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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Old 01-28-2010, 07:45 AM
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Default Wrong place at the wrong time...Or was it?NOT 2 B Graded. just for reading.

The glass breaks as I’m pushed into it… I fall. I have never in my life experienced this but, time actually slowed. Out of the corner of my right peripheral I can see Arson almost fell out the window with me as he tried to garb me, the crowd was able to grab him though. My focus became the ground beneath me (more so like behind me really) which will inevitably break my fall.

Glimpses of events that lead to my being here tonight began showering into my head faster than I was falling. I can see myself answering the phone call which results to me being here tonight. Its about noon, there is half a glass of pulp free orange juice in front of me in a see through Pokemon Day Care cup, and I’m putting the last piece of bagel into my mouth. It’s one of those bagels with some sort of cheese on top not my usual choice of preference but hey I was hungry. I’m in the dinning room of my parents home when the phone begins to ring two rooms away, behind me. I turn my head to the right (who could it be?) I wonder, with every ring I chew a bit faster but I don’t rush to the phone. Caller ID says it’s Fellony a long time friend and my favorite pokemon trainer. I pick up.

“9-1-1 State the nature of your emergency” (it’s what I say when I answer the phone at my house)

“Hey Barber, what are you doing? Have any plans for tonight?”

It’s about 4:20 pm when I look at the clock on my cell. I’m walking into the Corner Pocket which happens to be an arcade lounge for teenagers (but on the side happens to be a underground fight club if you will. Pokemon trainers gather here by word of mouth and battle just about any one willing to, at just about any time of day or night. The high buildings around this alley make for great cover from outside spectators. The narrow drive way to the Corner Pockets’ parking lot also makes for great cover as there are usually a lookout up at the front keeping watch. I’m a little late but this isn’t the kind of place I want Fellony hanging out especially if she is going to be alone. It’s a decent size joint that just opened in the summer, the puffy new carpet feels great to walk on it’s dark and has black lights and posters for all kinds of its arcades that look really well in the black light.

The tings and pings of arcades of every kind can be heard from every direction. I can also hear a Dance Dance Battle Remix match up going on by the sound of the song and stomping of the dancers. I walk past that when I’m approached by Arson another long time friend and pokemon trainer (Arson is a year younger than me, I’m twenty. He was born in Sootopolis and for the first year he lived in Hoenn, then his parent moved to Sinnoh when he was about two. We are very similar he and I).

“Hey Barber! Fellony’s in the back, she’s in trouble, she’s halfway through her second battle hurry, come see!”

I can definitely hear the excitement in his voice. “How is she doing? Did you say second?” I shouted (Fellony mentioned to me in the previous phone call that she was going to battle just one other trainer today. She isn’t the type of person who says one thing and does another.) A great deal of concern took effect. Arsons’ eyes didn’t have the usual “Hey what’s up” greet to them. Instead they shot adrenaline into me with just one look. We dash to the rear exit, Arson leads.

“Four guys from Team Galactic showed up and interrupted the first trainer battle. Barber! I got my pokemon stolen! They confiscated what ever pokeballs they could get their hands on. Fellony wasn’t having it so she challenged one of them to a battle.” Arson continued, “she mopped up the alley with that first Galactic grunt and he was ticked off.”

We exit the room temperature arcade to be engulfed by the chill air outside. There are even more people outside huddled around the two trainers. The oohs and ahhs of the crowd are nerve wrecking. I hear a male voice in the crowd say

“Air Cutter” But the laughter from the crowd lets me assume the attack is a miss. I then notice some of the crowd looking up in the air. I see a silhouette come down into the crowd.

“ CRACK!” the crowd cheers as the attack hits its target. I now see Fellonys’ Skarmory spread its wings.

“Golbat use Poison Fang” says the Galactic grunt pointing his left index finger at Skarmory. (This is no ordinary Golbat, its silky looking pink wings stand out, as does the suede like green skin. It’s a shiny green Golbat. I remember Fellony and Arson telling me about shiny pokemon in the past).

The crowd laughs hysterically again as the shiny Golbat ignores the orders from the Galactic grunt. Its wings flap up and down, you can see the Golbats body bobbing along. In this moment I get a great visual of the front side of the Galactic pokemon, I can see fear in its eyes. (Why would a pokemon be fearful? What would make a pokemon disobey its trainer?) Then it hits me like a ton of bricks, Arson already mentioned Team Galactic taking pokemon from this very crowd, this isn’t its trainer!

Fellony gives the command for her next attack.
“Mezmer, use Flash Cannon.” Mezmer is the name given to Skarmory by Fellony. (It’s a very lovely name, Fellony always gets complimented for it as does Skarmory).

A bright pulsing flash began emanating from with in the crowd. Just then someone else catches my attention just beyond the crowd and the cars parked in the lot.

“You failed me for the last time!” shouts the other Galactic grunt, I don’t see any other grunts. “How am I ever going to get any attention with a loser pokemon like you?” shouts the bald grunt to a Baltoy pokemon.

