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Default Beyond Time, Over Darkness, In the Sky: A PMD Tale

(FYI, the names in brackets are the ones narrating the chapter. Scarlet is the Charmander amnesiac, and Viridia is the Chikorita wimp. The "???" is someone who'll will reveal themself sometimes soon. ;P)

Prologue-- Don't Leave [???]

I stared at the portal in front of me. I turned to my left and saw my trusted partner giving me an accepting nod. I turned around and saw a dark figure rushing up to us. We had no choice; The fate of the world rested in our hands. We had to go into the portal.

With a gulp, I jumped through while grasping hands with my lifelong partner. My friend.

Everything was going OK... Until an attack came into the portal with us. From the corner of my eye, I saw it heading straight for my friend. I pushed her to the side and we both just barely missed it.

"Ack... A-Are you OK?" I asked.

The pull of the portal had become stronger. I couldn't hold on to her hands anymore. "N-No... We're becoming separated!" she said.

"NO, DON'T LET GO!" I yelled, the force of the portal creating a din noise.

"I-I can't hold on any longer!" That's when the next attack hit her. "WAAAAAH!"

Chapter One-- Amnesia Strikes [Scarlet]


I woke up to the sight of clear blue skies. Sitting back up, I could tell I was near a beach. The waves ruffled as if it had its own tempo. The sand felt as soft as a cloud. Behind me, I could see a small cave.

OK, so I just have to get back home, no big deal, I thought. That's when it hit me; Where was home? I hadn't the faintest idea where I lived, nor who my family were. The most horrid thought had just come to me; Who AM I?

I panicked and started hyperventilating. My breathes were short and rapid. When this became too much, I fainted.

Chapter Two-- The Big Day [Viridia]

I gulped as I approached Wigglytuff's Guild. It had always been my dream to join there! But... I was just a chicken. I couldn't get the courage to join at all. I always wimped out when I went up to there. It just wasn't fair!

"No! Today, I will not be a yellow belly!" I coaxed myself as I stepped on the cold, iron, circular bars.


"WAH!" I yelped, surprised.


I turned and rushed off, afraid of what would happen next. When I got some considerable distance away from the guild, I sighed.

"Oh, I'm just a coward... I'll never have the courage to join Wigglytuff's Guild..." Using my leaf, I picked up my special treasure from my bag. "I thought this would help me, but it didn't..."

I sighed once more, then headed to the Beach. The Beach always calmed my nerves...

Chapter Three-- Keheheh [Zubat]

I glared at the Chikorita who wimped out from joining the Guild. What a loser! Even if she did join, she'd get pummeled in a week or less! Although her little treasure was pretty valuable...

I snapped my head at Koffing, my 'Partner in Crime', I guess. "Hey Koffing," I said. He turned and both of our eyes met. "Did you see the treasure that chicken had? We coudl smuggle it and get rich off of it!"

"Hey, that's a great idea!" Koffing complimented, which always made me feel good.

The two of us followed the Chikorita to the Beach, being very careful to not be seen.

Chapter Four-- A Newfound Friend [Scarlet]

"Hey! Wake up! Can you hear me?" A voice rang out.

For some reason, I wanted to call out a name, but my mind drew a blank and I could not remember the name. Reluctantly, I sat up and saw... A Chikorita? The Chikorita couldn't have been hte voice, so what was?

"So I saw you passed out on the beach, and I went... to help you..." The voice said, faltering at the end. The voice belonged to the Chikorita!

As expected, I fainted again. The Chikorita had to wake me up again.

"My name's Viridia," she said, "What's yours?"

"Scarlet," I blurted. I hadn't a clue why I knew that was my name, but I came to the conclusion that the only thing I could remember was my name and that I was a human girl.

"So what brings you here? Surely someone could have noticed you walking at the beach," Viridia asked.

I told her the whole story, of how I just woke up on the beach with no memory whatsoever. I didn't know why I was so comfortable telling her. Maybe it was just because I seemed to trust her. Maybe it was only because I needed to tell someone. Either way, I found a new friend.

Chapter Five-- Stolen Treasure [Viridia]

This Charmander's story was weird, but somehow, I believed every word of it. Call me gullible (No, don't, I can't handle others making fun of me), but this is something that seemed truthful to me.

I saw Scarlet looking at the treasure in my leaf. "Oh, this is my special treasure," I explained. "It brings me good luck."

The weight on my leaf became lighter. My treasure was gone! I truned around and saw a Koffing with my treasure on his head. Next to him was a Zubat. Both were laughing.

"GIVE IT BACK!" I roared!

The two snickered and went inside Beach Cave.

"C'mon, let's get your treasure back!" Scarlet said, hurrying to the cave.

