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Default 12- Caution! Sleeping Pokemon Ahead

Time has past since his capture of Stantler. Yes, a couple hours has gone by now. What’s that you say? What happened after the capture of Stantler? Fine, I’ll tell you.

Jack climbs out of the hole with the aided help of Marty and Angelina pulling him up. Once on top, he takes the Pokeball containing Stantler out of his pocket and places it with some of the others in his pack.

“Youngster, thanks ya’ mighty much for getting Stantler out of our digging hole. Now scat! We still have work ta be done.” The old, very old man shoos his hands at Jack and Marty to go away.

“Well, I guess that’s all. Good luck with your digging and all that fun stuff you guys do.” Jack and Marty begin walking away. Then they turn around to a voice.

Angelina was waving, “Maybe we’ll meet up again in the future. We do work all over Kanto.”

Jack smiles. “Yeah, maybe.” He then turns around along with Marty and walks on. “But I will be in the Johto League by tomorrow.”

With some luck, the two of them find their way back to the limo. Jensen was ecstatic to see that they retrieved the expensive rye bread. Even though now it was dirty and inedible. He puts it in the back with the rest of the food. The rye bread is not sold in Saffron City and they have to travel to Vermillion once a week to get more. It is not for them, but Marty’s parents; they can’t live without that type of bread.

The Mini-Healer machine is turned on, and every Pokeball is placed in. Jack with ten Pokemon and Marty with one... huh? Marty places two Pokeballs into the machine. An interesting thing to do which surprises Jack.

“Did you catch a Pokemon while searching for Stantler?” He is happy that Marty can finally catch his own Pokemon instead of stealing from other trainers like the Grimer incident.

Marty smiles lightly. “Yeah, I’ll explain. I found a smaller Stantler very quickly. I thought it was the same one but it wasn’t. I ended up beating it partially because it was a young Pokemon. Maybe even related to the one you caught.” Marty shrugs. “What’s done is done. I can’t take this back. Stantler’s are strong I hear. So I thought about catching it.” Jack nods in agreement. “Besides, there are no rules saying I can’t capture a baby Stantler.”

Jack snaps his fingers. “What if the rye bread the mom Stantler stole was for the baby Stantler? You know, to feed it. That would explain the harsh reaction against us when she wanted to get out of the hole. Did we do a bad thing?”

“No. Just think if we hadn’t come along. Would the baby Stantler have food? Hard to tell. Stantler are struggling to survive here and maybe we have helped them by giving them each a home.” Pretty deep thinking for someone so much younger than Jack. And he is being very mature about it while he talks.

Time and time passes by. The sleek, black limo rolls down the highway street. Within a couple miles, Saffron will be visible. But once again, Jack hops out of the limo and challenges walking trainers to a battle. In which, they gladly accept.

(Cue 1v1 battle with pokemaster148)
(Cue 3v3 battle with direwolfprimary)

He won the first battle; however, that second battle was hard which is why he lost. It shows that he has much more to learn. Plus his Pokemon need to evolve to their higher forms to help Jack out more.

Before jumping back into the limo, Jack and Marty let their Stantler out, respectively. The chat begins with the four of them. At first, mom Stantler didn’t want to let her baby go but it turns out being captured will be for the better. Jack convinces them not to let this block their potential and every battle should be for their counter-part. It will take some time to see if the Stantler understand.

One mile down the road and Jack spots someone he has seen before. A strong trainer that he must challenge. He saw him battle once but never got the chance to challenge. So out he goes.

(Cue 3v3 battle with ashitaka333)

Great battle; Jack threw everything he could at him but it wasn’t enough. This loss will only make him stronger with his training. He will beat this guy, whose name was Leroy. Leroy was going to Johto also, so Jack will be ready to battle him next time when he sees him again.

The road curves up ahead, trees along the side so you can’t see what’s coming around the bend. It moves nicely and cleanly, then the limo slows down to a stop. They are still on the curve of the road which means, well.... what could it mean?

The window separating the driver from the back area lowers down. Jensen faces the two in the back as the Mini-Healer machine finishes healing again. “There is something blocking the road, and you won’t believe what it is. It’s gigantic!”

So, Jack and Marty hop out and gaze at the large sleeping Pokemon up ahead fifteen yards. Quickly, Marty is the first to shout, “Snorlax are not found around here. Must have wandered far, far away from its group or something. Odd.” He then smiles. “I want it!”

On the other side of Snorlax, another car is stopped from the blockage. The driver can be heard screaming for some reason.

Jack appears next to the guy. “Hello. What’s going ...” He could easily see the situation. Snorlax is lying on a Bellsprout. “What..?” The Bellsprout top half was out but the bottom half is still stuck. It looks extremely weak and tired, too tired to even help with its vines.

“Don’t just stand there, help me get this Bellsprout out from underneath Snorlax.” This guy look stronger than Jack but even he can’t do it alone.

“How did this happen?”

The guy sighs heavily. “I’ll tell you, then help me.” Jack nods. “I parked for one second to dump my trash when this Bellsprout was being chased out of the forest by a Snorlax. At the same time, a Jigglypuff came from the other side and collided with Bellsprout. Snorlax arrived and yelled at the two. Jigglypuff sang, they fell asleep, and Snorlax fell on Bellsprout. Jigglypuff was knocked into the air and far into the distance. There, NOW HELP!!”

Pulling doesn’t seem like its working so Jack calls out Beedrill. “Prick that Snorlax with your stinger.” Beedrill zips around and heads for the side of Snorlax, stinger out in front. *PRICK* Snorlax leaps up into the air, Beedrill flies away, and the guy grabs Bellsprout before Snorlax comes clobbering down, which it does. The concrete ground moves like a small earthquake, the two cars and people bobble up and down once. The limo’s back and left side windows shatter, as the other car gets away with no damage because it’s actually a jeep with high suspension. Jack backs away, Beedrill hovers down next to him. “Nice job Beedrill.” He turns to the guy. “How’s the Bellsprout?” It lay on the ground and the guy runs to his jeep.

“Your problem. I’ve got things to do.” He drives the jeep around the landed Snorlax and blasts off speedily around the bend. Such a nice guy, isn’t he?

Jensen moves back to the limo, crying at the damage as Marty wanders on the other side of Snorlax, next to Jack. “Now what do we do about this? Try to move it?” Jack picks up Bellsprout and holds it in his arms.

Good question. Here’s an answer. Snorlax stumbles up, grumpy as ever. It spies Beedrill and identifies it to be the culprit of the stinging. Snorlax charges.

“Uh, Beedrill. Evade!” Jack and Marty run to the side of the road to safety as Snorlax clobbers down the road after Beedrill. “Fly higher, so it can’t get to you.” Beedrill soars higher and higher and out of reach of the lardy.

“Can I recall and try to escape this angry Snorlax? Probably too risky. Hmmmm.... We have to calm it down.”

Marty smirks happily, “Why not battle it and allow me to capture Snorlax.”

Shaking his head, Jack heartily laughs. “Why would I work hard to battle it and give it to you? This one is mine.” He stands in battle mode. “Beedrill, attack from above with Pin Missile.”

Beedrill clasps his green glowing needles together, and fires the green triangle shaped energy down at an easy target. Snorlax takes the consecutive hits in the stomach and laughs from its ticklish feeling. Then, it gets angry again and prepares to attack back. Snorlax sucks in lots of air from the surroundings- is it doing a wind attack? No. Snorlax surprises all with a Hyper Beam at Beedrill. With no warning from Jack, Beedrill remains motionless and is blasted away of the huge amount of energy. Falling, falling.... Jack recalls Beedrill in midair. Snorlax turns slowly and watches Jack. Not good.

“Let me try.” Marty prepares to send out his Wartortle.


Snorlax charges Jack, causing him to hand Bellsprout to Marty who now is not able to grab his Pokeball for Wartortle. Jack rushes around the street, becoming tired faster than Snorlax.
Jensen runs to the limo, turns on the engine, and backs up, away from the battle. He then honks the horn, in turn, grabbing Snorlax’s attention.

Now Jack has time to grab a Pokeball, he randomly grabs and throws it out. Vulpix pops out. Snorlax return to face the Trainer. “Vulpix, gotta be fast. Flamethrower.” Snorlax’s body flares the fire sideways, like deflecting it away with its fat with mild burns. Snorlax rushes through the heat and hits Vulpix off the street and onto the dirt. Snorlax hurriedly jumps up into the air and lands down on top of Vulpix, like a shoe coming down on an ant. OUCH!

Jack turns away from the super hit, worrying about his first Poke-pal. Snorlax slowly stands up and examines the damage. Jack can barely see a small hole in the ground. Vulpix must have used Dig to escape. Vulpix did, as she jumps out of it safely. She responds by wrapping Snorlax in a Fire Spin. To which, Snorlax flails its arms wildly and brushes it away, mildly burned again. It smacks Vulpix again with Tackle, hitting her onto the street this time. Again, Snorlax jumps into the air, and comes down on Vulpix for a second time. No way to use Dig to get out of this. And the result, Vulpix is skinnier than a super model.

Jack gasps insanely, “VULPIX!” For fear of Vulpix, Jack has to recall and send another of his Pokemon. This time, he had time to think who to choose while Vulpix battled. “Ok, go my Sudowoodo.” Sudowoodo comes out and hugs Jack. Smiling, “Yeah, I like you too. Now be brave and prevent that Snorlax from attacking me. You don’t want me hurt now, do you?” Sudowoodo fiercely shakes her head and turns to the big one.

Both are kind of the same height, maybe an even match in that sense, but not build-wise. “Ok, get in there and try a Slam attack.” Sudowoodo jumps into the air, raising her arms then slams the down on Snorlax’s head. Jack snaps his fingers again. “Yes, the head, go for the head. The weak spot.” Sudowoodo jumps to Slam once more but Snorlax grabs the rocky tree, preventing it from achieving this attack. Snorlax leans its head back then rushes it forward for a head smacking Headbutt. Sudowoodo jumps back from the normal hit, shaking it off. She moves near the big galoot and swipes at its feet with Low Kick. Snorlax cries in small pain and lets gravity do the trick. Down, down...... Sudowoodo is smothered by Snorlax. Oh the humanity!

“Ah gee, not again.” Jack could see the parts of Sudowoodo using Flail to try to squeeze out. Rock’s can’t hold pressure for too long, then they burst. He think as a blast of lighting shoots Snorlax off the ground a couple feet, enough room for Sudowoodo to roll out of the way. “Oh, used that Thunderpunch attack I see. Ok, try an Ice Punch then.” So she does. Sudowoodo’s hand begin to freeze and she swings at Snorlax. *SHING* Snorlax feels the burn of coldness, slightly freezing its gut into ice. “Now, attack.” Sudowoodo jumps up and Slams the head again, causing Snorlax to fall backwards to the ground with a thump. The street cracks under the pressure.

Jack wanders over to Marty, who lies on the ground with a sore to his head. What he saw next is Bellsprout on the ground, still weak from Snorlax sitting on it. He picks it up with one hand, to carry it and make it better with body heat. With his right hand, he holds an empty Pokeball, ready to throw. He places Bellsprout back down for a moment, and lunges the Pokeball at Snorlax. The blubber bounces the ball back at Jack, who ducks quickly. The Pokeball hits a tree behind him and falls to the floor, hitting Bellsprout instead. And guess what, Bellsprout is sucked in no problem.

Jack scratches his head, “That.... was unexpected.” The ball twitches back and forth but he can’t watch that, he must keep his head on Snorlax and Sudowoodo.

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Default 12- Caution! Sleeping Pokemon Ahead

Snorlax gets up, breaking the ice on its gut. It sucks in the surrounding air like a vacuum. Jack yells for Sudowoodo to move out of the way. Instead, she runs at Snorlax and attacks its head with Slam. As soon as Sudowoodo makes contact, Snorlax lets Hyper Beam fly. The close firing of a powerful attack causes a huge explosion on the street. Jack squints from the blast; the air rushes around him. Sudowoodo flies overhead and lands against a tree. The blast clears and Snorlax is seen, bruised and messed up from the close range shot. It stands, not moving a wink. Then, its feet slowly scrape against the asphalt, moving toward Jack.

He can hear tubby growling or grumbling, whichever, they sound pretty much the same. Snorlax doesn’t seem that thrilled to be hurt so much. “Heh, nice Snorlax. I was helping Bellsprout get out from beneath you, so it doesn’t can stay alive. I care about Pokemon, even you. But you must stop attacking.”

Yeah, like that would stop a Snorlax. Sleep can’t stop a Snorlax, well, for very long that is. It keeps approaching, almost off the street and on the side where Jack and Marty and the undecided Pokeball lies.

“Ok, I guess I have to keep this battle going.” Before Jack could send someone else out, a blur moves over Jack and strikes Snorlax hard. Snorlax is pushed back to the middle of the two lane road.

“Sudo sudo woodo woodo.” Sudowoodo didn’t sound too happy either. She really wants to defend her trainer.

Jack smiles in joy. “That’s the spirit. Show the opposition that you will never stop.”

Sudowoodo begins the thrusting punches of electricity, fire and ice, not stopping until either of them falls to the ground out of energy. *BIF* *BAM* *ZAP* *KLOIN* Kloin? What an odd sound. Sudowoodo jumps forward, striking every spot on Snorlax’s body. Snorlax curls up in a large ball, but the emotional blows keep hitting, and hard.

How could any Trainer not be proud to see one of his the Pokemon he recently caught be so loyal and so fast. Sudowoodo turns out to be a great capture.

Snorlax pushes the tree off with some small strength of a Headbutt. Sudowoodo copies the exact move with her Mimic ability, and hits head first into its soft stomach. Snorlax sighs in exhaustion, stumbling backwards around the street.

“Ok, knock it down with one more Headbutt.” Sudowoodo charges forward and hits above the gut, causing the center of gravity to move its feet, therefore, Snorlax falls down.

After the ground quiets down, Jack prepares his second throw of a blank Pokeball. “Here we go. Let this be the end.” The Pokeball moves swiftly through the air, and touches the skin of the plump Snorlax and manages to fit the huge Pokemon into the small Pokeball. Amazing!

Jack kneels to the ground, tired from this long day of adventure as he awaits the result of the moving Snorlax ball...... oh, not to mention the Bellsprout he has temporarily forgotten about. That outcome would have happened already, and all he has to do is look down. But all he can do is wait for the big outcome....

Original Post: October 2002 @ Ultra Group
(-o-) Snorlax Caught!
(-o-) Bellsprout Caught!


This is where double captures become my staple. Having gotten used to the writing system for a year, I was confident in writing stories for two Pokemon rather than one like everyone else did. This basically put me at or near the top of the class. This was writing beyond what anyone expected. Our standards were so low back then, heh.

The inspiration for this story was the fact that Snorlax was found blocking paths in R/B and G/S. So I thought, why not block the road with one? Bellsprout was a random choice- just needed something weak enough to not need much effort, similar to how I caught Metapod. Still love the part when Snorlax creates a shockwave and breaks the limo. Also, bad plot design using the mini healer in the limo to catch 6 Pokemon on the few hour drive from Vermillion to Saffron. Bet no one noticed! After this, I try to space it out more timely so it makes sense.

Now, you may wonder why Sudowodo knows the elemetals punches. I bought them from the mart and taught it too him. Therefore, he now knows it in the story. Story-wise, it doesn't make sense, but rp-wise it does. I think that's how everyone did it back then. The Pokemon you went for only used level-up moves. Once caught and taught TM's, you could use it in stories. Or maybe it was just me. ha! Either way, I still follow that thought to this day.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default 13- One Spooky Night in Saffron City

Jack jumps for joy as the Snorlax Pokeball stops shaking. The large angry Pokemon has been stopped. But what will happen when he lets him out? He runs to the middle of the street. “Awesome. I caught a Snorlax. I couldn’t be happier.... so close to my dream.” If we remember, his dream is to get all the badges from every Gym. He isn’t too interesting in stardom and being the popular Trainer, only badges and friendship with his Pokemon will be his reward. He picks up the Pokeball and puts it in his pocket for now. “Oh,” he calmly says, “what about poor Bellsprout?” That’s right, his accidental capture of Bellsprout... but did the Pokeball stop with the Pokemon inside it? Only one way to find out. Turning around, he looks to the side of the road, lying next to Marty should be a Pokeball, with or without a Pokemon inside. To his surprise, no Pokeball lay there. “It’s gone?”

How can an injured Pokemon and a Pokeball disappear? Unless it was Marty. Marty turns over on his side, now looking at Jack with wide open eyes, still bruised at the head. He smiles shakily, slowly talking, “Did I fool you?” Jack is now right above his new rich friend, and he sees a Pokeball on the other side of him. “Yes, that is the Pokeball and Bellsprout is inside. Take it, it’s rightfully yours.” So he does, and he pockets this one also. “I should have never tried for Snorlax and should have kept that Bellsprout as my own instead. I was greedy.” Rich people are often greedy people, it’s because they are lavished with many riches without doing anything, spoiled is the word. But to admit being greedy, that takes guts from a ten year old.

But Jack kindly understands and helps Marty up from the dirty ground. His expensive clothes are covered with dirt from head to toe. Would they throw it away and buy a new suit or simply wash it? Puzzling, but not interesting to think about at this time. Jensen pulls the limo next to the two, walks around, opens the door for them, sits back inside, and drives rigidly across the newly rugged street. It will take days to fix the cracks in the road. On the other hand, it will take minutes to fix a rich mans limo windows. *CA-CHING* $.$

Saffron City, a city full of life and mystery. The tall skyscraper buildings loom over the rest of the smaller facilities. The road becomes perpendicular to the city, eventually leading straight into it. A few houses lie on the outskirts of Saffron. But one of them catches Jacks attention. So, Jensen pulls over and parks in front of the house. They must be a mile from main city streets.

The house is plain, simple white, one story house. No fancy decorations on the lawn. The thing that stands out is the Jeep with high suspension. Yes, the very same Jeep that ditched Bellsprout after helping it out from under Snorlax.

