current thoughts, was definitely a true blue part of my mind. I must have been going insane.

And those were the thoughts I had to keep myself distracted from everything else.

It had been a few hours since our departure into the D**med Forest. Everyone else sans Blizzard was calling it D**med because of Shaymin. I was calling it D**med because of the D**med size of these freaking trees and their freaking roots. The sheer, tower-like tallness of these trees seemed to dominate the landscape, to the point that the roots could make hills of their own accord, as well as caves and holes. There was barely any daylight-the fire from the other Knights was still the primary source of light, despite it being the dawn of a new day. Zubat were flying around like it was pitch-black, for crying out loud!

I was tired, hungry, and King Bavaden refused to stop until we found a clearing. Yhea, like it would ever happen.

Fortunately (in that sense, anyway), something did happen to force Bavaden to stop. A knight, having started to breathe heavily for some time now, had now fallen down entirely, and refused to budge.

"Knight?! Get up! Your king asks of it!" Bavaden said. No response.

"Knight, what's came over you?! Rise to your feet! I see the clearing!" Bavaden added. The knight did nothing.

"Knight, this is insubordination!" the King said, taking his helmet and throwing it off-but not before changing his angry face into a disgusted one.

The poor dude's entire face was covered in the vines of what could have only been a Leech Seed. Anybody that was sane immediately started taking off other's armor, just so they could open up their own. I checked all my Pokémon and myself for any seeds, and we were thankfully clean. The rest of the Knights and the King, after stripping their own armor (revealing similarly flame-patterned chain mail), also checked out okay, unfortunately.

"You two Knights, drag the body to the clearing and set fire to it! We'll split into groups from there." Bavaden said, pointing to the two 'lucky' Knights. They immediately grabbed the body, disarmored that one, and revealed a worse scene-the vines had literally taken over his chain mail as well. The two Knights quickly moved on towards the clearing, and now that I could see their faces (These Knights had some pale skin), they were even more so disgusted-but not in the angry sense Bavaden was.

"The Grass-Types, probably under orders from Shaymin, or else, the demon herself...the D**med demons will be off to hell, afterwards. We'll lead an army to extinguish this menace, once and for all...But we are no army, mind you remember this!" Bavaden declared. "We've lost two already...We split into three groups. Mind what I said before! I will go with these seven! set yourselves up in groups of six, one Volteer to each of you." Bavaden added. He acted like we were slaves.

The Knights, however, were eager to group around the both of us, six taking to me, and six taking to Blizzard. I did the math in my head: Six Pokémon and me...Versus Six Knights, and each of their Pokémon, which totaled six. Blizzard had 5 Pokémon, so he was a little worse off than I was for beating the knights, if he wanted to. The difference was that I wasn't going to be defeating the knights.

We split up-My group was heading North, Blizzard's was heading South, and Bavaden's continued eastward. I'd watch for a burning inferno of a forest to the South, I thought right then and there: Blizzard's whole strategy (when his foe isn't capable of a foolproof counter to the Die) was to drain the heat out of whatever he could, then using his sudden excess of energy to burn everything. Ironic, given that rarely he does get to do the burning part, that he's codenamed Blizzard. Or at least nicknamed Blizzard.

Once out of earshot of the King, however, the whole group of knights seemed to humanize. They started muttering to each other, noticeably vocal yet still hushed somewhat, as if they could be heard if too loud.

"Crazy a**. I got into this whole Volteer s**t because of my wife, and I did not elect to be an elite guard because of that. Throw f***ing Shaymin into the mix? If he told me that up front, I'd have just committed suicide." Said the Knight closest to me.

"On the other hand, I ain't betting to wager a victorious matchup even hypothetically, but it'd be nice to be known as a Demon-slayer." Said another Knight.

"Please. It's mad, even with him on our side." A third Knight pointed out. "I've seen what a weak Volteer could do, mind you, and I can tell this one's strong: It's almost a tension in the air, like a presence. The kind Legends make." Said a third.

"Does kind of prove Bavaden's right: They did get their powers from Legends. Whether or not they're stolen is debatable, but we've proven something." Said yet another.

"It's the Holy King, and it's blasphemy to insist that he’s wrong! The Volteers wrongly stole the powers from the Holy Legends, and there is no debate to it!" Said yet another.

"Alright, alright, al-S**T!!!"

Suddenly, a Massive splinter-the size of a javelin, and extremely pointy. And it was hurtling too close to me for comfort. I ducked out of the way, barely in time. It missed all potential targets, though did come close to a Knight's crotch. The unfortunate Knight behind me that nearly got his crotch ripped off was thankful no further lethal spikes were fired. At that moment, anyway.

