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Old 11-05-2012, 04:04 AM
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Default A Salute to these Amazing Men and Women

There are many, many great people within the community that we call the Ultra RPG. People who take the time to serve the members, to organize events, to lift up those around them to greater heights. People who lead to create a better world for everyone.

These fine men and women have served with great distinction. They have gone above and beyond what has been required of them, giving hope and joy to the Pokemon trainers across the world. They carried this community on their shoulders. Many times, I have asked much of them, and they never let me down.

It is with a sense of sadness that I must make this announcement. I have been a part of the URPG for nearly ten years now, and so many good people have come and gone. It is the way of things. Generation after Generation. People leave, come back, and leave again, though a small few do stay. Names like Matthew, Curtis, and Nin used to be as common as Chain, Monbrey, and Emma.

Do not despair. New leaders always rise to fill the ranks of those who leave. And each year brings new friends and family into the fold.

Let us take time to thank these leaders for their service.

Scourge of Nemo

You ever meet one of those people who you know is an absolute genius? That’s Scourge. At any point in time, she’s working on ten different projects. She is one of the busiest, most talented, and most intellectual people you will meet. Her stories make you think and her leadership was always top-notch. She always knew how to do the right thing. I shall miss her compassion, her strength, and her conviction. Scourge, you have our thanks.

Dog of Hellsing

I’ve known Jess for a very long time now. She was, is, and always shall be one of the best roleplayers I’ve ever known. Her leadership and determination helped move the National Park to completion when it had languished in development for years. Her vision established the first new section the URPG has ever seen and brought forth an entirely new way to play. And more importantly, she made it work. I congratulated her when the section open and I congratulate her again on a task well-done. I thank her for her service.

Phantom Kat

I have asked much of Kat during her time here. She has served as Official, Moderator, Head Grader, and Acting Second during my term, sometimes holding multiple positions at the same time. She’s an amazing writer and I still remember some of her grand stories she shared with us. When George retired, she stepped up to the plate, leading Stories into great success and prosperity. Thank you Kat for helping our community.


It seems that every Second I choose, seems to resign in time. And so the same is true for our friend, WTP. One of the best battlers the URPG has ever seen and one of the most experienced members, WTP lead Battles with dedication and skill. His oversight ensured that our game was fair and balanced. He has a good heart and a good soul, willing to help others when they’re in need. I’m sorry to have lost him, but I know that wherever he goes, he’ll do the right thing and make a difference in the world. Thank you WTP.


A few years ago, I came to the URPG staff and asked them for help establishing a new branch in a place called Bulbagarden. Isaiah practically burst out of his seat. He dove into setting up the new branch with a passion, copying threads, approving starters, and welcoming all those who came upon our halls. An accomplished battler, a determined leader, and a good friend, Isaiah stood up for all of us so that we can come together in fun and friendship. I thank him for this.

The Jr. Trainer

Jr., like those honored here, is a veteran of the URPG, having been a member since before I became Head. His achievements as a battler and leader are known to many here and I would call myself lucky if I even managed to Draw a battle with him. He has worked tirelessly for this family and was never afraid to tell me what needed to be done. I value his opinion and his thoughts. And I know wherever he goes, he’ll find success. Thank you Jr. for your leadership.
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Old 11-05-2012, 07:59 PM
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Default Re: A Salute to these Amazing Men and Women

*Salutes* Thanks to each of you for your contributions.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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