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Exclamation The Stoplek League Collection: A Trainer's View

This is a new league I have created from the ground up. The stories will eventually be a collection of sub-stories told from different points of view all about the Stoplek League. The first story will follow a Trainer as he takes the challenge of the league. It will look to the realistic style of training with the anime qualities we all love. Probably the largest (and most ambitious) Trainer fic, with at least 100 eps already planned out.

Follow the path of one Trainer, Jack Kalmer, as he takes on the largest goal possible. Gym battles and Pokemon training aren't the only thing he will need to master. He will have to work hard to make a name for himself and prove to all those that laughed at him, that he is the best Trainer. Battles, family, politics, Team Rocket, and much more. There's a lot to explore in the Stoplek League.

**If you have a comment, post it in the Fanfic Feedback or PM me a message. Do not post anything here, it will be deleted. I appreciate any and all comments. :D

Stoplek League Map (Subject to change at any time.)

~Summary Guide~
{Don't look at these if you haven't read to the last Episode in that summary. Please!}
Episodes 1-10
Episodes 11-20

Rating: PG to PG-13.

Latest 3 Releases:
Episode 24: And Then There Were Five 7-18-07
Episode 25: A Night in Streamington 7-27-07

Upcoming Release:
Episode 26: The Bet at Windy Plateau

Thanks, and enjoy what I hope is the Trainer Fanfic of a lifetime!
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default A Trainer's View

Episode 1
Leaving Home

The Stoplek League is not a normal league in the Pokemon world. It’s twice as large as some leagues and has almost three times as many gyms and badges. It’s one of the few most difficult leagues in the world: twenty total badges, two total championships, and only one chance to win it all. The Stoplek League is home to a variety of Pokemon but none unique to the area. Numerous Trainers all strive to one point, to beat the Grand Champion and obtain the rare Stoplek League Trophy, an honor of only which a small percentage of Trainers have managed to grab.
And so the quest begins...

Every kid growing up in a Pokemon world dreams of one day becoming a Pokemon Trainer. The thrill of going from city to city gaining badges and eventually working up to becoming a master. The journey is arduous but very rewarding. This is no different for Jack Kalmer, resident of Pine Valley. Today is the day marked on his calender when he will finally start his Pokemon journey at the age of seventeen. He just turned seventeen a couple weeks ago and with short brown hair and turquoise eyes, being about five feet ten inches tall, he looks young for his age but he is far more mature than any other seventeen year old. This journey means more to him than anything else and to earn the badges as reward will have great sentimental value of his achievements.

Jack runs downstairs still wearing his grey shorts and t-shirt he slept in. He finds his mom setting the table with scrambled eggs and bacon on two plates and two glasses of milk. She is at age forty with medium length brown hair, dark brown eyes and a thin body wrapped in a night gown. She always smiles every morning to start the day off with a good feeling. The table is set for two and minutes later they both sit on opposite sides of the table to eat their breakfast. Occasionally they would say some comments about some days ago but Jack can’t concentrate on the past; he is too concerned about his future.

See, the normal age for Trainers to start a journey is age thirteen. Jack would have been the first one of his friends to head off but his father wouldn’t let it be. His father started at the age of seventeen and so he wants his son to follow that experience. During those intermediate years, Jack has seen all his friends go on journey’s except for one, who is allergic to Pokemon. He has studied and memorized as many Pokemon names and types as he possibly could. The attacks were hard to remember because each Pokemon could use a different attack in a different way. And not once during this time would his father let Jack practice with his Pokemon; they were off limits. But now, with the day finally here, he feels he is ready to go out and show the world what he can do with the knowledge he has gained.

With the eggs almost eaten up, Jack's mom starts to talk about something important. "I guess," she starts," this will be the last time we eat breakfast together. It almost makes me cry thinking about it."

Jack listens to his mother while trying to swallow the last of his food so he can talk. "Mom, don’t cry. Today is the start of me being independent. It’s been my dream to go out on a Pokemon journey and I’ve waited four years for this day. I know you don’t want me to go, but it's not like I won't see you again. I will come back to spend time like we did before."

His mom hears this and her eyes start to water but no tears are shed. She knows that it is time for Jack to leave the nest even if she isn’t ready for it. She speaks to him with a sad voice, "You haven't even left yet and I already miss you so much. I hope you make this family proud and come back safely. Whether you come back a great trainer or not, you will always be a winner to me, no matter what happens." She gets up and goes to another room down the hall.

His mother hasn’t always understood the role of a Pokemon Trainer. To see her son go out and try this new experience, the only thing she can do is cheer him on. Regardless of her lack for understanding, she knows this journey is something important most people attempt. She will be behind Jack one hundred percent of the way and there to help at any time.

After breakfast, Jack switches clothes to the ones he will wear on his journey: medium tan shirt with sleeves almost to the elbows, tan cargo shorts from waist to below the knees, dark blue shoes that have lasted him two years, and a tan Newsboy cap. He also grabs his tan cargo style backpack and black rimmed sunglasses with polarized dark lenses. He heads downstairs and finally outside into the backyard.

Their white house with blue trim is not in the country but it's not in the town either which is why every time Jack comes outside, it’s always peaceful, so peaceful you can fall asleep within minutes and have clear thoughts without the interruptions.

It’s a simple backyard with no walls or fences with freedom only ten feet away. A nice lawn lay out back with small trimmed bushes around the edges. No trees on the house lot so they have umbrellas up to use for shade from the sun.

It's 9:30 in the morning and the sky is still lightly grey from the morning haze. Jack is still outside, lying down on a lawn chair. While he has been outside, he has been thinking about his journey ahead and how his life will change dramatically. Then the silence is broken when the back door starts to opens and his mom walks out. She sits in a chair next to Jack.

He looks over to his mom, "Hey Mom, are you all right now?"

She nods a couple times then brings her arms up to show Jack something. In her right hand, she holds a shopping bag and in her left hand she holds a smaller tan leather bag with the name Ed Kalmer on the side. Jack looks at the shopping bag, then to the small tan bag used to hold marbles with a questioning look on his face. But before he can speak, his mom starts to talk. "I have prepared some things for you to take." She opens the shopping bag and takes items out one by one. Most of the items are food for him but some objects are really helpful. There is a phone, some Pokemon healing potions, and six Pokeballs. Jack thanks his mother for the gift and she replies back, "It's the least I could do for my son."

Jack smiles at all the items he now has as he places them into his own backpack. Next, his eyes turn to look at the smaller bag. "What's in the little bag Mom?" he questions.

She opens the bag up and puts her hand in. When she takes her hand out, there are two Pokeballs in his mother’s left hand. The common Pokeball is red on top and white on the bottom with a button in the middle to shrink or expand the Pokeball. A Pokeball is by far the weirdest item a Trainer can own; able to catch Pokemon, transfer over computers and fade away at times. Nevertheless, they are the most helpful and useful item.

"These Pokeballs contain two Pokemon in them. They are your fathers Pokemon. Remember he said you could borrow them until you have caught your own Pokemon.“ She drops the Pokeballs into Jack's hands.

“I know, I know. He wants them back in two weeks.” Jack questions again, "What Pokemon are they?"

"Why don't you let them out to see!"

Jack gets up holding one ball in each hand. He has never thrown out a Pokeball before, not even an empty one, but he has practiced with a baseball. It’s not the same feeling but he gets the idea. His right arm pulls back, taking a step forward with his left, then he sidearm throws forward, one ball flies down to the backyard lawn and lands on the perfect soft green grass. The Pokeball opens and a red beam shoots out in a blur. The blur takes shape and changes colors to match the Pokemon being called. A small yellow mouse with a lightning shape tail and tan stripes stands in the short grass. "It's a Pikachu. Cool!" The unique Pokeball jumps back to the person whom threw it out but Jack isn’t ready and bobbles the Pokeball before grabbing hold of it. “Heh. Forgot about that reflex.” Excited as he is, he still has one more ball to throw out. He transfers the ball from left to right hand and side throws that one also. The ball hits the ground as another Pokemon comes out; a green animal with a flower bulb on its back. "Hey, it's a Bulbasaur!" This time, Jack catches the Pokeball with ease and the joy of having the chance to finally send out Pokemon hits him with great emotion. "What cool Pokemon to start with. Thanks Dad!"

His dad has been away for a week on some emergency tour in a neighboring league. His dad has always liked training Pokemon and he has many strong ones. These Pokemon just called out, however, are new to the family, just being caught about a month ago by his dad. Even at the age of forty-four, his father never let the Trainer spirit get too far away. Sadly, he is due to arrive around three days from now and cannot be here to wish Jack a good trip. This day was chosen by Jack months in advance but when his father went to the emergency, Jack wanted to wait for him to come back.

“No son, this is your day. Just remember everything I told you and you will start fine.” His father said this the day after Jack’s seventeenth birthday, when he was called to the emergency.

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Default A Trainer's View

They quickly change scenery from the backyard to the front of the house, Jack looks down the path from his home. The day is moving fast and Jack doesn’t want to delay it any more. He hugs his mom for a good full minute and proceeds down the cement path. When he reaches the end, he turns around with his final words, "Tell Dad I wish he could have been here to see me. And I'll miss you a lot Mom. I'll become a great Pokemon Trainer. Trainer’s beware, Jack Kalmer is on the loose. See ya." Jack turns right and starts the walk down the dirt path.

His mom sniffles as small tears start to fall down her cheek as she yells out, "Bye my son, I am already proud of you very much!" As Jack leaves his mother's sight, she walks back inside to continue on with the day but in a down mood.

Jack finishes walking the dirt path heading into his home town, Pine Valley, to finally hit the pavement. Not once did he turn around for fear he may feel discouraged about leaving. With two Pokemon at his side, he feels confident already. A minute later Jack enters the main part of his small town. Pine Valley isn’t that well known in this league as it doesn’t have anything special about it. It’s an average small town with average happenings and Pine trees growing on every block, hence the town name. What really separates this town from all others is there is no Pokemon Center here. The mayor didn’t want that business in a small town.

First he needs to purchase a few more items his mother did not give him such as a map, a belt to hold his Pokeballs, a Badge box and a book called Pokemon Moves to help him with Pokemon he encounters. Along with those items and the items his mother gave him, in his backpack are a change of clothes (another tan t-shirt and basic tan shorts), a large tan towel to sleep on, some food and a copy of his dad’s journey path. He carries the copy because when Jack’s father started his journey, he went a certain path to achieve his high Trainer status. So, he hopes that Jack will follow along this same path.

He walks around town, going from one place to another, receiving some encouragement from people he knows. The comments only make him think about how much he will miss this small town more. He has lived his whole life here and suddenly one day he leaves. That’s how it happens with most Trainers, but most start at an earlier age and aren’t too attached to the town or city they are from. Jack is seventeen, he can almost start a new life here. Certainly when he finishes his journey, Pine Valley is the ideal place to come back and settle down.

After buying the items he needs, he chooses to exit Pine Valley and move to the next town and begin catching Pokemon for himself. But on the way out is a fast food restaurant. Jack decides to make a last stop here at the popular after school hangout, Meat in a Bun.

While he eats his burger he bought, someone walks up to his booth and stands at the end of the table from Jack. The young man is wearing a black rain hat and a brown coat. Jack looks up at him and asks, "Um, may I help you?"

The young man replies back, "What, you don't recognize your best friend anymore?" He begins to laugh and take off his hat and coat and continues to sit down. Jack is amazed that it is his best friend. His name is Michael Collins, whom has been his friend since second grade. His blond hair, brown eyes, shady glasses and overcoat and hat make him look like a cool guy... which he is. He started his journey about three years ago at the normal age of thirteen which would make him sixteen now. Jack has been jealous of the early leave of Michael’s for a long while and despised him for it. But this unexpected meeting shows Jack the friendship Michael still has with him is alive, even though they were separated by three years.

"Been a long time. So, what brings you back to Pine Valley?" Jack questions with a hint of resentment.

Michael puts his hat and coat down on the seat next to him then looks back up to talk. "Well, I just thought I'd come back to see if you have started yet and by the looks of it, you are. I can tell because of the hat you said you would only wear on your journey."

"Yep. I wear my hat you gave to me, and you wear that hat I gave to you. That was the agreement and I stuck with it.”

Jack has always liked the old fashioned hats and Michael wanted an authentic Shelly rain hat, the most respected modern hat company in the league. Michael found a Newsboy hat and bought it for Jack. He had to repay Michael and bought the expensive Shelly hat. The hat doesn’t look like it was meant for rain, more like a fishing hat. Either way, Jack mustered enough money to buy one.

Jack crumples his wrapper up. “You know, you almost missed me.”

"Good thing I found you. But it wasn’t just you I wanted to see, I also came back to take a two week vacation at my family's ranch. I sure miss being back home. Let me tell you something before you leave."

Jack finishes his meal and throws the trash away in the receptacle. They both get up and step outside opposite each other and Michael continues the conversation.

"Now the first week you’re going to miss home but don't let it get to you. It really hurt me and I fell behind in my training. Getting past that moment is hard."

