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Old 05-17-2010, 06:32 PM
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Default Re: Funny E-Conversations

What happens when Near joins an FFA.

imperialpineaple 7:22 pm
(19:22:40): silence trolling/flaming mortals
(19:22:43): or lose 50%
(19:22:45): and such
(19:23:03): Espeon
imperialpineaple 7:23 pm
(19:23:49): uses grass knot on bibarel

iamnotyou11 7:24 pm
(19:24:10): ******
imperialpineaple 7:24 pm
(19:24:25): lopunny follows suit with dizzy punch
OnlineHost 7:24 pm
(19:24:39): imperialpineaple rolled 1 100-sided die: 79
imperialpineaple 7:24 pm
(19:24:42): no con
(19:25:10): Roserade kos
(19:25:13): with eball

iamnotyou11 7:25 pm
(19:25:24): Zak you ***
imperialpineaple 7:25 pm
(19:25:44): Magmortars EQ goes random
OnlineHost 7:26 pm
(19:26:07): imperialpineaple rolled 1 9-sided die: 2
imperialpineaple 7:26 pm
(19:26:16): Lopunny hit
OnlineHost 7:26 pm
(19:26:28): imperialpineaple rolled 1 100-sided die: 8
imperialpineaple 7:26 pm
(19:26:36): Gallades bulks up
(19:26:40): Gardevoir calm minds
(19:26:49): skorupi acupressures
iamnotyou11 7:27 pm
(19:27:17): Srsly
OnlineHost 7:27 pm
(19:27:19): imperialpineaple rolled 1 4-sided die: 4
iamnotyou11 7:27 pm
(19:27:21): gangbanging me
(19:27:24): the first turn
(19:27:24): wow
OnlineHost 7:27 pm
(19:27:29): imperialpineaple rolled 1 5-sided die: 4
imperialpineaple 7:27 pm
(19:27:34): sdef
(19:27:57): Ttars stone edge goes random
OnlineHost 7:27 pm
(19:27:59): imperialpineaple rolled 1 9-sided die: 2
imperialpineaple 7:28 pm
(19:28:03): lopunny again
OnlineHost 7:28 pm
(19:28:05): imperialpineaple rolled 1 100-sided die: 88
iamnotyou11 7:28 pm
(19:28:05): ok
imperialpineaple 7:28 pm
(19:28:07): miss
iamnotyou11 7:28 pm
(19:28:08): 5 people
(19:28:09): attack me
(19:28:10): this turn
(19:28:12): wow
(19:28:15): ******* fags
EspeonRin 7:28 pm
(19:28:24): it's called a plan near, stfu.
imperialpineaple 7:28 pm
(19:28:27): Gible's drush goes random
OnlineHost 7:28 pm
(19:28:29): imperialpineaple rolled 1 100-sided die: 17
(19:28:33): imperialpineaple rolled 1 9-sided die: 5
iamnotyou11 7:28 pm
(19:28:34): 6 people
(19:28:40): ER your an idiot
imperialpineaple 7:28 pm
(19:28:45): hits gardy
iamnotyou11 7:28 pm
(19:28:45): you dont get 6 people
(19:28:47): to attack one thing
(19:28:49): when it takes 3
(19:28:50): to ko it
EspeonRin 7:28 pm
(19:28:57): Yes we do, it's called a statement, now shutup adn let TO ref.
iamnotyou11 7:29 pm
(19:29:02): also TO
(19:29:04): ER talked twice
(19:29:08): I believe he loses 100%
(19:29:09): :)
imperialpineaple 7:29 pm
(19:29:18): meh
(19:29:22): warnings
iamnotyou11 7:29 pm
(19:29:24): DO IT. has left the room. 7:29 pm
iamnotyou11 7:29 pm
(19:29:36): Wow TO you suck ko him
imperialpineaple 7:29 pm
(19:29:57): Rhyperiors splash goes random!
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Old 05-18-2010, 08:48 PM
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Default Re: Funny E-Conversations

[16:01] szopaw: also, how're you feeling now?
[16:02] xnonepersempre: About the same.
[16:03] szopaw: ah, suck balls then
[16:03] szopaw: sucks*
[16:03] szopaw: >.<

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Old 05-24-2010, 06:25 AM
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Default Re: Funny E-Conversations

froggy052005: Dude
froggy052005: That ******* moth is just sitting there.
froggy052005: It's like staring at me.
Crippler: It's a bug.
Crippler: Planted there by the CIA.
froggy052005: Bugs usually go about their business.
froggy052005: This one's chilling.
froggy052005: OMG
froggy052005: It moved
froggy052005: It's been there for hours.
Crippler: The CIA's seen all they need to see.
froggy052005: Lol'd
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Old 06-02-2010, 06:47 PM
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Default Re: Funny E-Conversations

[8:14:22 PM] яє∂: Miranda you're like a wet sack of flour. You just lay there. :(
[8:14:25 PM] мιяαη∂α: I think I'm like a sack of potatoes

