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Old 01-17-2011, 03:00 AM
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Default [RP] When Worlds Collide... (SU's still open, in fact we need more badguys! :>)

SU thread :>

And so, here it is. The RP is ready, and alive! :) Just to give you guys an idea of whos in control of what, this will be set mainly in Johto and Kanto. I shall list which side has control of what :)


Okay, so the Freelancers have control of most of Johto, with the main base of operations being Goldenrod City, for obvious reasons. New Bark Town is sort of the middle ground at the moment, as not many people dare try and brave climbing over Mt Silver. Victory Road, and the area surrounding it is pretty much desolate now, everyone has abandonded that place. Kanto have taken control of Cianwood City, having attacked from the Sea side and taken the undefended City. Thats thier main base of operations in Johto.


Kanto is Rocket controlled, with Saffron city being the central hub and base of operations. The situation is very similar here, as the Freelancers have attacked and taken control of the poorly defended Cinnibar Island by sea. Thats their main base of operations in Kanto. The routes west of Pallet town that join with victory road are desolate aswell, more of a battlefield. Viridian City is the first line of defence into Kanto.

Alrighty then, now thats out the way, I offically declare this RP open! When you post, please put the name of the character, what side they are on and where they are currently residing :)

Rory Mandrake
Team Rocket
Saffron City, Rocket Headquaters, Sliph Co. building.

The computers all around him bleeding and flashed, displying endless amounts of information as they datamined nearby servers in a hope of intel. Rory however, was paying little attention to them and the workers that manned them. His eyes were fixated on the huge screen above, which was showing the connecting maps of Johto and Kanto. On the maps were small squares which represented each town, or outpost, in either region. The squares had different colours regarding who controlled what. Blue were Freelancer outposts, Red were Rocket controlled cities, white were outposts and cities that were currently in conflict, and Black were destroyed cities, ones that had been leveled to the ground in the fighting. At the current moment, there were an even amount of blue and red on the screen, and only a few white ones. Studiying it closely, Rory's lips curved upwards even more so, that frightening smile coming into play.

He leanded close to one of the workers at the stations "Get me Rayn up here, now." He ordered, his voice smooth yet commanding.

"Yes sir." The worker replied, and clicked on the wireless headset on his head. he spoke quickly, in a forceful tone on the comms device. "Yes, Rayn. Mr Mandrake wants to see him. I don't know what about, but he wants to see him now. No I don't care if he was just about to get into the bath, Mr Mandrake wants to see Rayn right now!"

Rory grinned to himself, his crazed side chatting away to him. You see, they fear us. The power we weild, and the command we have makes them fear us. Fear is good, because fear means we can keep control. His thoughts were disrupted mere seconds later, as the door to the room burst open, and a male figure in an admin outfit rushed through as though his life depended on it. When he reached Rory he saluted him stiffly.

"As you were Rayn." Rory said, almost sarcastically, his hands stuffed deep inside his pockets, totally relaxed.

"You called for me sir?" Rayn asked, gulping slightly. Thankfully Rory had turned away by then and didn't see.

"Aye, that I did. See this screen here? The big glowing one on the wall. This here displays what we control, and what the Freelancers control. Its pretty even at the moment, pretty balanced. I don't like it like this. This needs to change. Its time to push the offensive again, its time to let them Freelancers know were still about, and that we are certainly not sitting idle doing nothing." He said, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. A scampering noise from behind him made him smile widely once more, and the weight that landed on his shoulders could only come from one thing. "Tinker, what have you got for me?"

"Latest report from the field Rory, and your not going to like it." She replied, sitting comfortably on his shoulder and passing him a sheet of paper. "Seems that the Freelancers mobalized quicker than we thought, and they're moving from Cinnabar to attack Fuchisa City. Defense there is tight as it is, and if the force is anywhere as big as we believe its going to be, then we could very well lose Fuchisa. And that, would be a serious blow Rory." She said, fiddling with her hands.