"Your wrong my friend, I am not going to miss home like that. I’ve been wanting this journey for the longest time. There will be uneasiness, but that is expected." Jack starts walking away, leaving Michael behind. “I must get going, the world awaits my skills.”

Before Jack gets too far away, Michael yells out, "You will never be as great as me though. That, I am sure of."

Jack turns around and yells back, "I see you still end sentences with prepositions." Jack smiles, waves, then turns back around and turns the corner and five minutes later he is out of town, into the wildlife on his own journey for the first time.

“It was good to see Michael again. I know he is doing well. He may have three years up on me, but I will battle him and win. While he takes his little vacation, I will be catching up to him and we will see who is the best.” That is just one of his goals: to beat Michael in a battle. His major goal is to achieve every badge from every Gym and test his skills as a Trainer but he will really make up his journey as he progresses. He can easily change goals at any time during this journey, but he will still get all those precious badges every Trainer longs to own.


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Default A Trainer's View

A long walk later, Jack decides to take a five minute rest under a tree. Of all the things he learned, he never thought that walking would much of a burden. Apparently, he forgot he would be carrying a pack of Trainer goods. But this is fine, it takes some time getting used to the feeling of walking around.

He sits against the tree, laying his pack next to him. Looking around there are trees and bushes but it doesn't look like a forest, more like a park. Not one person has been seen during his walk but that is fine; he doesn’t want to run into a Trainer yet until he has caught his first Pokemon. In this break, he takes his book out to memorize the moves of Bulbasaur and Pikachu.

While Jack is looking in the book, a Rattata sneakingly comes over to his pack from behind. Seeing that the inside is reachable, Rattata hops under the flap and jumps in to look for food.

Jack looks up from his book, then to his pack where the rustling noise is coming from. Jack jumps up and pulls a Pokeball from his belt. "Alright come out of my pack whatever Pokemon you are!" Jack watches as a Rattata jumps out, holding a cracker in its mouth and runs away into some bushes ahead. He puts the Pokeball away and sits back down again. “Rattata, eh? Guess I should be more careful about my belongings.” Wild Pokemon are ruthless, most only worry about their own survival and they must do what they can to achieve that.

A couple minutes later he picks up his pack and stands ready to go. Suddenly that same Rattata jumps out of the bushes it had run into, only this time beat up. Jack stops to see the Rattata run towards him. He looks at his belt and pulls off a Pokeball, pressing the button to enlarge it, but before he can look up the Rattata is at his feet holding on to his shoe. Jack looks up thinking some Pokemon is after this Rattata. “Did something attack you?”

“Rat...” it nods with fear

Maybe when it was eating the stolen cracker, it was surprised by another Pokemon. Whatever the case, Jack swore to help all Pokemon in need. Helping a Pokemon or Trainer in need is part of the Trainer’s Code, a list of guidelines from the Stoplek League officially stated that Trainers should follow. Among that list is to help Pokemon in desperate need of assistance. Jack believes in the codes and stands ready to watch what might come out of the bushes.

Rustling starts behind him and he quickly jumps around seeing a long purple Pokemon jump at him. Jack ducks down and turns back around to see what it was. He looks at the injured Rattata. "Is that the Pokemon that is attacking you?" The Rattata runs behind Jack with a slight nod as he checks it out. "Hmmm, an Ekans. They are of the poison ability. I mean type, poison type."
The Ekans stands tall and glares with its slender eyes at Jack then at Rattata.

"Oh no you don't Ekans. If you want to hurt this Rattata, you have to go through me first." Jack is now determined to defend Rattata at all cost. It might have been his cracker Rattata stole that caused this problem and Jack must fix it.

Pikachu comes out as the Pokeball flies perfectly back to Jack. Before he can say a command, the Ekans leans back then forward, sending a barrage of poisonous needles at Pikachu. Pikachu, not hearing any commands, jumps to the side which causes the attack to miss.

Jack watches, a little scared, but chokes up and yells an attack, "Pikachu use Thunder now!" His first attack.

Pikachu twists its ears as if to say ‘huh?’

“Oh,” Jack nervously smiles, “must not have learned that. Try, uh, Thundershock then.”
Pikachu responds to this command, glowing brightly as a ray of golden-yellow heads towards Ekans with tremendous speed. With no time to get away, Ekans is shocked and slightly falls to the ground hurt. This can be the opportunity to catch Ekans but no, Jack wants to run.

"Return Pikachu" Jack recalls Pikachu in that blinding red beam, shrinks the Pokeball and places it back on his belt. Not sure if more Ekans will appear, Jack picks up the hurt Rattata and runs.

Soon, they stop at a little stream. Jack puts Rattata down, sprays some super potion on it and feeds it some crackers after that. Rattata sighs from the potion spray but loves the crackers, feeling a lot better now.

“I wonder if all journey’s start this way.”

Rattata snaps up and jumps around, happy as can be. “Rattata rataa.”

The joy lessens as the ground begins to shake and a Pokemon jumps out from out of the ground. It's the Ekans again.

“An Ekans can dig holes?”

Jack jumps up thinking about this, seeing the Ekans and reaches to grab a Pokeball. Ekans takes the first shot. Poison darts barrel at the unprepared Jack and he is too slow to move out of the way. Rattata digs its feet into the ground and leaps at the human, knocking him to the side, narrowly avoiding the poison.

He stumbles on his feet and reflexes from the hit and gains control. “Whoa, thanks Rattata.” Jack moves to his belt ready to send out a Pokemon, instead Rattata jumps out to attack. "Rattata, what are you doing? You got hurt the last time." Jack looks at Rattata seeing it was in the same battle stance as Pikachu.

Rattata moves forward with a front attack but misses the slender snake. Then Rattata leaps into the air, avoiding one of Ekans poison attacks. Once it regains ground stability, Rattata moves again with a tackle to Ekans with the same results of missing.

“The Ekans is too fast and limber. You have to be faster and more accurate.” Jack opens his backpack to find his book and look up the attacks of Rattata. He will help it win this battle.

But while Jack is nose deep in the book, Ekans wraps Rattata in its body and proceeds to squeeze the stuffing out of it.

Jack gasps as he sees Rattata trapped. He quickly thinks and knows a good attack to use and he says it without confirming his book. "Try a Scratch attack."

For one thing, Rattata don’t really have claws to scratch with. For another, Rattata doesn’t learn it as an attack. But being squeezed by Ekans, the scratch attack won’t be very strong. On the plus side, the little claws moving around actually tickle Ekans’ slender body. Nonetheless, the attack works and Ekans lets go just enough for Rattata to jump out.

With the Rattata page of moves in front of his face, Jack calls out, "Alright, now use you Bite attack."
Quickly jumping to the tail of Ekans, large teeth sink in and clasp the tail in a sharp and painful bind. Ekans squirms around, bending and moving in all angles. Ekans jumps into the air and heads face down into the dirt to dig away. The Ekans digs away just as Rattata lets go.

"Rattata, jump off..." he stops his sentence to see Ekans gone and Rattata safely on the ground. “Heh, guess I need to be a little quicker.”

Rattata then runs to Jack with a smile on its face. "Rrraattata.”

They wait a couple minutes but no Ekans resurface. Jack feeds Rattata some more crackers. “You know, you’re pretty strong for a little guy. And it says in my book that you frequently take food from Trainers. I wonder if that is because you don’t get enough food from the wild.” He looks at Rattata oddly. “How would you like to come with me Rattata? I’m sure both of us could use the company and you would get to eat more."

Rattata nods and replies, "Rrraattata!"

“That’s great. Welcome to the team.”

Indeed, this is his first capture and one without struggle or a need to battle for weakening. Jack has never liked the idea of battling and capturing Pokemon because it forces them to obey the Trainer. He only wants Pokemon that want to come with him. What he doesn’t realize, the job of a Trainer is to catch Pokemon and train them regardless of likeness. A true Trainer can train any Pokemon caught at any time.

Now, with his first captured Pokemon on his belt, he has accomplished the hardest part to starting as a Trainer. This is something to be very proud about. With only a little bit to go, he heads off to the next town, with three Pokemon already in his lineup.

Let the adventure begin.

End Episode 1

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Default A Trainer's View

Episode 2
Flying Type Disadvantage

Jack continues to march down the dirt and grassy path where at the end would be the first town, Keadrill. He pops Rattata out for some walking company, whom runs from one side of the path to the other, smelling the different scents of the new surroundings. It seems like he will reach Keadrill without a problem. For this reason, Jack finds it very odd that in a world full of Pokemon and Trainers, he has only seen one Rattata and one Ekans so far. He knows Pokemon aren’t the easiest creature to find. But still, where are the other Trainers?

He ponders this some more then notices something in the short distance on the left side of the path. He flips up his sunglasses to make sure he is seeing what he thinks he is seeing. Moving closer, he realizes that it is a Pokemon lying on the ground. This Pokemon is small with two wings, three back feathers and a little fluff in the chest. It has a brown color on top and tan underneath with black around the eyes. Obviously it’s a bird Pokemon- the wings, sharp claws and beak are a dead give away. To be more exact, it’s a Pidgey and by the looks of it, hurt badly and unconscious. The noise of a small plane above distracts Jack as he watches the tail end momentarily vanish over the top of the trees.

Jack drops his sunglasses over his eyes. “This can’t be good.”


Kneeling to the ground, Jack goes to pick up the bird but it flinches and opens its eyes to see oncoming trouble. The sudden act of a human frightens the poor little injured bird. A quick jump up, it limps backward holding its right wing low to the ground.

“Whoa, wait Pidgey. I’m here to help you.” Jack proceeds forward trying to pick Pidgey up but it struggles away.

“Piidddgey,” it mumbles out pathetically.

The Pidgey wouldn’t go nicely, and even when Jack gets a grip, the bird wildly flaps it’s arms, screaming in pain. The wild squirming almost causes Pidgey’s claws to shred his shirt. For safety reasons, Jack has to put Pidgey down and step back to watch it regain balance.

“Pidgey, please. I want to help.” Jack can see in its face the fear and pain it must be feeling. He looks around but no other person is in sight. The only other choice is to catch it. “Pidgey, you are wounded and need help from a Pokemon Center and I will get you there.”

Jack opens one of his side pockets on his pack where he keeps his empty Pokeballs, grabs one and side tosses it to Pidgey. Pidgey attempts to limp and flap away but it gets nowhere. The wing is far too injured to be used for flying, thus Pidgey can’t escape the dreaded capture. The Pokeball hits, bounces off Pidgey for a second and the red light surrounds it. Slowly, Pidgey turns to a red shape and the beam is sucked into the open Pokeball. The Pokeball hits the ground with an immediate ping sound to signifying the quick and easy capture of Pidgey.

“Interesting”, Jack says to himself about the painless capture but this is not a time to waste. He steps over and grabs the Pokeball home to Pidgey and shoves it in his shorts pocket. He recalls Rattata and places that Pokeball back on his belt. After that, Jack rushes like a mad man on fire.


Upon reaching Keadrill, Jack has no time to take in the wonder that is this town. He has more important issues at hand. All the buildings are a blur to him as he rushes from person to person, asking where he can locate the Pokemon Center. Getting the directions, he finds the Pokemon Center, a small building, maybe the size of two regular elementary classrooms.

All Pokemon Centers have wide windows at the entrance to let the light inside and make it a more friendly atmosphere. The exterior has an overhang above the entrance to protect from the rain. This matches the red tiled round roof and antennae sticking out of the middle and a flag hanging from it with the same Pokecenter logo on the overhang; a simple PC in white bold letters with a red background. This building is one story tall while a few in the league are double the size. Of course, some cities have different features, such as Rontoto Beach. That city has two double story Pokemon Centers because of all the Trainer activity. Not to mention, it’s the home to the Official Leader and Grand Champion of the Stoplek League.

Jack enters through the automatic plexiglass sliding doors to find there is a small line of two people at the head desk. He waits a couple minutes, holding the Pokeball containing Pidgey in his hands. He didn’t want to wait for this line but that would be rude to cut to the front. Maybe these people have injured Pokemon as well.

Behind the counter is a lovely female with curly pick hair covered by a nurse hat with a red hospital cross in the middle. The rest of her outfit is a simple white nurse apron over a pink short sleeved shirt. The apron has deep pockets in front to hold nurse utensils and uses a string to tie a bow in the back. These nurses are the residents of all league operated Pokemon Centers: Nurse Joy. Everyone of them look the same, with maybe one or two differences but not many can tell. But no matter, they are the best and well trained nurses in almost every league.

Nurse Joy looks at the next Trainer seeing that it’s a new face and smiles. “Ah, a young new face around town. How may...”

However, Jack has no time for greetings and speaks out, "Could you please take this Pidgey and give it a check up?" Jack slides the Pokeball across the counter with his hand.

Nurse Joy is a little shocked. "Well, I see you are familiar with Pokemon Centers."

Actually, this is Jack’s first time being in a Pokemon Center. Pine Valley hasn’t allowed a Pokemon Center because the city officials don’t want the Trainer attention in their small town. Jack thinks that’s a lame reason and he is quite sure it has something to do with politics.

Joy continues. “Yes, I would be glad to heal Pidgey for you. That’s what Pokemon Centers do.”

