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Default Giovanni of the Land

WARNING: Contains quite strong swearing....

I was playing pokemon Fire, Red, then stopped just before the first battle between Giovanni and the hero. I then went to read Wicked, which is the wicked witch's point of view of the whole Wizard of Oz shinanigins. And I thought to myself...
"Hey, maybe Giovanni isn't evil...." and it all spawned from there, this is his story, his life and times, from his birth to his downfall. This is not the happy world that pokemon the games or the anime is based on, this is a real, down to earth place.
Pokemon have not yet arrived on the planet, and maybe thei are not as natural as everyone seems to think they are.

Chapter the First
An Evening in Celadon
She placed a large black hat on her head, which dropped lifelessly round it, covering her hazel eyes; she lifted the front flap of the hat, and smiled
at her husband.

“I think I’ve finally found something to counteract this pregnancy” She tilted the hat to one side and smiled again “What do you think?”

“It goes very nicely with that dress” Her husband answered, looking up briefly from his file work.

“You like my dress?” She gave him a clumsy spin, in the eighth month of pregnancy finesse is one of those skills forgotten.

“Not really” He answered casually, careful not to make a smile.

“Oh?” She waddled over to him and spoke into his ear seductively “Perhaps you’d like me with no dress on”

“Maybe” He answered “but to be frank…you’re eight months pregnant, perhaps we should wait for your erotic-metre to flush out before we start
that again… maybe, Gina?”

“Ugggh” Gina melodramatically fell backwards onto the bed “It’ll have to come out soon” She whined stroking her stomach softly.

“Give it another month” Her husband said, piling all his papers and placing all his pens in their respective places. He got up from his seat and looked down at his wife.

“At most?” She asked, perching her self on her elbows.

“At least” he laughed lovingly at her, as she fell down onto the soft mattress again, sighing deeply.

“Don’t grow impatient with the poor thing; it’s not its fault”

“No, it’s yours, and you’ve got some nerve talking about impatience” Gina jokingly said, scooting her way to the headboard and leaning on it

“My…my fault?”

“You know perfectly well it’s your fault…not two weeks after our honeymoon do I realise that you were too much of an impatient, sex-o-holic and
had planted this thing inside of me” She pointed to her protruding stomach.

“I see no reason to place the blame on me” He sat down on the bed next to his wife “If I remember correctly half of what happened that night was your doing. It’s all well and true to blame the man for an un-wanted pregnancy, simply because it’s the woman that gets pregnant. Blame a woman for it and you’re chauvinistic, blame a man for it and you’re a feminist heroine, its all part of this fake ‘respect’ we all have to show for you, it’s just the woman’s insecurity showing through and we’re all too nice to do anything about it”

“Is that really what you think, Arthur?” Gina asked, raising a sceptical eyebrow at his crusade for masculinity speech. “That the whole feminist
culture is created by men simply trying to be ‘nice’?”

“I’m just saying that the men are always blamed for things when the blame really should be split fifty-fifty” Arthur lay his head down on his pillow,
Gina shook her head and picked up her book from the bedside table.

“I don’t know why you’re mad” Gina said, putting her reading glasses on and continuing with her book “You were perfectly happy with me a few
minutes ago, and now you can’t stand women”

Arthur opened his eyes and looked up his wife “I never said I couldn’t stand women, you’re just being touchy. I can stand you anyway” Gina
looked sternly at her husband for a moment, before taking off her glasses and putting down her book.

“I’m a woman you know” Gina said scornfully, “If you can’t stand women, than how can you stand me?”

“Didn’t you hear a word I just said?” Arthur pushed himself up and leant his back against the head board “I never said I couldn’t stand women, I
just said”

“So you just can’t stand me” Gina interrupted, moping.

“Oh sweet Kanto” Arthur said to himself “I’m not having this ******* conversation with you again, it always ends the same way”

“Oh, Arthur, you have such a way with words” Gina said, folding her arms.

“And you’ve got such a way with manipulating them” Arthur lay his down on his pillow and closed his eyes; Gina gazed down at him, a weird look
on her face.

“You’re not seriously going to sleep in you clothes are you?” she looked at his as if she had just gotten into bed with a snail, a look of utter repulse
that made Arthur’s spine tingle.

“I’ve had a long day, Gina; I’d just like to get some rest” He sighed once and closed his eyes again.

“Will it really take so much effort to change?” Gina asked, urging him to move “You’re only in the your thirties, Arty, when all you do is sit and sort
out insurance papers and occasionally go to the bathroom or the kitchen, it does not tire you out so much that you can’t change one set of clothes
for another ”

“But, I’m already in bed, I’m nearly asleep, I might as well-” He was interrupted by Gina who has forcefully pushed him out of bed. Arthur got up,
rubbing his head, checking to see if it was bleeding.

“You pushed me out of bed” Arthur said simply, looking at Gina with suppressed rage “You actually pushed me out of bed, what the hell is wrong
with you?”

“What’s wrong with me? I’ll tell you what’s wrong with me, I’m-” Gina stopped rising from the bed and held her stomach supportively, her
expression changed from one of anger to one of shock in the space of less than a second. “I’m in labour”

* * *

“In this day and age, you would think you could hire a babysitter after nine o’clock” Gina said putting down the phone and wrapping a scarf around
her thin neck. After the baby was born she had restricted herself to one meal a day and had, as a solution, got as thin as a garden rake.
“Couldn’t you find one then?” Arthur asked from the kitchen doorway, tying a bowtie round his neck, seeming to have trouble with it.

“What, are we now the richest family in Celadon?” Gina asked “We should have a nanny, Arty, with all this excess money lying around we should
do something practical with it”

“It’s wasting it, Gina” Arthur said, entering the hallway with a sad mess of knots around his neck. “I worked hard for this money”

“You worked hard?” Gina retorted, taking off his bowtie and tying again for him “I distinctly remember my parents giving you the money you
apparently needed.”

“And since then it’s been doubled, tripled and now even quadrupled.” Gina finished his tie and walked over to the phone again, where she dialled a
few numbers into it and waited for an answer.

“But without the starting money, your career would have been as ****** as- oh; hello is Holly Henderson there, please?” Gina closed her eyes in
embarrassment causing Arthur’s eyes to roll as he ventured up the stairs, Arthur, since the birth of his son, had put on a few pounds and now
carried with him an innocent plumpness which didn’t really help his persona as it wasn’t suited to having such a jolly overtone to it. He reached the
top of the stairs and walked to a door which he quietly opened and peered in side, there was his son, Giovanni Arthur Blazer. Arthur walked
stealthily over to his son and stroked his hairless head, he was sound asleep, his mouth moving with the way his dreams went. He was a beautiful
boy; his vibrant glazed, hazel eyes were almost a fiery orange, like a demon’s eyes. You could see the prominent marking of bristle on his head,
where hair was soon to come, and if he was anything like his father it would be a deep dark brown, black to the eye.

“To think you weren’t wanted” He tucked him in tightly, forcing the baby to wake up, he neither screamed or squirmed, he stared, stared right
through him.

“You’ve got great eyes, Gevvy” His father smiled at him and kissed his forehead “A gambler’s eyes, just like your father”

From down stairs Gina called “Holly said she’d be over in a few minutes, do you think we should leave now?”

“We can’t leave the baby alone” Arthur answered, coming down the stairs in a handsome tuxedo, with golden cufflinks and a plastic rose pinned to
his pocket. “What if something happens?”

“Arthur” Gina went over to comfort him “Don’t worry so, in the space of two minutes what could possibly happen?”

“It’s the done thing”

“You know what else the done thing is?” Gina took her coat off its hook and put it on, straightening her luscious brown hair afterwards. “Not missing
a party held in your honour at your casino.” She threw him his coat and smiled at him cheekily. “She’ll be here any minute.”

“I just feel uncomfortable” Arthur said across at his wife, he was driving down a busy road, with neat driving gloves on, an obvious sign
of wealth and pretension.

“What’s wrong, the tux?” she sighed “They guaranteed full comfort for the rest of its years.”

“There’s nothing wrong-” he was cut short

“That’s it, I’m taking it back first thing tomorrow, I can’t stand all this **** that gets spread around when you’re simply trying to buy something,
always talking it up like it were god’s chosen tux, or god’s chosen food processor, or god’s chosen yoghurt, it simply makes me sick-” Gina was

“Not literally uncomfortable, Gina, the tux is great, it’s very comfortable” Arthur patted her bare shoulder and noticed the chill he got from
her “You’re freezing” He took off his jacket, while carefully keeping an eye on the road. He then draped it loosely around her shoulders. “Anyway,
about the baby, little Gevvy.”

“Yes, little Gevvy” She smiled across at him “Giovanni?”

“What?” Arthur turned his full attention to Gina, before quickly turning his eyes back to the road “That was my father’s name.”

“Yes, but it doesn’t exactly exude cuteness” Gina smiled “It sounds like master criminals name, Master Giovanni, head of the CND” Gina laughed
and looked at her husband, who had an expression of stone by this time “I’m only joking, Hun”

“I always thought the name sounded cool” Arthur sighed to himself “What does the CND stand for?”

“No, it’ll just make you madder” Gina laughed lightly again, he pulled her close to him and kissed her cheek, driving with only one hand.

“I’m not mad, I like the way you make fun of everything…even though it’s ******* annoying sometimes” He chuckled and kissed her head.

“Okay…Crappy name department, that’s all, you’ve heard me bad name it before”

“Yeah” Arthur smiled again “Have you heard anymore news on the alien capture?”

“Yes actually, they’ve got it up in Saffron” Gina got out of Arthur’s hug and leant back against the seat “Silph has got hold of it”

“Silph?” Arthur furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, putting his other hand on the steering wheel “What do they want with it?”

“Well, what does anyone want with it?” Gina asked “I imagine they want to make a little profit from it, show it to the public, make a little alien
attraction theme park from it”

“That does sound like what they’d do” Arthur let out a little laugh “Remember when people thought their were asteroids at Pewter, they excavated
the entire place, made a permanent cave there”

“I know, they never even found anything” Gina straightened out her gloves “Who was the one who nick named it Mount Moon?”

“Uh, one of the guys at my casino, Parker, I think” Arthur answered “Hey, we’re here” Arthur pulled up outside a large colourful building, with neon
lights covering the outside, even from outside an aura of a party could be felt, there was always a feeling Arthur had about parties, he could sense
them. This was his birthday after all, his wife had said she invited a few close friends, neighbours and family, he sensed that the whole of Celadon
city was in there waiting for him, which turned his stomach and made him swallow nervously.

“Just think, not two months ago this was a dump” Gina said, getting out of the car and looking up at the towering building. “You really are a genius,

“I like to think so” Arthur said to himself whilst getting out the car “Can I have my jacket back?” Gina took the jacket off her shoulders and passed
it to him.

“It’s itchy anyway” Gina smiled and linked arms with her husband “Shall we?”