“Hey you!” I shout out to the grunt. I begin to make my way toward them.
“You are freaking useless!” shouts the grunt as he throws a pokeball off in one direction, he then kick shoves Baltoy away as the final insult and runs into the deeper part of the alley away from the scene. As I’m ten feet away from the Baltoy it does a couple of 360 degree spins and flees toward the front of the Corner Pocket. I give chase but I remember Fellony’s battle. Baltoy is no where to be seen.

It’s 8:something pm just a few more hours till the new year arrives. Arson came with his girlfriend Elisa who by the way looks gorgeous tonight in her platinum blond hair and a true blue party dress, Arson looks sharp and dapper as always. Fellony is my date for tonight and she looks phenomenal. You wouldn’t be able to tell by the spaghetti strap black dress that she’s a pokemon trainer, she smells great too. There is a flowery scent about almost like sunflowers.

Anybody who’s anybody in Sinnoh is at this New Years party. Every one looks their flashiest. The place hosting it has set up one of the most expensive sound system I’ve ever seen in a joint, I mean huge subwoofer towers along the walls on each floor, the lazer light show and fog machines for an added effect. The first two floors are separate floors from one another with its own Dj spinning the hippest music, the third and fourth floor and conjoined in that the fourth floor oversees the third and its stage. Dj Darcy is spinning the sickest dark drum & bass right now, she is like a god when she spins. Everyone can feel the subliminal rhythm of every bass thump vibrate your bones, the auditory high pitch tweeking she’s mixing in as only she can. The audience loves every beat.

“Lets get some drinks for the girls, it’s very hot in here.” I say to Arson.
“The commissary is on the fourth floor.” He says and points up and back. So we tell our girls we’d be back with some drink.

Arson and I make our way towards the back through a dancing crowd bumping into almost every shoulder along the way. We finally make it to the flight of stairs but it too is crowded with dancing onlookers. From the third floor which happens to be the main party room one wouldn’t notice what I see especially with as many people as there are at this event. The fourth floor which caters to all your consumer needs be it food, drinks, merchandise, and what ever they sell at a New Years party, has fabulous stained glass windows for walls which makes for a awesome view. They even manage to get the huge subwoofer towers up here too I guess not to miss a pounding beat. We stand in one of the many lines of people.

“I hope we’re in the right line.” says Arson into my ear. I nod to assure that I heard him, and follow it up with a thumb up to let him know we are in the correct line.

“It looks like a ten minute wait give or take.” I tell him.

“The music is worth the wait.” he replies loudly. Every where I look people have their hands in the air grooving to the music. I feel good inside like nothing can go wrong in the coming year. Just then a loud explosion can be heard from the third floor but from my point of view it looks like a loud firework was lit up. It’s whistling and flashing, the audience scatters about. More minor explosive fireworks are heard and now it sounds like its masking the sound of gunshots. This time the crowd gets really crazy and it feels like they are hoarding their way up to the fourth floor.

“Elisa! Fellony!” We shouted simultaneously but the crowd prevents movement towards the center of the ruckus. Everyone that is upstairs is being pushed towards the back wall by the sea of people even though there are already people up here. It’s now an overflow of hysteria, with in a minute everyone is force up against the stained glass wall no matter how hard we fight the crowd. There is a female between Arson and I, we all have our backs to the wall. I can hear a faint crackling sound, the glass breaks as I’m pushed into it… I fall.

I never thought the year would end this way. I can’t yet tell how many floors I have before I hit the pavement but not enough. As I look upward the encompassing darkness is all I can make out. I feel a sudden weightlessness and now pay attention to a pokemon to my left with its hands out toward me, Its Baltoy.

Ji Ji Ze Ji Zoh.” Said the pokemon.

I turn my head toward the ground and I can see now that we are hovering ten maybe twelve feet above the ground. We decend slowly, I feel wide eyed. It feels like this is what flying can be best described as. My feet finally touch earth.

“Thanks for saving my life.” I say to the Baltoy. It’s bigger than I though, its surface look unfamiliar to me unlike anything I've seen. It's got a pink-ish pattern on its body and it also has a similar style print obove its eyes yet the eyes appear to be shut, if I didn't know any better I'd think this pokemon is asleep. The Baltoy pokemon spins in circles and then halts. It hovers in front of me, I reach into my interior coat pocket and pull out a premier ball given to me by Arson months back. Baltoy floats idly so I let my pokeball fall between it and I. Red circles shot out from within the ball, a white flash and the Baltoy pokemon disappears. The premier ball shakes back and forth...


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Default Re: Wrong place at the wrong time...Or was it?NOT 2 B Graded. just for reading.

where's the Zazz in this story

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Old 05-14-2010, 05:32 PM
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Default Re: Wrong place at the wrong time...Or was it?NOT 2 B Graded. just for reading.

Zazz? I'm not sure what you're talking about... if you're asking why it's not been Graded, you requested so in the title.
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