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Old 03-30-2010, 03:57 AM
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Default Ways to make the game more fun/challenging

This is both a thread to share my ideas and for you to post yours. :)

For me, the games are not nearly as fun as they used to be when I was younger. Why? Because I've gotten older and learned what's effective and I find myself to just be, well, a little too good at this game. A lot of people must find themselves in the same boat as I see other people beat Heart Gold/Soul Silver in under a day or two like me. So, here's what I've been doing for, well, a few years now to add replay value and challenge to the game, enjoy.

The Mono-Type Challenge (Originally read about on Serebii, I believe)

Basically, the mono-type challenge involves picking one type and using only Pokemon of that type to beat the game. The challenge is considered "beaten" when you have all 16 badges and you beat Red.


1. You must only use Pokemon that have the type that you picked, dual types are OK.

2. You must catch the Pokemon in the game. You can't trade for them. You can not trade to evolve, either. You may make trades in-game. You can not trade for or hack extra items.

3. You are allowed to use a Pokemon that evolves into the type that you picked, but you must evolve it as soon as possible. Pokemon that need a trade to evolve do not count.

4. If your starter is not the type you picked, and a starter of that type is not available (your type isn't fire, grass, or water), you may use your starter, but must catch a Pokemon of the proper type at the first opportunity. After you have a proper Pokemon, you can not use your starter.

5. You may carry an extra Pokemon to use for HMs or other things like that, but you CAN NOT use it in battle if it is not your type.

Difficulty: Varies

It can be really hard if you pick a hard type, or really easy if you pick an easy type.

Easy Types: Water, Grass, Fire, Normal

Any types besides these give a level of difficulty which scales from mildly challenging and fun (Psychic, Poison, Flying) to very difficult or almost impossible (Ghost, Ice, Steel)

Baby Cup: Full Game Version

This gameplay style involves using only the lowest evolutions of Pokemon. It's very tough to play through with but ultimately very satisfying.


1. You can not evolve any Pokemon past the lowest available stage. Any Pokemon that tries to evolve must be stopped by pressing B.

2. You can not catch any Pokemon that is already evolved to an advanced stage.

3. The Pokemon you use must be ABLE to evolve. No one-stage Pokemon like Miltank. These Pokemon tend to have higher stats than most basic Pokemon and take away the challenge.

4. You can not trade for additional Pokemon or items.

Difficulty: Tough

You'll have to spend extra time making sure your Pokemon are high-enough level, and plan carefully to try and get super-effective hits on the highest number of types possible. You can't just rely on brute force to beat things down, you need to use strategy.

Tips: Use a variety of Pokemon types. Look up Pokemon on Serebii to figure out which ones have the best stats as basic Pokemon. Pick Pokemon that learn moves of several different types.

Random Egg Shuffle - Requires Friends, go make some if you don't have any?

Get a few friends together (3 or more recommended) and have everyone breed eggs. The following example uses 4 people but more can be used.

1. Person A, B, C, and D each breed 6 random eggs.

2. Each person trades 2 of their 6 eggs to each of the other 3 people, and it turns out as follows:

Person A has 2 B eggs, 2 C eggs, and 2 D eggs.
Person B has 2 A eggs, 2 C eggs, and 2 D eggs.
Person C has 2 A eggs, 2 B eggs, and 2 D eggs.
Person D has 2 A eggs, 2 B eggs, and 2 C eggs.

3. Each person hatches the eggs they've received and plays through the game using all 6 Pokemon.

Unfortunately this only works if you have friends in person, or have two DSes. Why? Because you can not Wi-Fi trade until you hit goldenrod city, and this is far too late to start a brand new level 1 team.. At least this is what I heard, correct me if I'm wrong?

If you have two DSes, you can receive the eggs on one game and then trade them LOCALLY to the new save file. You can do this any time after visiting Mr. Pokemon and beating the rival and that whole little starting thing.

It also requires each person to have two games at least. One to breed on, one to play on.


