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Default Myth: God's Eye (Chapter Six up!)


Myth is my brainchild I created a while ago, originally a crossover of Pokemon, Digimon, Redwall, Norse, Egyptian, Greek, and Arthurian mythology. It told the stories of countless characters. I wanted to write it, and it was all planned out, but like all stories I lost interest...

Until a while later I decided to reboot it, this time taking out Redwall (it didn't fit with the overall theme, and I had lost interest :P) and added on more books, a better plot, but once again I got bored, and gave up, once again.

However, I have decided to ultimately do this once again, adding in Dragon Quest (I wanted to take out Digimon, but they are too essential to the story) and taking out the Arthurian legend (I don't know enough of it) making this altogether a crossover of Pokemon, Digimon, Dragon Quest, Norse, Greek, and Egyptian mythology. So without further ado, I present Myth: God's Eye.


Chapter One - Ventri
Chapter Two - Wadget and Litai
Chapter Three - Erinn
Chapter Four - Friend
Chapter Five - Party of Four
Chapter Six - What Was Lost

A note: There are spoilers from Dragon Quest 9 in here, so you have been warned.
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Default Re: Myth: God's Eye


<How long has it been since our worlds fused now? Two years?>

<Yes. Us beings known as Pokemon clashed into your Land of Gods, the creatures known as Digimon crashed into a great land where the Celestrians rule, and altogether those four realities crashed together into a new world>

<Ah yes. Thank you, Mewtwo>

<You're quite welcome, Athena.>

<And already the peoples of each world are talking with each other, learning from each other>

<Remember, however, that there is a problem with this entire set-up>

<And what is that?>

<With so many supposed all-powerful deities, monsters, and such, there's always going to be a war>

<There has to be times of peace. There are always lulls between the fighting>

<True, there will be lulls. But look at all of us. There are gods, Pokemon, Slimes, giant fire breathing dragons on all sides. We're all so different. Difference sparks suspicion. Suspicion sparks hostility. Hostility sparks violence. Violence sparks war>

<There has to be a long-term peace at some point. There will be, eventually>

<Oh, Goddess of Knowledge, you know so much, but at the same time so little>

* * *

Ventri's chocolate-colored spikes bristled, as deep black eyes closed in frustration. His claws were moving, animated in anticipation of the failure that was expected, hearing the ice melt, his sharp ears listening as the frozen liquid cracked as the flames licked it, destroyed it. The Sandslash opened his eyes once again, looking at the puddle just on the other side of the glass wall, small water droplets falling off the small stone table. He turned towards the creature that had shot the fire. It was an orange dragon, its stomach cream, its wings dark blue. The tip of its tail was on fire, but it did not hurt it, on the contrary if it went out the creature would be severely weakened, even die. Its head was horned, and there was a look of disappointment on its face. A Charizard, and she had just used a Flamethrower attack on the hunk of ice for the experiment.

“It didn't work, Ventri,” the Charizard said, coming out of the stone-walled room to the wooden main lab.

“I know, Litai,” the Sandslash replied, “How many more enchantments do we have left?”

“Around 14,” Litai said, opening the Egyptian spell scroll they were using, “And we're already pretty tired. I don't think we'll be able to use another if we fail again.”

Ventri sighed, “What's our best option?”

He watched as the Charizard looked carefully at the hundreds of spells in the scroll, muttering inaudibly, sometimes growling, and finally pointed at a small hieroglyph near the end.

“This,” she said, “Apparently its a fire protection spell, the third in this scroll,” she looked up at her friend, “I don't know, Ventri. We've been at this all week, and not one spell has worked. I'm starting to think we got a phony.”

“Why?” the Sandslash replied, “There's absolutely no reason for it to be a fraud.”

“Ventri the Sandslash,” Litai said with a laugh, “Always trying to find the good in everything, even to the point of naivety. Trust me, friend, that scroll you bought was from a traveling Ogremon. And don't think I didn't see you,” at this, she put up her hand to silence the protesting Pokemon, “I was there, nearby, watching you. Where did this Ogremon say he was from?”

“Athens,” Ventri said, his black eyes squinted in defense.

“They all do,” the Charizard snorted, “How long have you been here, at Angel Falls? The entire two years? You've been a fool for that.”

“I haven't been a fool,” the Sandslash hissed, “I've been researching the pure waters here, seeing their resistance to heat when frozen, its healing properties... it could be a big help.”

“And while you've been doing that,” the Charizard replied, “I've been flying across, finding new places, new friends. There's Erinn at Stornway, who's very easy to get long with, and Stornway's only a day walk from here. But still you refuse to leave this boring little village, shunned even by the priests!”

Ventri was now hissing quietly, as the words Litai shouted at him went into his stomach, and burned. The Sandslash knew he should go explore the world, find new things, but he was so much a homebody. Angel Falls had been his only other home he knew of, after the Great Fusion, in which his old home, the deserts of Orre, had been destroyed. As a result, he made the pretty little village his home, quickly building a house in the short two years and studying the water.

“Face it, Ventri,” Litai said, “back in Orre you were one of the most respected individuals, even if you were a hermit,” the Charizard watched her friend hiss more, “But now you're just another victim of the Fusion. And victim you will be, with Tartarus weakening.”

“Get out, Litai,” the Sandslash said, quietly, barely concealing his rage, “Go home. We've done enough work for today.

Litai looked at Ventri with a look of pity, anger, and above all disappointment. Then she turned around and went out the door, flying away.

Ventri knew she would go to her small home on top of the waterfall, a tiny cave that she could barely fit in.

The Sandslash knew that he shouldn't have lost his temper like he did. A deep lump had already developed in his chest. He decided to apologize to her, but it was night out now. He and Litai had been worked far into the night. The yellow Pokemon decided to go to bed. Leaving the lit-up house he had just been in, he headed towards his home next to the inn.

He was almost at the house, a small shed practically, with a simple pillow for a bed. It wasn't illuminated at all, as it was made of wood, and the ground was very dry. The windows had no glass, and the door was only a large bark face torn from a tree, hammered strategically into the house.

Ventri walked into the house, sighing heavily, as the weight in his chest had deepened into an almost unbearable burden. Closing the door, he had too much on his mind to notice the hot breath, the hissing, behind his back.
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Default Re: Myth: God's Eye

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Default Re: Myth: God's Eye

Reserve, you may now post
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Default Re: Myth: God's Eye

Chapter Two is up:

Wadget and Litai

<The thing I find most annoying about the rules of this new world is the separation of the races into the distinct classes, Man and Mon>

<How does this annoy you?>

<Well, being a Goddess of my power, I am classed in the Man category, along with the lowly beings that worship us, that were made from clay>

<At least the Celestrians are with you>

<What, those children of a great tree? >

<As for me, I was created purely by greed.>


<Indeed. I was to born from a cell from Mew and Arceus combined, the last child of both>


<Yes. Mew's children were the Pokemon themselves, Arceus the masters of time, space, emotions, willpower...>

<So concepts.>

<Indeed. How were you created?