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Default Re: Giovanni of the Land

Part 2

They entered through the double doors and were welcomed grandly with a loud applause. Inside it was a high ceiling with glass chandeliers hanging
in rows across it. The slot machines were moved to the side and the poker tables and roulette were in full use, surrounded by gentlemen in full
evening wear and ladies in sparkling dresses.

“Any later and we’d have grown worried” said a gravely voice from the crowd, out of it emerged a small, fat man by the name of Parker. His little
round glasses were at the tip of his nose and his little grey beard was combed straight down, which made a change from the messy, tangled state it
was in usually.

“Parker” Arthur said shaking the stout man’s hand “My humblest apologies, it was the damn babysitter, couldn’t find one on time”

“No apologies needed, it’s the service in Celadon, the economy, it’s collapsing into a slum” Parker said darkly “Until now of course, the coming of
this game house has caused the entire city to flourish. We owe it all to you, Arty”

“That’s a little exaggerated isn’t it, Parker?” Gina asked, linking her arms with her husband again

“I assure, my dear, I joke you not” Parker said, cleaning his glasses “The entire region of Kanto is under a giant boot, with Silph Co in hibernation
at the moment. We need something grand in this country, Johto and even Hoenn have outshined us with new technology, just last week Devon.
Corp up in Johto had developed a mobile technology in which telephones do not need to be connected to a land line, they’ve even made video
phones readily available to the public. Unless something comes along soon…our country’s in trouble” Parker placed his glasses back on and
smiled. “But this is your special day, Arty, let’s not worry about this just now, all this political crap, I know, bothers you”

“It makes him feel uncomfortable” Gina added, leaning her head on Arthur’s shoulder and kissing his cheek.

“Well, lets find a table, continue this chat sitting down” Arthur said looking at his wife, then Parker, who nodded “Gina?”

“I’ll join you later, it’s just Lois is over there” Gina leaned and whispered into her ear “they say she had a job done on her face…I’d like to get a
closer look”

Arthur smiled and kissed his wife, before she walked over to a very plastic looking Lois.

“I took the liberty of reserving a table” Parker said “it’s over by the kitchen; I’ll go get us some drinks”

Parker left in the direction of the bar, while Arthur was left to find his table, he shuffled through the crowds of people, looking for the kitchen door.
Although actually having the idea of the casino, paying for its construction and visiting it every weekend, he had little knowledge of where
everything was, It wasn’t up to him to build it…just to manage it.

He soon found an empty table, fairly close to the kitchen; he could only assume that was the one.

“You found the table then?” Parker said, waiting impatiently across it “I got the drinks and still managed to beat you here, I know this place better
than you do, did you get lost or what?”

“I was distracted, someone needed to know where the bathroom was” Arthur lied, not to save himself from embarrassment, mainly because he
didn’t like people giving him faults. Anything he couldn’t do, or handle, he would prefer never to be mentioned.

“You know where the bathrooms are then?” Parker asked, stirring his drink slowly, a sarcastic grin on his face,

“Of course”

“Where, then?”

“Next to the entrance” Arthur answered hesitantly.

“If that’s what you told the person then you’re going to have a very messy coat room” Parker laughed “The ladies and gents rooms are located on
the second floor, didn’t you know that?” he asked, holding up his drink.

“Parker, I didn’t even know we had second floor” Arthur took a long drink then put his glass on the table “But seriously, what were you saying
about Silph before?”

“Silph? You know they’ve got the creature, right?” Parker asked.

“Yeah…the alien”

“Please, lets avoid calling it an alien, I’ve seen the thing okay…it looks more like a ancient cat than an alien” Parker said knowingly.

“But the whole point about aliens is that you don’t know what they’d look like” Arthur had experience in debates; the construction of the casino was
only undertaken because of his way with persuasion.

“Call it what you will, Arty, the thing now resides in Saffron…and later on in the year they’re importing it to Cinnabar Island, apparently they’ve
constructed a million dollar laboratory especially for research on this thing. And the thing is, they’ve been very low on money the past few years…
their must be some plan they’re hatching, there must be. I know these people, I worked with them. They wouldn’t take a chance like this…not when
they’re on the brink bankruptcy” Parker took another drink, and sighed heavily.

“Is something wrong?” Arthur asked.

“You know Mark Preece?” Parker asked, looking generally pained. “The ‘blackjack master’ as they call him?”

“I’ve never heard him called that, but yeah” Arthur raised an eyebrow “What about him? You’re not in love are you?”

“No. He’s coming this way” And he was right, Mark Preece was a particularly greasy looking man, his hair was combed into a side parting with as
much gel as physically possible, he had a little goatee growing and was the only guest who was wearing a bright white tuxedo, he walked with a
gentle finesse which gave off an arrogant vibe, that quite literally made you want to punch him.

“Hey, guys” He said smoothly nodding his head slightly with every word, looking like one of those novelty nodding dogs that sit at the back of cars.

“Hey, Mr.B, great party, great place as well, like what you’ve done with it. Seen my girlfriend around Parky?” He smiled smugly.

“No, where’d you buy her?” Parker asked, wisely.

“Ha! That’s the thing I love about you guys, you always kid, and I love it. But seriously, seen my new gal?” He looked at both of them “She’s quite
a catch, but, hey, let’s face it, can’t get a good catch without good bait, right?” He elbowed Parker in the side, forcing his glasses to fall off the end
of his nose.

“Hey, Parky, watch out. So Arthur heard you and the missus had a little too much fun in the sack, what’s the little bundle of joy called?”


“Ooooh, sinister” Mark said “How’d you talk the missus into calling him that?”

“We both agreed on it, me more than her…but still, it was a combined christening” Arthur took another swig of his drink and continued his

“Hey…Mark, you used to work with Silph didn’t you?” He asked.

“Yeah, for about two days…those guys seriously cramp your style, they all, like advertise about being the buddies of the small people and
everything, but they’re just has stiff as the rest of the high powers out there” Mark smiled again “Which reminds me, thanks again for hiring me
here, seriously, this has got to be the best job I’ve had…I’m good at it too, you know what I’m saying” Mark took a swig of Parker’s
drink “Seriously, getting paid for dealing cards and drinking from the bar, it’s like heaven to me, man”

“You drink from the bar…for free?” Parker asked him, putting his glasses back on his nose.

“Well…yeah” Mark looked around “Doesn’t everyone do that?”

“Does the barkeep know you do that?” Arthur asked “Because you’re not supposed to, you still have to pay” Mark looked at both of them
anxiously, before shrugging and laughing it off.

“I was only kidding with ya, would I drink? I’m not even twenty one yet” Mark said smoothly, putting Parker’s drink slyly back onto the table.

“You’re not twenty one yet?” Parker asked sternly.

“Well, hey, look! There’s my girlfriend” Mark got off his seat and darted over to his girlfriend who was wondering round the room, with a clueless
expression on her face.

“Young love” Arthur said, sighing dramatically.

“It’s young something” Parker said, turning his attention back to Arthur “Why so interested in Silph all of a sudden?”

“The creature just interested me; I’m surprised it hasn’t done the same to others, especially you. I was sure everyone would be” Arthur finished his
drink and placed it on a passing waiter’s tray.

“Arthur, I’m not interested because it’s probably a fake or a hoax” He stroked his grey beard “It’s only captured the imagination of a few people,
you’re one of the few, Arty, you’re a believer”

“A believer? I believe the thing’s real…I’ve seen it, I’ve heard stories”

“You’ve heard stories? You’ve seen it? Did it move?” Parker smiled wisely.

“It seemed pretty out of it”

“I’ve seen this thing in real life, Arthur, it’s made from suede and plaster, you could see it from a mile away” Parker looked more serious “I was
sad as well, Arty, I was hoping the creature would be an angel, bearing gifts for the country, our saviour from the technical drought we’re going

“But, Parker” Arthur said loudly, he looked around and whispered “You said they were taking it to Cinnabar, why would they do that if it were fake?”

“Of course they would say it were real…for all we know it was them who faked this thing, but believe me, if not as a friend, but as a lawyer. This
thing is only propaganda, nothing more.” Parker’s serious tone was quickly countered by a charming laugh. “How about another drink? This is your
birthday after all. Waiter!”

“Parker, is there something you’re not telling me” Arthur asked, his eyes transfixed on Parker, a look of complete curiosity on his face. This
creature had sparked in him the wonder that was hidden away inside him, he wanted to know as much about this thing as possible, and see,
maybe, if he could get in contact with it, see it, touch it. Arthur had a large collection of friends and contacts that were quite high up in the
community; one of them must be involved with the Silph.Co business. “Parker?”

“Arthur” Parker whispered, “You have to keep your voice down about this. This thing is much bigger that people say it is, it’s one of my many jobs
to keep propaganda low on this”

“You even lied to me?” Arthur asked “I hold only the greatest interest in this thing; you could trust me with the information”

“It’s not a case of trust or mistrust, Arthur, it’s a case of my downfall or my well being. If Silph find out about me talking to you about this, they
could ruin me. Arthur, they could kill me” Parker leant backwards and breathed out heavily.

“Don’t be so melodramatic, they couldn’t kill you”

“You really don’t understand how powerful this company is, do you?” Parker said “To everyone apart from Silph and Devon and the other technical
companies, the regions of the world are self-governing countries, but that is not true. In this country Silph makes the decisions for all of us, that’s
why this region is falling apart, because Silph is out of ideas, and there for our country is on a standstill”

“But they’ve now got the Alien” Arthur said “Surely they could use it for something”

“They are, but its all hush hush at moment” Parker sighed again “But I believe they plan on reinstalling the cloning programme”

“They closed that years ago. There was a whole big law suit when someone was permanently brain damaged because of the outcome” Arthur
said “Why would they want to resurrect that, it was what caused the beginning of their bankruptcy”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Parker asked “They plan on cloning the creature…god knows why, but that’s what they’re doing”

* * *

“What were you and Parker talking about?” Gina asked, taking off her gloves and placing them over the headrest of the car seat.

“Oh, uh. The casino mostly” He closed the car door and waited for his wife “And Politics”

“Politics?” She sighed deeply “Politics get you all riled up and angry, you’re going to be in a bad mood all day tomorrow”

“Gina, I really wish you wouldn’t patronise me, we were just talking about the U.FO.” He smiled.

“It’s not a U.F.O, honey” Arthur looked across at her “Was it flying?”


“Was it really an object?”

“No, it was an animal”

“And I’m sure it’s not unidentified anymore” She smiled and leant back. “Why do you have such an interest in it? It’s probably a fake” Arthur
looked over at Gina, and smiled ever so slightly. It was his ‘shut-up’ smile that he pulled every once in a while, especially when it was a subject he
didn’t want to discuss. The rest of the trip was silent, only the very quiet hum of Arthur’s brand new Devon Arc, which was an imported car from
Johto. It was his second most important thing to him, apart from a red eyed rich boy, who resides, at this moment, in a crib.