Rory simply smiled at this "Easily sorted then. Rayn, form a team and take them to reinforce Fuchisa. We canno't lose such a strong vantage point, because resources around there are tight as it is. Try and find that girl named 'O' and take her with you if you can, she appeared to have her head screwed on."

Rayn saluted once more as Rory handed him a clipboard with the information on. "Yes sir, right away sir." Turning on his heel he quickly walked out of the room. Rory stuck his hands in his pocket and merely smiled at Tinker, that devilish insanity glinting in his eyes.

Sasha Anje
Goldenrod City, Radio Tower, 5th Floor

Goldenrod was all hustle and bustle at the moment, what with the planned attack on Fuchisa City coming up. The Radio tower had been announced as the main building of operation, and on the top floor Sasha and several of her aides had their heads down around a map, pouring over it to figure out a battle plan. Striker, her Hitmonlee, was standing nearby with his arms crossed and a dark expression on his face as he listened in on the conversation that was unfolding. There were men, women and pokemon rushing around and manning the computers to co-ordinate the attack, and everyone was working hard to ensure it played out correctly.

"Mrs Anje, the Rockets know that we will be attacking Fuchisa, and they are very likely to send reinforcements to back the city up. If they get there before we do, were going to be seriously hard pressed to take the city, and we'll suffer heavy casualties. I know our soldiers will happily do it, but can you take a death toll like that on your shoulders ma'am?" A man wearing glasses said, looking at her almost pleadingly.

Sasha rubbed her chin thoughtfully, her face etched with concern. Of course she didn't want to have her men, women and pokemon die unnesscerarily, but what was she to do? Some form of initiative needed to be made, as the stalemate had gone on far too long. It had been a tough choice to choose Fuchisa city to attack in the first place, and now was not the time to be wavering in their choices. "Can we push the attack early? Are we ahead of schedual? If so, we might be able to take the city before the reinforcements get there, and that way we wont sustain as many casualties." She said, looking at the male.

"I suppose we could, yes I don't see why not. We were only waiting on the final supplies to arrive, but they aren't essential." He said, adjusting his glasses.

"Excellent, get to it Mark. Tell them to be as quiet as they can on the approach. The element of surprise is always a good thing." She ordered, looking back at the map. Mark left the room to pass on the orders as Sasha studied Johto and Kanto. It was time to end this war, time to push forwards. Sure there would be casualties, but she was willing to sacrifice herself for the cause, and she knew her followers would too.

The balls in my court, this is my swing.

Many thanks to Neo Emolga for the Avatar and Signature <3

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Default Re: [RP] When Worlds Collide... (SU's still open, in fact we need more badguys! :>)

(Ooc: I'm still content to post a Pokemon's ability next to their name. I'm using their dream world Abilities!)

Lesha Vinn Chronoki the Pikachu, Lightningrod
Karazin Ziniz Oceakuz the Buizel, Water Veil
Johto, Goldenrod city

Karazin was busy, very, very busy...In dreamland. He was lucky he didn't snore, or else Lesha would make him an Insomniac.

Lesha was the definition of sassy. She'd kill you if you said she was cute, or at least severely injure you. You annoy her, and you'll live to regret it.

Lesha herself wasn't as busy as the rest of the Freelancers were...She wasn't asigned to Fuschia.

But Karazin was, and he wasn't happy about it either. But it was final. That's how the cookies crumble.

Karazin snapped awake, suddenly inspired to do just that...At the 18 hour mark. He sleepily got out of his bed in the bunker, lazily walked over to the desk, and started to write stuff down in his journal, 'stuff' including the most complicated equations Lesha ever witnessed, theories on every subject possible.

"If you must know, I'm working on the dream theory, a theory that says...BWULAAaaa..." Karazin said, before being interupted by his own yawn.