[6:11:55 PM] αυѕту: SCARY MOFO
[6:11:57 PM] αυѕту: SH**
[6:11:58 PM] αυѕту: F***AH
[6:12:01 PM] αυѕту: BEEEYOTCH
[6:12:03 PM] αυѕту: GANSTALICIOUS
[6:12:06 PM] αυѕту: HOMIE
[6:12:08 PM] αυѕту: CRIB
[6:12:09 PM] αυѕту: WHAT UP
[6:12:33 PM] Jєѕѕυ: austin i will have nightmares tonight

[9:57:01 PM] мιтcн: Dude
[9:57:15 PM] мιтcн: I think I just did something awesome
[9:57:21 PM] αυѕту: Hmm?
[9:57:23 PM] Jєѕѕυ: went through puberty?
[9:57:27 PM] αυѕту: Jess, you should listen too.
[9:57:30 PM] αυѕту: Hahahahahaha
[9:57:32 PM] αυѕту: GOT HIS ASS
[9:57:32 PM] мιтcн: Still haven't :(

[11:19:00 PM] Jєѕѕυ: once upon a time
[11:19:02 PM] Jєѕѕυ: i was in class
[11:19:02 PM] Thomas P: No
[11:19:09 PM] αυѕту: And I spewed blood out my va****
[11:19:10 PM] Jєѕѕυ: we found a used tampon under the table
[11:19:12 PM] Jєѕѕυ: it was nasty
[11:19:17 PM] Thomas P: And then the same day.. some dude saw 2 guys fapping in the bathroom togethere.

I'm lame and I rename people.


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Default Re: Funny E-Conversations

zdraconicespeon (10:47:22 PM): You need a team of Wooper
zdraconicespeon (10:47:28 PM): all smashing rocks
zdraconicespeon (10:47:31 PM): synchronized

[ BFF ~ Draconic Espeon ]
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[13:34:57] AddieBears: poptarts are gay
[13:35:02] *Slaps chu*
[13:35:07] BEOTCH!
[13:35:15] AustenRrrrr: OH in da faaaaaaaaace!
[13:35:59] Dude, you so killed it.
[13:36:04] GTFO my internets.

[13:34:57] AddieBears: poptarts are gay
[13:35:02] *Slaps chu*
[13:35:07] BEOTCH!
[13:35:15] AustenRrrrr: OH in da faaaaaaaaace!
[13:35:59] AddieBears: dude, you so killed it
[13:36:04] @ARrrrr- GTFO my internets.
I need a new sig, uhg.
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Default Re: Funny E-Conversations

[20:58] LSpl0x: DOB?
[20:58] LSpl0x: WHATS A DOB
[20:59] xsarahislimeyx: Date of birth?
[20:59] LSpl0x: oh
[20:59] LSpl0x: LOL
[20:59] xsarahislimeyx: i bet you tried to figure out something else in your head xD
[20:59] LSpl0x: iw as like
[20:59] LSpl0x: .. diameter of boobs..?


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Default Re: Funny E-Conversations

(I'll bold this later for easier reading.)