<I sprang fully formed from my father's head>

<A wonder how he survived that>

<We're gods, Mewtwo. To Zeus it was like getting a particularly gruesome cut. Nothing bad>

* * *

Ventri ducked, watching in the dark as the Wadget blasted through the poor excuse of a door, smashing into the moonlight.

The hissing was more annoyed now, turning. The moonlight hid the snake's details, but the Sandslash could see its silhouette, that of a large king cobra, bat-like wings attached to the frill flapping wildly to keep the intimidating hood from falling. It was easily the size of a human, as it lunged at Ventri again.

Sidestepping, the Mouse Pokemon realized he was in a bad position for escaping. The Wadget's body easily took up most of the small shed, and Ventri was pressed against the wall, looking wildly for the giant circle that was the frill, so he could identify where the head was.

In the darkness, however, it was hard, even with his sharp eyes. He had to escape, to get help...

And suddenly he knew, as he found the head in those two seconds of thought, what to do. Summoning the power he had locked up in his body ages ago, he unleashed an attack for the first time in two years.

The ground was already muddy, what with the humidity and sweating, but it seemed to melt into the earth, grass getting swallowed up as the Sand Tomb slowly absorbed the Wadget, who screeched in protest. It watched as its prey, quick on its feet, ran out the destroyed door, sprinting.

Acid suddenly struck the spikes on Ventri's back, causing him to yelp in pain. It was surprising, and the Sandslash tripped and fell. He used it to his advantage quickly by rolling into a ball, protecting himself. It had helped him when he lived in Orre's deserts, and he started wheeling forward. He didn't know where he was going, as he detected changes in the enemy's movements through the earth.

It didn't work, however, as the Wadget's acid saliva could penetrate the brown spikes easily. Indeed, he could feel his back stinging horribly as he rolled.

He hit a wall, and uncurled. He had struck the house where Erinn used to live. Now her grandfather resided there, living out his days. Ventri had thought he felt bumps as he had rolled uphill. The Wadget's hissing was as loud as ever, and now townspeople were waking up from their dreary states and slowly getting up.

The giant cobra had worked itself loose from the earth, using immense strength along with poison. It was slithering now, its frill on the ground, not flapping its wings now.

There were no guards at Angel Falls, for there was never a need to use them. Celestrians had always protected it, but with the Great Fusion they were too busy rebuilding and getting their lives back together. There were no guardians now, and Litai was having to fight any monsters that came in.

Litai. She could help. She lived holed up at the top of the waterfall. He needed to get up there.

The Wadget had him cornered, coiling to strike, its wings flapping maniacally to keep its head up. Nevertheless its aim would be deadly and true. He had to attack, to do something...

And he knew. The snake struck, suddenly bouncing back several feet, down the hill, next to the well. The Mouse Pokemon smiled, as he had used a move he could only learn as a child, thus deeming it an 'Egg Move.' His father had, long ago, taught him the move 'Counter' when he was only three. It had worked quite well, as the Wadget was struggling to get up from the wound, its wings were no longer flapping due to the surprise Counter.

But it was soon up, hissing angrily, about to spit venom. Ventri's eyes widened.

The acid struck him in the left eye. He screeched in pain, the poison eating away at his deep eye, his deep, knowing eye. He collapsed in pain, tears coming from his damaged eye, out of pain and panic.

Suddenly he felt something caressing his injured, melted eye. He looked up with his right, and saw a dim silhouette, a flame on the tail...

Litai was there, the crushed remains of a pink Pecha and blue Oran Berry in her claws. The Pecha Berry had stopped the venom, and the Oran Berry had already caused the gruesome would to glaze over. The pain had stopped, and Ventri looked up at the magnificent sight that was Litai, looking at the Sandslash with sadness at the eye, and relief as well.

“Litai...” Ventri said, his voice a bit slurred, but then he fell unconscious, exhausted.

The Charizard put the Sandslash down, her friend Ivor, the mayor's son, beside her.

“Keep watch,” Litai told Ivor, before she flew at the Wadget, who was being harassed by guards. She smashed headlong right into the snake, using a move she had learned long ago, as a Charmander, the Dragon Claw.

She tore at the hard scales of the monster, managing to injure the middle of its body, blood sleeking down its side. But the Charizard was pushed back by a sudden blow from the Wadget's head, as it hissed. Its tail then whipped her across the chest, making her yelp in pain as the stinging erupted across her body. She quickly sidestepped the acid that was spat at her, then she flew up, fire rising up her throat, into her jaws. She unleashed the flames, blasting them at her enemy, which looked up at the great orange dragon and her attack with fear.

Until it slithered forward, away from the flames, which caught its tail. Hissing in pain, it looked up, and spat.

A Charizard, to keep in the air, needs both wings in perfect condition to keep its massive bulk in the air. If one wing is incapacitated, then the dragon will fall. Whether it was aim or luck, the acid bit right into Litai's left wing. She roared in agony, plummeting to the earth, right by the lake that held the waterfall.

She got up, wincing as she inspected her right arm, which was hanging uselessly at her side. Then she rose, but instantly went back down again as the Wadget's head zipped right over, its wings beating, and pulled it back as if its body were a fencing sword.

Litai knew it was open, so she used her right wing and batted the Wadget away. In this time, she looked at her left wing, the one that was hit by the acid, and instantly felt the need to regurgitate.

What was once her wing was nothing but an orange and white crooked staff that jutted from her back. The membranes were completely gone, those beautiful citrus scales reduced to nothing but mucus, the green acid from the Wadget still doing its work.

The Wadget took its chance, its jaw unhooking from the rest of its head. Its fangs sliced through Litai's throat as it grappled onto her neck, wrapping itself, its wings stopping and retreating back behind the frill.

The venom coursed through her veins, and Litai struggled a bit, hugging the body of the snake wrapped around her, then fell to the ground.

Ivor suddenly came in, his sword drawn. The Wadget was trying to get out, but the single arm pinning it to the body was strong, and had been toughened by years of fighting. It was surprised as Ivor brought the blade down on the frill, cutting it in two.
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Default Re: Myth: God's Eye (Chapter Three up!)