"Yhea, and I'm so interested in things that say 'BWULAAaa.' No, I'm not bothreing with your science mumbo jumbo." Lesha said.

"Ah, lay off it some, mon. It ain't everyday that you read about this kind of thing. It's about whatever we imagine becoming real...Elseware, mind." Karazin said, still compleatly intent to at least talk about ONE theory to Lesha. This one could intriuge her.

"...It's so interesting, that you should tell other people about it first, and leave me to gain suspense, wondering what the heck it is, until finally everyone BUT me knows and then you tell me!" Lesha sarcastically said. She wasn't interested.

Karazin couldn't comprehend why Lesha was so...Lesha. This was basically saying that if anyone had the tiniest bit of imagination, he was able to create stuff in an alternate dimension...And, if by the tiniest chance that somebody got to go to this hidden alternate dimension, he or she would be able to control it as a god of sorts. And she was as interested as a rock. She didn't even hear the latter of it.

Regardless, Karazin knew traveling there at all, for now, was compleatly out of the question, and he turned the page to another theory.


"What, Lesha?" Karazin asked.

"Do you think you could hide a Pokemon in your Kudzo bag?" Lesha asked.

"Yes, I'd be able to. However, whatever comes in doesn't come out unless the Kudzo's growth is down to zero percent. Otherwise, it's dead. Why?" Karazin said. He might have made the scenario a little bit of a euphamisim-He's checked the bag himself, and he can't even find a peice of any body that goes in.

"I have an Idea." Lesha said simply.
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Default Re: [RP] When Worlds Collide... (SU's still open, in fact we need more badguys! :>)

OoC: I'm not sure if it's that important right now, but the Kanto Map image isn't appearing on my end :/

Reynie Lacent
(Radio Tower, Entrance) Goldenrod City, Johto

Reynie brushed back a curl of crimson hair as he strolled down the streets. Despite all of the energy in the air, and the fact that pretty much everybody there was moving to and fro all over the place in the stir of everything, Reynie was pretty laid-back at the moment. In fact, he was actually quite sleepy from having stayed up the previous night roaming the streets. His nocturnal nature wasn't really ever a problem unless it came to early war meetings and such, when even though he would try his best to keep his slipping eyelids from falling completely down into sleep mode, he would still be forced at some point to fall asleep.

At the moment, he didn't really feel like doing much of anything, but he knew that he would come into play in the real action sooner or later. And to him, later would mean missing all of the fun. Especially if there was a surprise attack on the enemy at some point.

Of course, he didn't think the Rockets would win this fight. True, they had some pretty tough soldiers, and they had a great amount of territory, but he was pretty sure that the Freelancers would be able to hold their own. Call me overconfident, but I doubt they'll be able to get an advantage on us, what with the Radio Tower as our main base and everything.

After a few minutes of just the same sauntering around he'd been doing for an hour or two by now, he eventually came upon the entrance of the previously mentioned base of plans and such matters. He thought about going inside, but he didn't want to. Yet. He'd wait a while and listen in to the people coming in and out of the building. If there wasn't any news that concerning, like, say, an ambush or something, then he'd look for something else to do. However, if there was word of an attack, then he'd come inside and get in on the plans. So for the moment, he leaned against the side of the building, casually putting his hands in the side pockets of his grey jacket as he patiently waited.
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Default Re: [RP] When Worlds Collide... (SU's still open, in fact we need more badguys! :>)

David Moon
team rocket grunt
mahogany town
team rocket's hide out

I heard over the radio that we need to check out some new spots for a new team rocket headquaters in johto, a thew seconds after he put down the radio he pointed at me, '' you go over to mt morter check out some space for are new headquarters'' without asking why i took a bag full of food and water and my pokemon and went on my way. on the way to mt morter i saw prof Elm i knew it wasnt my job to take pokemon well not at the moment, i jumped out from behind and a pokeball fell out his bag, ''how easy'' i said he turned around noticing i was team rocket and i was holding a pokeball, '' give that back or else'' i never seen him so angry with out warning u threw a pokeball a chikorita came out razor leaf he said i ran away with fear not know how powerful that could of been i ended up in mt morter but where i will camp out hear and find out where i am tomorrow!
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Default Re: [RP] When Worlds Collide... (SU's still open, in fact we need more badguys! :>)

