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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Default The Canalave Library

~Banner will be put here . . . someday . . .~

The Historian's Corner --->

Welcome to the Library, where you can find the biggest collection of Folk Tales on PE2K! Here you’ll find a collection of Folk Tales or Fairy Tales as written how Pokémon-loving authors would think that they‘d be told in the PokéWorld. Comments or questions of any kind will be posted in the Historian’s Corner in the Author’s Corner of the fan-fic board. Want to contribute to our collection? Great. Wonderful. Bang. Read the steps and rules below carefully, abide by them, then post away. There’s no limit to how many you can post, however please allow other authors to post their own stories.


Adding your own Tale!

Step One: Take a look at the Historian’s Corner to make sure your story idea hasn’t already been claimed. We don’t want a bajillion stories on how Charmander or its family got a flame on their tail. If your story hasn’t been claimed, hurry and claim it before someone else does.

Step Two: Create a wonderfully creative, G-rated short story that answers the question why? how? or how come? or where did it come from? Imagine that in some alternate universe a little child has asked you something like “Why does Pikachu shoot sparks from its cheek” or “How come Snorlax sleeps so much?”. Keep it Pokémon related, and in Folk Tale style. Don’t use big words, like antidisestablishmentarianism. Your story should be three posts at the most, but more than five paragraphs. Check out the rules listed before for more info.

Step Three: Proof-read and edit. Make sure your tale is completely finished before sharing it here. After all of that has been said and done, the big moment comes: Post away! There’s no need for introductions, or explanations. Just put down at the top of your post what question is answered then sit back and relax. Check the Historian’s corner for any comments on your creation. Want to share a picture that goes along with your story? Go right ahead, as long as it goes with your story. We love all sorts of creativeness here.

Da Rules:

1- G rated stories only. This means no gruesome and/or bloody descriptions, unnecessary language, or sexual content. Folk Tales are for little kids, after all.

2- Be grammatically correct and use good English. Do not use smileys or text abbreviations. I understand if you make tiny mistakes; everyone else makes them, too. Try your best, and that‘s the best you can do.

3- Your story must not be longer than three posts long, but longer than five paragraphs. Don’t write a novel and don’t write an immature sentence.
Example of a Bad Story: One daze a wii little kip decided two roll around de mud, than became a Mudkeep. De End.

4- Please post any other comments or questions in the Historian’s Corner.

5- Do not write a different view of an already claimed story. We don’t need different versions of the same idea. If someone writes about how they thought Growlithe got its stripes, don’t write on how you think Arcainine got its stripes.

6- Follow all forum rules, of course.

7- If any of these rules are broken, you will be asked to remove your story.

Thanks for bearing with me, Pokéfans! I look forward to reading your stories! I hope you enjoy your stay at the library.

Any input on ways I could renovate this thread will be greatly appreciated! Share your ideas in the Historian’s Corner.

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Default Re: The Canalave Library

Stories Currently in Collection:

~How Charmander Got Fire - - - by Charmander009~

~The Original Four - - - by Professor Geoffry~

~How Gyrados Came to Be - - - by Mawile Rocks~

~Why Cubone Have Skulls - - - By Mawile Rocks~

~How Venemoth and Butterfree came to Be - - - By Missingo_7-4468~

~Why Turtwig Have Leaves on Their Heads - - - By Young Blaziken~

~How Ditto Transformed - - - By Electric Pikachu~

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Default Re: The Canalave Library

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Default Re: The Canalave Library

reserved again~
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Default Re: The Canalave Library

Here's a quick example of what a Folk Tale should look like. I'm not the best writer, and I know that someone's going to do a better job than I did. I wrote this a while ago, but I hope you get a good idea of what to do

How Charmander Got Fire

Long ago, before humans made an appearance in the lives of Pokémon, lived the first Charmander. Charmander had no fire then,and he lived his life as a simple orange lizard who burrowed into holes in the ground. For a while he enjoyed his peaceful life, nibbling at roots and insects, but one day he began to feel empty, as if something was missing in his life.

“I got everything a Charmander could want,” he often contemplated, “but why do I feel like this? What am I missing?”

Then early one day, Charmander saw Cyndaquil and Chimchar playing on the mountainside. He watched with wonder and envy as Cyndaquil’s back lit on fire and Chimchar ‘s tail flickered with flame. The tiny lizard felt a sudden burning desire grow within him as he watched their merriment.

“That’s what I need,” Charmander grew excited as he came to a realization. “Fire! I want fire!”