The car suddenly stopped.

“What happened?” Gina asked “Why did you stop the car?”

“I didn’t, it’s out of gas” He tapped the metre.

“You didn’t fill it up this morning?” Gina wasn’t one to stay calm in situations “Why didn’t you fill it up this morning?”

“I didn’t go out this morning, you daft bat” Arthur secretly regretted saying that, but kept his expression to one of defence.

“What did you call me?” Gina sat up in her seat and stared menacingly at her husband.

“I think you heard me, Gina”

“Well I don’t think I did, speak up, will you?” Gina’s expression hardened “Come on, you… fat… bastard”


“That’s right, Fatty”

“You’re fatter than I am” Arthur closed his eyes and regretted his words once again, comebacks weren’t his speciality.

“What?” Her voice was shaking slightly.

“Heard that all right then…” He said to himself.

“Please repeat what you just said…”

“I said I love you?” He smiled sadly.

“One meal a day!” She shouted “One god damn meal a day! Do you know what that means?”

“I’m gonna take a random guess and say it means you have on meal a day”

“Shut up!” She was revved up for some insults, but she breathed heavily, and made it look like she was calming down “I remember what our
therapist said, Arthur, so I am calling a taxi, and going home”

“You’re just going to leave me here?”

“You can come too, if you want” She opened the car door and scooted out “But that would mean leaving your wonderful Devon style car”

“You know perfectly well I just couldn’t leave my baby here!” He shouted, getting out of the car, and arguing over the roof of it.

“You’re baby is at home, and you left him there” She said “Some caring parent you are”

“I wanted to stay, daft fat...bat” he corrected himself, he always prepared himself for arguments, but every time managed to make himself look
like an idiot. “YOU were the one who was o-so desperate to leave”

“I’m calling a cab, Arthur” She closed her door silently and got her mobile phone from her purse.

“Where’d you get that?” he pointed at the phone “Those are expensive, and I certainly didn’t buy it for you”

“It was a gift, from a friend”

“Ha! Liar!” His eyes went wide; he got secretly excited, like he just completed a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle “You and I both know that we don’t
have any friends!”

“I bought it for myself” She said indignantly “We needed one anyway”

“Those things are expensive”

“But we’re rich, Arthur!” She screamed “We can afford a cell phone! We can afford to move out of that two bedroom match box you call a house,
we can afford all the things we ever dreamed of, including a ******* nanny!”

“Don’t swear so much!” Arthur slammed the car door “****!”

“What?” Gina asked, as Arthur looked through the car door window.

“The keys are in there”

“Well done, genius”

“Uh…” Arthur got out his wallet and pulled out his credit card.

“What are you doing?” Gina rubbed her bare arms “Oh God. Please don’t try, you’ll only embarrass yourself”

“I’ve seen a lot of movies, Gina” Arthur said, kneeling on the road and sticking the credit card between the slots of the car door. “I know how it’s
done” Gina dialled the numbers, and waited for an answer.

“Those weren’t car doors; you need a wire or something for car doors” At the other end of the phone, a gruff voice answered.

“Hello, Celadon Taxi Service how may I help?” He didn’t exactly sound happy, he was chewing gum loudly, and Gina grimaced at the sound.

“Hello, I’d like a taxi to pick me up from…hang on” She put the phone on hold “Arthur…what road are we on?”

“****!” Arthur kicked the door of his car then held up a broken credit card, he threw it on the floor then proceeded to moan, sitting on the floor.


“I don’t know…the middle of nowhere”

“What?” Gina asked “This is Celadon, there’s no ‘middle of nowhere’ in Celadon”

“Well, I don’t know, near route seven, I guess” Gina lifted the phone to her ear again.

“We’re near route twenty two… could you look for us around there somewhere?” Gina listened intently while still shivering; Arthur stood up and
draped his coat around her shoulders, which she immediately took off.

“It’s itchy” She whispered. “How big do you think route twenty two is? Just send a taxi to drive up till he finds two rich people standing by an
expensive car…with a large dent on the left hand side.” She scowled at her husband, who was, now trying to smooth the dent out.

“…well there’s a small tree…that’s pretty much all the notable landscape around here” She was growing impatient. “Listen…if you do this for me
there a shiny nickel in it for you…no not an actual nickel, it’s a metaphor isn’t it? …For money” She sighed deeply “okay sorry, I correct myself… if
you do this for me, you’ll get lots of money!”

“Gina…don’t bribe” Arthur said looking up from his work.

“Doesn’t’ matter anyway… he hung up” Gina put the phone back in her purse and crossed her arms looking around.

“What are you looking for?” Her husband asked.

“Some signs of life…”

“Call someone…call the babysitter!” Arthur said sternly, remembering that she was only staying till ten o’clock and it was currently half-past. Gina
hurriedly pulled the phone back out of her purse and dialled five numbers.

“…’s ringing” She said.

“Well… keep me informed…” Arthur replied.

“’s still ringing” She said again.

“Good, good”

“…I think she’s left” she pressed end call, and sighed again “looks like we’re walking back”

“Looks like we’re running back”

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Default Re: Giovanni of the Land

Part Three

So they ran…

“This dress is not made for athletes…” Gina said; breathing heavily trying to keep up with her husbands, not fast, but quick pace.

“No, we’re not athletes. I’m fat, you’re thin” He stopped and rested on his knees “we’re both healthily messed up”

“But… you have to admit, I have a stunning curvy figure for someone who’s had a child, a near ten pound child at that” Gina said, smiling slightly.

“I admit, that you look very sexy…but that is one of the reasons I married you, remember?” He smiled again, and took a deep breath “It was the
first thing I said to you”

“Yeh…” She sat on the damp ground next to him, not concerned about her crimson dress “Why do we always fight, Arty? I mean, we have twice as
much reason to love each other than most couples…”

“Do we really?” Arthur smiled “We have happy moments as well, like when we got married…or when you gave birth, we just remember the fights
more, because horrible things stick in your mind much more than wonderful things”

“I guess so.” She turned to him “Are you under the impression giving birth was a wonderful experience for me?

“Well, granted it must have been painful, but look at the end result, you’re a mother now”

“Hip hooray” Gina said in possibly the least enthusiastic voice.

“Come on, that child is beautiful”

“Yes. He is.” She said quietly to her self. Arthur looked across suddenly to a dilapidated building. Its door was missing and the windows were
smashed, all in all it looked abandoned, and had probably looked it, for some time.

“How long do you think that’s been there?”

“A few years…I’ve never seen it before personally” Gina answered.

“…Neither have I”

Both of them got to their feet, and looked at each other again. Arthur moved a piece of straggling hair from her face.

“I do love you, Gina” He said.

“I know”

“Going to the moon, going to the moon,

We announce the ways, of truth and love.

Extend our reach, to the stars above

Going to the moon, going to the moon.

We’re Blazers, we love it.

We blaze like a rocket.

Going to the moon.

We’re going to the moon”

“That was…surprising” Gina said, looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

“It was grandfather’s song; he used to say we were called Blazer, because we blazed like a rocket. We could go anywhere, and get there fast”

“I’ve never heard you sing before”

“Was I good?”

“No” She smiled “But it was still beautiful”

* * *

They reached their front door and opened it quickly, Gina hurriedly rushed upstairs while Arthur walked into the living room, on the
leather sofa, was Miss Holly Henderson, lying under a blanket with a her clothes, all her clothes, thrown on a pile on the floor.

“Holly?” Arthur said calmly from the doorway. A sleepy moan was heard from the couch, as she raised her head above the arm. Her eyes shot
wide as she scrambled to cover herself with her blanket.

“What was his name this time, Holly?”

“S-s-steve” she said sheepishly, picking up her clothes. Arthur turned around away from her, while she put on her trousers.

“Steve, hasn’t Steve been round here before?” Arthur asked

“…different Steve” she said, sliding on a top and heading for the front door. Arthur opened it for her.

“Now Holly, you’re seventeen”


“Eighteen, when are you going to invite the same boy over?” Arthur asked.

“I dunno” She shrugged “When I find the right guy, I guess”

“Well, you’ve got plenty to choose from” Arthur handed her twenty kantolians, which she took and looked up nervously.

“You’re not gonna tell my folks are ya?”

“Do I ever?” He shut the door and headed to the living room. He started folding up the blanket previously used by Holly. Before he decided it
should probably be washed before further use. Gina came down slowly, holding Giovanni.

“He’s okay” She said “Not that he cries that often anyway!

“He keeps his worries to himself” Arthur said “It’s not healthy, not at this age anyway”

* * *

The next morning felt cloudy to Arthur, like his mind wasn’t awake yet, he plodded through the morning and walked out to get his car,
with his spare set of keys.

He saw the building again, and through his clouded mind, for some reason he thought he had to go in there. He entered through the crumbled
entrance and looked around; in the centre of the front room was a smouldering fire.

“Gypsies, they all come here” Arthur said to himself “Come to Celadon, gypsies, we’ve plenty of flowers” He wandered into the next room, where
there was a laptop computer on a small wooden table.

“Gypsies with laptops” he said to himself “okay” A sleeping bag was crumpled in the corner and a lurking figure was creeping up behind Arthur,
being careful to keep out of sight. Next to the sleeping bag was a pile of liquor bottles, some broken on heir sides, and, strangest of all, from a
rotting rafter, hung a pure white tuxedo, hanging precariously from rusting nail.

“Probably stole it…”

“You’re not gonna tell the guys at work are ya?” said a young voice from the shadows “I mean, don’t tell em about the way I live, right?” out of the
shadows stepped, Mark Preece, the Black-Jack Master.


“Hey, Boss” He said, he was in his boxer shorts and nothing else; his hair was still gelled from the night before, though now it was sticking up in
odd angles.

“You live here?” Arthur asked, picking up an empty liquor bottle and looking at it. “What about your girlfriend?”

“She went home after last night; I haven’t exactly told her where I live”

“So you do live here”


“Why?” Arthur asked, putting the bottle down and standing up again “And why didn’t you say something?”

“I have a reputation to live up to” Mark said “I’m the Black-Jack Master”

“Black-Jack is pretty much luck…” Arthur looked around again “Which by the looks of things, you do not have”

“This is only temporary” Mark said “I’m getting good pay at the casino; I got a two hundred already, just for a months work”

“I know” Arthur sighed “If you want some money…”

“Stop right there! I don’t want to borrow anything, not if I have to pay it back, it gets all muddled and I end up with less than I had before”

“You can keep it”


“I have plenty of money; I can afford everything I’ve ever dreamed of, including a ******* nanny” Arthur laughed

“Well, thanks” Arthur handed Mark a cheque for one thousand kantolians

“A cheque?”

“Is that a problem?”

