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Old 05-19-2012, 03:24 AM
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Default Gotta Catch 'Em All: Trainer Stats

Post your stats here. Include your Pokemon, events, prizes, total points earned, points spent, and current points, etc.


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Old 05-19-2012, 05:03 AM
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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All: Trainer Stats

Name: Max (In Red)
Name: Dredd/ Shadow (In Blue)


Blue Team Shadow Pokemon

Lila (Level:46)




Red on Hand Team

Lila-Charard (Female)(Level 46) Holding (Scope Lens +5)

Dragonite-Draco (Female) (Level 65)

Sky-Scyther(Male)(Level 50)(Sharp Beak +5)

Shadow-Gengar(Level 55)

Sleepy-Snorlax (Male) (Level 70)

Golem (Male)(Level 55)(Soft Sand +5)

With team

Formally Used
Lapras-(Female)(Level 40)
Pidgeot-(Male)(Level 46)
Parasect (Female)(Level 24)(Miracle Seed +5)
Spikes-Nidoking(Male)(Level 51)
Houdini-Kadabra(Male)(Level 16)
Drool-Gloom(Female)(Level 26)
Kick-Puncehr-Hitmonlee(Male)(Level 35)

Full List of Pokemon (Full Pdex 102)(Caught 56)(Fully Evolved 35)





Clefable...Parasect...Machoke...Victreebel...Elect robd...Marowak



Safari Zone




Unlocked Pokemon
Eevee(x2)...Hitmonlee...Hitmonchan...Lapras...Pory gon

Unlocked Pokemon

Gift Pokemon

Temporary Pokemon Blue Version

Temporary Pokemon Red Version

Pokemon Traded Away
Fearow, Butterfree

Total Points Earned:2,989 (2,782 +207 )

Points Spent: 2,635

Points on Hand:354

Ekans !!! From Brock in Pewter City!
Poliwag!!! From Misty in Cerulean City!
Grimer!! From Koga in Fushia City!

Boulder Badge...Cascade Badge...Thunder Badge

Rainbow Badge..Soul Badge

Fearow for Farfetch'd Vermilion

Water Stone:2
Thunder Stone:1
Moon Stone:0 (used on clefairy, used on nidoqueen)
Leaf Stone:1 (used on Exeggcute)
Fire Stone:0 (used on Ninetails)

Potion:2 (+15 to health)
Great Ball: 3(-5 Pokemons Cost)
S.S Ticket- Used
Treasure Map-On Hand
Super Rod

Items In Use:
(Scope Lens +5)=1
(Miracle Seed +5)=1
(Soft Sand +5)=1
(Sharp Beak +5)=1

Where the Money went:

(-15 Pidegy,Caterpie, Rattata)(-32 Catching Zubat, Oddish, Geodude, Bellsprout)
(-22 Mankey,Machop)(-18 Paras,Sandshrew)(6 Spearow)(-6 Spearow)(-14 Nidoran(f)), Abra)(-10 Jigglypuff)
(-32 Catching Onix, Clefairy)(-10 Meowth)(-14 Drowzee)(-14 Gastly)(-16 Cubone)(-39(-13)Krabby, Shellder, Doduo)(-16 Exeggcute)(-15 Rhyhorn)(-34)50 Scyther)(-35)50 Tauros)(-25)-50 Kangaskhan)(-16 Slowpoke)(-10 Vuplix)(-50 Chansey)(-16 Slowpoke)(-9 Venonat)(-15 Magikarp)

Evolutions (-1,435)
(-7 Metapod)(-20 -10s Butterfree, Beedrill)(-13 Voltorb)(46)-16s Charmeleon, Nidorina, Kadabra)(-18 Pidegotto)(60)-20s Raticate, Fearow,Gyrados)(66)-22s Arbok, Sandslash, Golbat)(42)-21s Gloom,Weepinbel)(-24 Parasect)(75)-25s Graveler, Poliwhirl,Huanter)(-52 -26s Dugtrio,Hypno)(140)-28s Primeape, Machoke,Persain,Marowak,Kingler)(60 -30s Electabuzz, Electrode)(-62)-31 Dodrio,Venomoth)(-33 Golduck)(-140)-35 Clefable,Nidoqueen,Exeggutor,Ninetails)(72)-36s Charizard,Pidgeot)(-37 Slowbro)(-38 Muk)(-40 Omastar)(-42 Rhydon)(-180)-45 Golem, Nidoqeen, Gengar, Victreebel)(-65 Dagonite)(-50 Dragonair)(-50 Ditto)