(12:58:44 AM) setheatsairplane: ho ****, sorry I'm really stoned its not my fault! I feel bad now
(12:58:57 AM) 3m0d0ll: You should, ******.
(1:00:26 AM) 3m0d0ll: Ha! Wanna know the funniest thing?
(1:00:28 AM) setheatsairplane: : (
(1:00:37 AM) setheatsairplane: I guess
(1:00:52 AM) 3m0d0ll: It's not mean, don't worry.
(1:01:50 AM) 3m0d0ll: I have this Google translator thing so if a website in in... Spanish or something, it askes me if I want it to be in English. -c-
(1:02:30 AM) setheatsairplane: You dont really think I'm a ****** do you? :{
(1:03:02 AM) 3m0d0ll: So I go to Serebii and the thingy pops up: 'This page is in English, would you like to translate it?'
(1:03:09 AM) 3m0d0ll: Me: 'Haha, no.'
(1:03:28 AM) 3m0d0ll: idk, I'm to tired to be mad at somebody.
(1:03:57 AM) 3m0d0ll: You should fear me in the morning, though. (O.O)
(1:04:21 AM) setheatsairplane: lol, I miss seeing you every morning though : (
(1:04:55 AM) 3m0d0ll: That was weird. Our posts ended with the same two words...
(1:05:07 AM) 3m0d0ll: 'Morning though'
(1:05:13 AM) 3m0d0ll: ZOMG
(1:05:14 AM) setheatsairplane: lol, I guess that's weird
(1:05:37 AM) 3m0d0ll: We're mentally connected. (o.0)
(1:06:46 AM) setheatsairplane: haha, wouldnt be surprise. Came back home from Orange County today I'm about ready to crash
(1:07:39 AM) 3m0d0ll: I was gonna go to sleep, but then I checked who was online for the hell of it and was like, "SETH! ZOMG!"
(1:07:55 AM) 3m0d0ll: How was da OC?
(1:08:16 AM) setheatsairplane: aight, got drunk as **** and lit illegal fireworks (:
(1:08:27 AM) 3m0d0ll: Haha, nice.
(1:08:31 AM) 3m0d0ll: *air five*
(1:08:57 AM) setheatsairplane: *air hug*
(1:09:09 AM) 3m0d0ll: What's my name?
(1:09:19 AM) 3m0d0ll: P.S. I mentally changed it.
(1:09:33 AM) 3m0d0ll: My name is no longer Jennifer.
(1:10:09 AM) setheatsairplane: um.. let me think
(1:10:43 AM) setheatsairplane: jessica?
(1:10:47 AM) 3m0d0ll: NO
(1:11:03 AM) setheatsairplane: damn, what??
(1:11:16 AM) 3m0d0ll: I despise that name. *eye twitch*
(1:11:31 AM) 3m0d0ll: Either Cookie, Cupcake, or Daisey.
(1:11:47 AM) 3m0d0ll: Oops, Daisy.
(1:11:53 AM) 3m0d0ll: There is no 'E'
(1:11:54 AM) setheatsairplane: that one
(1:11:58 AM) 3m0d0ll: lol
(1:12:06 AM) 3m0d0ll: Which one?
(1:12:25 AM) setheatsairplane: the flower
(1:13:11 AM) 3m0d0ll: Aww. I like that one best, too. SEE! Mentally connected. *nods*
(1:13:42 AM) setheatsairplane: Know too many bitchez with the names cookie & cupcake too lol
(1:14:19 AM) 3m0d0ll: Itz meh stripa name.
(1:14:22 AM) 3m0d0ll: Jk.
(1:14:41 AM) setheatsairplane: lol I missed asking eachother random questions
(1:14:46 AM) 3m0d0ll: I'm hyper! ZOMGWTFISTHAT?!
(1:15:04 AM) 3m0d0ll: KILLITKILLITKILLIT!
(1:15:25 AM) 3m0d0ll: What's your... fave band as of right now?
(1:17:25 AM) setheatsairplane: Silverstein, Unearth, Nirvana. You still into Guns & Roses & Escape the Fate?
(1:17:58 AM) 3m0d0ll: All the way!
(1:18:09 AM) setheatsairplane: **** yeah. (:
(1:18:14 AM) 3m0d0ll: But, my current obsession:
(1:18:31 AM) 3m0d0ll: WASP. Blackie Lawless is hawt. He's up there with Andy Sixx and Billie Joe Armstrong.
(1:19:02 AM) 3m0d0ll: Every time you spell Billie with a Y, a puppie dies. Puppie Killer.
(1:19:19 AM) setheatsairplane: lol I thought it was soemthing else
(1:19:48 AM) 3m0d0ll: WASP is roumored to stand for We Are Sexual Perverts.
(1:19:58 AM) 3m0d0ll: Yeah. No joke.
(1:20:13 AM) 3m0d0ll: 100% real **** right there.
(1:21:13 AM) setheatsairplane: hahah, cool. litting up a joint right now wish I could enjoy it with you : (
(1:21:25 AM) 3m0d0ll: Awww.
(1:21:33 AM) 3m0d0ll: Pugs, not Drugs.
(1:21:44 AM) 3m0d0ll: Think of the puppies, Puppie Killer.
(1:22:24 AM) setheatsairplane: Atleast I dont kill kittens..
(1:23:09 AM) 3m0d0ll: You weren't there when Nick chased after this cat, were you?
(1:23:31 AM) 3m0d0ll: I don't think you were. It was funny...
(1:23:42 AM) setheatsairplane: lol, I wasnt
(1:24:17 AM) 3m0d0ll: He was freaking cause he thought he was seeing the cat and that I wasn't.
(1:25:32 AM) setheatsairplane: lolz little freak
(1:26:25 AM) setheatsairplane: Have you ever kissed a rabbit between the ears? (Pull your pockets inside out....) Would you like to? (;
(1:26:58 AM) 3m0d0ll: Haha, clever.
(1:27:27 AM) 3m0d0ll: Time for random Harry Potter Pickup lines:
(1:27:40 AM) setheatsairplane: sounds fun? lol
(1:27:58 AM) 3m0d0ll: Uno momento, gotta find em...
(1:28:26 AM) 3m0d0ll: "You heard of Platform 9 and 3/4? I can think of something with the exact same measurements." "My name isn't Luna, but I sure know how to Lovegood!" "Thninking of you makes me whomp my willow." "Can I put my Basilisk in your Chamber of Secrets?" Good times.
(1:29:15 AM) setheatsairplane: lol I'm touched. xD
(1:29:30 AM) 3m0d0ll: I know, right.
(1:29:45 AM) 3m0d0ll: You're so flattered at my vulgar comments.
(1:30:22 AM) setheatsairplane: um.. If it's true that we are what we eat, then I could be you by morning ;D
(1:30:44 AM) 3m0d0ll: Haha, nooooooo.
(1:30:53 AM) 3m0d0ll: Nice try though.
(1:30:58 AM) 3m0d0ll: Props.
(1:32:14 AM) setheatsairplane: What do you say we go back to my room and do some math: Add a bed, subtract our clothes, divide your legs, and multiply. I remember you telling me that one aha.
(1:32:42 AM) 3m0d0ll: YOU DID IT WRONG! It's 'and pray we don't multiply.'
(1:32:50 AM) 3m0d0ll: *******. <3
(1:34:03 AM) setheatsairplane: If we were both squirrels, would you let me bust a nut in your hole? <3 ( :
(1:34:51 AM) 3m0d0ll: GTFO my internets.
(1:34:58 AM) 3m0d0ll: That's so old.
(1:35:23 AM) setheatsairplane: damn. why arent I surprised youve heard that one already..
(1:35:41 AM) 3m0d0ll: LOL!
(1:35:56 AM) setheatsairplane: Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I like Spaghetti, Let's go ****!
(1:36:09 AM) 3m0d0ll: No, I've had no sexual contact with anyone in... about a month.
(1:36:22 AM) 3m0d0ll: That's like, a record or something.
(1:36:27 AM) setheatsairplane: oh wow. lol
(1:36:35 AM) 3m0d0ll: I KNOW!
(1:38:26 AM) 3m0d0ll: Okay, don't tell Kasi I told you... but I heard you two kissed.
(1:38:28 AM) setheatsairplane: yeahh Idk what to say
(1:38:32 AM) 3m0d0ll: True?
(1:39:22 AM) setheatsairplane: yeah, was really drunk that night too, kinda grossed out when I woke up the next morning. Wouldnt tell her I said that though lol.
(1:39:52 AM) 3m0d0ll: 'Woke up in the morning' as in...
(1:40:55 AM) setheatsairplane: me by myself, thank ******* god
(1:41:22 AM) 3m0d0ll: That would have been turamatizing.
(1:42:38 AM) setheatsairplane: I might've turned gay. lol jk but I would need sexual healing from someone sexy (:
(1:43:04 AM) setheatsairplane: and blonde, and cute, whom I connect with (:
(1:43:15 AM) 3m0d0ll: Hmm, who would be that lucky someone, I wonder... *ponders*

