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Old 09-17-2009, 01:14 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Chronicles: The Next Generation

I like the idea of the War, personally, and actually go out of my way to find a Pokemon fic that includes it. Am I always happy with the outcome? No. As said before, War in any outlet is pretty hard to cover if one was never truly a part of it. You need to be sure that all your I's are dotted and T's crossed before even posting. Also, for fics involving wars, I've noticed that right at the beginning of batting the writer needs to clarify with themselves and characters that the war is either going to be a big part of the story or not. If not, but the war was devastating or traumatic for the person involved, the whole war becomes an unspoken pink elephant in the room.

Now the idea of how your war would work is interesting and sounds plausible, but in a bitter political dispute such as, the "Rules of War" have almost always been broken, even by the people instilling the "rules." So whether or not you want those rules to be broken with possible death or destruction on hand, it would be interesting how your characters would even deal with such a crappy situation they were never ready for. Either way...

All I can say really is that the plot you've laid sounds pretty appealing, even though I'm not a fan of trainer fics. Using war is always a little shaky and should be handled with precision. And about Fakemon... hmm... I wouldn't hold it against you if you made a couple, or even a fake legendary. It all really depends on how much background and originality is put into the thing. Is it realistic for the Pokemon universe? Take a step back, is the Fakemon honestly lame? blah blah blah, it all depends on how you take the thing on...

But I'm willing to look at any fic, so I'd be willing to read yours even though it's a trainer fic ;-P
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Old 09-17-2009, 03:36 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Chronicles: The Next Generation

I don't know about Fakemon, honestly . . . do we really need more than 500-some Pokemon?

About the war . . . I said that (did I say this? correct me if I'm wrong) Kanto has fallen to Team Rocket. So about the "rules of war" I would say that this would be something of a special circumstance, and like i said above, Trainers would get to use weapons, sedatives on enemy trainers, etc etc. The war would all be about eliminating Team Rocket and freeing Kanto, so this wouldn't be your average "political dispute" kind of situation.

About their leadership (Team Rocket's) . . . Giovanni is obviously dead (I've read in a lot of places that Ash killed him, and I'm thinking about it) and its been a long time. So, what's Team Rocket up to? No good, as usual; I was thinking they could have found a way to reverse engineer Pokemon DNA and make them super-powerful, or study the DNA to make bio weapons against their opponents. Sounds alot like what Mewtwo tried to do in the first movie, but he wasn't bent on world domination (was he?)
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Old 09-18-2009, 09:35 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Chronicles: The Next Generation

Originally Posted by TempOcean View Post
Thanks Scyther. The war thing is to just make this story different than just a random Gym/ Elite 4 quest, and I'll try and write it well. I'm going to have the Intro posted by Saturday and maybe Ch. 1 as well.
One great rule of breaking cliches: don't do something different just for the sake of "being different." Better to use a cliche than break it for the sake of breaking it and nothing else.

Now, that being said, it doesn't seem like you've entirely done the war thing just for the sake of being different. I would hope not. My opinion on war? Eh, I'm partially with Giratina in that I like the charm of Pokemon, but mainly because I think people try to make Pokemon "mature", again, just for the sake of "being different."

However, if the concept of war really fits in your universe, if you're not just being different because you think it will make your story better, and you make it well-written and make sense, it could be awesome. Just don't think that doing something different will automatically make your story better. Really, it's the quality of writing and characters that make a story good or bad. If you do a "generic" trainer fic, but write it really well and have very well-crafted characters, it could be awesome. It's all about the quality of writing and the characters. That's what makes your story a hit. Not different cliches or anti-cliches.

Overall, good luck with this, and I hope it turns out great.
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Old 09-18-2009, 09:58 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Chronicles: The Next Generation

Thanks for the support. However, I'm not trying to write this story to be overly different than everything else out there. Do I want to be different than the anime they run on Cartoon Network, etc? Sure, but this story won't alienate so many to the point that some wouldn't consider this Pokemon anyomre (i hope so, at least).
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