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Old 03-02-2012, 06:13 AM
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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

Yes, I am rather new, and yes, I am advertising already.

I literally just finished my Pokemon RPG forum an hour ago and I am ready for people to start joining. There is a link provided below.
Thank you all for showing your interest!
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Old 03-24-2012, 11:03 AM
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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

i have created a forum called WPGO. It is a forum were you can talk about pokemon games, enter tornements and more! The link is on my sig. Please join!
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Old 04-09-2012, 09:44 AM
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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

I have a new pokemon forum. For general pokemon talk or anything else.
You can join by clicking here:
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Old 04-09-2012, 05:36 PM
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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

Ok, so I started a Pokemon based forum and I am looking for someone to help me run it (a.k.a become an Admin)

Link of Website is here=

Just a send a PM on the website, and I'll get back to you.


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Old 05-12-2012, 03:58 PM
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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

Come and visit this new Pokemon forum I found that started in January of 2012! It's a great Pokemon community, and I have a big feeling it'll become big in the future!!
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Old 05-23-2012, 10:47 AM
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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

Have you ever played the Pokemon games on Gameboy Advanced? (Or even now, on Nitendo DS?) Do you remember what the best part of the game was? The fun times you can have, just focusing on being a Pokemon Trainer and making it to the top, or hunting and collecting all the Pokemon there were, right?

Well, that's the whole premise on which this site was founded on! Come on in and create your own Pokemon Trainer. Let him start his Pokemon Journey, and the staff will take care of the rest! It is the chance you might have wanted - to be able to roleplay that same experience out! You can collect all the Pokemon, and you can even come up with your own Pokemon in this world. If a Staff member likes your creation, it could actually be found within the Mochia Region of Pokemonsters Live!

We also have a breeding center, and a place to hold Pokemon Contests at. You don't have to let the fun end at just hunting for Pokemon, breed them to get the best stats! Let your Pokemon enter in Beauty Competitions and see if they can't win a ribbon for you! Have fun doing more than just training to become the best! Plus, you are allowed to make threads battling each other as members, and encouraged to do so! All the fun of the Pokemon Games in roleplay form!

Also, we are always looking for Affiliates, so if you have your own site, especially if it's a Pokemon one, and you want to Affiliate with us, please stop by.


[x] Active and friendly community new community - We are growing daily. We currently have 45 members with usually 5-8 Staff and 8-11 members logging in daily!
[x] The Freedom NOT to join plots - we have just released a Plot-base centered around a new Legendary called "Pegima" and "Team DARK" who are trying to catch her.
[x] Rewards for active Roleplaying!
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Old 05-29-2012, 06:02 AM
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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

Terms of Steel is a project of a friend of mine, a non-profit movie which aims to get young people actively involved in something productive rather than waste their potential. More detailed information about it is given in the site.
We've gathered many volunteers and quite a few sponsors offering either some funding, props and equipment, or professional expertise, however, we're still short of funds. If you're interested in helping, but live far away, you can feel free to donate on the site, and/or share the link with other people who might be interested in helping out as well.

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Old 06-05-2012, 09:13 PM
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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

Alright, I suppose this is the place to go haha.

Here's the deal: An extremely awesome game called Pockie Ninja is having a promotion/user-attraction of sorts in order to get new players. It's called "Pockie Captain," and it's basically where one existing member invites new members to come and join their crew. And guess where YOU come in? :D I need 3 crew members, and I'd LOVE to get a few people from PE2K interested. All you have to do is sign in and create an account from the link I'll provide below. The game is actually pretty awesome: it's a Naruto and Bleach blend where you battle NPC's and other players, trade equipment, learn skills from the shows, and all sorts of other related stuff. Please, if you have any interest, just sign up and give it a shot! No obligation to stay, I just need some people to create the accounts. After that, it's truly up to you. (: Thanks for the time!


l links l
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Old 06-06-2012, 04:52 AM
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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

Originally Posted by DeviantART Journal
Yeah. Same roleplay, except I spiffed up the forum. A lot.
Well, in all honesty I just made a new one. But nonetheless.

I'd really love to have some members join, here. Do you like to roleplay in Pokemon adventure-esqued stories? Then this is the adventure for you. Here you can meet new people, travel through any of the regions of your choice, train and evolve Pokemon, and even crossbreed them! Best of all, the mechanics are simplified.

Once again, this is all based off of an existing thread on pe2k: Gotta Catch 'em All, Red and Blue.

Seriously. If you like to write and roleplay, you should really. Really. Join. MGS--a user--over here is kinda in the Kanto RP by himself! Which isn't cool. D:
Just thought I'd post this here even though no one really looks at this thread I don't think. xD Worth a shot.

Anyways, it'd be super to have some RP'ers here. ^^;
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Old 07-19-2012, 04:30 PM
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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

Ok so this is a forum growing forum with about 30+ active members. We are looking for more, so sign up and enjoy the forums. It is really a lively forum so join up :D

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Old 08-19-2012, 07:14 PM
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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

Hey, you should join PokeSun
It's run by an old friend of mine, and it's really cool. c; The members there are great

And if you do join, tell 'em IAmAMartian sent you.

Also, you should join EGC
And tell them Higashi Miyagi sent you yeaaaaaaah. or twistedspoon
Call me maybe

Join PokeSun. Tell 'em IAmAMartian sent you!
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Old 10-05-2012, 04:33 AM
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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

The Pokemon District is a relatively new Pokemon forum. We do our best to have fun and such, and try to keep it joyable for everyone :D If you're a fan of small places, join there and help us become bigger :D

Well, then it wouldn't be small anymore but lmfao at that xD
We're not 'that' small though :p

*The forum is run of vBulletin 3.8.7
*The banner is a link to the forum.
*In the statement "If you're a fan of small places...", I am referring to this when I say fan: [Link]

Click the banner and join one of the nicest forums I've been on :D You'll have a good time,
meet some nice people, and we'll /*bully you a bit xD*/ welcome you with open arms lol.

Last edited by PEDRO12; 10-05-2012 at 04:36 AM.
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Old 03-03-2013, 10:52 PM
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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

So I started a Pokemon forum. I've started many forums in the past, but only one was somewhat successful, and they were all using Invisionfree. This time, I have a free domain. Here is the link:

I hope you join!
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Viridian Forest Forums - A Pokemon forum
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Old 03-05-2013, 11:51 PM
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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

How about joining Pokeboard? It's a fun Pokemon forum with an average amount of members (not a whole lot like Serebii, but not too little like fresh new forums) and fun right around the corner! What might compel you the most of all won't be any trivial gimmicks, but the members, who are always full of quips and enjoyment and the user on there, Eon, is and always will be the Godkarp of the forum. It's a fact! I'm one of the super mods on there (named DarkAura), by the way.

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Old 03-08-2013, 03:37 AM
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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

Do you want to have fun. Then join Poke Hunngry
I am a super mod there. You can also become one. Come one, come all
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