1. You must not use any Pokemon besides the Pokemon from the 6 eggs you received, once they hatch.

2. You are allowed to switch in extra Pokemon just to use HM moves, but ONLY if none of the Pokemon you received can learn that HM. You can not battle with the HM Pokemon.

3. No trading for extra items or extra Pokemon to use.

Difficulty: Varies

Really, it depends on what you get. You might get Sunkern, Kricketot, and Weedle. Or you might get Gible, Cyndaquil, and Elekid. Could be easy, could be hard, could be medium, it's a mystery. That's what's fun about it.

The One-Pokemon Challenge (from JentleViolence)

Play through the game using only your starter to battle!


1. You only get to use one Pokemon for all your battles throughout the game.

2. You are only allowed two other HM 'Supporters' on your team, but they are not allowed to fight.

3. You must skip all double battles (besides the gym leader double battle in R/S/E).

Difficulty: Varies

Probably easiest with Totodile since water is a good defensive type and he learns moves with great coverage (Crunch, Ice Fang, Water moves..), medium with Cyndaquil (Powerful but a little defensively weak, might die to water or rock Pokemon), and a bit tough with Chikorita (Will have trouble overpowering things, doesn't get very good coverage.. gets both physical and special moves but can't really make a good set with only one or the other on him..) and could be made even easier or harder by subbing in another Pokemon instead of your starter. For D/P/Pt I would say they are all about even, Chimchar is the strongest but is very frail, but Piplup gets awesome typing and is still decently strong, Turtwig might be the worst as it gets subpar typing with a 4x weak to ice, but is still defensively strong and gets a good STAB grass and ground.. It's probably around medium difficulty with any of them.

If you hack, you could pokesav a level 5 Pokemon with your ID/SID on the new game and "substitute" it for your starter Pokemon, or you can substitute one of the earliest Pokemon you can catch in-game, like Hoot-Hoot, Sentret, Pidgey, Caterpie/Weedle, Bellsprout, etc.

Does anyone else do anything like this? Or have any other ideas I can add? Please include your own "rules" and methods and I'll add them to the top here. :)

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Default Re: Ways to make the game more fun/challenging

Haha, these are so unique! I love the idea of the Mono-Type Challenge. I'd feel like a gym leader. xD

Have you heard of the One Pokemon Challenge? :o Rules:

1. You only get to use one Pokemon for all your battles throughout the game (so it'll be one of your starter Pokemon at the beginning of the game.)

2. You are only allowed two other HM 'Supporters' on your team, but they are not allowed to fight.

3. You must skip all double battles (besides the gym leader double battle in R/S/E).
Old 03-30-2010, 07:58 AM
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Default Re: Ways to make the game more fun/challenging

Hehe, I'll make one...

1-Hit KO Challange

1. Your starter starts at Lvl 20
2. Any Trainer owned Pokémon you fight must be knocked out in one hit, or your Pokémon will faint.
Old 03-30-2010, 12:17 PM
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Default Re: Ways to make the game more fun/challenging

I saw this on smogon a couple of days back, looks like a challenging way of playing the game through:

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Default Re: Ways to make the game more fun/challenging

i have been thinking of having this rule that you can never use the pokemon center, thats my only rule but i think its pretty chalenging

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Default Re: Ways to make the game more fun/challenging

I made up a run.

It's called the Donn Run.

1. You can't catch any legendaries.
2. Your starter must be a Donphan.
3. You can't enter a pokecenter. If you do, you die.
4. Your pokemon can only learn moves of it's type(s)
5. Only one pokemon can face a gym leader. If that pokemon faints, you can't win.


Criminal Run:


1. Your starter depends on what team your on: Rocket: Zubat
Magma: Poochyena
Galactic: Stunky
Plasma:Patrat or Purrloin
2. You can only catch pokemon of your team. Rocket: Poison
Aqua: Water and Ice
Magma: Fire, Rock, Ground
Galactic: Poison, Bug, Dark
Plasma: Normal, Dark, Bug, poison

3. If you see a pokemon that you like that your team permits you able to catch, use cheats or hacks.
Old 07-17-2012, 02:20 AM
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Default Re: Ways to make the game more fun/challenging

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