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Old 01-26-2006, 12:47 AM
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Default Video Game Ideas!

Post your random game Ideas here!

Give your game the next number. Lets see hwo amny intresting ideas we can come up with.


Pikachu Hearts(Loves) Violence!

Here are character/item transitions.

Sora: Pikachu
Riku: Mr. Turtle from Tootsie pop Comercial
Kairi: Female version of the AIM guy.
Donald: Solid Snake
Goofy: Snoozer(from Hamtaro)
Ansem: Toto
Darkside: Hitmonchan, whos boxing gloves were ripped off
Guard Armor: Tin cans in a tornado
Opposite Armor: Tornado made in the opposite hemisphere.

Keyblade: Car Key
Magic: Guns
Special Abilites: Various attacks from fighting games.

The story begins with a short clip playing the Japanese Simple and Clean, only with the word snork said over and over again, ove rthe actual music. The theme invovles a piakchu getting knocked into the ocean by meteors, and then being hit by the submarine plane from sky captain and the world of tommorow.

You begin the game in a similar manner to kingdom Hearts, only the glass floors all depict ketchup.

You are given three opptions.

Boxing Gloves
We ripped them off a Hitmonchan.
Its really angry.
Is this the form you choose?

A pole from the ruined Viridian City Pokemon Center
They haven't found out yet
Is this the form you choose?

Fish Bowl
We actaully didn't steal this
It can withstand attacks from anything weaker than a hammer swung VERY slowly.
Is this the form you choose.

Yo uchosoe and go up a path and bunjy jump to the next door.

Now three possible events come into play depending on what you chose

Boxing Gloves. A demented ash clone in a clown car comes up. Punch it, and then punch the guy when he comes out to yell. Go on.

Pole. Yo ucats the Arvada Kadrava spell. Yo ukil lthe thing and then your arrested by wizzarding police. GAME OVER!

Fishbowl. You slam it into the demented clones head. It shatters and it dies. The weird mysterious voice laughs, saying that you don't have a weapon anymore. You climb back up the bunjy cord and get the boxing gloves...

Will post mroe later.

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Old 01-26-2006, 09:03 PM
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Default Re: Video Game Ideas!

Game #2

Virtual Chaos

You are placed in the future, in which a virtual reality MMORPG has been launched, and a co-designer launched a virus in the system. It manifests itself as different bosses, and will ruin any game code it comes across. You must design a suit of armor, known as a TVT. Use it and any components you earn by defeating virus guards to create new armor pieces, guns, and weapons. You can use the MMORPG to gain partners, who can contribute to both battle and skill.

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Old 03-12-2006, 01:11 AM
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Post Re: Video Game Ideas!

I'd prefer a Smashbros. with a storyline over all of those ...
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