But how, he wondered, could he get fire?

Charmander went to the one Pokémon who could answer his question: Xatu.
The little lizard climbed to the peak of the mountain where Xatu stared into the sun all day. Reaching the peak, he asked the strange bird his question he had held for so long:

“Why do you stare at the sun? Aren’t your eyeballs fried?”

“Pardon?” The tall bird turned around, his eyes distant and deep.

“Oh, I-I mean...,”Charmander sputtered, remembering his manners.

Xatu chuckled. “I stare into the sun because it gives me knowledge, young Charmander.”

“Oh... Can it tell you how I can get fire?” he grew hopeful as a wide smile spreading across his face

“You wish to receive the power of fire?” Xatu turned to the sunset. “Hmmm. I’ll see what I can learn...”

Charmander waited. And waited. And waited...

After what seemed ages (which might have been an hour), Xatu suddenly spread his wide wings.


Charmander jumped awake to spin around in circles. “What? What’s going on?”

“I have seen it! The only way you can obtain fire, my friend, is to obtain a feather from the Flame Pokémon Moltres!”

“A feather? From Moltres?” Charmander repeated, a sudden horror overcoming him.

“Yes,” Xatu nodded, folding his wings back. “Eat a feather from Moltres‘s wings and you will have your own fire!”

The little lizard gulped, thanked Xatu, then and left the odd bird to his perch viewing the sunset. All through that night as well as the next day, Charmander journeyed to Moltres ‘s roost: the crown of an active volcano. It was scary, he knew, but he wanted to have his own fire so much that he’d be willing to risk his own life for it. When he finally reached that destination, though, he saw the Legendary Bird preening it’s fiery feathers and couldn’t help but be a little intimidated. Taking a deep breath, he bravely trudged up to it.

“WHO GO’S THERE?” Moltres screeched, jerking its head up at his approach.

“,” Charmander stuttered, “You’re Fiery-ness-ness . . .”

“Charmander! Why have you come?” Moltres said a little more gently, though there was suspicion in his eyes.

“Well, your Flaming-ness, I couldn’t help but admire your burning glory,” he tried buttering the bird.

“Yes, go on,” the vain, self-centered Moltres looked pleased by the flattery remarks.

Charmander bit his lip, praying that this would work. “Well, its j-just that you’re so a-awesome that I-I was-s wondering...could I...perhaps...have one of your...f-feathers? Please?”

Moltres stared hard at Charmander, then threw it’s beak back in thundering laughter. Charmander was confused but didn’t want to upset Moltres, so chuckled along with it uneasily. Moltres, however, suddenly snapped shut and turned with vehemence to glare down at the lizard.

“Let me get this straight. You... want me, the high and mighty glorious phoenix, to give you one of my special feathers?” He stared at poor Charmander, as if expecting him to answer.

“Please?” Charmander squeaked, quivering in fear.

“GET OFF MY MOUNTAIN!” Moltres roared.

Charmander didn’t need to be told twice. He high-tailed it out of there faster than a Ponyta on a sunny day.

Once he gathered his wits, Charmander began to form a plan. So determined was he to get fire that he was daring enough to face Moltres again . . . if not, indirectly. The sun descended, and night took over. Moltres settled once again into its nest to rest until the sun rays roused it in the morning. Little did it know that it was being carefully watched by two little blue eyes.

Once Moltres had fallen soundly asleep, Charmander crawled out of his hiding spot and snuck out to the opening, all the while watching the bird warily. The whole time he imagined it waking up and unleashing fiery wrath upon him, but the great bird never stirred. And before he knew it, Charmander was within reach of a feather. Breifly he considered his great luck. Who knew that he would get this far? He found it so incredible that he stood there for a moment, letting his thumping heart calm down.

Then, he reached a shaking paw towards a feather . . .

Moltres warbled in his sleep.

Charmander froze, heart racing once again. But Moltres was soundly sleeping once again. Breathing a sigh of relief, he tried again, needlessly slower. His claws wrapped around one shaft, and his heart raced even faster. Ever so delicately he tugged it out.

Moltres stirred.

Charmander squeezed his eyes shut, expecting an instantaneous fiery demise, but nothing happened. Opened them again, to his greatest relief, he saw that Moltres still slept. He cheered inwardly, then crept away from Moltres‘s roost, cradling his prize in his paws. Once he cleared the volcano’s crown, he examined the feather more closely. It looked as if a flame were flickering in his palms, but somehow still retained a feather-like structure.