Team Rocket
Saffron City

~ O balanced the small, yet deadly looking dagger on the tip of her right index finger, moving her hand around so that the sun caught the dagger in various ways making the light reflect off the cold steel surface in a rather amusing manner. She liked it when the sunlight did that. Her Drifloon followed closely behind her, bobbing around at her back at a slow pace and occasionally whizzing up into the air, or deflating then re-inflating himself at random. It always had been a rather eccentric little bugger. O tugged on the end of her colourful scalf, pulling it tighter around her neck as the cold winds of Saffron City hit her skin, sending chills down her body. She zipped her moss green jacket up, and gently pulled on the base of her gloves, forcing them to hug her hands. To top off this little re-adjustment of the attire, she yanked her beanie down hard over her head and flicked a little strand of lime green hair out of the way of her mesmerising pink. Turning her head to look over her shoulders, she smiled that cute, innocent, fanged smile as she saw the balloon like creatue spring back to life from it's airless form that was just moments ago drooped over a letter box. It made her laugh when Drifloon was in this sort of mood. In his other mood he made her upset, and very very scared. Just thinking about his other mood was making O's skin pale.

She snapped out of her trance, shaking her head as she took her first steps outside of the Team Rocket Headquarters in what seemed like days. In fact, she'd just been cooped up inside getting to know the routine, and her training had taken her a day or two longer than the usual five hours. Oh, well. She glanced around at the city, looking so lovely this time of year; there were people, families, taking walks down the streets, and trainers with their Pokemon gallavanting around town without a care in the world. It made O sick. She passed a teenage boy, not much younger than herself, with a peculiar looking Pikachu perched on his shoulder. The boy was way taller than her, but then again she was only five foot two, and his body was bigger, meatier. His skin wasn't as pale, either. His eyes were a vibrant blue, and his black hair was sticking awkwardly out of the gap in the back of his hat, which had been turned to face the front of him. His Pikachu was darker than all of the other Pikachu's O had seen in her life time, and it's cheeks were a shade of dark purple rather than red. She stared at him as she passed, and he caught her glance, smiling at her and rushing over. Great, O thought as she turned around to face him, I'm going to have to battle this guy.

"Hey!" The young boy panted, stopping to catch his breath as he reached her, "Wait up!"

"I'm waiting, little boy." O said back, bluntly. "Hurry up before I slice you." She whispered to herself, under her breath, her eyes not leaving the boys gaze.

He stared at her, a little bit disturbed by this mysterious girls self-talking, then spoke. "My name's Gary! We made eye contact, and you know what that means?!"

"What, Gary?"

"It means we have to battle! Come on, I'll take you right here, right now with my Pikachu!"

O sighed; she didn't like unneccessary battling. It always got her in the mood for violence, and once she was in that mood it was hard for her to stop.

"Alright, Gary. I accept. You want to use your Pikachu, that's fine. But this Drifloon isn't the only Pokemon I have with me." O smiled, reaching for the Pokeball stored neatly under the top half of her sleeve.
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Default Re: [RP] When Worlds Collide... (SU's still open, in fact we need more badguys! :>)

Aster pressed herself up against the glass to watch the unfoldingbattle. This boy was going to suffer under O's wrath. She giggled happily. Watching his sadness will be fun, and maybe she'll catch up to him later to defeat him again. She looked down at her Kirli adn Victar. He'll be no match against them.she closed her eyes and found herself next to the boy. "good luck!" She said brightly but went quick evil. "You'll need it.: and winked at O then went back inside to watch.
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