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Old 09-20-2009, 10:15 AM
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Default Looking for New Flying Pikachu

hi well i havent traded for a while but im looking for the new flying pikchu and can it even be traded to diamond and pearl. If you have a legit UT i ccan offer any from these

shiny sharpedo lv41 naughty
shiny oddish UT lv 13 naive
shiny gastly UT lv 12 modest
shiny giritina UT lv 47 calm
shiny palkia lv 100 quirky
shiny diagla lv 100 brave
shiny mew UT lv 30 careful
shiny latios lv 100 rash
shiny chikorita UT lv 5 (cured of pokerus) careful
shiny bronzong lv 33 (nicknamed greenarrow) sassy
shiny squirtle UT lv 1 ( nicknamed schiggy) hardy
shiny ponyta UT lv 19 quiet
shiny scther lev 52 ( also can give a shiny scizor) calm
shiny evee lv 25 naughty
shiny magmortar lv 52 relaxed
shiny raquaza lv74 calm
shiny milotic lv 50 mild
shiny ho-oh lv 72 quiet
shiny dratini lv 15 UT adamant
shiny totadile lv 1 UT naive
shiny deoxys lv100 brave
shiny tentecruel lv39 lonely
aron lv5 UT adamant
magikarp lv6 UT hardy
laritar lv7 UT adamant
bagon lv 35 quiet
charmander lv1 rash UT
darkrai lv 50 UT,modest with decent ivs NFT NEW!
bagon adamant lv 1 UT,adamant with 31 ivs in attack! NFT NEW!

event pokemon

Movie Events Japan
hadou mew UT
pokemon movie 08 regigigas UT
eigakan darkrai UT
hadou regice UT
Wishing Star jirachi japanese UT
manaphy egg
10th deoxys UT
eigakan shaymin UT NEW!
eigakan ARCEUS DEMO,docile natured UT NFT NEW!
eigakan Arceus,careful natured UT,18th NFT,P NEW!
eigakan Arceus,careful natured UT,19th NFT, NEW!

10th anniversary latias UT american
10th anniversary pikachu UT wiv item american
10th anniversary ho-oh american
10th anniversary raikou lv70 UT american
10th anniversary entei UT american
10th anniversary typhlosion SHINY american
10th anniversary celebi UT SHINY american
10th anniversary articuno UT
10th annniversary moltres UT
10th anniversary zapdos UT
10th anniversary latios UT
10th anniversary tyranitar UT
10th anniversary espeon UT
10th anniversary dragonite UT
10th anniversary blaziken UT
10th anniversary typhlosion UT
10th anniversary umbreon UT
10th anniversary suicune english UT
10th anniversary lugia UT english
10th anniversary charizard UT (nicknamed:dracaufeu) french
10th anniversary lugia UT (german) ie 10th jahre

TRU manaphy
TRU regigigas lv 100 UT
TRU shaymin UT
TRU dargonite UT
TRU manaphy UT

Almia darkrai UT
Kyle riolu UT
manaphy egg

hayley pikachu UT
hayley yanma UT
hayley crogunk UT
hayley wailmer UT
hayley lickitung UT
hayley phione UT
hayley mew UT
Goruko Octillery UT
RED metagross UT
yukina meowth UT
aikayama slaking UT

palicty mew UT
palicity manaphy UT
palicity lucario UT

Nok mew UT
Nok deoxys UT
Nok manphy UT
NoK rayquaza UT
Nok darkrai UT
NoK regigigas UT NFT
NoK feebas UT NFT,P NEW!
NoK munchlax UT NFT,P NEW!
NoK arcanine UT NFT,P NEW!
NoK pikachu UT NFT NEW!

shiege shiege psyduck UT
seth heracross UT
ken psyduck UT
chirsty heracross UT NEW!

Japanese/American Colosseum+XD
ageto celebi lv 10 UT
mattle ho-oh UT
xd lugia UT
xd dragonite UT
xd zapdos UT
batoruyama ho-oh UT
duking plusle UT NEW!

Pokemon Centre Japan
birthday charmander lv 40 with luck egg UT
yokohoma pikachu UT
wish absol UT NEW!
spite absol UT NEW!
onemuri pikachu UT,P NEW!
birhtday pikcahu UT,P NEW!
pc eevee UT NEW!

Pokemon Centre America
PCNYc crawdaunt UT but not moveset

Pokepark events Japan
pokepark celebi ut
pokepark jirrachi ut
pokepark meoth ut NEW!

saikou events
saikou milotic UT
saikou dragonite UT
saikou salamance UT
saikou electivire UT NEW!

jeremy vulpix UT
jeremy tauros UT
jeremy machamp UT (evolved by trade)
jeremy gengar UT (evolved by trade)
jeremy growlithe UT
jeremy ekans UT
jeremy staryu UT
jeremy psyduck UT
jeremy oddish UT,RARE but not NFT NEW!
jeremy shellder UT, RARE but not NFT NEW!
jeremy sandsrew UT, RARE but not NFT NEW!

Gotta Catch 'Em All Event #2 COMPLETE
cydaquil UT,P NEW!
chikorita UT,P NEW!
totadile UT,P NEW!

Pokemon Box-Ruby and Sapphire COMPLETE
pichu UT NEW!
zizagoon UT NEW!
swablu UT NEW!
skitty UT NEW!

aura mew lv 10 UT
game shaymin (unlocks sky form in platinum) UT
channel jirachi lv 5 UT
alamos darkrai lv 50
alamos darkrai lv 50 UT
vgc milotic shiny UK UT
shiny saphire zizagoon
ESTEUO9 regigigas UT NFT NEW!
mystry mew UT
wishmaker jirachi
wishmaker jirachi (shiny) UT
alamos darkrai lv 50
alamos darkrai lv 50 UT
gamestop deoxys with item UT
space deoxys UT
world 08 lucario UT
NZone pikachu Ut NEW!
newmoon island darkrai. caught by me NEW!
japanese island mew UT shiny
neboshi jirachi UT
macdonalds pikachu UT
world hobby fair manaphy UT
jp newmoon island darkrai
12th anniversary pichu egg
Daisuki Fanclub Hapinese UT NEW!
darkrai lv 50 UT,modest with decent ivs,from newmoon island NFT NEW!
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Old 09-20-2009, 06:25 PM
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Default Re: Looking for New Flying Pikachu

I believe we still have a trade to finish up.
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