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Art Gallery A picture is worth one thousand words. Grab your brush and catch some Pokemon!

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Old 01-27-2013, 10:56 AM
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Default Massive Fire

Hello and welcome to massive fire.
I want
charizard 2 piece of art scoring more than 80 score.

Let's hunt it.

She needs to play or fly around or she will be not be able to lose her fat.


The fiery Charizard is here.

Proof for female is with me in this

prooof for the banner is lost. opps sorry i found it here it is.
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Old 02-21-2013, 10:04 AM
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Default Re: Massive Fire


Okay, so here you have a Charizard looking as if she's scratching at something in front of her. You have great shading, accurate colors, and a somewhat clear outline. You also have some elements missing from Charizard, no background, and sketchy lines that look a bit messy. We'll get into it a bit farther ahead.

I like that this drawing is sketches out and an original pose by you. There's no real story here in this picture besides Charizard reaching out in front of her to scratch at something or grab something, I'm not sure what. There's also no background here, which deducts major points from a Pokemon that is so tough to catch and has such a high score threshhold.

The colors for the Pokemon are accurate, and your shading is actually very good and consistent with a single light source. Your coloring job is the best part about this picture.

Pokemon Accuracy
Unfortunately, you have a few things missing from this picture. While you got her wings, horns, three fingered claws, and colors, you forgot one of the main parts of Charizard--her tail with the flame on the end. Without it, a Charizard is basically dead--if you read up on its info, the Charizard evolution line has fire at the end of its tail that you use to judge its happiness and strength. When it goes out... well, that's the end of the fiery dragon. You also did not give her blue eyes, which is the norm for this Pokemon. She doesn't have the two fangs hanging out like she's supposed to, and while this bit is nit-picky, her back legs are way too long and skinny. Charizard has thick, sturdy back legs that support its bulky weight.

1. Instead of going for the last evolution in a line of Pokemon, go for the first one instead. Charmander is much easier to catch than a Charizard.
2. Give your Pokemon a background. Something details and well thought-out.
3. Give the image a backstory of some kind, even if it's simple. Draw it sleeping, battling, playing, being curious about something in front of it. Make it more interesting and dynamic.
4. Study your Pokemon. Make sure you get every detail of its appearance correct or it can really damage your score.

I give this a low 35/100 BECAUSE: You didn't get the Pokemon's anatomy correctly, you didn't include a background, you didn't give it an interesting 'story', and because Charizard is notoriously tough and hard to catch. Please keep trying!

This is a simple banner using a premade sprite. The clouds do give it interest, though, and the effect on the lettering is somewhat dynamic.

The black and white is something different and kind of cool here. It makes Charizard look like it's coming out of the mist. The smoke/mist itself is spaced well and obscures some of the sprite so it adds to the effect, as well. The lettering effects are also very bright and fiery-looking, which I like. However, given that this is a premade sprite that you used for this banner, the rest seems very simplistic. There isn't a real background or extra effect, like flames or something along those lines. The lettering also doesn't really match the atmosphere of the rest of this banner--it's bright orange and bubbly while the rest looks somewhat misty and atmospheric rather than "in-your-face".

There's not much to say here. The sprite came with its own shading, the clouds are a filter effect, and the lettering is pre-rendered. However, the choice of black and white is again pretty neat looking, and makes Charizard look somewhat intimidating.

Pokemon Accuracy
The Pokemon is again premade, so it is accurate though I cannot give you points for this.

1. Use original art for a higher score. If you do want to make a banner/signature image in a digital program, put more interest and dynamic into the art. Layers and effects are your friend; make sure you put lots of effort into such a tough Pokemon.
2. Again, give your art a background and story. It adds so much for the viewer to look at and hikes up the score.
3. Make the theme match with each element. The lettering could have been smoky or something here instead of a blatantly differing theme.

This one gets you a 30/100, for the reasons I stated above. Please don't give up, though; implement the critiques I've given you, look at other people's art, and keep trying!

This means that Charizard is not caught.

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