“Well, sort of” He rubbed the back of his neck “I don’t actually have a bank account”

“I’ll sort one out for you, don’t worry”

“Hey. You’re a decent, guy Boss, real decent” He smiled “Silph didn’t think twice before throwing me out”

“Silph” Arthur said, looking up from his cheque book “Do you know anything about, you know, their recent scheme”

“Not really, they told me about transferring to Cinnabar, didn’t tell me why though” He pulled on a pair of dirty jeans that were folded up on the
floor. “Some big lab up there or something”

“You know anything about that new species?”

“The alien?”

“The alien” Arthur said “Is it real?”

“Pfft, yeah its real” He answered, as he slid on a white T-shirt “Pretty much dead though”

“It was dead?” Arthur asked sitting down on the sleeping bag.

“It was basically dead, looked like it was having trouble breathing” He knelt down by his laptop “I got some pictures of it if you really wanna see”


“Yeh, whole bunch of ‘em” He opened a folder on his desktop “They told me to delete them, threatened to kill me if it leaked, pfft, they’re all talk,
yep, here we go” Arthur walked over and knelt down next to Mark. On the screen was an unclear image an operating theatre, people in white coats
surrounded an operating table, with a faded pink creature, whining and writhing on it.

“How did you take these?” Arthur asked, moving on to the next image.

“When I was working as a porter, clearing up after everything. I saw it and thought I could make a little money out of a few pictures if it”

“I’ll give you a three hundred kantolian raise for these pictures” Arthur said “five thousand for the laptop” Mark was speechless, he sat down on the
dusty floor and opened his mouth slowly.

“Done” he said in a raspy voice “There’s also a video on there”

“Which directory?”

“The…the same one, just go back”

Arthur did as he was told, he scrolled down through the images, fifty four pictures of this creature, god knows what they were doing to it. At the
bottom of the folder was a video file. He double clicked on it. The video was silent, full of bustling white-coats; glimpses of the creature were rare.

“The sounds turned down” Mark said “Turn it up on the side” Arthur turned it up and the room was still very quiet, only footsteps could be heard,
though immediately a shocking noise came from the creature, a loud cat-like noise. It seemed to echo through the room, and several of the people
held their heads in pain.

“I hate that bit” Mark said rolling up his sleeping bag “Makes me jump every time”

On the video few of the people left, so the creature was more visible. The camera moved in on it, as parker had said, it looked like an ancient cat,
its eyes were closed and it breathed harshly and slowly. It looked like suede for its skin, pale peachy suede. Its arms and legs were thin and
skeletal, and small. Looking almost in a different scale than the rest of the creature, it also had a long wiry tail, with a fury end to it, which swished
in full life, though the creature itself looked almost dead. Suddenly, once more the room erupted into noise, when one of the remaining ‘doctors’
shrieked hysterically clutching the sides of his head, the other doctors trying to calm him down, by now he was almost laughing, the pain was so
bad. As suddenly as it started he fell to the floor, and the room fell silent again.

“Get more people in here” shouted one the doctors “this mans dead for god’s sake” Shouted another one; various rushed orders came from
different people, the camera switched off.

“What happened to him?” Arthur asked

“I dunno” Mark answered “Very scary though, didn’t go back into that room after that. Hardly anyone did”

“He died though” He looked up from the screen “How did he die”

“They didn’t tell me”

“I have a feeling they didn’t tell anyone”

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Default Re: Giovanni of the Land

Part 4

“Why are you so interested in this thing?” Mark asked, in the passenger seat of his car.

“It’s a new life” He replied “It’s an actual alien”

“If I were you I wouldn’t make too much out of it, they did threaten to kill me y’know. You’re a powerful guy now, boss, they might take notice of
ya if you start coming up with all sorts of theories” Mark opened the door of the car and stepped out of it, Arthur did the same.

“Theories?” He asked, as he closed the door “You don’t need theories when you have all the evidence you need under one arm” He tapped the
folded laptop.

“Still, be careful with it” Mark followed him to the front door, where he opened it and stepped inside. “So it’s okay if I crash here for a while, right?”
Arthur wasn’t paying full attention; he plugged the laptop into the wall and watched the movie again. “Boss?”

“What?” he asked, in a trance.

“I can stay here for a while, right?”

“Sure. There’s a spare bedroom on the second floor, on the left” Arthur said, not turning his head. Mark nodded once, before heading upstairs, with
his sleeping bag slunk over one shoulder.

Arthur gazed at the video again and again, the creature fascinated him. He knew that guy died because of him, but he couldn’t figure
out how. It was unarmed, and it didn’t move a muscle.

“Honey?” Gina asked from the doorway “There’s a man upstairs that says he’s living with us”

“He’s a guy from work, he’s needs a place to crash” Arthur said, still focusing on the video.

“Since when do you use the term ‘crash’?” Gina asked “Where’d you get that computer?”

“I bought it, from a guy at work” Arthur said “The same guy in fact”

“To quote a man o-so careful with money, ‘those things are expensive’” Gina said “How much did it cost?”

“Five thousand”

“Five. Thousand.” She said slowly “What is so special about that computer that makes it cost five thousand?”

“Come and look at this” Arthur beckoned his wife over to the coffee table, where she knelt down beside him.

“My god, what is that thing?”

“That is the alien from Silph” He paused the video “The guy upstairs used to work for them. He took a bunch of pictures, and even his video. Watch”

So she did, she didn’t seem half as fascinated as Arthur, but she was still taken back.

“What happened to that guy?” She asked “He died, right?”

“I assumed so”

“Was that thing?” She pointed to the pink creature on the table.

“I think it was. But how Gina?”

“I don’t know” she got up off the floor “But I need to make dinner”

“You need to order the maid to make dinner” Arthur said “How much does she charge, by the way?”

“Ten an hour, not a bad wage” Gina said “Just, don’t get too into this” He didn’t listen; he played the video over again. Time dwindled on, when
dinner was served he ignored it, when the first signs of dawn shone through the window, he closed the drapes. When the time came to go to work,
he just watched the video again, scrolled through the images and watched the video once more.

“Arty” Gina said, as she came down the stairs with a blue dressing gown on “Every five minutes upstairs I could hear that god damn cat scream”
Gina walked over and sat on the floor next to him again “You’re getting obsessed and you’ve only had these things for a day”

“Gina, watch this” Arthur played the video again, and fast forwarded to the point where the man was about to scream “Watch here” He played the
video, Gina blinked once.

“Did you see it?” Arthur asked, excited by his discovery.

“…I didn’t” Gina said sleepily “I didn’t see a thing”

“I’ll play it again” Once more he re-wound the video to the same place and played it again. Just before the doctor screamed the creature’s eyes
opened slightly, and were staring straight at the now dead doctor.

“You saw it this time” He said, pretty sure “He opens his eyes”


“It has to be to do with him” Arthur said, his eyes wide, a big grin on his face “He staring right at him” He re-wound and paused it “look at him, it
looks like he’s looking through him”

“You should get some sleep” Gina said, getting up and going to the kitchen.

“You just don’t care enough. Mark!” Arthur sprung up from his place and darted to the bottom of the stairs “Mark, come down and watch this. He’ll
care.” He said assuredly to Gina. A very tired Mark cam to the top of the stair case, in just his boxer shorts again.

“You need something, boss?” He said, rubbing his head “Cos I got a bit of a headache right now”

“Come and see this thing” He ordered, and he rushed back into the living room. Mark slowly went down the stairs, and went to the doorway of the
living room. On the floor was Arthur again, watching the computer screen closely.

“Come and watch this” He said.

“I’m coming” Mark said and sat on the couch behind Arthur “Boss, I’ve already seen this, like a thousand times”

“No you haven’t” He re-wound the movie “Watch this bit” He played the movie file again and paused as the creature opened it’s eyes.

“See!” Arthur shouted.

“Woah” Mark said “He’s staring at that guy, have to say I hadn’t noticed that before”

“It’s the same guy that gets killed” He played the rest of the movie “It’s a weird power he has, like a psychic ability or something”

“Psychic?” Mark asked “Like, you mean, reading peoples minds?”

“That’s exactly what I mean” Arthur closed the laptop suddenly “He’s an alien, right? It’s said that aliens communicate using telepathic language”

“But” Mark thought for a moment “That’s impossible”


“Because it is!”

“Its only seems impossible because we can’t do it” Arthur explained “We can swim; we run we can even fly with planes. There is no technical or
natural way for us to be psychic, and that’s why we think it is impossible”

“That’s right though, there is no technical or natural way” Mark said, he was a smart young man, but still foolish and very arrogant.

“Impossible for us, but this thing isn’t from here” Arthur said “Alien describes something that is from another place. This is from another world, why
would it talk a language, why would it walk on two feet, why would it breathe at all!?”

“Because that’s the only way we can imagine life…” Mark said, catching onto the idea.

“Another creature from another planet could be so different from us, that we can’t even imagine what it would be like. We only have biological
needs for this planet” He sat down “It doesn’t correspond to others…”

“You’re all riled up” Gina said from the doorway “Like I said you would be”

“Gina!” Arthur said, getting to his feet again “This is a real alien creature here!”


“Are you completely mad?” He asked “this is the best ******* discovery of our lifetime and you’re just, no wait, not just you, everybody!
Everybody’s too involved with their prissy pointless lives to notice the big picture here!”

“And what exactly is the big picture here, Arty?” Gina crossed her arms “That there’s an alien? That there’s another life? Everyone just takes it in
their stride Arthur; they don’t get all dumb and excited, just calm down”

“The big picture is that Silph is going to clone that poor creature. Silph controls the whole operation in Kanto” He explained

“Hey!” Mark said from the couch “Kanto is a self governing country! It’s what makes it the country of freedom”

“Than how come it’s turning into ****?” Arthur turned around “Parker told me this. He said that it’s all falling to pieces because Silph is out of ideas”

“I don’t have to listen to this crap” Mark said “This country is free, and I’m ******* proud of that! It was the country I was born and raised in”

“And look where it got you, Mark!” Arthur shouted “Sixteen empty liquor bottles and a dilapidated ****-hole!”

“**** you!” Mark shouted he got off the sofa and headed to the door; he opened it and turned around “You’re all ****** up, if you don’t mind me
saying. Try telling anyone what you think, they’d say the same thing as me!” He slammed the door and left.

“You’re losing friends, Arthur” Gina said “We don’t have that many, but we’re losing them”

“Gina” He said quietly, going over and lying on the couch, by now the baby was crying “The baby’s crying”

“I can hear…” she looked up the stairs “He’s crying”

“For the first time” Arthur said, still lying down on the couch “Obviously he doesn’t like fighting”

Gina went upstairs to check on him; as soon as she entered the room he stopped crying. He seldom got upset; a moan from him was surprising. He
never worried or begged for anything. Or he just didn’t show it.

“Why were you crying?” Gina asked him, though he only smiled gleefully and waved his limbs around “Were you upset over the fighting?” Again,
the squirming carried on. Gina travelled down the stairs again, glancing into living room. Arthur was fast asleep.