Alright, guys. I don't know if you're reading this, but chapter three is up:



And as he looked into Serena's eyes, he knew of the errors of his ways. All this pain and suffering he had caused. His eyes strayed into his heart, for the longest time believing it had nothing but hatred. What he saw was guilt at helping to destroy the Hero of the Heavens, of reviving the Gittish Empire of long before, causing them to enslave innocent mortals. At how he, once a respected and beloved Celestrian had actually thought of destroying the land of mortalkind. But looking at his Serena, her ghostly beauty, he knew he could not do such a thing. His demonic form had been shed as soon as he saw her, once more returning to his angelic body, his true body.

But he knew he could not last. That battle with the Celestrian-turned-mortal, it had weakened him greatly. Even now his body was degrading. He looked at Serena with sad eyes, asking for forgiveness. Serena watched all of his emotions play out in his face, a look of love and mercy in her face. She would go with him, up to join Zenus, the Almighty, the god he had slain. He flapped his wings, looking at his killer, with happiness and a look of thanks on his face.

“It is time to go,” whether he heard this from Serena, or he was speaking from his fading lips, he did not know.

With one last burst, he flapped his wings up, carrying his love with him, up into the glowing light above.

-Excerpt from Corvus, by Oreh of the Angelborn

* * *

The warrior who stepped up to the desk was not unlike many of the beings who walked into the Quester's Rest. He was obviously Greek, but his skin was pale, practically blue, like ice. Purple wings were folded onto his back, and he was wearing armor. His hair was long, surprisingly jet black, hanging below his shoulders. He had a tired look on his face, and Erinn, the owner of the inn the newcomer was in, was there to greet him.

He came up to her, and she spoke.

“Welcome to the Quester's Rest, a place to rest your weary head! Rooms are 12 coins a night. Would you like one?”

The warrior looked at her. Of course, Erinn thought, her head burning a bit from embarrassment and the heat from the orange bandanna tied around her head, the Greeks are still not used to the fact that women in our world are just as respected as men.

Finally, the warrior spoke. “I am Calais, Son of Boreal,” he said, “Who was the North Wind.”

“Was...?” Erinn looked confused.

“It is nothing,” Calais replied, “I would like a room.”

“That will be 12 gold, please.”

The Demigod looked around, a small look of panic in his eyes. Erinn realized suddenly he had no money.

“It's alright, Calais,” she said, “I'll let you have this night free.”

“No,” Calais replied, “I will not shame you by doing so,” he took out a drachma, the currency of Greece, “Will this suffice?”

Erinn stared at him, looking down at the drachma. Yes, it would suffice. It would greatly suffice, she guessed. The drachma was considered incredibly rare in these parts, even if it was common in Greece.

“Yes,” the innkeeper said, “That will do.”

Calais smiled, an icy grin that sent chills down Erinn's spine. She smiled back, and the warrior walked away, up the stairs, and to his room.

“Nearly a full house,” Erinn said to Patty, the smile still on her face.

Patty just looked at her, in her observing manner, staring at the young innkeeper, her dark blue hair an a pony-tail to keep from going into her face. Patty's turquoise eyes practically pierced Erinn's soul, as she used had so many times when she wanted to decide new friends for any visitors who chose to travel in a party.

“Yes,” Patty finally said, then she turned back and looked at the customers having a drink.

Sellma was busy talking with a customer, her blond hair tied into curls as usual. Her green dress had been slightly dirtied by a traveling Koffing, the purple floating orb laughing the smoke out of it with a Veedramon, the humanoid dragon towering over the rest of the room.

A Jynx and a soldier from Stornway who was off-duty were playing cards in the corner, both staring at the table, making sure the other didn't see there hand. The soldier finally laid down his hand, sighing deeply, as the Jynx smiled, her purple face slightly blushing (as she had not played before.)

Suddenly there was an eruption as an Ogremon grabbed a Ditto angrily, squishing the small creature. The creature oozed between the Champion-level Digimon's grimy hands, its smile manipulated into a frown. The Ogremon itself was a giant monster, a green, hairless gorilla. It had orange hair, long, with a huge mouth full of teeth. It only wore leather shorts, and it usually carried a giant bone as a bludgeoning instrument.

The creature walked over to the desk, slamming the Ditto onto the desk, causing many cracks to appear on the wood.

“This little Pokeman is stealing my drink!” the Ogremon roared, “I want another!”

“Were you?” Erinn asked the small, purple blob that was the Ditto.

“No,” the Ditto said, a smile on its face.

That was the problem with this one, a common visitor to the bar, but not the inn. His name was Ubit, a small-time crook, who a month ago found his way to the Quester's Rest, and discovered Zoomshine, a drink discovered at the beginning of the Great Fusion. He loved it, Ubit did, and since he was a Ditto he could weasel his way into drunk customer's drinks, and he never needed to pay.

But Erinn knew he had been slipping his way into the Ogremon's cup. She had been watching him all day, taking note of when the Ogremon looked away, when he showed signs of intoxication.

The Ogremon himself was obviously dangerous, as he was enraged, strong, and not right in the head. Erinn also saw that when Ubit spoke to her, lying flat across the desk, a small bubble popped out of his mouth, the sign of ingesting a lot of Zoomshine.

“Sellma, can you get this Ogremon a drink?” Erinn asked her friend.

Sellma, although technically not an employee (she leased a small space in the inn) did favors to help repay Erinn's generosity at letting her lease the inn per month. She nodded, grabbing a new cup and getting some more Zoomshine.

Meanwhile, the innkeeper to the Quester's Rest peeled Ubit off the table and walked out the backdoor. The Ditto protested, squirming around, trying to transform into something to escape. Erinn plopped him outside, away from the door, in a lighter spot so she could see him.

“That's it, Ubit.”

“Erinn, Erinn,” Ubit said, “What's all this for?”

“I've put up with your antics long enough, Ubit.”

“What do you mean?”

“Ubit,” Erinn brought her face close to the foot-high Pokemon, “The Quester's Rest is well-known for having a clean environment and not having any tolerance for crime. Now I know you've been here the last month, but you've been paying for the drinks to get off for getting in trouble, but today is the last straw. You've gone and made a good customer angry.”

“I don't think it's justified to call an Ogremon a 'good cust'-”

“Everyone who is honest in the Quester's Rest is a good customer, Ubit. You are not a good customer. So get out of here, out of Stornway, maybe. Just don't let me see you again.”

“Now, Erinn-”


The Ditto looked at Erinn with a look of mock apology, then squished its way off.

When she went back inside, Sellma was smiling at her with pride.

“Way to tell him off, Erinn,” she said, “It's about time that moron was kicked out.”

“I guess,” Erinn said, giggling, “It felt good to do that.”