“I did it!” Charmander finally congratulated himself, giddy and relieved. “I got fire!”
Dancing around in circles, he admired the feather and his good fortune before raising it to his maw. The feather tasted like the hottest Figy berry imaginable. It filled Charmander with such energy that his eyes began to water. Seeking relief, he opened his mouth and sucked in all the cold night air he could. On the exhale, to his amazement, came a stream of fire. A Flamethrower! He had breathed a Flamethrower!

A horrible screech filled the air, a screech that was all too familiar to Charmander.
Moltres was awake!

The lizards legs turned to jelly as the Phoenix appeared over the lip of the volcano. Its sharp eyes easily spotted Charmander‘s new flaming tail.


Charmander found his footing again, then took off running with Moltres hot on his tail. In its terrible rage the bird torched the earth, burning anything green around it. Grasslands started on fire, and trees were reduced to ash.

When the smoke cleared, it seemed that nothing had survived Moltres ‘s wrath.
Nothing, except Charmander. He crawled out of a burrow and shook the ash and soot off of him, completely unscathed.

“WHAT!” Moltres screeched furiously. “HOW?!”

“I’ll tell you how,” Charmander stepped forward boldly. The energy from the feather was still burning bright within him, making him feel as invincible as a rock. “I’m a fire-type now! That’s how!”

“You stole my feather,” Moltres put the pieces together, “then you ATE it!!!”

“Yep,” Charmander smiled sheepishly.

Moltres screeched louder than ever. “You will pay for you insolence, lizard! I may not be able to harm you now, but I can still make you suffer! You can have your fire, you little brat, but if that flame on the tip of your tail ever, ever goes out... your life will end!” With that, Moltres screeched for the last time and stormed off, leaving Charmander to his own fate.

Every day since, Charmander and his decedents have been most careful, through rain or shine, wind or snow, to make sure their flame never flickered out, ever wary of Moltres‘s curse.

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Default Re: The Canalave Library

This story explains my interpretation of how the Pokémon world began.

The Original Four
The Story of Arceus, Giratina, the Unown, and Mew

In the beginning, there was chaos. And from this chaos, came and egg. As the egg hatched, time began to flow, which allowed space to expand. Soon, a golden glow lighted chaos, and no longer was chaos visible. Soon, several spaces surrounded chaos, keeping it safe. This was the goal of Arceus, the first Pokémon ever born.

Arceus saw to it that chaos was well protected. By creating his world, new spaces would try to attack chaos, and try to make new realities. He covered chaos with six spaces. One in front where life could row, one behind to balance life with reverse space, one to its left to support time, one to its right to support space, another below for those souls he did not like, and one above, which would be his dominion, for souls that were just and did good.

With this, he wanted his children to see, so he decided to create light. In his image, he created a great ball of fire to illuminate the darkness. When Arceus continued to work on other things, a shadow was created behind him. The shadow grew, and took form, and attacked Arceus. Arceus fought and easily beat his shadow. Deciding not to kill it, he saw that the shadow was his brother. But the shadow was opposite of what he wanted. Arceus quickly formed an idea. He put his shadowy brother in the space of reverse space to balance him, and named his brother Giratina.

But something went wrong. The reverse space began to plunge, taking the other spaces and chaos with it. Arceus, acting quickly, made another egg, and from that egg, came two beings, one of time, and one of space, of which he named Dialga and Palkia. He put them in their respective spaces; Dialga in the space that represented time, Palkia in the space that represented space. But he was not quick enough; the space that supported life began to fall with the space of reverse space.

Chaos began to think of its own accord. The outside, foreign spaces tried to corrupt it, but chaos created new beings, called the Unown, to protect it. And the last child of chaos, the fourth and youngest child, balanced the Unown. It was a pink being, and with its breath, lifted the life space back to level with chaos, reverse space following to balance. Arceus was very grateful to this final child of chaos, his sister. Arceus named his sister “Mew.”

As Arceus showed his gratefulness to Mew, Arceus’ mind took form. Three beings surrounded Arceus. One pink, one yellow, and one blue. The pink being, named Mesprit, came from Arceus’ emotion, showing kindness and passion towards her subjects. The yellow being, named Uxie, came from Arceus’ knowledge, demonstrating wisdom and power towards its subjects. The blue being, named Azelf, came from Arceus’ willpower, signifying valor and determination towards his subjects. With this, Arceus became tired, and took towards an unyielding sleep.