And it goes on like that for about an hour... yeah.
I need a new sig, uhg.
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Default Re: Funny E-Conversations

Why do people make there funny E-convos so long.. Theyre only funny if they are short and sweet.

[15:24] TigerintheArk: Well, me and Kelli are going to go out and eat in a moment
[15:24] ImLS: oh
[15:24] ImLS: ok
[15:24] ImLS: what're you eating
[15:24] ImLS: ;)
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Default Re: Funny E-Conversations


Craig [12:55am]: You need to get msn
Ron [12:56am]: i got everything besides msn
Craig [12:56am]: Msn pwns
i go on it everyday
Mitch and everyone else has it :P
Ron [12:58am]: i just txt peopleee and most people on pe2k use aim.
Craig [12:58am]: well pe2k is full of nerds xD
Ron [12:58am]: and you've been on there for 4 years?
Craig [12:58am]: Ouch, I know


Originally Posted by Lord Khajmer View Post
Looks like Craig isn't the only one surfing PE2K while high as a kite.

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Default Re: Funny E-Conversations

I was on IRC and fooled around. IN AN RP 8D

Bert - IRC Buddy Inu - Me

[18:50] <BertGlamGa> He farted on my head. >.>;;
[18:52] <Inu_Sakuya> lol
[18:53] <BertGlamGa> XD
[19:00] <Inu_Sakuya> Chibi Inu is chibi
[19:00] <BertGlamGa> Chibi Inu is cute chibi Inu.
[19:09] <Inu_Sakuya> derp :3
[19:11] <BertGlamGa> Herp derp.... 7:
[19:22] <Inu_Sakuya> Darn
[19:22] <BertGlamGa> lol, we suck. XD
[19:23] <Inu_Sakuya> We suck at attacking
[19:24] <Inu_Sakuya> Oh noez!
[19:24] <BertGlamGa> lol
[19:37] <BertGlamGa> Now we revert to Eggs. XD

[19:38] <Inu_Sakuya> DARN.
[19:38] <BertGlamGa> lol
[19:38] <Inu_Sakuya> Though when I hatch I might not be an egg
[19:38] <Inu_Sakuya> I mean Inu

[19:39] <BertGlamGa> HEY! :D We can be Inudile and BertPipGa Eggs! :D
[19:39] <Inu_Sakuya> I dunno
[19:46] <Spirit_Sakuya> Try kicking the egg!
[19:47] <Bertlup> LOL! XD K
[19:47] <Spirit_Sakuya> XDDD
[21:45] <Chibi_Inudile> DERP!
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Default Re: Funny E-Conversations


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Default Re: Funny E-Conversations

