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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Default Blue, Red, Reee- Wake Up!

High in the forests of the Johto region, a boy with lavender coloured hair stood with his black n' blue companion. He donned a black turtle neck, which was his favorite wear, as where his khakis which were coupled with black shoes. His Shinx however, preferred to go eau naturale. They stood in an area of their own, surrounded by trees. Shace inhaled, taking in the fresh pine scent. "Alright, let's get started.", he said.

"Now Discharge in place!", said the boy behind the glowing Shinx. Electricity crackled, bounced, and spat off of it's body as the Charge-enchanced Discharge was released, sending electricity flying every which way. Shace clapped as the thunderous fireworks were shown, and he approached his Pokemon as it ended.

"That was great, Shinx. There's no way you can lose with such power in you.", he said with a smile. Shinx happily looked up and stuck it's tongue out at him. "You've got some tenacity, too."

From the bushes, a large stream of fire was shown soaring into the air, before dying in the sky. "What was that...?", he asked himself, making a start towards the area where the fire stream came from, with Shinx close behind.

"Again!", they heard. "Again?", Shace pondered, as they reached a clearing. There stood a middle-aged man wearing a large coat and a fedora. He has a very nice beard, Shace thought. He was standing with a Charmeleon a few meters away from them, firing Flamethrowers in the air. By the heat of the flames, Shinx could tell that it was strong, it's excitement evident in it's dazzled fur. The red lizard payed no mind to Shinx as it continued it's streams of fire.

The man turned to look at Shace. "May we help you?", he said, in a polite tone. Shace silently shook his head. "No, we were training and we saw a stream of fire. I'd imagine that it was from your Pokemon.", he proclaimed. The man nodded, and smiled. "Huh. Me and my friend here noticed a shower of electricity while we were training. I'd say it was from your Shinx?"

"Yeah! Little buddy's stronger than I thought. Hey, since we're both just training out here, why not have a spar? I'm sure my Shinx needs the experience...", Shace said, with a huff as a retort from Shinx.

"Why not?"

"Great! Shall we fight by this clearing?", Shace asked, looking around. As he did, he saw a small pond a few trees away. "Hmm..."

"Right here's fine with me.", he said, with Charmeleon walking in front of the man, and Shinx strolling unto the grass.
"Try for another Slash!", the man commanded, his Pokemon complying and launched it's claws at the Shinx. "Scary Face!", Shace instructed. Shinx did as it was told, distorting it's face to temporarily slow down the lizard in front of them. "End this with Discharge!", he yelled. Shinx burst into a golden ball of electricty and crashed into the stunned Charmeleon, overwhelming it. The ball of electricity faded, revealing a weary Shinx.

"You did awesome, Shinx. Take five.", Shace said with a smile. The pokemon smiled, as it's body faded into the red light and it disappeared into the Pokeball. Shace looked up to see the Charmeleon disappearing into it's Pokeball.

Shace walked up to the man and stuck his hand out. "I liked our fight, hope we can do it again sometime.", he said, and the man must have reciprocated the feeling, because their smiles were genuine.

Shace stood out by the pond he had seen no more than an hour ago. It didn't seem to be inhabited by anything or anyone, but he knew better than to judge a book by it's cover.
He released Shinx from it's Pokeball, the Pokemon feeling a little less winded from the fight.

"Use Discharge on the water, Shinx.", he whispered. Shinx complied and walked by the water, before releasing another array of electrical streaks, skipping across the water. Within a second, several Magikarp rose to the surface. Shace sighed. "Whoops.", he said.
Suddenly, an blast of bubbles blasted from the surface of the water and crashed into Shinx, sending it skidding away from the water.

"Magikarp can't...", said Shace, but it was cut short by an angry tadpole Pokemon bursting from the water, and glaring at Shinx, before squeaking as electricity coursed through it's body. Shace realized that it was paralyzed.

"Shinx, use Crunch!", he said, and Shinx replied by a dark aura covering it's fangs as it dashed for the Poliwag. Poliwag didn't give it a chance, firing a Mud Bomb at the floor in front of it, blowing itself and Shinx into the air.

"Remember what we trained with today! I know you still have electricity to spare, so Charge!", Shace yelled. Shinx crackled with electricity, but lost focus as Poliwag fired a Hydro Pump right at Shinx. The weary Pokemon crashed into the muddy grass, and Poliwag landed with a "SMACK!" on the ground. Shinx struggled to it's feet, it's eyes glossed.

"I know I shouldn't push you anymore than I have today, but just one more! Use Spark in place!", he said, with Shinx using the last of it's power to send the electricity through the puddle that the Hydro Pump made, trailing all the way to Poliwag. The electrons coursed through it's body, but it was still in better shape than Shinx, who now began to fall asleep. Shace acted quickly and tossed a pokeball, at the weakened tadpole.

(As Microsoft Word is confusing me with it hiding my word count, I'm sorry to say I don't know how many words/characters there are.)

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