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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 02-14-2007, 04:07 AM
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Default ~Storybook Corner and Guides~ [PLEASE READ - Updated Rules 07/08/09]

~ Announcement to Everyone ~

In order to keep this thread active and updated, we need your co-operation. There are two rules needed to be followed to help achieve this.

1. Place one of these genres at the top of your Fan-Fic or One Shot thread so it can easily be added to this archive.
  • Action/Adventure
  • Academy/Trainer School
  • Anime
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Horror
  • Mystery
  • Mystery Dungeon
  • Poem/Song
  • Pokemon Perspective
  • Romance
  • Trainer Journey (Original League)
  • Trainer Journey (Standard League)
  • WAR Based
  • Other
2. If your story is active and you don't see your name on the list, or a red active mark next to it, please PM a moderator from this board or any global moderator to have yours added.

- Active - Means the story is currently being written and updated

Welcome to the Storybook Corner! Here you will find all the archived stories written by the many authors at PE2K.

First will be the Guides, then Series Fics, and finally Shorts and One Shots at the end.


If you have any ideas, comments, find any mistakes listed in this thread, you can PM me or post in the Fanfic Feedback thread. Even the smallest comment is helpful.

**Updates will be done twice a month, hopefully**

EDIT: Removed Prologues because they take up too much space and aren't necessary.


Some stories will be recommended to read, from our Author Recommendation thread. Recommended stories will recieve an asterisk * in front. After receiving enough recommendations, the story will be put in Red coloring. It is suggested that you read any stories that have been recommended.



Would you like to write a guide to help other authors? Feel free to do so. If it is well written, we may add it to the list. If you would like to see a guide, but don’t want to write it yourself, you can always ask at the Fanfic Feedback thread.

Hoenn Mirror Girl- Fantasy and You

Hoenn Mirror Girl- Reviewing Policy

Kayden Javlaiakin- Concerning Spelling and Grammer...

Neo Pikachu- Adventure Fanfiction Guide

Scorch Ry- Mount Explore: Trainer Fan-Fiction Class

Other Site Resources

Inspiration for Writers (writing in general)
Example of a Good Fanfic (from PokeCommunity)
Basic Pokemon Writing Guide (PokeCommunity)
Advice for Aspiring Authors (Serebii's fan fiction guide)
Official Mary Sue Forum (Pokemonfan Univers)
DragonFlyCave Writing Guide

If you've found any other good resources, let us know so we can add them.

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Default Series --Action/Adventure--


Abare Max- Pokemon Jade

absolgirl93- Doom is Upon Us

Ace- Nature: The First and Final Front

Ace- Kingdrom Come

Ace- New World Order

Alex the Charmander- Power of destiny 1- The Rise and Fall

Amaru- No Title

Andreas- The Frozen Angel

ashketchum- Pokemon UA!: Ultimate Annihilation

Asrialys- The Shinning Eevee

autism- pkmn colloseum

bjgamecreations- The Incredible Ninjaskman

billy5772- Not From Around Here

Blast Burn- The Pokemon Card Generator

Channel Delibird- Eyes

Channel Delibird- The PokeRUS

ChronoPika- Palo: War Elevated

ChronoPika- Pokemon MEDevil: Crisis

Cody- The Journey for the Stones

Cyrstal Eon Guardian- Pokezone: The story of a G-Ref

DarkEspeon- Destiny Unbalanced

Deathspector- Destiny Trilogy: Betrayal

~delfino feroce- The Prophecy

Dragonfree- Pokemon Colosseum

Dragonfree- The Quest for the Legends

DragoniteMistress- Pokemon Battles (DM's Collection)

