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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Old 05-22-2010, 03:55 PM
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Default How to Fail at Catching a Pokémon

Yeah. I want to catch a pokémon without failing, so I though I'd post something up.

How to Fail at Catching a Pokémon

22nd May 2010 – 16:25

My name is Saphie. I have been a Trainer since eight o’clock in the morning and I still haven’t caught a pokémon. Now, let me tell you that it is not because of my uselessly bad battler of a pokémon, Siren the Eevee; nor is the reason the humongous backpack my mother threw at me as I left the house that weighs down on me ton by ton every second; nor is it my hysterically irritating little brother who won’t shut up when I’m trying to battle a wild Starly or Bidoof.

No. The reason I can’t catch a pokémon is because, simply, I have a very, very serious case of Bad Luck. Yes, I capitalized it. I swear, the moment I was born I was cursed with Bad Luck. It is my handicap, my one horrible feature- the thing that tried to have me killed again, and again.

Okay, so I left the house this morning with a huge bag on my back, an annoying sibling at my side and an idiotic Eevee (that my mother chucked at me on my birthday the previous day shouting “I need you here at home to help me with our Pasta-making business! You don’t care about your family! Go travelling and get poisoned by a Seviper for all I care!) on my shoulder. My bones are breaking under the weight of the bag and my ears are splitting at the sound of my brother’s squealing voice.

And then, like the most beautiful and brightest of lights at the end of the tunnel, a tiny baby Starly bounces its way out of a bush, hopping across the path. I shush my brother, and set Siren the Eevee down on the floor. She ruffles her fur before lying down, rolling onto her back and closing her eyes.

“What are you doing, Siren!” I remember shouting manically, “Attack that Starly! Go, Tackle!” Siren slowly and groggily got to her feet, taking up a fighting stance. The Starly, spotting my shiny Eevee’s beige and blue fur almost instantly, blinked a couple of times at the aggressive looks on all our faces- except probably Miles, my brother, who was just watching a Wurmple fall from a tree branch and land face-first in a bush.

“Tackle!” I cried out, pointing a thin, pale finger at the ludicrous brown bird that didn’t seem to have any idea what was going on. Siren charge at full speed, the wind whistling in her ears and hurtled towards the little pokémon, who- might I add- was still staring stupidly at us.

Now here’s the part where my luck comes in. If I had any normal amount of luck, like ordinary people do, my Eevee would have pushed down that Starly, doing a decent amount of damage for me to have caught it. However, this isn’t the case and therefore, this didn’t happen. Just a foot away from the dim Starly, Siren was stopped. And I don’t mean counter attacked by the bird, or the bird dodging her Tackle. I mean that a Wurmple fell from a brunch above and face-planted Siren by landing right on top of her.

And then one landed on me, knocking me over to land in the dirt.

Yes, my friends, I have bad luck. And I don’t think I’ll be catching a pokémon any time soon.
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