“Stupid bastard” Gina whispered to herself, kneeling down beside him “Politics. They always get you riled up”

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Default Re: Giovanni of the Land

part five

There were three sudden knocks at the door, Arthur woke up quickly and made his way to the door. He had been sleeping for a long time, it was
dark outside, and Gina was now on her way to Lois’s house, as was her way.

The three knocks came again. Arthur carefully opened the door, the seldom scruffy man, was now a complete wreck. His eyes like red road maps,
bloodshot horribly, with his eyelids drooping down to avoid the harshness of the outside lamp.

“Arthur” Said a friendly voice “You look a mess”

“Parker, I’ve had a busy day” he replied, opening the door fully, inviting him in.

“You’re darling wife said you were asleep. All day”

“I had…I had a busy night, and morning” Arthur said, sitting down in the living room, opening the laptop again. “I want to show you-”

“I don’t want to see it” Parker said “And I don’t want you to see it anymore”

“Gina told you a lot then”

“She told everything. I think you should delete those files”

“No” Arthur said simply “I don’t think I will”

“You don’t really know what you’re getting yourself into” Parker said, taking off his glasses and polishing them with a silk cloth “You have a child.
You have a child and a loving wife”


“It’s going to end badly for you” Parker said “If you mess with this stuff, they will kill you”

“Everyone has said that to me” Arthur said “I know I should be worried, but I’m not. This feels right to me”

“Right?” Parker asked “You’re a rich man. Rich men don’t trouble over things that are right, or wrong. They’re rich, you’re rich, and you don’t have
to give a **** about anything, or anyone”

“I am a rich man, Parker” Arthur stood up and closed the laptop “But I’m also a Blazer”

“…Arthur, do you really think you can make a difference in the world. Silph will do what Silph is going to do, and you can’t change that, a dead
man, a poor man, a rich man, cannot change that. Neither can a Blazer”

“A Blazer can do anything, they blaze to the stars. Like a rocket” Arthur sat down, he was a little distraught and tired still, and he didn’t one
hundred percent know, what he was saying.

“What exactly are your plans?”

“I will stop them”

“How?” There was a long silence. All the lights in the room were off; it was just two figures, talking politics in the darkness. “Do you; empathise
with this creature, Arty?”

“How can I not?” he said sadly

“Because it’s dead”


“Word from Silph says the creature is dead” Parker coughed slightly “Though the cloning process went very well” Arthur said nothing. “They’re
experimenting on-”

“What exactly is your link with Silph?” Arthur asked tears in his eyes “Why would they tell you privately, why they send you a letter?”

“Actually, I was there” He said darkly “I am the vice president of the Silph Corporation”

Arthur smiled slightly

“Of course you are” Arthur said, and punched Parker in the face.

* * *

“Three have been killed already; this is getting out of control,” a scientist by the name of Warren Ivy said. “The creature is-”

“How did they die?” another asked.

“You know the strange signals we’ve been receiving, the waves that have been distorting out equipment?” Ivy asked.

“What about them?”

“They also interfere with human brains…”

“In what way” The other scientist removed his mask. It was a well respected man, Samuel Oak, in his mid twenties.

“He crushes them, Professor” Ivy said “Into a pulp” Ivy walked over to an operating table. On it was a man, a dead man. On his fore head was a
hole, drilled there.

“Take a look” Ivy said, allowing the professor to walk past and look “Into a pulp”

“It looks like tomato juice” Samuel said, he turned to face Ivy again “And all of them are like this?”

“All three of them” Ivy replied. Another professor quickly walked into the room, his pace was quick.

“Professor Morgan” Samuel said nicely “Have any new information on the powers of this creature”

“It’s hard, Professor, his powers being invisible” Morgan smiled “It’s hard to prove they exist at all”

“Of course they do”

“I know they do” Morgan said “This…psychic ability it has. It fascinates me”

“This creature continues to fascinate us all”

“Which is why I have to ask, Professor” he stuttered slightly “I think we should treat it more fairly”


“Make it more comfortable, you mean?” Ivy asked “How many more people would it kill, if we did that?”

“Perhaps it’s killing people, because we’re being so hostile towards it” Morgan said, narrowing his eyes at Ivy.

“You’re acting very protective of this thing, yet you keep referring to it, as…it” Samuel said. “Surely if you truly admired this creature, you would
give it a name, or at least call it ‘he’”

“We have no idea whether it’s a male or a female” Morgan said “That’s why I call it it, as for a name, it was made reasonably clear to me, that any
attempt to tame, or nurture the creature would end in banishment from the institution and up to four years in prison”

“You’ve done well to keep so quiet up till now, Morgan” Samuel said “But I really must insist that you stop these demands, or I will have to let you

“Demands?” Morgan asked “I didn’t demand anything. Don’t try and make yourself sound so reasonable”

“Morgan” Samuel said, putting his hand on Morgan’s shoulder “Take the rest of the day off”


“I think you need it” He said “You’ve been working especially hard these last few days and I think you deserve a rest”

Morgan looked at him with hate-filled eyes. Samuel Oak had this way with people, a seemingly innocent tone that always made him sound like the
reasonable one. He was a psychopath, plain and simple, only concerned with his well being, his image and his career.

“Thank you” Morgan said, removing the Professor’s hand from his shoulder “You always know what’s best for me” Morgan smiled sarcastically and

left the room.

“Professor” Ivy said “Have you any ideas”

“For what, sorry?” Samuel turned his attention back to Warren.

“How protect ourselves, from, him” He pointed to another table. On it was a sedated creature, its eyes were closed and it’s breathing harsh and
rare. Its tail swished from side to side, much unlike the rest of the creature, like it had a life of its own. Sam looked upon the creature and closed
his eyes calmly.

“How many are completed?” He asked, his eyes remaining closed

“Three, Professor” Ivy said “One for each man dead”

Samuel breathed out heavily and opened his eyes.

“Show them to me”

A thick metal door opened to a brightly lit room, inside were three large, glass cages. Samuel was led to the first one.

“You have to wait” Warren Ivy said “ This one doesn’t take kindly to strangers”

“I’m not a stranger” Samuel put his face nearer the glass, and looked around the cage “I’m this creature’s father”

“Professor” Ivy said. “Would you like to hear some of the characteristics, the behaviour and, it’s… powers”

Samuel looked up from the cage suddenly.

“Powers?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. “Tell me, Warren, what ‘powers’ does this thing possess?”

“Down in genetics, we got a little ambitious” Ivy said “We mixed the original creatures DNA with that of the simplest we could think of. That of a
frog Agalychnis callidryas”

“A red-eyed tree frog” Samuel said knowingly “How is that ambitious, exactly?”

“Half way through the gene mixing process, we added floral DNA, it went surprisingly well-”

“Floral DNA?” A gravely voice asked from the doorway. “What sort of ‘floral DNA’?” Samuel and Ivy turned around to see Parker standing there.
The door closed behind him.

“Ah, Mr. Loren” Samuel said “Just in time for the grand opening”

“Adenium obesum, Sir” Ivy answered “A desert rose”

“Very poisonous flower, that” Samuel said “But very beautiful, to say the least”

“I believe instructions were given” Parker said “Animals only; I don’t know much about science or genetics, but I know that adding too many genes
together will create a mutated mess. Tell me, what does this horrendous beast look like?”

“Why don’t you look for yourself” Ivy said, indicating the cage. Parker walked over to it, with little care and glanced around it once.

“I can’t see it” He said.

“Has it escaped?” Samuel asked.

“That’s impossible, Professor” Ivy laughed “Just wait one minute”

Inside the glass cage was jungle, assorted plants littered the area, growing fast and large in the brightly lit cage. Species of insects also travelled
around, crickets, grasshoppers and others. In the centre was grassy clearing, where most of the light was directed.

“I still don’t see anything” Samuel said, but as he did, a rustling came from the leaves. Out walked an amphibious creature. Its feet were webbed,
but the creature still had little sharp claws on the end of its long frog-like toes. Its skin was unlike a frogs, and was more like the aliens, smooth
and suede-looking, the most defining feature was most probably the collection of folded leaves on its back, where the midrib and the petiole
connected to the creatures Latissimus Dorsi muscle. Its eyes were wide, and indeed, red.

“It’s not very big, is it?” Parker asked, looking inquisitively at it.

“It’s bigger than a red-eyed tree frog, sir” Professor Ivy said, smiling.

“Quite a cute little fella, isn’t he?” Samuel said, moving closer to the cage. At this, the creature leaped backwards and widened its eyes fully,
between the leaves on its back, an ochre coloured gas exuded.

“What’s it doing?”

“It’s defending itself” Ivy answered “When frightened or troubled, it sprays around a deadly nerve gas, that currently, there is no cure for” The
creature skulked backwards back into the wilderness, it’s eyes still glowing in the darkness.

“What species is it?” Parker asked “Is it a plant or an amphibian?”

“It’s a monster” Ivy said “By all scientific rules; it’s a pure natural monster”

“There’s nothing natural about it” Parker said, a worried expression on his face.

“He’s right” Samuel nodded “All it is is a scientific breakthrough and the end to Silph’s bankruptcy”

“Unfortunately, the psychic ability from the creature didn’t progress into this one. But it has gained some peculiar abilities from the flower. It needs
little food or sustenance, most of it’s energy is taken from the light” Ivy explained, reading from a self made notebook “We named it bulbizzare”
Ivy smiled.

“Bulbizzare?” Samuel asked “Try bulbasaur”

“It’s no relation to a lizard, professor” Ivy said.

“But it’s far more appropriate” Samuel said “And it looks better written down, I can assure you”

Ivy solemnly scribbled the creatures name out, and replaced it. He placed the pencil back in his pocket and directed Parker and Samuel to the next
cage. Out of the glass, an immense heat could be felt through it. The landscape inside was bleak but emanated lot of heat. Lying peacefully in the
centre, was a small fiery-orange coloured lizard, its under-belly was cream coloured with smooth scales covering it, while the rest of it seemed
harsh and bumpy. Its eyes were closed at this time, but it had two shiny, silver fangs and a long, strong tail, with a flame-like fan on the end, it
kept spreading and then folding, as if the creature had no control over it.

“We called this one Charmander” He looked across at Samuel, who was nodding at the name. Ivy smiled “It’s able to survive shockingly high
temperatures and has a natural immunity to fire. We found it feeds on brimstone, well, feed is a strong word. It collects brimstone it its mouth,
chewing on it continually, grinding it into a fine dust”

“That’s rather strange behaviour, wouldn’t you say?” Samuel asked, looking puzzled at the creature.

“We had no explanation as to why, until yesterday” Ivy coughed lightly “It’s defences differ from the last specimen, Professor”

“Of course, that’s expected” Parker said.

“This one uses…pyrokinetics” Ivy said, closing his fact book.

“It can control fire?” Samuel asked.