"But I think this Pidgey has a broken leg and a broken wing or something like that. It needs more attention than healing, don’t you think?"

Nurse Joy looks down at the Pokeball then to the new face and gasps. "Chansey, we have an emergency. Let's open up Emergency Room One!"

Chansey is a large round pink Pokemon with pink dread locks hanging off the side of her head. They also have a pouch in front to hold Pokemon Eggs they are watching over. Chansey stops her work around the corner and follows Nurse Joy to a room in the back.

A second Chansey follows out and smiles at Jack. “Chansey!” When the local Nurse Joy takes an emergency case, a backup Chansey takes the desk to help people with their needs.

“Hi there Chansey. I’d like these Pokemon checked out too.” Jack drops his other three Pokeballs on the counter for Chansey to heal. He turns back and looks around. In all his rush, he still has his sunglasses on, so he takes them off inside the building so he can better look around and experience the Pokemon Center. His father told him a lot about these places but Jack never imagined it would be so interesting.

Most Pokemon Centers have the same look but all of them have white walls and ceilings and marble red tile floors. As the Trainer enters, the desk and service counter are straight in front. Behind the desk are two doors, the right one is an office and the left one leads to the back where the healing and emergency rooms are located. On the wall next to that door is a red light. When it is on, it means Nurse Joy is in the emergency room.

To the left is a small open room with a few comfy beanbag chairs and benches lined around one of the two walls; the third wall is actually one of the large windows in front that people can see in and out of the Pokemon Center. This room is designated as the Waiting Room for Trainer’s to wait for their Pokemon to be examined or when they are meeting someone there. Along the inside wall are the phones and transport systems for Trainer use only. There are usually four to five phones at any given Pokemon Center and they are free to use for all Trainer’s at any time. They sit on counters nailed perpendicular to the wall and each are separated by a vertical dark green plastic sheet for privacy. The phones are dark green and have their own picture monitor but they aren’t necessary to use most of the time. These phones are ideal for any Trainer to maintain contact with their Pokemon Storage facility. Also, they are nice to use for a call home every once in a while.

To the right is the lounge with tables and chairs and booths, more for talking to other Trainers and grabbing a quick bite to eat. Pokemon Centers don’t have the best food but to a Trainer with low money, free food is their choice. Since the Pokemon Center curves at that part, there is only one wall. This wall has a post up board for flyers and anything interesting that might be happening in the specific town.

Jack looks at the only flyer posted up at this time. It is a white paper copy, with a few words and a fuzzy black and white picture. “Earn those badges and make a name for yourself!” The picture features the bust of a guy Jack has never seen. At the bottom it says “The Stoplek League challenges all Trainers.” Basically the cheap flyer is advertising the Stoplek League.

“Why do they need to advertise here when practically everyone that comes in is a Trainer?” Jack is baffled by the flyer but continues his walk around the Main Lobby.

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Default A Trainer's View

If the flyers aren’t helpful, then the lounge is a great place to find other Trainers and learn information or make battle challenges. However, these battles usually take place directly outside in the street and the police don’t much like that.

Down the hall in the lounge heading back are the bathrooms and sleeping rooms for Trainers to stay the night, and it’s free. Usually all the sleeping rooms are not filled up because many people like the experience to sleep in the wild with the Pokemon. The rooms aren’t anything special either, only a bed and small dresser next to it. If a Trainer wanted royalty, they can choose to stay at a hotel. However, if the Pokemon Center is busy, a Trainer is allowed to spend two consecutive nights then they are kicked out to let others have a chance.

At the end of the hall are two rooms, one a bathroom and the other a laundry room. These two rooms are like luxary to a Trainer that's been out in the wild for a while.

Pokemon Centers are completely funded by the Stoplek League, which means they are the official healing centers of the league. Some residents of the league are upset that their tax money is spent on these Pokemon Centers but without the league system, most people would go bankrupt. Their main argument is the fact that a Pokemon Center doesn’t charge a Trainer for the time and use up taxpayer money.

Every Center has at least one Nurse Joy and one partner Chansey. They both have the same nurse experience but Nurse Joy has human experience and can multi-task. A nurse Chansey is only taught how to deal with helping around a Pokemon Center. This is good because the league doesn’t have to pay a Chansey money to work, so to speak. Plus this Trainer-Pokemon bond is cliched all the time and people think both Trainer and Pokemon are perfect for each other. The nurse is the boss and Chansey only does what it is told to do, there is no mutual relationship behind the workstation. But, when they are off work, that is a different story. Because Chansey has great healing abilities, one of the friendliest attitudes, and can manage machines, they have become the ideal Pokemon for a Trainer to see helping them in a Pokemon Center.

This particular building doesn’t seem very busy. Those two Trainers that were in line have left and no one is in the lounge or waiting room. Maybe at a certain time of day the Pokemon Center will be busy. But for now, Jack is alone.

“I hope Pidgey is ok.” Jack unhooks his pack and drops it down next to a bean bag in the waiting room and pulls out his book, Pokemon Moves. He flips through and glances at the Pokemon to help familiarize some more and waste time.


Jack is still in the waiting room as night draws in. At around five o’clock it is busy but he pays no attention to it; all he can think about is how Pidgey is feeling. Even though it isn’t his Pokemon, he still must wait to hear the diagnosis. He brings up his three Pokeballs with Pikachu, Bulbasaur and his first caught Rattata and envisions what they could mean to him. He must have dedication and understanding and most importantly, caring. If he cares this much about a wild Pokemon, he must care more for his own.

The red light for the ER turns off. The door open as Chansey walks out followed by Nurse Joy. Neither one has an expression on their face, just blank looks of concern. She spots Jack in the waiting room and approaches him calmly. She taps his shoulder. “Excuse me.”

Jack flinches from his concentration to see Nurse Joy above him. He is quick to respond, "Is Pidgey going to be all right?"

She smiles and points him to the door behind the desk. “Follow me.” She leads Jack to the door and around the corner. They walk down a long hallway of doors and white walls which reminds Jack of a human hospital; even the exact same rectangular lights above. On the right Jack spots a room marked 'Healing'; it must be where they take the Pokemon to be checked and healed properly. They turn right to another hall, only shorter in length. On each side are windows and the one on the right is where Pidgey lay. It’s a small room with Pidgey by itself, surrounded by electronics on all sides. Pidgey lay still in one of those see through plastic box containers for protection from the surroundings and proper ventilation of air. Its right wing and both feet are bandaged up in the traditional white gauze.

"Pidgey will be fine. It will have to stay off flying for a while though. The right wing bone is fractured and it’s not too well. What happened for it to be in this condition?" Joy looks a little annoyed thinking this Trainer might be the cause.

"Well, I found it limping in the forest before I got to town. Then I brought it here for you to heal." Jack looks at Pidgey. “I don’t know what happened either.”

Joy comments back. "It must be the Model Plane Club again.”


“The Model Plane Club. They always fly their planes in the air and chase any flying Pokemon they spot. They call it 'catching Pokemon' but I say they are ruining the Pokemon habitat and population. You hardly see any flying Pokemon near here, they all got smart and flew away. But this Pidgey, it looks like it was hurt sometime today.”

Jack recalls the sound of a plane leaving the scene. Annoyed, “People with planes hunting Pokemon, that can’t be legal.”

“Unfortunately, they get away with it. Every time is a new excuse so no one bothers to question them anymore. Someone should do something but everyone is too scared of them. I’ve seen my share of injured flying Pokemon here and it’s very depressing.” Nurse Joy goes sentimental. “Years back, I helped a Hoothoot for two weeks and finally let it back out. A day later that same Hoothoot came back, injured again. I can’t bare that pain so I release the injured Pokemon I receive as far away from here as I can go, hoping never to see that Pokemon injured in my Center again."

Jack stands there watching Pidgey and listening to Joy at the same time. He is angry that some people can be so insensitive to the Pokemon of these lands and wants to meet the Model Plane Club people. Although he doesn’t know the whole story, Jack knows he has to do something about it.

"Nurse joy, where do these people meet for their club?"

She looks down at Jack, "They meet at a house not far from here, on the southern end of Keadrill.”
“That’s where I found Pidgey. I must go talk to them.”

“Oh. But I don't suggest you go...."

"But I have to go.” Jack’s voice turns to ambition. “They have treated Pokemon wrong I will see that they stop. It's my duty to see that all Pokemon are treated with care, as stated in the Trainer’s Code. An innocent Pokemon being mistreated is the worst of all crimes against Pokemon. I may not know everything about Pokemon yet, but I do know what is wrong. Plus you should not have to go through the pain of another hurt Pokemon."

They both look back at Pidgey whom had awaken in the time he was talking, facing them and looking at the Trainer that cared so much. Pidgey realizes that if it weren’t for this Trainer, it could be a lot worse.

Jack backs off the glass window to think. "I would go now but I should probably rest and wait for better daylight. Tomorrow would be a better day to go." Jack turns to look at Joy, who is still looking at Pidgey move around. "Is it all right if I sleep here for the night?"

Joy looks at Jack and smiles, "Sure, you can stay. Pokemon Centers are meant for Trainers to spend the night. And while you stay here, my Chansey will periodically watch over your Pidgey during the night."

“My Pidgey?” Jack whispers to himself. It never crossed his mind that he actually caught this Pokemon and it was his. But I caught it unfairly, do I have the right to keep it? I don’t want to force Pidgey to be my Pokemon, that’s not fair.

Nurse Joy leads Jack around the Pokemon Center, through the lounge, down the short hallway and opens a room with her keys. He thanks her for all that she has done and she goes back to work. Jack steps in and closes the door, alone again.

The bed is half the size of the room and this is definitely not a Master Bedroom. He puts his stuff down by the bed, drops his hat on the small wooden dresser and throws his sunglasses and anything in his pockets in the hat. Then he changes into his back up clothes and lay on the bed. Staring at the blank ceiling, he thinks about tomorrow and what he might do as he fades...fades...fades... to sleep.


The next day arrives and Jack is moving down the not-very-busy street. Keadrill is only a size larger than Pine Valley with mostly houses and small stores but one section in the northern part is loaded with the business market; taller buildings and corporate bigwigs run the show there. But Jack’s path doesn’t lead that way; his aim is south of town to the Model Plane Club. Nurse Joy warned him about visiting the club but Jack wouldn’t listen. Such treatment of Pokemon must be challenged.

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Default A Trainer's View

The house is a normal country style house with white trimmings and large round columns in front. On the top is a Fearow statue, perched with its wings tucked in, staring out at the world. He knocks on the door, hearing an echo inside, and a guy answers.

Jack asks, “Hi there. Can I talk to the club leader?”

The guy looks up and down at the person at the door. Hesitantly, “Yea, he’s out back flying some new planes.”


Without permission, Jack walks around the house to the backyard to find a level field for landing planes. There are four people total and another one controlling a Pidgeot model plane soaring above. Jack notices that is the same tail plane he saw yesterday in the sky.

Three of the guys turn to look at the new figure. The guy that greeted Jack marches from the back door and heads out there to talk to the group. One of them motions to the other guy to land the plane and he does. Then all five of them walk closer to Jack, not in a threatening way but it is definitely a walk of power. As they arrive closer to the kid they talk to each other.

"So, what do we have here?" one of them questions.

Then another one talks, "Why did you send him out here? We don’t recruit kids."

The greeter answers. “He asked to speak to the leader.”

Then a slightly bald and thin man wearing a green Hawaiian type shirt with yellow palm trees walks up to Jack and looks at him. "Hey kid," he begins," I am Bernie, Model Plane Club Manager. What are you doing here? You must not be wanting to join because you have to be twenty-five years old. Therefore, the only reason you are here is to tell us something."

Jack looks nervously about. "My name is Jack and I recently started my journey. You have badly damaged a Pidgey on my way to this town and I am upset that you did this. I came here to ask you guys to stop harming the flying Pokemon of this area. It’s damaging to the environment." Jack stares back with his cool sunglasses to show he is serious.

Bernie chuckles back. "One Pidgey gets hurt and you come to me.” He chuckles again. “Now let’s see. Oh, I remember yesterday. That Pidgey was so weak, it only took one hit to take it down. I felt so sorry for it, I couldn’t catch the poor little thing.”

“What? You are supposed to battle a Pokemon with Pokemon to catch them. That’s the honorable thing to do as a Trainer. You don’t attack them with harmful tools like a plane. Think of the Trainer’s Code.”

The bald man strike back defensively. “Listen kid, you can have your fantasy of how training works but in the real world, anything goes.”

“So you won’t stop?”

“For you, sure I will,” Bernie says sarcastically. “But only if you do one thing for me."

Jack looks at him thinking this must be a trap. "What do I have to do?"

"You have to have a Pokemon battle with me and if, and I mean if I lose, then we will stop. But wait, you’re only a little kid that just started. How can you possibly beat an experienced Trainer like me?" The other members start laughing, mocking Jack.

Jack keeps his cool attitude, blocking his anger from being exposed. Every since he let his anger loose in school one time because someone made fun of him not going on his journey, he tries to keep a calm and cool attitude toward everyone. Fire burns in his eyes.
"I accept your challenge!"