Sellma laughed, when they heard a noise outside. It was the screaming of a Zoom spell, and in a bolt of light blue, a little ways away from the shop a customer came down. He was dressed in white armor, which completely covered his body except for the head, which revealed his long brown-gray hair (which went down to just above his shoulders), his blank face that hid a warrior inside his soul. The tattered remains of a red cape hung from the back of the armor, long ago torn away in some terrible battle. Long ago, when the stars started falling one night, he said he had been battling a dangerous enemy, but he had just left it at that.

“Well,” Erinn said, “If it isn't Oreh. How is my favorite customer?”

“You say that to everyone, Erinn,” Oreh said, smiling, “but I'll take the compliment. I'd like a room, please.”

“Lucky you,” Erinn replied, “It's the last one. I'll give you a special staff rate, naturally. That'll be three coins, please.”

Oreh handed her the money. Erinn noticed something.

“Oreh,” she asked her friend, “Why is your hand shaking like that?”

“Just an old injury,” Oreh replied, grimacing slightly, but quickly hiding it with a smile, “Little scrap I had a while ago.”

Erinn could tell that it wasn't from a scrap, the way he hid the wound away with an overly cheery demeanor. But she didn't way anything, however, merely accepting the money with a slightly suspicious look on her face.

Oreh walked away, up to his room. It was a nice little place, just cleaned, the wood gleaming slightly from Erinn's hard work. The bed was easily comfortable enough, and a small table was next to it.

Oreh looked at his hand, that wound he had sustained so long ago, in a fight...

The Angelborn quickly shook the image of the battle away, when he had lost his teacher, Aquila, so long ago in Gittia, at the top of the tower.

And now he was alone. His brethren, the Celestrians, were all congregated at the Observatory in the west, floating in the middle of the ocean, the children of Celestria unable to leave lest their once angelic home break apart. He was the only one allowed to travel the world, alone, no companion to help him in his endless quest of protecting the world. The only friends who knew who he truly was were gone, unable to be spotted. All thought the train that had once glimmered in the sky destroyed, its inhabitants disappearing at the beginning of the Great Fusion, like all the worlds involved in the cataclysm.

But the train, the Starflight Express, could not have been caught up in the destruction that had razed every world, erasing entire continents and stitching the remainder into one world. It was too fast, the conductor too skilled to be able to be swallowed up. Somewhere, he knew, his friends were waiting, waiting for them to find them.

Suddenly there was a particularly loud clamor outside, and the main lobby downstairs went silent. There was suddenly yelling, panicked. Oreh ran down, interested.

If it wasn't Ivor, the innkeeper from Angel Falls. He was wearing his chain-mail, the only set of armor he owned, a sword at his side, dirt covering his face. He obviously was tired, and a cut was on his arm, the light red liquid pulsing, barely discernible to the darker red over-shirt that he wore over the chain-mail. He was carrying a Pokemon, a sand-yellow shrew, brown spikes covering his back, a white belly. What made Oreh's stomach jump, however, was the Pokemon's left eye.

It was gone, a white patch covering it, pink and blue goo dripping slowly out (crushed berries, no doubt, Oreh thought.) The Pokemon itself was unconscious, exhausted from the wound.

“A Wadget attack him last night,” Ivor said hurriedly, “We need someone to help us, because no one in Angel Falls was a very good healer. He won't live long now.”

Spell circles crossed themselves around Oreh, the sound of magic being heard in the room. A bright green shot came from the Angelborn's hand, engulfing the Pokemon. It relaxed a tiny bit, sighing.

“It will take more than that to get him out of the woods,” Oreh said, “But now we have plenty of time. He can take my room.”


And there we are. I'd really appreciate if you guys would post. I need criticism :P
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Default Re: Myth: God's Eye (Chapter Three up!)

As the day of the Olympics, I decided to post a chapter. Not because it's the Olympics ('Cause, you know, this chapter has nothing to do with athletes) But here you are:


Life itself was what Greygnarl yearned for. It's what everyone in the world wanted, needed. The Celestrian on his back, the one that helped him fly, was doing this because the Hero of Heavens had let him. But Greygnarl knew at that moment that sometimes life requires sacrifice.

“I can't let him do this...” the dragon whispered, audible only to the hero on his back.

He lifted his head, the Celestrian on his back looking at him, that determination to destroy Barbarus still in his eyes. Greygnarl simply looked at him with sad eyes. The dragon knew what must be done.

“It's been short but sweet, kiddo,” Greygnarl finally said, “See ya round.”

As the dragon said this, he flipped his head up. The warrior flew upwards off Greygnarl's back, the armor he was wearing glistening despite the gloom and dark clouds around the battlefield.

The Hero of the Heavens looked at the falling warrior, seeming not to notice the great orb of energy Barbarus had released at Upover, the home of the dragon for generations. The wind flew around the unnatural blast fired from the dragon's enemy, breaking away windmills and blowing away stones, the light emanating a deep purple.

“We can't have you carkin' it just yet,” Greygnarl said to the Celestrian, “Guardian of Angel Falls.”

The dragon then turned towards Upover, at the evil blast falling towards it. He flew, easily overtaking the orb's descent, flying between it and the people and mountain that had housed him.

“But I've got a village of me own to protect,” Greygnarl whispered. He knew the Celestrian couldn't hear him, that the hero was panicking because the dragon had abandoned him to free-fall.

But Greygnarl finally let out a roar at the orb, that great eye staring at him, falling. The roar cracked and shattered the pupil, as energy was released.

Everything went white, as the attack shot by Barbarus exploded upon the Hero of Heavens.

The Celestrian saw it, saw his new-found friend die. Then falling, falling away...

-Excerpt from Corvus, by Oreh of the Angelborn

* * *

Ventri awoke. He was lying on a bed, his spikes folded onto the mattress. Above him were the faces of humans. One was wearing armor, his gray-brown hair over his eyes somewhat. He was murmuring, small spell circles enveloping his hand as he cast a heal spell. On the other side, on his right and closer to him was a girl the boy's age, around 20 years old. She had dark blue hair, cut to her shoulders somewhat choppily, an orange bandanna tied around her forehead. She wore a white apron that overlapped a lighter blue dress, the apron somewhat dirty from work. Finally behind the boy was a larger man, around 30 or so, armor-clad, with jet black hair that was tied back in a pony-tail, a small beard on his face, and his skin was pale blue, as if he were frozen. His dark eyes blinked however, when he saw that the Mouse Pokemon was awake.

“Welcome back to the world of the living,” the warrior in the back, the frozen one, said, “We thought you would be in the Underworld for a while.”

“How long...?”

“About five days,” the girl said, “I'm Erinn, innkeeper to the Quester's Rest.”