Events (-58)
--Leaves Nidoking at daycare in Red
-5 Beating Brock Pewter City Gym ( Free Ekans)
-8 Beating Misty Cerulean City Gym (Free Poliwag)
-10 Beating Lt. Surge, Verilion Gym (Free Thunder Stone)
-15 Beating Ericka, Celadon Gym (Free Pikachu)
-20 Beating Koga, Fushia Gym (Free Grimer)

Battles I lost points in(-70)
(-5 to loss from fearow)(-4 battling zubat team rocket)(-19 while battling Nidoking)
(-15 for running away from Nidoqueen!)
(-1 Battling Team Rocket Zubat)(-2 Battling Team Rocket Zubat)(-10 Battling Team Rocket Golbat)
(-14 Battling Red)

Items Bought(-178)
(60)15s Sharp Beak,Soft Sand, Scope Lens, Miracle Seed)(-8 Great Ball)(-50 Leaf Stones)(-20 Potion)(-15 Sharp Beak)(-25 Fire Stone)

Leveling Up(-120)
(-20 For Craziard)(-20 Pidgeot)(-20 Primeape)(-20 Snorlax)(-20 Gengar)(-20 Golem)

Unlocked Pokemon(-285)
(-25 Eevee)(-35 Hitmonlee)(-35 Hitmonchan)(-40 Lapras)(-30 Omanyte)(-60 Points Snorlax)(-25 Eevee)(-35 Porygon)

Battles I won points in (+207)
(+3 for beating rocket grunt)(+3 for beating rocket grunt)(+2 for beating Pidgey)(+3 for Beating Geodude)(+3 for beating Paras)(+5 for Beating Rhydon)(+3 Beating Old Man' Growlithe)(+20 Beating Red)
(+6 for beating old man on Route 9)(+5 for Beat Old Man in the Pokemon Tower)(+8 for beating a 2nd Monk)(+4 beating two Ghastly)(+2 Beating Pidgey)(+4 Dodrio in Red)(+8 Beat Bikers in Red)(+5 Beat Sailor)(+3 Zombie Rhydon)(+5 Zombie Charizard)(+16 Team Rocket )(+16 finding Huanter)(+9 Articuno)(+34 beating Dredd)(+19 battle trainers)(+5 Beat Ditto Max)(+10 For Butterfree Trade)(+7 Beat Bikers! In Blue)


Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

GCEA Link Page Pokemon Evolution List

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Old 05-19-2012, 05:33 AM
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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All: Trainer Stats




Points: 36

Points: 7

Points: 20

Points: 22

Points: 21

Points: 12

Rodney, Doug, & Biff/Dugtrio
Points: 26

Points: 22


Moon Stone


Total Points Earned: 238

Total Points Spent: 204

Current Points: 44

(8/30/12)Started adventure REALLY late. xD Also, I started with Squirtle
Dredd awarded me with Joe, Alucard, Kibou, and Zeta. Also, +50 Points
Evolved Boss -16 Points
(8/31/12) Evolved Zeta -21 Points. SO ZETA SLOW!
(9/02/12) Evolved Joe -20 Points
(9/4/12) Received Moon Stone
(9/5/12) BEAT A SAILOR, YO! +5 Points
(9/7/12) I should get a prize for reaching 100. xD
Guess who evolved into a useless pod?!
I would attack Boss, but he'd just beat me up.
Hey-diddly-ho, I beat Cress! Also earned the Cascade Badge and got Jack!
(9/9/12) Beat up a Pidgey! +2 Points
(9/10/12)Caught Rodney the Diglett!
(9/15/12) Beat up some idiot who wouldn't stop bothering us in Surge's Gym. +4 Points
(9/16/12) I beat Surge, got the Thunder Badge, and a Thunderstone!
(9/17/12) I'm a part of the main plot now! I got kidnapped and awaiting results.
(9/19/12) Met a talking Gastly who apparently belongs to Max.
(9/22/12) Evolved Alucard! Also, I'm battling a zombeh Charizard.
(9/24/12) Caught Mars, goddess of war, an Ekans!
(9/25/12) Evolved Mars!
(9/26/12) Rodney got two new friends, Doug and Biff!
Beat James!


