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National Park Welcome to the URPG's National Park. This is the place to come if your a role-playing fanatic, because here at the Park, you RP your way towards catching more Pokemon!

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Old 08-31-2011, 09:17 PM
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Default Massive Revamp of the Park

Epic Sexy Music To Listen To This To In Order To Make It Even More Epic Than It Already Is 8D

So, I knew there have been several little threads here and there about changes made to the way the Park runs over the past few weeks, but this thread contains MAJOR OVERHAULS made to the way the Park works. Please keep in mind this was discussed with an Elite Ranger plus several other Rangers I trust enough to rely on their judgment (on top of another Elite Ranger coming in later and not arguing any of the changes made), so I didn't decide to do these all by myself. I had help! XD Also Buoy had a post typed up but forgot to forward it to me to use before he left, so meh, I'm stuck writing my own post @__@.

Anyways, let's get to the news! *EXCITEMENT!*


First of all, the biggest change to the Park is the removal of the Outer Heaven area. I know this may seem surprising, taking out an entire area, but the area was sort of...useless, to put it bluntly. The majority of Pokemon there were Mart, with only a few decent Story ones available, making it a place most people didn't feel like spending the money to go to. On top of that, it was the least practical of the areas, requiring a Pokemon that could somehow fly/levitate/teleport to get around (why does Firefox mark teleport as a word that's not real? >>). On top of that, all the Pokemon that were there could easily be distributed to other areas, and so that's what was done.

Trainers currently @ Outer Heaven in the Main RP will now have their RPs treated as Individual RPs from now until they are complete. As of today, if you are not in an RP @ Outer Heaven, you can no longer pick that as a location.


The next big update is the addition of a new Rank, dubbed Borderline. We discovered, somewhat by accident, that Miltank was in the Uncommon Rank for the Park while being Hard for the Story section. Deciding it was considerably less work to get Hard-category Mon here at the Park, we created this new Borderline Rank for Hard-category Mon to try and even things out a little. I was admittedly surprised with how many Pokemon needed to be moved (whether up from Uncommon or down from Intermediate), and I'm glad the idea to make a new Rank was suggested.

The Borderline Rank has a MCR of 15,000 characters, 3,000 of which can be removed by the Fragrances available at the Park Shop.


Voice Discs have been altered slightly to reflect the new Rank as well as to make them more useful. Discs now have a 15% chance of working instead of 10%, and their prices are now:

Common- $4,000
Uncommon- $5,000
Borderline- $6,000
Intermediate- $7,000
Blank- $5,000


Another change made to accommodate the new Rank was to change up the probability for encountering each rank. The new probabilities are:

1-5 = Common
6-9 = Uncommon
10-13 = Borderline
14-16 = Intermediate
17-18= Rare
19 = Special
20 = Legend


Finally, this was agreed on some time ago, but I've only just remembered to make it official. Whenever a Trainer encounters a Legend in their runs, when the Pokemon or Trainer flees, the Trainer's current MCR IS NOT reset! Legend encounter MCR is added to what the Trainer currently has. This is because a Trainer has no chance or option to catch a Legend; therefore, it is unfair to take away the MCR for something they cannot control and have no chance to take with them from the Park.

Quick example: Trainer Paul has 3,000k MCR before running into a Celebi. After the encounter Celebi time-travels away, leaving Paul with 1,500 MCR. This is added to what Paul already has instead of overriding it, since Celebi cannot be captured. Therefore, if Paul decides to catch the next Pokemon he runs into after Celebi, he will have 4,500 MCR and not 1,500.

If you're confused about this just contact me and I'll explain it more.


And I believe that's it! There will be a few more edits for the Locations list, since I have to redo the Map to reflect Heaven's removal and move a few more Pokemon around. Don't have time for any of that today, though, I've gotta go to bed before I implode from tiredness XD. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask me, WinterVines, buoy, or Buzzer, since we were the ones who were present for most of the decisions at any given time.
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