(this convo is from...back in april lmao. I had it saved so i thought it would be funny to share with you all)


hah dude have u checked out the new south park episodes?
hayashi_the_wolf: no
[JUiCE]: the season premier is about tiger woods
[JUiCE]: its funny as ****
[JUiCE]: its like, his wife finding out he cheated on her, so shes chasing him hitting him, but it turns out that its the new golf game lmao
hayashi_the_wolf: lol
hayashi_the_wolf: they made a flash game about that
[JUiCE]: ha
[JUiCE]: and the second one is about a book they write
hayashi_the_wolf: u play as his wife in a golf cart or some **** trying to hit him with the club
hayashi_the_wolf: lol
hayashi_the_wolf: man those guys have no shame
[JUiCE]: lmao nope
hayashi_the_wolf: awesome
[JUiCE]: and yeah, the book one is funny
[JUiCE]: they make it as disgusting as possible
[JUiCE]: and when ppl start reading it, they start puking
[JUiCE]: but then they think they're in trouble, and put the fault on butters
[JUiCE]: but it turns out that it's a good book
hayashi_the_wolf: lmao
[JUiCE]: so butters turns all famous
[JUiCE]: yeah
[JUiCE]: basically the moral is how ppl try to find a hidden meaning in everything
[JUiCE]: even when theres no hidden meaning
hayashi_the_wolf: lol
hayashi_the_wolf: literary analysts
hayashi_the_wolf: best **** there is
hayashi_the_wolf: pull a galaxy out of nothing
[JUiCE]: lmao hell yeah
[JUiCE]: you can be talking about a childrens book
[JUiCE]: like that one old school one about the caterpillar that ate
[JUiCE]: and these bastards will find a new religion in it
hayashi_the_wolf: lol
hayashi_the_wolf: yep
hayashi_the_wolf: WE ARE THE CATTERPILLAR
hayashi_the_wolf: AND THE FOOD IT EATS
hayashi_the_wolf: IS LIKE
hayashi_the_wolf: THE WORLD MAN
[JUiCE]: lmao
hayashi_the_wolf: ITS EXPERIENCES
hayashi_the_wolf: TIL IT GROWS UP
hayashi_the_wolf: AND BECOMES AN ADULT MAAAN
[JUiCE]: that's deep
hayashi_the_wolf: i kno huh
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Default Re: Funny E-Conversations

setheatsairplane: AustenRrrr is a retard. why do chics like him//
JeneeXxX: Cuz he's a hunk!! *dies*//
setheatsairplane: A hunk of what//
AddieBears: Sausage covered in butter and powdered sugar ;)//
setheatsairplane: What's so great about being big and strong and stupid?//
AddieBears: And sexy; big and strong and stupid sexy.//
setheatsairplane: I'm a hunk in my soul <3
JeneeXxX: A hunk of what?// [SLASHERkillsyou]
JeneeXxX: Adiis, Chew Lips~ Solo. Epic or epic fail?//
AddieBears: EPIC!!
AddieBears: ****. :(
AddieBears: Jen's SLASHER?! ;________;
JeneeXxX: ^5// [SLASHERkillsyou]
JeneeXxX: I win; S my D.
I need a new sig, uhg.
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Default Re: Funny E-Conversations

The below was originally posted by Pidge on BMG, but I decided to copy it here...since I was in it myself.

What Pokemon's head minus feet equals 5?