Eaglemaster23- The Coming of Thunder

Eiyoko- Crime and Punishment

Eiyoko- Pokemon: Galactic Quest

Empoleonx2- Tijutsi Sujitti; The Blunt

Eon- Destiny Arise

Espeon206- Sorrow's Song

Espeonmaster- Two Humans, Two Pokemon, One Destiny

FireflyK- Agony & Anguish

Flintfur- Auris

FullmetalxFangirl- Pokemon Kouseki: Let me Love You

Galleon- Pokemon: A Fire Against Fate

G-Blaze- The Pulse: Pokemon Origins

Geoffreys-Darkness- Fyre Spin

Geoffreys-Darkness- Auras of the Galaxy 2 {Sequel to Fyre Spin}

Geoffreys-Darkness- PokeWars I Redux/Remix

Grassy_Aggron- SonicX: Dark Storm

Grassy_Aggron- SonicX: New Moon - Active

Hakken- Agatha’s Tears

Hakken- The Ocean’s Tide

Hakken- Pokemon: Storm Chronicles

HKim- Era of Darkness

Hoenn Mirror Girl- Hoenn Mirror World {Version2/Version3}

Hoenn Mirror Girl- Hoenn Mirror World II: The Lost Stones

HondoomMaster- Comin’ to Life

Ionem- Ionem: Consumed by Ambition

iplaygc- Administrator of a Legend

JellyRollsToken- The Prophecy

justin6825- Cinnabar Eruption

kattiekitten- The Rising Storm

katiekitten- Phoenix {Version2}

Kayden Javlaiakin- ~*The Battle for the Rose*~

Kayden Javlaiakin- The Secret Garden

Kaze- Legend of the Gems

Kaze- Shadow Mist

Kaze- Shadow Sky {Sequel to Shadow Mist}

KCash- The Sacred Flame

Kenneth Hardy- Pokemon Fighter

Kenny C.002- Twisted Mirror

Kento Kasha- Destructive Agenda

Kid Micky Onimusha- The Power Within

Knightblazer- Midian: City of the Damned

Knightblazer- Splinters

LanceDragonmaster- Dragons for X-mas

May Norman- WAR: Heroes from the Ashes

MichaelCorleone- Sin City

Michelle8936- The Journey

Nasty Plasty- Huge Conspiracy

Necrobat- Unawakened Evil

Neo Pikachu- The Black River Crossing- Path of Jordan

Neo Pikachu- Road to Palantria

Neo Pikachu- The Surfacing Conviction

*Neo Pikachu- The Trial of Juno: I and II

nicoleb- An Epic Battle: Kamon vs Team Rocket

Pancake- Following Disaster

Pika57- Wrong Thing, Right Reason

Pokemon Trainer Sarah- On a Wing and a Prayer

Pyrochu- Strangers in a Strange Land

Redlark- The Green Shadows

Ryu Gaia- Chaos of Eternity

Satou- Protector of the Forest

Sceptile Frost- Runecraft

Scorch Ry- Bloodstained Swords

Scorch Ry- Rhapsody

Scorch Ry- ~Selestio Manoilla Trilogry I~

Scorch Ry- Sunfire and Mudburn

Scorch Ry- Switchblade Corruption

Shroomish- Heaven-Sent, Hellbound

Shuko- The Power to Shine

slashy- the search for sandslash

Smurf- Graduation

SpazzedOutRaquaza- Part I: Revenge

Spider in a Flower- A Seed from the Ashes

Stupendular- Freeze Frame

Suicune’s Child- Broken Wings {Version 2}

Suicune’s Child- Codename, Stealth

Suicune’s Child- An Innocent’s Revenge {Prequel to My Cause}

Suicune’s Child- My Cause

Tamer San- ~!The Legend of the Ancient Script!~

Teven- The Fight for Kanto

TwistedAlyx- Out of Hand

Tyranitar Trainer- Keepers of the Legends

Tyranitar Trainer- Long Road Home

Tyranitar Trainer- Overlapping Reality

Tyrannitar- The Eon Siblings Book

Visual- The Balance Broken

Wandering Word Weaver- Dragonagi

wanlingnic- The Traveling Companion

wanlingnic- The Traveling Companion Spinoff: Fly by Night

zigzangoose- Zigzangoose’s long saga

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Default Series --Acadamy/Trainer School--Anime--Comedy--Drama--Horror--