Erinn... Ventri remembered Litai's words...

“There's Erinn at Stornway, who's very easy to get long with!”

The Charizard had continued roaring at the Sandslash, until Ventri drove her out. Where was she anyways?

“Litai..?” was all the Mouse Pokemon could speak out, as his mouth wasn't working properly.

Then the worst possible thing happened. All three of them lowered their heads. A small tear fell from Erinn's eye. Finally the warrior in the back spoke.

“She was slain by the Wadget.”

The giant snake. It had killed his friend. His only friend.

Oreh noticed as the realization of death came upon Ventri, something happened. The Pokemon started shaking, nothing else. Finally the trio heard a small, shrill cry coming from the Sandslash. It was barely audible, but just loud enough to pierce their ears. The sound was becoming louder, not by much but just enough that it would be loud soon.

“We should leave,” the Angelborn said, “I think he needs time alone.”

They left, the cry already wailing, customers staring at them, at the open door that was swiftly closed. It seemed nothing to them, however, and they went back to their work.

“How long should we wait?” Erinn asked.

“However long it takes him to overcome grief,” Calais replied, “We will give him all the time he needs.”

So they waited, Erinn working at the inn, and Calais and Oreh joining in on cards. Ginny looked at Oreh with a sort of apprehension, backing away slowly whenever he drew near, the brown ringlets in her hair bobbing a bit.

“I don't know,” Ginny said when Erinn had asked what was wrong, “I never really trusted him. He's just... strange. There's always this sort of aura around him.”

Erinn had noticed that Oreh seemed preoccupied as of late, the way he seemed to fidget when he played cards, when he walked he walked quickly, far from the relaxed steps he took when he was calm. Something was bothering him. She didn't want to bring it up (a rule she followed in the inn, somebody's business was their business) but soon Oreh came to her when Erinn was taking a break in the room next to the bar.

“Hard day?” the Angelborn said.

“A regular one,” Erinn replied, walking to wash her hands after a quick meal of cheese and bread.

“Yeah...” Oreh stood there awkwardly, then he finally said, “Can we talk?”

“Sure,” Erinn sat down on a stool, smiling.

Almost like a doll, Oreh thought, And I know dolls.

“I'm going to be leaving soon, Erinn,” Oreh said, “And I probably won't come back for a while. Maybe a year. Maybe more.”

“You're point is?”

“Well, it's hard to explain... but I need your help.”

“Sure, anything,” Erinn looked at him with eyebrows raised, though she was still smiling.

She doesn't know what to say, Oreh thought, She's getting a bit worried.

“I need you now, Erinn. I'm going to Jiltaria.”

“The capital of the West?” Erinn said, “That's great, but why do you need me?”

“Because I need your talent with people, Erinn,” Oreh said, “I want you to come with me.”

“What?” Erinn was flustered. She had lost that calm demeanor now, “Why would I do that?”

“As I said,” Oreh said, “I need your talent with people. I've been looking for... a friend.”

“That's nice, but-”

“And the information I require is in some hard-to-crack people. I need your help getting that information.”

Erinn looked around, as if considering. Oreh knew she probably wouldn't. Erinn had spent so much time working on this inn, the Quester's Rest. Four years had passed since Patty had come to Angel Falls, had invited Erinn to Stornway to take over. Erinn had no regrets. Oreh knew she would regret it if she joined him.

But the Angelborn had to try. The person he wanted to contact was dangerous, aggressive, and violent. Erinn had experience dealing with those kind of creatures. This morning, even, she had managed to calm down an angry Ogremon, a common customer, whom she had dealt with multiple times. It would be hard to find someone else. Ginny couldn't calm anyone down (on the contrary she enraged them further) and Patty would just stare at the enraged person. Only Erinn would have the ability to act, and act without further angering the person she was trying to calm.

“Please, Erinn,” Oreh said, “I need you now. If I don't get this information...”

“What?” Erinn said sharply, “You'll be sad?”

“Yes,” Oreh said, “I'll be sad. The friend I'm looking for helped me. She- no, they- helped me across my quest.”

“To write a book?” Erinn said, “'Corvus'? That book about Celestrians? About that fallen Guardian?”

“More than that,” Oreh replied, “I traveled the world, Erinn. I helped people. Throughout my entire quest they were there, helping me.”

“Well...” Erinn sighed, “What happened? I mean to you, Oreh? You've seemed so... different.”

“It's a long story...” Oreh grew a bit hot, lowering his head a bit. He didn't want to tell Erinn everything that had happened, about the celestial battles that had transpired, the deaths, the near-destruction of Upover, the annihilation of Greygnarl. The Bowhole, and Wormwood, and awakening Celestria, who once was a tree.

And finally that duel with Corvus, alone. He had forced his friends to stay in the train once they flew up to the Realm of the Mighty.

And watching the Observatory crumble away, Oreh's brothers and sisters flying as stars, away into the night.

Then losing his friends. Watching them fly away, the train disappearing.

The enormity of the loss finally hit Oreh. His breath went away. He gasped a bit, but caught himself. He started breathing normally again. He looked back up at Erinn. She was staring at him, a look of concern on her face.

“It's a long story. A very long story.”

He stood up.

“I don't expect you to come,” Oreh said, “But if you do, I leave in a couple days.”

He left, opening the door, he stopped for a moment, wanting to say something, but he decided to not. He went through to the main room, and closed the door.

Erinn sat there, looking at the door for a couple moments. The moments turned into minutes, as she thought of what Oreh had said.

It's a long story, eh? She thought, There's always something he's been hiding, ever since the stars fell from the sky... No, ever since he fell from the sky into the lake at Angel Falls.

She got up, walking up back to the counter she always stood at, waiting for customers. The room was full of them, as usual. They didn't notice how she wondered about her choices, wandering a bit. Sitting down at a chair, Erinn didn't notice Patty walk up to her.

“Problem?” Erinn's friend asked.

“Well...” the innkeeper said, “Oreh says he wants me to accompany him to Jiltaria.”

“Why?” Patty said, smiling slightly. It was impossible for her to frown, it seemed.

“Says he wants me to help him get information to find a friend he lost.”

“Ah,” Patty said, “And you can't decide whether to accompany him.”

“Yeah,” Erinn said, “I don't know, Patty... On one hand, I want to join him on his quest. I haven't gone on a little adventure since I found myself in Athens. On the other, this inn has bloomed, and Stornway is my home. I've worked on this inn, and I don't want to abandon it.”

“Abandon?” Patty said, “Even if you leave, you're not abandoning us.”

“How so?”

Patty smiled broader, “You could always advertise the inn on your travels.”