“It can create fire” Ivy opened his book again “The mix of DNA has provided it with great intelligence; it uses the brimstone to create these
powerful bursts of flame. Its teeth are made of a platinum-like substance, which reacts with hydrogen to create a natural flamethrower”

“Where does it get the hydrogen?” Parker asked.

“It stores hydrogen in a second lung, and releases it when he needs to” Ivy closed the book again and looked pleased with himself “That’s not all.
See the strange lumps on its back? We believe they could be maladapted wings, and with time and more tests, I believe we could make it fly, or
glide at least”

“It would be a dragon” Parker whispered to himself, looking closely at the beast.

“A real life dragon” Samuel said.

“It’s just the miracle of the modern age, Professor” Ivy smiled, obviously delighted with their reaction.

“No, it’s the miracle of that creature out there” Samuel smiled wider “That, alien”

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Default Re: Giovanni of the Land

part six

The room was dark now; everyone had gone to lunch and locked the doors. Morgan tried the handle, he wasn’t sure if he could use his ID card. No
one really trusted him; he was always questioning whether what they were doing was right.

“Stay together here” Morgan said to himself “Go in. Go out”

Morgan pressed his card against reader, which successfully opened the doors with a quiet buzz. In the centre of the room was the creature. It had
been placed in its glass case, though it escaping was never likely, they had to take precautions. Morgan closed the door slowly and opened the
glass coffin, it had been placed in.

“I have no idea what you are” Morgan said “But nothing should be treated with such…disrespect”

“Mew” The creature said quietly, Morgan didn’t hear it, he undid the buckles around the creature’s arms and legs.

“I can’t let them butcher you like this” Morgan said “Taking what they need from you, leaving you hungry”

“Mew” It said again, Morgan looked down at it with much confusion “Mew” It said again.

“You’re speaking” Morgan whispered to it “Tell me, what does ‘mew’ mean?”


“Is that all you can say?” Morgan asked “Can you tell what you are? Who you are?”

“…Mew” The creatures eyes opened wider, and Morgan stared right into them. Inside the creatures eyes were images of tortured animals.
Meaningless battles between people, and the bloodshed of the innocent. Morgan fell backwards onto the cold tile floor; his breathing became quick
and harsh.

“Your psychic powers…Mew” Morgan said “Those were your psychic powers?”

The creature didn’t move, its eyes were slowly closing.

“Come on” Morgan said “I’ll carry you out of here” Morgan stood up and placed his arms around the creature’s neck. Immediately a searing pain
shot though his arms into his brain, a feeling so horrible and dark. Like someone erasing his mind, crushing it. The pain stopped, and when Morgan
opened his eyes, he was on the other side of the door. He frantically got his card out and placed it against the reader, the doors opened and on the
table, in the glass coffin, the creature’s tail, Mew’s tail, had gone limp.

“Squirtle” Said Ivy.

“I can’t see this one either” Parker said, looking into a glass cage filled with water. The bottom of the tank was covered with jagged rocks

“Very well camouflaged” Samuel said. “Aren’t they?”

“This one is the genetic DNA of a sea turtle, plus that of the alien of course” Ivy said “I believe this to be the most successful, the most adapted
anyway, most like that creature next door. Like the sea turtle it is well adapted to marine life, and is a fast swimmer. The reason you can’t see it, is
because when nervous, it hides in its shell, which blends in well with the rocky sea bottom.” Ivy said knowingly.

Out of the jagged rocks came a creature, its jagged shell blended almost entirely to the rock below, out of the shell popped a scaly blue head, with
large shark eyes. Two pairs of legs also came out, and a tail. What was most striking, was the creatures tail, it was long, and soft, like the clouds.
It swished through the water elegantly behind the creature.

“When out of water, it carries water in its lungs” Ivy said “And is able to spew it out of its mouth with such force; it is able to breakthrough rock.
Its defences apart from that are non-aggressive. It is able to hide in its sturdy shell until danger is out of sight”

“This truly is fantastic” Samuel said, unable to control his glee “Parker, I think you should inform the president of the progress we have made, and
start getting the public hyped up about this”

“Alright” Parker said “Try to remember though, Samuel, I am your boss. Don’t tell me what to do”

“I apologise, Sir” Samuel said, charmingly “It’s just I am a little over excited. We’ve made monsters, Warren” He said, turning to Ivy.

“We have indeed”

“We’ve made mythical monsters…real” Samuel said “And we’re about to make millions. You could afford that place by the sea you always wanted,
Warren. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

“It would, Professor. You could get that place in the country” Warren laughed.

“The place in Pallet Town”

“But!” Warren said, causing parker to freeze in his tracks. “I haven’t finished yet”


“There is so much more to tell you first” He said. “You said the creatures should be tame. Well, they are under your control, once you make them

“And how do I make them mine, exactly?”

“Christen them”

“Christen, them?” Samuel asked “Rather strange, to christen beasts like these.

“I mean name them, professor” Ivy said “Name them yours and they will obey your every command”

“They’re like slaves, then?” Parker asked, from the doorway.

“Slaves?” Samuel turned around.
“I assure you, sir, these creatures have no sense of anything outside obeying their owner’s commands, it’s the life they were made to live” Ivy said, closing the book again.


“This isn’t really a moral subject, sir” Samuel said, calmly “They are made to fight, serve and to obey, like bees are made to make honey”

“Bees aren’t made, Professor” Parker said “They are born naturally, that’s why this is so…wrong” Behind Parker came another scientist, who had a
very noticeable sign of worry in his eyes; he pushed passed him quickly and whispered something in Professor Oak’s ear.

“It seems we have a problem with the creature” Samuel said

“You sure it’s dead?” Ivy asked, circling around the alien.

“I checked its pulse” said the other scientist.

“Did it even have a pulse to begin with?” Parker asked “It’s a completely different life, after all”

“It had a pulse, Sir” Ivy answered

“Warren, go to the file retrievement office, collect all the data you can on the creature” Samuel asked, Ivy nodded and headed for the door “And
check the door’s card identity history, see who was in the room last”

“Why do that?” Parker asked

“I have a feeling…” Samuel said

“Clear” said the scientist, holding electrical paddles.

“What are you doing?” Samuel asked “It’s dead”

“You’re not just going to give up, are you” Parker asked, pushing up his glasses.

“What do you suggest we do?” Samuel asked “We have all we need, Sir”

“It seems like such a waste to me” Parker said “It was quite a beautiful creature”

Ivy entered the room, a collection of files under his arm.

“Here are the files, Professor” Ivy said “And the last person to enter the room is…Professor John Morgan, head of the psychic division”

“Sir” Samuel said, turning to Parker “May I suggest letting Morgan go. It’s obvious he doesn’t take the project all that seriously, or he wouldn’t be
so careless with the creature”

“You think he was responsible for the creature’s death?” Parker asked.

“When we came in the buckles on the creatures restraints were undone” Samuel explained “As was the safety catch on the glass cage”

“Morgan has a little girl to support” Parker said “And his wife died recently, I can’t let him go after all he’s been through”

“He might jeopardize the operation, Parker” Samuel said.

“Don’t call me that” Parker took off his glasses “He’s working till the end of the year at least. Give him warning and time to get a new job”

“Of course, Sir” Samuel smiled, charmingly “You can rely on me”

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Default Re: Giovanni of the Land

It's hard to read, but a nice story. I saw your post about pokemon IRL. I hope the describing is going well because i'm looking forward to more.

You could space the story out a bit and press return key on each new line.
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Default Re: Giovanni of the Land

Chapter 2
Part one

In the Blazer household, the Christmas tree was up, and the first flakes of winter fell from
the grey sky. Three months had passed since Parker had admitted his link with Silph, and
Arthur was far from forgiving him yet. Mark Preece was now a full time resident in the
household, and had taken a shine to both little Giovanni and Holly Henderson, who still
babysat occasionally for them.

“Hands down the best Christmas I’m ever gonna have” Mark said, coming down the stairs,
holding Giovanni lovingly “Last Christmas, I was at my Uncle’s place in Ecruteak”

“You don’t like your uncle, Mark?” Gina asked, from the hall.

“Oh, no” He said, handing the baby over to her “I love my uncle, when he’s sober. When
my uncle gets drunk he tends to focus on the past a lot”

“What do you mean?” Arthur asked who had now gained a few more Christmas pounds,
and was currently eyeing a new batch of mince pies.

“He tends to re-enact the war against Sinnoh” He answered “He always got me to play the
Sinnoh bad-guy. He’d get a little too into it you know, he stabbed me last year with a
plastic fork”

“Oh my god, were you okay?” Gina asked, resting the baby on her hip.

“I was fine, but I still carry the scar right here” he patted his chest “I promised my Auntie

I wouldn’t go round there again” He went into the living room, where the television was
on. Arthur was parked in front of it; with a half empty plate of mince pies on the coffee

“You know when the guests are getting here?” Mark asked, straightening out his
shirt “You invited Holly, right?”

“I invited her, she said she might come” Arthur said “She never promised anything”

“She might as well have done” Mark laughed “She always says that, it’s like a guarantee
when she says that”

Knock. Knock. Knock.

“Answer the door, Mark” Arthur said, taking another pie from the plate. Mark got up and
yawned, before going to the front door and opening it grandly.

“Merry Christmas! - oh it’s you” He said, behind the door was Parker, who looked a little
stressed at the moment.

“I need to see, Arthur” He said darkly, he was slightly out of breath, but Mark didn’t bother
to ask why.

“Sure thing”

“I need to meet with you privately” Parker said “It’s about the creature”

“You said the creature was dead, Parker” Arthur sighed “I really don’t want to get into that
thing again. I have been a lot happier since I forgot about it”

“You invited John Morgan and his daughter I presume?” Parker said “Because I need to
talk to him as well”

“He said you fired him” Arthur said “His wife just died, Parker, I would have thought you
would have a little more sympathy”

“I’m a lawyer” Parker said quietly.

“But he’s been a friend for a while, what did he even do?” Arthur asked, taking the empty
plate out to the kitchen, Parker following closely behind.

“He was the one that killed the creature” Parker said “At least there’s a good chance it was
him, and I did give him three months to find a new job”

“You’re going to leave before the other guests get here” Arthur said “None of them can
stand the sight of you at the moment, and my wife has been planning this party for a

“I’ll be gone. But I need your word that you will meet me tomorrow, and try to bring along
John” Parker said “You’ll value this information”


“There’s a deserted building on the outskirts of Celadon” Parker said “meet me there at
five O’clock”

“I will” Arthur said, he hesitated, but he held out his hand “Merry Christmas”

“Merry Christmas” Parker shook his hand vigorously “And be careful”

“I’d like to make a toast” Mark said, getting up from his chair “I’d like to make
a toast to Arthur and Gina Blazer. Without them I wouldn’t be who I am today…” Mark had
had a little too much to drink. He was acting like it was a wedding, and kept thanking
everyone for turning up, shaking their hands and congratulating them. Everyone soon got
used to his rambling, and learned to ignore it.