Acadamy/Trainer School

2wings- Spirit Saiyan

anastasiar- Pokemon Mysteries at the Spring Hill School

Chiko- [Pokemon Academy]

Jaden0527- Pokemon: Chaos Academy

Killik- ~Pokemon Academy~

Trainer Trevor- Pok’emon School

TVTMaster- Pokemon and Human Recreational and Training Complex


Abbi- What friends are for

angel_fire- The Devil Within

ashketchum- Pokemon Ultimate Challenge

Ash’s Decendent- Lifes a Roller Coaster

dash142- The Birch Chronicles

Deathspector- One Destiny

Deathspector- The Quest

Entei_3000- A New Journey

Entei_3000- Lori’s Legendary Mission {Sequel to A New Journey}

EspeonSun- Giovanni: My Dad

Kecleonfan666- Archieves of Shadower

Kyro- Before the Legend

LaprasRider- Pokemon Season 1: Rewritten

Lone_Houndoom- Pride of Pallet Town

luisa1- The Elite Four

May Norman- Vengeance of the Groudon

Mechaflame- On My Own...

mewtwovsmew- Poke’mon: Mew’s Legendary Death

Pinecone Penguin- Giovanni of the Land

Pokemon Trainer Sarah- Enter the Unown

PorgyonX- A Master’s Destiny

RocketMeowth- Anger Unleashed

SBaby- POKEMON: Neo Destiny

SBaby- Pokemon: SPC

Shiny Loser- Back to the Crystal Fortress- The Unowns Return

Squirtle, Tototdile, Mudkip- The Battle of Destiny, the Past of Steven

Tamer Marco- Pokemon World Battle

the chosen one- A hoenn quest


Author Varies- Scott and Mikey Present: Humorous Short Stories

Bay- Simplicity {Sequel to Take Fifty Five}

Channel Delibird- Th Incrdibl Advnturs of Channl Dlibird

Channel Delibird- Nightmare on Channel Delibird

[Fair]- The Chaotic Beginning

[Fair]- The Pellet Town Chronicles

flyhighlatias!- Prproni Slashin’

Furious Chan- Who Framed Pikachu?

Hikari Blaze- When Altarieas Get Hyper

Hoshika- Pokemon Channel

IceKing- Wanzeworld Pokemon Contest! The Pokemon Anime Parody!

Kagome Lover- Timothy and the Story About Pokemon

kattiekitten- The Evil Bunny King of Doom

Kenta147- Hoenn Insane: The Version of R/S/E You Didn’t See

Redlark- Pika Pika Picnic

rust- N00by @dventures 1-8

rust- Pokemon: A Random Adventure

WTC123- Kutchum, Not Ketchum, Kutchum


Ace- Loner

Agent Orange- The Wanderer

Aiikari- Enterinaly Bonded

Aiikari- Up to the Top or Down to the Bottom

Alakazam- Light and Darkness

Alex the Charmander- A Destiney Starting [Drama]

Azumao- My Friend Lotad

Blizzard- Diaries of a Legend

Danne112- Empty Sioka

dash142- The Pokemon Dimwit

Dragonfree- Morphic

Dragonfree- The Trainer With No Dreams

Dr. Scottie- Hope in the Darkness

Entei_3000- Lezlie, a special girl with a special gift

Flicki- The Breeder and the Trainer

Hoshika- Dreams of Destiny

Isaac Gravity- Distanced Hurricane {Version 2}

jessieneese- High School Musical- Pokemon Style

Jet- Xero Island Series

keltron- The Ball of Legends

LaprasRider- Trading Faces

Lucky Flareon- Unintentional

magentaman- Andy’s Story

MichaelCorleone- Friendly Fire

mjay- The Boy who cried King

mjay- The Story of Truth

Orange Flaaffy- Evolution of Fable

pokelover12- Pokemon Love Stories

Pokemon Love Stories 2

Poke Thing- Time and Time Again...