“Wait,” Erinn said, “I never-”

“Explore the world, Erinn,” Patty said, “Find new friends. This little inn will get on without you. Do what you want to do before it's too late. Before something happens, or worse,” Patty sighed, a small twinge of sadness seeming to go over her, “You get old.”

“I'm not going to get old anytime soon, Patty.”

“Then go out, into this new world, Erinn. Experience it while you're still young.”


So there you guys are. Chapter four
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Default Re: Myth: God's Eye (Chapter Five up!)

Here's Chapter Five:


Party of Four

It appears that the Great Fusion was a direct result of an event in Distort, the realm between dimensions. Something happened there, something huge. Pokemon talk about Distort as the 'Distortion World,' the world that directly controlled their own in legend, where the ruler of it was 'Giratina,' a powerful Pokemon created by Arceus, their 'god.' Apparently this huge event caused the worlds to fuse, first the Pokemon and Digimon worlds, and the worlds of mythology (as they are called by their inhabitants) and our world smashed into each other. Finally the two mega-worlds finally fused, into the event known as the 'Great Fusion.'

This event, I see, is one of the best things to happen to a scientist. The Pokemon and Digimon have already given me their records chronicling most of their species. The Digimon were harder to obtain, as they and their entire world are made of an essence called 'Data.'

Their world was created by something mysterious, even they are unsure what it is (or was)

Every 'dimension' is filled with intriguing new creatures, and we've been studying them as best we can.

-Excerpt from the personal journal of Doctor Harold Phlegming

* * *

There she was, a Charmeleon. She hadn't grown wings yet, nor had she attained that great size. Her one horn hadn't split into two. She was older than him by around five years, the older sister he never had. She and her family lived in Orre for much of his life, until when he was seven his Charmeleon friend moved away, to another region, far off, called Kanto. She would only visit on occasion, but his family couldn't, being poorer than hers, nor could they fly. Once a year, he saw his friend. Time flew by, and he made new friends. But he always was excited to see his friend, that Charmeleon.

Only one day, when she visited, she wasn't a Charmeleon. She had grown, so she towered over him. She had large, magnificent wings, that she flapped to fly, power surging through her until she was in the air, practically floating. He was jealous, and trained until one day he evolved. His yellow back turned into a multitude of spikes, he grew a bit larger, and his hands became sharp, stabbing claws. He was like his parents.

One day, he decided to visit his friend. But he didn't know the way. So he made a foolish decision. He decided to walk until he found this mysterious land, far away. He decided to find Kanto.

So he walked, his epic journey beginning. He walked and found food, and made friends on the way. Until one day he found his way to Kanto. It was a beautiful land, no desert like his old home in Orre. He found his friend, the Charizard. He lived there, for about a year. Until one day he took a ship home.

One day, his friend the Charizard visited. It was time for her to take a migration to another land, as a sort of ritual to adulthood. She chose here, to be with her friend, the Sandslash. They decided to live together, good friends. They chose a nice cave on Mt. Battle, at the base, away from the lava. There his friend, the Charizard, found a male Charizard. All three lived together.

One day, he found himself a godparent, to three eggs. His friend, the Charizard, was proud. She did not expect to be parent so soon. The eggs hatched three months later. They were cute, small, and had no horn. No wings. But they had a signature flame on their tails, like their parents. And he was the godfather, the new parent if the old parents died.

One day, one of the three became a Charmeleon, and the Sandslash's friend, the female Charizard, was happy. She said that this Charmeleon was the oldest, and that it was traditional for the oldest to fly to a far-off land. She said that had happened to her, as she flew from her little brothers and sisters, and left her parents, to Orre, where she met her husband the male Charizard, and reunited with her friend the Sandslash.

A year later, Mt. Battle exploded. Lava poured from the inside, into the sky. It then fell down, onto the three young ones.

One day, the Sandslash's friend, the male Charizard, couldn't take it. He flew off into the horizon. The Sandslash's friend, the female Charizard, was depressed. In three years she had three children, and two years later she lost them, to her own home. She stayed in the depression for three months, and then managed to bounce back into life. The two decided to move away, to the borders of Orre.

One day, the world ended. Multiple dimensions fused, becoming one land, with new inhabitants. The deserts the Sandslash lived in had been destroyed, displacing him in a new land. He wandered, until he was found by those in Angel Falls.

One day, his friend the Charizard found him. She stayed with him for a good while. Then again she flew off, traveling the world. To the East, to the North, then finally, six months later, returned to the West, to Angel Falls.

One day, death broke loose in the form of a great snake, attacking the Sandlash until he was near death. One day his friend died, and he didn't know how. Images came to his mind, of a the snake wrapping itself around his friend, the Charizard. Of biting into her skull, blooding dripping down her scales, her eyes rolled into the back of her head, of fire from the sky burning Angel Falls, the Sandslash's new home, of people running, burning...

Ventri awoke, his eye opening up quickly. He didn't scream, nor did he squeal.

It was only a dream. A memory-dream, as his parents called it. Ventri hadn't seen his parents for a long time. He didn't know if they were alive or dead. And it had been two years now. Two years of his parents worrying. Guilt etched at the Pokemon's throat. Then he realized, again, what had happened.

It's all my fault, Ventri thought, I killed Litai. If I hadn't told her to leave, the Wadget would have waited longer, we could have paired up against it...

Ventri did not squeal again, only closed his eye, his left lid closing as well, awkwardly, as there was no eyeball to steady it. It was almost like paper.

Litai is dead, the Sandslash thought, And it's my fault. It's all my fault.

He kept repeating this in his head, over and over. Litai is dead. It's my fault. It's all my fault. Litai is dead...

Six days had passed. Ventri's new acquaintances, Erinn and Oreh, were planning on going to the West's capital, Jiltaria. They were still preparing, as Erinn owned the inn Ventri resided in, the Quester's Rest. The Sandslash still remembered the conversation, where he decided to join them. It was three days ago. Ventri's wounds were healing, his back and his eye. Oreh was helping him along, with the death of Litai as well as bending his body, as the acid had eaten his spikes a bit, particularly in the middle. They were mutilated now as if chocolate had melted and dried into a solid again. They were no longer blunt, and it was hard to move around quickly. Ventri remembered being in the room he was sleeping in, with Erinn, who was packing while talking to Oreh, who was leaning on the wall to the Pokemon's left.

“Is it true you guys are going to Jiltaria?” he asked Oreh.

Both of them looked at him, and it made Ventri sink a little, even if it wasn't a look of annoyance.

“Yeah,” Oreh said, “We leave in four days.”

Ventri had been planning this for quite a while, this question. Since he first learned two days ago that the two were going to the Capital.