"...Wow. Missed. And you'd think Legends like Shaymin are accurate." one of the Knights said.

"...I'd say blasphemy, but..." Said the lucky Knight who was lucky his crotch wasn't removed from his body.

<"Blasphamy my rear end."> Mario telepathed. <"Oh, we're getting close! Just a day away...Hopefully.">

"Hopefully? That better not be a kind of joke." I thought.

<"Sadly no. We've got to be stealthy. We didn't exactly escape the Onlisk ships in full, a ship saw us take off. I think we lost it, but they may still be following us more discreetly. We need to be alert and cautious, but we're coming to you as fast as possible."> Mario warned.

<"Which means that, unless this guys such a ba****d that I feel I must immediately shoot his crotch, you're going to have to bunker down, and endure the second most Volteer racist country in the world-and definitely the most religiously whacked."> Issac said, popping in. <"What did they write their Hylos on, weed?">

"I wouldn't be so quick to say that, whatever's shooting massive roots from the ground and sending massive splinters at my a** is probably pretty strong. They're coming fast enough to spear people."

<"Well, Arceists in less technologically advanced civilizations have known that Giratina was a Male and Shaymin aren't evil demons, at least."> Karazin added.

"Wasn't doubting that much. I wasn't immediately referencing the rosebushes either." I thought. "What's the only other person in here that we know of, aside from the traveling party and Blizzard?"

<"If all f***ing known laws of literature and television play out that way, it would make s**t common sense the Princess is the most likely suspect in this hot d**m lovely case of what's trying to murder you, and-Wait a minute...THIS ISN'T A TV SHOW OR A BOOK, DUMB***!"> Issac yelled.

<"On the other hand, clues already point that way. Reading literature on Shaymin from other countries, signs of Split Personality disorder, running directly to where Shaymin are supposed to be...For the queen-to-be of Crimit, she's got quite an interest in the Shaymin, and kind of acts like them too."> Karazin started.

"I'm only stating a logical possibility. Legendary Pokémon can revive themselves, it's also a logical possibility that the same Shaymin was revived twice but retained her prior personality, managed to live up to this point, and is being smarter about her tactics. And that's just assuming the suspects are only who we know." I said.

<"I get where you're going. People with magical powers, People with Volteerism, People with Pokemorphism or Pokethrobism...Considering what kind of culture predominates the society around them, this could be a safe haven for all sorts of stuff Crimit's racist locals wouldn't like. And you're invading their home turf. The Splinters and the Roots could be the result of two different people working for the same goals, but not coordinated with each other."> Mario added.

"And it doesn't even have to be that-We could just be upsetting the local Pokémon, that have known Crimit's local Knights as something equivalent as to how we view Arbiters: The forces of Armageddon, brainless and deadly." I said.

<"Only f***ing Arbiters actually are the f***ing forces of Armageddon, and have a f***ing excuse as to why they are so d**m brainless."> Issac said.

"Yes, these Knights are absolute phonies when it comes to heralding the Apocalypse of the Nexus. And having an IQ that breaches above 1." I stated.

"Stop!" Said a Knight, jolting me back to reality.

Fortunately, it wasn't me he was speaking to: A weird monkey with blue fur and a Geyser for it's head was blocking the way. It didn't look pleased by seeing the Knights. Maybe it thought that the Knights were Fire-Types? It clearly looked the part of a Water Type...

"Simipour, in the name of Arceus and the Holy King of Crimit Bavaden, please stand aside!" The Knight closest to the Monkey said.

Eyes closed, the Monkey crossed it's arms, and said nothing.

"This is a holy mission!" the Knight added. "We must not be stopped!"

The Monkey immediately shook his head, and did an odd gesture: It put it's right hand and pointed it towards the ground, arm pointed directly forward at the Knight, and Pointed outward the Index, Ring and Pinky Fingers, while Tucking in the Middle Finger and pressing down on it with the Thumb. Apparently, that was the Hykidas version of the Middle Finger.

"I would ask of you, this instant, to stand aside, or else face us down!"

The Simipour refused to budge from the insulting hand gesture. I looked around-holy s**t, we were in trouble.

Pokémon-A LOT of Pokémon-were surrounding the whole Group, in plain sight, not bothering to hide themselves, looking about as pissed off as the Monkey blocking the way. Every Knight in our cheery party was looking directly at-and only at-the immobile Simipour. Every other Pokémon was focused on the Whole Party. Type diversity was handled well. Everything was silent.

"Scyez. Kill the Simipour." I whispered quite simply to the Nearest Pokémon. Scyez complied very quickly, with an Aura Sphere sent straight at the Simipour before further reaction could be made. It was only knocked out, but was still very unable to battle.