Cascade Badge

Thunder Badge


Level 100: 3287 Proud Deviant of the PE2K Deviants
Have PesterChum for some reason? Contact me on it! (neonSound)

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Old 05-19-2012, 08:33 AM
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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All: Trainer Stats

~Pokemon Trainer Sarah~


Aster, Bulbasaur, Male

Total Points Earned: 0

Points Spent: 0

Current Points: 0


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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All: Trainer Stats

Velocity's statistics!


Saarn/Charmander/M/Jolly Nature.

Murinae/Rattata/F/Sassy Nature.

Total points earned: 25.

Points spent: 5.

Points on hand: 20.

Events: 5/2: Began my journey and received a Charmander!

5/2: Caught a lovely Rattata! [-5 Points]

5/3: Beat my first opponent: Zach's Tepig!

I laughed, I cried, I testified;
And in the end found this world altogether lacking.

Thanks, Speed and Dino and also Speed! :D

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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All: Trainer Stats

Red Name

Current Red Team:

Temporary Red Pokemon




Points Earned:467
Points Spent:430
Points on hand:37


badge case:

moon stone
thunder stone
water stone

Captures-95 (10)
(-5(10) pidgey, caterpie) (-6(6)spearow) (-8(16)geodude, zubat) (-9(9) paras) (-10(10)meowth) (-13(13)voltorb) (-15(15)ghastly) (-16(16)clefairy)

Evolutions-261 (12)
(-7(7)metapod) (-10(10) butterfree) (-16(16)charmeleon) (-18(18) pidgeotto) (-20(20)fearow) (-22(44)golbat, arbok) (-24(24)parasect) (-25(50)graveler, poliwhirl) (-36(72)pidgeot, charizard)

-5 against Brock
-8 against Misty

(-5(5)Fearow) (-15(30)Nidoqueen, 3-ring rounghousers)(-24(24)Lt. Surge)

battles gained from+23
(+2(2)pidgey) (+3(6)gengar, zubat) (+5(5)help with rydon) (+10(10)nidoking)

-10 to enter light house

The Ninja Academy will live on. Add this to your signature if you were once active there.
URPG Stats Gotta Catch 'em All Stats

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Old 05-19-2012, 03:43 PM
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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All: Trainer Stats

The barn of haybale


Force of Nature/Ivysaur/F






Total Posts: 79
Total Points Earned: 90
Points Spent: 70
Points in da bank: 20

Failed at catching a pidgey. Luckily someone is nice. -0 points
Captured a Rattata. -5
Captured a Caterpie -5
Combined fail against a Fearow -5
Captured a Geodude -8
Captured a Pidgey -5
Defeated a Pidgey +2
Captured a Rattata -8
Defeated a Zubat owned by TR -4 +3
Defeated another Zubat -0 +3
Ran away from Nidoqueen -15
Evolved Bulbasaur -16
Helped Defeat TR Golbat +5

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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All: Trainer Stats

GW, s card

lv:46lv:20 lv:38lv:16lv:25


points ever earned - 334
points spent - 231
points in wallet - 79

lost points: 16 for Charmeleon -5 for Caterpie -5 to loss from fearow -7 Evolving to Metapod -15 for running away from Nidoqueen! -5 For Gym Battle Pewter City -10 Butterfree Evolution -28 Evolving into Primeape -8 -7 for Abra -10 spamming the thread -8 gym battle in cerulean city -15 for loosing to psychotic clowns guys
won points: 8

events - capture caterpie(-5), evolved charmander(-16), evolved caterpie(-7), evolved metapod(-10), capture mankey(-11), evolved mankey(-28) capture abra(-7)
trades - 0

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Old 05-19-2012, 09:14 PM
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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All: Trainer Stats

...So hi. I'm Markus Novolos, AKA the Bada** Class. These are my stats. You're supposed to like them. I am part of Red Team, FYI.