“May I... come?” the Mouse Pokemon finally asked, after a small silence, “I-I won't be a nuisance, I promise. I'd try to help as much as I can... Please, I have nowhere else to go... Angel Falls is full of bad memories now-”

“Ventri,” Erinn interrupted, suddenly smiling, “Of course you can come.”

She looked at Oreh, who was also smiling. The 'Angelborn' as he was called, nodded.

There was another reason for going to Jiltaria. Apparently there were 'glass eyes' there, for a replacement eye. It didn't see, it wasn't a total replica, but it was better than no eye at all. So three days later, Ventri was ready. Ivor had gotten a vial of the water from Angel Falls, and gave it to his friend.

“You were studying it, right?” the mayor's son had said, “You can continue your studies throughout your little journey.”

“Thank you, Ivor,” Ventri had replied. I'm sorry that I didn't get to know you better, he thought.

They left tomorrow. It had come so fast, so fast that Ventri didn't realize that there was another companion coming. His name was Calais, and he was from the North, living in the nation of Yggdrasil. That's all he said about that subject. Calais, like Ventri, had nowhere to go, a wanderer. He decided to join them, and Erinn was letting him come.

He was from the North, from the nation of ice, and memories stirred of fire burning ice, of an experiment from a scroll an Ogremon had given to Ventri, of Litai...

And again, thoughts turned back to self-condemnation.

Litai is dead, and it's all my fault.

Ventri sat there, repeating it again in his mind, his eye widening. The squealing was coming back. For several minutes he did this, unblinking, the small squeal coming from his mouth.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. The squealing stopped. Ventri came back to reality. Images of death, of Litai and Angel Falls burning, disappeared. The deep guilt inside of his chest, however, did not.

“Enter,” Ventri tried to hide the hollowed way his voice sounded.

Oreh entered, a look of excitement on his face, saying it was time to move about. He was ready to leave, but Erinn still needed time. One last day to run the inn. To remind Patty (though she already knew) how to get people to rest at night and exactly how much Zoomshine to put into a glass.

“I know,” Patty said, smiling at Erinn, “I know how to do everything, Erinn. I've been at this job for a long time.”

“Well...” Erinn said, unsure, “I don't know... Are you absolutely positive you know how to do everything? Even dealing with people like Ubit?”

“I'll be fine,” Patty said, “Just get up and finish packing.”

“Well... okay...” Erinn ran to the backroom. She grabbed food, some bread, and a bit of cheese. She stuffed it into a small bag. She was packing a nice dress, identical to the one she was wearing.

Oreh and Ventri went into the backroom, the Sandslash holding the Angelborn's hand like a small child. He was a cute little guy, Ventri. Said he came from Orre, a land to the north. Stornway bordered it. Stornway the land that crushed the Pokemon's old home two years ago.

“You almost ready?” Oreh asked, “Ventri is ready, except for one thing.”

The Angelborn smiled, and Erinn grabbed a black string, which had a cloth attached to it. She put it around the Sandslash's left socket, where his eye used to be.

“An eyepatch,” Erinn said, watching as Ventri fingered it with wonder, “It'll cover your eye so it doesn't freak out anyone we meet in Jiltaria. Plus,” she added with a small laugh, “It makes you look like a pirate.”

“Thank you,” Ventri said, smiling, his right eye still widened from having the new accessory.

“I'm going to check on Calais,” Oreh said, “See how he's coming along.”

The Angelborn left the room, leaving Erinn and Ventri alone.

Calais was sitting on the bed provided for him, his wings folded back. It was almost time, to go further south. Away from Yggdrasil, the North, towards...

Someplace else. A better place, away from the insane cold. Away from the Norse Gods, and their ignorance. Away from their mad plans, of finding what once was lost...

He remembered it, like it was yesterday. One of the reasons why he left. When he was before the court of the Norse, of Odin searching, his two ravens flitting about, whispering in his ears, his right eye glowing softly, his left hollow, unseeing.

Oreh stopped for a moment, pondering something. Calais was just so... enigmatic. He was an odd one, like most of those who came from the North. The Angelborn had been there. It was a miserable place, the realms of the Norse's world crushed into one plane of existence. It was chaotic, and Calais seemed to want to leave.

And yet... Calais just seemed so depressed, having to leave his homeland. Something had happened in the North. All the gods knew, of course. They were angry, but to them every other creature in existence was beneath them. Them and their 'celestial' battles.

Celestial was what Oreh practically was. He used to be a Celestrian, a being who was designated to watch over and protect mortalkind. The gods did that job.

Enough of this, the Angelborn finally thought, and Oreh knocked on the door.
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Default Re: Myth: God's Eye (Chapter Five up!)

Hey, everyone! It's time for chapter six, if you read this at all:


What Was Lost

<So you have returned>

<Of course, I always do. I'm a goddess>

<Yet you refuse to tell us what you gods have been up to>

<That is our business>

<No other creature in this land but the gods conceal their ultimate intent from others>

<It is our business, because the truth is too great to handle>

<You handled the truth about Distort well, and how you are not the supreme beings of the universe>

<We handled it well, but you cannot handle the real truth. The real truth would drive you insane with greed>

<I am not a greedy creature, Athena>

<That is what all creatures who are not gods say. Look at Bellerophon. He wanted to go to Olympus, but he said he was not greedy before he fought the chimaera>

<You gods, you fools. You always speak of revealing what it is like to be a god, and yet we always see that your hide yourself in secrets that should not be secrets>

* * *

He was angry. His two ravens spoke into his ears, whispering in their ancient language every trouble, replacing the left eye he had lost, all those years ago, to gain wisdom. Great wisdom, and he did not regret sacrificing a piece of his body. He had his ravens.

He was wearing armor, and a fur cape made from the hide of a wolf. He had a white beard, and a horned helmet, made of iron. Where his left eye was supposed to be was an eye-patch, hiding the hole that used to have his left eye. There was always a sense of magnificence around him, and all the animals skittering around the canyon around him nearly bowed, just restraining themselves.

Indeed, it was a great canyon the being was in. Called Loki's Pass, located in the south-eastern regions of Greece. The Pass itself was huge, and it separated Athens from the rest of the nation. The being was walking towards a small clearing in the Pass, away from the main trail, which travelers occasionally took to get to Athens (however usually they came from Stornway or Cartilius, two other nations which bordered Greece from the south) He went through a crack, one that a regular eye would notice, but ignore.

But he was a god, a divine human-like being created to govern the world. He was Odin, king of the Aesir gods, or 'higher' gods. They represented war and power, and lived in the realm of Asgard, one of the largest realms that used to be supported by Yggdrasil, the World Tree. But it was now a hollow shell of what it once was, just a regular city. Not a large planet-sized dimension, filled with gods and powerful beings of intense abilities. Now just a husk, empty, more than half of its people dead, vaporized by the Great Fusion.