"WHAT WAS THAT UNDERHAN-Oh...Oh, oh my!" Said the Knight at the head.

"OH S**T! WE'RE SURROUNDED!!" yelled another.

Before further reaction could take place, the Knights and I drew arms, their Pokémon and mine started Charging attacks, and the Pokémon surrounding us looked ready to brawl.

<"Do these knights even bother to look around them?!"> Issac commented.

<"They probably haven't faced a foe that wouldn't take them on from the front instead of the back. Crime in Crimit must be low."> Karazin added.

"That is some d**m effective Knighthood training! Make sure NOT to look at enemies you're not facing, they won't attack until you see them!" I Telepathed sarcastically.

And then, they charged at us. Time for battle.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

My nearest two victims were Victreebell, and I spent little time greeting them with my two swords through their guts. I spun them around after pulling them out, as to let the poisons flow towards the Pokémon. I back flipped, and took a vertical cut out of a third one Vyraz was carrying, allowing the toxic s**t to hit the Pokémon, thereby weakening them. It was a good start-some Pokémon were dying quickly from the acids and toxins.

However, there were much more Pokémon than there were Knights. Each Knight was either cussing over their odds or insulting their foes over their dishonorable tactics. However, the chain mail was playing a role-they weren't as vulnerable as these Pokémon, whose numbers didn't include too many Steel types or anything else particularly strong, and Each Knight was doing fine...Mostly.

Lesha weaved in and out, and albeit was easily spotted as on my side-and henceforth, the side of the Knights-she was able to quickly dispatch most of her foes, probably with Temporally boosted tricks. She sped up from my eyes (though I knew she slowed time instead), and was using that mace like the lethal weapon it was, taking down most Pokémon with just one swing of the mace. Scyez was usually hitting more Pokémon than could hit back, using such moves as Dark Pulse to push back multiple Pokémon, and of course, her other array of moves were too intense for the horde that attacked us. Many Pokémon were also just fleeing flat-out, her insane, ruthless style was such an intimidating factor.

Vyraz, despite having never gotten any training with his new body, was easily capable of flying, and could pick things up, fly high, and drop them down like bombs, and boy did he choose good victims for that treatment. Spiky Pokémon (Like Ferrowthorn), heavy Pokémon (Like Ferrowthorn, again), poisonous Pokémon (Like Nidoking), basically anything that was heavy and painful to drop, he picked it up and dropped it. He also liked Using Dragon Pulse on the battlefield's foes, careful not to injure others. Meta, if not throwing Pokémon at ridiculous speeds with his mind, would use his heavy body to jump up and smash Pokémon around him in an Earthquake attack, or just use the mouth on his underside to eat them whole (interesting scenes, what I saw of it). Film was staying at my side, Using Flamethrower and Ancientpower to beat back the horde, which was primarily Bug and Grass-typed.

Septim's strategy, it initially seemed, was to dodge, and do nothing but dodge, maybe letting the Pokémon touch him, making sure they got close as possible, but ultimately dodging like heck.

But then I noticed it: Septim was a genius. He used Toxic, probably prior to the full conflict being initiated, and was now letting Pokémon around him either touch him or let the dangerous, poisonous fluids he generated on his fur be flung at others with a flick. Pokémon so much as getting near him were dying within seconds (which consisted primarily of sweating before they just stopped moving). Lovely.

He flecked some of the toxin at me. I was not impressed. He was not happy either-he missed. Regardless of this current failure to murder me and make off a free Mon, he wasn't a total wimp. A Simisage charged at him after his Toxic ran out of the poisons, and he used Strength to send it flying. Clearly, Septim was deceptively strong. That, or that was what Strength did: Make Pokémon deceptively powerful.

The Pokémon didn't need too much convincing they were losing: They backed off pretty quick, leaving a force halved of their numbers. Quite a few corpses littered the ground, most of them bearing poisons.

"Insane! Since when did one Legend gather that much support?!" Said the Knight that had repetitively commanded the Simipour to move.

"I don't want to find out." Said a second. "Let's keep moving." He said.

"But your-"

"I know." Said the second, cutting off a third, who was gesturing to a Chatot, very dead.

"But my-"

"I know." Said another, pointing to another dead Pokémon, a Slowbro.


"We know." They said. Only two Pokémon outside of mine were standing-an Exploud and a Kricketune.

"But, we're low on forces, that means!" The Knight said.

"Obviously. But Bavaden has his methods of signaling, we know, and he isn't going to check on us yet." A different Knight said, rather seriously. "We keep marching forward until the signal comes.

...Ugh. Signals.