Bernie stops laughing,"You do huh? Your loss. One Pokemon each."

This battle is way over Jack’s head. Not only is it his first battle with another Trainer, but it is with someone probably a lot better. Not the smartest decision but something has to be done and there isn’t much Jack can do to stop them.

The man claps his hands in the air above him and the statue perched on top of his house moves. The large wings of Fearow flap over to the ground next to Bernie, creating gusts as it lands.

Jack takes a Pokeball off from his belt, expands it then throws the ball to the grass; Pikachu materializes from blurry red to the yellow shape and pointy tail.

"Lets get this over with, we still have to practice with my new plane." The man laughs as he orders his Fearow to zoom past Jack and his Pikachu.

“I know electricity is good against flying types. Hopefully that will give me an advantage.”

Fearow kicks up air as it takes to the sky and soars by him and Pikachu. Jack blocks his face from the force of wind created as Fearow soars over them again, this time from the back side. Fearow turns and remains in the air holding position above ground.

"Alright Pikachu, this battle is important. Give that Fearow the best Thundershock you have."

Bernie practically collapses to the floor... “Thundershock? You must be kidding kid.”

Pikachu closes his eyes, sparking up with yellow electric waves around his body and fires a small electric beam toward Fearow. The bolt zips through the air and hits Fearow, electrocuting its body. But Fearow is so strong that it only feels a light jolt from the shock and shakes the energy away.

"Fearow, show him your powerful Whirlwind."

The four men quickly run back to the house to evade the strong winds to come. Fearow flaps its wings back and forth at a rapid pace, creating a very powerful wind. Pikachu and Jack try to stand, facing the wind and covering their face but the wind is too powerful. Jack lowers himself to the ground to avoid being thrown back while the lighter Pikachu is blown into the air and smacks into a tree at the edge of the yard. Before Pikachu could get up, Fearow lands close, just in reach to attack.

"Finish it off Fearow!"

The large bird brings its head back then forward, sending multiple thrusts with its long beak at Pikachu.

Jack gets up watching Pikachu pummeled by attack, “Aw, Pikachu.”

The Fearow stops and flaps back to Bernie’s side to let Pikachu remain on the ground, heavily damaged.

“You’ve been defeated kid, now get out of here.”

Jack crouches to Pikachu. “You’ll be fine, just need rest.” He recalls Pikachu in defeat and faces the members of the club. “I may have lost but the message has been sent. The town wants you to stop and I came to try. Someday, you will get what’s yours.”

This can only get a boasting response back. "Hey kid, don't come back around here again. It's not worth losing all the time. Hahahaha...."

With that finished, Jack runs away, back to the Pokemon Center, hearing laughter as he leaves and feeling rage build as he fails the wild flying Pokemon.


He sits at a booth in the lounge room at the Pokecenter as Nurse Joy walks up to him. She puts his Pokeball on the table, "Your Pikachu is all better now. And if you want, you can go see your Pidgey."
Jack thanks her and heads for Pidgey in the back. He walks past the window and goes to the room where Pidgey is still being held, only this time out of the plastic cage. He smiles as he hears the cheerful "Piidgey" sound it makes.

“I’m glad you’re ok now.”

Nurse Joy joins Jack by his side, "Pidgey shouldn’t battle for about a week, it still needs to heal correctly but I just don't have all the time to watch over it. In about an hour this Center will receive a few injured wild Pokemon and we need the room.”

“I understand. I can take care of that Pidgey. No, wait... my Pidgey.”

Nurse Joy smiles. “It’s a good thing Pokemon heal faster than people do. You take care now."

Jack and Nurse Joy separate to do their own business. Jack decides that now is a good time to call home and report his status. He heads back out to the main lobby then to the waiting room where the phones sit. Jack sits himself at the counter and selects the dark red phone. He quickly dials home with the screen off.


“Hey Mom.”

“Oh, hi Jack! How are you doing?"

"I'm fine. I already caught two Pokemon. A Rattata and a Pidgey."

She pauses for a moment, "Is that good?"

Jack nods, even though his mom can’t see. “I guess. One of them I saved from an Ekans and the other I rescued because it was injured badly.”

“Oh my. Are you ok?”

“Yes, I’m fine Mom. This journey is great so far.”

“That’s wonderful Jack. I’m glad you’re having fun.”

“Thanks Mom. I’m just calling to let you know I’m ok.”

“You’re very thoughtful to do so.”

“That’s all Mom. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Bye Jack.”

He smiles and hangs up.

Nurse Joy surprises him from behind with a Pokeball. The Pokemon Center is so empty that she doesn’t have anything to do but help Jack. “Pidgey is back in her Pokeball. Remember, off activity for a week for proper strength.”

“Got it.” Jack thanks her for all her help, again.

Pidgey are the most common bird Pokemon in the whole world. Every Trainer catches one of them and it’s been tradition to do so. For a Trainer not to catch a Pidgey is one of the most embarrassing moments to happen to a Trainer. Although, most people find Pidgey not very exciting, thus, they let them go after a while.

Jack quickly grabs the last minute cheap breakfast food at the Pokemon Center for him and his Pokemon and jolts out the door. With his Pokemon all healed, a new addition to the team, and clean clothes on his back, Jack is having the time of his life, with the exception of losing his first battle.

“I will be back, and with a stronger team, The Model Plane Club will understand I will not go down easily.” With determination on his side and courage in his eyes, he leaves the slow town of Keadrill and continues on his journey.

End Episode 2

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Default A Trainer's View

Episode 3
Trainer’s Code

After his loss with Bernie, the Model Plane Club Manager, Jack has ditched the town of Keadrill and is moving to Blue Falls City. But first, some quality time with his Pokemon. Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Rattata and Pidgey are all called out.

“Good afternoon guys.” They each of his Pokemon call out their signature sound. “Today we are going to have fun so we can get to know each other.” Jack kneels down to pick up the injured Pidgey. “You need to be careful though. Nurse Joy said for you to be off activity for one week.”


A girl, not looking where she is running, trips over here dress and smacks into the back of Jack. Jack falls and catches himself to the ground, holding Pidgey up so she doesn’t get squished under his body.


The girl, sitting on the ground from the run-in, looks at the person she hit. “Oh, I’m so sorry.”
Jack rubs his side. “Sure. I was looking forward to being knocked to the ground.” He smiles from his sarcasm but she fails to find it funny. “What’s the hurry?”

She wears a mixture of red colors on her slender-to-wide dress which almost hits the ground. Her long red hair drapes over her shoulder from the fall and her large blue eyes blink saying they’re sorry. The face is much younger than Jack’s but the dress suggests otherwise.

“No time to chat, I’m being chased.” She stands and grabs Jack by the arm to lift him up.
Standing up, Jack looks in the direction she ran from. “A person? Pokemon?”

She didn’t answer the question, but instead points to the moving bushes with fear shaking in her body.
Jack recalls Pidgey to her Pokeball and his other three Pokemon take to the front in defensive positions.

The figure moves closer from the shadows of the trees to show itself to be.... a tall green mantis like Pokemon with sharp claws as hands and judgmental eyes. Its eyes are enraged and it quickly takes a swipe at the red dress girl.

“Aiii!” She screams, jumping behind Jack.

This is a Pokemon Jack has seen before in his studies. “It’s a ...”

“...Scyther.” She finishes.

“Yes, that’s it. Something you don’t see every day.”

Scyther has no time for the talking Trainer before him and swipes down, splitting up Pikachu, and Bulbasaur, knocking Rattata hard to the side. Jack and the girl step back.

According to the Trainer’s Code, it is the honorable thing to help any Pokemon or Trainer alike if needed. Jack has promised to follow this as best he can.

“It looks strong. Pikachu, use Thundershock.”

The sparks light up and the mini bolt fires only to miss a quickly fading Scyther. Scyther raises its scythe arm and slashes only once at Pikachu to put it down.

“One swipe? Wow...” Jack recalls Pikachu. “Bulbasaur, Vine Whip to stop it from moving.”

Two green vines move out and grab a hold of one of Scythers’ legs. Scyther looks back with its eyes and moves its free foot and body in a circular fashion. The spinning body wraps the vines around the caught legs. Bulbasaur tries to hold onto the ground but the spinning is too strong and around he goes, being spun by Scyther. With the spin of gravity taking play, dizzy Bulbasaur can’t hold on any more and lets go, flying backward rolling on the ground.

“Bulba...” @.@

“Oh man, it’s tough.” Bulbasaur is recalled.

Before Jack can call anything for his Rattata to use, Scyther leaps to the last standing Pokemon with a double slash attack. Good thing Rattata is small and harder to hit. The double slashing attacks miss and Rattata dashes next to a tree panting. That first hit took a lot out of him but Rattata isn’t likely to give up. Rattata stares up at the tall green Pokemon with eyes of readiness. Scyther quickly steps left, swinging its right scythe toward Rattata. *SHING* The scythe punctures into and through the thick tree inches above the ducking rat. Rattata squints his eyes and opens them to see everything is fine. Scyther pulls from the tree, kicking it and using the other scythe to slash at it but the right scythe is stuck deep in the tree.

The red dress girl tugs on Jack’s shirt. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

“You don’t just leave something this rare and not catch it. On the other hand, even with one scythe stuck, it would still beat me..” Jack sighs wishing his Pokemon were stronger.

The two of them vacate north and leave Scyther stuck in the tree. Jack would like to help it but who knows if the Pokemon would be stable or not after it’s freed. He wants to help Pokemon in need but this is one exception he will have to make.

After getting far enough away, the two stop and rest from the exhausting action.

“I think we’re safe now. That Scyther won’t be chasing you anymore.” He takes a deep breath to rest.

“Maybe, but I need to go that way to get to Keadrill.” She looks back where they just were, then to the guy in the hat. “Hi, I’m Madeline Summerset.”

“Name’s Jack. Do you need help getting there?” Not the direction Jack was hoping to go but helping another Trainer out is an honorable thing to do as a Trainer.

“No, I can handle it.”

Jack wonders. “Didn’t look like it back there.”

Madeline stares at Jack. “You think I can’t handle Pokemon just because I’m a new to this?”

“Hey, don’t bite my head off. So, when did you start?”

“About a week ago.”

Jack smiles. “I only started yesterday. What a coincidence running into another beginning Trainer.”

She curiously looks at Jack. “But, you’re much older than I am. Why are you starting so late?”

“It’s a long story but it deals with my father. And I’m only seventeen. Not that old.”

Madeline takes a seat on a small rock. “I know what you mean. My parents didn’t think I would be responsible until fifteen. Now, here I am, being chased by Scyther and losing my Pokemon.”

“You lost your Pokemon?”

“Yea. When Scyther surprised me I dropped my purse with all my belongings.”

Jack can see the sadness in her face. “I will help you find it.

Madeline brightens up. “Really? I guess it was good to run into you after all. Thanks.”

Finishing their short rest and small talk, the two split up to meet back at this spot later. The forest is confusing so she can’t remember where she dropped her purse but she knows it must be in the area. There are not many hiding places here either, only in bushes or up a tree. Relatively, the purse shouldn’t be too hard to find.


But, losing track of time, Jack sees the sky turning shades other than blue and figures to head back. He returns to find Madeline there, waiting for the past hour. Nothing.

She saddens. “Someone must have took it. I’ve lost everything. Maybe my parents were right about me being irresponsible.” She pouts on her little rock.

“It will show up, I’m sure. Besides, it’s getting dark soon so we should worry about setting up camp.”

“Hello.” A different female voice speaks from behind. She is much older than the two of them with long brown slick hair and grey eyes covered by a pair of regular glasses. She wears a nice peach collared shirt and blue jeans. She slowly walks from Jack’s side to the two Trainers and notices the red dress quickly because it stands out so much in a greenish forest, even with the darkening sky. “My search is over.” She brings up her arm to show a fuchsia purse. “I believe this is yours.”

Madeline perks up fast and quickly snatches her purse. “Oh thank you so much. But how did you know it’s mine?”

The lady moves around. “That was my Scyther that chased you. We were taking a walk and it saw the red dress and went for it. I couldn’t stop him and lost track of following you. I’ve been searching since then.”

Jack nudges in, “See, it turned up.”

“So, where’s my Scyther?”

Madeline looks at Jack whom turns to the lady. “Last we saw over there.” He points. “We can show you.”

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Default A Trainer's View

Jack leads the way with the two females behind him. The trip lasts twenty minutes before the first sight of Scyther is had.

“Oh my.”

Scyther is still stuck in the tree, only this time, its other scythe is crisscrossed and stuck on the other side. There is no way any Pokemon or person could escape such entrapment. The tree has extensive scaring damage from the other scythe but something else must have kept it from breaking free. Scyther lay hanging from the tree by its own trapped scythes, collapsed in complete exhaustion.

The Scyther Trainer rushes over. “Scyther, baby, are you ok?”


“I think that’s enough exercise for today.” She pulls out a Pokeball and recalls Scyther.
Jack speaks, “Sorry it got stuck like that but it attacked my Pokemon and...”

“That’s quite alright. Thank you both very much but I must get back to Blue Falls City.”