The children and siblings of Arceus were filled with great sorrow. As they moved on, life began to flourish on the space of life. Mew celebrated Arceus’ glory by bearing many children, and her children followed suit. Other children and siblings of Arceus became jealous, due to the fact that they could not support life on their spaces. It was about to turn into a fight, before Mew gave in, and created beings in the images of the children and siblings of Arceus.

In Giratina’s image was a great shadowy being. To balance the shadow, Mew also created a light being. The two became the beings of dreams, and thus sleep was born.

In Dialga’s image was a single being. One was a plantlike being, like Mew, but could travel through time, and even warp it at will. Balancing it was a being in Palkia’s image, named Jirachi, who could teleport space, and could create massive objects in space, such as planets, stars, and asteroids.

In Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie’s image, Mew created the Eon Guardians, Latias and Latios. They were both very intelligent, like Uxie. Latias showed emotion, and was the more feminine one, like Mesprit. Latios showed more willpower, and was the more masculine one, like Azelf.

Mew wanted to please her brothers, the Unown, but they wanted no beings in their image. So, Mew created a barrier around the six spaces that guarded chaos, and slightly separated each space. Doing this expanded chaos to the point where one would have to travel through spaces to get to chaos. This made this easier, yet more difficult for some to get to chaos.

And so life went on.
The Professor of Pokémon Elite 2000.
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Default Re: The Canalave Library

How Gyrados came to be

A long time ago... a REALLY long time ago, was a pond. And in that pond, there was a Magikarp. Magikarp was unhappy. When the other Pokémon came to splash and play, Magikarp tried to jump around with them, but they'd ignore him.
One day, two Aipoms came to play in the pond. These two purple monkeys, named Slippy and Trippy, were very much enjoyed by their neighbors, because they like to play tricks and pretty much annoy everyone around. Magikarp swam over to them and asked them if they wanted to play.

"Sure!" Slippy said, grinning.

"Really? With me?" replied Magikarp, about to do a joyful backflip.

Just as he was about to ask them what they wanted to play, Trippy Picked Magikarp up with the hand on the end of her tail, and threw him to Slippy. they batted him back and forth for a while, then threw him far out in the deep of the pond and left. "That's it! I've had enough of this!" So he devised a plan. The next day, Trippy and Slippy cma back. Magikarp gleefully swam up to them.

"Hey, you know what would be fun?" Magikarp said with a sly grin. "Wrap me up in packaging paper and put me in the mailbox."
The Aipoms grinned. No one had ever suggested a
prank, but they couldn't resist. Before you could say "Regigigias rap", Magikarp was wrapped and in the mailbox, patiently waiting for the second part of his plan. When the mail Pelipper came in the morning, he was rather suprised when a package talked to him!

"I'd like to go to Uxie, please," the floppy package said.

Pelipper, not wanting to offend the strange package, scooped it up in his beak and flew off to Lake Acuity to leave the package. Uxie was meditating when he was alerted to the sound of flapping wings. "Er... a puckage aushking to shee you, shir." Pelipper said, trying to keep his mouthful of mail in his pouch. "Dissmissed, mail carrier." The yellow pixie turned to address the package. "Hello, Magikarp. You are of need of my assistance, yes?"

"Um... yeah. You see, I get ignored all the time, and I'm sick of it. Can you help?"

"Yes..." Uxie bowed his head, and Magikarp was envoloped in a brilliant white light. He started to grow, and burst out of the paper, which was soon drawrfed by the enormous form of a blue dragon. "The completion is complete!" Uxie cried. "From now on, all of your kind shall be able to evolve into this new form... Gyarados!" "Thanks!" the former carp laughed. "But... um, how do i get back?"

When Gyarados arrived back home, he scared the fur off the mean Aipoms, and they never tricked anyone ever again. From then on, all the Pokémon in the pond gained new respect for the local Magikarp, knowing that they might evolve into one of the most powerful water-types in the area.

And that is why Magikarp evolves into Gyarados.
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Default Re: The Canalave Library

Why Cubones have skulls

A long, long, LONG time ago, there was a forest. And that forest was where Marowak mothers brought their young Cubone children to play and frolic. But if you looked at

these playful Ground Pokémon, you almost wouldn't reconize them at first, because they didn't wear skulls!
But that was all about to change...

It was sunny evening. The forest was packed with little Cubones and their lively mothers, who jumped and played with them. All exept one, that is. She was a very old

Marowak, hobbling along on a cane after her lively son. She didn't see where she was going, and tripped. As she struggled to get up, the rest of the Pokémon were on their

way through the forest, and didn't know that one of their number had fallen behind. Soon, mother Marowak was no more.

