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Rate My Team Get your competitive battling team rated here and get help with movesets and battling strategies.

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Old 04-02-2010, 11:22 PM
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Default Rate my team, just trying to mega own my friend.

Ok, so I was active on this forum a couple years ago and did the online battling thing. I got out of it and sold diamond, and just forgot about the game. Recently my friend said he "might get soul silver." So I was like heck yeah man, I'll get heart gold. He has no idea i was a pretty competitive battler and actually had a pretty good rep on here. He's told me how he's going to catch lugia and own me. He just doesn't even know how bad I'm going to beat him. Regardless, here it is. NONE of these are EV trained and the IV is not known, and some of the natures are not beneficial. Thus, I won't be listing them. I don't plan on playing competitively.

Gengar/focus sash

-Shadow Ball
-Destiny bond

Pretty self explanatory.


-Double Team
-Baton pass

Poison foe and double team till the cows come home. Keep healing with moonlight, baton pass when a poison-immune type comes into play or when otherwise necessary.

Ninjask/focus sash

-Aerial Ace
-Baton Pass

Get the BP from umbreon w/evasion, set up substitute, and protect for free speedboost turns. Baton pass


-Swords dance
-Baton Pass

Get BP from ninjask, make substitute if needed, use swords dance, sweep for a while if applicable and then BP.


-Shadow Punch
-Brick Break
-Fire Punch

I know this isn't exactly the common use of Dusknoir, but I intend to sweep with it. If I BP the evasion, speed, and attack to it, it will be very, very hard to stop given it's already high defenses.

Machamp (no guard)

Dynamic Punch
Fire punch
Stone Edge

A backup sweeper.

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