Ryenne Raleigh- Mockingbird

Ryenne Raleigh- Through the Eyes of Itsu

Saffire Persian- Metamorphosis

Satou- Lil’League

Satou- Magical Mew Gril Kandi

Satou- Not My Reality

Saya- Learning to Heal the Hurt {Version2}

Sentra- ~Union Resistance~

Silver-Wind- Frontier’s Bane

SnowTiger- It’s a Pokemon World Out There

SnowTiger- Silent Tears

spiritlatias- Pools of Fire

Steven- Blind Abra

Tamer Marco- Talking Pokemon

TombiThePokeMaster- Tombi’s Story

WTC123- Bronix- The First Encounter


angel_fire- The Last Battle- Ash vs Mewtwo

angel_fire- Pokemon: Extermination

Anzel- Intellimare

Blazeiken12- Pokemon- Vampire Nightmare

flyhighlatias!- Stitches

IceKing- A Scarlet Christmas

Kari Mary- Midnight Horrors

KCash- The Forest Keeper

KCash- Nightmare in Mauville 2

KCash- Nightmare in Mauville 3

Neo Pikachu- The Dawn of the Night

Redlark- And as the Wind Blows

Ryenne Raleigh- Fatal Dreams

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Default Series --Mystery--Mystery Dungeon--Pokemon Perspective--


Matt & Vulpix- Death Upon Tohjo Island

Thanatos- The Detective Chronicles

Mystery Dungeon

anastasiar- Pokemon Dungeon rescue team

Blaziken12- Pokemon Black Mystery Team

burnedmagix- Pokemon Blue Rescue Mash!

ChronoPika- Ruby Red Rescue Team: Team Ruby

Eternal Dragon- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. My Version

evilone- pokemon mystery dungeon: the adventures of looli

hogsbff- The Ultimate Rescue Force: How it Came to Be

Hoshika- The Road of No Return

JentleViolence- Team Little Legend, Go!

Kayden Javlaiakin- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Draconic Galaxy

Lunar Latias- Pokemon: Team StormRiders - Active

Milos- The Rainbow Rescue Team

Nasty Plasty- Daniel’s Blue Mystery Team

Neo Pikachu- Black Rescue Team: Genesis Beyond

*RocketMeowth- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team 9 Lives to the Rescue

Ryouseiken- Mystery Dungeon: Team Fields

SamSquirtle- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Sammy’s Adventure

Scytherwolf- Mind Whisperer - Active

Trainer_Trevor- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Pikachu Tale

Pokemon Perspective

ChronoPika- Mawile to the Life

Deathspector- Eliadon

*Deoxys Trainer- Solar Destiny: Tales of War

Dragonfree- The Second Clone

DragoniteMistress- Journey's from Hikari's Pokemon's Perspective

Hakken- Destiny of the Ice

Hakken- War of the Eeveelutions

Hoenn Mirror Girl- Orre Star Shuffle

Hoshika- Incarnation

KCash- Bringing Judgement Day

KCash- A Chikorita Adventure

Lapras Frost- Another Perspective

Nick_Roge- No Title

Orange Flaaffy- The Water’s Reflection

PalkiaAndBlisseyrock- The Protector Stone

RedEeveeMaster- A Look Through Two Views

RedEeveeMaster- Poke’world

RocketMeowth- A Day in the Life of a Meowth

RocketMeowth- Genetic Code

RocketMeowth- War

Scytherwolf- The Path of Destiny - Active

SunshineWingull- A Quilava’s Life

TheStoneRegisteel- Enternity Bound

Trainer Trevor- Miracle Beam: A Treecko’s Destiny

sonickid01- The Legendary War

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Default Series --Romance--Trainer Journey--WAR Based--Other--