“How did he get past us? I thought he went the other way.” Jack ignores Marty and walks over to the door and knocks loudly. He can hear the television and from the sound, it’s a soup opera. But the door is not where the guy comes from, rather the side.

He looks over at the unwelcome visitor. “Hey, it’s you. What do you want?”

Jack pulls out a Pokeball. “You abandoned an injured Pokemon, not caring about it. You may say that you care, but leaving after helping it is insulting. That is why I challenge you to a battle of honor.” Jack has never been more serious. He will teach this guy a lesson for disrespecting Pokemon all over.

The guy scratches his head, “Uh, yeah. My Pokemon will beat you down.” The two line out in the front yard and battle on the lately mowed grass.

(Cue 1v1 Battle with Pokemaster148)

This guy isn’t much of a trainer. His lack of love and care for his Pokemon caused his immediate downfall. Flawless victory even. Jack has done the deed.

*CREAK* The door of the house opens with an older man, balding with a pot belly, glaring at the battle. “What’s going on here that interrupted my television watching? Huh? A battle? Fine, want a real battle... let’s go.” He pulls out three Pokeballs and smirks at Jack. Shrugging, he accepts.

(Cue 3v3 Battle with gotenks2610)

This battle provided a greater challenge. Almost losing, Jack manages to come back and strike him down. The balding fat guy has even less care for his Pokemon, however strong. Trust is what keeps Pokemon battling to their full extent.

“Alright, fine. My friend and I learned our lessons. Please leave the premise right now.” He points to a sign that says ‘That means YOU!’

Jack nods, “But tell me what was so important that you couldn’t stay.”

The guy sighs loudly and sternly says, “A business meeting about Pokemon captures. Happy?”

Ok, the limo moves on and down the short road. Jack got his answer with great results. Why is the world full of Trainers that don’t care? It can’t be stopped, all Jack can do is care more and try to even out the balance.

“I’m here at last.” After five unexpected captures later, Jack makes it to Saffron City. The limo pulls into a parking garage for VIP’s only. This will be a fun experience for anyone not rich.

Well, as it turns out, Jack denies living with Marty for a couple days. He wants to be old fashioned with training and be at the Pokecenter where all the action takes place. That way he can be up to date with Pokemon situations around the city. Jensen says his goodbyes and gives Jack a small token of his appreciation: a piece of the expensive rye bread. Jack thinks *BLEH* and smiles. Marty shakes his hand and also hands Jack an item: a Fire Stone. Marty says ‘why not use it now?’ But Jack knows when his Pokemon are ready to evolve and wants them to decide, not him. The mom and baby Stantler say their goodbyes also. Such a heartbreaking separation.

The rich company is gone and Jack is alone... well, except for his Pokemon. He walks out from the train station, all tickets sold out for two days. Man, what can he do now? Yep, explore and battle. Mostly battle.

Talking to himself, “You know, am I ready to challenge the Gym in Goldenrod City? Maybe, but I think these next two days are evolving-my-Pokemon days. But first, a quick survey of the city.”

Hmmm, this one street he takes a turn down has few people and no moving cars. The stores are open but hardly any customers. And any people on the street are running, not walking. He walks into this one clothing store and finds a nice overcoat made of corduroy and adequately long. Shorts won’t match, so he buys some elastic felt type pants- no belt required. After changing with his new look, Jack crosses the street and buys some Poke-belts that stick on one side. That way, he can line the inside of his overcoat with some of his Pokeballs and grab from there. Sneaky! Jack has noticed that each cashier has given him the cold-eye look. They seem scared or something. Upon the third cashier, which he buys an upgraded version of his hat, also spooked and pale. Having enough courage now, Jack speaks.

“Why is everyone around here acting weird?” The cashier points nervously behind the customer. Jack turns and also flushes pale.


Gastly spins horizontally, tongue flailing around with high pitched screaming. And just like a scardy-cat, Jack flees the building and runs from the street, all the way back to the Pokecenter.

After he calms down from talking with his family, Jack finds a chair and plops down. Nurse Joy walks over with her hand to her face. “I heard about that Gastly from Trainers that come in. It’s been here for about 2 months. No one can shop down that street. Your were lucky to visit more than one store.”

Jack made three purchases; does that make him special? “Why can’t it be caught?”

Joy sighs. “Believe me, powerful trainers have tried but it never shows up to battle. No one has been able to touch it. But right now, a Trainer has been called from Lavender Town to take care of this ghost. Steer clear of that street and you’ll be fine.”

*SIGH* The next day approaches, Jack is up early and searching for action. And he finds it quickly.

(Cue 3v3 Battle with gurl53092)

A heart breaking loss. But an hour later, another battle ensues.

(Cue 3v3 Battle with flareon008)

Another loss. Maybe mornings are not his battling strength. He may be too tired. Yeah, lets blame something else rather that the person who’s fault it really is.

After lunch of Cheeseburgers, Jack is challenged by a young trainer. Thinking this will be easy, he replies.

(Cue 1v1 Battle with jiggly_girlzaa)

Horrendous! Trying to match fire with fire, Vulpix against a Growlithe, doesn’t work as Jack loses. He cuddles Vulpix in his arms. “Poor Vulpix. You’ll be fine with some rest.”

Late afternoon set in, he battles one more time before heading back to the Pokecenter.

(Cue 3v3 Battle with teeshtwo)

Winning is bliss. Plus, his Pokemon are happy. Maybe night time in Saffron City is his energy for battles. Whatever it is, Jack is one step closer to evolving his Pokemon.

On his way back to the Pokecenter, a girl stops him and asks a question. “Do you know where Line Street is? I’m new here, coming from Lavender Town and I am kinda lost.”

Jack recalls what Joy said..... ‘But right now, a Trainer has been called from Lavender Town to take care of this ghost.’ Maybe, just maybe, she is that Trainer. “Uh, I think it’s that way.” Jack decides to go for it and see how strong she is. “Want to battle before you go?”

“Oh, I don’t think your part of my league.” Smiling, she sends out her first Pokemon.

(Cue 4v4 Battle with Gotenks2610)

Great battle, except for the fact that Jack lost. But that didn’t matter at all. Spinarak and Grimer both evolve to fight back but they were too weak to beat her Pokemon. But his achievement is almost ready. He set to evolve most of his Pokemon and he just did half of it. Tomorrow he will work on Magnemite and Metapod.

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Default 13- One Spooky Night in Saffron City

*YAWN* Night slowly sets in; dark clouds cover the sky quicker than piranhas can devour food. Jack checks his receipts and realizes the hat store guy overcharged him. So, it’s back to that one spooky street again. As soon as he arrives, a person standing by runs over to Jack. “Hey you, be careful around here. Some girl found that Gastly and is attempting to get rid of it. But since her arrival, stores are slowly becoming active again.” He stops and goes over to someone else wandering on the street.

“Good, then I don’t have to be worried about being scared again.” Jack shudders and wanders to the store. He sees jolts of lighting coming from an ally; it must be where the battle is happening. Shortly, the store clerk corrects the mistake and gives some money back and apologizes. With that finished, he leaves the store. But he doesn’t wander too far as he watches the ally again.

“Ok, Hyper Beam it now.”

The ally way explodes in a flash of light, trash being thrown everywhere. The girl comes walking out, with smoking clothes and a Pokeball in hand. She collapses on the ground all worn out. Jack decides to check on her.

A small crowd of people surround the girl. Everyone wanted to help but no one actually did anything. Then she speaks, “I couldn’t handle it. Too tricky.” And just as she stops, a shadowy figure appears smack dab in the center of the circle. Yep, Gastly. Silence.......


Everyone runs and screams. Jack shivers to death, not liking to be scared at all. He runs and runs and takes a turn after this one store. He looks back to see no ghost following him and stops. *BONK* A brick wall stops Jack’s backward movement. A dead-end ally full of trash bags, one hugs trash bin and a sewer manhole. A wild Meowth perched on top of the wall meows and jumps to the other side. Jack calms down, breathing slowly, heart still beating so fast.

“Oooooooooooooo.... ahhhhhhhhh....”

Jack jumps from the scary noises. “Aw gee, this is creeping me out.” He breathes heavily. “I know Gastly will pop into the open. Don’t be scared, don’t be scared...” Jack closes his eyes and opens them up again.


*TEETH CHATTERING* Jack cringes as Gastly floats to the front of the ally. “Quit scaring me, I scare too easily.” Gastly disappears. A Pokeball is thrown out from Jack: Ariados. “Ariados, make a web around this area so Gastly will get caught.” Ariados starts working, shooting webbing all around to make a nice spiral web. “Oops, should have left an opening for me to escape through. Ariados, .....huh?” Ariados falls down to the ground with a hard hit. Gastly floating in the air laughing. Jack snaps into it and recalls Ariados. “That’s right. Gastly is a Pokemon and I can catch it. Ok Gastly, prepare to meet Jack....” he points to Gastly but it’s no longer there.

Then there is a loud screech behind the wall, like a cat fight. Jack turns to see Meowth return to the top of the wall, hissing at something. A blast of purple shatters a chunk from the top of the wall and blasts Meowth into the webbing made by Ariados. Part of the web, the lower part, breaks off into bits of pieces that float away in the air.

“Alright, go Beedrill. Take flight.” Beedrill is called upon and buzzes above. Jack also calls Vulpix out. “Beedrill, block that ghost. Vulpix, follow me.” The group splits up. Beedrill attacks, heading for Gastly. It fades from view, Beedrill moves right through it. Gastly reappears and blasts Beedrill with Night Shade.

Meanwhile, Meowth has some company. Vulpix Ember’s the webbing stuck to Meowth. It gives a hint that it’s alright but Jack picks it up anyway and move to the side of the ally.
*CRASH* Beedrill nails the ground and no longer can battle. “Ah, Beedrill. Rest. Vulpix, Flamethrower!” Vulpix aims up and fires her fire. Gastly manages to avoid again by disappearing. “No good. It will keep disappearing.” For one of the few times, Jack looks to the Pokedex.

POKEDEX: Gastly, the gas Pokemon: With it’s gas-like body, it can sneak into any place desired. However, it can be blown away by the wind.

“Really? Wind can blow the gas away. Sure, Farfetch’d, come on out and play.” Farfetch’d comes out to join Jack’s side along with Vulpix. “Farfetch’d, get ready and attack.”

“Fetch!” Farfetch’d takes to the sky. His eyes glow and Leer at Gastly. Gastly freezes for one second, just enough time for Peck to hit. Gastly sticks its tongue out and Licks Farfetch’d square on the face. Luckily it fails to paralyze and gives Farfetch’d another chance to attack. “Faaarrr!” Another Peck at the gas Pokemon hits.

“Gastly!” it says angrily and stares directly at Farfetch’d. Hypnosis waves comes out and affect Farfetch’d heavily. Down.....

“Nice try Farfetch’d.” Jack returns his flying type before hitting the cement bottom. “I didn’t even get to use a wind attack. How about Magnemite.” It pops out.

Gastly floats over Jack and through the webbing still up. Magnemite follows and Jack calls to stop just before it gets stuck. Close one. Before an attack can happen, Gastly disappears.

“Hmmm... if I can’t see Gastly, how can I battle it. *SNAP* I got it! Magnemite, use Rain Dance to create rain.” Having learned this new ability, Magnemite spins rapidly, jumping left to right, and right to left. A beam shoots into the already dark clouds. Moments later, it begins to rain. Jack kneels down, opening his overcoat to cover Meowth and Vulpix so they don’t get wet. “Don’t worry, you’ll both be fine under here for now.” He holds them both to his body for warmth. Now to look up at the battle.

Up above, the rain splashes off of the invisible Gastly which gives away his whereabouts. He may be invisible, but he can still be hit. “Thunderwave that ghost fast.” Magnemite sends electric waves at the spot the rain hits and Gastly appears, also being effected by Paralysis. The rain stops slowly but the clouds remain dark and overhead.

“Magnemite,” it says in it’s metallic voice as Jack orders and Thunder. Electricity pours out from the sides and shoots in all directions. Gastly is hit dead center; however, so is everything else since water conducts electricity. The whole ally lights up with yellow sparks.

“Gaaaaaaaassstlly....” “Vuuullllll...” “Eeeoooooooowww...” “Ahhhhh.....”

The only one not screaming is Magnemite. Jack falls backwards, Vulpix slumps down, Meowth falls sideways, Gastly hits the ground.... Wait, Gastly hit the ground? Maybe being paralyzed keeps it from going through objects. Jack sees this and quickly responds to action.

“Lock-on and Thunder again.” Magnemite charges at Gastly, using the metal brain to lock onto the ghost; then the electric blast of Thunder shoots in all directions again. To Jack’s quick thinking, and irresponsibility, everything except Magnemite is shocked again. He falls steaming more than before, “Ouch, that stings.” Gastly twirls around and around in circles from the blast right in front of Jack. “Oh, hey Vulpix... use Flamethrower.” Vulpix takes her time to be ready, especially after two major shocks, and this allows Gastly to dodge left to avoid. And being unlucky, Magnemite is hit instead. *FWOOM* *CLUNK* Magnemite falls down. Jack hits his head. “Stupid me. Return. Vulpix, I believe you can finish this.” He picks up Meowth and holds it inside his corduroy overcoat. It’s wet fur quickly becomes dry. It meows a sigh of relief.

Vulpix rushes out and nails Gastly with Fire Spin. The two stare at each other long and hard. Gastly is still being affected by the paralyzing affects of Thunderwave. Confuse Ray shoots out from each Pokemon, the combination explodes into a dark dust. Jack runs through the battle quickly to the entrance of the ally so he isn’t trapped by the brick wall. Vulpix and Gastly’s eyes glare with confusion. Vulpix aims high, too high, and fires at the webbing anchors. This burns the web connected to the side building, causing the web to collapse... directly onto Gastly. Gastly stumbles about and soars over Vulpix and rams into the wall, knocking it over to pieces. Vulpix fires yet again at a trash pile, setting fire to it.

“Vulpix, no. You better return. Uh, oops, I can’t reach her Pokeball since I’m holding Meowth.” So, he quickly puts the cat down and recalls Vulpix and sends Gyarados out to put the fire away. Meowth is returned to his warmth, now Jack has one hand free, holding an empty Pokeball.

Gyarados rummages through the bricks and uncovers Gastly’s gassy body. It’s purple gas no longer surrounds it, and its eyes are all swirly-like. “Good job Gyarados. You’re one step ahead of me. Pokeball, go!” Jack throws the Pokeball oddly and it lands onto Gastly. Undoubtably, it goes in and the moment of truth now begins. Has Jack captured the tricky ghost of Lane Street? If so, it has happened by a fluke accident. Now he waits...

I’ve done this before and I’m doing it again. Will the wild Meowth decide to stay with Jack for caring for it during this hard time? It’s up to the grader to decide if Meowth cares enough to be with a trainer that may have saved its life.

Original Post: Octoboer 2002 @ Ultra Group
(-o-) Gastly Caught!
(-o-) Meowth Caught!
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default 14- Small Vacation Time

The clouds are still dark and night is still approaching. Watching the Pokeball shake around in the bricks, hoping this caper is over, Jack shouts with his handy fist in the air. He caught the ghostly Gastly.

“Alright Gyarados, way to stand guard.” He returns the big fish to his Pokeball. Jack runs over to the rubble and scoops his Pokeball up and pockets it. *SIGH* “I hope I don’t have nightmares tonight. This will be fun training Gastly in the future.” But now he has to worry about the Meowth he still carries with his other arm inside his overcoat. “Oh, right... I have to help this wild Meowth.”

Jack walks over the broken brick wall and onto the street on the other side to avoid any people trying to ask what happened in that ally. They would surely find out sometime, but now Meowth needs some healing from good ol’ Nurse Joy.
By the time he reaches the Pokecenter, it’s almost closing time. He nearly makes it inside. Joy smiles as Jack shows her the Meowth.
“Oh, Chansey, bring this patient to Room 3.” Chansey comes and takes Meowth from Jack and happily prances to the room. “Don’t worry, an overnight stay should be good for Meowth.” Jack thanks her and they go their separate ways; Joy to her last rounds of the night; Jack to an empty couch. Can he really sleep after all this?

*Morning Music plays as the sun rises* Already up at sunrise, Jack heads for Lane Street and the ally. A sleeping Meowth in his arms, he plans to put it back in that ally so it can go back to living its normal life. Joy told Jack this morning back at the Pokecenter that Meowth is 100% better. “Meeooooww...” Meowth wakes up and stretches in his arms as Jack just arrives at the entrance.

“Ok Meowth, you may go on with your life.” He places her down on the cold ground. “Good luck.” Jack turns and heads down the street, not looking back. He’s always liked Meowths for their soft fur and kindness toward humans but he couldn’t have this one because he caused her too much trouble last night blasted by Night Shade, caught in a web, getting wet from rain, being shocked by Thunder twice. “Huh?”

While he waits at an intersection to cross to the other side, a head rubs against his leg. To his surprise, Meowth has been following him. “Meowth meowth!” She sits on the ground, looking directly at Jack with a semi-smiling face. How could this Pokemon want to still be with him? Were his efforts to protect Meowth greater than his accidental cause of her pain? Whatever it is, Meowth won’t be leaving his side now.

“So, you want to stay with me?” She purrs heavily. Jack laughs and scrunches down to pet her, “Ha ha... very well. I gladly accept your acceptance for me being your Trainer and friend.” Unexpected but greatly appreciative.

“Hey, it’s you.” The girl from Lavender sees Jack. “I saw you leaving the other side of that ally. It’s rumored that you got the ghost. Is it true?” Jack nods smiling. “Wow. I don’t know how I beat you before if you caught something I couldn’t get. This time, I challenge you to a battle.

(Cue 2v2 Battle with gurl53092)

“Aha, see... I knew you had gotten better. I may be an expert in catching ghosts, but you somehow managed to do what I couldn’t. See ya ‘round.” And she disappears down the street. Jack is glad he won, proud even. This is a nice city.

Meowth jumps up and down while following Jack. He hasn’t felt the time for putting her into a Pokeball yet. But in time, it will happen.