“I’m going that way, I’ll tag along.” Jack speaks up again but remembers Madeline. “Oh, but Madeline. A new Trainer should never travel by night alone. My father always reminded me of that.”
“Keadrill is where I need to go, not Blue Falls. I was just there.”

Jack takes a second to think. “Ok. I’ll stay here with Madeline for the night.”

The Scyther Trainer nods, “I will stay too. It won’t hurt me to be out tonight. You can call me Trish.”

They each welcome each other to new friendship possibilities. Night is official and the ground is set. Jack puts out his large tan towel for his sleeping arrangements and notices Madeline. All she has is a small purse. No travel equipment, not much else. Trish brings out some long rods and a large sheet and places things together. In time, she erects a medium sized dark green tent, large enough for two people.

“You guys don’t mind if I turn in early, do you?” Trish questions with adequate response. She lay in her tent for the duration of the night.

Jack places his sunglasses and hat in his pack to let his hair have some breathing attention for a while. He calls Pidgey to come out so he can comfort her. He sits cross legged with Pidgey in his lap curled up, stroking the soft feather and massages the wing for healing. Pidgey coos and closes her eyes. Healing doesn’t only take time, it takes care.

“You know, there are some things you could use help with.”

Madeline blinks. “Oh.”

“In case of emergencies, you should carry a backpack of some sort. This way you wouldn’t have to sleep on the floor at night in the wild.”

“Yea, but I was kinda hoping to reach towns before it got dark. Got a little detoured today.”
“Still, a good Trainer will spend nights in the field. It gives them a sort of closeness with the Pokemon world. Feel what they feel.”


“Second, a dress is hard to travel in. The clothing should be more comfortable rather than stylish. You need to be able to move in any situation.”

She laughs. “Like when I was running from the Scyther and tripped.”

“Yeah.” Jack switches to another topic. “Lastly, we have to battle. It’s the least you owe me for knocking me over.” He smiles friendly.

She starts to feel sorry for knocking him over. “Deal.”

Jack opens his pack to fish some food out. He waves the cookies to show Madeline, who comes over to the towel and sits down on it next to Jack.

“Another plus to having a backpack, it carries emergency food.” He smiles chomping down on the cookie.

She finishes her cookies and start a new conversation. “I saw you had a lot of Pokemon. How can you already have that many and only be one day in the journey?”

“Well, my father is loaning Pikachu and Bulbasaur until I catch my own. And I caught my other two with good timing.”

Still questioning, “You didn’t start from Professor Vine like I did? He said two other Trainers started from him the same time as me.”

“No, my father forbade me going to get my first Pokemon from him. Says he isn’t the best Professor in the League.”


Jack realizes his words. “Not that you won’t do good, it’s just there are some tales of poor Pokemon being handed out. What was your Pokemon?”

“I’ll show you.” She opens the zipper purse and grabs a Pokeball. It opens to form a small orange Pokemon with definite fire abilities that light up the night. “I like fire types so I chose Magby.”


Professor Vine of Styper City hands out starter Pokemon to new Trainers. His main three choices are Magby, Elekid and Smoochum. On rare occasions will he hand out something else.

“Good choice. But I think I would have chosen Smoochum. It looks like a cool Pokemon to have.”

“So what city do you come from? I live in Styper City.”

“Pine Valley. A little town with no Pokemon Center. Nice place.”

Madeline goes uneasy. “No Center? Then where will I stay when I get there?”

“Well,” Jack thinks of his hometown. “You could ask around. I’m sure some family will let you stay. Just mention my name, Jack Kalmer.”

The tent zipper slides down and Trish pops her head out. “I couldn’t help but overhear.” She looks to Jack. “How does a starting Trainer like yourself know so much?”

Jack feels embarrassed for some reason. “While waiting to become a Trainer, I had to occupy some time with studying. You don’t take a test without doing the homework. Along with watching television, my father gave me helpful advice. He was a good teacher. Although it doesn’t nearly compare to what a journey can teach someone.”

Trish smiles. “You’re very smart, you know that. Maybe the minimum age for being a Trainer should be raised. I can see just in you that at a later age, the Trainer is smarter and well prepared.”

“Thanks, I guess,” he says blushing from the kind words.

“Madeline,” Trish begins. “You can sleep in the tent next to me for the night. There’s plenty of room.”

She pushes her red hair back. “This is by far the best day to meet new people.” She recalls Magby and drops the Pokeball back in her fuchsia purse

“Must be uncomfortable to sleep in a dress like that.” Jack mentions as he lay back on his towel to prepare for sleep and pats Pidgey one last time before recalling her.

“I know. Don’t look.”

Jack clasps his hands over his eyes and waits for a moment. Thinking that enough time has passed, Jack reveals his eyes to see the tent zipper closed and Madeline’s red dress draped over the top of the tent.


It’s quiet time is now and the three get some nice shuteye for the night. No Pokemon step near the area. The nocturnal Pokemon are quiet during the night and everything is peaceful.


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Default A Trainer's View

The next day arrives and Jack is the first one to be awake, however late. Both Madeline and Jack have slept in for the morning. The sun is almost at mid point rising.

Jack yawns, blinking his eyes and stretching from the sleep. He slowly presses himself upward to sit. His hair is not the neatest thing to look at, brown hair every which way on his head. The first thing he sees is Madeline wearing a small red tank top and tiny red shorts. Instead of inside the tent like last night, Madeline lay down on a green towel with her purse next to her.

“Huh? Wasn’t she in the tent last night?” He realizes the tent is also gone. “Uh...”
A short time later, Madeline blinks and stirs awake. She looks at the sky, a nice late morning blue. “Huh?” She shuffles her body up and gasps. “Where am I?” She sees Jack chomping down on a breakfast bar. “Did I miss something?”

“Probably. By the way, nice outfit.” Jack compliments as nice as he can.

Madeline scampers around, wearing her skimpy top and shorts to find her dress and momentarily cover her body. She blushes, heavily embarrassed. “I don’t understand. Where’s Trish?”

“Apparently, she has vacated early. Seems we slept in a bit.” Jack stands up with his four Pokeballs in hand. “I’ll go take a walk, you get yourself ready. I have some bars on my towel if you’re hungry.” He pats down his hair and flips his cap and shades on and takes a hike with his Pokemon.

The walk is short, quiet and uneventful. Rattata, Bulbasaur and Pikachu each have an easy walk. Pidgey tries to walk but the bandages around her legs aren’t helpful.

Half hour later, Jack is back to camp. Madeline, red dress on, sits on her new green towel with Jack’s book open.

“I see you were hungry, almost ate all my food.”

Madeline ignores that and responds. “Did you know that Scyther can be enraged when they see a lot of red?”


“Uh-huh. That’s what the book says.”

Jack looks over at the book. “It doesn’t say why. That’s a let down.”


Madeline continues to scan the book and Jack prepares for the next task.

“Are you ready for that battle?” He throws the question out of nowhere.

She turns slightly and closes the book. Getting up, she walks to Jack and hands over his book. “About time.”

“Great.” The book is returned to his pack along with the unopened food. “How shall we do this?”

Madeline walks a distance away. “I only have two Pokemon.”

“Then two it is. Allow me.” Jack grabs, selects and throws: Pikachu to the field.

Madeline calmly opens her purse and pulls out her own Pokemon and sends it to the field. A small bird with ruffled feathers and a sharp beak pops out.

Jack is stunned stiff. “A Spearow, are you sure?”


“You do know about Pokemon types, right?”

“Yes. Spearow is a flying Pokemon and your Pikachu is electric. What else is there?”

Jack sighs horribly. “Pokemon types don’t only separate them by class. Some Pokemon types are better against others. For example,” he commands to Pikachu. “Use Thundershock.”

Spearow takes off from the ground to the air as a mini bolt of lightning flares by. Spearow dives right, then left, avoiding the shocks. But when flying around becomes tiresome, eventually a bolt will hit the bird.

“Spear, go and use Peck.” Madeline calls.

Spearow dodges another bolt, closing in the wings and aiming to dive bomb Pikachu.

“Now, Thundershock!”

The electric rodent shocks around and fires one bolt at the oncoming Spearow. Because it is moving too fast at a downward angel, Spearow can’t maneuver away and the electricity hits. Pikachu dodges last minute to avoid the crashing Spearow.

Madeline gasps. “Spear, you did a great job.” Spearow is recalled.

Jack feels relieved. “Good Pikachu.” Addressing to Madeline, “See, electric attacks work very well on flying Pokemon.”

“Oh.” She grabs her last Pokeball. Magby obviously comes out. “Use Flamethrower.”

Pikachu, even though worn out from using a lot of bolt attacks, manages to sidestep away from the line of hot orange fire. As the fire goes away, Pikachu is unaware of the rushing Magby lining up for a hit. *SMACK* Pikachu is launched into the air from the tackle, spinning and flipping.

“Quickly, Flamethrower again.”

“Get out of there.”

Magby holds its ground, opens its mouth, and fires the stream of flames. Pikachu is easily engulfed. Pikachu lands on his feet but doesn’t have the strength to stay up.

“Yea Magby!”


“You tried Pikachu. Return.” Jack smiles watching his Pokemon be recalled. He selects his last Pokemon from his belt and Rattata shows up. Pidgey can’t battle and Bulbasaur would have a hard time against a fire type.

“It seems Magby will be hard with Flamethrower as the attack.” Jack ponders, waiting for her to make the first move.


Magby opens and blasts the fire out first, streaming past a barely dodging Rattata. Magby fires again and once more Rattata slips out of the way.

“Good moves. Get in with Quick Attack.”

Rattata dashes forward, moving his tiny legs as fast as they can move. Similar situation with Spearow diving Pikachu, only this time with Rattata. The difference is Magby isn’t ready for such a fast attack and takes the hit, falling back.

Jack smiles, thinking of a plan. “Rattata, rush straight in with Quick Attack.”

“Oh, Magby. Fight it with all the fire you can.”

Magby sucks in the air in front, closing its eyes for maximum strength. Then, it exhales the stream of fire.

“Quick, jump with Body Slam!”

Rattata leaps in the second the fire bowls under and spreads his body out for the slam. With Magby’s eyes still closed, Rattata has no problem hitting the mark. The fire stops and Magby is knocked to the ground with Rattata sprawled out over it.


Jack nods to himself. “And Magby is out.”

But just as Jack says that, Magby pushes up from the ground and sprays fire balls in every which direction. Rattata flails backward, trying to dodge the fireballs but with not much success. Magby stops to see Rattata hunching to the ground, tired from the barrage of fire.

Madeline is shocked. “What was that?”

“Hmm, an Ember attack maybe.” Jack wonders. “Rattata, you put up a great fight.”

But the little rat isn’t ready to give up either and gets up on all four feet.

“Wow, such determination. But you are hurt too much.”

Rattata rushes forward anyway, determined to win the battle. In its weakness, how far can he really go?

“Magby, do that attack again.”

The fire balls spread out widely with little accuracy but some manage to hit Rattata as he rushes directly in, taking all the hits. One by one, Rattata stands the heat and approaches Magby and takes a hit at it in the stomach. Magby suddenly stops and gasps for air. The fire Pokemon stumbles around while Rattata turns about and dashes in with Quick Attack for a lasting impression. This time, Magby is knocked harder and can’t try to fight back.

Jack stands there dumbfounded. “Rattata is some battler.”

“Oh, I lost the battle.” Madeline hugs her Magby and recalls it. She walks over to Jack, whom is now sitting on his towel with Rattata by his side. “Thanks for the battle. I learned a lot.”

Fishing through his pack, Jack pulls out a Super Potion and sprays some on Rattata, whom squeals a bit. “Well, you could have done better. Don’t just use the same attack over and over, try some variety and combos.”

“You’re the first person to give me battle suggestions. Thanks.”

“No problem.”

Some time later, Jack finishes gathering all his belongings together. He wonders why Madeline is waiting for him to be ready. “You don’t have to wait for me or do you need something else?”
“Nope. Just wanted to make sure I said bye to my first journey friend.”

“Huh?” Jack thinks for a second. “Yea, I won’t forget this meeting either. You take care out there.” He wears his pack and is ready to go.

“Thanks for all the help. Maybe we’ll meet again.”

“If you’re lucky.” Jack smiles sarcastically and trails away.

Maybe they would meet at another time. Then again, the Stoplek League is large and the odds of encountering the same person is relatively small. Nonetheless, Jack moves on to Blue Falls City, for his journey has been delayed too long already.

End Episode 3

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Default A Trainer's View

Episode 4
For My Father

Two hours later, Jack is currently asleep on a hill, resting in the fall sun and small breeze. Even after sleeping in the morning, for some reason he is tired today. He lay on his back, head against his towel leaning against a small dirt mound. The season winds start to pick up a little, then a lot all at once. The gust blows down Jack's pack sitting next to him and knocks the clasp off, opening the top up. One of his empty Pokeballs falls out and lay in the grass. Jack slowly wakes up, annoyed at this sudden rush of wind. He turns over and sees his pack has fallen down and opened up. Then he looks over at his Pokeball in the grass. While the wind picks up, Jack jumps over to hold his pack but the Pokeball still lay on the ground. It begins to roll from the increasing wind and Jack dives to get it but to no avail. The Pokeball slopes down the hill and into the deep forest area below.

