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Default From The Awkward Archives of Alex Vangze

From The Awkward Archives of Alex Vangze


Written here is the life story of Alex Vangze, written down by Soma a.k.a DarkUmbreon. To protect the people involved, names and locations have been altered. Any similarities between people and events, other than those experienced by the main character, are coincidence.

This is a brief summary of the slightly less ordinary life of Alex Vangze before he faced his adventures. Alex Vangze is a 16 years old male, 189 centimeter tall and weighing 60 kilos, due to his fast digestion. He likes to wear dark clothing so he doesn’t stick out, like a giraffe at a mall. He has brown eyes and hard to comb, jet black hair, because it sticks out of his head in every possible way.

He’s in his second year at the University of Amsterdam and his major is Physics with Communication Technology as minor. You might think that he’s something else, but what if he told you that he got his PhD in Genetics as a 14 year old. Enough to blow your socks clean off?

People started to notice his high intelligence level, when he went to kindergarten, where as a 4 year old, he already could speak and write 4 different languages and knew more about science than any 12 year old. Thus he skipped about 4 classes and finish high school at the age of 7. Being this smart has it advantages, but it also has its disadvantages. He never socialized with children of his own age.

Chapter 1: Lightning? Fast Transport!

Centre of Amsterdam, 5:00 PM, October 17th.

While Alex - dressed as usual, with a pair of clear white tennis shoes with a black tip; his torso covered with a black T-shirt, and on top of that an open shirt with the sleeves reaching down to his elbows; between his shoes and shirts, he was wearing a pair of dark blue denim jeans - was riding his 24 inch wheeled, blue Gazelle bike on his way home, the clouds thickened. You could hear the rain, rumbling high above the city, ready to fall every second, as if it was waiting for something or someone to command it. This was going to become a hell of a storm.

The old centre of Amsterdam can be a real pain in the rear for a biker, especially around autumn. Cars are always parked on the right, so you only got about a meter between you and the water, flowing on the left side. And the leaves, which fell from the trees, tend to stick to the ground thanks to the almost daily rain. On that particular day, the streets were much busier than usual. It looked like everyone was trying to get home, before the rain hit the ground.

Alex found himself doing the cha-cha-cha with his bike, trying to maneuver between the cars and other bikers, while hoping he would get home, before the rain started to fall. He was eager to try out his new game. He bought a Pokemon Emerald cartridge off eBay, from some guy, who called himself Dr. Oak. The things some people would do anything for the franchise they love. It was delivered that morning, but he had a class to attend, so he couldn’t play. After 10 minutes of sudden turns and watching out for cars, he finally left the centre of Amsterdam behind him.

Home, 5:20 PM, October 17th.

He finally got home, and completely dry! As he was guiding his bike into his front garden, he noticed that there were footprints other than his or his mom’s, leading to the left side of his house. Alex’s room was exactly above the place where the footprints ended. As Alex’s eyes moved up, he saw a cable coming from his window, going up to the roof and ending in some type of antenna.

“Who knows? Maybe mom installed satellite TV?” Alex thought.

But at that time the only thing that could exist in his mind was: Need to play Emerald! So he walked towards the front door, after making sure his bike couldn’t get wet. He grabbed his keys, which had small Pokeball containing a fluffy Umbreon. His mom gave him that Pokeball on the day his father disappeared. It actually was a present given to her by his father. She used to call it Nox. Its dark outside reminded her of her husbands eyes, which were like the night sky. His last words on that dreadful day, before he left for work 10 years ago, were: “Give him to Alex. He’ll find good use for it.”, and disappeared. As he opened the door, the unexpected events started to roll in to position, marking the end of everyday life.

Judging from the delicious scent coming from the kitchen, his mom was home.

“Mom, I’m home!” Alex yelled, while closing the door behind him with his feet.

“Hi, Alex!” she answered, “How was your class today?”

Alex’s mom isn’t one of those TV moms that always greet their children with ‘How was your day, dear?’ She is a very busy CEO of one of the largest multinationals in the world, so she doesn’t have a lot of free time. Normally he would do the cooking, because she always gets up at 5 AM and comes home at 8 PM. So he could have known that this day was going to turn into a nightmare. As eager as he was to play his little games, he realized what her presence actually meant.

“Great!” Alex answered. “How come you’re home so early?”

“I’m having a business dinner.” she explained to him. “Want to join us?”

“No, I don’t want to be rude.” he quickly answered, already picturing himself having dinner with a couple of stupid bosses from other companies, while constantly talking stupid financial matters, like which small company they should take over next.

“I’ll be in my room!” he yelled, while climbing the staircase as fast as he could.

After entering his room, which was painted magenta and black, appropriately tiled with black rubber floor tiles, and had a desk, a bed, a game corner and lots of game posters, he closed the door. As he sat down on his bed, his room lacked the presence of a comfortable chair; he watched his pet hamster, Vlek, running in its wheel.

“Almost ready” he said to himself, while looking at his chrome colored watch, which displayed: 5:30 PM, in bright neon blue digits.

After a while he heard a ‘ping’-sound coming from Vlek’s cage.

Suddenly a female voice said: “Battery recharged!”

Hey, what’s having a super brain good for if you can’t use it? So, Alex turned Vlek’s wheel into a dynamo. And when Vlek runs in his wheel, it generates power. Power, Alex uses to recharge his batteries.

Alex grabbed the batteries from their battery charger and placed them into his dark red Game Boy Advance, which he took off his desk.

The toy Pokeball was giving to him by his father, who was a world famous toymaker. His father gave him the Pokeball, which was a prototype made from innovative technology, just before he disappeared. Since then, there was a curse on the project and they stopped developing. But the Pokeball brought Alex luck, and inside the Pokeball was his dad’s most favorite Pokemon: Houndour. His dad called it Vlam, which is Dutch for ‘flame’. A fitting name, since Houndour was a flaming source of inspiration to his dad.

Alex stared at the Pokeball, trying to find inspiration in it, while the rain started to fall. At first the rain ticked on his window as if a caterpillar was walking on it. Alex suddenly looked towards the window. He imagined seeing a shady figure behind his window. It looked like his father. But that couldn’t be, well, could it? After all, he was officially declared dead!

“Shake it off, Alex. You’ve been staring to long at that Pokeball.” he said. “Just put the Pokeball on the table and play your new game.”

But instead of putting the ball on his table, he put it in his pocket. Why he did it could remain a mystery, but it might turn out handy, eventually.

Lighting started to set the sky ablaze and thunder echoed trough Amsterdam. Alex opened the box, which contained the cartridge. The cartridge seemed rather strange. It had the right shape and size, but there was something about it. Alex just couldn’t tell what. When he finished gazing breathlessly at it, he slid the cartridge into its socket, making sure it was connected to the pins of the GBA.

“Ah well, here goes nothing.” said Alex, while turning on the power.
“Yes, it works!” he shouted, filled with a mixture of relief and pleasure, as the intro came by.

While trying to place his head in his pillow, his attention fixed on a green wire, about an inch thick, attached to his GBA. He followed the wire with his eyes. It went down, onto the floor, straight to the north side of his room. As it went up beneath his window, it finally slithered trough a hole out of his sight.

Suddenly it came to him, as his stomach began to shrink from fear, and Alex broke out in sweat. That antenna was no satellite dish; it’s a conductor. A conductor made to transfer electrical energy, from the lighting, to his GBA. But for purpose does it exist, other than the possibility that it would blow up him and the entire house with it.

Just a split second before Alex wanted to pull out the wire and throw it on the rubber floor tiles, lighting hit the antenna. Within a fraction of a second, 1.2 jigowatt was flowing into Alex’ GBA, which was showing Dr Birch asking you what your name was.

Alex was blinded from the dazzling light flash coming out of his GBA. He tried to scream, but it was as if a hand was press against his mouth. In fact Alex couldn’t move at all, seeing that a big white hole was being made in the space-time continuum, right before his eyes. He suddenly felt as if he was lifted and sucked into the white hole. Despite the fact that he was moving at an incredibly swift for a human, he heard sounds of people talking, and amid this orchestra of sounds, he fell on something hard. He tried to open his eyes, which he had held closed as an instinctive reaction, but he couldn’t. He tried to move something, but he couldn’t move. After a while Alex fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.

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Default Re: From The Awkward Archives of Alex Vangze

Chapter 2: Vlam-ing Stance

A forest, 12:00 PM, October 18th.

“Wake up! Wake up! WAKE UP!”

“WHOA” Alex yelled, while being shaken as if he was a rocking chair. “What did just happen? Where am I?”

“Quiet down. No need to make a scene!”

“Wie zei dat?” Alex shouted, frightened as he was.

“What did you say?”

Alex suddenly realized, the one speaking to him, wasn’t Dutch. So he automatically switched to English, which was his second language.

“I said: Who said that?” he repeated, with a bit more confidence, as he started to calm down.

“If you would open your eyes, you could see for yourself.”

Carefully Alex opened his eyes. He placed his hand above his eyes, to cover them from the bright light sparkling through the holes in the vivid green roof of the forest he was lying in. When I got used to the light he opened his brown colored eyes, as wide as he could. And there he saw, the one who woke him up.

“So you’re finally awake, he?” she said.

She was a girl of his age, with long, brown hair and big, round, green eyes. She couldn’t be any taller than 170 centimeter. She was wearing a sleeveless, dark grey sweatshirt, made from cotton and polyester, with a dark blue T-shirt beneath it and a stone washed pair of black jeans. She apparently had the same liking for outfits as Alex.

“What’s your name?” he asked, while staring at this girl.

“Well, what’s in a name? But if you want to know!” she answered him in a dreamy way, “I’m Robyn Broedster.”

“This must be a dream!” he laughed.

“If this is a dream, what am I then?” she responded with a flare of suppressed irritation.

“Well, you, Robyn - if that is your name – must be a figment of my imagination, because there’s no other explanation.”

“If that’s so, why are we having this conversation.” she roared at Alex, not caring anymore if Alex could see that she was getting quite mad.