Somehow it is noon time already, and he finishes his lunch of pizza and root beer, one of the best combos out there. He still has the rest of today and tomorrow morning before his train leaves. He could get the badge from Saffron but he wants to stay with one league before switching to win the badges of other leagues. In addition he heard the psychic leader is hard to beat. That doesn’t matter. What matters is having Magnemite and Metapod to evolve before his ride on the train.

(Cue 3v3 Battle with gotenks2610)

A loss but Jack expects this to happen while he tries to evolve his basic Pokemon. He will probably lose all his matches today.

(Cue 2v2 Battle with tankx9)
(Cue 2v2 Battle with tankx9)

Still losing but to his wonderful surprise, Magnemite glows brightly to evolve into Magneton. Except for his newly caught Pokemon, he has one more to go.

(Cue 1v1 Battle with flareon008)

“Yeah! Butterfree is awesome.” Metapod hatches from her shell and flies right on out.

Time goes by so fast when fun is being had. Night is here, so Jack heads for the Pokecenter to sleep for the night. Meowth, still not in a Pokeball, curls next to her sleeping Trainer and rests the night away.


“I wish I hadn’t overslept. Gotta hurry! Can’t miss the train.” It’s 11 and the train leaves at 11:30. Jack runs and runs, Meowth keeping up with him very well. He didn’t think hard enough to put Meowth into a Pokeball yet, too much concentration on getting on the train.

“Hey, what’s your hurry? A battle will ease your mind.”

Jack screeches to a stop, Meowth sliding past him. He rarely backs down from a challenge but he needs to get to the train. Thinking he could do this in ten minutes, the two battle.

(Cue 3v3 unfinished Battle with gotenks2610)

Jack cuts the battle short, as his train will be leaving in five minutes. Jack’s first incomplete battle: not a draw, not a win, nothing but incomplete. Oh well, he forgets about it and runs, holding Meowth having no time to get a Pokeball out.

“Ticket please.” Jack stops just before the ticket person, heavily breathing and resting from the rush. “Better board now, we’re just about to leave.” Jack puts Meowth on the ground and shows his ticket. “Ok, but no Pokemon are allowed out of Pokeballs unless there is a good enough reason.”

Jack can’t think of any and finds an empty Pokeball. “Return.” But nothing happens. Jack smiles nervously, “Oh, I haven’t caught you yet.” Jack reaches down and presses the Pokeball on Meowth and it sucks her in. With that finishes, he hops in, the door closes, and the train begins to move.

Trains are fun to ride in– the scenery passes by so nicely. Mostly trees and mountains and a few houses flash by from the windows. After walking in all five train cars, the last one holds his room. When he opens his door, he finds someone’s stuff on a bed on one side. He must be sharing a room. Whatever. He is on his way to his first badge: Goldenrod City. The leader best prepare because Jack is on his way.

“Ah. Such a nice train ride. I never want this to end.” Unknown to Jack, the train would be stopping soon. While he lies there, on his bed, he asks questions to himself. “I wonder who the Gym leader is? I hope the leader is there. Whom should I use? And what time will this train arrive at Goldenrod?” He hasn’t talked to anyone since coming aboard the train. Just in his room. And he realizes it now and stands up from his bed, “I need to explore this train. I didn’t pay for this room alone. I want the whole experience.” Who is he talking to? Casper the train ghost?


Jack flies forward *SMACK* and lands against the wall front first then falls down onto the other persons bed, who has not been to the cabin since Jack’s arrival. After being unconscious for about a minute, Jack recovers and slowly, but surely, stands back up. The whole room was a mess, the other persons’ things were everywhere while Jack’s stuff was in his pack.

Apparently, the train ran into a problem, LITERALLY! Trains can’t stop immediately within feet like a car; it takes about a mile for it to slow safely to a stop. Magnet Trains take longer to stop than that because they travel at faster speeds. But the brakes were put down hard. The engineer saw a car on the tracks with the driver still inside, trying to save his vehicle. And that’s right, the train plows into it and sheers the car down the middle. The driver is ok, but the train took some damage to the front, something with the electrical lines or something, so everyone bails out of the train.

The area is a nice breezy meadow, large in comparison to a small park. There is a little hint of a small lake about two miles away just before a line of trees. Also in the distance is a group of Miltank, spread out over the wide grazing field. This is a nice place to have an accident. Very peaceful.

An hour goes by. None of the repair guys on the train can fix the damage because they need a special part. So, the engine car from the spare train of Goldenrod has been summoned. But it will still take a while since they don’t have the spare part. Right now, the piece is being delivered from Olivine City via Pidgeot Express.

“So, are we in the Johto League or still in Kanto?” Jack overhears a young kid ask his dad.

The dad smiles, “I’m not sure son. Maybe it’s neither of the two.” He tackles his son, playfully tickling him on the tall green grass.

Looking around, lots of tents and sleeping bags are out. People were making this moment as comfortable as possible. No one was allowed back on the train until it was repaired. And no one can go anywhere since they were in the middle of nowhere.

“This is boring.” Jack walks over to one of the train guards. “Hi. I’m going over there...” He points to the lake way in the distance, “ if the train is fixed, don’t leave until I come back. I’m not walking to Goldenrod from here.” The guard nods understandably.

The field provides an easy walk to the lake. There, he would get water for his bottle. That is one of the reasons he walks to the lake; the second being so he can get away from all the boring people.

The two miles went by really fast since he rode Stantler all the way. “Drink up. Nice clean water I’ll bet. Actually, everyone come out.” Because he has so many Pokeballs with Pokemon, Jack slowly lets everyone {Vulpix, Farfetch’d, Ariados, Beedrill, Gyarados, Muk, Butterfree, Magneton, Sudowoodo, Stantler, Bellsprout, Snorlax, Gastly, Meowth} out of their Pokeballs to have a nice rest near a clear blue lake. “I know this is the first time I’ve let everyone out at once so I hope this works well. We are all one big family now.” The temporary vacation begins.

An hour passes by and Jack is lying on, not in, his sleeping bag. After playing for the longest time, everyone rests in their various areas: some in the water; some next to Jack; some under the one tree nearby. This is the most fun Jack has ever had with his Pokemon. There were some small problems but nothing so abstract: Sudowoodo kept hugging him; Meowth hissed at Gastly; Snorlax tried to eat all the food; Snorlax belly-flopped and splashed water on everyone, even Vulpix; Ariados played a trick on Jack by covering his face with a partial web; Snorlax almost sat on everyone. All-in-all, it was fun.

“Ahem. I walked all this way to meet the one who caught the trickster Gastly. I heard of your arrival on the train and now I challenge you to a battle. Hardcore style with no mercy.”
Jack opens his eyes but his sunglasses covered them so he still looked asleep. This guy must be around mid thirties or something like that. “Are you even awake? I’m stealing your Pokemon...”

Jack smiles and manages a small chuckle. “I see you.” He sits up, lifts his sun glasses off, and looks at his challenger. “Is the train ready?” Before an answer is made, Jack sees the train still there. “Oh, never mind.”

“The battle?”

“Oh, right. I won’t agree with the ‘no mercy’ rule.”
He nods in an unreassuring manner. “Alright, I’m ready and so are my Pokemon.”

(Cue 3v3 Battle with gotenks2610)

The only reason the other guy won was because Jack’s Pokemon was resting or sleeping and not really up to a battle. But they tried their best.

The guy heads back to the train, riding his Dodrio. “You know that a ‘real’ trainer wouldn’t have more than six Pokemon with him.”
What? What did he say? “Then I guess that battle didn’t count since I’m not ‘real’.” And the guy is gone. “What is a ‘real’ trainer? As far as I know, a Trainer is any person with at least ONE Pokemon. I’ll show him next time. I’ll show the world.” Jack turns and looks at all his Pokemon behind him. “Make that we. We will show them. From this point on, we will work harder, and be winning more than losing.” His Pokemon give various cheers for the speech.


“Man, how can I live up to what I said if the train stays there.” Another hour goes by. Then another. At least the weather isn’t hot; rather a nice cool breeze coming from the neighboring mountains. It’s around three o’clock in the afternoon, almost four hours since his arrival on the train. At least his Pokemon are having fun, running and playing around the grass and water. No other person has come to bother him to battle and such. Peaceful indeed.

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Default 14- Small Vacation Time

Jack stands up from his little break from training with Beedrill and heads for the water. Suddenly, his foot sinks into the ground, and he collapses in a small hole. “Ouch.”

“Diglett!!” A Diglett pops up on the surface of the grassy field.
He can barely see it. “Ha ha, we have here a very funny Diglett.” Bellsprout wanders over and extends her vines. Jack grabs hold and hangs on, lifting him back to his feet. “Thanks Bellsprout. Now for the Diglett.” But it was gone. “I see how it is. Bellsprout, tell everyone to watch for a Diglett.” Bellsprout nods and runs off.

A couple more minutes flow by, and Jack stands watching Stantler eating grass about twenty yards away. Then he notices a Miltank moseying along, eating grass like a lawn mower. In fact, the Miltank wasn’t even looking where she was going. *BONK* The cow head and the deer head collide. Miltank stands upright on her two back legs and gives Stantler a good yelling. Stantler yells on back. Probably saying something like ‘this is my grass, go away’ and Stantler might respond, ‘why should I, I was here first’.

Jack walks over. “Hey, hey Miltank.... don’t have a cow.” He stops to think about what he said and chuckles. “Ok... uh, Stantler just let her be.” But Miltank was too mad already and charges in and hits Stantler. “I hate doing things the hard way. Stantler, use Hypnosis.”
Miltank watches the waves and imagines she is in a field all by herself. “That should last for a while.”

Meanwhile at the lake, Gyarados swims around holding his head up high. This is his lake, no Pokemon allowed except for his fellow Pokemon of his trainer. Gyarados squirms as he feels a difference in the pressure of the water. Even with his height advantage over the water, he can’t see who or what has entered the lake.


Jack turns about face to see Gyarados screaming in pain. Gyarados slashes the water in front of him to flush out a spinney Pokemon. Qwilfish splashes into the water away from Gyarados. With the intrusion of a wild Pokemon, and the fact that its spiky skin poked him, Gyarados strikes first without warning. Another Trash attack smacks Qwilfish away.

“Ah come on Gyarados. Leave the cool looking Qwilfish alone. The lake is big enough for everyone.” But the fact that Qwilfish poked him gives reason to respond back. “Unless you have to prove your worth, then I understand completely. I’ve always liked Qwilfish so let’s catch this one. Use Hydro Pump!” But Gyarados is too far in Rage that it can’t hear what Jack has to say.

Qwilfish shoots little needles at Gyarados for a small affect. But the poison darts won’t bring the big fish down. He screams and charges Qwilfish and bats it around hard. Even with its spikes hitting Gyarados, he takes the pain full on. Then the small Qwilfish blasts a Hydro Pump, nailing his head. Gyarados counters back with an even ferocious Hydro Pump, which blasts water in all direction upon impact.
Ariados nudges Jack’s leg and takes his attention away from the lake. “What is it?” Ariados points to the field– Miltank and Stantler are going at each other like, uh, two Pokemon really going at each other. “Hypnosis didn’t last that long.” *SIGH* “There’s only one way to solve this... actually, there’s two but running away doesn’t count. I must defeat the Miltank to gain respect for this area.” All of Jack’s Pokemon form around him, waiting to go into battle to help their fellow friends. Ariados jumps out, “No, I must play fair with one on one battles. Two against one is not fair. With my guidance, we can do this Stantler.”

Stantler rushes head first, hard on Take Down into the gut. Miltank flails down but recovers instantly. No fooling around now, Miltank runs forward and jumps, curls into a ball, spins and completes her attack. Rollout has begun.

“Blast it with Psychic attack.”

Stantler’s antlers fire a fat line of purple Psychic waves which goes into, but deflects off, Miltank. *SMACK* Stantler is hit to the side.

“Ah, Stantler. Avoid it next time.” Ariados nudges again. “Huh? Oh, Gyarados....” To the lake behind him, Jack watches a fierce battle in the water. There is nothing he can say to Gyarados, it’s all anger. The only thing he can do is watch.

Water violently splashes around the lake. It’s not very deep, maybe ten feet. But the little Qwilfish will not give in, it’s trying its hardest to defend from Gyarados. What kind of wild Pokemon will stand up against a Gyarados? Not many.

Qwilfish has loaded up with enough water and fires out many little pins. Gyarados shakes the hits away but a blast of the sucked up water pushes him back. Qwilfish then zips in and pokes Gyarados again, this time with a poisoning affect.

But Jack has already turned around to aid Stantler in her battle. Rollout seemed to be hitting most of the time, Stantler was almost down. “Need a plan... something.” Staring at the antlers gives him an idea. Miltank turns around again and rolls along, spinning faster and doing more damage. “Ok, antlers down.” Stantler puts her antlers on the ground, like a ramp. Miltank gets ever so close... “Now, up!” Miltank lands on them and up into the air the cow goes, launched by an upward motion of the antlers. “Quick, Psychic ability.” Miltank loses her spin as the blanket of Psychic strength streams by. *GLOMP* Miltank lands hard on the ground, struggling to get up but manages to do so. Stantler rushes in and knocks the cow down with a last Take Down.

“You are defeated Miltank. Let Stantler graze this area in peace.”

“Milllllll!!!!!” Miltank rushes with all her energy at Stantler. No Rollout, probably not enough energy.

“Ok...” Jack sinks under the ground in another hole again. “DIGLETT!” He thinks of a great idea. Bellsprout helps him out of the hole again. “If that Diglett shows up again, be prepared Bellsprout.”

Miltank has hit Stantler again, and rushes for one more. “Stantler, run toward me. It will be fine, come on.” Jack moves behind the hole, his Pokemon behind him. Miltank is right on her tail, literally. Stantler sees the hole and leaps over it, leaping over a ducking trainer too. Miltank realizes the trap, and tries to stop a couple seconds too late. Miltank hits the side and the bottom of the hole hard.

Stantler lay next to Jack, all worn out like. “Rest Stantler.” To Miltank, “We have proven we can stay here. Even though you lost, it would be an honor for you to be on my team. Together, we can be strong and become stronger.” Jack nods at the tiring cow. “Bellsprout, use Sleep Powder.” The hole fills with blue powder, no way to escape. The tired Miltank slips into slumber land.

Water flushes over the land, covering Jack and all his Pokemon, filling the hole with water. Vulpix cries from getting wet. “No, Miltank will drown.” She lay at the bottom, sleeping. Seconds later, the water lowers and disappears through the bottom of the hole. Diglett must have dug a hole. “Phew.”

Gyarados wobbles back and forth, feeling bad from the poison. “Gyarados, put your anger aside. You need to think about what you’re doing. Let me help you.” Gyarados gives a poisoned sympathetic look at the Trainer that loved him as a Magikarp. “Alright, use Dragon Rage.”


“What’s that Muk? Gyarados is poisoned? Man, I have to recall him quick before it becomes serious.” But the attack had already started.

Gyarados does a ritualistic dance in the water, going in circles, faster and faster. A cyclone is created, sucking water from the lake straight into it. Qwilfish has no place to go but up. ‘Round and ‘round it goes, when it will stop, only Gyarados knows. The twisting and twirling gives way, Qwilfish fires out of the cyclone and lands down into the water. *SPLASH* But Gyarados is also down in the water; the poison has gotten to him. Qwilfish is out of it also, having no more energy left.

“Gyarados, well done job. You need a major rest. Return.” Gyarados is back in his Pokeball. “Now it’s your turn Pokeball. Time for me to have a Qwilfish.” And it’s thrown, sucking Qwilfish inside. The ball floats around, shaking rapidly.

“As for Miltank...” A Pokeball is selected, and ready. *CAVE IN* A third Diglett hole is created. “Darn Diglett.” This time Snorlax pulls him out of the hole. Bellsprout lay zoned out on the ground. The mole Pokemon is gone once again. Now pulling his second of nearly infinite Pokeballs, the sleeping Miltank meets Pokeball and they combine.

“Phew...!!! Maybe I should get out of this area. It appears I’m not wanted by the wildlife.”

Original Post: December 2002 @ Ultra Group
(-o-) Qwilfish Caught!
(-o-) Miltank Caught!
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default 15- Teleporting Fun

The breezy wind continues to blow through the open field and the lake reflects the gloomy sky effect. The grass-eating Miltank flee the area, after seeing one of its own captured. Jack kicks back and relaxes, looking up at the cloudy sky from his restful position. After the tough battle, all his Pokemon were exhausted and felt like taking a nap, except Snorlax who was already asleep and Sudowoodo who couldn’t stop running around. Now they all lie in their respective Pokeballs, sleeping and resting. But there was one of his Pokemon he had to do something about. His Gyarados had become poisoned from the Qwilfish and he needed something to heal it before it became worse. So he lets Sudowoodo the energetic tree out, hops on and rush over to the still broken train. Hopefully, there is a doctor or Nurse that can help.

Upon arrival of the train, everyone is either tired, bored, frustrated or all three. It has been five hours since the train had the crash with the car and all the people want to leave.

Jack steps off the back of Sudowoodo and looks around. “Is there anyone that knows how to cure a poisoned Pokemon.” He walks down the aisle of Trainers, repeating the question. Finally, he gets a response.

“Yes, I’m a Pokemon doctor.”

Looking over, he spots a well dressed man with a doctor bag with the red cross insignia on the side. “Could you please look at my Gyarados and cure the poison pain from him.”

The doctor smiles, walking to Jack. “Anything is better than sitting next to Yakky-yakky over there.” He points to a women, talking her mouth out to everyone. “I’ll even do it free of charge since it’s better than doing nothing.”

So, the two walk away from the train and the people so his tall Gyarados doesn’t harm or frighten anyone.

“Ggrrrrroooarr.....” Gyarados weakly says as he pops from the Pokeball. He feels his Trainer rubbing his side and lies down as told.

“Good Gyarados. This is a kind doctor who is going to help heal the poison. Just be calm and everything will be fine. Being fussy only helps the poison.” Gyarados relaxes with a sigh of relief.