“Just great.” The good news is that it’s only an empty Pokeball but Jack is still going to retrieve it. He picks up his pack and walks down the little hill. At the bottom, he wades through the bushes where the Pokeball went through and searches around the green patches. Passing through more bushes, he comes before a bountiful Pokemon arena. There, dozens of tiny, green caterpillar Pokemon make their home by surrounding trees.

Jack quickly recognizes the Caterpie. “Wow, sure are a lot of them.”

All around, in trees and on the ground, Caterpie stare at the human in their area. And on the ground a little further in, the Pokeball lay alone on the ground in the middle of a bunch of Caterpie. This is his first time to witness a Pokemon group habitat in person since he started his journey. Never has he seen so many Pokemon at one time. This is rather quite astounding to him.

He slowly moves for the Pokeball, watching the Caterpie stare and give their dirty looks from their cute faces. It is apparent that the human isn’t welcome. “I always thought Caterpie were nice. Heh. Don’t worry, it’s ok, I’m only here to get my Pokeball.” He grabs it quick and shoves it in his pocket just as the Caterpie fire a sticky goo. Fortunately, Jack escapes in time before taking any hits.

Running a short distance away, Jack realizes he has become lost in the heavy forest. “Wow, what a rush! Now which way did I come in?” He looks up through the trees to find the sun in the middle of the sky. “Well, that doesn’t help me. I guess I’ll go this way.”

Having figured out a direction to go using complete guesswork, he continues his path to Blue Falls City. He only has a little more to go before reaching town but being lost and in a complicated forest doesn’t help his situation.

But, out of the shadows behind some bushes, something jumps up and quickly into a tree. Jack stops and watches to see what it is just as the Pokemon jumps down. It's a large brown shaded Pokemon with two large noticeable horns on top.

Jack thinks out loud to himself, "This Pokemon looks familiar. It’s on the tip of my tongue...” He quickly and quietly opens his pack for his book and flips through the pages. There, he encounters the picture of the Pokemon before him. “Pinsir. I knew that. So that’s the Pokemon Dad kept talking about catching. Here I am, just starting and already I’ve seen two highly rare Pokemon.”

He takes the time to think of the irony. His father has waited his whole life to catch a Pinsir and here Jack sees a Pinsir on his third day out.

“Maybe I should catch it and give it to Dad as a gift. He’s been waiting for it for so long. Besides, a Pokemon that strong probably won’t want to be with a new Trainer like me."

The Pinsir hides behind some bushes as Jack walks closer to get in range to battle it by surprise. He pulls one of his Pokeballs from his belt but a snapping sound from the right startles Pinsir. It looks around the area to find Jack staring back. Jack blinks for half a second and the large brown Pokemon runs.

“But I didn’t make that noise.” Jack stands motionless, looking around for the noisemaker. Pinsir has run to his left and out of sight and the noise came from his right.

From another bush, a little ways to the right of Jack, a kid with blue shining hair and a simple gray shirt and pant combo jumps up and rushes to Jack.

“If that Pinsir hadn’t seen you, I would have caught it by now.”

Jack sighs. “But you made the noise.”

“So,” the kid fires back. “You leave it alone. That Pinsir is mine.”

“We’ll see. It all depends upon who gets to it first.” Jack normally would let this go, but it’s a Pinsir, something his father has yet to own. He must get it and show his father what he can do at his early Trainer stage. It might be his only chance to ‘show up’ his own father.

The blue head smirks. “I agree. Battle me, now.”


“Come on. Only the better Trainer should be able to catch it.”

Jack moves into battle position, grabbing a Pokeball. “Sounds fair.” The blue head is probably five years younger, so Jack thinks he has a good advantage.

Meanwhile, Pinsir runs further away and it will be much harder to find it now, especially with this upcoming battle delay.

“Go Cyndaquil. This should be easy.” A small, shy mole like Pokemon pops out with fire flaming down its back.


Easily figuring it to be a fire type, Bulbasaur is out of the question. Jack hasn’t had much luck in using Bulbasaur to battle and this is rather disappointing. “My turn. Rattata, come on out.” Rattata bounds out in attack stance, just like his earlier battle, and once again against another fire type.
The blue head laughs and comments, “A rat? You joke.”

“Nope.” Jack shakes his head. “He may be small, but I have found that my Rattata has a battling spirit. GO!!!”

Rattata jumps out and takes a dive at Cyndaquil, knocking it back. He quickly regains motion and dives again, only to miss this time.

“Speedy little rat. Cyndaquil, match your Tackle with it.”

Cyndaquil and Rattata both charge forward and collide their bodies. The fire Pokemon pushes forward and knocks Rattata away.

“Good, now Flamethrower.” Cyndaquil sucks in and blows out a heavy stream of fire.

Jack is impressed watching a more experienced fire Pokemon in action. “Jump.” Rattata digs in and leaps and the last moment, soaring in the air.

Cyndaquil stops and looks up as Rattata comes barreling down on it with a slam.

“Nice Body Slam attack.”

“Flame Wheel now!”

Cyndaquil’s body lights itself on fire, covering its entire body wild mild flame action. Still on top of Cyndaquil, Rattata burns and yelps form the heat and jumps away to safety.

“Haha. Now Quick Attack to finish it off.”

Rattata’s eyes glisten and he sidesteps to the right, dodging the quick leap from Cyndaquil.

Jack is highly ecstatic about his fighter Pokemon. “Nice move Rattata. From behind, Bite it.”

Rattata charges with his body in fast speed to take Cyndaquil by surprise from behind. The teeth chomp down on Cyndaquil’s back leg, causing it to yell out in pain. Cyndaquil scrambles about and eventually flings Rattata off. But a quick call from Jack and Rattata is back in the battle. Using even faster speed, this attack is known as Quick Attack. A small blade of light forms behind Rattata as it charges forward, faster than before. Cyndaquil is hit and knocked back, sliding on the grassy floor beneath.

“Nooooo, Cyndaquil!!....” It is true, Cyndaquil is out. The blue head recalls him back.

Jack smiles. “I have proven it. Great battle Rattata, let’s move.”


The winning Trainer Jack recalls Rattata and runs left in search of the Pinsir, leaving the blue head loser behind to think about his loss.


After a while of running around aimlessly in search of Pinsir, Jack stops to think. “This would be easier with more of a search party.” He selects his used Pokeballs and calls them out. Before him are Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Rattata. Pidgey can’t help because she won’t be able to keep up with her hurt wing. “A large brown Pokemon called Pinsir is around here somewhere. Let’s find it.” The three Pokemon and Jack wander around, keeping in close proximity of each other. They are in a heavy forest and don’t want to get lost.

The forest is quiet with not much action around. Fall foliage of browns and reds are in most of the leaves while the grass remains nicely green to give a certain color to the surroundings-- familiar, yet new.


Rattata wanders over to where he hears a rustling noise. And just as quick and as simple as addition, Pinsir is found. Although, the look on its face is quiet disturbed.

“GRRRAAAA!!!!” it growls menacingly.

Immediately, Jack and his other Pokemon turn to the growl to find Pinsir standing over Rattata.

“That was quick.” Jack steps over, in command position. “Rattata, step back, it’s too big for your tiny body. Let Pikachu have this one.”

“Bulb...” Bulbasaur sighs, feeling left out.

“Rataa!” Rattata shouts while shaking his head defiantly.

Jack sighs. “Ok then. Go in for Tackle.”

Rattata starts to move in but is suddenly cut off by the blue head kid. “This is mine. I must have it. Cyndaquil, go!” Cyndaquil pops out before Pinsir, looking weak from the battle it previously had with Rattata. “Flamethrower.”

But Pinsir was already in its Fury Attack. But instead of going after Rattata, it punishes down on Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil takes the aggressive hits and because of the recent battle, faints on the spot.

“Noooo!!! I’ve failed.” Having lost his Pokemon, the blue head recalls and runs off in yet another defeat.

Jack mumbles to himself. “Trainer’s Code: First to battle a Pokemon has the first try at catching it. It’s the honorable way.” He focuses back into the battle. “Let’s start over. Tackle it.”

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Default A Trainer's View

Rattata rushes forward and knocks his small body into the larger brown body of Pinsir. Pinsir rubs its stomach from the light hit and growls back, taking a stomp at Rattata and missing just to the left.
“It doesn’t appear to move fast. Quick Attack around it.”

At a faster pace, Rattata jumps around Pinsir, zooming and hitting the body and landing in a different spot to continue attacking from another angle. Pinsir is frustrated from this and starts wildly slashing its claws around. *SLASH* Rattata is hit back from the slash barrage and shakes, stunned from the hit.

“Regain focus. Move in...”

Pinsir slashes down hard again, pushing Rattata back, only this time to remain lying on the grassy land.

Jack nods. “You’ve done your best. Return.” He looks down at Pikachu by his side. “Pikachu, go. Thundershock.”

“Bulba...” -.-

Pikachu steps out to battle. The electricity charges up, a yellow aura surrounds Pikachu, and the mini bolt zips across and charges Pinsir with a mild shock.

“RAAA!!!” Pinsir presses forward, back arched down and plows forward like a bulldozer, straight into Pikachu, pushing and pushing until it crashes into a tree. Pinsir is mildly shaken up but steps back to inspect the damage. The tree trunk has a large hole in it and Pikachu is filling the hole with a dazed look.

This is very surprising to Jack. “That looked like a Take Down. This Pinsir is stronger than I first thought. But I can’t give up.” Jack reposition to the new location of the battle. “Pikachu, you still good to go?”

“Pika.” it responds, snapping up and ready to go again.

“We must keep our distance. Thundershock.”

Pikachu electrifies again and shocks Pinsir once more. This time, with more effect. Pinsir winces feeling electrical pulses around its body.

“Huh? It’s not moving. Maybe this is it.” Jack reaches for the Pokeball he recovered from the hill fall in his pocket and throws it out against Pinsir. The Pokeball hits and falls to the ground, not sucking in Pinsir. “Is it supposed to do that?” He hasn’t experienced the thrill of a battle capture, so he isn’t entirely sure. Although, he did catch Pidgey by throwing a Pokeball. This causes confusion to overcome Jack.

Shortly, the Pokeball lights up in response, letting out a Pokemon. The red energy fads to show a small green.... Caterpie?

“Oooooo.” it says.

Funny, he has all his Pokemon accounted for. “What?” Jack exclaims in confusion as the Pokeball returns to his hand. He is as shocked as ever. “No way. But... how...?” Thinking for a moment, he recalls the Caterpie he encountered. He is positive he did not battle to catch one of them. “Oh.” Then he remembers the fallen Pokeball and how angry the Caterpie were. “Is it possible that the Pokeball caught a Caterpie when it went down the hill? That would explain the String Shot at me.”

Pinsir snaps out of its paralyzed status and uses this time to surprise jump Pikachu by slashing its claws. Pikachu is caught off guard by the sudden move and knocked to Jack’s side. Pinsir snarls at the Trainer when it sees Caterpie down in front.

Jack snaps out his thinking state. “Ah, I forgot about the battle.” He bends down to pat Pikachu. “You need a rest.”

“Ooooo...!!!!!” Caterpie slinks around, running from the angry Pinsir as fast as the little suction legs can move.

Not sure how to handle this, Jack prepares Bulbasaur to battle. At this time, Caterpie is rushing at Jack and leaps up at him. Jack reacts, not by catching it like most people would, but by avoiding it and leaning right, causing Caterpie to miss. Pinsir follows the Caterpie chasing path, pushing Jack and Bulbasaur out of the way.


Caterpie continues running and blindly runs into a rock. Because of its cushioned skin, Caterpie recovers quickly and turns to find Pinsir directly over. Instinct nature takes affect and Caterpie opens and sprays out a white sticky goo. Because Pinsir is practically on top of Caterpie, it is easily covered in goo as it tries to struggle it off. But no matter how hard it tries, the goo stays.

“They really love that String Shot. Good job Caterpie.”

Caterpie smiles. Pinsir slams down to the ground, still struggling to break free from being gooified.
“It just might be strong enough to break it. Bulbasaur, put it to sleep.”

Bulbasaur jumps out, rolling his eyes, and leans forward. The bulb on his back opens up as a blue powder heads toward the fallen Pinsir full of String Shot. With nothing to do and not being able to escape yet, Pinsir falls victim to the powder and takes sleep momentarily. Jack takes out what he hopes is an empty Pokeball from his pack and throws it at Pinsir. This time, Pinsir is sucked in and no problems arise.

Jack watches anxiously as the Pokeball gives the final movement before becoming motionless. "Yes! Now I have a gift for my dad. Great job Bulbasaur and Caterpie." Addressing to Caterpie. “I hope you will find traveling with me a pleasure. Sorry to have caught you like that.” It coos and Jack recalls his two Pokemon.

