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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Default Fainting Two Birds with One Stone

Fainting Two Birds with One Stone

Day One

By: Pokémon Partner
“Bellsprout, dodge it!” shouted a young Trainer, wearing a dark, brick-red vest over a black shirt and shorts with a solid dark red baseball-style cap on his head, while a small, stick-like creature with an oversized yellow bell-shaped head, legs that looked like roots, and a set of two leaves, one on each side, wiggled in place. All the while, almost directly in front of it, a white bird-like Pokémon with brown wings that started to create a large gust of wind directed at the Bellsprout, but it was unable to do anything to avoid the attack as the wind picked up the tiny thing and blew it right into a wall where it slowly slid down. Almost immediately, it was clear that it was down and out as the referee, who was dressed in all black, held up a flag pointing towards a man wearing a set of blue clothing with matching hair over his left eye.

“Bellsprout is unable to battle!” he proclaimed loudly to the two, “The winner is the Gym Leader, Falkner!” as the Trainer, with a heavy, disappointed sigh, unclipped a red and white ball from his belt which grew and emitted a red a laser at the plant-like Pokémon before engulfing it and making it go inside of it with a click.

“You did a good job, Bellsprout,” he stated only to sigh again before noticing that Falkner was right in front of him and telling him, “I guess that I wasn’t strong enough,” but it did not seem to bother the Gym Leader as he gave out a slight smile before offering a little advice.

“You’ve just started your quest, Kenton, am I correct?” he asked only to have the Trainer nod a little bit, “Why don’t you go and heal your Pokémon at the Pokémon Center and try to catch some another Pokémon or two, but you were pretty close to defeating me.” The advice did not seem to please Kenton too much, although it was legit, because all he did was quietly leave the Gym with his head down while looking like he wanted to cry due to his defeat. Luckily, he was able to hold it in until he made it to the red and white building that was plainly marked with a “P” on it roof atop of the same red and white ball that held his Pokémon.

As he entered, a pink Pokémon carrying what appeared to be a round egg inside of a pouch came up to him and seemed to wanting him to go somewhere as it tugged on Kenton’s pants, “Chan chan chansey chan?” it asked. Although, Kenton raised an eyebrow out a little bit of confusion, attempting to figure out what it wanted, he followed it toward an eloquent women with pink hair and matching white and pink clothing who quickly introduced herself as Nurse Joy.

“Why do you look so sad?” she asked, “Let me guess, you lost again the Gym Leader?” yet she never gave him enough time to respond before asking for his Pokémon, which Kenton did only to notice that the Chansey took them to another room. “Don’t worry,” she told him, “Now then, it’s getting a little late, but you can sleep in one of our rooms for the night while your Pokémon do the same.”

Kenton just merely sighed and nodded his head slightly before his stomach growled, but he never seemed to have notice it in all of his sadness from losing. Luckily, Nurse Joy seemed to have heard it, gave little bit of a giggle, and then got another Chansey to direct him to cafeteria, but it was clear that Kenton didn’t want anything to eat as he slowly picked at his food without taking a single bite. “I lost my first Gym Battle,” he mumbled aloud to himself, “If my Trainer career starts off this badly, then what chance do I have to become a Master?” and as he kept complaining to himself about how he caused his Pokémon to do badly, his stomach seemed to growl louder and louder. Once his stomach finally got the better of him, he started to eat, slowly, but he was eating nevertheless until he cleaned his plate of chicken and rice, yet it was almost nine before when he did finish, meaning that he needed to check on his Pokémon before heading to bed. Roaming the Pokémon Center for Joy seemed to be more troublesome than he expected, as the walls were solid white and there were several doors: ER rooms, Pokéball rooms, resting rooms, surgery rooms, and several other rooms that Kenton could not open or figure out what they were.

Eventually, he found Nurse Joy, rather she found him asking, “Are you looking for me to check on your Pokémon?” and Kenton only had to nod before smiled and told him that they were recovering nicely. However, that’s not all that she wanted to say to him, for she understood how the young Trainer felt, “What’s your name?” she asked in a voice that was as sweet as honey.

“My name is Kenton,” was his simple response before Nurse Joy nodded and smiled, causing him to smile a little bit as well.

“I noticed that you have a small selection of Pokémon, a Cyndaquil, a Bellsprout, and a Rattata,” she stated, “As you’ve discovered, Falkner is a user of Flying-type Pokémon, and they have a weakness to Rock-type moves. Hang on, come with me, I think I know where you might be able to find Pokémon that can learn them.” Kenton followed Joy for a few moments before she scanned a map that was next to a few video phones with her eyes and then pointed at a Route that connected north from the Route that connects New Bark and Cherrygrove together. “This is where you should be able to find some Rock-type Pokémon,” she told Kenton as he nodded silently, taking a mental note, “but first you need to sleep.”
End of Day One
Status: Incomplete Story
Target PKMN: Geodude
Goal Chars: 5,000-10,000
Actual Chars: 4,387/5,382 (excluding/including)

Thank you, Shy, for the avatar and banner.
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