"OK, are we going to wait for the signal to set up camp, assuming this goes into the night, and we lose what little daylight there is?" I asked.

Some Knights gave me dirty looks, but one answered without any verbal issues. "Not unless we're weak enough to hit the ground. Bavaden's orders will support loyalty, but not to the point where you die without purpose for him. He tells you to get out of the way of the arrow pointing at his chest, he's expecting you to, and won't say kindly of honor at your funeral, saving your life be d**med. So, probably no."

"You keep a small grudge for him, don't you?" Said a Knight, rather harshly.

"No, I don't keep a small grudge on our King. I just didn't like the incident to begin with." Said the Knight. "Never should have happened."

I had to raise an eyebrow. Wonder what he was talking about.

"Keep moving, fellows! We'll find Holy Princess Natalie." Another Knight said, resuming the march.

"Yhea, keep an eye out. She's really pale as it is, and probably pale enough to be transparent outright, if Shaymin is related to the princess..." Yet another Knight said.

"Please don't suggest that. I'd hate to think of what could be going on." A Knight said. They were all very pale in the skin, from what I could see of them, so whoever could be paler would impress me simply out of the fact they’ve outdone these uber-pale knights with his/her paleness.

<"Paler than that?! There are things Paler than that?!?!"> Issac exclaimed.

<"If they've kept indoors and worn that armor quite a bit, it wouldn't be surprising."> Karazin added.

"Yhea, let's just hope she's pale enough to forgo racism and accept help from anyone, you get what I mean?" I said.

<"I hope she's thankful."> Mario said, more simply.

We marched on for little over a minute, just traversing over one hill of a root, to find our next adversaries, if we weren't careful.

We saw, from up on top of the root, a small statue. It was humanoid, but with six wings on the back-bird-like wings, mind, and it also wore some sort of robes and boots. There was a small, white, brick surface around where the statue was, and no roots dared to inch near it, and there was a field of grass around it, almost unnaturally so: albeit the roots didn't randomly cut off into this odd field entirely, the edge of this field still engulfed by roots all the same, there was a certain circular radius where no root dared to surpass on the surface, seemingly diving downwards into the soil to do so, if any sense of biology is correct. There was a purple symbol, facing the southeast on the brick surface, akin to the Volteerist Symbol for Death, and the Statue faced it. Guarding the statue were two inactive Golurk, standing at the Statue's sides. The statue itself, aside from the winged humanoid, depicted two scythes, one curved like the iconic scythe, one smaller and straighter, clearly used for fighting-a war scythe. The expression on the statue's face was totally stoic, as if bored. Ancient text-neither Arbitarian, Coganan, or...that third one's in origin (Yhea, I know that old joke)-surrounded the statue, looping around the brick structure until it reached the symbol of Death.

"Huh?! Now what be this? What is the human-or, probably, Pokémon-that be the maker of this?! I say, this is an utter impossibility, for humans to sport two wings, much less six! SIX!!! This isn't normal in the slightest!" Said the Knight at the lead. Apparently, they haven't heard of Angels.

"Is that symbol common around your folk?" I asked, pointing at it. The Symbol of Death-a Volteer Symbol at that-would probably be the last thing found in a forest full of life, nowhere near the initial carnage of the attacks by the rouge Shaymin of the past (I consider the Rouge Shaymin, well, the Route Shaymin, and other Shaymin to be other Shaymin). In fact, even if so, Shaymin is associated almost ubiquitously with life. Shaymin IS the Legend that represents Life Energy, after all.

"That isn't familiar at all. Is it resembling something to you? The Volteers that visited us the first time never came close to this place...Or have at least kept it hidden from us that they did. We never saw anyone in here, though." Said another Knight.

"I would either have to assume that Volteers built it WAY Before you guys did, or something else put it there. Either way, I wouldn't advise waltzing up to it like it's going to attack you. It's a statue, but that symbol? For a Volteer, it's the symbol of death. So it probably is going to attack you-if you waltz up to it like it's going to attack you." I said. A brief break in the conversation occurred.

"HAVE AT YE, OAFS!!!!" Yelled a Knight, after probably thinking that statement over and deciding I wasn't trustworthy, who immediately charged at the statue. In an almost humorous display of idiocy, the Knight, sword blazing, took one step onto the brick surface and the two Golurk awoke instantly, and smashed him into a bloody pulp, before deactivating again. ALL of this after I made ALL of my warning statement clear.

"Case in point." I simply said.

"'Have at ye, oafs' my rear end. He should be thinking. This is her domain, after all, we've got to be careful." Said another Knight, who took my warning better. "Bloody deathtraps like that are probably all over the place. It's a miracle the d**med demon hasn't smashed us against a root."