[01:17] *** Sweetiekido has joined the conversation.
[01:17] Zoa: ok quiz time: whats the only non rock pokemon that learns stone edge
[01:17] Lan4Prez: ...
[01:17] nyurghdude: Infernape
[01:17] nyurghdude: Gyarados
[01:17] Zoa: correct!
[01:17] LordKhajmer: Dragonite
[01:17] Matt5Skip: Gallade
[01:17] Lan4Prez: ...
[01:17] nyurghdude: Salamence
[01:17] Zoa: its only infernape
[01:17] Matt5Skip: Your mother.
[01:17] nyurghdude: oh I get it
[01:17] Monbrey: lmao
[01:17] nyurghdude: Cuz Gyarados rocks
[01:17] Lan4Prez: Infernape doesn't rock
[01:17] *** Sweetiekido has left the conversation.
[01:17] LordKhajmer: Oh
[01:17] LordKhajmer: I agree with that
[01:18] Zoa: ok ok, real question: whose heads minus feet = 5
[01:18] Zoa: (pokemon)
[01:18] Matt5Skip: Pikachu
[01:18] Lan4Prez: wat
[01:18] Zoa: no, that is -1
[01:18] Zoa: or -3
[01:18] Matt5Skip: damn!
[01:18] derianurpg: I don't understand the quest
[01:18] Lan4Prez: Claydol?
[01:19] derianurpg: question*
[01:19] Matt5Skip: Caterpie!
[01:19] Zoa: if you ond understand the question
[01:19] LordKhajmer: Exeggcute
[01:19] Zoa: you lost
[01:19] nyurghdude: its not Dugtrio, Magneton
[01:19] Zoa: also claydol has 1 head
[01:19] InfernapeWarrior: I think LK's right
[01:19] nyurghdude: exggvute
[01:19] nyurghdude: thats right
[01:19] Matt5Skip: Dugtrio!
[01:19] LordKhajmer: 5 heads, no feet
[01:19] Zoa: exeggcute has 6
[01:19] LordKhajmer: Oh
[01:19] Matt5Skip: 5 diglets
[01:19] derianurpg: lol
[01:19] LordKhajmer: *blush*
[01:19] InfernapeWarrior: lol
[01:19] Monbrey: Turn starting
[01:19] LordKhajmer: An Exeggcute that's lost a head
[01:19] Monbrey: Quiet now
[01:19] LordKhajmer: ?
[01:20] LordKhajmer: OH
[01:20] Monbrey: Aerodactyl subs
[01:20] Monbrey: Both Gengars sub
[01:20] Monbrey: Monbrey rolled 1 2-sided die: 1
[01:20] Monbrey: Nape A subs
[01:20] Monbrey: Nape B Mach Punches Ditto
[01:20] nyurghdude: ******
[01:20] Lan4Prez: rofl
[01:20] Matt5Skip: douche
[01:20] nyurghdude: cant you think of linke
[01:21] nyurghdude: 4 better targets
[01:21] Monbrey: Arcanine subs
[01:21] Monbrey: Mr Mime subs
[01:21] Monbrey: Vulpix digs underground
[01:21] Monbrey: Ditto Transforms into Mr Mime
[01:22] Monbrey: Aerodactyl - 359 [75%][SUB]
Gengar A - 319 [75%][SUB]
Gengar B - 319 [75%][SUB]
Infernape A - 315 [75%][SUB]
Infernape B - 315 [100%]
Arcanine - 289 [75%][SUB]
Mr Mime - 279 [75%][SUB]
Dittomime - 279 [78.16%]
Vulpix - 229 [100%]
[01:23] nyurghdude: pudge a hint
[01:23] nyurghdude: what gen is it?
[01:23] Monbrey: Moves :-)
[01:24] nyurghdude: ****
[01:24] nyurghdude: its Gigigear isnt it?
[01:24] derianurpg: gigigear has like, 3 gears
[01:24] nyurghdude: dude
[01:24] nyurghdude: look closel
[01:25] nyurghdude: the big one
[01:25] nyurghdude: is a gear
[01:25] nyurghdude: and there's one on the bottom
[01:26] Monbrey: Turn starting
[01:26] Monbrey: Aerodactyl Protects
[01:26] Monbrey: Monbrey rolled 1 2-sided die: 2
[01:26] Monbrey: Gengar B uses Shadow Ball on Gengar A
[01:26] Monbrey: Sub breaks
[01:26] Monbrey: Gengar A uses Psychic on Infernape B
[01:26] Monbrey: Monbrey rolled 1 100-sided die: 90
[01:26] Monbrey: No drop
[01:27] Monbrey: Monbrey rolled 1 2-sided die: 2
[01:27] Monbrey: Infernape B uses Flare Blitz on Mr Mime
[01:27] Monbrey: Sub breaks
[01:27] Monbrey: Recoil
[01:28] Monbrey: Infernape A uses Earthquake on Vulpix
[01:28] Monbrey: Massive Overkill
[01:28] derianurpg: lol gg
[01:28] Monbrey: Khaj out
[01:28] Matt5Skip: lol gg
[01:28] LordKhajmer: Nape A why are you a *****?
[01:28] nyurghdude: gg
[01:28] Lan4Prez: qft
[01:28] nyurghdude: napes are niggas
[01:28] *** LordKhajmer has left the conversation.
[01:28] nyurghdude: especially in FFAs
[01:28] MagikchickenURPG: gg
[01:28] Lan4Prez: sure is moneywhoring in here
[01:29] Monbrey: Arcanine uses Flare Blitx on Gengar A
[01:29] Monbrey: KO
[01:29] *** cjsox11 has left the conversation.
[01:29] derianurpg: gg
[01:29] nyurghdude: gg
[01:29] MagikchickenURPG: gg
[01:29] Monbrey: Brizer out