The good doctor opens his small kit of doctor things: stethoscope, bottles of pills, cotton swabs, etc. “You say the poison comes from a Qwilfish during a battle. Hmmm... I think this should do it.” The Doctor walks up to the large Gyarados mouth, and Jack along side him. He pours the contents of a bottle into the mouth and quickly rushes away, expecting to be bitten. “Phew. That went well. Nice well behaved Gyarados you have.”

Jack sighs. “I know what he is going through. When I am sick, I don’t feel very well. You have to be calm in order to win against the virus.”

The doctor nods understandingly. “Ok, Gyarados should not be in an physical activity for at least the rest of this day. Lots of rest and it should be fine tomorrow.”

Jack kindly thanks the good doctor as he walks to a new location, away from the chattering woman. Jack pats his big fish and recalls him to his Pokeball for a good restful healing. Then Sudowoodo surprise hugs from behind, a tight squeeze. *SIGH* He recalls the hugging Pokemon.

Walking to the front of the train, where the conductor and other important figure heads remain, he asks for information. Unfortunately, the special part is taking longer than expected and might be a couple more hours. Pidgeot Express is taking too long and people begin calling it ‘Slowpoke’ Express.

After more waiting around, Jack decides for action. “I can’t stand this anymore.” Taking out a map and borrowing someone’s compass, he checks where he might be. Instead of waiting, he is going to walk to the nearest town settlement and go from there. Comparing the surrounding area with the landscape map, they seem to be on Route 45. “Hmmm... I can go north to Blackthorn City or go south to New Bark Town. Since one has a Gym, north is my destination.” Handing back the compass, he tells the ticket checking person he won’t be on the train when it is fixed. The guy marks his name and seat down on a list under some others whom probably already left hours ago.

Nearing dusk, Jack walks the northern path to Blackthorn City where he plans to go for his first badge. The trip may be long, but he will make it. Anything is better than laying around doing nothing.

“Hey, where do you think you’re going, non-trainer?” It appears to be the same guy that said he isn’t a real trainer. “Come on, have you gotten any more real? Let’s go.”

Jack turns around, Pokeball in hand, ready to defeat this guy.

(Cue 2v2 Battle with Gotenks2610)

The guy runs away from his loss of the battle.

“That’s right. Now who is less of a Trainer?”


With total night around the corner, Jack lets Gastly out for protection. He has been walking in the forest for quite awhile. The darkness shrouds the forest even more with the trees blocking the light. “It’s your job to make sure we are safe. I trust you that much.” Gastly spins vertically with his tongue sticking out. “Why is it you ghost types are so childish...?”

He sets up camp with his sleeping bag. This day is over. Gastly remains out to guard and watch the area for trouble. It’s doubtful that anything will happen, but Jack isn’t used to sleeping in the forest.

Jack yawns, opening his eyes to see that morning has come. However, his sleeping bag feels weird. He quickly jumps up from his state of sleepiness and points to the Teddiursa lying next to the sleeping bag. “Hey! Someone didn’t do their job last night.”

Gastly appears from the tree next to him, blinking as if he just woke up form his own sleep. “Gas Gassllyyy...”

“Oh, you think this is funny? Well, it kind of is.... but that is beside the point.”

Suddenly, Teddiursa wakes up from its sleep. “Teddi?” And just like that, it runs out of here, toward the distance.

Jack starts to chase but quickly gives up after a few steps. He is too tired from recently waking up, his muscles are sore, and he hasn’t eaten food for energy. “Ah well, I’ll catch one some other time.”

Energy bars are a quick and non-filling breakfast treat. This food is for the lazy people that don’t feel like making a good healthy first meal of the day. But it is also the ideal food for those on the road that can’t cook breakfast. “Want some?” he asks Gastly. The ghost shakes his body. “Oh, that’s right, you are made of gas and can’t eat food.”

So, after the meal, Jack gets the hike on the move. After every number of minutes, he would replace whatever Pokemon he has out with someone else. This way, he can give them each exercise and freedom. The exceptions are Snorlax, Qwilfish and Gyarados. He doesn’t want to put Gyarados out this fast until he thinks it necessary. Besides, how is a water Pokemon supposed to walk on land?

Noon time almost sets in. Walking from behind a tree, he spots a flash of purple 50 yards in front of him. Then a flash happens at the side ten seconds later. Then the flash appears beside him. “WHOA!” he says as he jumps back. The Abra makes itself apparent. It’s using Teleport to move around. *FLASH* It disappears but reappears to the east. Then vanishes again. “Hey, a psychic type would be cool to add to my team.”

However, before he can give chase, two guys in tan clothes show up, jogging in front of him, the same direction Abra first came from. “Hey, kid, did you see an Abra come by?”

“Uh, yeah. It went that way.” Pointing east, the two tan clothed guys wearing funny looking backpacks head off into that direction and disappear. “Darn, I guess they got it first.”

Twenty minutes after that little run it, Jack spots the same two guys and the Abra leaning against a tree. They pull out two gun like items from their backpacks, with a hose connecting from the gun into the backpack. The guns have a prong like wire in front. Interesting. They quickly move in closer and closer. The unknowing Abra only inches away, sleeping from its teleporting run, has the guns aimed straight at it.

Jack has no idea what to think. Guns are bad. “HEY!” he shouts out.

Abra wakes up from the noise and the action starts. A purple ray fires from each gun and surrounds Abra into a purple force field. One guy turns around, “Get out of here kid, this does not concern you.”

Like that is going to stop him. Bellsprout pops out from his Pokeball. “What are you doing to it?”

They see the Pokemon and answer quick. “We are scientists trying to catch this Abra because it escaped our lab. It is vital to our research. This ray gun does not hurt it, it only traps Abra so Teleport can’t work.”

Jack doesn’t buy it; it seems all too convenient. “Heh, well, I had a look at Abra when it passed me and I believe I saw fear.” He points out telling Bellsprout to trip them down. She reaches her vines out and sweeps at their feet, knocking them down and releasing the gun’s purple ray from Abra.

“Look what you have done. You broke my gun.” One gun down, but one left to go.

Bellsprout reaches her vines and the fallen victims and grabs them. Jack rushes over to Abra, who seems to be unconscious, and picks it up. As if by accident, Jack watches the world change colors from the green trees and grass, to darkness and then to a different shade of green.
“Um, what just happened.” The area just changed drastically. The two tan guys are gone, only him, Bellsprout and Abra remain, but at a different location. “No, I didn’t just experience Teleport, did I?” He looks at Abra, eyes closed and breathing heavily; probably resting. “Right, it doesn’t look hurt. But it is wiped out.” Jack recalls Bellsprout and picks Abra up. They must leave before those tan guys find them again.

Look, Abra teleported them right near a cave made by uprooted land about a story and a half tall. He heads for it as quick as he can. The cave is only ten yards deep for a human to fit into but holes in the wall allow smaller creatures to go deeper into the cave. He puts Abra down against the rocky cave wall. Just enough light from the sky for him to see in the cave.
*FLAP* *FLAP* Dozens of Zubat fly from the holes in the wall and discover the invader of their cave. Abra’s eyes light up. “Abra, abra....” Abra hums for a while, communicating via telekinesis, which stops the Zubat in the air. Jack doesn’t understand what is going on, but he know’s he is safe. It’s eyes go back to normal and the Zubat fly back to the cave holes. Abra goes back to sleep.

“Rest. I will deal with those two guys so they don’t bother you again.” Jack exits the cave to go find them and just as he does....

“Deal with us? Are you joking?”

Jack backs into the cave, hiding Abra behind him. “You can’t be scientist, they are not mean to Pokemon.”

The tan guy with his gun still in tact speaks, “Correct. We are the Tan Gang of North East Johto. Our new gang is rising and we need an Abra for our doings. Everyone knows Alakazam is a great Psychic type and we will harness its power. Step Aside.” The other tan guy tosses out a ball and it explodes with a loud spark.

Abra snaps out from its sleep and spies the Tan color. Abra Teleports from the cave and reappears outside, just beyond the guy with the gun. He fires and hits the Abra before it can get away.

“It’s too weak to Teleport any farther than that.”

Not only does the noise scare Abra, it frightens the Zubat. The whole dozen come out, flapping like crazy at everyone. Jack, however, wasn’t in danger of the bats. Maybe it was something Abra said. The dozen Zubat charge at the guy without the gun. He pulls out a Pokeball and sends Hypno out to battle them. Supersonic is spread everywhere, even at each other. Hypno blasts strong Psychic waves at the flying suckers, causing many of them to flee back to the hole. They drop like flies. Jack’s Bellsprout comes out and she charges Hypno to distract it. One Zubat remains, spinning in the air under confusion from its own attack. The gun-less guy pulls out a mallet and charges at Zubat to hit it out of the park. Quick to respond, Jack throws an empty Pokeball at Zubat which sucks it in upon impact. *SMACK* The mallet hits the Pokeball and sends it into the forest bushes.
“How could you be so mean to a Pokemon? You will regret meeting me.”

The tan guy laughs a hearty chuckle.

Bellsprout flies back from a strong Hypno. “Change of plans. Go for the gun. Razor Leaf.” Bellsprout still has enough energy and releases sharp leaves. *SLASH* *SLASH* The leaves cris-cross and slice the gun to pieces. Abra slinks down from the release into a sitting position, too shocked to away Teleport.

“Ah, not my gun. Hypno, stop that Abra over here. Use Disable.” Listening to the other guy, Hypno concentrates, causing Abra to be surrounded by the color blue and lifted into the air. Under Disable, Teleport can’t be used.


Jack has had enough of this. “Alright, this is the last straw. Stantler, bring this to an end.” Stantler charges out from her Pokeball and knocks down Hypno. Abra, being released from Disable, plummets to the ground, hitting it dead on with pain.

The battlefield is now placed.

(Cue 1v1 Battle with bulbasaur2020)

Hypno crashes to the ground from defeat by Stantler. “Yes, this is what I’m talking about.”

Abra lie in the middle, one tan guy on one side, the other on the other side, and Jack, Bellsprout and Stantler facing them in a line.

“Now to stop you guys from catching it.” Jack grabs another empty Pokeball and throws it at the poor Abra.

The left Tan guy looks at Abra as the right Tan guy does. The Pokeball hits and sucks it in fast. The two guys rush at the Pokeball, from both sides.

“Go...” Bellsprout jumps on Stantler’s back and they ride toward the wiggly Pokeball. The two guys leap for the Pokeball before the two Pokemon can reach it. As they do, Bellsprout uses her vines to reach and grab the Pokeball, just as they jump over the guys. *BAM* Both their heads hit each other as the two of them fade to blackness.

But the real story is, will the Pokeball Stantler and Bellsprout bring back hold the Pokemon or will it be empty? And what about the Zubat hit into the woods, also in a Pokeball?

Original Post: April 2003 @ PE2K Proboards
(-o-) Zubat Caught!
(-o-) Abra Caught!
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default 16- Tiny Dragon Apprentice

Blackthorn City, ‘A quiet mountain retreat’. The home to the dragon gym of the Johto League.

Jack flips through the Kanto Yellow Book to find an adequate place for his Pokemon to be sent to. Seriously, he is having a hard time taking care of 18 Pokemon all at once. Snorlax just eats and eats and drains his money while Miltank needs to be milked before she explodes. Jack can’t deal with those and others so he needs to locate a cheap location to store his Pokemon and hope the personnel take good care of them.

The Pokemon Center might not have been the ideal place to do this, but being a new comer to the city, he has nowhere else to go. It’s been three days since he left the broken down magnet train and he has just arrived here an hour ago on this busy morning. What happened to the two Tan Gang members is beyond him. Would they show up again? Probably not. Does Jack care? Not the slightest.

“Yes, I found a spot.” Jack pushes the ground with his feet to move the chair with wheels and slides over to the phones.

But just as he is about to dial the number, the registered Nurse Joy drops a different Kanto Yellow Book. “This is the newer edition, you might want to look through these. That other book is from three years ago.” She grabs the older book, walks away to the back, and places it in the recycle bin.

Jack sighs deeply and scans the new book for any new locations that might be better. After five long minutes, he actually reads something very promising.

“Inkleberry Ranch... Saffron City... elegant service at a low price...” He pushes around in his head trying to find that memory. “Oh, Marty, Marty Inkleberry. This must be one of his father’s businesses. Forget everything else, I’m going here for a discount. He..he..he...”
With a new plan to exploit friendship for a discount, Jack dials the number for the Ranch.
“Inkleberry Ranch, the new way of training. How may I help you?”

“Yes, I would like to speak with Marty Inkleberry please.”

“Uh, I can patch you through to Mr. Inkleberry...”

Quickly, “No, not the father, the son...” but the operator disappeared and the line was switched. Don’t operators normally ask who is calling before switching to the head boss?

An older man answers on the other side. “Mr. Inkleberry.”

Jack doesn’t know what to say. “Hi... umm... I met your son Marty a while ago and he gave me a ride in his limo...”

The rich man interrupts, “Jack was it? He told me about you. Thanks for standing up against that Magnemite for him. He’s had a fear of them for quite some time. He’s not with me at the moment, so what can I do for you?”

Ok, this is going better than he expected. “Well, I was wondering if I could have my Pokemon sent to your fabulous Ranch to be taken care of.”

“Sure. We will even do it for free for such a great person like you. I don’t know how you did it, but Marty changed since meeting you. More caring towards Pokemon and people and more responsibility for our business. He is becoming the son I’ve always wanted thanks to you.”

FREE! This is even better than a discount. “Oh thanks very much. And I’m glad I helped Marty change for the better. So, when can I send them over?”

“Give me one hour. I will personally set you up. Don’t worry, your Pokemon will be treated the best we have to offer.”

Jack is speechless. “Again, thanks very much. You have no idea how this helps me.”
With the final words, the two hang up and end communication.

Nurse Joy places a basket next to the trainer with Pokeballs filled to the top. “Your Pokemon are healed and doing fine.” Jack thanks her and places them in his pack and quickly dozes off to sleep, laying his head on the table while sitting in the chair.

Two hours pass and he wakes up and redials the phone. Talking to Mr. Inkleberry directly, they finish the contract and legal mumbo-jumbo. Of the eighteen Jack has, he decides to send over Miltank, Snorlax, Ariados, Stantler, Qwilfish, Butterfree, Beedrill, Sudowoodo, Meowth, Zubat, Muk and Farfetch’d. Which leaves the other seven, Vulpix, Gyarados, Magneton, Bellsprout, Gastly and Abra to stay with Jack for now.

With the day moving well into the afternoon, Jack’s second idea for the day, finding a location for his Pokemon being the first, moves into action. His Pokemon haven’t had any battles since his capture of Zubat and Abra a couple days ago. He also needs to warm up before braving the challenge of his first Johto League Gym to go up against.

(Cue 1v1 Battle with pokemaster148)

It’s a short win for Jack. But he needs another quick warm up.

(Cue 2v2 Battle with eric_is_cool258)

Once more, Jack proves to defeat his opponent. And now he seems ready to challenge the Gym.

“Oh, it’s late.” In fact, the sky has darkened a bit from the afternoon sky once above. Even though the trees around block most of the sky, it is still visible at the horizon. “I can’t battle on an empty stomach and if I eat now, the Gym will surely close when I’m finished.” Jack snaps his fingers in disgust. “Drat!”

So, back to the Pokecenter after his fast food dinner. Not knowing exactly what to do, he goes to sleep in the guest room.


It’s morning and Nurse Joy walks around the Pokecenter, having just opened the front doors. She peaks around one of the corners where the computers are to see Jack sitting in front of one. “Morning!”

Jack turns with a smile, “Hey! Door open?” Nurse Joy nods. Jack quickly finishes his typing, turns off the computer, and grabs his pack lying on the floor next to him. “Time for a gym battle.” With well wishes from Nurse Joy, Jack makes his walk to the Blackthorn Gym.

And with his new team of six, which will be facing the Gym, Jack has much more confidence in himself. “Dragon may be one of the toughest out there, but I will do it.”

Upon arrival of the Gym, a middle aged man in a brown shirt and lime green pants, whom was watering a plant, steps into Jack’s way. “Challenging the gym, are we?”

“Yes sir.”

The man looks Jack over with ease. “Nope, don’t have it.”

Curiously, “Have what?”

“Respect for Dragon Pokemon.”

Probably not the smartest thing to say, but oh well. “What!!?? How could you say that? I am honored to be challenging this gym. It’s been my dream since I was a child to see a Dragonair. I’ve read everything about them and know all the legends. So yes, I do respect Dragon Pokemon.”

The man just stands there, rubbing his chin. “Hmm...” He looks at Jack again. “Then how many Dragon types do you have, huh?”

D’oh! “Well, I, um... I have a Gyarados. Gyarados is close enough.”

The man shakes his head side-to-side. He brings out a Pokeball. “Show me your respect.”

“What?” o O (Is he serious?) O o “I have a gym battle to do first.”

Being persistent, the man stays in Jack’s way. “Ah, but how can you battle what you don’t respect?”

Caught! How can you get out of a phrase like that. “Ok, but let’s hurry.”

(Cue 1v1 Conference Battle with aaron_lover95)

Jack’s Gyarados against the man’s Gyarados. Only one Gyarados comes out, and that is our hero’s.

“So, you have some spark in you. But it is not enough to challenge this gym. If you want to respect Dragon Pokemon, you must be one with them.”

“Huh? Where does it say I have to do that in order to battle?”

The man smiles nervously, “Actually, the gym leader is on vacation so I’m stalling you.”

Jack sweatdrops and falls down. Now what? Wait... “I see. So... you can show me respect then?”

He nods. “I am Gorgi. We can talk inside.”

He grabs his handful of keys and finds the correct one. Leading to a different building, titled “Dragon Apprentices”, the two walk inside. Eventually, both sit on the floor at a table like the Japanese do. Shoes off, of course.

“I was an apprentice of the great Lance of the Elite Four. He is by far the best Dragon Trainer on this planet. And now I run this School for those who aspire to be Dragon Trainers.”