Abbi- Two of a Kind

Ash_lover- Lovestruck

Blazemxx- Love, Lucy: Luck Shipping

Eternal- Eternal: The Power of Two

Ham and Cheese- I’m a Fake

HKim- The Tears of Love

Kyro- A Whole New Feeling

LuigiWithCheese- It’s My Baby

Matt & Vulpix- Live and Love

May Norman- May Norman’s Crush

May Norman- Through Hoenn Plains

Pokemon Trainer Sarah- You Broke My Heart (AAML)

Rapz- The Water’s Tide

Torchic23- Dark Storm

Trainer Trevor- May and Brendan

Yami Rui- She’s Mine, He’s Mine

Trainer Journey(Original League)

Alakazam17- The Canadian League

Avenger- Pelliper Pals

Berserk Murkrow- An Untitled Journey

cjoey97- Pokemon Elemental Legacies

cybernest- Pokemon Kutor Region

Dragon Lover- <{[(~Dragon Isle Adventures~)}]>

HondoomMaster- Pokemon Journey: Gahton Island

IceKing- Whirl Island Quest! {Version2}

lil_leprachaun33- The Stoplek League Collection: A Trainer’s View

Manjoume Jun- The Pokemon Nature Journeys

Matt & Vulpix- As the Seasons Pass

Matt Silver- .:Pokemon Shade Generation:.

O God The After Math- Pokemonathon

PorygonX- Towards a New Destiny

Rocket Meowth- Saurin Region: A Morphers Journey

Sceptile Frost- Now and Forever, Volume One: The Adventure

Sceptile Frost- Pokemon: Master Chronicles

Scorch Ry- <The Serenity Wraths>

Travis:Storm_Trainer- Pokemon: Generation X

Trainer Journey(Standard League)

2wings- Master Quest

Ace- Sibling Rivalry

Aiikari- Sibling Rivals Book 1

AipomBoy- The Pokestory

Aiya Quackform- The One Drop

Altaria Tamer- A New Beginning

Azhure- Azhure’s Pokemon Adventure

Azumarill_056- The Long & Winding Road

Barret- The Magic Combination

Blaze Lizardon- Pokemon Champion

Blazeiken12- Pain to Tell the Truth

Blazeiken12- Pokemon- Journey of Two Trainers

Brian Powell- Pokemon Impact

chetahneogirl- Christina and Mary

Cody- Rob’s Bug Pokemon Journey!

Cool guy36- Pokemon ... The Ultimate Quest Begins

Crystal Momoyia- Crystal’s journey through hoenn

DarkAeon- A Pokemon Journey: KB Style

Deathspector- The Jacob Stone Chronicles

Dr Skottie- ~An Adventure of a Lifetime

Eternal- A Dream Worth Going For

Featherdust- Artemis' Gift

Flaming-Torkoal- The Passion of Fire

GodsChild7- Poke’mon Journey: The Seven Stars

green gyarados- The Quest to Save the Lands

Ham and Cheese- Pokemon Amethyst

Hariken4- Chronicles

Hariken4- The Adventures of Harison

HondoomMaster- Johto Master Quest

HondoomMaster- Katie’s Journey

HondoomMaster- Nick’s Pokemon Journey {Verison2}

HondoomMaster- Indigo Journies {Sequel to Nick’s Pokemon Journey}

HondoomMaster- Journey

HondoomMaster- Quest for a Name

Johto Master- Pokemon’s Dark Side

Johto Master- True Masters

Karisuma-Teichou- Journey of a Life Time

Kayden Javlaiakin- ~*~ Diary of a FutureChampion ~*~

KCash- Hoenn with a View

KCash- Orange Islands Adventure

KCash- Quest of a Champion
{Sequel to Orange Islands Adventure}

KCash- Journey of Wonders {Spin-off to Quest of a Champion}

Kyeiko- Kyeiko’s Story!