“Glad you could make it, John” Arthur said, pouring out another drink “I didn’t think you’d
make it”

“I needed a break” John Morgan said “Heard anything from Parker?”

“Actually, he dropped by before you got here” Arthur said, shaking his drink.

“What did he say?” Morgan asked.

“He wanted to meet me, and you, actually” Arthur took a big gulp from his glass and
coughed lightly “I think it’s something to do with that creature” Morgan suddenly looked
taken back, he breathed out heavily.

“What creature?” Morgan said, avoiding eye contact “It’s Sabrina’s Birthday in January,
perhaps I should throw a party”

“John” Arthur said “The creature, he said you killed it”

“I didn’!t” Morgan said sternly, changing his tone to a whisper “They said I did but I didn’t.
I helped it”

“Well. It’s dead, I can’t imagine you helped it that much” Arthur said “What exactly did you
do to it?”

“I helped it. If you saw how they treated that thing” Morgan talked down a bit “They were
heartless towards it. It was a beautiful creature, with abilities unlike anything we’ve seen
before. And they killed it. They killed it”

“What kind of abilities?”

“Psychic…It was psychic” Morgan answered “I snuck into the lab when people were gone; I
planned to take it away from there. I touched it, and it didn’t want me to, and tried to kill


“It has this, look, like it sees into your mind. It has such power and control over that
ability he can dominate peoples brains, and crush them” Morgan said “Ever since my
encounter with that poor creature, I’ve felt strange, when people stare at me, I feel what
they’re thinking, like a second voice inside my head”

“He looked at you” Arthur said looked down at his drink and smiled “He always looks at

“Tomorrow, I’m coming with you” Morgan said “I need to know what is going on there, at
Silph, how far the cloning programme has gone”

“They’ve cloned it?” Arthur asked

“They have mixed it” Morgan looked around the room before speaking “They have mixed
genes of other creatures with it, creating these mutated creatures, they look unnatural,
and they look sad”

“Everyone!” Gina shouted, holding Giovanni lovingly “Little Gevvy has just said his first
words, go on Gevvy…say them” Gina urged, Giovanni looked around at everyone staring
at him and looked happy, he started waving his little arms in the air.

“Say the words, Little-man” Mark said, slyly putting his arm around Holly “I practically
raised that child” He whispered into her ear.


Morgan’s eye shot wide, he stood up and stared at the child, and the child stared right
back. Morgan started breathing harshly again, and he sat down, in his mind the simple
word conjured images of the creature back to him, and he could feel the powerful mind
crushing feeling begin to affect him, he rubbed his temples and breathed slowly and


“What does that even mean?” Holly asked, raising an eyebrow “I believe when someone
says their first word, it has to be an actual word”

“Mew” Mark said “Mew is a word; it’s the sound a cat makes. You know ona- something”

“Onomatopoeia” Gina said “It’s not really a word, no, but he sounds so cute saying it” Gina
held up the baby and smiled, making funny faces at him and making him laugh.

“Give him here” Mark said, taking hold of the baby. Mark held him closer to Holly, who
poked him in the stomach playfully, the baby laughed and waved his arms and legs

“I think I’m gonna go home” Morgan said, his hand still on his head “Gina, do you know
where Sabrina is?”

“She’s upstairs in the crib” Gina said “Are you feeling alright?”

“A bit if a headache actually” Morgan smiled briefly.

“Mew” Giovanni said again, Morgan crippled to the floor, keeping his hands on his head.

“Oh my god!” Gina shouted, kneeling down next to him “Do you need a doctor?”

“No, no” He said, sitting up and dusting himself off “I just need a good nights sleep”
Morgan and Sabrina left, and pretty soon so had all the other guests. Apart from Holly who
was currently getting wooed by Mark in the doorway, he was wearing his famous white
tuxedo, and had gelled his hair into an extravagant spiked style; each hair seemed to
have been gelled individually.

“You know, I have had a lot of Girlfriends” Mark started, not a great place to start, but he
knew what he was doing “But, seriously, you’re like the best thing that has happened to

“Mark” Holly said “I’m not exactly undefiled” Saying this caused Arthur to snort in the next
room. Mark looked up slyly, causing holly to look up. Hanging there was some festive
mistletoe, tied neatly with a red ribbon.

“Holly” Mark said…and we can leave it there.

“Okay, Holly, time to go home” Arthur said, getting up from the couch and opening the
front door “I think you’ve spent enough time taking Mark down to your level”

“Oh no, Arty, she’s my little Holly berry” Mark said, holding Holly’s hands firmly “This is
the real thing, I swear!” He looked at her one last time. “Why doesn’t she spend the night,


“I tried” He said quietly to her.

“Have you any idea how long I have wanted a proper party” Gina said “That
was a dream come true to me, apart from that poor John”

“John?” Arthur asked “What happened to John?”

“He collapsed!” Gina said “Said he had a headache”

“Oh” He shook his head “Tomorrow I’m going out, to meet Parker”

“Parker, after what he did to your dream, to your friend?” Gina shook her head also “No
way. You should hate him!”

“I know I should, but I trust him, he’s my lawyer after all” Arthur sat down, and took a
handful of nuts from the kitchen table.

“How is that a reason to trust him” Gina said “He a lawyer!”
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Default Re: Giovanni of the Land

I love your story! I have no complaints, except it is a bit hard to read like Shiny Loser said. Keep it up, I hope to see more.
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Default Re: Giovanni of the Land

I'd like to quickly thank Kayla and Shiny Loser for their comments.... you guys rock!

Part 2

“It’s just a few miles away, the outskirts of Celadon” Arthur said “Route seven”

“Saffron city?” Morgan asked, it was about five o’clock, and it was just getting dark. All the
trees along the road were bare. It hadn’t snowed this Christmas, it rarely did in Celadon.
It was a bohemian place, full of gypsies and peddlers, selling rare and fragrant flowers to
passers by. Arthur resented them, he felt like they were taking over his home, and he
would not allow that.

“Near there” Arthur replied.

“How did you find this place?” Morgan asked “A dilapidated building, in between the two
most technically powerful cities”

“I got lost driving home” Arthur said, he was looking all along pavement, not that you
could miss the building.

“You got lost?” Morgan laughed “In Celadon? You’ve lived here your whole life”

“Not quite” Arthur said “I was born in Viridian, and went to university there” Arthur started
walking faster.

“Do you get lost easily?” Morgan asked, looking closely at a road sign “Did you say it was
on route seven?”


“Well, this is route sixteen, and it is dangerous” Morgan said “I got mugged here once, full
of nasty biker types”

“You’re joking” Arthur said, walking slowly towards the sign “We’ve been going the wrong

“Completely the opposite direction” Morgan said “I think we should probably hurry there”
They both set off, a faster pace than before.

“You never said you were mugged” Arthur said “It’s a pretty traumatizing thing to happen,
why didn’t you say anything?”

“On the same day, I came home and my wife was dead” Morgan said smoothly, he looked
across at Arthur “I didn’t think it mattered when I saw her”

“I’m sorry” Arthur said “I didn’t- we should probably get going” They walked again, Arthur
was now carrying some extra pounds, and got tired quite easily. He was breathing heavily
when they got to the top of route seven. They had stopped there looking into the now dark
sky; heavy smoke was lifting into the air.

“A forest fire?” Morgan asked “Do you think we should call the fire department?”

“That’s the house” Arthur said “I swear to you, that’s the house”


“Parker’s set fire to the house” Arthur started running, Morgan close behind “I have no
idea why”

“He’s probably not thinking clearly” Morgan said “He’s probably guilty or…something”

“Parker doesn’t get guilty, he doesn’t lose his mind” Arthur said “He keeps cool under
pressure, and it sounded like he had something important to tell me”

“Why do you think he wants me around?” Morgan asked.

“I don’t know” They reached the house; the fire department hadn’t been called. It was
roaring loudly, flames licking and spreading across to the trees.

“Do you think Parker’s inside?” Morgan asked.

“Go back to the city” Arthur said “Tell them, the fire department, tell them about this”
Morgan nodded and started sprinting back. Arthur hadn’t had any real action in his life,
which is why, when he reached the door of the flaming house, he didn’t kick it open
heroically and save who ever was inside. He just looked at it, with a look of regret on his

“I blaze” Arthur said to himself “I blaze like a rocket” He tightened his fists, took a deep
breath and stood there, looking at the burning ruins. The damp wooden walls of the cabin
created a lot of smoke, though through the thickness of the smoke and smell of burning
wood, another smell drifted. A smell so foul and unnatural it sent a tingle up Arthur’s
spine. It was a scent almost like an overdone steak, or a moth burning in a candle.

“Parker?” Arthur said, he was convinced, he picked up a rock and bashed down the ember
door, there was a small pathway through the flames that lead into the room where he had
purchased Mark’s laptop. Arthur tied a handkerchief round his nose and mouth and blinked
constantly. On the floor crouched in the fire place, was an unconscious figure, the smoke
was too thick to see who it was, but the flames illuminated one horrifying feature, the
figure’s leg was stretched out into the flames. Arthur looked away, and tried to focus more
of the figure, he crept closer towards him.

“Parker” Arthur said “Are you dead?” There was no reply, Arthur crept forward a bit more
and he could now hear sirens from outside. He knelt on the floor and reached out for the
figure’s hand, he pulled him forward; it was indeed Parker, though his beard and hair had
been singed quite drastically, and a lot of his skin was covered in burns. Arthur put his
hand to Parker’s chest, he could feel a heartbeat. He pulled the figure up, and only too a
quick glance at the state of Parker’s leg, before looking up, with tears in his eyes.

He dragged him though the house, and was met outside by Morgan. Spread around was
the fire department, focusing on putting out the trees rather than the house. On the
ground was a stretcher brought along by two paramedics, who looked sternly at Parker’s
leg. Arthur lay him down on the stretcher.

“Oh my god” Morgan said, looking away and covering his eyes “What happened?”

“His leg was in the fire” Arthur said, kneeling down by the stretcher “He’s still breathing
though” The state of Parker’s leg was unimaginable. The left trouser leg was complete
burnt off, with serious third degree burns down the thigh, from the knee, the burns got a
lot worse. In some places close to all the flesh had been burnt off, orange and black
patches of ash and skin had collected round it. The foot had completely gone, probably left
behind when Arthur pulled him free. Arthur looked won to the ground and cried, before
looking at his hand, the hand he had used to check his heartbeat. It was covered in blood,
thick, red blood. Arthur looked up, and checked Parker’s chest, he ripped open the
smouldering remains of his shirt to reveal three gunshot wounds, hidden well by the
blackened skin.

Parker’s eyes opened, one of the pupils had blacked out, and was glazed over, due to
smoke damage. The other rolled to look at Arthur, who was looking straight back.

