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Pokemon Wi-Fi Trading Center Offer your Pokemon in Pokemon Black/White, Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum for trade or request Pokemon for trade.

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Old 09-21-2013, 11:30 PM
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Default Wolf's One Of A Kind Event File Shop[3G/4G/5G]

Hey Guys! I'm back from a hiatus with some events I have for trade. With 99 percent of them being owned by just me! :P Since these are all very rare I would like some really rare events in exchange. These are all trophy case worthy pokemon too. js.

Legit pokemon only
Dont offer pokemon i already have
You CANNOT trade any of these pokemon i give to you without my permission. I would like it if these pokemon do not get spammed.
and dont offer anything kevin24 has

If you would like a pokemon being traded inside a sav instead of a single file ask me and ill lyk if i can trade it in a save
Most likely i have the 3rd gen pokemon in a 3rd gen sav so ask if yu want it in 3rd 4th or 5th[/spoiler]

Trophy Case Pokemon
ShinTheAbsol's 10 Aniv Pikachu
Shin's 10 Aniv Celebi[Diff Natures]
Shin's Ruby Pokebox Zigzagoon
Shin's Mystery Mew
Shin's Birth island deoxys Touched one with lvl 50 and one with lvl 35
Shin's Navel Rock Ho-Oh
Shin Mattle Ho-Oh
Shin's Wishmkr Jirachi[Diff Natures]
Unhatched PokeBox Swablu(5 of them with diff natures) and Zigzagoon(straight from ot with proof in save and file)

My Own Pokemon
Birth Island Deoxys
Navel Rock Lugia
Navel Rock Ho-Oh

Ageto Celebi Set in a 3rd gen save

5th Gen:
I have French,Korean,English,Italian,Spain,etc. unobtained dream world pokemon in saves. These pokemon are in my OWN saves played by ME.

and i also have anything from here as well:
Excluding stuff NFT[/spoiler]

Non Public Wondercards
Rare events in saves
Gen 3 Wish Save

Im sure im missing a few other stuff. Will add on more later on.

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