Sipping his cup of water, Jack looks around the room. Desks, white board, books... normal classroom items. “How about showing me the ropes. Some day I want to train Dragonair and having you teach me some pointers in Dragon etiquette would be nice.”

Gorgi nods, placing his tea down. “School is out for recess. I have some spare time on my hands. And you have a lot of spunk and fire. That’s a good quality, like I had.” He smirks to himself.

Jack jumps up all excited. “When do we start?”

“Tomorrow.” He scribbles an address on a piece of paper nearby. Meet me here and...” A faint buzzing starts, and Gorgi checks his Pager. “Oh, I forgot about the flowers I was watering. Must get back to duty.” He springs around the room and exits... “See you tomorrow.”

Jack takes the paper and holds it tightly. His dream of Dragonair will one day be fulfilled; and that day will hopefully be soon.


One month, then another month go by.

Jack wakes up from his sleep. The soft grass massages his back with ease. He blinks a few times, looking around. Dragonair and her two Dratini were playfully swimming around in the pond in front of them. The dragon paradise has been lovely today. Nearly perfect weather- not to cold, not to hot. “Two o’clock. Gorgi should be here by now.” Slight footsteps can be heard behind him. Jack moves his feet to a sitting mode as the person nears closer. A quick look back, “Hey Gorgi...”


Wait a minute... what is going on here? What happened during that two month period of time? It could have been something important and vital to the information that preceded. Well.... backtracking two months....


“Do you really think a Dragon would respect you? Come on, focus. Almost there.” Gorgi encourages his mental training toward Jack. The two of them are sitting near a waterfall lake surrounded by trees. The mist of the falling water surrounding the area with dampness. “Focus ‘til you can’t hear the water. All sounds disappear. Concentrate.” Both of them are in the meditating position. Jack tryies to concentrate, eyes closed with slight perspiration. Gorgi looks over at him. He grabs the book Meditate for Dummies lying on the ground and stands up. *SLAM* The book hits the floor with a loud noise and Jack flinches a little, remaining as much focus as he can. Gorgi smiles at his action. “Better than last week. Keep trying and see me in a couple days.” And Gorgi grabs his items and vacates the area.

Jack remains for an hour and finally snaps out of it. “Phew. That’s intense.”

The mental training continues the following week. Questioning everything from Dratini to Aerodactyl. To understand dragons, you must learn it all. All the stories, the legends and the myths. From fact to reality and back- this is the way to learn. And the end of the week, the meditating test again. This time, Jack doesn’t flinch nor hears a word what Gorgi says.

He wanders over to the dragon school to find Gorgi the next day. As always, he is watering the plants. “Do that too much and they die.”

“Yes, but it’s better to feed than to starve.”

Slipping off his shoes, Jack heads over and sits on a pillow. “Now what?”

Gorgi places the watering can down next to the Bonzai tree. Facing Jack, “You passed the mental test. Quite fast too for the couple meetings we have had.”


“The next part is physical. Meet me in two days for the trip not many see or even know about.”

Oh, is this exciting? Of course!

At the Pokecenter, Jack lay in his room, trying to sleep but too anxious to get any. “I can’t wait for two days.” He looks at the clock on the table next to the bed- 12:01. “Oh, it is tomorrow... One day left. Ha.” Eventually, like all people, he grabs some sleep.


A boat ride sure is peaceful, but traveling on a Gyarados’s back is extreme fun. The two of them ride their Gyarados down a stream. Eventually the stream hits a cave with stalactites and stalagmites all around the entrance.

“Welcome to Dragon’s Den!”

The large water fish continue swimming into the cave. A dull color, not too exciting, but caves are nice and cold to be in. Relaxing in a way. As the light lessons, it quickly becomes brighter again. The exit is near and... they are out. A ten minute journey of intenseness.

Huge acre of nature: grass, trees, flowers, a large lake, little patches of clouds in the sky with the sun up above. Both Gyarados pull to the side of the stream and Gorgi jumps off, recalling his Pokemon.

“Boats and people can’t normally make it through the cave. That is why not many people have been here.”

Jack slides off his Gyarados, splashing into the water. He stands up, shaking around. Gyarados’s Pokeball is put up, but...

Gorgi suggests, “No, leave him out. This is a Dragon’s paradise.”

Understanding, “Ok. Gyarados, enjoy the sights my friend.”

“Gggrrraawww...” and it swims off.

Jack follows Gorgi to the lake. “This is quite an amazing place. Untouched by people.”

“Yes. This is the place where Dragon Pokemon have been coming for numerous years. The Diglett here keep this place beautiful while the Zubat keep unwanted guests from going too far in the cave.”

Jack is still in awe of this place. But he will be even more awestruck in a little bit. “This is a very nice Pokemon paradise. I mean, Dragon paradise.” Gyarados dives underwater in the lake, like he senses something underneath.

Gorgi takes out a small whistle and blows it. The faint sound echos around the mountains protecting this place. The water in the lake before them slowly bubbles as something is about to surface.

“Oooo.” One Dratini.

“Eoouu.” Two Dratini.

“Eee.” And a Dragonair.

“Gwaaaa.” Not to mention, Jack’s Gyarados pops up.

Speechless. Utterly speechless. “You are so kidding, it’s not even funny.”

“We spent a month with mental, now for your month of physical. Interaction with Dragon types. Go ahead.”

Dragonair looks at Jack with it’s large eyes from however tall in the air it is. The Dratini simply swim around Dragonair. And Gyarados, looks at the Pokemon as enemies.

“Really? So that must be why you bought me a tent. I’m to sleep here....” Jack stops to see Gorgi fly away on the back of a Dragonite. “Ok then.” He takes a step forward and just like that, Dragonair and the two Dratini swim back, and dive underwater. Gyarados continues to follow. “No, Gyarados. They aren’t enemies.” It hesitates but trusts Jack and turns back. “We are guests here. Have fun.”

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Default 16- Tiny Dragon Apprentice

The night pulled in fast. The tent is set up with sleeping bag, pillow, and lantern. “Dragonair and two Dratini’s. What a wonderful experience. Just seeing them is enough but I must explore further. Gorgi wants physical trust.” He almost begins to cry of achieving his childhood dream. Vulpix, his pet for many years before training, looks to his trainer. Jack proceeds to pet her. “Yes, I know you understand.”

The next day, Jack tries to move close to the dragons. No luck.

And the second day, again it doesn’t work. Jack stands in the afternoon sun wondering what to do. “This isn’t working.”

From behind, “If you want to gain trust, let them go to you.” It’s Gorgi. “Remember, humans aren’t meant to be here, especially ones they don’t trust. It took me a week before I could go anywhere, and even then it was sketchy. Give it time. Try meditation near the water.”

“But you told me Dratini are curious and friendly.”

He nods. “True. But as I just said, people aren’t suppose to be here. Also, the Dragonair is the mother of the two Dratini. Maybe that will help you in some way.”

A new idea- it might work. Patients.

That very afternoon, having tried the meditating technique all day, Jack is ready to give in. He sits on the bank just before the water of the lake but nothing. “They don’t even appear when I wait for them to come to me. Maybe I’m too close.”

And a minute later, a Dratini pops up over the water, looking at Jack. He takes his sunglasses off to make sure he isn’t seeing things.

“Hello there.” He waves to it with a smile. But Dratini is startled by the movement and submerges. “Aw man.”

“This is so boring!!!”

But in the coming weeks, his moment will happen. He tries everything: waiting for them to go to him; swimming in the lake; playing with his own Pokemon. And still, he has yet for physical touch. But everyday, the Dratini become more interested.

It’s been a two weeks stay at the Dragon paradise. Jack lay in his tent, resting but not sleeping. Night sure is serene here but it’s safer for him to stay with the lantern in the tent than to wander around in darkness.


Startled, Jack springs to the back of the tent.


What is the noise? Could it be...? Jack slips out of the tent, shining the lantern around. There, lying on the ground, is one of the Dratini.

“Ooo.” it says as it looks at Jack. It was facing toward the lake, not toward the tent.

“Oh my. You must be lost.” He slowly scoots over to Dratini, trying not to scare it. He wraps his arms around it, lifting the long snake in his arms.


Having left his lantern at the tent, and the moon is behind the clouds, darkness keeps him from seeing the lake. But Dratini points him in the correct direction. At the bank, Jack kneels down and lets the Dratini out and into the water. It circles around and looks at the camping human with its big eyes as if to say ‘thank you’. He watches it swim further into the dark lake before it disappears in the mist. Just barely visible, Dragonair blinks curiously at Jack and also goes into the mist.

Jack starts the water pumps in his eyes. “This is the greatest moment of my life thus far. DRATINI!”

“Wait by the bank tomorrow.” Gorgi shows up again.

Wiping his tears, “Why do you show up at the right moment?”

Smiling, “I have a good sense of timing.” And just like his other talks, he quickly escapes view.

The next morning, Jack lay by the bank and within five minutes, a Dratini is there. “Oh man, I’m getting all emotional again.”

Having risen over that large mountain, it’s all downhill from here. The next day, and the next, and the next, the Dragonair family familiarizes with the new human in the area. The last week of the physical aspect, Jack has become friends and great pals with the Dragons. All his Pokemon and him interacting with the Dratini.

Gorgi wanders over to the bank while Jack swims around with the family in the lake. “It looks like you pass. I should tell you more information. That Dragonair doesn’t trust any human, it took me three months to gain its trust. I didn’t think you would be trust worthy this fast. You treat all Pokemon with respect, I was sorry to doubt you so. The Gym leader will be back in 5 days. You have the respect for Dragon types. You are a true worthy challenger.”

One of the Dratini pulls Jack underwater and seconds later he is splashed into the air. “Woohoo!” *SPLASH* He clears his face of water. “Hey Gorgi, this is the greatest feeling ever. I love Dratini, and this Dratini, and momma Dragonair!!” He says that while hugging each one.

Gorgi lets out his Kingdra and gets on its back. “I’ll visit you tomorrow with a pin.”

Jack wakes up from his sleep. The soft grass massages his back with ease. He blinks a few times, looking around. Dragonair and her two Dratini are playfully swimming around in the pond in front of them. The dragon paradise has been lovely today. Nearly perfect weather- not to cold, not to hot. “Four o’clock. Gorgi should be here by now.” Slight footsteps can be heard behind him. Jack moves his feet to a sitting mode as the person nears closer. A quick look back, “Hey Gorgi...”

“Hehehe...” A guy in a tan outfit with an insignia on his tan shirt reading TG. “Our plans were put back two months because you got that Abra. But now we are here to collect on this Dragon free-for-all.”

Jumping to his feet, Jack stares at the guy, noticing the second guy behind him. Similar features to the same tan people he had met a while ago. “Wait. What is going on here?”

The first tan guy speaks. “Since you remember us, may as well introduce ourselves. I’m Claude and that’s Paul.” Paul waves with a smirk. “Gorgi is a little tied up at the time. He wanted to give you this.” He holds up a Pin with a picture of Dratini on it surrounded by blue. “Too bad I will keep it. Another thing I want, all Dragon Pokemon.” His voice sounds more serious as he finishes talking. He selects and sends out two Pokeballs. The first an Alakazam and the second a Jynx. “Let the operation continue.”

Jack shouts out to the Dragonair family. “Hide, get out of here.”

Claude pushes Jack to the ground. “Lay down before you hurt yourself. You won’t be saving any Pokemon this time.”

Jynx puts her hands close together, inches apart. A blue-white ball of energy appears and a bolt of colors shoots out at the lake. Ice Beam. Jynx is going to freeze the lake to flush the Dragon’s out. Little by little, the surface of the lake turns to ice. Within minutes, the lake is fully iced over.

Paul moves over to watch Jack. Jack can’t do anything- if he tired, surely Paul would get him with the large mallet in his hand.

“Come on out.”

In the middle of the lake, the ice cracks and *SMASH* Dragonair shoots out of the ice creating a ten foot diameter hole in the ice. Both Dratini surface to watch helplessly.

“Here we go! Jynx, fall back. Alakazam up front.

In the distraction of Dragonair showing up, Jack kicks Paul in the leg and scrambles to some distance. Jack grabs a Pokeball on his belt, ready to square off.

“Let’s do this kid.”

(Cue 2v2 Battle with pokemaster148)

While Jack battles, Abra wakes up from it’s nap under a tree not to far away. It looks around and quickly realizes the trouble.

“Alakazam, Pysbeam.”

Alakazam is at the bank of the lake while Dragonair hovers in the air ten feet about. The spoons connect and the colorful beam shoots into the air. Dragonair dodges left, then right. Dragonair glows fast, and releases and breeze of ice at Alakazam. The psychic Pokemon takes the ice gently, freezing some part of it.

“Recover that, use DISABLE NOW!”

Alakazam glows purple and the ice melts away. Dragonair heads in straight for a direct attack but Alakazam sets Disable up faster. Dragonair stops in the air, cringing from the control of Disable wrapping its long body into a ball.

“Step up Jynx. Ice Beam NOW!”

Jynx does it again with her hands and fires the beam of frozen water at the disabled dragon. More, more... Dragoniar freezes, and freezes into a large block of ice. Jynx stops, Alakazam lets go of Disable, and the ice falls down, down, down... and into the lake, crashing through the surface. Alakazam uses its psychic powers and drags the frozen Pokemon out of the lake and on land. It nears the ice block, touches it, and in seconds, the two teleport out of the area.

“Phase three is now complete.” Claude spots the two Dratini at the center of the lake, crying out but helpless to do anything since that can’t get out of the ice hole.

Paul collapses next to Claude, having lost the battle. “Man is he tough.”

Claude smirks at Jack. “I can take care of this kid. Pokemon, front and center.” Jynx gets ready. “After this, those Dratini will come too.”

His heart is on fire. He has spent so long with his new dragon friends he never wanted to leave them. “Not on your life.”

“Abra” Abra tugs Jack, wearing his pack over his back.

“You packed my stuff? Why?”

“Abraaaaa.” The world around changes scenery. It flashes from a green, to dark, to light blue. Abra has teleported Jack in the ice water with the Dratini.

Struggling to swim in the frigid waters, Jack manages to stay about water. “N-nniceee onnee.”

“Oooooo...” the two Dratini spark.”

From the land, “Curse you kid. At least we go what we came for.”

The scenery changes again. A longer flash of black, this time as if teleporting further away. White streaks fly by the black space. Then the new picture is clear. Jack, Abra and the two Dratini are at the Dragon school. Gorgi sits at the table.

“I never tire of teleporting. Just warn me next time.” Gorgi coughs. “Oh what happened here?”

Gorgi explains that two tan men tied him up, however loose. He then asks Jack what is going on. Jack tells the tale how the Tan Gang caught Dragonair and tried to catch the two Dratini. The Pin is also mentioned.

“Don’t worry about the Pin, I can make another one.”

“Handmade? No, I will get it somehow. That Pin is too special to me to just make me another one.”

The two Dratini slink behind Jack, avoiding Gorgi.

Gorgi nods. “So, what about these Dratini?”

Abra jumps on a pillow, putting Jack’s pack on the ground. He goes to sleep. Jack looks down at the Dratini. “I want to get their mother back. It’s what a true Pokemon Trainer would do. In the meantime, the Dratini should stay here with you to be safe.”

“Haha...” He laughs. “I don’t have time to take care of them. Have you seen how many plants need to be watered.”

“Have you heard of sprinklers?”

“It’s not the same as personal attention. These plants won’t be loved by pipes automatically delivering them water.”

Jack shrugs. “Well, they can’t stay back at the paradise alone and vulnerable until I try to get their mother back. The only option is...”

Gorgi and Jack share the same idea, however, Jack is not sure what to do. All he ever wanted to do was see a Dratini, let alone touch one. Now he has the chance to have two of them.

*1- Would Jack respect the Dratini so much to sacrifice ownership of them?
*2- Or would Jack respect the Dratini so much to take care of them while Dragonair was caught?

Original Post: July 2003 @ PE2K Proboards
(-o-) Dratini Caught!
(-o-) Dratini Caught!

*Winner '03 Summer Writing Competition*
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default 17- The Tan Gang Heist

At the secret headquarters of the Tan Gang, people in tan uniforms sit in a small room enough for ten people. Some sort of meeting is taking place.

“Ok, stage 3 was completed. Only one more stage and we can continue with Operation Mountain Base. A team was sent out so stage 4 should be finished today.” The speaker looks left at the door being open.

Another tan person walks in. “We caught a Murkrow. All Pokemon are accounted for.”

“Excellent.” The interrupter leaves. “Now, the final stage is to take place. You all know where to go. Get moving!” Everyone quickly moves out...

“One question.” Everyone falls down with a group sigh. It was Destiny, the lead scientist of their gang. “Booker, We need to wait a couple more days. Dragonair is very strong right now. We need more time.” She taps her clipboard to show charts and information.

Booker moans, “Alright. You have one more day. That’s it.”

“Thanks!” She smiles and exits the room before anyone else.

Down one story, and as cold as a basement, the laboratory lies. Gadgets and specimens and large machines that only do one thing are scattered about in the various rooms. Destiny walks in, placing her clipboard on a messy table. She scans the room with her blue eyes through prescription glasses. She sits, and looks down at the ground.

Booker wanders in. “Moping won’t do anything.”

She turns up and looks at the Tan Gang leader. “I know. But you aren’t giving Dragonair enough time to break down. My formulas take time. By going too early, it could cost the mission.”

He puts is fingers to her lips. “Shhhh! Don’t worry. I have other plans, my dear. You aren’t the only one with a smart brain.” He smirks, cheering her up some. “That’s good. Now let’s see some progress. We are too far to fail now.”



“Hey, you know that pens can come in any color. Look, here’s silver with glitter in it.” Paul waves the pen in Claude’s face. Claude smacks his hand and the pen flies across the room. “Alright, gee. Don’t get so serious.”

Claude slams the table him and Paul are sitting at, eating a fine lunch. “All the stages are complete. I can’t be anything less than serious right now.”

“Yea, I guess you’re right.”

The walkie-talkie on the end of the table moves. “Claude, Paul. All the details on the house are complete, correct?”