With that achieved, Jack continues to walk to the next town. But with the day reaching an end quicker than expected and Jack still unsure if he is going the right way, he sets up camp for the night. No sense in walking in the dark when he can’t see anything. This will be his first time camping alone. He knows the risks of a single Trainer at night, having watched the news programs at night tell of stories. But there is nothing he can do; traveling in the dark while lost will only make it worse.
This night, he would have thought more Pokemon would be around but he heard nothing at all. It’s a very quiet forest. And all he has to lay on is his long towel and his pack for a pillow. Not the greatest of items to use but cheap and it’s effective.


With a new day and lots of searching, he finally reaches a new town in the morning. Blue Falls City is a shade of blue walls with pine trees taller than most of the buildings. A nice clear stream runs through the city for even more majestic beauty. It doesn’t seem too busy because the streets are wider and the spaces between buildings are larger. It’s a small town and nice to view at the same time. It just might be better than Jack’s hometown, Pine Valley. However, the city is known for some tourism but Jack doesn’t know the reason and he hopes to find out during his short stay here.
Jack arrives at the Pokecenter, heals his Pokemon, and calls home from the waiting room.

Jack begins, "Hey mom! I caught two more yesterday."

"That's great,” she says with a yawn. “Are you going to call every time something happens?”

“Heh, no. But this is special. I caught the Pokemon that Dad hasn’t been able to catch."

“Let me guess: Pinsir?”


In a cheery voice, “That’s something to be proud of. I knew you would be a great Trainer.”

“Ya. Is he home yet? I want to give it to him.”

His mom sniffles, "Yes, he came back early but he is at the hospital. He had a terrible accident with a Pokemon called Machop. Something about it using an attack on him. But don't worry, he will be ok. The doctor says he has a fractured leg."

Jack was hoping to personally tell his dad the great news. "Do you want me to come home?"

"No, we’re fine. Now what about this Pinsir?" His mom wanted to change the subject back to Jack.

"Oh, I caught it for Dad ‘cause he said he always wanted one. Can I send it through? I guess you can think of it as a ‘get well’ present."

The Kalmer house has always had the Transporter as far as Jack knows. His father uses it along with a Pokemon Box rather than a Professor or an official Pokemon Storage Facility. He doesn’t trust them to look after his Pokemon with care and respect. This being the fact, Jack would have to send his Pokemon home and his father would look after the Pokemon and probably inspect them. Jack didn’t like this idea but the tales his father tells about the leagues’ main Professor, Professor Vine, are no laughing matter.

She smiles, "If that is what you want, send it through. The Transporter is always ready." Jack puts the Pokeball in the transporter next to the phone. There is only one large button to press and then it disappears. His mom holds the Pokeball on the screen. "I'll give this to him as soon as possible."
"I hope he likes it. And I hope he gets better soon."
"But it's not that serious, only about a couple days in the hospital."

"Still, tell Dad that I wish he gets better." Jack prepares to hang up...

“Oh, wait, before you go, what was the other Pokemon you caught? Don’t leave me in suspense."

"It was a Caterpie. It was kind of an accident but I caught it nevertheless."

They each say their goodbyes and hang up. It is light outside already which means the day is going by fast.

A kid with spiked up blond hair walks up to Jack after overhearing the conversation. "So you got a Caterpie. Big deal. How long have you had it?"

Jack looks at the kid wondering what business is it for him to know. "About half a day. Why?"

The kid laughs,"By that time, my Caterpie evolved into Metapod then to Butterfree. You still have a Caterpie." The kid continues laughing while walking away out the door of the Pokecenter.

Not discouraged, Jack spends some resting time at the Pokemon Center and lets his Pokemon have some bites to eat. After that, he grabs some snacks and gathers his stuff to leave. Not worrying about what happened the past days, he exits peacefully, ready for the following days to come because the next town has a Gym and he has to be ready.

End Episode 4

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Default A Trainer's View

Episode 5
Waterfall Mystery

After leaving Blue Falls City, Jack finds himself walking to the next town, Styper City. There, his first Gym match will take place. But is he really ready for the battle?

The trees surround him as he walks the dirt path. Shortly, he sees a woman with long brown hair standing and looking around. Jack walks over to her. “Are you lost?”

“I was headed for the waterfall when I got mixed up in the forest.” She turns around to reveal her face; brown eyes with glasses. It’s Trish. “Oh, hi.”

“Fancy running into you again. I wondered where you left.”

“Sorry for that. I had business to attend to and needed to leave.”

“Ok. So what’s this waterfall you mentioned?”

“Yes. It’s how Blue Falls City gets its name. There is a gathering happening there and I don’t want to miss it.”

“Well, I just left the city and I’m heading to Styper.” Jack points in the north direction.

“Oh, thank you very much. Say, you should come too.” Trish runs off in a hurry, heading west.

Highly interested in something going on, and having never seen a waterfall in person before, Jack follows but not at the running pace. He isn’t that excited and doesn’t feel the need to arrive any time soon. Within ten minutes, Jack hears the sound of water splashing down and there before him is the waterfall.

The waterfall is a nice clear blue color, just like the name of the city and the river that flows through it. The waterfall stream is very narrow and not very rapid, giving it serene pleasure to a guests ears. The water lands in a large lake at the bottom which then turns to a stream and heads for Blue Falls City. The odd difference about this waterfall is that it pours out from the middle of a flat-topped mountain rather than the top. The mountain is roughly six stories tall, making the waterfall cave three stories. It looks like a regular cave entrance only with water trickling out of it.

"Wow!!" Jack expresses. He walks closer to the lake, noticing many other people here; mostly tourists, an ambulance crew, three police officers including Officer Jenny, and one television news crew. However, the reporter is very familiar, with long black hair cropping around her black eyes and a nice television face. She wears a typical buttoned down news style blue dress which stops above her knees. Jack walks close enough to listen to what she is saying.

"Many people say that Blue Falls Waterfall is a place of peace and relaxation; a place to learn just by listening to the water. Those same people say that this waterfall is a place to fear." She points to the top of the waterfall at the cave entrance. "That small cave entrance in which the water pours out is very mysterious. Many people say they have heard loud noises coming from it and a few have witnessed an unknown Pokemon splash out. The mystery of the Blue Falls Cave, as it is being named now, is off the scale. No one knows what is inside and it is difficult to determine. Two years ago, some thrill seeking explorers went into the waterfall cave for a first hand look around but were never seen in town again.” She then points to the top of the mountain over the waterfall. “With new technology, they are able to use certain electronic waves to travel through rock and determine the inside layers. We have been told there is a cave inside, very deep and possibly an underground lake.” Finally, she points at the left side of the lake. “Today, these two men, in which you see over there, will attempt to climb into and find out what, if anything, is inside.” She pauses. “And cut.” The camera goes off. "This story will finally be my jackpot in getting my own ‘Real Adventures’ show." The reporter notices the new watching Trainer, "So, what do you think of all this?" She looks back to her camera person whom is lowering the camera. "Hey, don't turn that off, keep taping. We may need it in editing."

"You’re the boss."

Jack looks at the reporter, stunned that she talked to him. "It is you! You’re Jennifer Alomna, the number one reporter in the league. I've always watched your fascinating weekly news reports. The ‘Muk Madness Mistake’ at Silent Hills was my favorite.”

Jennifer smiles. "A fan of mine. Thanks!" She pauses. "You look like a Pokemon Trainer, where are you coming from?”

“Pine Valley. Started a few days ago.”

“A small town, must be nice.” She moves over and opens a case to look through her camera equipment.
The two men dressed in bulky orange clothing then strap on special harnesses so the large crane on top of the six story flat mountain can pick them up and bring them to the cave.

"Do you know any information about this place other than what you already said?"

She looks up, "Let’s see. Ok. See the waterfall? It used to come out a lot more than that rate. This is one of the reasons the city has chosen to explore what’s inside the cave. I don’t know which one, but a large organization is paying for all of this, with the mayor’s approval, of course. And regularly, Pokemon swim up the stream to the lake because the water is so clear and clean it’s healthy for them. And because of the mystery around the cave, Blue Falls Waterfall has been declared a Pokemon Reserve and no Pokemon can be caught here. You can say that the falls is a place where Pokemon and Trainers can come safely together and not worry at all." She looks up at the two men hanging two feet from the cave. "Looks like the action is starting. Get that camera ready." Jennifer grabs a smaller camera and positions from another angle.

“What do you think is in there?” Jack questions once more.

“The radio waves can’t determine what could be inside but my guess is a Pokemon and hopefully it’s a rare one.” She switches on the camera.

Jack steps back to watch the action and not interrupt the camera work. A rare Pokemon? I’m glad I decided to stop by.

The two men hang closer to the cave. The first one grabs the cliff and squats down all the way to squeeze into the cave. The falling water splashes around as the second man enters. They each unhook their harnesses and disappear out of view. Minutes pass and the suspense rises drastically. No radio contact reaches the foreman waiting by the side of the lake. That’s when a rumbling noise is heard screaming from the cave and seconds later the two men appear at the entrance, scrambling to get away. Before they can grab the harness, water shoots out of the cave in a straight line and the men slip and fall into the lake. The water fires above Jack and the news crew and soaks the trees, leaving mist to fall on the spectators.

Comments shoot out from the crowd of onlookers.

"That's a twenty five foot drop!"

"Oh no!"

"Are they all right?"

"Get an ambulance."

"I fell asleep, what happened?"

The area begins to shake like an earthquake, maybe a 2.5, nothing too serious but an earthquake nonetheless. While everyone is basically panicking and confused about what is happening, Jack continues to stare at the cave as it starts to fall apart.


Jennifer runs to her cameraman, putting down her own. "Don't stop taping for one second. Remember, this will finally get us our own show and you a raise!" She quickly tries to pack her news equipment to the van which is about ten feet away.

As the cave slowly falls apart, crumbling rocks into the lake below, Officer Jenny and the other two officers spread out to control the crowd. The flat land on top rips open and shreds the dirt to pieces. The land pushes up, causing the crane to knock over. The waterfall stops rushing water and after a few seconds of what seems like stopped time, suddenly the cave explodes. Large and small chunks of dirt and rock fly in every direction. Everyone ducks and manages to evade but the dust after that covers everything within the distance. A final boulder crashes down to the ground, hitting Officer Jenny’s squad car on the rear bumper

Jack coughs and shakes his body, taking off his hat to punch out the dust having collected on top of it then wiping his face clear. He cleans his sunglasses and looks at the large crater taken out of the small mountain. Yet, that isn’t even the best part.

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Default A Trainer's View

Slowly floating down into the lake below is a Gyarados; however this Pokemon is much larger than a normal Gyarados. The body is blue and has all the qualities of a Gyarados but one noticeable difference is this Pokemon has a much larger rage factor. Only something so pissed off can do this much damage and destroy three stories of earth above.

"Ahhhhh!!! It’s a Gyarados!!!!" screams just about everyone.

The large Gyarados roars loudly once again and splashes hard into the lake, pushing almost all of the water and the two men out of it and flowing over the land, into the panicky people. Most of the people have run away and the ambulance crew quickly aids the two men.

“That’s huge.” Officer Jenny, with her blue hair and uniform, and the other officers surround the Gyarados from the land. “Gyarados, we mean you no harm.”

But the words of Officer Jenny cannot convince otherwise and a blast of white energy explodes from Gyarados’s mouth at the trees, knocking them down and temporarily blocking an escape route.


The cameraman slowly backs away, still keeping the camera on but his heart wants to run. Jennifer has cleared all the equipment to the van just before the uncontrollable water rushes over the land.

Yet, Jack is still in the same spot, standing there shocked and scared so much he hasn’t been able to move. Even the water flowing through his shoes can’t get him to move.

Jennifer yells out, "Don't just stand there!" But Jack is still frozen. She builds courage and rushes over to get him. She grabs his shoulder...

...Jack shakes off his stunned face and finally realizes what he should do. He runs back to the tree line like the rest of the people. He watches Officer Jenny try to talk to the Gyarados to calm it down but it only continues to anger Gyarados into more frustration. Jack has heard many tales of a Gyarados’s rage and he isn’t ready to see it. He can easily run but that is the easy way out and something his father told him never to do. “I am a Trainer, Gyarados is a Pokemon. Therefore, I should battle to calm it down.” He takes out one of his Pokeballs and summons Pikachu.

Pikachu stares up at the large Gyarados, hunching back. “Pika?”

"Don't be afraid of it, you... it... it is still a water type. Thundershock."

However, Trish is already ahead of Jack with her Scyther out and ready to battle. She commands to Jack with leadership in her voice. “Jack, don’t be foolish. You may know a lot but you need to understand when to fight and when not to fight.” She has a point. The level difference is huge and the area is soaked with water; not a good combination because then everyone would feel the electricity.

She points to Gyarados and calls an attack which Jack couldn’t hear because of all the commotion. Scyther leaps up and slashes multiple times across the large water Pokemon. This only upsets it even more. Gyarados breathes in and exhales a massive green energy attack that covers and explodes at Scyther with large damage. Scyther flips and lands to the ground, one knee down and one scythe holding the rest of its body up. Scyther pants and stares at the strong Gyarados, ready for more.

“Focus on winning, Agility.”