Tsunami the Shadow Blastoise! (46/46) (+10 Shadow Bonus)
Rick the Graveler! (25/25) (Boxed)
Boxie the Primeape! (28/28)
Cobra the Arbok! (30/30)
Roseblade the Nidoqueen! (50/50) (Equipped with Scope Lens for +5 level)
Splasher the Poliwag! (12/12) (Boxed)
Mic the Jigglypuff! (10/10) (Boxed)
Orbital the Voltorb! (13/13) (Boxed)
Soulvia the Haunter! (25/25) (Boxed)
Beta The Shiny Hypno! (26/26)
Skull the Cubone! (16/16) (Boxed)
Livewire the Pikachu! (10/10) (Boxed)
Typhoon the Pidgey! (5/5) (Boxed)
Twi-thri the Doduo! (13/13) (Boxed)
Coffee the Exeggcute! (16/16) (Boxed)
ThornBlade the Nidorino! (16/16) (Boxed)
Ninjuitsu the Scyther! (50/50)
Toxicity the Grimer! (14/14) (Boxed)
Paris the Oddish! (8/8) (Friend)
Johnson the Magikarp! (15/15) (Boxed)

Name: Markus
Trainer Class: Ace Trainer
Status: I am literally on the highway through hell. I didn't even deserve to wind up IN Hell first. WOW.
Points: 179
Points Spent: 683
Posts: 759
Points Ever Earned: 866
Items: Thunderstone (Unusable), Water Stone (Unusable), Everstone, Running Shoes, S.S. Anne Ticket, Survival Knife, 3-Ring Roughhouser's Guard's Clothes, Gas Suit, Scope Lens (+5, Equipped to Roseblade), Team Rocket Uniform, Great Ballx2, Rented Bike, Slip for 7-Point Bike, Super Rod
Badges: Boulder Badge! Cascade Badge! Thunder Badge! Rainbow Badge! Soul Badge!
Times Evolved:10
Evolved to Final Form:5
Pokedex Owned: 31 (Temporary Pokemon do not count)(Belt the Weepinbel does count. RIP Belt...)

Events: Encountered Geodude (Odd Capture, -8 points); Biker, Weezing and Rhydon Battle (WIN! no point deductions); Ecountered Mankey (Captured, -11); Evolved Rick into Graveler (-25); Defeated a Zubat (gained 2 points); Defeated a Rocket's Ekans (gained 3 points); Evolved Tsunami into Wartortle (-16); Kyurem wierdness (No reward for me...*sniffs*); Evolved Boxie into Primape (-28); Knocked out a Golbat (+5); Dredd gave me a Moon Stone (YES!); Got Revive and Running Shoes (FREE!); Battled Brock (-5, Earned Ekans!); Taught Primeape Mega Punch (I think. FREE!); Evolved Cobra into Arbok (-22); Leveled Up Cobra 8 Levels (-8); Knocked out a Beedrill (+3); Captured a Bellsprout (-8); Battling Bill the Flygon (-4 during battle, +10 for reward); Evolved Belt into Weepinbell (-21); Battled Misty (-8, FREE Poliwag!); Warped through time-space to battle Dark Dredd In the future. Not joking. (I guess that's what I'd say is a justification. Dredd asked me. +10); Paid for fishing Gear (-10); Apparently, fleeing costs money. (-15); Tunnel scene. Note to self, avoid tunnels. (N/A. No battles, No Pokes.); Evolved Tsunami into Blastoise (-36); Locked all PokeBalls sans Splasher's (Splasher is the only Poke on my team I can use, meaning.); Lost all my Pokemon, gained three replacements (A Lampent, a Wartortle, and a Cacturn, no cost); 3-Ringed Roughousers and hallucinations (Lost all Borrowed Pokemon, regaind all lost Pokes, -15); Battled Lt. Surge (-10, Earned Thunderstone!); Evolved Roseblade into Nidorina (-16); Max and Spikes (Suprisingly, no Battles!); Evolved Roseblade into Nidoqueen (-45, Moon Stone lost); Captured a Jigglypuff (-10); Won against Trainer Ed (+6); Battle against Trainer Sam (-1 for payment, +4 for winning); Captured a Voltorb (-13); Zapdos and Pokemon Tower (WTF?!?!?!); Captured a Gastly (-14); Beat back a Haunter (No point gain due to spending four and winning four); Beat back a Gengar (+9, FREE Everstone!); Con Artist(?) (-14 to 'purchase' Drowzee); Fainted (-Half of total Points=9); Belt is dead (WHAT. THE. F***?!?!?!); Caught a Cubone (-16); 'Operation Blastoff' (Whoop. Done with no prize.); Met Celebi (Now eternally confused as to the whatnots of what's going on with Entry; Beta-X is purified); Evolved Beta-X into Hypno (-26 Poitns); Bought a Scope Lens (-15); Evolved Soulvia into a Haunter (-25); Bought Great Ballx2 (-8); Leveled up Tsunami 10 levels (-20); Lunar Wing Hunt (Ongoing); Battled Erika (Debt of 15 to be paid later, -7 during the battle); Battled Three Pidgey (+6); Caught a Pidgey (-5); Repaid Debt to Erika (-15, Earned Pikachu!); KOed two Dodrio (+8); KOed a Biker's Muk and Grimer (+8); Caught a Doduo (-13); Saving Max's a** (Max is a pain in the a** as much as a pain to Rocket's a**es, pretty much the only reason he's alive); Safari Zone (DONE IT, DUDE!); Caught an Exeggcute in the Safari Zone (Used Safari Ball, -16); Caught a Nidorino in the Safari Zone (Used Safari Ball, -3); Caught a Scyther in the Safari Zone (Used Safari Ball, -27); Paid for catching a Slowpoke I never caught myself (-16); Storming the Rocket Base (We cannot afford a victory like that. But it's over.); Battled Fake Koga (-9 in battle, -20 for fees, Earned Grimer!); Battled Muk (-35 in battle, +3 for reward); Double Battled the two Bikers (+21); caught an Oddish (-8); Caught a Magikarp (-15); Dealing with Psychopaths (In Progress); took a Shadow Gyarados (50), Shadow Luxray (50), Shadow Vespiquen (40), Shadow Drapion (40), Shadow Ninetales (50), and Shadow Garchomp (60) as part of the plot (Temporaries, not to be Dexed unless Dredd feels the need to give me one as a reward for free, which is so totally gonna happen.); Tsunami is revealed to be a Shadow Mon...That's just so awesome. (Tsunami is now a Shadow Pokemon)