"I-I-I can't!" I cried. I was scared to death of Mystery Dungeons. For one, they were always random, and all the Pokemon in it were angry and would hurt us! I couldn't go in!

Scarlet noticed that I was as stiff as a tree. "Come on! We have to get it back!"

With tears in my eyes, I followed.

I supposed I overreacted; It wasn't that scary. All I saw were Shellos. But they tried to hurt me! At least I didn't get hurt much, what with me being a Grass type. But Scarlet got hurt worse, since she was a Fire type. Poor Scarlet. She didn't know what to even do. She just stood there, taking the beating.

I tacked a Shellos that was going in for another hit. It fainted. More Shellos started coming towards us. I became scared. My legs wobbled. The room was spinning. I just wanted to leave right then and there. I shut my eyes for two seconds, then I heard Scarlet say, "Whoa..."

Opening my eyes, I saw scattered leaves on the ground, and all the Shellos were fainted. Did I... just send out a Razor Leaf? I thought.

While I was thinking to myself, another Shellos was about to attack Scarlet. Seeing me use a Razor Leaf, she understood what to do and Tackled the Shellos, which, in turn, made it faint. "This is easy!" Scarlet remarked.

We both noticed some stares, which brought us lower down in the cave. We kept on going down stairs until we got down the final floor, where we cornered the Zubat and Koffing.

"Keheheh," The Zubat laughed. "You won't get this without a fight!"

"Bring it on!" One of us yelled. Surprising even to me, the voice was me. Why had I spurted that out? Usually I was timid and would be afraid of a fight. Maybe it was because they stole something of mine, or maybe I was with my new friend. Either way, we fought.

I used a Razor Leaf on the Zubat while Scarlet used a Tackle on the Koffing. We both defeated the two.

"Now give her her treasure back!" Scarlet demanded.

The Koffing handed the treasure to me and I put it in my leaf, grasping it more carefully, to avoid this from happening again.

"Doesn't matter; We got it appraised. It's worth nothing!" The Zubat remarked. Both the Koffing and Zubat left, with just me and Scarlet inside. We then left and went back to the beach.

"Thanks for helping me get my treasure back..." I thanked.

"No problem."

"Hey... Listen," I started, still trying to get the sentence to form. "Um, there's this thing called Exploration Teams, where they go and help others in dungeons like the one we were in. And to make a team like that, I'd need to join the guild, but I'd chicken out... Would you start an exploration team with me?"

"Ok... I don't have anywhere else to go, so that seems nice..." Scarlet agreed.

I would have jumped with joy, but instead, I smiled. "Great, let's go!"

Chapter Six-- Into the Guild [Scarlet]

As we approached the Guild Viridia was talking about, I got a lump in my throat. For one, it seemed more like a hippie cult, what with the tent and the Pink Pokemon on top. There was also a steel grate, which made me slightly more nervous.

"You'll love it! I mean, searching for legends and lore here is just the place! Go on, step on the grate," Viridia coaxed.

I gulped and did as told.


I almost stepped right off, but I managed to stay on.

"THE FOOTPRINT IS... uhh... errr..." The voice said, trying to determine who I was.

"DIGLETT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?" Another, more intimidating voice roared.

"I-I'm sorry! But this Pokemon hasn't been here before!" The first voice remarked.


The gate opened, and I went towards it. I only went next to it so that way both of us would go in at the same time.

Viridia walked up to the grate. "I can do this. If Scarlet did, so can I..." She coaxed herself, then stepped on.


Viridia tried her complete best not to get off.

"THE FOOTPRINT IS Viridia! THE FOOTPRINT IS Viridia! YOU MAY ENTER!" The voice said, and Viridia got off the grate in the blink of an eye.

"You did it!" I cheered. From what I've noted so far, Viridia was shy. I was glad she was able to not chicken out.

The two of us walked in and were greeted by a Chatot.

"Oh? New recruits?" The Chatot said as he observed us. He turned around. "These two won't make it through the harsh training we have here," He whispered to himself.

I could hear what he said just fine, but Viridia apparently didn't. "What was that?" She asked Chatot.

"Err, nothing! Now then, you wish to join?" Chatot asked

"Of course!" I replied.

"Very well then. We'll take you to Guild Master Wigglytuff!"

After climbing down a set of stairs, we went to a room. Inside was a Wigglytuff.

"Guildmaster, we have some Pokemon who wish to join," Chatot said.




Chatot sighed. "GUILDMASTER!" He yelled.

"ZZZ- Wuh? Oh, Chatot. Hello," Guildmaster Wigglytuff said after being awaken.

"We have two Pokemon who wish to join."

"Let 'em join!"

"WHAT? But. But. They have no training whatsoever!"

"Nonsense! More friends make everyone happy! Now, did you get the Perfect Apple?" Wigglytuff asked.