“I don’t know. Maybe my sub conscience is trying to tell me something.” Startled by her reaction, Alex paused to think. “Eh… I know. I can proof to you that this is a dream. Punch me. Punch me has hard as you can.” he said, jumping up and turning his shoulder towards Robyn.

“It would be my pleasure!” she said. She swiftly punched forward, after she threw her arm back, aimed for his right shoulder and plunged her fist into Alex’ flesh.

“AUCH!” Alex moaned, “You hurt me! What am I saying?!”

“Is that a bad thing?” she asked him, still full of adrenaline, after putting every bit of anger into that punch.

“Yes, it’s a bad thing, because nobody ever gets hurt, while they’re dreaming! Everybody knows that, stupid!”

Suddenly Alex’ his stomach grumbled. He hadn’t eaten anything, since yesterday’s lunch.

“So you’re hungry, eh? No wonder, it’s already past lunch time.” she frantically said, while grabbing a couple of sandwiches, wrapped in foil. “Here, have some.”

“Thanks, I guess.” he answered, while looking at the chicken sandwich in his hands, with mixed feelings.

“Yor bwelcomb!” she said, with her mouth full.

“But if this isn’t a dream, what is it then? Or even better, where exactly am I?” he softly said to himself, while staring up at the sky, chewing on his sandwich.

Robyn carefully swallowed the big chunk she had bitten off, and answered: “I can tell you where. You’re about a mile from New Bark Town.”

“You must be kidding me. Then that means…” You could hear the gears in his head turning. “I’ve been sucked into my GBA! But....But how?” Alex jumped up. He quickly looked around him paying attention to every little detail. He swiftly realized that there were sounds around him. They sounded like birds singing, high up in the birch and oak trees surrounding them, and grass waving in the wind, but they had something strange. It was as if they were chanting their own name.

“What day is it?” he asked Robyn.

“Well, yesterday was October 17th, so that makes today October 18th.” she replied to him, making it sound like she was a teacher and Alex a retarded student.

“Now I see, there can only be one answer! The high voltage on the wire caused a wormhole to open. Forcing me into it and throwing me in this dimension: The Pokemon Dimension. Then I fell asleep, because surviving the wormhole wasted all my energy.” He wasn’t called a boy genius for nothing. “But that would go against almost every law of psychics.”

Suddenly every moment of the previous afternoon flashed before his mind eye.

“My dad did this. I’m sure of it. But how could he have done it? He’s supposed to be death.” He was talking to himself, since Robyn stopped listening when he started talking about dimensions. Robyn was now enjoying the morning warmth of the sun. “Wait a second. What if….”

He was rudely interrupted by an Oddish popping out from the bushes behind them.

“Odd…Oddi…”” It said, happily wiggling along.

“Ah, how cute!” Robyn chattered, looking desirably towards the passing Oddish. Doing this, she lifted her arms above her head, while sitting on the grass next to Alex. As she raised her arm, her sweater lifted along, revealing a leather belt with a red flower motive.

At first, Alex was speechless at the sight of Oddish walking right past them. Then Alex saw Robyn’s leather belt. He was looking at what was attached to the belt: Pokeballs. And judging from their strain on the belt, only one seemed to contain a Pokemon.

“What kind of Pokemon do you have?” Alex questioned Robyn, after finally getting his tongue back, and analyzing what he had seen.

“I have a Pichu! But I want to catch as many as I can, before I go against the League Champion!” she passionately replied, almost knocking him out, as she ferociously waved her hands to stress her words.

“So, you’re a Pokemon Trainer” he asked Robyn.

“Well, kind of. I still need to get a Pokedex from professor Elm.” she said.

“Let’s get going then. I… I mean: We need to get to professor Elm!” he spoke, while jumping to his feet and patting the dirt of his denims.

“What’s the ‘we’ stuff? You don’t need to get a Dex, well, do you?” she reacted, losing every trace of shyness.

“No, but I need to ask him some questions.”

“Oh well, it’s kind of lonely walking by yourself. Ok, you can tag along.” she decided.
“Don’t you have any belongings” she asked, seeing him standing up, ready to leave, while she needed to pack, everything she took out into her moss green colored backpack.

“Ehm… Don’t think so.” He answered, a bit unsure.

“If you don’t have anything useful…” Then she spotted his pocket, curving as if something round was in there. “What’s in your pocket?”

“Don’t know… Let’s see.” He reached into his pockets, and out came the two toy Pokeballs.

“You do have a Pokemon. Let’s see what they contain!” she enthusiastically said, seizing Alex toy Pokeballs.

“Wait! It’s not what you think….” But it was too late. Robyn already pressed the release button of Houndour’s ball.

The red lid popped open, not to reveal a fluffy Houndour doll, but to shoot a flashing red light, which, when it hit the ground before them, started to take the shape of a hound; a Houndour to be specific.

“What an adorable Houndour! What’s his name?” she spoke, rather thrilled from the unusual event that took place before Alex’ eyes.

“Er….It’s name is…. Er…. His name is…” Alex found himself, reluctantly gazing into the black, almost hypnotic round eyes of Houndour. “His name is Vlam” Alex said with amazing confidence.

As Robyn drew her attention to the second Pokeball, she noticed that the release button was sealed. “That’s weird.” she said, “How come this one is sealed?”

“Don’t know. Maybe an expert would know?” he replied, trying to hint her to take him to professor Elm as soon as possible.

She merely said: “Maybe…”, and returned the Pokeballs to Alex. Then she went to Vlam, to fool around with him.

After a while, when he had enough of seeing Robyn playing with Vlam, Alex questioned himself noticeably: “What shall I do with him?”

Robyn replied, trying to prevent Houndour from tipping her over: “You have 2 options. One: you can call him back into his Pokeball or Two: you can leave him to walk freely.”

“Vlam, what do you want?” Alex asked.

“Hound… Hound…” Vlam barked to give his opinion.

“Option 2 it is. Now let’s get going.”

“Wait, I’m still not finished packing.” Robyn moaned, after Houndour left to stand next to his owner.

“Well, hurry up then. We don’t have all day.”

“I know. Just gimme a sec, will ya!” Robyn looked around, carefully remembering if she had to pack something, when she saw a dark red object several meters from where she was standing. “Is that yours?” she asked Alex, while pointing to the dark red object.

“Don’t know, let’s have a look.”

As they came closer, Alex knew what the dark red object was. It couldn’t have been anything else than his GBA, the one he was holding before he got sucked into that hole. Alex quickly picked it up, before Robyn could even reach for it.

“Looks like a Dex to me.” Robyn yawned, stretching herself out as far as she could.

“It’s a Game Boy Advance. I play games on it, like…” But before he could finish his last sentence, a white light came from his GBA. He gradually felt the GBA changing shape and weight. “The bloody thing turned into a Pokedex.” He yelled, loosing his self-control by the sudden change of his favorite toy.

“Wow!” Robyn said, while letting go of the air she forgot to exhale. “I knew Pokemon could change shape, but Pokedex too? You really need to get that thing to professor Elm.”

“Well, what are you waiting for? Lead the way!” he shouted eagerly, still stunned by the sight of what just happened in his hands.

“Houn…Houndour!” Vlam growled, as if he was singing a walking song, a few yards in front of them.

“Follow me” Robyn said, happily leading them on their way to New Bark Town and professor Elm.

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Default Re: From The Awkward Archives of Alex Vangze

Chapter 3: Hook, Line and Sinker

Forest road, 13:40 PM, October 18th.

So Alex, Robyn and Vlam walked towards New Bark Town. Robyn didn’t lie when she said that it was a mile long walk, in a straight line. Luckily for them, Robyn knew the entire forest by heart, and they were progressing rather fast.

Suddenly Robyn stopped. She quickly turned to Alex, her long, brown hair waving by this sudden motion. “I’ve been thinking.” she said, “You didn’t even mention your name, while I told you mine. So spill the beans, or I might just leave you here.”

As Alex pictured, how he would get lost in this unknown and immense forest, and probably die of hunger, he started to introduce himself: “It slipped my mind, I guess. Either way, my name is Alex Vangze.”

“Vangze, eh? Hmm… Maybe?” She was completely concentrating on untying her thoughts, that she didn’t pay any attention to Alex.

“What do you mean by ‘Maybe’?” he asked her. But she didn’t respond, so he decided to drop the question. “Well, if you don’t want to answer me, at least start walking.”

After a couple of minutes, Alex felt his legs become heavy; he wasn’t used to walk on uneven ground and for so long. Instead of walking next to Robyn, he fell a bit back, but he didn’t let her out of his sight. Vlam noticed the fatigue of his owner, and started to walk on the right sight of Alex, right behind Robyn.

As Alex walked behind her, his eyes became fixed on her brown hair, swaying from side to side as she walked, highlighted by the rays of light streaming down. Why didn’t he ever hang out with kids his own age, instead of going to workshops and classes with people 1.5 time his age, he thought.

Robyn was thinking, while they were walking. She didn’t have to pay attention. It seemed she never could get lost. As a child she was separated from her parents on a pick nick. As her parents organized a search party, she was at home, sleeping comfortably in her bed. She was now thinking about Alex; appeared to be her age. But he had something strange surrounding him. It was as if he was at least 16 years older. She was actually starting to like this weird kid.

Because they were both lost in their thoughts, they didn’t notice the trees were becoming less dense, until Vlam started to bark. They had just arrived in New Bark Town.

“Well, we’re here!” she said, trying to get rid of her thoughts and day dreams. “Elm’s lab is right over there.” she said, pointing towards the second building on the right.

“What are we standing here, doing nothing?” Alex shouted, “Let’s get over there!”

So they ran toward the second building on the right, hoping to meet professor Elm.

Elm’s Lab, New Bark Town, 14:00 PM, October 18th.

“Anybody home?” they called, stepping through the open door. But there was no answer.
“Professor Elm, are you there?” they screamed, their voices echoing through the lab.

Suddenly Vlam ran towards an open door on the left side. “Houn.. Hound” he barked, as if he wanted to tell them he had found Elm.

