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Sprite Art For both Pokemon and non-Pokemon related sprite art.

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Old 12-13-2012, 06:28 AM
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Default Wish to help "[Comic] PKMN: Guardians" update faster?
You can by: (the more help there is the faster and more often it'll update )

Creating Towns/Cities, Routes, building indoors, etc. Preferably Gen4-ized. MOST needed! (custom ones could help for variety)

Overworlds & Trainer sprites. Monster & 'Trainer'; latter Gen5 style.
Item Overworlds, such as more Pokeball types (you know the little item balls) & Pokedexs, and such (Poketch, Xtransceiver, etc).

Spriting Pokemon-style other mons, such as Digimon using various Pokeparts - there's plenty of monsters here; plus back sprites. Prefer Gen4 monster style sprites. HG/SS
Re/De-vamping sprites to HG/SS style such as "GHOST" from original games and Reshiram from Black & White.

Submitting character ideas, be them a pokemon species or otherwise (lab-experimentals be allowed; such as impossible hybrids or say flying type immune to electric & ice or a grass-type using a fire-type move, ask for others)

Town/City/Route/Cave/etc Maps:
(use your imagination, can be already canon towns/cities or non-exsistant ones, all works! Giratina's Reverse/Distortion World)

Trainer sprites+Overworlds:

(ask for non-pokemon if you want to do one of them, plenty where they come from)
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Old 02-11-2013, 10:15 PM
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Default Re: Wish to help "[Comic] PKMN: Guardians" update faster?

Well im to lazy to make cities and such.

But heres a Gen 4 city stuff sheet.




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