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Old 01-07-2013, 02:14 AM
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Default The Nonexistant White Nuzlocke!

-Insert a SNAZZY banner here for me!-



Yes. Someone of my skill, which I realized over several Nuzlockes I have previously botched done to be...Terribly subpar...Shall now attempt yet another Nuzlocke of his own!

WHAT IS NUZLOCKE?! Well, a Nuzlocke is a challenge someone once added to their game to make it more interesting (while making a comic about it); The comic in question got popular, and henceforth, so did the challenge he implemented, henceforth why I am doing this. It has two true-blue official rules to even count as what we now dub a Nuzlocke.

RULE NUMERO UNO! A fainted Pokemon? No, the game is lying to you, that Pokemon is not unconsious. That Pokemon is dead. Deader than dead, in fact. Or at least so horribly wounded that any further battling is impossible...Which is KIND OF the worst fate for a Pokemon, like, ever. Even the ones you wouldn't expect to be bloodthirsty fighters. BUT ANYWAYS, A fainted Pokemon is dead. You either release it or throw it in a box and keep it nice and not alive.

RULE NUMERO DOS! Hey, did you see that Patrat on the route first? Did you want a Lillipup? TOO BAD, BUSTER. You're stuck with the Patrat, because that's the first Pokemon you saw on the route. You only get one capture per route, and that capture is the VEEERY first Pokemon on the route. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is also the reason why I have subpar Nuzlocke skills...This includes Shinies you find. No catchy those. That's illegal, unless it's the first Poke on the Route.

There's also an unofficial third rule that people oftentimes believe is required. It's truly optional, but considering the nature of the challenge, WEELLL...You might as well know.

RULE NUMERO TRES! All Pokemon MUST be nicknamed. If you forgot, drag your Pokemon to Castelia City and get it to the Name Rater to change the name, or YOU ARE A BAD BAD PERSON. They're not random wilds, they are your friends. That will gladly die for you to let you advance your goals.

And that is all the officially official rules needed for a Nuzlocke of any variety WHATSOEVER.

That being said, a lot of people really like sprinking on more rules because THAT already hard challenge just HAS to get harder. I am one of them.

1-I am using what is called a 'Randomizer,' which is, to wild Pokemon encounters, EXACTLY what it sounds like-It makes every last Pokemon encounter in the wild completely up to chance. It makes it equally likely to capture Arceus as it is to capture Magikarp. This doesn't change trainer encounters.
2-I dislike winding up with copies of Pokemon. FORTH THE HENCES, If by some miraculous miracle I encounter two of the same Pokemon in different routes while using a Randomizer as the first one of the Route, I still cannot capture it. Does it count as the first encounter, though? YES. I've seen several instances where it won't count and I've done it myself (without the Randomizer). This also applies to the WHOLE evolutionary line that one Pokemon is part of. I cannot catch a Jolteon if I've already gotten a Leafeon, IE. This is also known as the Dupes or Species Clause.
3-If My character (who I have decided to name RnDmJoE) Whites Out, he will also Bleed out and perish-FOREVER. Or, if you are confused by that, If I lose a battle (which is to say, Whiting out), It's one big heaping GAME OVER for me. No matter what. OVER THE GAME IF OUT THE WHITE. Savvy?
4-I MUST MUST MUST MUUUUUST use THE Strongest PokeBall I have in my bag to capture or not capture at all. Yes, I HAVE to use the Master Ball to capture if I have it, even against a stupid Durant :C. This also means I cannot use Ultra Balls in caves when I have Dusk Balls. It's the inverse of the clause where you must ONLY use PokeBalls.
5-Legendary Pokemon. I know you're going to protest at me breaking the game but heck, If I find one, I can capture one, regarding the regular capture rules completely. It's the same as if I got a Tyranitar or Metagross off the route as encounter no 1.
6-Shiny Pokemon are different from Legendary Pokemon (Unless the Legend is Shiny, of course :D) in that, regardless of EVERY OTHER RULE, they MUST MUST MUST be caught, boxed immediately, and never be used. Why? Failure to capture a Shiny ends in an abrupt game over. Likely it'll ever happen, but...
7-All Nicknames must be Video Game Related. Either Companies or Video Game series names can be used, but only those. The only exception, obviously, is Pokemon.
8-The Nuzlocke Challenge is NOOOOT Over until I defeat either Cynthia, Alder or Morimoto, my choice. Gives it a bit of Longevity...And after all, the Post-Game content is pretty huge, so I might as well indulge.
9-I shall have fun. Depending on whatever your definition of fun includes paranoia on losing my Pokemon and Game in a sudden and brutal Total Party Knockout...You may not agree, but who cares?! :D


*Cue Background explosion*


-Insert Pokemon Here
-Insert Other Pokemon Here
-Insert Another Pokemon Here
-Insert A Pokemon Here
-Insert Some Pokemon Here
-Insert Cheese Here

-Insert Extensive List of Boxed-But-Not-Dead Pokemon Here

-Insert More Extensive List of Boxed-And-Dead Pokemon Here

-Insert Links to records of my Journey Here
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The Nonexistant White Nuzlocke! BEHOLD IT AND DESPAIR!

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