Claude picks up the w-t and presses down to talk. “Right sir. Stage five is ready to go. We just need Dragonair and Murkrow.”

“Murkrow is fine. We have control of it. Dragonair is still struggling.”

Paul speaks, “Have you done the Mecha-Mind control yet?” Claude points to the walkie-talkie, motioning to press the button. “Oh, right.” Claude presses it and asks the same question.

“It’s coming. I’m letting Destiny finish her work so we can take it from there. A weaker Dragonair is better for us all.”

Paul nods as Claude continues. “Very well. Do you want us to do anything in the wait.”

“Just prepare the supplies for two days from now. Over and out.”


“Finished.” Destiny takes the needle and pushes it into a test tube of blue color. She pulls the handle and draws the blue liquid. In a cage next to her is a sleeping Rattata. *POKE* Rattata is infected. Placing the needle down, she hits the cage hard with a book. Rattata wakes up in rage and runs around the cage. The energy levels drop, and Rattata slows the pace. Stop. Rattata collapses and goes back to sleep. Destiny raises the mixture and laughs like an evil scientist. “GENIUS!”

The next day has arrived. Destiny, along with three other scientists, all wearing white lab coats over their tan uniforms, prepare the subject. This room was large- it had to be to hold a Dragonair, Hypno and a number of people. They are at their ‘jail’, as they call it. Hypno uses it’s strong psychic ability to hold Dragonair with ease. In turns, Alakazam will step forward while Hypno rests, then vice-versa. Dragonair was always in keep.

The group of four walk into the room, and close the door. They could hear the locking of it from the other side as a safety precaution. “Administer the serum.”

One of the scientists slowly creeps forward. Dragonair lay on the ground, breathing heavily from the control of Hypno. A paralyzed state that Dragonair couldn’t break free. *STAB* Dragonair moves a little but the scientist pushes all the serum in before any wild movements.

“OOOAAOAAOAAAaaaaa!!!” Dragonair screams from the pain.

Five minutes later, Dragonair relaxes almost like sleeping. A voice over the speaker in the corner of the room announces, “Hypno, let it go.” Hypno opens its eyes and the psychic concentration stops. Dragonair lay motionless. Two scientists rush over and take the heart beat. Still breathing. Yep, it’s alive.

Destiny jumps up. “Yay! The new serum worked.”

The door behind them opens up and Booker heads the parade with two people behind him. “This is our opportunity. With Hypno not using the psychic power, the device can be attached. Do it!”

All the scientists run out as more men run in, carrying technology equipment. One of the men implants a small circular disc onto Dragonair’s head. The cord from the disc to the machines carries the data. The green light on the disc turns on and the work is complete. The scientists shake each others hands with smiles across their faces.

“Don’t celebrate yet. We don’t know if it will work.” Booker grabs a small hand held device with two buttons on it, green and red. He presses the green one.

*ZAP* Dragonair wakes up to feel the shock of electricity flowing all around her body. The little disc on her head is causing her much pain. The electricity stops and Dragonair gives the stern look at Booker. The other scientists grab the machines and push them out, running away.

Booker remains. “You will obey us. You are our slave.”

“AAAOOOHHH!!!” Dragonair yells taking a swipe at Booker with her tail. Booker ducks in time to avoid it. He presses the green button again.


“Now, you WILL obey me. Lie down.”

Dragonair opens it’s mouth and a light forms, getting ready for Hyper Beam.
Booker presses the red button. An even more powerful electrical pulse flashes through her body. The nerves in her brain fight against the electrical pulses. The light on the disc turns red and the zapping stops.

“LIE DOWN!” Weakly, Dragonair does as told. “Perfect.”

“What happens if the Trainer shows up again like he did for the past two times?”

Claude aims and throws a dart at the dart board in their room. It hits bull’s-eye. “We take him down. It’s that simple.”

The Dragonair pin hangs above the dart board. A dart comes within an inch to hit it. Paul snaps his fingers, “Almost got it that time. Can I throw one.” Claude sighs and hands him the last dart. Paul throws it without aiming; the dart flies away from the board and hits a picture of Claude’s mom on a desk. The picture frame falls back and the glass breaks. He stares at Paul. “Honest accident. I’ll buy a new one.” He grabs a broom and sweeps the glass into a pile.

Claude looks at the Dragonair pin, staring intensely.


The day is finally here. Stage five is moving into position. The unmarked tan Chevy van rolls down the streets of Blackthorn City. Eventually, they come to a spot secluded from the town and park outside a large mansion. This is their job.

The mansion is large, white, and large. Yes, it’s very large. On the side of the mansion is a gym, for the owner’s Pokemon to practice fighting. The yard isn’t that big though- maybe twenty yards on each side between the outer gate and the mansion. The gate is a normal black, eight feet tall with those spikes on the top that hurt when touched.

The tan van is outside the gate, parked on the side of the road. No other people for a mile, and hardly and cars come by. They have the perfect spot.

Claude moves from the drivers spot to the back of the van where all the equipment and machines are located. A television split in four screens is used for their spy cameras to watch everything in detail. Only three screens work at the moment. Paul opens up the side door and sees the mansion through his binoculars.

“Phase one, of Stage five. Go.” Paul throws out a Pokeball and Murkrow soars out above them.

{PHASE ONE: Disabling the cameras.}

Claude hands Paul a larger bazooka and a Pokeball. Claude also sends out Alakazam. He remains in the van as Paul and Alakazam move to the bushes by the gate for cover. Paul turns on his head gear. “Ok, I’m on. Give me the signal.”

Claude scans the cameras to see the area is clear. “Go ahead.”

Paul waves up in the air for Murkrow to go. Alakazam uses his Psychic powers to bend the gate wide enough for the bazooka to fit through. He aims the bazooka across the yard at a small vent in the left side of the mansion.

Murkrow circles around the corner of the mansion, above a camera pointing directly at the vent below. It flaps down, and down, until it lands on the camera. Murkrow looks at the wires coming from the wall into the camera. Murkrow takes a snip of it.

“Ok, camera out. Go.” Claude says from inside the spy van.

Paul points at the vent. “Alakazam, again.” Alakazam uses his psychic powers again to forcibly remove the metal veny. Paul waves to stop and quickly re-alines with the vent. *THUNK* The odd sounding bazooka fires a Pokeball straight at the open vent. Hole in one!

Inside the mansion, in the security office, is a wall of television screens, each one showing a different place around the mansion. Then one of the screens turns fuzzy.

“Huh?” The security guard notices the change in screen in the corner of his eye. He looks at camera 21 to see it’s out. He quickly picks up a radio. “Sir, camera 21 is offline.”

Shortly, “Then check it out.”

“Right sir.”

The guard exits the room of television cameras and other equipment. He makes his way left, the right, down hallways of the large mansion. Until finally he comes outside. He makes his way around the huge fountain of a Machamp just before the left side of the mansion. There, he stops and looks around the area.

Murkrow pecks at the wire some more, even though it is not working and its job is done. The guard looks at the bird and sighs.

On the radio, “Sir, it’s only a wild Murkrow. It disabled the connection.”

Loudly, “Search around. Check for suspicious activity.”

“Sir, I suggest calling an electrician right away.”

The owner doesn’t respond which means he is calling for a repair guy right now.

The left bottom screen in the van moves down a long tunnel. It was the camera implanted in the disc so they can see her every move. The red light from the disc blurs the tunnel in a red glow, lighting the way. Dragonair’s slender body easily wiggles her way through the vents, even going vertically up to move to the second level of the mansion. But then she slides back down another vent to the same level. Up ahead, a vent gate appears. It’s time.

“Oooo...” A blast of cold air rushes forward and hits the steel gate. It freezes instantly. Dragonair rushes at it with speed... *CRASH* ...the vent gate smashes to ice pieces.

“She is in the room. Ready Phase 2.”

Paul and Alakazam have returned to the van, putting the bazooka back and searching for a back pack. It’s tan, what a color! “Ready.”

The screen shows Dragonair looking at a wall of televisions. She was in the security guard’s room. Quickly trained to disable the cameras, she moves in and presses a couple buttons. And the televisions go blank.

“They’re off. Go.”

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Default 17- The Tan Gang Heist

{PHASE 2: Sneak inside the mansion.}

Claude nods to Paul and Alakazam as they slide the van door closed and lock the doors. The three of them are on the outside of the van and look at the large mansion.

Claude motions to Murkrow. “Ok, go start on Phase 3. When you’re finished, fly back to the van and wait for us.”

“Murk... krow!” The dark crow flaps off into the sky.

{PHASE 3: Lights out.}

Alakazam knows this is his part. The world around grows fuzzy and in a zip of light, the three of them stand in the guard’s watch room. If it weren’t for the camera attached to Dragonair, Alakazam wouldn’t know where to teleport to. Dragonair lay in the corner, curled up, waiting for them. Paul points the Pokeball at Dragonair and recalls her.

“Shall we move on Paul?”

Paul shakes his head. “Just one more thing.” He raises his mallet and smashes it into the screens on the wall, and once at the computer. “There, much better.”

Claude sighs. “Be serious. Alakazam, Teleport to the gym.”

Again, a change in scenery. This time they teleport to an area unfamiliar and unplanned. They are in a room, with many books and shelves. Like a library. A man sits in the corner in a reclined leather armoire, wearing a lavender colored robe that rich people wear. He glances up from his book and takes a look at his unwanted guests. And putting two and two together, he leaps up and runs out the door next to him.

Claude rushes forward. “It’s Mr. Weller. He’s the owner of this mansion. Alakazam, use mental meltdown.”

A move that Claude created, using Alakazam’s strong psychic ability to damage a person’s brain. But as they run, Weller is already two steps ahead, passing through doors and long halls. The psychic energy can’t pass through these barriers. So Alakazam takes a rest.
Finally, after a long chase, they stop right before two large double doors, with the words, GYM on the top in a brown color.

“It’s like that sign is inviting us in.” Paul manages to say.

Claude smirks. “He went right where we wanted to go.”

The double doors smash open, slamming the walls next to them. Paul on the right, Claude on the left, and Alakazam behind them in the middle. They enter the gym.

The gym is large, like a regular school’s auditorium. The ceiling reaches well in the air, maybe even two stories tall. In the center of the gym, is a wrestling ring, with the traditional colors of ropes and stage area. And around the ring on the left side is training equipment and on the right side are some punching bags. There is some definite hardcore training going on here.

And on center stage in the arena, a Hitmonlee practices its kicks. But now it stops, wondering what is going on here. At its side, near the ropes, is Mr. Weller.

Claude looks at the camera in the left corner, knowing it’s turned off. Time for action.

“Claude, he saw our faces.”

“Yes, PAUL. Way to use my fake name.” Claude sighs, pushing this past himself. “Now, that we are here, you have no escape.” He leans back and throws a Pokeball forward. The light reveals an Ivysaur. “Tie him up.”

Mr. Weller scrambles over the floor but Ivysaur’s vines catch up easily and wrap him.
Paul manages to crack, “Well, Phase 5 is already halfway complete.”

{Phase 5: Silence Mr. Weller.}

Ivysaur pulls a radio out of Weller’s robe pocket. It was talking to them.

“Sir, the security room has been breached. I’m calling the police right now and will come to the gym as this emergency has planned for. Sir, answer me. Sir?....”

Paul looks at Claude. “This is going too fast. We haven’t even started phase four yet. And phase three should have been done by now.”

Then a few seconds later, the lights go out. Electricity no longer flows to the mansion. Murkrow has done it’s job. Although the sunlight from outside still peaks in through the large gym windows, the gym creates many cross shadows, for an eerie effect.

{PHASE 4: Capture Hitmonlee.}

Ivysaur pulls Mr. Weller toward the two tan guys as they shove a tan sock in his mouth and blindfold him with a tan bandana.

“You look better already. Now you just need a tan hat...”

“Paul, shut up. Please continue.”

Paul shrugs with a smile and turns to Hitmonlee, still in the ring. “Ready to come to our side Hitmonlee? We have much better equipment and better living quarters. We’ve been watching this mansion for three weeks. We know how badly you’ve been treated. What do ya say?”

“Mon, lee. Hitmon...” It shakes its head.

Paul shakes his disappointingly. “Then you force us to do this. Go Machoke.”

“You sure you’re ready for this?” Claude asks. “Hitmonlee is at a high level.”

“I can do this.”

But first, a swift figure moves at the two humans and Alakazam. It’s a Hitmonchan. *Uppercut Punch* Alakazam takes one in the nose. *Side Hit* And then a surprise attack to the gut. Hitmonchan pulls back, glowing it’s right glove any icy color, and strikes Alakazam. *FREEZE* Unable to react in time, Alakazam freezes to an icicle of frozen water.

Claude responds, “Hey, where did that come from? I though Hitmonchan wasn’t supposed to be here today. That makes phase six a lot harder, especially with police on their way.”

{Phase 6: Escape}

Machoke enters the ring and Paul stand on the side, like a boxing manager. “Maybe when Mr. Weller came in here, he let Hitmonchan out. Just keep him away from us and we can catch Hitmonlee.”

Claude smirks again. “Better yet, I’ll catch this one. You did bring more than one Super Pokeball.”


“Then no problems. This one is mine.” Hitmonchan stands there, gloves up, ready to fight. “Go Jynx.” Claude sends and his trusty Jynx comes out. “This won’t be easy. We don’t have much information on this one. But I WILL defeat it.”

Alakazam remains out so as Ivysaur uses a free vine to chop at the ice, hopefully allowing them to teleport away to safety. The two fights begin: Claude, Jynx vs. Hitmonchan; and Paul, Machamp vs. Hitmonlee. Ding.

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Default 17- The Tan Gang Heist

Claude was on the side with the punching bags; hanging ones, bean bag ones, and some of the small ones. This would be an obstacle course.

Hitmonchan jumps back behind a line of six hanging punching bags from the high ceiling, three on the right side, three on the left. One foot forward, left fist up- Hitmonchan was ready.

“Jynx, start with Blizzard.” Jynx waves her hands in front, forming wind of ice. The powerful blast of snow makes its way through the hall of the punching bags but a fast Hitmonchan leaps right, going behind a punching bag. The blizzard moves to the bag and quickly covers it in snow. Hitmonchan leaps to the second row of the six bags, again, ready to go.

Claude is surprised. “It’s fast. And these punching bags provide cover. If only...” he snaps his fingers. “Ok, Blizzard again!”

Once more, Jynx waves her hands and releases the wind of ice and Hitmonchan moves left this time to avoid it. And another bag is frozen. Now Hitmonchan moves to the first row of bags and jumps forward with a quick jab to the head. *SMACK*

“Ah, Jynx, Double Slap.” Jynx furiously throws her hands wildly at the attacker, to back it off. “Gotta watch that quickness. Need to slow it down.”

Hitmonchan runs behind a bag in the first row. Suddenly the bag moves fast at Jynx, being punched from the other side. Jynx ducks down as the bag makes the second pass. And now, another bag is punched. And anther, and another. Four punching bags are moving around in all different directions while the two frozen bags remain still.

“Freeze those lines holding the punching bags.” Jynx aims a small gust of ice in the air, freezing one, then another. The two frozen lines snap, crashing the punching bags to the ground. But the one in the third and second row still move. “Wait! Where’s Hitmonchan?”

While concentrating on the moving targets, Hitmonchan has moved in to the left side and rushes in for a flurry of punches.

“Jynnxxxxx...” Jynx sits down on the ground as Hitmonchan runs back to the third row of punching bags. Everything is still for a moment. Jynx stands back up.

“Ok, mild set back. Time to go on offense. Jynx, move in.” Almost like dancing, Jynx wiggles down the hall of punching bags. The two from the first row lay at the side.

“Mon chan...” It vanishes into thin air and quickly reappears next to Jynx. *BIFF* Disappear, reappear... *POW* again... *BAFOO!* and once more, this time with a flame to the fist *WHIFF...* Jynx has reacted from the last punch, causing her head to be back as Hitmonchan aimed for it from the front with a Fire Punch Uppercut.

“Double Slap.”

Hitmonchan is pounded down by two quick moving hands which slap like crazy. Hitmonchan moves back, resting for a second. “Good, while it’s weak... fight it with your own punches.!”

Jynx wiggles in and prepares a fist full of ice to the punchy Pokemon. A direct hit to Hitmonchan. But this hit wakes it up from it’s rest. Now some seriousness. Hitmonchan thrusts its fist forward as Jynx dodges nicely to the side. Somehow, Jynx gains some fast feet. Maybe the action of boxing brings out the fist-fighters in Pokemon. Jynx moves behind a punching bag as Hitmonchan punches it. Having some of the line frozen, it snaps, and the bag is launched across the gym. While recovering from that, Jynx slams down her Pound attack and follows it with another Pound but Hitmonchan moves back behind a frozen bag.


The bag shatters from a sudden punch, ice particles flying at Jynx. Naturally, Jynx covers her face with her hands so as not to get hit in the eyes. Hitmonchan takes advantage and slickly moves under with fist back... moving in an underhand motion for a Sky Uppercut. Jynx is hit hard and flies across and lands on the left side of the wrestling ring where some kind of dust appears to be floating around.

Claude looks at Paul whom looks back. He gives the thumbs up while Paul sticks his tongue out at him.

Somehow, Jynx manages to find more strength. “Can’t beat Hitmonchan with my defense, can’t match its skills. So, gotta play dirty. Lovely Kiss.”

At this time, Hitmonchan is rushing again, seeing Jynx stand. The ‘chan wants to get this over with. It can see that Hitmonlee might need some help. Jynx moves her hand to her lips and blows a kiss. The kiss hits Hitmonchan and stops it dead in its tracks.

“Body Slam!”

Jynx jumps up and falls down on the puncher. Hitmonchan snaps out of the sleepy state and remembers what is going on. *KNOCK* Jynx is pushed off and Hitmonchan responds with a fast Fire Punch across the face. *FLAME*

Hitmonchan readies anther punch but Jynx sulks her head down, crying from the hit. She then looks up, tears flowing rapidly. Hitmonchan is stunned by this action and lowers its fist.