LaprasRider- A Girl’s Journey

Lapras Rider- No Title

Latias10- A Splash in My Journey

latiasluver2004- Pokemon: Challenges of Love and Mastery

Lemon- Pokmeon: A Boy’s Admiration

Matt & Vulpix- A Journey in Kanto

Matt & Vulpix- A Garden Girl’s Journey

Matthew- <~When Leaves Fall~>

Mikkael- Mikkael’s Pokemon Adventure

mousey- mousey’ pokemon adventure

Noob of all noobs- Pokemon Skies: Kit’s Journey

Noob of all Noobs- .:Samantha’s Pokemon Journey:.

Paperfairy- A Kanto Co-Ordinator

Phoenix004- Mike Ketchum’s Pokemon Journey

Pickleboy- Water Master... journey to Kanto

Pokemon Master- Pokemon Saga: Sector 1

Pokemon_Master_Nikki99- ..~*As Life Shoots By*~..

Pokemon_Master_Nikki99- Nikki’s Dragon Journey

Pokefan Silver- Johto Journeys

PokeRyan- Ryan’s Pokemon Adventure

Prinsess Leia- Sapphire Story

RaichuGuardian- Two Friends, One Destiny

Rapz- I’ll Be Different

Ryouseiken- Pokemon Ex: Hoenn

saya- Forseen Trouble

Scizor- Franky’s Pokemon Journey, a Journey of His Dreams

Scorch Ry- {Critical Kingdom Battles} {Sequel? To The Strive to Victory.}

Scorch Ry- Dragon I: Mystical Legends

secret jirachi- A Start: The Story of Sydney Ketchum

Seraph7Wings- PJ and Chris- A Pokemon Adventure

Suicune’s Child- Ocean Eyes

Th3DazeGrace- .:Trials of Friendship:.

Trainer Trevor- Lost! A Pokemon Story

tyshaun015- Path of a Champion

Umbreon Shadow- Pokemon Adventures: Hoenn Awaiting

Venasaur- Journey to Fallarbor Gym

Who Knows- The Dream

Yamato-san- Pocket Monsters Chronicles

WAR Based

Channel Delibird- A Frozen Flame

Half a Dollar- WAR .563: War of the Sins

HKim- Alternate

Marth- The Crystal Chronicles

Neo Pikachu- Darkest of Fires

Raddstealth316- The World at War


anastasiar- ~*A life in the 4 regions*~

anastasiar- ~*Pokemon shows, talk shows, and more!*~

Lone Houndoom- Pokemon vs Yu-gi-oh

nintyweb- No Title

rust- Phenac Bill and other PKMN Folk Tales

Satou- The L-Poke Project

TheStoneRegisteel- Pokemon: Your Adventure

vellyvell- Velly’s Reign

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Default --Shorts and One Shots--


385jirachimaster- No Title

Aiikari- Tick Tock-My Time was Up

Ash’s Decendent- Attempting an impossible win

Cool_guy36- Professor Meowth

Deathspector- Escaped? Or Captured Again?

Knightblazer- Zircon

Lemon- Titanic Clash

Mario- Ash vs. Richie

Pika57- Courage and Fear

Psychic- Pouncer

Redlark- The Strange Case of Dr. Hewlett

Sceptile Frost- Vengeance

Scorch Ry- Bloodthirsty Rage

Scorch Ry- Eternity’s Prison

Scorch Ry- The Fairy-Tale Sea

Scorch Ry- Lethal Elegance

sin-of-greed- Neneko’s Challenge in Mauville

tropiusCF- Suspending Disbelief

Tyranitar Trainer- Doom’s Origin

Zerophex- Stoic Moron


Bay- Rid of the Scarlet Letter

Saya- Despair's Hope


Bay- Take Fifty Five

~delfino feroce- Sleeping Ugly- A Tale in the Land of PE2K

Delirium- The Adventures of Emo Bird and Co.

