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Trainer's Stats Post and update your trainer stats here. You can also find the stats of other trainers.

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Old 03-31-2007, 04:00 AM
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Default Skullduggery27's (bjgamecreations) Stats

Yeah I know my username is bjgamecreations but I go by Skullduggery27 now and I don't feel like making a new account I have a feeling i'm not going to shake the bjgamecreations though so you may refer to me by it Anyway...

Name: Skullduggery27/bjgamecreations (or Ben)
AIM Screenname: bjgamecreations (add me and request a battle! :P)
Position: Trainer

Money: $3500
Battles: 15
Wins: 9
Losses: 6
Ties: 0

Items: TMs: Earthquake (Used), Psychic (Used)
Badges: None


Pokémon: Flygon
Name: Terre
Ability: Levitate
Gender: Male
Battles: 10
TMs: Earthquake
Obtained: Starter

Pokémon: Ivysaur
Name: Bromley
Ability: Overgrow
Gender: Male
Battles: 5
TMs: 0
Obtained: Story (Spring Stealing)

Pokémon: Cubone
Name: Nyx
Ability: Rock Head
Gender: Female
Battles: 1
TMs: 0
Obtained: Story (The Barn of Skulls)

Pokémon: Duskull
Name: Erebus
Ability: Levitate
Gender: Male
Battles: 4
TMs: Psychic
Obtained: Story (The Barn of Skulls)

Current Stories: Ben the Poké-Photgrapher Saga

Battle Log:

04/03/2007: Terre vs Eraizaa's Nincada (won)
04/11/2007: Terre vs Espeon Sun's Eevee (won)
04/11/2007: Terre vs Larvinator's Wurmple (won)
04/12/2007: Terre vs Shadow from the Deep's Gengar (lost)
04/13/2007: Terre vs Espeon Sun's Flareon (won)
04/13/2007: Terre & Bromley vs Thrall's Primeape (Lost)
04/13/2007: Terre & Bromley vs Thrall's Breloom (Lost)
04/14/2007: Terre vs RPGRaccoon's Sandshrew (won)
04/15/2007: Nyx & Erebus vs Larvinator's Eevee & Spinarak (won)
04/15/2007: Bromley vs Xlugon's Eevee (won)
04/15/2007: Erebus vs Xlugon's Eevee (lost)
04/16/2007: Erebus & Terre vs Chaotic_Despair's Weezing (lost)
04/16/2007: Bromley vs FireOnYourSleeve's Spheal (won)
04/16/2007: Terre vs FireOnYourSleeve's Spheal (lost)
04/16/2007: Bromley & Erebus vs Larvinator's Eevee & Spinarak (won)

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