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Rate My Team Get your competitive battling team rated here and get help with movesets and battling strategies.

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Old 04-15-2010, 02:02 AM
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Red face Someone Rate and Help me with my team pleeeeeeease

1. Ninjask (Bp'er) jolly nature
baton pass
swords dance
double team
arial ace

2. Shuckle (ultimate wall!) any defence/Sp.Defence boosting nature
power trick

4. Togekiss (Sp.Atk Sweeper) modest nature
Thunder Wave
Nasty Plot
Air slash

5. atk sweeper -- help me pick one please!!

6. any other PkMn.. help me out with that tooo (im thinkin a hazer but idk)

^That's my team as of now. Please help me out with it, i know it needs work.
I also need a lot of help with items, which ones should i give to each PkMn?
I'm kinda new at this lol and I really need help.
Please give me advice and tell me what you think i should do with that team.
I also really need a water type in there pleaseee

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