The Avatar is from 5TailedDemonLizard!

Houndour@4051: Hatch@4066, Houndoom@4123, Level100@4351.

The Nonexistant White Nuzlocke! BEHOLD IT AND DESPAIR!


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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All: Trainer Stats

Foxamivalth's Trainer Stats
Gotta Catch'em All

Total Points Earned: 3
Current Points: 3
Points Spent: 0




Banner by Pokemon Trainer Sarah

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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All: Trainer Stats

Cheerful Cherubi's Stats


Rafflesia | Bulbasaur | Female
Posts: 52

Scout | Pidgey | Male
Posts: 44

Vlad | Zubat | Male
Posts: 30

Digger | Sandshrew | Female
Posts: 5

Total Points Earned: 52

Points Spent: 22

Points Lost: 0

Current Points: 30


5/24/12: Began my journey.

5/25/12: Caught a Pidgey. (-5 points)

5/25/12: Caught a Zubat. (-8 points)

5/28/12: Caught a Sandshrew. (-9 points)



VPP WFL Trainer Record

Signature made by Foxamivalth!

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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All: Trainer Stats

5TailedDemonLizard's Stats


Great Ball - 2

Water Stone - 1

Thunder Stone - 1

Dome Fossil - 1


Boulder Badge

Cascade Badge

Thunder Badge

Rainbow Badge


Current Team

Kaze ~ Charizard ~ Female
Points: 51 (+ Charcoal)

Ithaca ~ Kangaskhan ~ Female
Points: 60

Finnigan ~ Pidgeot ~ Male
Points: 51 (+ Sharp Beak)

Geode ~ Golem ~ Male
Points: 50 (+ Hard Stone)