[01:29] Monbrey: Recoil
[01:30] Monbrey: Monbrey rolled 1 2-sided die: 1
[01:30] Monbrey: Mr Mime uses Calm Mind
[01:30] Monbrey: Ditto uses Psychic on Infernape B
[01:30] Monbrey: KO's
[01:30] Monbrey: InfernapeWarrior out
[01:30] derianurpg: gg
[01:30] MagikchickenURPG: gg
[01:30] nyurghdude: gg
[01:30] Matt5Skip: gg
[01:30] InfernapeWarrior: *shrugs*
[01:30] Monbrey: Aerodactyl - 359 [75%][SUB]
Gengar B - 319 [75%][SUB]
Infernape A - 315 [75%][SUB]
Arcanine - 289 [53.90%][SUB]
Mr Mime - 279 [75%][SUB]
Dittomime - 279 [78.16%]
[01:30] InfernapeWarrior: I ain't leaving though
[01:31] nyurghdude: next time, dont mess with the Ditto ;)
[01:31] Zoa: mr mime doesnt have a sub
[01:31] MagikchickenURPG: Yes it does?
[01:31] Zoa: or does it!?
[01:31] MagikchickenURPG: oh
[01:31] MagikchickenURPG: did it break?
[01:31] InfernapeWarrior: I Flared it
[01:31] InfernapeWarrior: I think
[01:31] nyurghdude: ^
[01:31] Monbrey: Yeah
[01:31] MagikchickenURPG: Ah, all right
[01:31] Monbrey: Aerodactyl - 359 [75%][SUB]
Gengar B - 319 [75%][SUB]
Infernape A - 315 [75%][SUB]
Arcanine - 289 [53.90%][SUB]
Mr Mime - 279 [75%]
Dittomime - 279 [78.16%]
[01:31] Monbrey: Sun shines :-D
[01:31] Monbrey: Moves?
[01:32] Zoa: also you forgot
[01:32] Zoa: the calm mind boost
[01:32] Zoa: on mr mime
[01:32] nyurghdude: wow
[01:32] nyurghdude: have there really been
[01:32] Monbrey: Hehe
[01:32] nyurghdude: 104 Yes votes
[01:32] Zoa: and hint: gen 1, tell me when you give up
[01:32] nyurghdude: in the masturbation thread
[01:32] nyurghdude: @_@
[01:32] Monbrey: Aerodactyl - 359 [75%][SUB]
Gengar B - 319 [75%][SUB]
Infernape A - 315 [75%][SUB]
Arcanine - 289 [53.90%][SUB]
Mr Mime - 279 [75%][CM+1]
Dittomime - 279 [78.16%]
[01:32] nyurghdude: Dodrio?
[01:33] nyurghdude: wait
[01:33] Monbrey: 5 dodrio
[01:33] nyurghdude: the answer is less obvious than im making it
[01:33] derianurpg: 5 heads after subtracting feet right?
[01:33] InfernapeWarrior: Heads - Feet = 5
[01:33] derianurpg: ah ok
[01:33] derianurpg: question is, 5 what?
[01:34] *** dethdealersylar has left the conversation.
[01:34] derianurpg: 5 appendages?
[01:34] MagikchickenURPG: ^
[01:34] nyurghdude: just 5
[01:34] nyurghdude: if it has 8 heads
[01:34] nyurghdude: and 3 feet
[01:34] nyurghdude: it has 5
[01:34] nyurghdude: thats it
[01:34] Zoa: do you give up yet
[01:34] derianurpg: nope
[01:34] MagikchickenURPG: What's the question. ._.
[01:34] derianurpg: heads - feet = 5
[01:35] InfernapeWarrior: Name a mon that ^^
[01:35] derianurpg: from gen 1
[01:35] InfernapeWarrior: Exeggcute
[01:36] derianurpg: that was said earlier
[01:36] nyurghdude: no
[01:36] nyurghdude: it has 6
[01:36] derianurpg: exeggutor?
[01:36] InfernapeWarrior: Oh yeah...
[01:36] nyurghdude: 3
[01:36] nyurghdude: 5 heads
[01:36] nyurghdude: 2 feet
[01:36] nyurghdude: its not as easy as finding a mon with multiple heads
[01:36] nyurghdude: there's more to it
[01:37] Zoa: ok so you give up right
[01:37] InfernapeWarrior: Kanga
[01:37] InfernapeWarrior: ?
[01:37] nyurghdude: no
[01:37] Monbrey: Yeah
[01:37] nyurghdude: Ctrl+F
[01:37] Zoa: no
[01:37] nyurghdude: gimme a minute
[01:37] Monbrey: I'll brb then ref turn
[01:37] Zoa: not kanga
[01:37] derianurpg: I don't give up
[01:37] InfernapeWarrior: It needs 5 more heads than feet, correct
[01:38] derianurpg: in theory
[01:38] Lan4Prez: or negative feet
[01:38] derianurpg: staryu
[01:38] Zoa: no
[01:38] nyurghdude: well that didnt work
[01:38] nyurghdude: I though
[01:38] nyurghdude: heads included
[01:38] InfernapeWarrior: Starmie
[01:38] nyurghdude: Iron Head, etc.
[01:38] derianurpg: lol that's not gen 1 though
[01:39] nyurghdude: it is
[01:39] nyurghdude: the mon is gen 1
[01:39] nyurghdude: and gen 1 mons do learn Iron Head
[01:39] nyurghdude: he didnt say
[01:39] nyurghdude: straight from Gen 1
[01:39] derianurpg: true but still
[01:39] nyurghdude: I want to say
[01:39] nyurghdude: Ditto
[01:39] nyurghdude: since