"I'll get them right away!" He went out of the room.

"So, what shall your team name be?" Wigglytuff asked us.

"Team name?" Viridia asked. She turned to me. "What should the team name be?"

I thought long and hard about it. Eventually, I came up with a decision. "Heroes. Team Heroes!"

"Perfect team name!" Wigglytuff chimed. "You are now an official team! Just take some badges, then go on to sleep! Your rooms are at the far right!" He pointed to some badges, which we took. WE left the room smiling and went to our rooms.

"Hey Scarlet?" Viridia asked.


"Why'd you name our team "Heroes"?"

I had to think about it. Why? Certainly an amnesiac like me couldn't be a hero. Could I?

I didn't answer. I just laid my head on the pillow and went to sleep.

Chapter Eight-- A Vision, perhaps? [Scarlet]

I'm still an amnesiac Charmander, by the way. We got to the Drench Bluff, which wasn't that hard. It was actually pretty easy. Needless to day, we got Spoink's pearl.

"Oh, thank you so much!" The Spoink thanked when we all got back in the guild. The Spoink gave us 2000 dollars!

"WE'RE RICH!" Viridia cheered.

Chatot, who was in the room, took 1800 dollars, leaving us with only 200. "Yes, but you only get ten percent." He said, then left. The Spoink left the guild too.

"Oh well, getting thanked for our efforts is great enough," Viridia mused. "Let's go to sleep now, OK?"

"OK," I agreed.


Loudred's voice woke us up with headaches again. The beds, however, were so comfortable! I slept like a baby!

"THREE, SMILES GO FOR MILES!" We said our cheers, then dispersed.

Chatot and a Bidoof walked up to us. "It's about time you go to the town square. Bidoof with guide you." Chatot left, leaving us with a hyperactive Bidoof.

"Golly, I never had members junior than me! Let's go!" Bidoof cheered as he lead us to the town square.

I supposed it was a great place. Bidoof showed us the Duskull Bank and the Kangaskhan Storage. Some of the places weren't open yet, but we didn't need those open.

When we got to the Kecleon Shop, there was a Marill and Azurill.

"Excuse me, Mr. Kecleons, can we buy an Apple for our mother?" the Marill asked.

"Certainly. Here you go," The green Kecleon replied, giving them two apples.

"Oh, but we only needed one."

"The second one's a gift from my brother and I to you and your brother."

"Gee, thanks Mr. Kecleons!" the Azurill thanked. Marill and Azurill started to walk off, but the Azurill tripped, dropping one of the apples.

I went to pick it up, but when I did, I started to feel... funny. It was like the entire world stopped for jsut a brief second. In that second, everything turned black, and all I could hear was a "HEEEEEEEELP!"

Everything became normal again. Did I... Did I imagine it? I looked behind me, and Viridia was looking at me quizzically.

"Scarlet... Are you OK?" she asked.

"Y-yeah..." I replied. "Here you go Azurill," I said, giving the apple back.

"Thank you!" both Azurill and Marill thanked in unison, then left.

The purple Kecleon stared at me. "Is anything the trouble missy?"

"No sir..." I lied.

Bidoof walked in front of me. "If you're OK, then you'll have no trouble going back to the guild. I'll see ya' later!" He walked off.

We started to head back, too, but the Green Kecleon stopped us. "Oh, you two. You're new to Treasure Town, right?"

"Yes sir," Viridia responded.

"Then take these two Apples and two Reviver Seeds as a welcome gift," He said, giving us the items.

"Thank you," Viridia and I both thanked, then walked off.

We saw the Marill and Azurill again, but this time, they were talking to a Drowzee. I didn't know what they were talking about, and I guessed Viridia didn't either, but Azurill and Drowzee started to walk off. The Drowzee bumped into me, and I experienced yet another vision of sorts, though this time, it was more than just a sound.

The vision showed Drowzee cornering Azurill, saying, "Alright, now get the treasure for me, NOW!"

"HEEEEEEELP!" Azurill screamed.

Everything became normal again, and Azurill, Marill, and Drowzee were already gone.

Viridia just stared at me. "What's wrong Scarlet?"

I told her about my visions, about how Azurill might have been in danger.

"Why didn't you tell me sooner!? We need to save him!" Viridia exclaimed.

"We can't. I mean, I think this might be my imagination... Let's go to the guild and see what Chatot thinks," I said.

"OK..." Viridia glumly agreed as we went back to the guild. As expected, Chatot was there, waiting for us, with Bidoof next to him.

"Now that Bidoof has shown you around, it's time for you to take outlaw challenges. To put it simply, you must capture outlaws," He explained. "Now... hrm, this one seems easy enough."

Viridia became stiff as a stick. She started shaking violently with tears streaming down her face. "S-Sc-Sc-Scarlet... L-l-l-look..."