"Like the one we're standing on?" Said another Knight, sarcastically.

"You, Volteer!" Said a different Knight. "It's got a Volteerist Symbol on it. It's the only place that Shaymin could never hope to win against, it's the symbol of death when that thing cannot control the dead!" Explained the Knight. "If we take it, we have a perfect campsite...And we would have reason to signal Bavaden, assuming you are right." The Knight added, almost as if an appeal to my tiredness.

"Uh-huh." I said simply, though with an underlying tone of curtness. He did hook me in, though. Still, those Golurk didn't look friendly. I moved slowly down the hill, My Pokémon behind me. It wasn't comforting, to see such big things. The bloody metal splotch that was the Knight wasn't a helping factor to ease the paranoia that something bad was going to happen. I edged close, slowly, ready to sprint back in case the golems thought I was worthy of being crushed the instant I got close...

I was at the edge of the brick surface, a bead of sweat on my head at this point. The Golurk were in arm's reach of me no matter where I went on the brick surface. I backed up a step, deciding on a running start. I breathed in, I breathed out, and without further ado-

"Oy! If that Statue's that discomforting, use those...Traits of yours. JUST TO GET CLOSE." A Knight said. A few other knights looked at him rather rudely, but I, almost having started to sprint within the human range of speed (Meaning the Golurk would crush me), could now show off some more...Powerful talents that these things probably weren't expecting. I took two steps back, still ready to sprint, and made a mad dash, full speed ahead-now counting in my overly-fast speed limit.

BOOM!! The Golurk sprang to life and tried smashing the ground that was a few feet behind me. I was already at the statue before a second attempt could be made, having a hand on it in case it was...Well, I wasn't sure if they were going to smash their statue. Volteers had two traits it imprinted on the mind outside of energy controlling: One was adventuring, the other was knowing s**t on media clichés and the like.

The whole-statue hugging thing worked. They froze in place the instant I touched the statue. Then they resumed moving, backwards, away from the statue to the edge of the 'radius' where the roots dared not move, putting their hands to their sides, as if merely viewers as to whatever was to unfold. Was it that easy?! No, it never was.

Read that as the following: Ah, c**p.

I looked down-the letters were glowing purple, and the symbol was alight in the same color. I looked at the statue itself, only to find it an actual living thing now.

"HOLY S**T!!!!!" I yelled. I guess you could say the former of that statement was true, because it DEFINATELY looked like a six-winged angel: Despite the rather evil-looking scythes (Mostly purple hilts, pure black blades-Celestial Onyx, perhaps?), the wings and robes were white, and the statue-turned-living thing was now revealed to be wearing sandals (or more accurately, a sandal-boot hybrid), dark-silver eyes (I didn’t think he looked blind), and black hair (kind of medium-sized, well-groomed). His skin failed to have a blemish on it, from what I could see of it-and to my dismay, the robes seemed to be styled in such a manner that they were unable to restrict or hamper the movement of the creature.

"...You. You're the one. Yes, indeed. But now's not the time. Much later." The six-winged humanoid said. "For now...I've got things to search for." He added. He teleported away, leaving no trace.

...What was that all about?! He didn't seem an Arbiter to me, or else, he'd note the whole 'Archangel' thing. Or maybe he couldn't realize it. Whatever. If it didn’t try to kill me, I was fine...Unless Avonu needed me to do that...Ugh, this whole thing was starting to really confuse me.

I turned to the Knights and my Pokémon, as confused as they were. There was a LOT of unexplained-and rarely connected-s**t that usually went on. But this wasn't even Kortazian, or at least, I didn’t know the whole Kortazian alphabet. Regardless, the text was still weird.

Whatever-the Golurk made no further harmful movements, even when the Knights stepped into the alcove. A Knight looked at the Kricketune-probably his-and nodded, and it made several harmonious noises, ringing throughout the forest. We heard a reply, another tone, and the Knight next to the Kricketune looked pretty shocked. Scratch that, most of the Knights looked pretty shocked.

"Let me guess. He said no with an extremely bad tone." I guessed as to the answer to setting up camp.

"More like this: That Blizzard fellow? You remember him, don't you?" A Knight asked, with some note of importance.

"Oh s**t. Did he get loose?!" I asked. With a stealth advantage, Blizzard being unleashed was the worst-case scenario for right now.

"More like he's the only survivor. He ran into Bavaden's group, thankfully, muttering something about poison spikes." He said. I was still a little sweaty-nightmare narrowly averted. But...

...Yhea, I wasn't buying their religion, but I was definitely aware there was a force-or there were forces-attempting to kill us all in here.
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