Hoenn Mirror Girl- Fishy the Magikarp

IceKing- Tales of a Little Snicker Doodle

Mechaflame- Pokemon Gone Wrong

Mechaflame- When Ash Gets Drunk

Saffire Persian- Loyalty

Saffire Persian- Chance {Sequel to Loyalty}

Saya- The End- A Parody

Sceptile Frost- PokeWars

Treecko 93- The Pokemon Olympics


Ace- Deficient Principle

Act- On the Other Side

Act- Sincerely, Feebas

Aiya Quackform- Into the Mud

Daedalus- Golden Smiles, Silver Tears

Deathspector- Choice

*Deathspector- Don’t Cry, Misty

Dragonfree- Nightmare {Spin-off to Quest for the Legends}

Dragonfree- Sunset Beach

Dr Skottie- The Golden Mightyena

HKim- Walking Through the Snow

Jedi_Amara- accolade {Sequel to memory}

Jedi_Amara- memory

Jedi_Amara- The Prize

Jedi_Amara- Ridiculous

Jedi_Amara- Summer’s Dying Days

katiekitten- Final Dance

Knightblazer- † Ash †

Knightblazer- Moment of Peace

Knightblazer- *~Reflections~*

Knightblazer- + Reflection of Eternity +

Neo Pikachu- Sky Gazing

PhantomKat7- A Lonely Fate

Pokemon Trainer Sarah- The Deepest Wound

Pokemon Trainer Sarah- Dreamtime Stories

Pokemon Trainer Sarah- Never Look Back

Psychic- Starting Anew

RocketMeowth- Week Vision

Saffire Persian- +Dividing the Bones+

*Saffire Persian- The Ties that Bind

*Saya- Despair’s Hope

Saya- A Talk in the Street

Sceptile Frost- Jump

Scorch Ry- Emerald Showers

Scorch Ry- Secrets

Scorch Ry- Shadow Beauty

Tyranitar Trainer- Lost Innocence


bjgamecreations- Tales From the Pokemon Crypt

Deathspector- Worst Nightmare

Grassy_Aggron- Monster in the Night

green gyarados- Attack at Midnight

IceKing- ~Malevolence~

katiekitten- Possessions

katiekitten- Styx.

katiekitten- The Ultimate Price

KCash- Shuppet Grudges

Knightblazer- + The Hunter and the Hunted +

lil_leprachaun33- Frank and Dr. Stein

lil_leprachaun33- Muk Turns Rotten

Matt & Vulpix- The Bloodstained Dress

Neo Pikachu- The Foreign Familiar

Neo Pikachu- From the Murkrow’s Eye

Mystery Dungeon

Isaac Gravity- Bone Chant

kattiekitten- A Day in the Life


Cameron123- Because You Loved Me

DaRkUmBrEoN- In the End

DaRkUmBrEoN- Poke a Poem

dead on arrival95- ~Over the Years~

Defense.2- Just Another Day

Knightblazer- The Twelve Days of X-Mas

Neo Pikachu- Play Crack the Sky

Pokemon Trainer Sarah- A Million Tears

Redlark- Rocket Revolution

Saya- I’m Still Here

Sceptile Frost- Every Time

Tyranitar Trainer- A Dream Unto Her

Zero- Tomorrow


Bay- Those Eyes

Brian Powell- Mysterious Girl

Brian Powell- Only One Road

Brian Powell- Something Stupid

Brian Powell- Wonderful Tonight

Brian Powell- Young Song

KCash- Love Comes Buried in Ashes

lil_leprachaun33- Waiting in Stone

May Norman- I’ll always love you forever

May Horman- The Letter

Pokemon Trainer Sarah- Goodbye

Pokemon Trainer Sarah- What Makes Me Misty Most of All

Sceptile Frost- Pocket Monsters: The Journey’s End

Sceptile Frost- Tuesdays with Erika

Suicune’s Child- Destinies Devided: The Truth that Came too Late

WAR Based

Bronislav84- Team War Season 2: My Aftermath

rust- The Legacy of Aqua


DaRkUmBrEoN- Untitled Project: P.O.K.E.M.O.N.

Oz Ranger- OR’s Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Saya- When Pokemon Ruled the World

secret_jirachi- Rocket Kidnap Diary

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