[01:40] nyurghdude: it can have 5 heads
[01:40] nyurghdude: and 0 feet
[01:40] derianurpg: Vileplume
[01:40] derianurpg: 5 heads + 2 arms - 2 legs
[01:40] nyurghdude: arms dont count
[01:40] derianurpg: who said?
[01:40] nyurghdude: he said
[01:40] nyurghdude: heads - feet
[01:40] InfernapeWarrior: Slowbro? xD
[01:40] Monbrey: A pack of 5 dodrio
[01:41] InfernapeWarrior: lol
[01:41] Lan4Prez: That
[01:41] Lan4Prez: lol
[01:41] derianurpg: lol
[01:42] Monbrey: Right
[01:42] Monbrey: Turn starting
[01:42] Monbrey: Aerodactyl uses Crunch on Gengar
[01:42] Monbrey: Sub breaks
[01:43] nyurghdude: (Link:
[01:43] nyurghdude: that was cute
[01:45] InfernapeWarrior: ...
[01:45] Lan4Prez: hello?
[01:46] Lan4Prez: ?
[01:46] nyurghdude: k pidge
[01:46] InfernapeWarrior: Hola
[01:46] nyurghdude: I give up
[01:46] derianurpg: give him a minute, probably having IM problems or something
[01:46] InfernapeWarrior: I give up too
[01:47] nyurghdude: I know Im gonna be pissed
[01:47] nyurghdude: when I hear the answer
[01:47] Zoa: wait until end of turn
[01:48] InfernapeWarrior: *has looked up and down Serebii's RBY dex...several times*
[01:48] derianurpg: same lol bulbapedia
[01:48] Lan4Prez: I'd say it's not even a Gen 1 Pokemon
[01:48] derianurpg: that'd be cheatingf
[01:49] derianurpg: -f*
[01:49] InfernapeWarrior: +!
[01:49] Lan4Prez: also it's MissingNo
[01:49] Lan4Prez: except no
[01:49] InfernapeWarrior: Huh?
[01:49] nyurghdude: its something stupid
[01:49] nyurghdude: like a pun
[01:49] nyurghdude: unless I miscounted
[01:49] MagikchickenURPG: Word puzzle?
[01:49] MagikchickenURPG: xD
[01:49] nyurghdude: since no mon whose Heads + Head moves
[01:49] nyurghdude: minus their feet
[01:49] nyurghdude: equal 5
[01:49] nyurghdude: at least, not in gen 1
[01:49] Lan4Prez: Minus their feet moves?
[01:50] Lan4Prez: Machamp?
[01:50] nyurghdude: lol, what feet moves
[01:50] derianurpg: articuno,zapdos, and moltres?
[01:50] Lan4Prez: Low Kick
[01:50] derianurpg: that's 5
[01:50] derianurpg: and they don't have feet
[01:50] MagikchickenURPG: *cough*
[01:50] MagikchickenURPG: xD
[01:50] Zoa: ok
[01:50] derianurpg: er
[01:50] derianurpg: that's 6
[01:50] derianurpg: I'm retarded
[01:50] MagikchickenURPG: Y'all is grasping at straws
[01:50] MagikchickenURPG: And yeah.
[01:50] MagikchickenURPG: Tell us what it is, Pidge
[01:50] Lan4Prez: no please don't
[01:50] MagikchickenURPG: Wynaut?
[01:50] MagikchickenURPG: =P
[01:51] derianurpg: I thought I totally had it with staryu :-(
[01:51] nyurghdude: IM me
[01:51] Matt5Skip: Starmie?
[01:51] Matt5Skip: Charmander?
[01:51] nyurghdude: oh my god
[01:51] Matt5Skip: Bulbasaur
[01:51] imsocorn: Tentacruel
[01:51] Matt5Skip: *is going to name every single of the 151*
[01:51] nyurghdude: is it a Dugtrio ******* two Digletts?
[01:51] Zoa: answer is weezing
[01:51] Matt5Skip: yes!
[01:51] Matt5Skip: ?
[01:51] Matt5Skip: WEEZING?
[01:51] nyurghdude: oh god
[01:51] Matt5Skip: it doesnt have legs!
[01:52] nyurghdude: it gets Headbutt and Iron head
[01:52] Zoa: yeah
[01:52] nyurghdude: doesnt it
[01:52] Zoa: 2-0=2
[01:52] Zoa: i said 2, right
[01:52] nyurghdude: no
[01:52] nyurghdude: you said
[01:52] nyurghdude: 5
[01:52] Zoa: what?
[01:52] InfernapeWarrior: You said 5!
[01:52] Zoa: wtf
[01:52] nyurghdude: WOW
[01:52] dismssngrsux: lol
[01:52] Zoa: nah jk: (Link:
[01:52] InfernapeWarrior: ...
[01:52] InfernapeWarrior: -_-
[01:52] Lan4Prez: lol
[01:52] Zoa: lan was closest
[01:52] Lan4Prez: lol
[01:52] Lan4Prez: lol
[01:52] nyurghdude: wow Pidge
[01:52] derianurpg: lol
[01:52] Matt5Skip: loil
[01:53] nyurghdude: just
[01:53] Monbrey: right
[01:53] nyurghdude: wow
[01:53] Monbrey: Sorry bout that
[01:53] InfernapeWarrior: Oh...very funny
[01:53] derianurpg: someone guessed slowbro!
[01:53] derianurpg: that should be like... partial credit
[01:53] InfernapeWarrior: I did
[01:53] Monbrey: Gengar uses Shadowball on Dittomime
[01:53] Zoa: ok fine you get a C
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