“Professor Elm!” Robyn laughed, seeing the world’s best expert on Pokemon breeding, drooling on his notes, sleeping, while sucking on his thumb. “Professor, WAKE UP!”

“Huh, what!” Elm said, waking up from his most favorite type of dreams: him wining the Pokel price for science. “Ah, miss Broedster. Or should I call you Robyn?”

“Robyn is ok, doc!” she said, blushing as she always does when someone calls her ‘miss’.

“Well, I know why you’re here. You want a Pokedex, isn’t it? Well I have it right here… Where did that blasted thing go?” he hysterically said, searching for the Dex. The Pokedex was sticking out of his lab coat’s right pocket.

Alex saw the Dex, and quickly grabbed it. “Here it is, professor Elm!” he said, giving the dark red piece of hardware to Elm.

“Well, thank you, young man.” he said, while handing it to Robyn. “This is the newest version available. It’s got all the new species from Hoenn programmed in it. Take good care of it.”

“Thank you, doc” she said, examining her brand new Pokedex. “He!” she said,”How come mine doesn’t have all the cool things you have on your Dex, Alex?” remembering the transforming Pokedex.

“Did you say Alex?” Elm interrupted her, before Alex could give an answer.

“Yes, I did.”

Elm quickly turned towards Alex: “Your last name wouldn’t be Vangze, now, would it?”

“Well, yes it is.” Alex answered, looking rather suspicious towards this researcher. Every other day, he would have gladly discussed genetics with him, but since this is another dimension, it would probably have been a awful experience.

“Ah, then let me see your Pokedex” Elm asked, sticking his hands out to receive the Dex from Alex. “Hmm, it’s exactly the same type as the one shown by Kenneth Vangze, who came by here yesterday.”

“My dad came here?” Alex was now totally shocked. “How can that be?” he shrieked, “my dad has been dead for over a decade!”

“Sorry to burst your bubble, Alex, but he is as alive as we. In fact he is now visiting mister Pokemon’s cottage on Route 30. If you want to know more about your Pokedex, you should go to meet your dad.”

“Ok, then I’ll be on my way.” he said, almost letting his emotions go. Completely devastated by this news, he took his Pokedex.

“Robyn,” Elm now turning back to her, “Professor Vangze also requested if you could take his son to Route 30.”

“Fine, I’ll take him” she said, speechless by the insane events that took place before her eyes.

“Alex, before you two leave, you better take this backpack, you’re that gave me. It contains a sleeping bag and food. It also contains 5 Pokeballs to catch with Pokemon.” Elm said, handing over the bag. “Now, off you go. I’ve got dreams to finish, I meant: work. Work to finish.” he said, pushing them out of his lab.

Speechless as they were, Alex, Robyn and Vlam, found themselves astonished by what happened inside the lab. They felt like they just witnessed a murder. After a short period of time, Alex said: “Well, we better go to this mister Pokemon and find my dad.”

“Yes, your right. Let’s see. Route 30 is past Cherry Grove City, so we need to go west.”

“Lead the way!” Alex murmured, trapped in his thoughts finding a reasonable explanation.

“Hound!” Vlam barked, as depressed as his owner.

Route 29, 15:00 PM, October 18th.

Our three companions found themselves on route 29, being surrounded by amazing creatures. More than once, Alex flashed his Pokedex open to see, what kind of Pokemon were hiding in the shadows.

For a long time, nothing out of the ordinary happened, if you could call it ordinary. But after a while, Alex got the feeling they were being watched. As they advanced on the trail to Cherry Grove, Alex began the feel much more uneasily, jumping up a feet if he broke a twig. He could swear, he saw a pair of eyes, wiggling on his right, behind the dense green bushes. Vlam was also getting agitated, his sensitive canine ears picked up strange sounds, but he was extremely protective of his master, to leave him.

Suddenly an Oddish popped out of the bushes…. It was the same one they had encountered earlier. Alex could tell by its mark on its left paw. The mark had the shape of a V, turned ninety degrees clockwise. The Oddish came charging towards Alex, its face showed signs of madness. Oddish tensed its leg muscles for the jump, and hit Alex, just above the waste. It was quite a high jump, considering the height of an Oddish and Alex’s length.

“Oef!” Alex groaned, as all the air in his body slipped through his teeth.

“Are you okay, Alex?” Robyn asked, catching him, so he wouldn’t fall.

“Grr…” Vlam growled at the Oddish, for having the guts to attack his master.
“Why did that Oddish do that? I thought they were peaceful” Alex panted, trying to fill his lungs with air.

“Oddish are peaceful creatures, if left alone. If a stranger trespasses into their area, they will follow him and then attack when their opponent least expects it.” Alex’ Pokedex explained.

“Let me take care of him, while you rest, Alex!” Robyn said, grabbing her Pokeball from her belt and pressing the release button, “Go, Pichu!”

“Wait, Robyn. It’s me he’s after!” he said, standing up and putting his hand on her shoulder, “If it’s a fight it wants, it’s a fight he gets!”

“Are you sure you can handle it? I wouldn’t want to deliver you to your father cut in billions of pieces.”

“Absolutely! Now, call back Pichu.” he replied, as he shimmered with confidence.

“Ok, Pichu, come back.”

“Now, Vlam, are you ready?” Alex asked his friend. “Let’s show that turnip who’s the boss here.”

“Grrr… Hound!” Vlam roared, upsetting Oddish, who then runs away into the bushes.

“Follow him, Vlam!” Alex commanded, both running into the bushes in search of the ‘diabolic’ Oddish.

“Hey, wait for me!” Robyn yelled, running after the Trainer and his Pokemon.

Vlam sniffed the trace of Oddish, as if he was a real bloodhound, leading Alex the way. Robyn tried to follow, but she got constantly slammed in her face by branches, which were pushed aside by Alex. Robyn and Alex ran, hearing Oddish screeching his own name in his rage, while Vlam barked furiously, powerfully pressing his paws on the ground.

Suddenly, there was a light coming from an open spot in the woods. The open spot had a round shape and in its center stood a giant oak tree, rising up above all the other trees, as if it had stood there, since the beginning of time. Our friend Oddish stood at its roots, smiling like a shark that smelled fresh blood. Panting like mad, Alex and Robyn stopped a few feet from Oddish, with Vlam growling in front of them.

“Stand still and fight me!” Alex yelled, only thinking about beating the hell out of the little plant creature.

“Grrr! Houn!” Vlam roared, supporting his master, by showing his teeth to his grass typed enemy.

Thus the battle started.

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Default Re: From The Awkward Archives of Alex Vangze

Chapter 4: Od-dish-ing Attacks

Giant Oak Tree, Route 29, 17:30 PM, October 18th.

“Before you put your Pokemon and yourself in the proverbial line of fire, answer me this. Do you know how to command a Pokemon?” Robyn inquired, not believing Alex would know a single move.

“Yes, I do. I’ve been breeding Pokemon for years, and I consider myself an expert on commanding Pokemon!” Alex replied with a big smirk on his face. “I’ve spent millions of hours training Pokemon on my GBA.”

“What’s a GBA?” she asked.

“Never mind! Just sit back and enjoy the show”.

“If you say so, mister ‘know-it-all’!”

“Vlam, let’s burn this Oddish with a Flamethrower!” Alex commanded, being full of confidence and totally reckless.

While Vlam concentrated to make necessary heat, which let to the ignition of the gas stored in its body, Robyn saw why Oddish choose to run to this place. “No!” she screamed, “Don’t let Vlam use his Flamethrower!”

“Why shouldn’t I? I’ve got the type advantage, haven’t I?” Alex asked, knowing that Grass types would be heavily damaged by Fire attacks.

“Because, if Vlam uses a Fire move, the big oak tree will catch fire, and we’ll get trapped.” She reasoned.

Alex came to his senses, when he heard her reasoning. The ground seemed really dry, as if it hadn’t rained for days. “Vlam, stop your Flamethrower!” he ordered, “We’ll get this devil somehow.”

Oddish didn’t give Alex the time he needed to think. As the small Grass Pokemon closed his mouth, an acidic type of liquid filled his mouth, waiting to be released with high speed. Oddish quickly ran to his opponent, catching it by surprise. He, by swiftly putting pressure on his cheeks and opening his mouth as narrow as he could, launched the Acid attack towards Houndour.

Because Vlam was caught by surprise, he couldn’t fully dodge the attack. He got hit on his side by the acidic liquid. Now Vlam started to get pissed.

Alex luckily came up with a plan. He couldn’t hit Oddish on the grass or near a tree, but there was no problem hitting him in the air with a Fire attack. But he first needed to reduce Oddish’s health and concentration to make it work.

“Vlam, use your Faint Attack!”

Vlam quickly approached Oddish, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Oddish started to become nervous, and tried to do Sleep Powder. He closed his eyes and focused, bringing the sleeping powder up towards his leaves, so they could be spread in the sky.

Vlam seized his chance, when Oddish closed its eyes. He hit Oddish as hard and as fast as he could, but by knocking him down, he inhaled the sleeping powder and fell into a deep slumber.

“No!” Alex yelled, “Don’t go to sleep, Vlam, use your Crunch attack!”

But it was no use. Vlam was still sleeping. Oddish walked up to where Vlam was lying, and bent forward, his leafs touching Vlam’s body as he used Absorb to recollect his health, until he had enough. And to make matters worse, Oddish started to use his Petal Dance; he began to spin as fast as he could. Round and round he went, bashing into Vlam’s sleeping body with his leaves, cutting and scratching it.

Alex just stayed where he was, hoping with all his might that Vlam would stand up and beat the hell out of that pathetic excuse of an Oddish.

After a minute of intense beating Oddish stopped, because he was completely confused.

Suddenly Vlam began to move again. He woke up, thanks to his Early Bird ability. If it wasn’t for this ability, he would still be lying there. Vlam firmly shook off the dirt, so it wouldn’t come in his wounds.

“We’ve got him right where we want him, Vlam” Alex yelled with freshly found delight, seeing Oddish totally defenseless. “Throw him up in the air with a Crunch!”

