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Pokemon: X and Y Discuss the upcoming games Pokemon X and Pokemon Y here. Be sure to label posts with spoilers and use spoiler tags when necessary.

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Old 03-13-2013, 08:00 AM
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Default CoroCoro news and discussion

Partial details from the latest CoroCoro issue are starting to leak through... Although so far there's been nothing to suggest any new information for XY. What we've got so far from the leaks is some information about the new movie (and a special event Mewtwo that comes with its DW ability and Hurricane), along with sketchy details about Rumble U and a whole lot of speculation. With a couple of days still until the official release of the new CoroCoro, what are you hoping/expecting to see? Use this thread to discuss and post news from the new issue, I'll try to keep it updated with new details on XY as they come out.

Leaked screenshots below:



- ND
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