“Nice fake tears, Blizzard!” Jynx stops crying, smiles, and creates a fast flowing wind of snow and ice. Hitmonchan puts its gloves in front to block the attack, but nothing can stop it. Hitmonchan is launched across the punching bags, smashing into the other frozen one, breaking it to pieces.

Jynx moves away from the ring wall, a slow few steps. Tired. Hitmonchan uses the last of its strength for a final rush. It was down to this last attack.

“Freeze the floor.”

Claude quickly says as he steps back from the action so as not to be frozen. Jynx aims down and points some Icy Wind at the gym floor. It instantly freezes and before Hitmonchan would know it, it slides around uncontrollably towards Jynx. Unable to stand well enough, it can’t focus its punches. Jynx scrunches down, fist full of ice, and launches up, smacking Hitmonchan in the stomach, into the air, up and over the head of Jynx, and landing...

“Alright Machoke. This is what we prepared for. Time to see if we are indeed, ready.”

Machoke flexes its muscles, as Hitmonlee lanks around the ring. Karate against wrestling. An age old question of who can win this possibility. Machoke stands in the left bottom corner as Hitmonlee is in the top right. Machoke is the first to go.

“No, stay on defense first.” Paul yells but Machoke already went out too far. Hitmonchan took one long step forward, spun around and kicked Machoke in the head with its left foot. That long foot is only going to be harder to bypass.

Paul sighs. “Aw, forget the order, go in and grab it.”

Machoke shrugs it off and rushes forward, arms up in grabbing motion. Hitmonlee vanishes left and kicks up. *SMACK* Machoke turns to grab but a whole bunch of wild kicks are thrown at it.

“Block them.”

Machoke raises arms to block but the fast feet move under the arms to the stomach. Then stopping, Hitmonlee does a duck and spin, foot out and trips Machoke to the floor. Hitmonlee jumps up and lands on the top right pole in the corner of the ring. Machoke stands up from the hit and turns to face the kicker. But it’s already in the air and hard to see with the semi-darkness in the gym.

“Monlee...” Machoke is kicked back against the ropes, however, to Machoke’s advantage. The ropes sling Machoke back and arms ready. *SQUEEZE* Machoke grabs a hold of Hitmonlee. But the legs are the ones in need of a grab.

“Go into...” but Paul is cut off when Hitmonlee kicks Machoke in the special area. *GROIN!!!* Machoke backs off, letting go. Now in the center of the ring, Machoke shakes the pain away.

Paul strokes his mallet, “That’s cheap.”

Hitmonlee proceeds in a circular motion around the ring, clockwise. Using its Agility, it was hard to track. Machoke twists and turns, trying to watch it. He swipes down with a chop, missing of course. Occasionally, some kicks would come out; from behind, from the side. Hitmonlee has a definite advantage over the slower Machoke.

“No, swipe into the motion, not down. Swipe where it is coming from.” Machoke moves both arms for a Cross chop going counter-clockwise. Hitmonlee dives through the break in the arms and stops for a triple kick to Machoke. Then it proceeds in the circling.

Paul sighs, “This is very troublesome.” He goes to the right side of the ring and swipes his mallet in against the circling Hitmonlee. *SLIP* It fumbles from the unexpected trip and lands into the ropes, then bounces back into the ring. Machoke was already ready with a clothesline. Hitmonlee is down for now.

“Heh. That’s the way to do it Machoke. Now give it Seismic Toss.”

Machoke prepares to pick it up when a punching bag flies into the ring and knocks over Machoke. The bag falls to the right side of the ring, Machoke down on the floor. The advantage is lost as both Pokemon stand up and again, square off.

“Stupid Claude. But maybe.... Machoke, focus your energy.” Machoke closes his eyes for one second and gathers energy for this battle. Hitmonlee moves in fast. “Now, grab the punching bag for defense.” Machoke grabs down and lifts the bag in front. *RIP* Hitmonlee’s sharp feet have punctured the bag filled of dirt and dust. The foot is stuck for now. “Rip it to shreds.” Machoke, holding both sides of the bag, uses all of its energy to pull apart the bag at the hole. And just like that, the dirt and dust pours out all over the ring. A cloud of dust fills the air.

Paul watches as Jynx is suddenly thrown against the right side of the ring. Claude give a thumbs up while he sticks his tongue back at him. “Stupid Claude knocking punching bags at me.”

The cloud settles; Hitmonlee was covered head to toe in dirt and dust. Machoke the same.

“Throw the bag.”

Machoke throws the remains of the bag at Hitmonlee. He quickly moves to kick it but slips on the dirt on the ring floor.

Paul smiles. “Ha. Now who’s faster? Machoke, go in and get it.” Machoke rushes in to grab again but Hitmonlee jumps up into the air and does a vertical forward spin to kick down on Machoke. Machoke runs into the left bottom pole at the corner and turns around. He makes his way back out.

“Machoke, I have the answer. Keep moving forward get ready to block.” The muscle Pokemon steps forward in the direction of Hitmonlee. Hitmonlee reaches out it’s right foot... “Grab left...” Machoke puts his arms out and blocks the foot from doing damage. Hitmonlee is disabled. “Toss it into the ropes.” Machoke turns 180 degrees and Hitmonlee hits the ropes and bounces back to Machoke, ready for a Dynamic Punch. *WHACK!!!* Hitmonlee is down to the ground.

“You’re the champ Machoke. No one can beat you. Now pin for the win!” Paul was excited at this. He had never stolen a Pokemon directly from someone before and this was his first.
Machoke moves over and lays on the Pokemon....

*BUMP* A Hitmonchan is thrown at center ring and knocks into Machoke, who losses grip. Paul glares at Claude. “Get outta my area.” He points to his mallet threateningly.

Claude remarks shaking his head, “Then throw ‘em back. ...wait, better idea.” Claude points to his frozen Alakazam. “Throw it here.”

Paul commands. It’s not like Hitmonlee was going anywhere. Machoke grabs Hitmonchan by the legs and twirls around with Seismic Toss. *CRASH* The semi-melted ice cracks from the fighter Pokemon’s impact. And shortly, with a purple aura surrounding the ice, it shatters. Particles fly everywhere.

Machoke turns and realizes that Hitmonlee is moving. Paul orders a devastating throw to finish it off. Round and round he goes, where the throw will happen, is up to gravity. Release! Hitmonlee flies toward the back wall of the gym where heavy weights are displayed on the wall. Hitmonlee smacks into the bars, crashing to the ground. The top bar, with large discs at the end carrying heavy weight, comes loose, and lands on Hitmonlee’s legs, paralyzing it.


Claude looks up at the window, seeing Murkrow on the other side. It flyies straight into it, causing the glass to break as the dark birds flies in, rather hurt. It lands next to Claude.

“Why aren’t you in the van?” Murkrow drops a badge stating Police on it. “Oh!”

A shout from outside calls, “We have you surrounded. Please give up and come outside. You cannot teleport when we have disabled that feature.”

Claude kicks the ground. “Dang, they’re using the technology we stole from them. How are we going to finish the last phase?” Then he remembers the Hitmonchan. He turns to look at it...

Hitmonchan wouldn’t let this happen. Quick to its feet, Hitmonchan rushes forward with a slash punch to Alakazam. But all was necessary was a wave of the hand and Hitmonchan was floating in the air. It cringes from the pain as it is slammed against the ceiling. Releasing the psychic power, Hitmonchan falls to the ground, landing on one of the fallen punching bags from earlier. The dust flies, covering the puncher.

Claude already knows the outcome. “Hey Paul, where are you?”

Paul waves his arms in the air. “I’m over here, about to catch Hitmonlee.” Machoke had Hitmonlee pinned this time. No escape. No chance what-so-ever. Paul faces It. “Time for the Super Pokeball to fly.” It soars over the kicker and pulls it in. Only a few seconds, and the outcome would be displayed.

As for Hitmonchan, the dust has cleared. “Unlucky for you. You should have ran away instead of trying to defend your master.” Claude fires the Super Pokeball at the puncher and watches it go in. Alakazam returns to Claude’s side as he picks up Murkrow for comfort.
And poor Mr. Weller watches the whole thing, to see the fate of his two Pokemon...

Original Post: October 2003 at PE2K Proboards
(-o-)Hitmonlee Caught!
(-o-)Hitmonchan Caught!
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default 18- Battle at Dragon’s Pin

“And now onto local news. Tragedy struck as Mr. Weller, beloved fighter Pokemon expert, passed away this morning. As one of the top leaders in Blackthorn, his reputation far exceeded his love for Pokemon. He lived in solitude most of the time, secretly training inside his home made gym...” The news report continues to describe his life and how he succeeded as a Trainer in the Johto region. “It’s been two months since his mansion was attacked by the Tan Gang. Ever since his two prized fighting Pokemon, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, were stolen, his health had been declining rapidly. An Ivysaur held him hostage, causing him to inhale a mix of harmful toxins. Though the toxins can be cured, Mr. Weller was said to be ‘too emotionally beaten’ to try. He will always be remembered.” The screen shows a nice picture of the man with his birth and death date below. “For more information about this heist, please visit us online at....”

The Tan Gang Heist, as it was being called, was a complete disaster for Blackthorn City. Not only did the two culprits manage an escape, but a lot of damage was done to the town. The Tan Gang wasn’t even known until the last six months. But after the heist, the entire Johto League was on watch. Any information that lead to their capture was helpful. But so far, only dust was caught.

The culprits names’ were Paul and Claude. Nothing is known about them except they are stronger than they appear. So far, they are the only known members of this gang. Jack had met this duo before, twice actually. He knew he should have done something, when he first met them and caught Abra. But that was the past.

Since the incident at Mr. Weller’s mansion, Jack has been more determined to finding the Tan Gang’s secret base. The trouble was gaining information because everyone could be a suspect. And the city is busy, with people coming and going constantly. He can’t give up either. The mother Dragonair was taken by them. His hand-made Dratini Pin from Gorgi was taken by them. And nice Mr. Weller’s Pokemon were taken by them. He won’t go back to being a regular Trainer until they are stopped. He’s even forgotten about challenging the Blackthorn Gym.

Jack sits down on a longue chair at the Pokemon Center, distraught by the news. He jumps up, kicks a stool, and grabs a drink at the counter. “Things would be a lot better if they weren’t here. I know I’m an outsider, but Mr. Weller didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. And now, even if I find them, what good does it do for him?”

A Trainer next to him shouts, “Yeah. He helped me understand the need of my Pokemon, rather than my need to always win.”

“He showed me even a weakness has strength.”

“I learned to better my relationship with my Pokemon. He taught me battling isn’t about being stronger, but having a strong trust between Trainer and Pokemon.”

The entire Pokemon Center cheers in an uproar. No one was crying, rather, they were remembering the good times. That’s how everyone can really love those that pass on.

Jack heads out after lunch. He’s taking the day off from looking to have some fun. And not just any fun: Bowling! There’s only one bowling alley in the city. Dragon’s Pin. It’s small, 10 lanes, a few arcade and pinball machines, and a snack bar. After school, kids like to hang around the snack bar and games, then run home before dinner.

{{Here's a Picture for reference.}}

His style of clothing hasn’t changed either. Shirt, shorts, hat, dark sunglasses, and shoes. With so much constantly happening, there isn’t time to worry about looking cool.

As he steps closer to the entrance *SMACK* he is hit by something thrown at him. He takes the blue thing away from his face to discover it’s a Pokemon, a Wynaut to be exact.

“Pokemon aren’t allowed in here without a Trainer. Go away now,” says the bouncer at the door.

Wynaut looks at Jack with its big eyes, tilting its head sideways for a sad effect.

“Uhm..... this Wynaut is mine.”

The bouncer turns around, “Is it now?”

“Uh, yeah.” Jack stands up. “So don’t throw around my Pokemon.” Wynaut claps with its ears as he is put on the floor. “Let’s go Wynaut. Let’s have some fun.”

“Alright,” mumbles the bouncer. “You keep an eye on him now.”

Jack walks in with Wynaut at his side. “Okay little guy, what do you want to do....” Wynaut was gone. “Hey, where’d you go.” He looks left, right, straight, then back left. There he was, standing on a stool in front of a pinball machine. It hits the buttons on the side but nothing happens. “You need quarters to play these games. Hold on.” He exchanges a few dollars for quarters and places them on the machine, putting one into the game. “Do you even know how to play?”

Wynaut nods determined. The ball lines up... he shoots it. Five minutes later, Wynaut is still on ball number one and has won five more turns, giving ‘em a grand total of eight balls left. And the score was in the billions.


Jack steps back. It’s safe to say Wynaut will be there a while and will be fine on his own. He steps over to pay for a lane and shoes. He asks a group of three if he can join with them instead of paying for a whole lane by himself. They accept. The overused bowling shoes are put on, and he is ready to bowl.

“You know how to bowl, right?” one of the guys asks.

Jack rolls his eyes, sarcastically saying. “This is the game where you push a disc down the lane to land in a square, right?

“No, that’s shuffleboard.” The three look at him oddly.

He cracks up, “The look on all your faces was priceless. Of course I know how to play.”

The games went well for him. Third place. Second Place. Third Place again. But he doesn’t care about winning. For him, bowling was about having fun and taking his mind off anything serious. The others were intermediate bowlers, much like Jack. Probably coming directly from school to play some games.

He is now at the last game. The other three need to go home soon. It’s his last turn, arm back....

“Hey, you over there, about to bowl now...”

The bouncer says as Jack lets go of the ball. *GUTTER* He turns around, sighing. If he hit just one pin, he would have had second place again. The other three have a good laugh.

“Where’s your Wynaut? Pokemon must be in accompany of their Trainer. Or I will have to throw you out now.”

“He’s at the arcade. I’ll show you.” They walk over to the arcade and guess what... no Wynaut. He looks around but.... no Wynaut. “He was here.”

“If that Pokemon causes any trouble, you are responsible now.”

Annoyed, “Do you have to say ‘now’ at the end of every speech?”

“What was that now?”


The bouncer looks at him sternly, not liking his speech impediment being made fun. “If I find him before you do, you won’t be happy now.”

So Jack looks around. Not in the arcade. Not around the snack bar. Not on the bowling floor. Could it be near the pins? No, someone would have saw that. But ten minutes walking around, asking people, there is no Wynaut to be found. The group Jack was bowling with had left and another group takes the lane. He looks at the bouncer, whom is carefully watching his every move. He waves nicely. The emotionless bouncer looks the other way.

“Maybe Wynaut left. That has to be it.”

After sitting down at a table in front of the snack bar, sipping a soda, he thinks he spots a blue blur to the far left. He looks again. An employee walks from the far bowling lane and opens a door. There, the blue blur is more familiar. It’s Wynaut. Wynaut creeps along the wall, following the employee to the door. The door closes but it jumps up, using it’s ears to turn the knob, and steps through the crack, closing it behind him.

“Huh?” Jack places his soda down and heads for the door. DO NOT ENTER. “You would think a door as important as this one would be locked.” He knocks quietly on the door and opens it, stepping in slowly.

“...and that’s when I saw this Pokemon playing Pinball. With no Trainers around, it was easy to swipe the change.” The other people in the room chuckle. “It looked so mad when I took it but the stupid Pokemon never moved from the game.”

“That bouncer must have let it in again.”

“No, I think a stupid Trainer snuck it in today. How pathetic.”

The room is actually not a room, but a private bowling room with two lanes. There are two couples sitting on couches, the employee that walked in, and another guy ready to bowl. A table sits in the middle of them all with private drinks and snacks not served in the main snack bar. Wynaut suddenly leaps on the table, knocking over two glasses.

“What the... how did it get in here?” the employee shouts. He grabs Wynaut by the ears and throws him back near the entrance. “This is a private party.”

“Why don’t you lock the door next time.” Jack says, checking to see if Wynaut was fine. “You think stealing money from a Pokemon is acceptable. Stealing from it is like stealing from me.”

One of the girls speaks, “Dude, that Pokemon only takes money from Trainers to play games. It doesn’t care about anything except our arcade. Every Trainer tries to take it home with them, only to be disappointed at the end of the day.”

“It is our duty to remove wild Pokemon from the premise and take anything on their possession gained while inside Dragon’s Pin. That means money and any prizes it wins.” The bowler turns around, “So you see.........” His mouth gaps open at the site of the intruder.

Jack is also shocked, like being struck by lightning. “You’re........ Paul..... from the Tan Gang.” That’s the guy he’s looking for. Here, in a private bowling room. What are the chances of this happening. “Don’t you guys realize who he is?”

The five people smirk, “What makes you think we don’t.” Could it be the bowling alley is owned by them? That’s the only explanation.

Paul steps closer, “Don’t do anything stupid Jack.”

He readies a Pokeball, “The fact that you remember my name indicates you’ve been waiting for a rematch.” But instead of battling in the small room, he wants to make a run for it.

However, Paul launches a bowling ball and hits the door, causing it to close before Jack can run out. One of the couples grabs a bowling ball too, ready to throw, while the employee steps around the table. Paul laughs from the hard wood floor. Lastly, the other couple grabs a cell phone to call someone.... headquarters?

Acting quick, Jack steps forward and kicks under the table, launching it on top of the couple holding bowling balls. Food and drinks, and glass spread all over the wall and ground. In the same action, the employee on the right moves out of the way from the table only to be socked in the face by Jack’s left fist. He goes down, spilling quarters out of his pocket. It’s during this chaos that Paul releases Machamp, whom rushes on the left side, heading for Jack. He ducks a punch and rolls back to the door, throwing a Pokeball out as he stands back up. Abra pops out. She sits on the carpet, looking asleep.

Paul nearly slips on the wood. “He’s not being serious. Machamp, pound that thing into the ground.”

The four arms move down for a sure fired kill shot. Abra’s sliver eyes light up and a force of energy blocks all four arms from contact. Soon after, each arm moves back twice as fast into Machamp at the face and stomach. Abra’s Counter had worked.

“Nice work. Use Thunderpunch in unison with Confusion.”

