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Default Pokemon: Team StormRiders [PG-13] [Chapter 28 - Preview~]

~ Important Notice ~

Fics are now being stolen and this is intolerable. Here I have a form that lists the name of the fic, the sites I have posted it on, and the sites I have reported others have posted it on.

Anyone is free to use this form, and I urge you all to help anyone else if you go to other sites to check for stolen fics.

This needs to stop, and I hope it will if we all act fast. Thanks for your co-operation! n__n

Fan-Fiction Name: Pokemon: Team StormRiders
Sites Posted On:
Reported Sites:

If you found a site that isn't there, please report it! =o

Hey everyone! This story actually starts off with a human instead of a pokemon but I think that adds a bit more interest to it. It's about a newly arrived Pikachu and her adventures in the pokemon world.
As tough times approach, so do new friends and rivals. The legend will be told and new secrets will follow. I'm looking forward to any reviews but mostly i just hope you like the story. So without further ado, let the fanfic begin.

Team Stormriders Summary:
For those of you who don't know, my story is set in an entirely different world populated only by Pokemon.

The lead character was a girl, now transformed into a Pikachu named Zanna. Her trusty Pokemon partner is Jarre, a Torchic with a troubled past.

Zanna doesn't know why she was brought to the world or how she got there. But she does know that she used to be a human.

Apparently at the same time, a terrible pure evil Pokemon called Deoxys is terrorising the world.
While the rest of the Pokemon world rallies armies and rescuers to fight him off,
Zanna embarks on a journey to discover who she really is and what will happen if Deoxys isn't stopped.

With the story full of evil, good, war, romance and secrets, you can bet this will be the journey of a lifetime.

After all, destiny is only the beginning...

*Also note this is a PG-13+ fan fic, i'll see how it goes.
May contain some violence, coarse language and romance.

*All reviews and comments appreciated*

Team Stromriders--Read and Review: In the Author's Corner

Banners: Take the * out to use - Please link back to fic and use credit

Rye and Darkrai: Darkness Within


Character Summaries:

Name: Zanna
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Pikachu
Appearance: Looks like a normal Pikachu except for a glowing, white circle on her tail. Wears a mysterious pure-white ribbon given to her by Rye. The engravings on the side must have some meaning, but are yet unknown. She is slightly smaller than the average Pikachu her age.
Personality: She's really very caring and lighthearted. She can be quite sarcastic at times, and more than a little moody, but has a fiery spirit and won't easily give up. Loyal to those around her, she strives to do her best.
History: Not much is known about her history, execpt that she used to be a human. But of course, the others don't know that yet. She first came into the Pokemon world when Jirachi managed to save her from Deoxys' attack. Since then, she's been training hard, and striving to be a master rescuer.

Name: Jarre
Age: Around 17
Gender: Male
Species: Torchic
Appearance: The same as any Torchic, though his feathers might be considered rather rough and more red than others. Sometimes sports a torn dark red bandanna around his neck; the only symbol from his childhood.
Personality: He's quite the caring Pokemon, usually looking out for others before himself. When he gets angry though, you don't want to mess with him. He has a bad temper, and can be quick to anger. Doesn't trust too easily, but can be swayed. Loyal friend and rescue partner to Zanna.
History: A Torchic with a troubled past, Jarre used to work for the reknowned gang leader, Scythe. He has murdered before, but likes to keep his secrets. He joined Scythe after his 'brother', Raze, deserted him. He has since mended his evil ways, and moved to Likera to start a new life.

Name: Rye
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Elekid
Appearance: Unlike usual Elekids, Rye has stunning emerald eyes. His mouth is usually set in a straight line.
Personality: Rye's more reserved than others. He keeps his secrets, and others keep theirs. He does not trust easily, but once he's on your side, will be as loyal as the best of them. He doesn't smile often and may appear rather cold at times, but that's just who he is. Calm and collected, Rye can maintain his cool even in the most dire situations. If he's ever heard laughing, it's a miracle.
History: Rye works for a type of 'detective' agency, called the Wingardom Missionary. His father sits as Commander, which puts Rye under a lot of excess stress. He currently cares more for his job than for friends, but since Zanna came to town, he's beginning to be a bit more lighthearted than usual, which has him worried. His main objective now, is to sniff out Raze and Scythe and stop them from ruining the lives of others. Again.

Name: Raze
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Taillow
Appearance: A normal Taillow, only with a manic grin on his face and blood red eyes.
Personality: The seemingly smart one of the evil duo, Raze can be very sadistic. He can also let his sarcasm run wild at times. He doesn't like working with Scythe however, and would just LOVE an opportunity to get rid of her. But he sees her as more of a follower than anything, someone who, if need be, can be eliminated.
History: He was like a brother to Jarre in his early days, and the two were almost inseperable. But ever since the 'unfortunate incident' with the gang, Raze deserted Jarre and now works for Deoxys alongside Scythe. Raze only joined Scythe after Jarre had left though, seeing as he wanted nothing to do with the bird ever again. If anyone were to mention Jarre's name to him, I'd don't think they'd be alive to recount the tale.

Name: Scythe
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Species: Absol
Appearance: Unlike any other Absol, ever, Scythe is completely pure black, except for her face and tail, of course, which are dark grey.
Personality: Scythe has a wicked reputation. If she gets angry, you'll likely end up dead; or at least badly mangled. She can be sarcastic and has a very moody temper. She's also rather self-centered and cares more for herself than others. Despites working with a bird who loves nothing more than to pick on her.
History: Back in the good old days, Scythe ran a reknowned gang called the 'Darkshades'. She was feared and respected. Until Deoxys came to town. She's resented him ever since, but only works for him in return for power. Which she has. If Scythe ever gets too angry, something odd happens and she 'turns'. She goes completely black and is more like a demon than anything. Mostly nothing can stop her in this state, but one drawback is she doesn't remember how she got that power.

Chapter Logbook:

Part One: Uprising
Intro: Hanging by a wing
Chapter 1: Jirachi's wish
Chapter 2: Caught in a trap
Chapter 3: A rescue like no other
Chapter 4: Thunder down under
Chapter 5: Recollections
Chapter 6: As the spirit heals
Chapter 7: A new kind of training
Chapter 8: Fragments of the past
Chapter 9: The new Apprentice
Chapter 10: The Three Powers
Chapter 11: Truth and lies
Chapter 12: A traitor exposed
Chapter 13: Rye's secret
Chapter 14: Kraal and Marilai
Chapter 15: Surrender your life
Chapter 16: Plans revealed
Chapter 17: Tracking
Part 1

Part 2
Chapter 18: Invasion
Part 1

Part 2
Chapter 19: The light within
Part 1

Part 2
Chapter 20: Death wish
Part 1

Part 2

Part Two:
Chapter 21: A New Dawn
Part 1

Part 2
Chapter 22: Inner Demons
Part 1

Part 2
Chapter 23: Between War and Lust
Part 1

Part 2
Chapter 24: The First Power
Part 1

Part 2
Chapter 25: Goodbye
Part 1

Part 2
Part 3
Chapter 26: Moving Forward
Part 1

Part 2
Chapter 27: Warm Welcome
Part 1

Part 2
Chapter 28: Deception


Team StormRiders is BACK. Read it here!
.......................--> art duo with: Xanthe | bff: k_pop |
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