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Old 04-17-2006, 11:44 PM
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Default Just something I've noticed

People in the Pokemon world seem really apathetic. Even though information technology seems beter than our own, most people seem to only care about the town and perhaps the region they live in. When new regions are introduced, characters seem to be genuinly supprised that they even existed. Even though Johto was on Kanto's border, Ash was all ? ? ? when first told about it! And in the first generation, the fact that no other regions are talked about (even though technicaly this is because pokemon was young and still developing) is further proof of this apathy.

Unless something is a huge catastrophe, most people don't know what is happening in other regions. Even science seems to stop at borders. Prof Oak and Company genuinly beleive at first that only 150 pokemon exist in the world, even when the anime and movies show pokemon moving about in plain sight, en masse in other regions. It's like Kanto is their own little world and they've closed everything else out. Then slowly but surely they realize, "Hey, other things exist our borders!"

Yet even with these wonderfull "discoveries" apathy still seems to rein. If we are take the setting as an alternate Japan (and because other real places are talked about, it isn't stupid to do so) then there must be at least a dozen more regions that still aren't talked about. The little world has only gotten slightly bigger. It's just as arrogant to claim there are 300 odd pokemon as 150, because god knows a planet should be able to support far more species. My bet is that, worldwide, there are millions of species. It seems this alternate Japan will only realize its a country ("Ohhhhhhh, so were a country. I get it now.") after Ash has finaly gone from tip to tip!

All this and more will be a subject of my fanfic. Stay tuned!
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