With a quick bark, Vlam confirmed the order. He moved towards his foe with an amazing agility, unlocking his jaw just before he reached him. Vlam then jammed his jaws with brutal force, clutching the confused Oddish firmly in his mouth, and throwing it as high as he could by swinging his head up.

As Oddish flew up, Alex and Robyn noticed that darkness slowly began to fall.

“Alex, I’ve been hearing rather strange things about battles during night.” Robyn said softly, and started to get scared, when she heard strange sounds coming from the bushes.

“Not now, can’t you see I’m busy clobbering Oddish into pulp.” Alex answered, as he showed signs of worry. “Vlam, finish it off with a Flamethrower!”

Again, Vlam concentrated, trying to revive the heat, knocked down by Oddish’s attacks, to fire up a Flamethrower. He inhaled enough oxygen to make a fire, but he couldn’t. The trees became scared of getting burned, and started to spread fine particles to stop Vlam.

Alex also noticed the will of the woods, because his eyes started to water, decreasing his visibility, and it filled his lungs, making it harder to breath. He quickly analyzed the situation. “Vlam, stop the attack, use Crunch instead!” he sighed, seeing his original plan fail.

By then Oddish regained sanity, and started falling to the ground. As it accelerated, it started to spin, using gravity to spin even faster than before. If this Petal Dance would hit Vlam, there’s no way he could remain standing.

Vlam already unhooked his jaw, waiting for the right moment to close his mouth.

Alex quickly calculated the chance Vlam could survive, and realized that it would be small.

Oddish kept falling and falling, gaining momentum every second. The tension was nerve wrecking.

When Oddish impacted on Vlam, Robyn screamed her lungs out. Dust and dirt were flying all over the place, as the ground trembled due the force of the crash. Robyn was thrown off her feet, while Alex fell on his right knee.

“What happened? Is Vlam alright? Are you okay, Alex?” Robyn asked, still shaking from the collision.

“I’m okay!” Alex answered, “But what happened to Vlam?”

There was a sudden gust of wind coming from the north, which cleared the battle field from the smoke, made out of dust and dirt. And there, between the roots of the giant oak tree, two formless shadows could be seen, both lying motionless on the ground. Then one of the shadows started to move, and as the smoke cleared up, they could see which one of the fighters had survived.

It was Oddish! It seemed that when Oddish touched down, Vlam mistimed. But Oddish paid a high price; he was badly wounded and confused, not a very good combination.

Alex couldn’t believe it, Vlam had lost. “Vlam, stand up! Please, Vlam, stand up! Get on your feet!” he begged, “Use Flamethrower, Crunch, Bite; what ever it takes, just stand up!”

“It’s okay.” Robyn said, placing her hand on his shoulder, “It was a good fight. Now, do everyone a favor; call back Vlam, and let’s get out of here.”

“Yes, you’re right.” he said softly, and lifted his hand, containing the Pokeball, ready to recall his fainted friend.

Right before Alex pressed the button, Vlam moved… He wasn’t fainted, he was just sleeping. Vlam slowly stood up, shook himself clean, and was now filled with energy.

“Yahoo, he didn’t faint.” Alex laughed, crying of joy, “Now let’s get back to business, Vlam, and finish it with a Faint Attack.”

“Hound!” Vlam howled towards the moon, then charging at full speed towards the dizzy foe. Vlam hit Oddish with all the force he could rally up, tossing poor little Oddish several meters away.

Suddenly Alex talked with a low voice, his eyes looking as if his mind was taken over by an evil power: “Kill him now, Vlam, and make him suffer.”

Robyn was shocked by these words, so she grabbed Alex by his shoulders and turned him around, and slapped him in his face. Alex his voice and eyes returned to normal as Robyn spoke: “Don’t you know, Pokemon can’t kill in battle. What happened to you?”

“Don’t know.” Alex replied, completely unaware of what he just said. “I truly don’t know what came over me.”

In the meantime, Vlam walked up to where Oddish was lying, completely drained from all his energy, ready to execute his masters last command by throwing a Flamethrower from close range.

Alex and Robyn both saw what Vlam was about to do. Robyn was petrified by the thought of Vlam actually executing the order. While Alex tried to stop him: “Stop, Vlam! I command you to stop.”

Vlam barked when he heard the command: “Houn… Hound!”

“Phew.” Alex sighed, “Now, what shall we do with Oddish?”

“Well, duh, isn’t it obvious. Try throwing a Pokeball at it.” Robyn puffed out, rolling her eyes.

Alex quickly took a Pokeball from his bag, and enlarged it. “We’ll here goes nothing!” he said, like that time he was switching his Pokemon Emerald game on for the first time, and he threw it towards the nearly fainted Pokemon.

The ball touched Oddish, and opened its lid. The Pokeball then started to emit a bright red light, taking Oddish inside and closing. It wiggled and wiggled, while Robyn and Alex kept there fingers crossed.

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Default Re: From The Awkward Archives of Alex Vangze

story-very interesting, I havent seen anyting like this here before, definetly points for originality

spelling, grammar, etc.- Some mistakes here, a couple parts really hurt you. tense problems, nothing too serious.... the problem was I had to stop and read some parts over again, which kind of mesed up the flow for me.

Realism-well if I ignore the laws of physics..haha j/k. It could definietly happen, and let physics be damned

battle-good, very good. both descriptive and interesting. I would have liked it to have been a bit longer, but what you has here was good enough so that length didnt play a significant factor.

length- sufficent, the posts were long enough. no problems here. The battle, as stated before, would have benifited from another half post or so, but this didnt affect the outcome...

outcome-oddish captured. overall the story was good, my only real qualm was with some of the spelling/grammar mistakes. everything else was great. = D
"Eyes of a fallen angel, Eyes of a tragedy."

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Default Re: From The Awkward Archives of Alex Vangze

Originally Posted by Finglonger
spelling, grammar, etc.- Some mistakes here, a couple parts really hurt you. tense problems, nothing too serious.... the problem was I had to stop and read some parts over again, which kind of mesed up the flow for me.
Ehm, well that was because I used wrong synonyms. Edit: Could you tell me whitch parts that were. I can try to change them...

Originally Posted by Finglonger
Realism-well if I ignore the laws of physics..haha j/k. It could definietly happen, and let physics be damned
I'll explain the technical details in later chapters.

Originally Posted by Finglonger
The battle, as stated before, would have benifited from another half post or so, but this didnt affect the outcome...
Oddish's don't know that many usefull attacks, and I wanted to prevent repeats...

Originally Posted by Finglonger
outcome-oddish captured. overall the story was good, my only real qualm was with some of the spelling/grammar mistakes. everything else was great. = D
WOOT, Got Ods!

Not bad for my first story, and my second English story ever.

Second part's gonna be up soon...

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Default Re: From The Awkward Archives of Alex Vangze

yeah, sorry I didnt list out the problems, I was in a bit of a rush, but if you want me to I'll give you some understanding of what could've been fixed.

well for starters the use of the pronoun "you" causes problems between third and second person tenses. I suggest eliminating that, let me give you one example.

you wrote: "Cars are always parked on the right, so you only got about a meter between you and the water, flowing on the left side."

what you could have written: "Cars are always parked on the right, leaving only a meter between a rider and the water, which was flowing on the left side."

this isnt really a big deal, but it does distract some people. I didnt find it to be too bad, but every once in a while I would notice it..

He bought a Pokemon Emerald cartridge off eBay, from some guy, who called himself Dr. Oak
commas aren't needed there.
also might want to say he had bought for the past perfect tense...

There really were not too many problems, just little things which will repair themselves as you become more comfortable with writing in english.

The battle length also wasnt bad, normally I would want more, but your's was so good that it didnt need anymore length...
"Eyes of a fallen angel, Eyes of a tragedy."
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Default Re: From The Awkward Archives of Alex Vangze

Chapter 5: Nightmare-y-go-round!

Giant Oak Tree, Route 29, 19:30 PM, October 18th.

“Please, let it stay closed.” Alex begged, still keeping his fingers crossed..

As if Alex his wish had been answered, the Pokeball stopped wiggling, letting out a final ‘ping’, thus conforming the capture of Oddish.

“Pfew…” Alex sighed, dropping himself on his rear, completely exhausted by the pure rush of the battle. “I’m so tired.”

“Well, you should be! Battling like that! You completely lost it out there.” Robyn yelled, totally pissed off, because Alex tried to kill Oddish. “What were you thinking, trying to kill a defenseless Pokemon?”

“I told you, I don’t know what happened.” he answered. “Vlam, could you bring the Pokeball.” now speaking to his Pokemon.

“Hound!” Vlam barked, conforming, as usual, that he heard Alex. He carefully placed the Pokeball in his mouth, trying not to damage it, or to drool on it for that matter. He walked towards the humans, who were lying on the ground and looking up towards the sky.

“Aren’t the stars beautiful?” Robyn sighed, her green eyes fixed on the constellations.

“Yeah, they’re amazing. It’s a shame you can’t see them in Amsterdam. Clouds and smog block their light from shining.”

Vlam stopped and dropped the dry Pokeball in his master’s hands, and barked.

Alex now switched his attention to his freshly caught Pokemon. “Should I let him out?” he asked Robyn.

“Go ahead! It’s your Pokemon now.” She replied, standing up along with Alex, who didn’t want to be used as a jumping platform, lying there on the ground, if Oddish wasn’t being nice.

“Oddish, come out!” he said, pressing the release button.

When the red light had taken shape, and Oddish appeared, his body having the color of the sea surrounding an island made of coral, and his leaves as green as the giant oak tree, when it was young and fragile.

“Oddi… Odds.” Oddish squealed of joy, happily jumping up and down before Alex.

“You’re an odd little ball, aren’t you?” Alex said.

Oddish nodded, touching the ground with it leaves.

“Then I’ll call you Odd Ball, ok?”
Oddish nodded again, tipping over by sheer pleasure.

“Robyn, we need a place to sleep. It’s getting quite late.” Alex mentioned, calling Odd Ball back into his Pokeball.

“Well, there is a PokeCenter in Cherry Grove. If we hurry, we can get there before it closes.”

“Well, do I have to say it? Let’s get this show on the road.”