I saw on the top right of the board a face all too familiar. It was Drowzee! He was a wanted criminal!

"Come on, we need to save Azurill!" I yelled as the two of us left the guild, leaving Bidoof and Chatot confused.

As we ran out, we saw Marill. "Marill, where did Azurill and Drowzee go?!" Viridia pleaded.

"To Mt. Bristle. They should be back any moment now from retrieving our mom's lost item," he replied.

"There's no time to waste. Come on Viridia!" I yelled as we headed towards Mt. Bristle.

(Criticism is much obliged)
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Default Re: Beyond Time, Over Darkness, In the Sky: A PMD Tale

Chapter Nine-- Emotion Commotion [Viridia]

We blurred through the nine floors. I rampaged passed the enemies. I actually didn't know why I wasn't usually timid of the enemies. Maybe it was because I was determined to save Azurill, no matter what the costs.

We reached the top of the floor and saw just what Scarlet's vision was like.

"Where's our mom's item, Mr. Drowzee?" Azurill asked, looking around.

"It's not here," He replied.


"You see that hole?" Drowzee pointed.


"I'm a criminal, and there's treasure there. I'm too big to fit under there, so you have to get it."

"WHAT?! No!"

"Don't make this hard for yourself. Alright, now get the treasure for me, NOW!"

"HEEEEEEELP!" Azurill screamed.


Drowzee turned around and saw me and Scarlet. He chuckled. "Oh. I thought it was some pro rescue team. Why don't you stop bothering and leave us alone?"

"No way!" Scarlet protested.

"If you're gonna make it difficult for yourself, then prepare for a beating," Drowzee challenged.

I attacked with a Razor Leaf, which... Didn't do that much damage. Scarlet went in for a Tackle, which blew Drowzee back a few feet.

Drowzee attacked Scarlet with a Confusion attack, which hurt her dearly. She was on the brink of fainting, but Scarlet got a huge boost of power. Anger boiled inside of her, and she let loose flames from her mouth. She used Ember!

Drowzee started to get dizzy, but was able to use Hypnosis on Scarlet, which put her to sleep (Not the killing kind, mind you).

I became angry yet again, and I attacked with another Razor Leaf, which didn't do much damage, again.

Drowzee used Confusion to finish Scarlet off. I cried "NO!" as Scarlet fainted. I rushed towards her. Oh, what could I do?!

Drowzee was coming towards me. Fire flashed in my eyes. I would avenge my friend's fainting. I ran with full speed straight towards Drowzee. My attack finished him off, and he landed with a thud.

Breathing heavily, I rushed back to Scarlet. I remembered the Reviver Seeds the Kecleon Brothers had given us. Searching in the toolbox, I got it out and fed it to Scarlet. Her eyes fluttered to life.

"W-What?" She said, confused. "Did we beat him?"

"Yes Scarlet!" I cheered. I looked over to Azurill, whom was cowering in fear. I walked towards him, reassuring him that we wouldn't hurt him. Scarlet and I brought him out of Mt. Bristle and back to his brother.

"Oh, thank you Team Heroes! You've saved my brother! How can we ever thank you?!" Marill thanked.

"It's no problem; Your happiness is thanks enough!" I replied.

"Thank you for saving me!" Azurill said.

"If you ever need anymore help, we'll always be here!" Scarlet said as the two of us went back to the guild.

That night, in our rooms, with Scarlet sleeping like a baby, I kept on thinking about one subject. Why was I so prone to anger and courage so recently? I mean, I'm usually timid and a scaredy cat. Was it because I met Scarlet and she gave me courage? Or was it because I just am, and this happening at the same time as meeting Scarlet was just a coincidence? Whatever the case, I was glad. Well, I know I shouldn't be too angry and courageous, but having some of it is really comforting to me.

I rolled over on my bed. I just couldn't sleep. I stood up, careful not to wake up Scarlet, and I walked out into the main room of the same floor. There, I saw Bidoof sitting.

"Bidoof?" I asked.

He turned around and smiled. "Oh, golly, hi Viridia. That was a really great job you did saving Azurill."

"What are you doing up so late?"

"Gosh, I could ask the same for you."

I smiled. "You couldn't sleep either?"

"Yeah... I'm just... Thinking... Hey Viridia, can you keep a secret?"

"Of course I can," I replied.

Bidoof reached over for a diary-like book. Actually, Bidoof having a diary doesnt seem too Farfetch'd. (Pun intended) He gave it to me. "Y'know how I said that I was the newest member before you came?"


"Read the book, and you'll see that I wasn't just some ordinary newbie. You'll also see why I didn't become the newest member for long. One you're done, could you give it back?" He stood up and started towards his room.

"Sure thing!" I said before he walked in. I went back to my room and started reading.

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