Skei ~ Hitmonlee ~ Male
Points: 45

Elara ~ Doduo ~ Female
Points: 13

Side Pokemon

Volt ~ Pikachu ~ Male
Points: 10


Pokemon In Box


Gnaw ~ Raticate ~ Male
Points: 25

Reina ~ Arbok ~ Female
Points: 32

Winston ~ Persian ~ Male
Points: 38

Alexa ~ Fearow ~ Female
Points: 30

Raiden ~ Poliwhirl ~ Male
Points: 25

Gage ~ Weepinbell ~ Male
Points: 21

Vex ~ Haunter ~ Male
Points: 25

Rei ~ Marowak ~ Female
Points: 28

Skeever ~ Sandslash ~ Male
Points: 22

Spark ~ Electrode ~ Male
Points: 30

Ode ~ Machoke ~ Male
Points: 28

Trion ~ Dugtrio ~ Male
Points: 26

Pinser ~ Kingler ~ Male
Points: 28

Flora ~ Gloom ~ Female
Points: 21

Tierra ~ Nidoqueen ~ Female
Points: 45

Raymond ~ Hypno ~ Male
Points: 36

Anastasia ~ Vulpix ~ Female
Points: 10

Teddiursa ~ Male
Belongs to Dredd

Missing/Dark Pokemon


Blue Team Posts

Red Team Posts


Points Spent/Taken


- Began Journey on 5/25/12
- Caught Finnigan (-5 Pts)
- Evolved Kaze (-16 Pts)
- Beat Brock (-5 Pts)
- Got Reina
- Battled Ekans (+3 Pts)
- Battled Koffing (+3 Pts)
- Battled Weepinbell (+4 Pts)
- Evolved Kaze (-36 Pts)
- Caught Tierra (-7 Pts)
- Caught Geode (-8 Pts)
- Evolved Geode (-25 Pts)
- Beat Rival Team 3 (-3 Pts, +15 Pts)
- Caught Oddish (-8 Pts)
- Evolved Finnigan (-18 Pts)
- Caught Meowth (-10 Pts)
- Participated in Red (+10 Pts)
- Beat Trainer Sarah (+6 Pts)
- Caught Trion (-11 Pts)
- Evolved Trion (-26 Pts)
- Evolved Winston (-28 Pts)
- Beat Lt. Surge (-10 Pts)
- Caught Drowzee (-14 Pts)
- Picked up Reina from Daycare (-9 Pts)
- Evolved Reina (-5 Pts)
- Evolved Finnigan (-36 Pts)
- Leveled Up Pokemon (-80 Pts)
- Beat Dredd (+16 Pts)
- Caught Krabby (-13 Pts)
- Evolved Pinser (-28 Pts)
- Beat Feraligatr (+7 Pts)
- Beat Sailor (+15 Pts)
- Beat Cress (-7 Pts)
- Beat Pidgey (+2 Pts)
- Caught Spearow (-7 Pts)
- Evolved a bunch of pokemon (-87 Pts)
- Beat Zombie Charizard (+5 Pts)
- Beat Jessie (-15 Pts)
- Caught Machop (-11 Pts)
- Caught Voltorb (-14 Pts)
- Evolved Voltorb (- 30 Pts)
- Evolved Tierra (-45 Pts, -Moon Stone)
- Caught Gastly (-14 Pts)
- Beat Haunters (+16 Pts)
- Caught Cubone (-16 Pts)
- Evolved Vex (-25 Pts)
- Caught Vulpix (-10 Pts)
- Caught Sandshrew (-9 Pts)
- Caught Bellsprout (-8 Pts)
- Evolved and leveled up a bunch of pokemon (-111 Pts)
- Evolved Geode (-45 Pts)
- Caught Hitmonlee (-35 Pts)
- Coin in Casino (+5 Pts)
- Got some pokestuff (-45 Pts)
- Beat Guards (+14 Pts)
- Beat Stacy (-15 Pts)


Total Pokedex Data: 42

# of Pokemon Caught (No Evolution): 21

# of Pokemon fully evolved: 12

Pokemon Obtained through other means: 2 (Ithaca and Teddiursa)

- Charmander
- Charmeleon
- Charizard

- Pidgey
- Pidgeotto
- Pidgeot

- Spearow
- Fearow

- Nidoran (F)
- Nidorina
- Nidoqueen

- Voltorb
- Electrode

- Ekans
- Arbok

- Meowth
- Persian

- Geodude
- Graveler
- ???

- Machop
- Machoke
- ???

- Poliwag
- Poliwhirl
- ???

- Kangaskhan

- Oddish
- Gloom
- ???

- Drowzee
- Hypno

- Diglett
- Dugtrio

- Krabby
- Kingler

- Sandshrew
- Sandslash

- Vulpix
- ???

- Cubone
- Marowak

- Bellsprout
- Weepinbell
- ???

