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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Default Torpedoes in the water!

Green=people talking
Main character: Admiral Hamilcar, he is a admiral in team Aqua’s navy in charge of a expedition to the Orange Islands. He is 6’-5” tall, weighs 180lbs, fare-skinned, brown hair, green eyes.
Back ground: Indian origin, the tribe concentrates on water and ice types.
Pokemon: Walrein, Lapras, Delibird, Victreebel, Alakazam, and Gengar.
Flag ship: Hannibal

”Sir! Sonar just picked multiple contacts in the water,” the messenger replied breathlessly.

Turning to face him,”How many contact and what class?” I said to him

”The watchmen didn’t say. I was called from another duty to fetch you.”

Standing up I spoke to him,”Alright get back to your duties.”

Saluting he ran off again. After watching him run off I quickly walked to the deck. Arriving I started to bark commands to the sergeant in charge.

”How many contacts? What Class? What Degree? Are they hostiles,” I said barking to him. With out waiting for him to respond I grabbed the com and spoke into it. Battle stations! All crew to battle Stations,” Switching frequencies I talked to the commanders of the fleet. ”We have Multiple contacts in the water; I want all men to battle stations. Have the carriers, battleships, and destroyers move to the center. All subs form a ring around the fleet. I don’t want anything to get through,” I barked into the mike.

Turning back to the sergeant,”Have we identified who they are?” I asked him

”Yes sir, they are Magma ships, bearing at 128 degrees north,” He replied looking at the sonar screen.

”Great, How many ships and what classes are they,” I asked.

”We have 6 carriers and 30 subs on the screen,” this time he looked scared.

”What! Have tubes 1-8 filled now,” I told him, wiping perspiration off my brow. Sitting down In my chair I called gave a command to the communications officer. "Send a message to headquarters. It will read: under attack by Magma fleet, 45 miles south of orange islands. Requesting assistance. Commander Hamilcar,” I said to him.

”Sir they enemy have spotted us and are moving into attack range,” he said.

”Just great, have the 3 carriers from a triangle in the middle, have the 10 battleships and destroyers fill in the gaps between each carrier, and have all 15 subs, including ours, form a line in front of the enemy. Got all that.” I asked him. When he nodded I finished what I was going to say. Good, now have the commanders load half anti-sub and half anti-carrier in their tubes. Have the destroyers set depth charges on the sides of the fleet,"

Sir! The enemy have increased speed and will be in firing range within 5 minutes," one of the technician people told me.

[color=green]”Are the ships in position?” I asked.

”Yes sir,” He answered.

Sitting back I waited for the enemy fleet to arrive. Using a keypad on my chair I maneuvered a periscope down to where I was. Looking into it I saw the enemy fleet approaching and something else that could be very fatal to the fleet. Grabbing a mike I issued a command to the communication officer.

”The enemy carriers have launched Pokemon riders. Have our carriers launch pokemon riders also, I want mostly Delibirds in the air to counter their dragons,” I told him.

Hearing the response I replaced the mike and sent the periscope away. Turning my attention to sonar screen I could see the enemy fleet getting closer with each second.
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