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Default Project 5U93RHUM4N [Limited slots]

Project 5U93RHUM4N

They said it was a breakthrough. They said it would change the average lives of every person on the planet. However, it was still in its BETA stages, and the effects were only measured in that of animals; surprisingly, all of them had proven successful; no permanent side-effects that were painful or detrimental to the subject's health. The next logical step would be to go up on the intelligence scale and start with humans.

They needed volunteers. They hung up flyers and posters, advertising this experiment. Only the most fit and eligible patients were allowed; no health--mental or physical--disabilities. Even after they had proven they had no inefficiencies, they still had to go through meticulous tests and physical exams. Out of the hundreds of thousands that volunteered, only six were given the green light.

These experiments were allegedly supposed to give each person it was subjected to, unnatural powers and abilities. And each injection wielded different results from each of the six patients.

Each of the six patients were brought to a secret military base on a remote island near Micronesia in the Pacific, to ensure safety for their experiments, and to protect the rest of the world in case of any... unfortunate accidents. Each patient was then brought to a separate, closed off laboratory to ensure that any unfortunate accidents were sealed off from the rest of the base. But still, they didn't know how the injections would affect each individual patient, so doing this could have either been a brilliant one, or one of great futility.

The experiments were applied, and everything went out nicely... until one of the volunteer's side-effects were something rather... destructive. Destroying the entire lab room, though, fortunately that section of the base had withstood the explosive powers of this patient. However, no vitals were reported after the initial shock of the transpiration that had occurred. No heart rate seemed to be present, same for the breathing. They stored the corpse at the morgue, and left it there.

The others were detained for analysis of their powers. It has been many weeks since their arrival. They only know of the other patients because of eavesdropping of scientists' conversations and by passing by them in the hallways, but were prohibited from interacting with them.

Now, each of the patients have discovered, through one mean or another, that the scientists lied about the reason behind subjecting them to these experiments. They want to lobotomise them, and use them as their personal army. They will have none of this and a separate escape has been calculated and planned out by each—now dubbing themselves—Target. Now, your job: escape from your part of the facility, find the other patients and find a way off the island without attracting more attention or further incarceration; which may lead to... more extreme consequences.

Fort Iridescence

As mentioned before, the captives are detained upon a classified military base in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, a few hundred miles off from Micronesia; so essentially in the middle of the ocean. Far away and isolated, it is difficult to find let alone get to. The whole island is not shown on a map, and even seems impossible to find even when pointed in the right direction. Almost as if the whole island has a cloaking device, hiding it from all potential threats. And essentially, it does, except for a few minor details. As it's name suggests, it sounds as if it would shine off different colours depending upon the angle it is viewed from. But not quite. Depending upon the angle, the base is completely invisible, even the island is unable to be seen.

The base itself occupies a majority of the island. It has a centre facility and many halls, and smaller, more numerous facility that study various fields of science from biology (zoology/botany), geology, vulcanology, to hydrology.
There is also a harbour at the northern part of the island, at the edge of Demon Bay. A morgue is at the northern portion as well, outlooking the ocean. Six experimentation laboratories; one of which is empty, and greatly damaged. Each of these labs specialising in various scientific fields.
There are various facilities that surround Mount Hephaestus, two are on Lake of Yang, three that are in a clearing of Ibarra Forest.


Mount Hephaestus: A heavily dormant cone volcano that shows little to absolutely no sign of erupting any time this century. However, earthquakes are common—minor ones, though (even though they can vary)—and the facilities all around the island are built to withstand the tremors.

Demon Bay: A small, relatively shallow bat that, as its name might suggest, contains a menagerie of vicious animals including a wide variety of bloodthirsty fish (they are fed with the dead bodies of experiments-gone-wrong, and deceased animals; none of which contain any chemicals that might be detrimental to the environment or the animals).

Maelstrom Bay: Nothing lives here, as the currents are so violent; which have even created an extremely dangerous whirlpool. There is, however, a singular hydrology/oceanography lab that is on the shore to study the water and currents.

Ibara Forest: A very active, deciduous forest. Not necessarily a tropical jungle, but still very damp and has frequent light showers. A large variety of tropical-inhabiting creatures live here; most were brought to be studied in a naturalistic habitat. A great variety of plant-life thrives here as well, including many ferns, and other plants that were once thought to be extinct. However, a lot of them are not like the ferns or plants we know from the Unite States; a lot of these plants have incredibly sharp thorns and spines.

Lake of Yang: An oddly shaped hydronym that looks similar to a teardrop. Coupled with the island in the main part of it, it looks extremely similar to that of the “yang” part of the Chinese philosophical symbol. A large variety of animal and plant-life live here. Many small tributaries and creeks connect the lake to the ocean.