Far away on a cliff in the desert, sat the all seeing Xatu. He saw the demise of mother Marowak. Then, ever so slowly, he rose from his perch, and flew over the steaming

desert. The Pokémon below stared in wonder. No one had ever seen Xatu in flight, but they knew it was very important.
The eagle-like bird landed in the forest, in front of the Cubones and Marowaks.
"HALT!" he cried. "Have you counted your group?!" The Marowaks looked among themselves, and found they were one short.
"One unforunate has fallen prey to old age," Xatu said, putting a comforting wing around the motherless Cubone. "This is a great tragedy, caused by your ignorance. If you

had stayed with mother Marowak, she'd still be here. KWAHH!" Xatu spread his white wings to the sun and screamed.
Then, skulls appeared on the mother Marowaks heads.
"These are to hide your shame," said Xatu. "And if you all look similar, you'll soon be looking for each other, and if one is left behind, you'll notice."
Xatu then flew back to his mountain perch.

Then, the young Cubones began donning the skulls of their ancestors, not only to hide their inevitible shame, but for an effective helmet.
And that is why Cubones and Marowaks wear skulls

Or is this to short?
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Default Re: The Canalave Library

How Venemoth and Butterfree came to be

Back in the days of yore, when there were still very few Pokemon, there lived in a forest a small green and tan female caterpillar with a small red antenna on its head named Caterpie. There was also a somewhat larger, purple, hairy, bug-like, male creature with two feet, and two white antennae named Venonat. These two were the best of friends, and played together ever day. Venonat's parents, two beautiful butterflies named Bulee and Bulo. Caterpie's parents were two less-than-attractive moths named Vena and Veno. The parents were also friends of each other, and the two families spent much time together.

One day, though Caterpie had promised to come out to play, Venonat couldn't find her anywhere! "Caterpie," He called into the trees and brush, "Where did you go? You promised you would play today!"

A quiet reply came from deep within the brush. "I know I did, Venonat, but...," said the voice in the bush, which sounded somewhat depressed. "I can't right now."

"Why not?" Venonat asked as she started looking through a small bush, "It's not like it could be impossible for you to move right now."

"Actually...I can't...Literally," Caterpie said to her friend. Venonat soon found out why Caterpie couldn't move.

"You, you're different!" He called to "Caterpie," who was now much different. More stiff, and had less features than before. "What happened to you?"

"I don't know." The former caterpillar said sadly. "All of a sudden, I just somehow changed. My mom and dad said it was called evolution, and that I am now a Metapod. They also said that I would one day be like them, but..."

"But what?" The Venonat interrupted, What could possibly be bad?"

"Well..." The Metapod said quietly, "I don't want to look like my parents. I want to be beautiful one day, like your parents."

Hearing this, Venonat decided to go somewhere he knnew he would be able to ask for help. When he told his parents, they said that there was a cave far to the east that if you were to travel deep inside and make a wish, it would be granted. Hearing this, and wanting to help his friend, he decided to travel there, hoping that the story was true.

Arriving at a cave, Venonat went inside. After travelling to the end, he met a new Pokemon "Hello," it said, "my name is Jirachi. Since you have bravely made it through this cave, I will grant you one, and only one, wish. Choose carefully."

"Um..." Venonat uttered, "Well, I have this, and she isn't happy with what she will evolve into. So I was wondering...could you maybe switch what we evolve into?"

"A kindhearted request," Jirachi announced, If you are sure that is what you wnt, then your wish is now granted."

Venonat then left the cave. Soon after, both he and Metapod evolved. However, they looked like each other's parents, and all after them.


I am a Christian, and couldn't be prouder of it.
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Default Re: The Canalave Library

Why Turtwig Have Leaves on Their Heads
A long time ago before humans came to be, there was a massive forest that was home to many many kinds of Pokemon. These Pokemon all lived together in peace and harmony, and they loved to play and have fun. But when an outsider came to their little forest and asked to stay, they were of course apprehensive, but keeping true to the laws laid before them by the forest ruler Celebi, they welcomed the little Pokemon among them.

This little creature was similar in appearance to a turtle. A Turtwig, he called himself. And soon enough, Turtwig had become well known around Celebi's forest, but there were still a few Pokemon who didn't like the idea of an outsider coming among them.

A few weeks after his arrival, Turtwig was pleased to hear that there would soon be a competition among the Pokemon of the forest for a blessing from Celebi. The Pokemon were asked to show their respect for the forest by growing a berry tree. Each Pokemon got to choose their berry and grew it as they chose fit. Turtwig was pleased by this turn of events, for he knew about growing things.