Cherry Grove City, 21:30 PM, October 18th.

After walking for two hours straight, Alex’s legs felt like bags of bricks. They could have made it sooner, but Alex demanded that they would stop, giving him time to catch his breath.

All is well that ends well! They safely made it to Cherry Grove, having half an hour to spare before the PokeCenter closed. Because Vlam and Odd Ball needed a check-up as soon as possible, they didn’t leave the Center to go to the Mart.

As it reached 10 o’clock Robyn and Alex went to their room, after getting their Pokemon back.

“I get the window-side bed!” Robyn cheerfully said, dropping her belongings onto it, and running to the bathroom, before Alex even could blink.

“Girls, can’t live with them, can’t live without them. No matter what age.” he sighed. “Well, it leaves me time to check what’s in my bag, without her constantly snatching things away.”

Alex searched through his new bag, puzzled by almost every item inside. The bag contained: a map; a couple of bottles, labeled ‘Potion’ and ‘Full Heal’; a toothbrush and toothpaste; a new set of clothing and footwear, exactly his size; and a strange device. Apparently, his dad did his homework.

When he heard the shower stop, he quickly stopped examining the items and put them back into the bag, only leaving his new clothes and his dental supplies outside. As Robyn came outside - wearing a long T-shirt and a knee-high short, her brown hair sticking out beneath the towel she had on her head - Alex couldn’t keep his heart pumping normal. He stared at the spots around her neck, caused by her long wet hair touching her T-shirt. He couldn’t look away, and Robyn noticed.

She found it amusing, that Alex looked at her, the way he looked. Nonetheless she told him off. “What are you looking at, pervert!” she said, trying hard not to laugh.

Alex quickly looked at his feet, mumbling that he wasn’t staring at her. He quickly grabbed his toothbrush and toothpaste, and shuffled into the bathroom.

Robyn dried her hair with a hairdryer, provided by the PokeCenter. When she was finished drying her hair, she dropped onto the nearest bed and fell asleep.

When Alex came out of the bathroom, having taken a shower and brushed his teeth, he noticed Robyn sleeping on his bed, instead of the window-side bed. “She’s kinda cute…” he said, watching her hair highlighted by the moon, which was shining through the window. He gently lifted her up from his bed, making sure not to wake her up, and tucked her in. He, then, walked back to his bed and gently floated into dreamland.

Room 511, PokeCenter, 1:00 AM, October 19th.

It was past midnight, when Robyn woke up. She instantly noticed, she was tucked in, and put in her chosen bed. She smiled when she saw Alex, sleeping like a baby. But then his expression changed; he was having a nightmare.

Suddenly Alex started to talk, with the low voice he used during his battle with Oddish, his eyelids moving up, revealing his eyeballs moving rapidly. “Must kill them! I must kill them all. For being the cause of my awakening, they must all die a gruesome and painful death!” And as swiftly as it came, Alex closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

“Ok. That was creepy.” Robyn said, still not believing what her ears and eyes told her brain. Then she smelled a nice scent, spreading through their room, making her fall into a deep sleep.

What actually happened was that the ‘evil thing’ inside Alex, ordered Odd Ball to emerge from his Pokeball and use Sleep Powder on Robyn. Upon success, Evil Alex ordered Odd Ball into his Pokeball again, and gave control back to Good Alex.

Mess hall, PokeCenter, 9:00 AM, October 19th.

It was early in the morning, as Alex and Robyn sat in the mess hall eating their breakfast, all set to go to mister Pokemon. It was rather busy in the mess hall, since the Elite 4 Challenge was coming up, and Cherry Grove City’s PokeCenter was the last one for the remainder of the journey to Indigo Plateau.

When they finished their breakfast, an hour later, they went to the PokeMart, since Robyn wanted to get some supplies. She didn’t mention what happened last night, because she wanted to hear what Alex’ dad had to say.

After getting everything they wanted, they set out for mister Pokemon’s cottage on Route 30. As they walked on this sunny morning, Alex felt refreshed, now able to hike as long as he wanted.

They occasionally walked on the forest paths, when they heard Pokemon. They saw Pidgeottos, flying in and out of trees, teaching their children how to use their wings. It was almost time for the Pidgeys to leave their nest and flap their wings into the mysterious world outside.

Alex and Robyn also came across a tribe of Sentret. They were long tailed, furry beast with a brown and smirked white pattern, standing on their tails, when sensing danger. Vlam wanted to play with them, but the Sentret didn’t want to play with him, so they ran away. Taken aback by the fleeing Sentret, Vlam returned to Alex.

About a mile before they reached mister Pokemon’s cottage, they saw a lost Poliwag. So Robyn, becoming a little bit jealous of Alex, who now had two Pokemon, took the opportunity to catch a new Pokemon. Because Poliwag was young and still wet from swimming in a lake nearby, it didn’t take that long to add him to her collection.

“Pichu, use your Thundershock!” she commanded.

Pichu quickly jumped up, contracting every muscle in his petite body, to charge electrical current through his body. Sparks began coming out of his cheeks, as he focused on hitting the wild Pokemon by surprise. Pichu release his Thundershock attack with amazing pin-point accuracy, making his opponent an easy pray for a Pokeball.

Robyn quickly threw a Pokeball on the defenseless creature. The Pokeball wiggled two times, before it came to a halt and let out ‘ping’ sound.

After that Robyn was as happy as a little kid on his birthday. She couldn’t stop playing with her newly found companion, as they sat down near a lake. They enjoyed a nice lunch, while Poliwag recuperated. After a while Robyn suggested that they should move. They soon saw the cottage, and their mood fell to a record depth.

The cottage wasn’t actually a cottage, well, not anymore actually. Thirty years ago, mister Pokemon used it as a hideout, where he would come to sort out his thoughts. With the years, mister Pokemon began to call his cottage home, constantly expanding it to accommodate the machines he used for his research. He was and still is the best in the field of Attack Classification. He is the only one ever to use every non-legendary Pokemon, in order to test their type-benefits and their weak spots, as well as cataloging each move a Pokemon learns, naturally or through other ways.

As Alex and Robyn walked up to the building, they began to think of turning back. But their feet wouldn’t listen, forcing them towards the door.

Alex took a deep breath, before he raised his hand in an attempt to knock on the door. But, before he even touched the wooden surface, the door opened, shrieking as if someone was being tortured to death.

Their moral sank even lower, as they entered the dark and, apparently, abandoned house.

Near a tree by a river, there's a hole in the ground.
Where an old man of Aran goes around and around

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Default Re: From The Awkward Archives of Alex Vangze

Chapter 6: Revolving Revelations!

Mr. Pokemon’s cottage, 14:15 PM, October 19th.

“Welcome children!” a strange voice said, turning on the lights, to reveal an old man, sitting in his rocking chair, with a Pokeball clutched in his fist. “Sorry, if I scared you, youngsters. A man at my age must take precautions.”

While their heart rate dropped back to normal, they looked at the old man, who was completely bald, except for the grey hairs sticking out behind his ears. He was wearing a dark blue suit made of the finest fabrics, with a violet tie loosely around his neck.

“Ah, you must be Alex and Robyn.” he said, after examining them. “Kenneth has been awaiting your arrival.” he informed them, while leading them through a door on the left. “I’m mister Pokemon, your host for today.”

As Alex and Robyn stepped into the room, they saw a black haired man, who seemed at least 185 centimeters tall, standing behind a complicated piece of machinery, his back towards them. If Robyn didn’t know better, she would have sworn that the man was Alex.

“Ahem… Kenneth, you have guests.” mister Pokemon said, getting the attention of the man supposedly being Alex his dad.

Kenneth slowly turned, his face becoming more and more visible. Alex was holding his breath, hoping that after all these years he would finally have a father again. But would it be the same?

“Ah, Alex and Robyn! My favorite 16 year olds in both worlds!” Kenneth said, smiling, his eyes invisible behind his glasses, which were reflecting the light behind them. “What a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t expecting you sooner than tomorrow morning. You two must be the fastest hikers I’ve ever seen.”

“Dad!” Alex yelled, hearing his father’s typical sense of humor.

“Uncle!” Robyn screamed, at the sight of her godfather.

“Uncle? What’s this got to mean?” Alex said, blinking at the unexpected event, unfolding right before his eyes. “Dad, I thought you were an only child? And as a matter of fact, you’re in a completely different world!”

“I’ll explain that in due time. Now, Robyn would you like to sit down. I’ve got to speak with Alex, in private, if you don’t mind.” Kenneth asked, leading his son to another door, away from Robyn and the old man.

“Err… Not at all, I guess.” she replied, after Alex and Kenneth had left the room.

“Well, it’s not often that I get to speak with trainers. Especially young ones like yourself.” the old man said, trying to have a polite conversation.

Meanwhile in another room, Kenneth and his son were sitting down, facing each other. They decided to have their little chit-chat in Dutch, minimizing the chance of someone overhearing something extremely delicate.

“What do you want to ask me, Alex?” Kenneth said, his eyes still appearing invisible behind his glasses.

“Well, I’ve got so many questions.” Alex said, thinking which one he should ask first. “I think I’ll start at the beginning.”

“That’s fine with me.” Kenneth said, giving his approval.

“Well, were you the one who set that wire and antenna up, two days ago?”

“Yes, that was me?”

“How did you get there in the first place?” Alex asked.

“Wouldn’t it be better to ask how I got stuck here?” his dad replied.

“Err, I guess so.”

“For a kid with a PhD in his pocket, you’re asking in a really dumb order. Never mind that, it was a really bad sentence.” Kenneth said, shaking his head. “My Dutch is a bit rusty. Can’t blame me, people here seem to talk English all the time... Alas, let’s get on with the explanation.”

“Ok!” Alex said, sitting on the tip of his chair, awaiting his dad’s shocking revelations.

“Let me see… It’s been a while. I was working in my lab, the day of my disappearance. I was trying to find a way to make games more realistic. No one tried to come to work, because of that terrible storm that day, remember?”

“Well, yeah. I guess so.”