Abra stands up, holding her fist back with electricity, and slams it across Machamps body. Machamp jumps back a foot but that’s not all. It muscles glow as a blast of Pyschic energy follows the punch, sending it back even further. Machamp lands on the couple with the phone, surely knocking them out.

Meanwhile, Wynaut nudges Jack’s shoe. It was holing all the stolen quarters but couldn’t open the door. “I see. Time to go. Abra, return.” Jack places the ball back on his belt and steps outside the private room, closing the door behind him. A couple people nearby look at him because they had heard some loud noises.

The bouncer steps up, “What were you doing in the private room now?” He completely ignores Wynaut at the side.

“One of the guys in there... it’s Paul from the Tan Gang. He’s in there.” The nearby people look at him as if he’s crazy.

“Sir, that’s impossible. Let’s not create a scene now.”

He adds the numbers, “You, you’re with them. The whole bowling alley is under their control.” He shouts to everyone. “Listen to me. A member of the Tan Gang is in that room.” He points. “We have to call the police.” But nobody moves. “Doesn’t anyone care. He harmed Mr. Weller.”

From inside the private room, “Should we do anything?”

“No.” Paul calmly helps move the table off his friends. “Jack won’t be a problem.”

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Default 18- Battle at Dragon’s Pin

Back outside, the bouncer pulls out a handheld tranquilizer gun. “Sir, we’re all upset at the tragic death of Mr. Weller, but this is a serious place of business now.” He addresses the audience. “Don’t worry folks, this kid is a troublemaker. Sorry for the interruption now.” He aims the gun and fires the dart.

Jack cringes but he can’t dodge a bullet. However, Wynaut can reflect it. The little blue Pokemon jumps in front and reflects the dart back at the bouncer. *PRICK* He is hit in the chest. He stumbles back, pulling the dart out. He tries to insert another dart to the gun but it’s light out.


“Wynaut wyyy.”

He turns attention to the wall blocking the hidden room. He has to show them. Everyone stopped bowling to watch and see what he would do next, not sure if he was on their side, or another. Jack calls out Snorlax. The floor jumps as the fat Pokemon lands. The people near the last lane and around the snack bar run away.

“We’re going to show these guys the truth. Snorlax, tear down that wall by any means necessary.” He walks Snorlax to the wooden floor of the bowling alley. Directly on the other side of the wall in front of them should be the couches. Jack turns his back and looks at the rest of the alley, making sure no one tried to stop him.

Snorlax runs his jolly self at the wall, slightly indenting the soft wood. His body slams into it, shaking the entire foundation and causing one of the lights above to flicker off. He runs back and slams again, making a Snorlax sized indent in the wall, fracturing three times the length away too. More and more people step away, afraid, but still interested in what will happen. Snorlax makes his third charge and this time, the wall caves in. A hole the size of three Snorlax’s is created as cardboard, wood, insulation, and dust surround the area.

Jack turns back around, smiling. Snorlax steps back. Coughs and aches can be heard from the private room. A piece of wall is kicked over as two people step out with bruises. One of them was the target.

“There. Right there. That is Paul.”

And right away, everyone knew it. It was hard to tell by looking, since a wall fell on him. But the mallet he holds is a dead give away.

**Initiate Evacuation Plan Alfa-03C** An alarm sounds after the announcement and everyone runs for the door.

Only Jack, Snorlax, Paul, and another employee remain near the broken wall. Unconscious are the bouncer, the two couples in the private bowling room, and the employee that stole from Wynaut. During all that, Wynaut went back at the arcade.

The other employee, behind Jack, shouts, “Paul, what do I do?”

“Grab anything important and get out of here. Tell the boss the alley has been compromised.” Paul turns to Jack, stroking his mallet. “It’s just you and me now.”

“I’m ready when you....” he realizes Snorlax isn’t in front. “Where did he...” Jack falls down, anime style. Snorlax is at the snack bar having all-he-can-eat pre-dinner. “Hey, come back here. I didn’t say you could eat.”

Paul smirks and calls Machamp, “It doesn’t matter if you aren’t ready. Use Vital Throw on him.”

With no time to have Snorlax help, he calls another Pokemon out. Sudowoodo jumps and dances around, hugging Jack as she always does. He points to Machamp.... and the two are hit hard. Jack slides across the wood while Sudowoodo lands on the couches at the last lane they are at.

“Pay attention,” Jack says as he stands. “Watch the arm chops.”

“Get in there! Be ruthless! Oh yea!” Paul swings his mallet around.

Sudowoodo has a better idea and grabs a bowling ball out of the stand behind them. She overhand throws it but Machamp uses the back of one arm to easily knock it away. It then grabs four balls from the return chute and tosses them simultaneously. Sudowoodo is hit all four times but thanks to it’s rock hard body, the damage is minimal. However, while defending the balls, Machamp rushes over and grabs the ‘tree’ and quickly tosses it into the DO NOT ENTER door. Machamp rushes again, all four arms out...

“Use Low Kick.”

Sudowoodo scrunches down and slides into Machamp’s feet before it can grab her. The big galoot stumbles and slams headfirst in the door, knocking it out of frame. Sudowoodo jumps back, ready to continue. Machamp steps over the broken pieces, holding the cracked door in its right arms. And like WW Smackdown, Machamp is going to cheat by introducing a foreign object in the fight.

Paul laughs, “If I gave you my mallet, you could fight like a knight. Haha. Now focus your energy and show it your cross chop.”

Machamp strikes its left arms down, inches away from Sudowoodo. In turn, she slams her shoulder at Machamp, only hitting the door shield. The fighting Pokemon pushes its shield forward, knocking Sudowoodo off balance. It uses its bottom left arm to grab the feet and toss her away from the lanes.

“Ooooooo...” She cries as she slams into the counter at the snack bar, where Snorlax is preparing food. She stands up when suddenly two arms slam her against the counter, snapping it in two. In another quick motion, before any chance of defense, Sudowoodo is grabbed again and launched over the counter at the food displays.

In the chaos, a quadruple-decker sandwich is ruined and spilled all over the floor. Snorlax can only look down at the mess.....

Jack repositions near the snack bar. “Sudowoodo, are you ok?”

And like a bolt of lighting.... *KAAFWOOM* ...the snack bar explodes. Jack is pushed back lightly. Sudowoodo soars through the air, extra crispy. Machamp rolls and flips across the floor. All table are either cracked or destroyed. The counter is turned into a pile of wood and marble. The snack bar sprinkler system turns on to put out any fire. Snorlax steps out as the mist clear, drenched, and highly upset at the waste of a good sandwich.

“Snorlax...” Jack says, bringing himself back up.

“SNOOORR!!” The fat Pokemon stampedes, kicking everything out of his way. Machamp stands up, shield ready.... *CRA-ACK* The shield snaps into a billion pieces as Snorlax punches into it. He then slams his other fist into Machamp’s gut, sending it flying back toward the bowling lanes.

Paul steps to the side as Machamp almost hits him. “It won’t be able to think straight while in a rampage. Focus your energy and you can beat it.”

Sudowoodo is recalled. “Come on Snoralx. Get him. Use Earthquake.”

Snorlax lumbers toward the wood bowling floor, jumps high, and lands with a thud. The floor ripples a foot high, snapping the wood and sending nails flying in all direction. The effect ripples at Machamp and Paul, slamming Paul back into the gap. Machamp, however, jumps over the ripple, takes a couple hits by some nails, and rushes Snorlax, using Scary Face at the same time. Snorlax loses concentration as Machamp uses all four arms to chop up and down his fat body.

“LAX.” He screams, slamming his arms down but missing. Machamp jumps back, refocuses, and charges again. Snorlax stares back...... and yawns. Machamp can’t help but yawn back, slowing his rush as its eyes become heavier.

“Perfect timing. Body Slam it.”

He stamps over the broken floor boards and slams Machamp into the bowling ball return machine. The machine sparks as it is moved out of position, electrocuting the pair slightly. Snorlax jumps back, grabbing hold of Machamp, and tosses it down the lane.


The pins in lane ten are knocked over as Machamp slides into the back. The machine moves down to remove the pins, pressing Machamp into the floor with its oddly shaped metal. The machine gives up, knowing something is blocking it. A red light flashes above to indicate a mechanic is needed. Machamp feels its head, trying to regain focus.

“It’s still moving. Finish it with Hyper Beam”

Machamp slowly crawls out of the pit as a bright, white, light of energy flashes around. Lane ten is becomes completely inoperable as the whole system is destroyed, leaving a gap in the wall. The effect was felt all the way down to lane 8. Machamp is out.

Paul slides over the debris, planning to escape. He recalls Machamp, holding an interesting device with nails. He tosses it at the ceiling. It rapidly blinks faster and faster until it stops blinking and becomes a single light. The ceiling above explodes twice as large a hole as Snorlax created in the wall. Paul hides back in the private room. Jack is far enough away. But Snorlax....

Wood, steel, plating, dust, insolation, lighting, wires, a large air conditioning system fall down onto Snorlax below. Even a Yanma can be seen falling from the destruction, with spinning swirly eyes. The resulting explosion causes all the main lights to turn off, leaving only the neon ones left. Water pours out of an exposed pipe. Dragon’s Pin now has a moon roof. The pink sky can be seen above, with orange clouds passing.

Jack rushes to the pile. “Snorlax? Where are you? Are you ok?” Some rubbles moves at the left and a fat hand falls out. That’s all he needs in order to recall him.

“I must say, you’ve shown me a lot more than our last fight.” Paul says, then trips over a pile of wood shards.

“I’m not finished yet.” Jack grabs his shoulder, feeling some pain.

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Default 18- Battle at Dragon’s Pin

Outside, some sirens can be faintly heard. Someone shouts something about giving up. The traditional police stuff.

Paul stops near the exit, “The feds? What happened to our guys outside? Were they... caught?”

Another nail bomb is thrown, this time at the exit, sealing it off so they can’t come in. There was no logical way out now. The shockwave also shatters the glasses and screens in the arcade on the left side of the alley, putting glass on the floor.

Paul stands near the exit, as Jack arrives on the opposite side of the main hall, with the shoe rental behind him.


Both Paul and Jack cover their ears as a loud pitched noise pierces the air. Any remaining glass in the vicinity is shattered. Quickly, a buzzing blur swings at Jack. It misses.

“What? Is that... a Yanma?” Indeed it was. This Yanma was covered in dust and even has splinters stuck under its belly. “Did it... did it fall down with the explosion?”

That’s when Wynaut returns, pissed. Every single game was shattered. It looks at Yanma, seeking revenge for shattering his game. “Wyyy naut. Wy... Naut WYNAUT@!!”

“Yaannnnn. Yan yan.”

It rushes toward Wynaut, who prepares Counter. However, a purple blast hits Wynaut from behind, moving it, causing Yanma to miss, diving through a broken window into the arcade room. Paul had called out Murkrow and used Night Shade. What a devious trick. Pissed off even more, Wynaut prepares to fight him too.

“No, I’ll handle him.”

Jack pushes Wynaut away and selects Abra to fight. Wynaut wanders away to find Yanma. The two final fights begin. Jack and Abra against Paul and Murkrow. And Wynaut against Yanma.

The Tan Gang member laughs, “Abra won’t stand a chance against a part dark type Pokemon.”

“You don’t know the power we have together.”

Murkrow starts the battle with a blast of Night Shade. Before the purple beam is half way, Abra teleports two feet away. Again, the crow fires and again Abra moves away. Now that Paul sees how fast Teleport is, he can plan to defeat it. Murkrow uses Night Shade once more, and like before, Abra teleports. The difference this time, Murkrow used Pursuit along with it. The shaded beam curves and hits Abra’s new position. It shrieks from the ghostly burn.

It’s Jack’s turn to counter. Abra electrifies the air around Murkrow, Thunderwaving the bird. Murkrow caws as Abra teleports into the air in front of it, slashing down with an electric punch across it’s feathery chest. Abra returns to the floor, sitting down. Murkrow flaps its wings, struggling to stay in the air.

“You’re not the only one with tricks,” Paul laughs.

Murkrow moves its wing forward, taunting its opponent. Abra is agitated by the taunt, giving her eyes a faint glow. Jack calls for another Telport-Thunderpunch combo, put Abra instead jumps up and tries to punch the bird. And misses. Murkrow takes this chance and sends a beam at Abra for a direct hit. Jack realizes that must have been Taunt and only attacks physical attacks can be used for a while. But no worries.

Since Abra can’t teleport, Murkrow sends another Night Shade. This time, Abra doesn’t move at all as a light shield helps deflect the beam. It bounces back, but Murkrow dodges down. While lower to the ground, Abra runs up and without jumping, Thunderpunches Murkrow more effectively since she didn’t jump. It flaps back, wounded and weak. Abra teleports back again. Her eyes regain normalness.

Murkrow regains some height. Paul struggles to find an effective tactic. He has to break Abra’s Counter first. Murkrow dives in with wings glowing, obviously using Steel Wing. Abra simply Teleports. Paul smacks his head, forgetting to use Taunt first. Abra reappears on Murkrow, whom struggles with the new weight. A second later, both vanish. They reappear again, this time Murkrow is aimed at one of the walls. Flying too fast, Murkrow slams headfirst and slides down the wall. Abra jumps back and lands, standing ready with glowing hands, preparing a dark ball of swirling energy. Murkrow hits the floor and before it moves, Shadow Ball explodes at it. Abra teleports next to Jack.

Paul recalls Murkrow and grabs another Pokeball. “Like you said, it’s not over.” *PRICK* A dart enters his neck, and slowly, he falls to the ground.

The bouncer stumbles over, “That’s enough out of you now.”

Confused, he thanks the bouncer for his help. That’s when Jack remembers Wynaut. Where did it go?

Yanma flies over lanes one and two, the un-damaged section of the bowling alley. Wynaut jumps onto the wood floor, sliding a bit without the proper shoes on.


“Yan. Ma...”

Yanma screeches, much less than before. Maybe it’s voice is going out. The television screens above crack and shatter, raining onto Wynaut. It counters and sends the shards away. Yanma dashes over, using its brightly lit wings to slash at the connector holding the tv in place. Wynaut uses more energy to counter, pushing it off to the side.

“WYYY!” it cries, asking why. XD

Yanma continues the attack using Quick Attack. Wynaut counters this too, almost feeling the bug’s touch, and sends it back. Yanma buzzes, cursing, and concentrates. Four, five, six copies are formed with Double Team. One at a time, each of them charge Wynaut.

Wynaut concentrates on the first: a dud. The second: nothing. Third, forth: fakes. By the fifth, his energy is low and it still isn’t the real Yanma. *SMACK* The last one hits, sliding Wynaut across the floor. It doesn’t stand back up immediately, giving Yanma a chance to use a stronger attack. It flies over and hails bright stars below. Wynaut takes the Swift hit, moving back to its feet, and jumping to the side. And it starts clapping.

Yanma twists its head, almost ready to bow. A sudden feeling moves over it. Yanma decides to use Double Team again, but instead, Swift shoots out. Wynaut jumps under the two dozen stars and Counters each one. Confused, Yanma is suddenly hit. Again, Yanma tries to use Double Team but Swift is used. And again, Wynaut successfully counters it back.

“Yan!” It says confused. This time, Yanma slowly glides down and lands next to Wynaut. Knowing it has no attacks, Yanma waits for the feeling to go away. Wynaut walks up to it and slaps it weakly with its ears, not doing any damage. The Encore feeling disappears and Yanma strikes without warning. It uses Screech again. Wynaut plugs its ears, uh, with its own ears. But instead of attacking, Yanma remains on the ground, coughing. It had overused it’s voice.

Wynaut laughs, using his Encore again. Yanma shutters, not even able to fly, only trying to scream. But nothing comes out.

A few minutes later, this is where Jack and the bouncer come in, watching from a distance.

Yanma crawls forward, directly in front of laughing Wynaut. It leaps and wraps its skinny bug legs around the blue body. Wynaut starts glowing to counter but a large explosion happens instead. The floor indents as Wynaut tries to counter the blast, but it isn’t strong enough for all of it. Yanma takes the bulk of the energy shot back and snaps into the right gutter of lane two. Wynaut is blasted across lane one, into the wall above, breaking the neon tube lights. Wynaut is electricuted red and green and blue colors until it falls in lane one, directly in front of the ten pins still standing.

“What was that now?”

“I think it was Sonic Boom.” Jack runs over to lane one, but forgets that they wax the lanes after the line, and even with bowling shoes, slips backward.

Yanma limply flies back into the air, heading for an unmoving Wynaut.

“Leave Wynaut alone. It didn’t do anything.” Jack calls on Bellsprout. “Grab Yanma.”

Bellsprout jumps on the divider between lane one and two, for grip. She releases her vines and wraps them easily around Yanma, who isn’t putting up much of a struggle. Bellsprout shifts her body left, bring her vines in, and slams Yama face first into lane one’s left gutter. All ten pins fall from the shock.

Jack sighs, knowing it’s over. He stopped Paul from getting away. That’s all he wanted. He stands, rubbing the wax from his hands on his shirt. “Well,” he coughs, looking around at all the damage he caused, “surely I can’t pay the damage?” He sits back on the floor, resting his injured shoulder. Bellsprout steps by his side.

The bouncer stumbles over, “Aren’t you going to return Wynaut? It looks injured now.”

“Huh? Oh. No, it’s not mine. Probably wild. I felt bad for it being through out by you.”

The bouncer sits on one of the non-damaged couches. He realizes it must be the same Wynaut that sneaks in time and time again, preying on Trainers for money to play games. “I think it’s time someone finally caught it now.”

Jack slowly nods, thinking maybe he should catch it. He slowly reaches for two Pokeballs from his lower shorts pocket. Yanma needs help too, so he’s going to catch both. But instead of throwing the Pokeball like a traditional Trainer, and since he is in a bowling alley, he decides to play the game. Aiming, he rolls the first Pokeball down the middle toward Wynaut. The second Pokeball is rolled down the left gutter, for Yanma. Would Jack bowl a 300 and win with a Strike? Or will he Strike Out and hit the Gutter? Both Pokeballs hit and bring in the Pokemon. They roll back and forth...

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