- Gastly
- Haunter
- ???

(Non-Trainer Pokemon)
- Teddiursa


GCeA Blue|GCeA Silver

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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All: Trainer Stats

Blue stats
Pokemon in party:

Burny- Charizard - male
Points: 36

Rocky - Graveler(Male)Points:25

Zuey - Golbat(Male)Points:22

Drowzee(Female)Points: 14

Mr. Pincher - Kingler(Male)Points: 29

Pinsir - (Male)Points: 50

Pokemon in box:

Shellder - (Female)Points: 13

Fangs - Ekans(Male)Points:9 *(At Daycare)

Aerial Ace - Spearow(Female)Points: 7

Gassy - Nidorino(Male)Points: 16

Squirt - Poliwag(Male)Points: 12

Beat Pewter City Gym Leader Brock.
Rejoins Blue Team 8/28/2012
Recieves Pinsir as a gift 8/30/12
Beat Cress on a ship back to main land... recieves cascade badge.

Total points: 349
Total spent: 236
Current total: 113
Began Journey on... 5/20/12

Pokemon Captured (Total:-75)
(-8)Caught Geodude - Mt. Moon
(-8)Caught Zubat - Grassy Area!
(-7)Caught Nidoran - Grassy Area
(-5)Challenged and beat Pewter City Gym
(-13)Catches Shellder in sunk ship
(-13)Catches Krabby on beachy area
(-14)Catches Drowzee - Grassy Area
(-7) Catches Spearow in Grassy Area

Pokemon I Evolved (Total Points:-144)
(-52)Fully Evolving Charizard
(-25)Evoling Geodude to Graveler
(-16)Nidoran Egolving to Nidorino
(-22)Zubat Evovling to Golbat
(-29) Evolving Krabby to Kingler

Pokemon I got as a Gift
Recieves Ekans(level 9) as a gift
Receives Pinsir(level 50) as a Gift (8/30/12)
Receives Poliwag(Level 16) as a gift (9/11/2012)

Gym Battles (Total Points: -17)
(-5)Boulder Badge - Brock

(-4 to win)(-8 for badge)
Cascade Badge - Cress

Other Battles (+13 Points)
Beat Rival Twice
(+8 for battling Feraligatr)
(+5 for beating Zombie Charizard)

Other things to note
Rejoins Journey 8/28/2012

Revive X1, Water Stoon X1, Moon Stone X1

Gold Stats
Pokemon in party

Pokemon in box


Total Points: 4
Total spent points: 0
Current Points: 4



Met The group on 10/18/12

Pokemon Captured


Pokemon I evolved


Other Battles


Town Map X1,
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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All: Trainer Stats

Speed's GCA Stats
Trainer Name: Subayai
Team: Blue


Bubbles / Wartortle / M
(16 points | 36 to evolve)

Telly / Abra / F
(7 points | 16 to evolve)

Ace / Spearow / M
(7 points | 20 to evolve)

Payday / Meowth / M
(10 points | 28 to evolve)


PC Pokemon
Total Points Earned: 64
Total Points Spent: 50
Current Points On-Hand: 14
Event / Point Log
May 27, 2012: Started journey with Squirtle

May 28, 2012: Caught Abra (-7)

May 28, 2012: Beat Rocket Grunt (+10)

May 28, 2012: Evolved Squirtle (-16)

May 29, 2012: Paid 15 points for ??? (-15)

May 29, 2012: 5 point refund from / for ??? (+5 refund)

May 30, 2012: Caught Spearow (-7)

May 31, 2012: Caught Meowth (-10)
Post Log
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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All: Trainer Stats

Eti's Pokemon Blue GCA Stats:

~Current Party and Badge Case~

~Pokemon in rotation~

Bulbasaur | Male | Post of Capture | Creeper

Total earned: 8
Spent: 0
On hand: 8

~Event Log~
07/06/12: Received Bulbasaur and begun adventure.
08/06/12: Snorlax is blocking the road in the future!
09/06/12: Being chased by angry bakers in Viridian Forest in the past. Ordered to fire a Solarbeam on the Snorlax in the future.

~The Journey Thus Far~

~The Beginning~
~Strange Inhabitants~
~Time Shenanigans ~
~Ostentatious Officers and Angry Bakers~
~Defiance Denied~

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