Scyther breathes deep and leaps in, fading from one part to the next. Gyarados squints its eyes with rage. Its tail glows brightly and Gyarados swings it around. *SHLANG!* Even with Agility, Scyther is hit by the large glowing tail and knocked back hard. Scyther lay on the ground, wounded badly.

“Iron Tail? No way.” Trish recalls Scyther and prepares another Pokemon.

Jack steps back, encouraging Pikachu to follow. “I guess she is right, I probably wouldn’t stand much chance.”

But Gyarados has had enough games. It roars a final time and stands up as tall as it can to spin extremely fast. The speed, velocity and height causes a large wind tornado to appear. The tornado grows larger and larger and blows all the remaining people backwards and even one tree is taken out with roots still in tact. As the tornado disappears and everyone looks at the dried up lake, they discover that the large Gyarados has vanished. The water slowly trickles from the busted cave entrance to the empty lake again; however, it won’t be enough to fill the lake and keep a flowing river.

"Blue Falls Waterfall is not as beautiful as it once was a few minutes ago." Jennifer sheds a little emotion. Then Jack catches here eye, as he recalls Pikachu and walks away, "Leaving so soon?”

Jack stops and turns around. “No, I want to get a better view of inside. The crane had to get up to the top somehow.” He continues through the trees to find a way to the top.

A light bulb hits Jennifer. “Good idea.” She nudges her cameraman. “Get up, we’re going to the top.”

“May I change my pants first? They’re a little wet... and I don’t mean water.”

At the top, Jack passes the knocked over crane and nears the gap looking down into the cave. To be able to open up and bust three stories of land is quite the accomplishment for one Pokemon. Jack takes careful steps to get closer in and finally has the view into the cave. The land has split into a crevice to look through but not as much can be seen as Jack thought it would.


Down below, numerous splashing Pokemon are spotted at a lake deep inside the cave. The orange blobs just splash the water without any order to it except the randomness of splashing. The cave itself is much larger from the inside; it had to have been large in order to carry a Gyarados on steroids.

“Magikarp.” The camera guy says with his zoom mode on. “Look at them all in there, barely enough water for them all. How can they live in there.”

Jennifer reminds her assistant. “We don’t know what the inside looked like before this happened. For all we know, we know nothing at all.” She grabs her microphone and starts to cry. “I love being a reporter. Now hurry and focus the camera on me.”

Officer Jenny quickly makes her way to the top with another officer next to her. “Ok, this area is off-limits. Everyone out.”


And just like that, three hours pass by. Jack could have left at any time but he thinks by staying around he might learn something about the cave. What are Magikarp doing in there? Why? His father would probably say ‘this has nothing to do with training’ but Jack wants to gain knowledge of Pokemon; that is how people become better Trainers.

Jack approaches Jennifer, whom had been giddy about all this excitement and documenting everything possible. The police have roped off the area for only select personnel to cross over. As a civilian, Jack isn’t qualified.
“What’s going on? No one will tell me anything.”

“I’m not getting much. They have called in a researcher to help with the examination. With such a find as this, it will take many days, maybe even weeks. The one interesting thing our camera was able to get was the inside of the cave. On one of the sides there looked like a smudge carving or something. We won’t know for a while.”

“I always thought Gyarados and Magikarp lived in the ocean like most of the water Pokemon.”

“Jack.” Trish shouts out from qualified personnel side, stepping next to Jennifer. “There is a lot we don’t know about Pokemon and the mysteries are plenty. I have been traveling for years and still learn new facts about Pokemon. We don’t know enough yet and that is why Trainers make the journey. They want to satisfy their interest with Pokemon.”

“Great. But how did you get over there?”

Trish sweatdrops. “When you are related to the officer in charge, you tend to get in most places. Plus I told them I can help in any way.”

Jack sighs. “That’s good for you guys. However I won’t be staying to see how this turns out. I need to continue moving. There isn’t anything I can do here.”

Jennifer smiles. “You can always catch me on TV. The station said they will run this as a special episode. Ratings will be huge. Action news sells big.”

“Cool. I’ll be sure not to miss it.”

Trish claps her hands once. “You are a great guy, Jack. Train hard and don’t give in. You still have a lot to learn first.”


"Good luck on your journey,” Jennifer wishes.

The three stop the conversation short and go their own ways. With that over for now, Jack walks away and heads for the Gym city once again.

However, even with only miles to go, darkness sets in. "Better not risk it. I think I'll camp here for tonight." He sets out his towel and prepares camp. With that out of the way, he lets all his Pokemon out for dinner and company. Since Jack doesn’t have any Poke-food, dinner is whatever his Pokemon can find in the surroundings. It’s cheap and the Pokemon don’t mind; except Rattata, whom still goes for the crackers.
After dinner, they all rest and keep each other company. Before they know it, Jack and his Pokemon all drift to sleep next to each other.

Pidgey, Rattata, Caterpie, Pikachu, Bulbasaur. These are my Pokemon. I will beat all opposition....

End Episode 5

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Default A Trainer's View

Episode 6
A Rocky Menace

It’s morning and Jack and his Pokemon are stretching out: legs then arms. After that they have a good run together. Pikachu is the fastest with Rattata then Bulbasaur after that. Caterpie’s little feet can’t keep up but he tries his best. Pidgey barely keeps up, her legs have healed enough for it to walk on her own. However, flight is still out of the question.

After the active morning, it is time to continue to Styper City. Jack can figure he only has a little bit to go until he is out of the forest. What he didn’t expect to see is a change in scenery. On his left the grass slowly fades to gravel and dirt and the further he looks, the more rocky it becomes. The scarce tree life and amount of dirt to his left signifies the change in terrain means different Pokemon. Everywhere else is forest except for the patch which leads somewhere. He looks over there wanting to check it out but decides not to.

“Maybe I should come back and check this place out. I want to challenge the Gym first.” Before he can turn his head back, a circular rock with bumpy arms bounces over to him, semi-floating along the way.

"Geodude geo geo dude!!"

Jack looks at the Pokemon puzzled. “A Geodude voluntarily comes to me?" He calmly opens his pack, not sure what to do, and grabs his book. “Ah, Geodude. Says you like to live near rocks so you can hide more easily.”

The Geodude starts bouncing back to the rocks, then turns and faces the Trainer. It waves its right arm and starts bouncing away again.

"Oh, so you want me to follow you. I seem to be running into many wild Pokemon in need of help."

Jack follows the Geodude up into the rocky landscape. The land bulges aren’t mountains, yet they aren’t hills either. In the distance, the land grows higher and higher, like real mountains and they have some trees covering most of them. In this area, there are no trees, just dirt and rock. However, they all look like they are part of the same mountain range, including the waterfall previously encountered and this must be the end of the range.

When they stop Jack finds himself at a small cave just large enough for him to fit through. Nearby, the cave looks like it connects into a tall hill of rock, sloping outward on the sides but horizontal at some parts like dirt pathways snaking its way to the top of the mountain.

"Do you want me to go in there?"

With no answer, the Geodude goes into the cave.

Jack shrugs, slipping off his sunglasses, and follows him in. “Hope I know what I’m doing.”

When Jack enters the cave, he does not get up because the entrance is only large enough for him to crawl through. At one point the ceiling opens up but then comes back down and he has to crawl again. Finally, the cave opens up to standing position. This part of the cave is a weird mixture of blues and greens shining off reflections of bright mineral deposits along the wall. Beautiful! But this isn’t the destination. Geodude leads Jack to another path, this one at an angular direction. Once again, he must crawl through this one and since the path goes upward, rocks easily scrape Jack as he tries to navigate this harder path.

“This better be worth it.”

After the path ends, he notices the cave open up again; however, the familiar colors he just saw are not present. This time the walls are brown and tan, like typical rock colors. He can stand again and stretches his back from the uncomfortable rock bumps. From this new spot, Jack can tell he was at one side of this large space. Geodude pulls the Trainer to the ground and moves over to a line of rocks on the cave platform they were on. Jack crawls over, not sure what to expect.

Geodude speaks softly and points over the rocks. “Geo.”

Jack creeps up behind the rocks and looks over. At this time, Jack realizes this part of the cave is not exactly level. He is actually elevated above the rest of the nearly level cave; not that high, maybe six feet from the bottom. The cave is circular with more cracks in the side probably leading somewhere else. When he looks around the bottom of the cave, he can’t believe the sight before him. He wants to scream but he can't. On the bottom of the cave are a bunch of other Geodudes, five to be exact, and they are all in a circle. And in the middle of them is a different Pokemon, fluffy orange in color and numerous tails.

“A Pokemon with six tails, it must be a Vulpix.” Jack whispers to himself.

The Vulpix is curled up, eyes closed and shaking noticeably to indicate how scared it is. The Geodude bounce up and down in a circle around the Vulpix. A couple times the Vulpix would try to move away by jumping but the stronger defense of the Geodudes would hit it back to the center of the circle. Now it just lay there, exhausted from trying.

Jack crouches down and whispers to the Geodude next to him. "You came all that way to show me a Vulpix in trouble?"

Geodude responds with a nod and a soft "Geo."

“I would love to help that Vulpix. Picking on Pokemon is not fair, especially when outnumbered.” He thinks to himself, "Grass attacks are good against rock types, so Bulbasaur’s Vine Whip will be my main use. That is, if this doesn’t work." Jack suddenly leaps up and slides down the cave wall and jumps to the ground. The helpful Geodude is surprised from this sudden action and follows Jack down and jumps in front of him. All the Geodude stop and look at the person that has infiltrated their cave.

"Geodude, stop hurting that Pokemon. Leave it be." Jack demands of the Geodude. He grabs a Pokeball and holds it ready to throw out.


“Geo geo dud due dude Geodude.”


All the Geodude continue in their circle around the Vulpix except for one, which jumps out of the circle and charges at Jack. The helpful Geodude in front of him jumps at the charging Geodude, both using Tackle. The two collide and throw hands at each other. The charging Geodude overpowers the helpful one and lifts it up. The helpful Geodude is thrown and slams passed Jack’s side.

Jack throws out his Pokeball. "Go Bulbasaur! Help us out!" The ball opens and lets out Caterpie. "Oops. I forgot that I switched belt spots with Bulbasaur and Caterpie. Well, since you’re out, now's as good a time as ever to battle with you." Jack, having confidence in Caterpie, shouts commands. "Alright Caterpie, let's help save Vulpix."


“Caterpie, String Shot fast." With the charging Geodude not looking, Caterpie spits out sticky white goo at Geodude. The goo sticks and Geodude is stuck. The other four Geodudes stop and stare at the defeat of one of their own and they move to go after Caterpie, leaving the Vulpix alone on the ground.

Jack slowly maneuvers along the right side of the cave, to get around the battle and help Vulpix. On his way, he helps command his Pokemon. "Caterpie, String Shot is our best hope. Keep it up." Rocks are strong and using Tackle would do nothing but hurt Caterpie.

The four Geodudes charge at little Caterpie while Jack walks around them to get to Vulpix. One of the Geodudes bounce to the air, ready to come down on Caterpie.


Caterpie quickly fires the String Shot at a the jumping Geodude coming at it, dodging left to watch the Geodude blindly skid on the cave floor, unable to move. Two more come at Caterpie, this time one from each side. They each pick up a good size rock larger than twice their body and throw it. Caterpie fires fast at the right rock to catch it and spins half a turn to knock out the other rock in the air for them to crumble on contact.

“That’s some quick shooting. I didn’t think String Shot could be used like that!”

In this time, two more Geodude rush in. Caterpie, thinking he can do the same thing with the rocks, shoots at the left Geodude and attempts to collide them. Since Geodude can move in the air, this proves to fail and Caterpie is punched back where the right Geodude waits to hit it also. Bruised, Catperie still has energy to keep going.

Jack nears Vulpix. He loses track of the battle for a second then regains focus. “Try this, spin and String Shot.”

The little green bug spins around sending the goo wildly into the air in all direction around him. The goo blankets the two Geodude in waiting and traps them to the floor. Caterpie stops spinning and finishes the two Geodudes off by covering their whole bodies.

“Great work.” Jack gasps quickly, “Look out!”

The last Geodude falls right behind Caterpie, floating above the goo, and reaches its arms out and grabs a hold of him. Because Caterpie is facing outward, the String Shot can’t hit Geodude and the grip is too strong to try and struggle free. Geodude floats up into the air getting ready to finish him off. There is nothing Jack can say to help, only to hope for the best. Geodude declines in altitude and slams Caterpie across the cave to hit the cave wall.

Jack gets up, standing right over Vulpix. "Caterpie, you’ve done a great job." He holds the Pokeball out and Caterpie comes back. He prepares Bulbasaur to go out next.

But the helpful Geodude decides to make a come back and jumps up and tackles the last Geodude into the wall. The Geodude recovers and runs away into one of the cave cracks.


After solving that problem, Jack’s next issue is to help the hurt Vulpix. He pulls out his already used Super Potion and finishes it off on Vulpix. He sits down with his legs crossed and picks up Vulpix in his arms.

“Wow, such soft fur.”

It’s eyes open wide and gaze at the Trainer. Vulpix blinks curiously and calmly closes its eyes back to rest.

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