Important Buildings

The Central Institution: This is where the main activities of the whole base transpire. Where the meetings are held, where the reception is at that make frequent radio contact with the US, and that regulate the flow of supply and transport ships coming and going from the harbour.
It has various rooms full of preserved of a great variety of different animal and plant specimens; even where educational classes are held for aspiring or new scientists. A “hall of fame” is also there that show all the honorific scientists that have graces the halls of the base.
The stealth-field generator is also kept here, behind a locked door that only the higher powers may access, and even if one were to get through the door, the generator is kept even safer behind a series of booby traps that can only be disabled by physical identification and a seven-character code.

Harbour: As its name suggests, it's a harbour. It's right on the shore of Demon Bay, and it regulates the in-and-out flow of oceanic traffic of transportation, supply, and cargo ships.

Experimentation Laboratories
These labs are where the “Targets” were sent to be subjected to the experiments. The first three labs deal with the physical bodies of the human, and the Targets kept there will have some physical ability. The next two deal with nature (water, earth, plant/animal-life, etc.) and the Targets kept there will have some for of power dealing with nature or relating to. Then, the last one is the destroyed lab that dealt with the entire branch of physics.

Experiment Lab #1: This lab deals with the complete nervous system of the human. This lab deals with how and why the human brain and nervous system work the way it does and the scientists here have extensive knowledge of every part of the brain. The Target that was held here has some sort of side-effects dealing with their brain; most likely personality disorder of some sort. Their power deals with the mind; some form of cerebral ability or another, or even just an advancement in IQ to an impossible degree.

Experiment Lab #2: This lab deals with the muscular system of the human. This lab deals with the way the muscles function, and how and why they do. The scientists here have extensive knowledge of every muscle in the human body, and how each one works in each way it can. The Target that was held here has some form of muscular side-effect, like spasms and other involuntary movement. Their power deals with the muscles; super-strength, super-speed, or some over form of physical abilities.

Experiment Lab #3: This lab deals with the integumentary system of the human. This lab deals with the way the skin, hair, and nails grow, function and their makeup. These scientists have studied intimately this particular system in the way that the different parts work and help the body. The Target here has some sort of disability in this field like thin hair, discoloured nails or skin, or sensitive skin. Their powers deal with this system, including manipulation of their hair, skin, and nails, changing the thickness, strength, and texture.

Experiment Lab #4: This lab is filled with all forms of hydrologists. These men and women have many years of experience in this field, and are the most renowned experts in the Earth bodies of water, and just water in general (it's makeup, qualities, pros/cons, etc.). The Target in this lab may have some strong affinity to water, to an dependent level, almost. Their powers may lie in synchronisation with water, hydrokinesis, or something else entirely.

Experiment Lab #5: This lab is filled with all forms of botanists and zoologists. These people are the most renowned of scientists in the area of plants and animals; their life-cycles, reproductions, and anatomies. This Target may have powers in one field or the other, maybe even a slight combination in both. But this person may have a solar-dependency disorder, or have very primal—animalistic almost—thoughts, and actions. Their powers may lie in chlorokinesis, or some form of animal communication or the imitation of certain animal qualities and/or abilities; maybe even given certain qualities and bodyparts.

Experiment Lab #6: This lab is the one that was ultimately destroyed, and where the sixth and final Target “died”. The lab dealt with physics, and all forms of, from metaphysics, to kinetics, radiophysics, and otherwise. This Target had a very destructive reaction to the injection, and even seemed to have an ability relating to kinetics. The final Target is currently in the morgue, and is scheduled to be dumped in Demon Bay as fish food.

Originally Posted by Rules of the land
  • General PE2K rules apply, of course.
  • No god-modding (bunnying, overpowering, etc.). You will be annihilated.
  • Use chatspeak or bad grammar/punctuation in your IC and I shall punt you to the outer regions of reality.
  • If you can't reply, tell me. In here. If you make an entirely OOC reply in the main RP thread, I will destroy you.
  • Don't argue with me. I will win.
  • If you wanna argue with another member, take it to the PMs
  • Please, don't be too god-awfully inappropriate
  • If I didn't confirm that you have been accepted, don't post.
  • Each reply must be must be between two and three paragraphs. No less.
  • No one below the age of 12 may join. Blood, potential gore, potential for minor nudity (no shirts, pants, etc.); potential for hints of homosexuality.
  • If you want a subplot, or side-story, please PM me with the details
  • In order to be accepted, two things must be in the post: a sufficient RP sample (samples from other forums are acceptable), and the password (the name of the volcano, lake, and forest). If you wish to reserve a spot, an RP sample must be given in advance.
  • Please try and refrain from making your character's powers ridiculously powerful. I will ask you to tone it down if I find it to be too strong. Don't want to? GTFO.
  • You have a limited amount of chances. Three strikes, you're out.
  • One character per member, and after all six places are taken, I'm closing the signups.
I implore that you interact with my GPX+ team.

Representing Global Trade Station Plus in the Second Forum War.

"Don't hide yourself in regret, just love yourself and you're set." From Lady Gaga's Born This Way

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