“Blaze” almost no sound came from Parker’s lips, but the slightest noise said “Blaze. And
treat them fairly…”

“We’ll take it from here, sir” One of the paramedics said “We’ll take him back to the ER,
see what we can do. Though for obvious reasons, he won’t be able to walk again”

“He’s been shot” Arthur said “In the chest, this was a murder”

“On three. One, two three” The paramedics lifted the stretcher and pushed it into the
ambulance “Don’t worry sir”

“Aren’t you listening, look at his chest!” Arthur demanded “He’s been shot three times”

“I can assure you he has not, sir” One of them said.

“His injuries are serious burns and nothing more, probably fell asleep smoking” The other

“He doesn’t smoke” Arthur said “He quit three years ago, almost killed him doing that”

“Sometimes they sneak one now and then”

“Was he under a lot of stress?”

“Why won’t you listen to me?” Arthur screamed “Open the ambulance and I’ll show you
right now” He walked over to the ambulance doors.

“Sir, will you please step away from the vehicle” One of them asked “You have no
business doing that”

“I can show you, just let me-” Arthur never finished that sentence; one of the paramedics
had punched him in the stomach. The other ran round to the driver’s seat and started the
engine. Arthur looked up and was struck in the face.

Arthur’s eyes fluttered open, to see Morgan standing over him, fanning him gently with his
hand. He looked across at the burnt building, it had been out, the smouldering remnants
lay still, and the sounds of nature were silent.

“Are you okay?” Morgan asked “You had quite a nasty fall, why did that guy hit you?”

“Because I asked too many questions” Arthur said, grunting as he got off the cold ground,
it was pitch black outside it must have been past midnight.

“Do you think he’ll be okay?” Morgan asked, helping Arthur to his feet “He looked… he

“He’s going to die” Arthur said, dusting himself off “I doubt those paramedics were even
from the hospital”

“You do?”

“Let’s go there, now” Arthur said, setting off down route seven again.

* * *

“Parker” Arthur said, holding an icepack to his head “Parker Leron, he was brought here
with serious burns to his legs and chest”

“Their have been no emergencies tonight, no burns and no Parker Leron” The receptionist
said, looking through his charts. “Are you sure he wasn’t taken to another hospital?”

“This is the only hospital is Celadon, they wouldn’t have taken him to Saffron city, that’s
ages away” Morgan said “

“Then I’m sorry, sir” he said “There is no Parker Leron in this hospital”

“Have you checked under John Doe?” Arthur asked “I never gave them his name”

“I have”


“Nothing” He answered “I’m sorry, their must be some sort of mess up”

“I should say there is” Morgan said.

“Morgan, I know he isn’t at any hospital” Arthur said “If he’s not here, he’s not anywhere,
come on, we’ll take a cab back to your house, then phone Saffron Emergency to make
sure” The stepped in front of the automatic doors and they opened slowly.

“This place really is falling to pieces” Morgan shook his head, then looked across the
street; there was a whole collection of beggars and peddlers, settling down for the night.

“The hospital?” Arthur asked.

“No” Morgan looked at the black sky “The whole city, you’re casino is loosing money,
Arthur. The streets are being overrun buy gypsies and the homeless, selling their flowers
and their ‘magical’ ointments”

“There’s nothing wrong with some flowers, Morgan” Arthur said “I don’t like the invasion of
the gypsies as much as you, but maybe the flowers will brighten this place up”

“I doubt that, this was once the capital of Kanto, the place of thriving business and where
dreams come true” Morgan looked at the floor “I feel like this is just the beginning of
something much worse, something so bad and wrong that no one else sees”

“Morgan, what could possibly be so bad?”

“Slavery” Morgan looked up again “Gladiatorial fights that destroy the lives of the

“Why do you say that?” Arthur asked.

“A feeling, the situation at Silph, Parker” He closed his eyes “Those creatures”

“The clones, the clones of that alien” Arthur said “I don’t particularly want to get involved
with that alien-”

“Mew” Morgan said “its name was Mew”


“That’s why I was so shocked when your child said its name, it…it scared me” Morgan sat
down on the curb “I don’t know what your baby has to do with that creature, but don’t
involve your family, Arthur”

“I have no idea what you are talking about” Arthur said “Mew is a…it’s a noise, it has
nothing to do with that creature, and I have not said a single word to my family about this
matter, not for three months”

“It was not a coincidence, Arthur” Morgan said “I felt, in my heart of hearts, your child
knows something about that creature, knows about its powers”


“I don’t know” Morgan said “You think I’m crazy”

“I don’t…”

“Yes you do” Morgan said darkly “Maybe not consciously, but in your subconscious, you
think I should be locked up”

“No” Arthur sat down next to him “It’s a lot to take in. You know what? Mark. Mark worked
for Silph I bet he heard the creature, I bet he told it too Gevvy”

“No” Morgan said “Mark doesn’t know a thing”


“Trust me, I think I know a little too much about everyone, even you” Morgan said “You’ve
kept some information from me”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about this power, this uncontrollable power I have. As soon as I look as
someone, their deepest darkest desires, secrets and thoughts come out and blend into my
memories. When I wake up in the morning, I have trouble remembering who I am, which
memories are my own” Morgan closed his eyes again, a single tear rolled down his
cheek “Yesterday. Yesterday I forgot my daughter’s name; I got up, went to the nursery
and paused, like I didn’t even know who she was”

“You’ve had a hard few months, John; you’re feeling stressed” Arthur said “But if you’re
telling that somehow, that creature’s abilities were passed onto you…”

“Who’s Lois?” Morgan turned to him, slightly spiteful eyed.

“One of my wife’s friends, why?”

“I don’t think she realises how much you despise her” Morgan said, there was a sudden
silence between the pair of them “I think if she knew how much you secretly loathed her,
she wouldn’t ever turn her back on you”

“……wh…” Arthur struggled for a moment and then looked at the floor, keeping his eyes
firmly on the ground. “If you knew her…how annoying she really is” Morgan smiled slightly
at Arthur’s comment.

“Arthur the last thing I want is for us to be hostile towards each other, but I need you to
believe me” Morgan turned his head back to the floor “Do you believe me?”
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Default Re: Giovanni of the Land

I can see the plot building up in this chapter. But so far it's really mostly about Giovanni's parents...

Oh yeah, i like how giovanni's first word is Mew. Kinda shows that he was destined to try and get rare pokemon..

Keep writing. ^^
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Default Re: Giovanni of the Land

*sigh*.... I really wish I would get more feedback. So... I have given the story to my mum's agent...he;ll see what he can do.... though the rights with be a pain in the jacksy.
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Default Re: Giovanni of the Land

Ur mums agent is interested in a pokemon story.

Well. Keep writing and put punctuation marks after someone speaks and before the quotation...

Write more chapters! Keep writing and you'l get some attention. At the end.
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Default Re: Giovanni of the Land

Don't worry too much that you don't have much readers. Just give it some time and in the meantime keep writing.
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Default Re: Giovanni of the Land

Uh, thanks to my readers, Kayla and Shiny Loser in particular again. By the by, Giovanni as we all know him comes into this part briefly...

Part three

Arthur slammed the phone down “No record of Parker Leron”

“It seems you were right” Morgan said, entering the room, with Sabrina on his hip “Where
do you think they took him?”

“Probably back to Silph, somewhere where he can die peacefully and silently” Arthur
said “I think that information he had for us was a little too important”

“What could it have been?” Morgan asked.

“You read peoples minds, you tell me” Arthur said, there was no reply “It could have been
any number of things”

“About Mew?”

“About anything” Arthur sat back in a chair and yawned “Did you see Parker?”


“Before they carted him away?” Arthur said “Did you see what he was like, what they had
done to him?”

“I did” Morgan kissed Sabrina on the head.

“You can’t really imagine someone doing something like that” Arthur said “To another
human being”

“If you knew what most ‘normal’ people thought, then you would know, most people would
jump at the chance do wreak mindless destruction, over anything….and everything”
Morgan sat down on his sofa, and rested Sabrina on his knee “The purest mind I’ve ever
seen lies in this small girl”

“She’s only a baby; she hasn’t really seen the horrors of the world yet”

“She will soon enough” Morgan said “In eighteen years time or so, she’ll have to look after
her mentally insane father” He laughed slightly, the room then went silent, the almost
silent noise of a dog barking in the background even stopped. The clock on the wall
chimed, Arthur looked to it only to see that it was past one o’clock.

“Shit” He said “Gina is probably a little worried, I said I would be back by eleven at most”

“What do you think she’ll make of this situation?” Morgan asked, moving to the bottom of
the stairs “She’s not exactly the calmest person on the world”

“She’ll probably block it out, pretend it never happened and insist we get on with our lives”
Arthur laughed “Which in the end, would probably the most sensible thing to do”

“But we both know, Arthur, that’s no the way things will happen…”

Arthur opened the front door slowly, being careful not to make any noise. He looked
around for a second, the lights had been turned off, and that strange empty, sickly feeling
entered his stomach. He was alone, and any number of things could reach out and grab
him from the shadows. Arthur wasn’t one to be scared of the dark, but he just couldn’t
calm himself down, he felt nervous, more nervous than ever before. He walked into the
kitchen and quickly drunk a glass of water.

He sat down at his kitchen table, sipping another glass of water slowly. What he had seen,
what he had to do, it was like nothing he had ever down before, yet, with all his effort,
with all his bravery and heart he didn’t succeed.

“The way of life” He told himself “Put your heart into something…and it still always slips

“Here here” said a gravely voice from behind him.

“Damn it, Parker” Arthur said “What did you have to tell me?”

“Nothing very important” Parker said, sitting down comfortably at the table in no better
shape than when Arthur had last seen him “Still, ugh!” He popped his shoulder back into
place “I would have liked to tell you”

“Tell me what?” Arthur asked calmly, taking another sip of his drink.

“I can’t tell you now, can I?” Parker said, wiping his broken glasses clean and putting them
on “I’m dead”

“Good point” Arthur held up his glass, which was met sharply and loudly by Parker’s glass,
which appeared from nowhere.

“I’ll drink to that” Parker said, taking a drink only to have it pour out of the bullet wounds
in his chest “Refreshing”

“I’ll drink to that” Arthur said raising his glass again, meeting once again with Parker’s,
and this time, with another glass.

“I will as well” said the stranger; he wore a strange, orange tinted suit with a black
waistcoat and a pristine white shirt cut cleanly in half with a blood red tie. His eyes were
covered with a pair of pitch black glasses and his hair was slipped back with the use of a
lot of hair gel. “After all, we all tried didn’t we?”

“All of us” Parker agreed, nodding slightly, taking another swig of his drink. “Even you,

“Yep, you to” The stranger said. “You died trying, you both did”

“Really?” Arthur asked “I don’t feel dead”

“Well” The stranger removed his glasses, to reveal weirdly red eyes, he smiled “I don’t
see everything…I might be wrong”

“I have faith in you” Arthur said “The utmost faith”

“I’ll drink to that” The red-eyed stranger smiled again.
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