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PE2K Front Desk Forum announcements will be posted here. Any questions, suggestions or ideas concerning the forum or the website should also be posted in here. If you need help on your avatar or signature, or help on using the forum, this is the place to go.

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Old 05-24-2012, 08:24 PM
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Arrow Roleplay Submissions

Have a neat Pokemon RP concept? Want to invite others to join in on your fantastic adventure?

We'll help you out.

Fill out the form below and we'll promote your RP on the site!

Remember to include a striking image. A good image will encourage more people to join your RP!

Roleplaying Form

Title of Roleplay:
Game Master:

Description: (1-3 sentences)

Link to Featured Image: (Something similar to 500 x 375 pixels or larger)
Link to Roleplay:

Tags: (5 individual words related to the roleplay)
Additional Comments: (Anything we should know)

  • Roleplays submitted must be appropriate.

Example Page
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Old 08-25-2012, 06:44 AM
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Default Re: Roleplay Submissions

Title of Roleplay: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path
Game Master: CM
Genre(s): action, adventure, fantasy
Rating: PG13+

Description: Darkness is spreading across the land of Aloria, threatening to consume all. A few brave adventurers must step up and defend the world from this evil. Whether or not they succeed or fail all depends on how the dice rolls.
Link to Featured Image: *click*
Link to Roleplay: *click*

Tags: Pokémon, D&D, adventure, fantasy, dice
Additional Comments: This RP is based on the fundamentals of Dungeons & Dragons, so a dice roll factor will be in place. This style of RP I find is great for all ages and levels of roleplay experience, and hope that those new and old to RPing will join, gain experience, and ultimately have fun. Also the wonderful banner was made by the talented AngelAquino.
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Old 10-21-2012, 02:54 AM
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Default Re: Roleplay Submissions

Title of Roleplay: GLADIATOR
Game Master: Charmander009
Genre(s): Action/Science Fiction/Pokemon
Rating: T

Description: The infamous software company known as SUMMIT is about to release a revolutionary video game, but they are given a select few the opportunity to play GLADIATOR before the launch. Get swept away into a virtual reality where humans are the combatants in epic struggles for survival, and only their wits and skills will help them escape the Battleground.

Link to Featured Image:

Link to Roleplay: [portal.exe]

Tags: Pokemon; TRON; crossover; science fiction; alternate reality

Additional Comments: Inspired by TRON ;)

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Old 11-18-2012, 06:32 AM
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Default Re: Roleplay Submissions

Title of Roleplay: Journeymon
Game Master: Saraibre Ryu
Genre(s): Action Adventure
Rating: T

Description: When a global peace project turns wild Pokemon into an OCD frenzy, and increases their power by ten fold, people are forced to retreat in fear of being attacked. With a new group called RAGE seemingly protecting the public, no one knows what caused this problem or why. Called mysteriously to Aspertia City, you and others come together under unusual circumstances.

Link to Featured Image: Piccy
Link to Roleplay: Here!

Tags: Adventure, Game, Post Canon, Pokemon, Fantasy
Additional Comments: A point based Role Play where your performance determines what happens next!
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