As Odin walked through the cramp path he looked around. The aura of divinity echoed off the walls, into his eye. The whisper of a god tickled at his ears. The path was nearly at its end, a small light at the end of the tunnel.

Odin went through, light blinding him a bit. The whisper had grown louder, growing into talking. Odin's eye adjusted to the shining sun that radiated down on the small clearing, on the stone ground, perfectly smooth. Smoothness also went along the circular walls, which funneled up to the bright blue sky.

Except for the middle. The talking had turned more to the ancient language of reality. It was indistinguishable, even for a god. He didn't know the actual language, but he sensed when it was being spoken. It was spoken wherever the devastation of the Great Fusion had affected a particular part of the world, such as Greece or the North. It was always heard in the North. And Egypt, to the East. It was also heard much louder in the South, oddly. There were always whirlpools there, though, so the scientists of the world thought this is where many oceans collided, their waves smashing into each other. The middle was a crater, still perfect, where something should be. Where a dead snake should be, dripping and dripping its venom onto the prisoner, but there was nothing.

Still gone, then. Odin closed his eyes, listening to the godpaths -the mystical trail- the prisoner might have taken. There was only the speaking of the Fusion, still the Pokemon's 'Distortion World' tickling his ears.

The ravens, they still spoke. Spoke of the prisoner, still alarmed he was gone. Odin ordered them to leave, to keep searching. They flapped their wings, going upwards through the funnel and going over the wall, flying throughout the world.

A new voice sprung into Odin's head. Hieroglyphs flashed in his head. A new presence, another god.

“Still searching, Odin?” the voice sounded falcon-like, shrill and strong. None other than the Pharaoh of Egypt, Horus.

Turning around, the king of the Aesir was briefly blinded by his equal. Horus had taken the form of a man with a falcon's head. He had accentuated the silvery eye that was made from moonlight. It glowed brightly, gleaming like a liquid jewel. The other eye was just as bright, showing the golden ichor that all gods bled instead of blood. It was just as bright as first eye, a second sun. Horus had only his light armor (that did not hide his muscles) and curved blade (called the khepesh.) The aloof, humorous take on the situation barely hid the mask of rage the god felt. Indeed, the entire stone structure seemed about to collapse.

“Yes,” Odin replied to Horus, “I am still searching. The Aesir and the Vanir are both searching. We still have not found it.”

“And the... other item?”

“Ha!” Odin laughed, “I don't intend to find that anytime soon.”

Horus squinted his eyes, intensifying the twin glows of the miniature moon and sun.

“If anyone finds it and finds out how to use it, then it could potentially spell the doom for us all.”

“You're too worried, Horus,” Odin replied, “Everything will work out in the end. We shall find both of our items. Now, if you want to truly let the enemy find what we seek, stop speaking, or your whispers will find their way to a potential opponent in our small search.”

“Our search is not small, Odin,” Horus said, “Both items are quite dangerous in the wrong hands!”

“Whispers,” Odin retorted, quietly, smiling in victory. Horus looked around, seeming to grimace (beaks can't exactly show emotion.)

“The bane to a god,” the Pharaoh said, “That is why we must keep our secrets so well hidden.”

“Indeed. Now stop speaking.”

“I must not,” Horus said, “The Legendary Pokemon, they grow suspicious of our motives.”

“Let them be, they will not find out.”

“They are as powerful as us gods, better in many different ways. In some ways they are superior,” Horus retorted, “Smarter, as well. Some of their mortalkind, the ones known as Alakazam, are one of the most intelligent on this planet. They probably will find out soon enough.”

“We are lucky, then,” Odin said, “That they keep to themselves, those Alakazam. Otherwise we would be like an open book, just like the rest of life. Is that what you want, Horus?”

“What I am saying,” the falcon-headed god replied, “Is that eventually, the rest of life will find out our secret. We will be an open book.”

“Not unless we retrieve what was lost, Horus. Stop speaking now, the talking, it is getting louder.”

Indeed, it was becoming more of a yell, a thousand voices, no, over a million, they were yelling. Both of the gods heard them, and Horus looked uneasy.

“They will find out soon,” Horus said.

“Then if you are so paranoid, bring it to Zeus.”

“That fool?” the Pharaoh shrieked, which meant laughter, “The Greek gods, they are stubborn. Perhaps the most stubborn of us all. He will not change his opinion, nor his outlook on the 'foolishness' of mortals.”

“He is the Chief god of Olympus,” Odin replied.

“Because he just so happened to manage to defeat Typhon,” Horus retorted, “And even if Typhon- Surtur if you must- was a threat, that doesn't mean that Zeus should become the Chief of all Greece. It was a great nation before the Fusion.”

“Before?” Odin mused, “It's still a driving force in the West.”

“Zeus has grown lax,” Horus said, “He keeps mentioning the items in front of the other gods, in front of the Legendary Pokemon, in front of Fanglongmon. We might as well cast Zeus down as a traitor.”

“He is not a traitor,” Odin said, “You should be careful who your friends are. Please, Horus, stop acting as though the Pokemon are evil. They pose no threat to us.”

“And Fanglongmon?”

“The Ruler of Server is a trustworthy friend, and ally. We will wait until the time is right in Jiltaria. We will stick to the plan.”

“The plan... is a foolish plan.”

“We must rely on mortals to do this. It will relax Zeus's grip on his opinion. But for now, we keep it hidden. We do not talk, lest the Legendary Pokemon pick up on our plan. We must play this carefully.”

Horus looked at Odin. The Pharaoh just stared at the king of Asgard, boring holes into his chest. The falcon-headed being was like this for a long time. A pebble fell at the top of the rim of the funnel, as a Rattata scampered on the top, scratching and nibbling at the ground, looking for scraps. One of Odin's ravens returned in this silence, flapping down onto the god's shoulder. It whispered into his ear, his right one. He closed his eyes, nodding. Then the raven flew off.

“Huginn states that the chosen pieces have begun moving.”

Horus continued staring, then finally spoke.

“Very well,” the Pharaoh said, “If you think this is the best way of continuing the god's lineage, then go on, be a fool. I do not know if the mortals you chose will succeed, but by my grandmother Nut, and by your father Ymir, and by all life itself, you'd better hope they will. If not, then I highly doubt if this new world will survive.”

A flash of light. Horus was gone. Odin smiled a bit, looking at the small clearing, then he too was gone.


Shorter than some of my others :P
Once known as riolu42
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