But he came to find as the hours passed in his search for berries through the forest, he didn't know any of the fruits that grew upon the branches. A few mischievous Pokemon gave him a Lum berry, the slowest and least growing berry of all, knowing that Celebi would never pick Turtwig's small and lowly plant if he ever managed to get it to grow.

Turtwig, not knowing any better, took this as a bit of kindnes from the Pokemon of the forest and planted his berry and looked to it. He watered it and cared for it, but as the days passed, the Lum berry did little more than sprout, while others were flowering, and growing tall. Turtwig watched his plant growing slowly in dismay, was this berry sick? Was the tree in a bad patch of soil? He didn't know what to do, but it was too late to change his mind anyway.

By the time that it came for Celebi to look over the plants that each of the Pokemon had grown, Turtwig's only had two berries, while other Pokemon laughed and scoffed, for their trees had six berries or more! Turtwig ducked his head and turned away as Celebi moved by his tree.

However, the fairy stopped and looked at the Lum tree for along time. Finally she spoke.
"Who grew this tree?" her light voice carried to Turtwig.

Turning he ducked his head and said shyly, "I did."

"Why did you pick this berry in particular?" Celebi asked him gently.

"A few Pokemon offered it to me and said that it would grow fast and be impressive." Of course he now knew of their horrible trick.

"Well, the Lum berry isn't known to be a quick grower Turtwig." she chuckled, "But the berry count for it indicates something more impressive than how fast or how much crop it yields."

Turtwigs head lifted curiously as he looked at Celebi. "What does it mean?" he asked quietly.

"The Lum berry usually grows into a tree that grows only one berry if lucky. You've grown two, which shows how much patience and love you've given this." she touched a branch gently.

"You've put so much love into this, that I think it's clear that you, young Turtwig, deserve my favor." she smiled and fluttered over to the flustered Turtwig.

"N-no...I don't...Surely someone else?" he stuttered.

Before Turtwig could protest, Celebi tapped him lightly on his head. Turtwig felt a curiously prickling sensation, and stepped over to view his reflection in a puddle. In shock he saw there was a tiny sprout growing on his head.

"This is a symbol of your patience and love for growing things." Celebi said gently. "And because of how poorly those of this forest have treated you, they will have to look to you as you grow older, and your descendants. You will be able to find fresh sources of water, and if you so choose shelter them on your broad back when you grow." Celebi smiled and disappeared with a flash of green light, leaving all the Pokemon of the forest staring at Turtwig in awe.

And that, is how Turtwig came to be given a leaf upon it's head.
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Default Re: The Canalave Library

Why Ditto transforms

One day a purple jelly Pokemon was making its way through a forest. It’s name was Ditto. It had no special attacks, it was a Pokemon that only knew Tackle, but couldn’t perform the move well, because of its jelly-like body. All the Pokemon made fun of him. So, he decided to talk to Arceus. He spent hours and hours travelling the regions. After two weeks he was worn out. He had made it from his home in Kanto all the way to Mount Coronet in Sinnoh, which was an accomplishment for a jelly Pokemon. “Arceus,” He spoke. “Please change me, I don’t like how I am a Pokemon who does nothing.”

Arceus didn’t reply.

Ditto waited. He waited a little longer. “Please.” He said.

“No.” Arceus said. “I cannot change the way you were created. You cannot change, and that is final.”

“But I want to.” He cried.

“One more word and I will make your attack worse.”

“Please.” He cried again.

Arceus growled and absorbed light into his body and fired it at Ditto. Ditto felt all tingly. He stared at Arceus, they were now at eye level.

“How by Mew?” Arceus said, staring at the clone of him.

“Well, I’ll be off then.” Ditto said, not realising he was an Arceus clone. He walked back through the regions for weeks.

When he got back all the Pokemon cried, “Holy Arceus.” And bowed to him. Why were they all so small. He continued walking then felt the weird tingling feeling again and was much smaller. All the Pokemon stared. Ditto looked at them then decided to try out this ‘bad move’ Arceus gave him. He charged at a nearby Turtwig and then felt all tingly. All the Pokemon stared again. No-one spoke for a little while, until one Pokemon said. “How by Mew are you a Turtwig?”

“I’m not a Turtwig.” Ditto said looking down at his feet – wait, he didn’t have feet. “Holy Arceus.” He said. “Wow, this move is so much better than Tackle!”

And from that day on, Ditto was more respected.


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