“I was busy working in a contraption, invented by yours truly, test running it to see if it had any malfunctions. I was so occupied with my work, that I didn’t notice a thin wire coming from the device, and penetrating the lightning conductor’s cable. So when lighting hit the building, I found myself blinded by the light coming from that wire. And the next moment, I was in this world.”

“Why did you do that to me?”

“Simple, I wanted you to see what I’ve seen. Don’t worry, I’ve found a way to send you back. How else do you think I was able to go back and forth between these worlds?”

“But how do you explain the existence of other worlds, and how can someone possibly travel between them?” Kenneth’s son asked him.

“For your first question, we need to use some of your general knowledge. Pop quiz: Who were Plato and Socrates?” Kenneth questioned him.

“Socrates was a philosopher in Ancient Greece, who tried to let people realize that they didn’t know a thing by confusing them. He was sentenced to death by poison, after being accused for several crimes, like not accepting the common Greek gods and ruining the youth.” Alex answered, happy as a kid on his first day of school. “Plato was a student of Socrates, who wasn’t at his execution. Plato later founded the Academia and died as an old, but wise, man.”

“Good enough. Do you know something about Plato’s cave comparison?” Kenneth inquired.

“Yes, Plato stated that we humans only can see the shadows, because we don’t know the truth. But if one of us humans would release himself from his chains, which hold him down, and walk up to see the light, which is the truth, he would see that the things we see around us are nothing but shadows of Ideas, which reside in the Idea world. So we call a chair ‘a chair’, because we can see the shadow of the Idea ‘a chair’.”

“It’s close enough. Let’s get on to the next step: ‘What do you do when you make a decision?’”

“I consider the advantages and the disadvantages of every option. Why do you ask?”

Kenneth ignored that last question. “Ok, let’s take an example. You wake up in the morning and you want breakfast. You can choose from eggs and bacon or one slice of toast. You know that you only have 20 minutes before the bus leaves.” Kenneth said in substandard Dutch. “You’ll picture yourself how you would make eggs and bacon and missing the bus. Then you do the same with one slice of toast, but this time you picture yourself on time.”

“Yes, what does that got to do with Plato?”

“Well, every time a human makes a decision, he creates different worlds. His decision however, deletes the possibility of the other worlds ever happening. But what if someone would catch a glimpse of those worlds? That, Alex, is called an idea in human language.”

“You lost me there.” Alex said, shaking his head, totally confused.

“The guy, who supposedly invented Pokemon, saw this world in his mind and called it an idea. And you know why? Because each world is connected to the Idea world! The only difference between these worlds, are the shadows of Ideas people see.”

“I think I get it.” Alex sighed, rubbing his forehead with the tip of his fingers.

“Good, very good indeed. Now let’s get onto question number 2: How can someone travel between two worlds? Well, that’s even less of a trouble, because this is science! You know the basics of time-travel?”

“One person leaves Earth with the speed of light and another stay on Earth. 70 years later, the one on Earth will have aged normally, while the one in space only has aged about 10 years.”

“Right, right you are! The only thing however that can move with the speed of light is light itself. But lighting is a special form of light; it’s a highly charged form of light. So would you know be so kind to say Einstein’s famous formula.”

“Energy equals mass times….” Alex recited.

“Stop right there!” his dad interrupted. “If I would have something with a high concentration of energy, its mass would be really small.”

“Err, dad, its mass would increase.” Alex corrected him.

“No, it doesn’t!” his dad said.

“Yes, it does!” Alex yelled, exceptionally confident that he was right.

Kenneth quickly grabbed a piece of paper and a pen, trying to proof his theory with complicated formulas. Finally he saw his error.

“Never mind, I was thinking of a different formula.” Kenneth sighed. “In the event that someone or something got hit by lightning, someone or something could use all that energy to move to another world, if that someone or something was connected to the so called shadow of an Idea. In our case that would be Pokemon. Comprende?”

“Y comprendo, padre. I think.” Alex acknowledged, smiling when he heard his dad speaking Spanish. “But I have one question: ‘Isn’t mom going to file me as a missing person?’”

“No, not at all! After I transported you, I had a nice dinner with her. I asked her if she could bail you from school, and tell everyone you went on vacation.”

“So that’s why she was home early.” Alex chuckled, amazed by his dad’s sneakiness.

“Yeah, it was nice to see her after ten years.” he said softly, dazing of into his memories. “Well we spent quite a while here. Robyn must be getting bored to death by that old fool.”

They went to the other room. Kenneth smiled at Alex and his son smiled back, making Alex feel like he had a father again, for the first time in years.

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Default Re: From The Awkward Archives of Alex Vangze

Chapter 7: Family Affairs! No, More Drama?

Mr. Pokemon’s cottage, 15:00 PM, October 19th.

When the two generations of Vangze walked into the ‘living room’ of the cottage, they smelled the smell of freshly baked mint cookies.

Robyn and the old man hadn’t been talking the whole time, unlike the other two individuals in the building. After a nice little chat, mister Pokemon noticed it was almost tea time. So he stood up to make some tea and cookies, and Robyn, being her natural self, aided him where necessary.

So everyone eventually sat down to have some tea, and Robyn and Alex didn’t forget to spoil their Pokemon in the process. Vlam, Odd Ball, Pichu and Poliwag enjoyed each others company, while consuming their uniquely made tea and cookies.

When Alex finished his cup of tea, he began to think, his hands supporting his head, and his elbows on the table. Finally he turned to his father and said: “Dad, why did Robyn call you uncle?”

“Ah, excellent timing.” Kenneth said, putting his cup on the table. “I was just about to tell you. It’s actually quite simple. See, when I first came here, ten autumns ago, I was completely lost. I walked for days without seeing a soul. Then finally I heard voices. At that time I was thinking that I was starting to become delirious. So, I took my chances and went searching for the source of the voices.”

Robyn had become completely silent, as the tale unfolded. Tears were starting to appear beneath her lovely green eyes, which were full of joy a short while ago. She quickly stood up and went outside.

“Poor girl, this story seems to be too much for her.” Kenneth said. “Nevertheless, I should continue. As I walked towards the voices, they seemed to get happier. When I finally reached my limits, I found myself within sight. The voices were coming from a woman, a man and a little girl. The child was Robyn, and the adults were her parents. At that moment, my body gave up the ghost. Robyn’s parents were the nicest people I’d ever laid eyes on. They nursed me back to health, and even took me into their home, since I had no other place to turn. Robyn soon started to call me Uncle Ken.”

“Okay, I get that. But why was Robyn in tears?” Alex asked.

“Ah, we now come to the sad part. After a year, her father had a terrible accident. He was found it the forest. He was almost dead, when we found him, his clothes were soaked in blood. He could barely speak, but he kept repeating over and over again: ‘Evil has come! Ancient times are unraveling their secrets’. Robyn was devastated; I’ve never seen her look so sad before. He soon died, after losing lots of blood. It was a sad day for that child. After that I became her godfather. Well, I answered your questions. I think it’s time to call Robyn back in.”

After Robyn came back, her usual happy self, they went to mister Pokemon’s training facility. This facility was constructed with the sole purpose of testing how Pokemon reacted in different environments. A definite plus-point was that almost everything was controllable.

Now it was Robyn’s to do some questioning.

“Uncle, I’ve been thinking and I think we have a problem.” she said, wiggling on her chair.

“Well, what kind of problem is it?” Kenneth replied, his eyes being invisible as always.

“Err… It sort of concerns Alex.” Robyn cautiously said, getting Alex his attention.

“Well, what is it?” Kenneth asked in a polite, but worrying, way.

“Err. I noticed IT, when Alex was fighting against his Oddish. His eyes became kind of blurred and his voice changed into a low, and scary, tone.”

“Have you considered, he could have been acting that way, because he was tired.” Kenneth said, trying to dispose the matter as all humans do; by coming up with an easy theory, without calling it something supernatural.

“Well, he could have, but that doesn’t explain why he wanted Oddish to die. And he went all weird last night. He was dreaming and suddenly he was mumbling bad things. He was planning to kill everyone.”

“Was I saying that I would kill everyone?” Alex asked, surprised to hear these revelations.

“Yeah, you were!” Robyn answered.

“Oh my, that’s not good!” the old man said, moving uncomfortably in his chair.

“Indeed, not good at all!” Kenneth partially repeated.

“Are you pondering what I’m pondering, Kenneth?” the old man asked.

“If you’re referring to that old myth, then yes.” Alex his father answered.

“What myth?” Robyn and Alex simultaneously asked.

“Would you do the honor, old chap?” Kenneth asked.

“How could I refuse? Well, let me see.” Mr. Pokemon said. “Oh, I remember it again. It goes like this:

When a man comes to this world, neither by birth nor by duplication,
The world, as we know it, awaits elimination.
Because with this man comes great evil, for he has broken the balance.
Evil shall control our world, for we do not hold the power of interference.

Sorry I forgot what came after this. Let me continue where I can remember.

Amid changes, Evil shall call forth his son to this world, neither by birth nor by duplication,
By this boy’s hands our souls await their complete annihilation.
But we hold a chance, for our fates are not carved in solid stone,
If this lad can conquer his nightmares, Evil shall fall and die alone.
He shall meet a girl, who is family by choice and not by blood,
She shall find him lying in grass and mud
She is child who can’t get lost,
She’ll find the way, at any cost.
Through worlds they must travel,
Hunt down the four elements, which shall now unravel.
A fierce creature made from rock and ground,
When it screeches it makes an ear deafening sound.
A small being with mind-blowing might,
But it looks powerless at first sight.
Child of dragons, who control the weather,
Fight it, even if petting seems better.
Last and not least, a soul made out of complete darkness,
Before him normal humans stand powerless.
Three in our world and one in his,
After finding and defeating them, our world awaits bliss.
But must the boy wonder off, and not return, for dangers loom,
We shall all become prey for a life filled with total doom.

“The man in this story is me. The son is you, Alex, and the girl, who is family by choice and not by blood, is you, Robyn.” Kenneth said, inhaling as deep as he could, before letting out a sigh.

“Then what are the four elements?” Robyn asked, as she started to sweat, when she heard this strange and not pleasant piece of ancient poetry.

“The four elements are the Pokemon Larvitar, Absol, Ralts and Dratini.”

“So basically I need to catch one of each Pokemon. How hard can that be?” Alex sighed, relieved that it wasn’t going to be something deadly.

“Easy my foot! You can’t just go off and catch random Pokemon. These Pokemon have specific features, so they’ll be a hell lot stronger!” the old man ranted.

“Okay, easy my friend. Alex is just being immature. Well that’s got to be the first time.” Kenneth said, calming the old geezer down.

“Err… Mr. Pokemon, which Pokemon is going to their world?” Robyn curiously asked.

“Well, that’ll be Absol. He’s the strongest of the lot.”

“Then I’ll fight him first!” Alex enthusiastically screeched, jumping up, ready for action.

“Wow, slow down kiddo. You aren’t strong enough.” Kenneth exclaimed, also standing up, but with a little less haste.

“Yes, I am!” Alex said.

“I know how you can prove it. Do you still have Nox?”

“Yes, but he is sealed.”

“That’s no problem. I can remove the seal, but Nox will turn back into an Eevee.”

“Who’s Nox?” Robyn asked.

“Nox is an Umbreon.” Alex replied.

“But Umbreons can’t change back into Eevees!” Robyn yelled, completely bamboozled by these awkward events.

“They can’t, but thanks to this seal, Nox never evolved in the first place.” her godfather replied, busy opening the sealed Pokeball, which he had received from Alex.

“How is an Eevee going to test my abilities?” Alex asked, his face showing a puzzled expression.

“You must beat this Eevee the same way as you are going to fight those Elementary Pokemons. You must first weaken them with everyone of your Pokemon, and you must deliver the final blow with Vlam, because he is the closest to you.” Kenneth explained.

“Ok, that makes sense. But what shall I do with them after I beat them?”

“Well, you might try to catch them, stupid! You’re going to need their strength. So after you defeat Eevee, if you possibly can, you must catch him.”

“When I catch Nox, which Eeveelution shall he turn into?”

“That’s predetermined; Nox is going to turn into an Umbreon.” Kenneth said, finally opening the seal. “Remember, Nox is going to be a wild Pokemon know, so better act quick.”

“Yeah, yeah! Just let it RIP!” Alex yelled, ready to do battle.

“Here it goes!” Kenneth screamed, opening the Pokeball, releasing the force that was inside.

The red ray of light swirled before them, taking shape as they looked at it. The light took the form of a squirrel, but it was somehow different. By know you could see that it was an Eevee. As the glow faded, they saw a unexpected occurrence.

Nox wasn’t a normal Eevee, with hazelnut colored pelt. Nox honored his name; his fur was as dark as the night, jet black, yet shiny as the stars

“Eev!” Nox growled at Alex, ready to start bashing and trashing him into pulp.

“Do you feel lucky, well do you?” Alex said, quickly grasping Odd Ball’s Pokeball.

“Wouldn’t a pleasant jingle be nice, right about now, to announce the beginning of the battle?” old man Pokemon asked.

“NOOO!” everybody yelled, quite pissed off at the old man for ruining the moment.

Suddenly Alex’ Pokedex started to play Pokemon Emerald’s battle jingle.

“Oh, for crying out loud! Let’s get started fighting that blasted Eevee. Sheesh!” Alex shrieked, his eyes showed that he was mad as hell.

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Default Re: From The Awkward Archives of Alex Vangze

Chapter 8: Things scatter around us like flower petals!

“Jump out, Odd Ball!” Alex roared, throwing his Pokeball in the air, after he pressed the release button. “Let’s have some fun!”

“Oddi!” Odd Ball growled, ready to rumble with Nox. Odd Ball started to jump up and down, moving its little feet as if he was Mohammed Ali. He waved his leafy head to loosen the muscles.

Ten feet away, Nox was also warming up. He wagged his tail, while jumping up and down. “Eev!” he growled, as he made sharp turns, pretending he was dodging attacks.

“Odd Ball, are you ready?” Alex asked.

“Oddish!” Odd Ball growled, finishing his warming up.

“Let’s go get him! Use Petal Dance on him!” Alex commanded his Pokemon.

Odd Ball quickly began to spin around, turning his leaves into razor sharp fighting tools. He began to spin towards Nox, gaining speed as he came closer.

Nox, however, was waiting. When his opponent was only a body length away, Nox quickly turned around and began to spray sand towards Odd Ball, digging in the ground with his front paws. The sand slowed down Odd Ball’s attack, giving Nox time to move his body out of danger.

Sand managed to get into Odd Ball’s eyes, causing him to temporarily lose his eyesight. He stopped spinning and began to try to remove the tiny bits of sand out of his eyes.

“What are you just standing there, attack him!” Alex yelled furious, waving his fist towards the squirrel like creature. “Just use your Sleep Powder! If he’s asleep he can’t attack us!”

“Odd!” Odd Ball screeched. Odd Ball closed his eyes, which now started to tear. He concentrated as hard as he could, so he wouldn‎’t use the wrong powder, stored deep with in him. When he finally got the right powder, he then transported it up to his leafy head, ready to be spread out. But the powder wouldn’t take flight, because there was no wind.

“Why did we have to have this battle inside?” Alex asked, really pissed off at the old man and his dad.

“That’s for me to know and for you to find out.” the old man teasingly said, sticking his tongue out.

“Why you…!!” Alex growled, crunching his teeth. “So that means we can’t use spores or powders unless Nox decided to stick his mouth in Odd Ball’s head.”

“Yeah, that’s the point!” Kenneth said, laughing at the sight of his son’s expression. “I said it would be hard. You need to know in what circumstances you can use which attack, and which you can not.”

Alex sighed, considering his dad’s advice. “Odd Ball, use Acid!” he ordered.

Odd Ball calmly exhaled, and closed his mouth. An acidic liquid filled his mouth, though it didn’t burn him. Odd Ball quickly ran towards his opponent, his lips firmly sealed. He then put pressure on his cheeks, and turned his mouth into a small hole, thereby launching the Acid attack towards Nox.

Nox quickly jumped, while he was moving towards his opponent. As the spray of acidic ooze shot through the sky, flying towards Nox, he tried to perform a rather cunning Tail Whip. The liquid hit Nox in the side, causing him to turn in midair. Nox’s tail swayed behind him, as he still flew towards Odd Ball. Odd Ball ducked to avoid Nox, but he had been expecting that. He lowered his tail, which caused him to turn even faster. He lashed his tail on one of Odd’s leaves.

“This match needs a commentator. I know, I’ll do the talking!” Mr. Pokemon said.

“Shut the hell up!” Alex yelled, unfocussed and absolutely furious.

“You need to concentrate, Alex!” Robyn shouted, after being quiet the whole battle.

“I’m trying, but this old geezer won’t let me!” he yelled back at her.

“Alex, what do you think this is? A turn-based game?” Kenneth said, “Nox isn’t going to wait until you’re done talking.”

“Argh! Odd Ball, use Petal Dance again!” Alex commanded.

The grass-typed Pokemon began to spin as fast as he could. Odd Ball moved towards Nox, trying to hit him. But it was no use!

“And Nox uses his Quick Attack to mislead Odd Ball.” old man Pokemon noted. “Shall the tiny grass creature find his opponent?”

Suddenly Nox appeared behind the spinning Odd Ball, at full speed on a collision course. He bumped the lower part of his opponent, sending him on a journey through the air.

“Now we’ve got him right where we want him. Are you ready, Odd Ball?” Alex happily said.

It seemed like a rerun of the match against Vlam. Odd Ball soared back towards ground level, while he was still spinning. Every second, Odd gained momentum, thanks to the laws of Newton.

“Get that Poison Powder ready.” Alex instructed his Pokemon.

“It seems Oddish is using some sort of Kamikaze act. He seems to be falling towards Nox. But why does Alex ask him to be ready to use his Poison Powder attack? Those sorts of attacks don’t work here.” Mr. Pokemon said, as if he was a sports commentator.

Fortunately for Alex, that wasn’t true. Powder and Spore attacks only work on ground level, when there’s some sort of air current. But if you are falling down, wind resistance helps to spread the particles, even if you can’t feel a breeze. Nox is going to learn this, the hard way.

Nox had more than enough time to react. So when Odd Ball impacted, and a big cloud of smoke, containing dust and dirt emerged, Nox was at a safe distance. But he couldn’t see the fine particles floating amid the smoke, until it was too late.

When the smoke cleared up, they could see Odd Ball confused and shaky. But Nox really had an awful expression on his face; it was as if he was being tortured from the inside.

“Now, use Acid, Odd Ball” Alex shouted, demanding that the execution of his orders.

Again, acidic fluids filled Odd Ball’s mouth. But, because he was so confused, he sprayed it upwards. The acid came back on him, thanks to gravity, damaging him quite a bit. Odd Ball remained confused, and it seemed he wasn’t going to clear up any time soon.

Nox had a different problem. Poison was burning him from inside. He decided to quickly end this battle once and for all. He rampaged towards his adversary, his teeth ready to use Bite! As he entangled his teeth into the soft and warm flesh of his enemy, the poison began to burn.

Odd Ball could feel the pain, but he wasn’t cured from his confusion. He felt Nox sink his teeth into a muscle, causing him so much pain, that he flinched. He couldn’t move, even when Nox stopped biting.

“No, Odd Ball, please don’t flinch!” Alex begged.

But it was too late. Nox had already decided to finish it off with a quick Take Down.

Nox backed down, allowing him to hit his foe at top speed. He then ran as quickly as he could, jumping right before he hit Odd Ball. Nox aimed for Odd Ball’s head, knowing that would lead to a knock out. Nox fell and fell, and when he slammed Odd, it was over.

“Oh no, I can’t believe it folks! Odd Ball has fainted, due to a severe blow to the head, by a Take Down from Nox.” Mr. Pokemon stated, to no one in particular.
“Oh, shut your trap!” Robyn said, hitting the old man as hard as she could.

Mr. Pokemon fell back and landed on his behind, right next to the control room door.

“Oh, old chap, would you be so kind to change the scenery in a moment?” Kenneth asked, still watching the onslaught created by Nox.

“Of course, I would do that.”

In the meanwhile, Alex was baffled by the consequences of Nox his attack. “No, Odd Ball, please stand up!” he screamed, almost bursting out in tears.

“Alex, call him back and finish the match with Vlam!” Robyn advised him.

“Ok! Odd Ball, come back!” he said, his Pokeball clutched in his fist. When Odd Ball was safely inside his Pokeball, Alex let out Vlam, who was put back in his Pokeball before the fight started. “Are you ready to incinerate him?”

“Houn... Hound!” Vlam barked, as he stared ferociously towards the poisoned Nox.

“What do you think of a change of scenery?” Kenneth asked, giving Mr. Pokemon his cue.

Suddenly the grassy floor began to change. Trees and big rocks began to emerge from random holes in the floor. The whole grass plain was transformed into a forested rock land. A sudden wind started to blow some of the young leaves of the cherry trees.

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Default Re: From The Awkward Archives of Alex Vangze

Chapter 9: Sorry, you’re the weakest link, goodbye!

“Dang! Why did you have to do that?” Alex asked, being rather angry.

“Because this is a test!” his dad replied, smiling at the sight of anger. “I’m just doing you a favor.”

“Humph, stop doing me ‘a favor’ next time, okay?”

“If you say so.” Kenneth conceded, still smiling.

“Thank you! Vlam, Nox is poisoned, so we got the upper hand. Let’s toast him. Flamethrower!” Alex commanded.

With a quick bark, Vlam confirmed the command. He inhaled deeply, gathering more than enough oxygen, to turn his body heat into a flaming inferno. He then tried to track down Nox, in order to burn him into fainting. But he couldn’t see him.

Nox had sneaked behind Vlam, ready to lower his defense with a Tail Whip. Nox slowly stepped behind the dog, and whipped him with his black tail.

Vlam quickly turned around, releasing the Flamethrower. But it missed, since Nox already walked around him, slamming his tail against his enemy as he walked.

“Vlam, use Crunch!” Alex yelled.

Vlam quickly ran towards Nox, with his jaw unlocked. Vlam’s eyes were wide open, because the muscles connected to his jaw made it impossible to shut his eyelids.

Nox noticed this imperfection in Vlam’s anatomic composition, and grabbed this wonderfull opportunity with all four paws. He quickly turned around and started digging in the ground. Heaps of sand and dust started to fly through the air, hitting the doglike creature in the eye.

Instinctively, Vlam stopped, locked his jaw, and blinked to clear his eyes. Doing this, he wasted precious time. His opponent suddenly hit him in the side with a Quick Attack. He never had felt this kind of pain, his nerves tortured his brain with electric shocks. Vlam howled, lying on the ground, his eyes watering to clear the sand.

“Alex, don’t you get the point? Brute strength isn’t the answer.” Robyn yelled. She couldn’t see Alex’ Pokemon being hurt due to their owner’s anger.

“But this is a battle of brute strength!” Alex replied.

“Alex, how do I say it in video-games slang? Quit being a noob, and start using that massive brain of yours to think up a sane strategy.” Kenneth spoke, pleased by his choice of words.
Alex snatched his Pokedex out of his bag, opening it and aiming it towards Vlam. “Come on, stupid handheld. Show me all the moves of a Houndour!” he yelled.

The Pokedex beeped and displayed a large list.

“No, you lousy excuse for a machine! I meant the moves he learns natural!”

The Dex beeped again, now showing a smaller list:
Leer, Ember, Howl, Smog, Roar, Bite, Odor Sleuth, Faint Attack, Flamethrower and Crunch.

“Ok, let’s use Odor Sleuth!” Alex commanded, after searching for the effect of the attack.

Vlam howled, spreading a pleasant scent. As Alex and Vlam smelled it, they calmed down. Vlam successfully managed to get the sand out of his eyes, and was now brimming with energy.

Nox was suffering from the poison inflicted by Odd Ball. It felt as if a billion maggots were feeding on him from the inside. To win Nox needs to deliver the final blow before his enemy got his wits back.

“Right, now Howl!”

Vlam closed his eyes, and inhaled deeply. With all his might, let out a tremendous howl, spreading fear into the heart of his opponent. It also boosted Vlam’s ego, restoring his confidence, and increasing his attack force.

Nox quickly ran towards his antagonist, ready to launch an all powerful Take Down. He charged towards Vlam, jumping up a few feet before him, and dropping himself onto Vlam.

“Vlam, Flamethrower him!” Alex yelled.

It was as if Vlam could read Alex his mind, because he was standing there, his mouth already filled with hot, fiercely burning flames. Vlam concentrated the airflow in his mouth, and transformed it into a beam. A flaming hot fire emerged from the dog’s mouth, following a straight line towards Nox.

Before Nox could blink, he was toasted into a crispy squirrel. The Flamethrower knocked him out of his course, and making him crash down on his side. Before he could get up, he was hit by a brilliantly timed Faint Attack, sending him skyrocketing across the rocky field. He finally stopped after hitting a large rock.

“Do you think Nox is down for good, uncle?” Robyn asked.

“Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t!” Kenneth replied, nervously tapping his fingers on his right leg.

Nox moaned, as he tried to stand up, the poison hurting him from the inside. He had to win, he couldn’t afford to lose. He growled a growl full of pain and pride, as he stood up, looking Vlam straight in the eye.

“Sorry, you’re the weakest link. Goodbye!” Alex said, laughing at the sight of the beaten Eevee. “Vlam, finish it off with a Crunch!”

Vlam unlocked his jaw, while running towards the scorched Pokemon. He grabbed the creature around its waste, and locked his jaw. Vlam then began to turn, throwing Nox against a tree.

“Way to go, Vlam!” Alex yelled enthusiastically.

“Poor Nox!” Robyn muttered, seeing Nox trying to stand up again. “Why can’t he stop fighting?”

At that moment, Nox looked Robyn right in the eyes, his pain and misery showing in his eyes.

Robyn suddenly felt as if she was going to die. Her heart plunged into sorrow. She looked at her godfather, and felt even worse. Suddenly she could see his eyes; they were the eyes of a mad man. He had the same eyes, like when Alex became his doppelganger.

Nox whined, as he stood up. He was only kept on his feet by his fear. He decided to launch a final Take Down Attack. He ran like the wind, forgetting all his worries for the moment.

Vlam backed down, scared of the expression of his foe. But he hesitated, giving Nox the chance to hit him, and hit him hard. Vlam flew across the field, and stopped before Alex his feet.

“Vlam, get up! We can still defeat him!” Alex said. Suddenly he changed into Evil Alex. “We must destroy him. Kill him, Vlam!”

“Alex, snap out of it!” Robyn yelled, seeing the sudden transformation. “Uncle, why aren’t you doing anything?”

“Just look, Alex got it under control.” Kenneth said, nodding towards Alex.

Good Alex started to fight against Evil Alex, making incoherent words as they fought for control. Suddenly there was a bright white light, and Alex dropped to the ground, heavily gasping for air. Good Alex seemed to be victorious.

Amidst the confusion, Nox was suffering from the poison. He just used every bit of his power to complete that Take Down attack, and was now drained. It seemed Nox was on the verge of fainting.

“Alex, hurry! Throw a Pokeball!” Robyn yelled.

But Alex couldn’t move.

Vlam saw his owner’s situation, and quickly clutched an empty Pokeball in his mouth. He walked up to Nox, and dropped the Pokeball.

The ball opened on impact, sucking Nox inside it. The ball closed and fell on the ground. It started to wiggle, and amids the total confusion it seemed like the importance of a fly in a shopping mall. But it kept wiggling, like it wouldn’t stop, no matter what. Would the Pokeball successfully capture Nox, or would Nox still have the energy to fight back?

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Default Re: [Contest Entry] From The Awkward Archives of Alex Vangze

ok, well time for a grading

Story-once again, excellent. very well written, very interesting. Let me give you one small piece of criticism. I would like to see more character development, if you choose to continue this story line, which I think you will, try to develop the characters better. let me know what they are like through their actions, instead of merely telling me their personality traits.

Grammar/spelling/etc- Huge improvement from last time. Im not saying its perfect but nothing stuck out, so I consider that a success. If you would like me to go through and point out a few things I will, but as of right now its just fine.

Realism- hmm let reality be damned. But in all seriousness I enjoyed the scientific explanations, mad everything seem so plausible. good job.

Battle- another improivement from before, very enthralling and very exciting.

Length0- Fine.

Outcome- Eevee Captured. Next time work on character development...but other than that another good story, congrats and have fun with the eevee..
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Default Re: [Contest Entry] From The Awkward Archives of Alex Vangze

Originally Posted by Finglonger
ok, well time for a grading

Story-once again, excellent. very well written, very interesting. Let me give you one small piece of criticism. I would like to see more character development, if you choose to continue this story line, which I think you will, try to develop the characters better. let me know what they are like through their actions, instead of merely telling me their personality traits.
Ok, I'll take that into my next piece. Edit: I don't get the Character development part...

Originally Posted by Finglonger
Grammar/spelling/etc- Huge improvement from last time. Im not saying its perfect but nothing stuck out, so I consider that a success. If you would like me to go through and point out a few things I will, but as of right now its just fine.
Yes, please, tell me what was wrong

Originally Posted by Finglonger
Realism- hmm let reality be damned. But in all seriousness I enjoyed the scientific explanations, mad everything seem so plausible. good job.

Originally Posted by Finglonger
Outcome- Eevee Captured. Next time work on character development...but other than that another good story, congrats and have fun with the eevee..
W00T, me got Nox.... Now let's turn him into an Umbreon.

Near a tree by a river, there's a hole in the ground.
Where an old man of Aran goes around and around

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Default Re: [Contest Entry] From The Awkward Archives of Alex Vangze

New Chapters = New Mon.

Near a tree by a river, there's a hole in the ground.
Where an old man of Aran goes around and around
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