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Old 05-28-2010, 01:35 AM
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Default The prophesies; The first prophesy (Please move to the SU thread, silly me)

In the world of Pokémon there has always been one leader, but now that has changed. Darkai, Mesprit, Uxie, Azelf and Mew have teamed up to destroy Arceus for what he has done to Pokémon. Now there is just legends and Pokémon. People from all regions are mad about this, because now there are Unowns in Kanto, Munchlax’s in Johto and Charazards all over. Stuff like that; Arceus’s jewel (the Jewel of life) is still out there somewhere. When Arceus was defeated, Darkrai and the other Sinnoh legends died off, too. Some of the Hoenn legends (except for Latias and Latios) are gone as well. The legends are slowly decreasing and soon Latias and Latios will be the last Legendary Pokémon standing.

That is, unless you stop that. When the legends died off, they turned into humans. They are Pokémorphs, but it is hard to tell where they look like that certain Legendary Pokémon. They act like Legends still and live in the same place (With acceptations of anyone who has a different dimension) that they did before, and have the same myths. The Arceus human may hold only one plate; other plates are for other Arceus humans. Worst of all, Team Zanor is out to get all the legendary humans and turn them into their slaves. There a prophesy lies about this fight. It is:

The legends shall fight; they shall fight to the defeat.
For they wish to be humans, for they wish to be safe.
The first to fall shall have them all under his hands,
Until this is over the ones that fought shall defeat.
The last one standing shall chose the destiny of those,
That have been defeated, she may chose life and she may,
Chose defeasance. She shall look to them all, she has fought,
The leader, for she was brave to face his wrath. She shall,
Say for these to come fourth to help:
Two humans
All legends
Two people of Team Zanor
Two flying
Two dark
Two normal
Two underlanders.

You must for fill this prophesies. So we need:

Legend humans:
Team Zanor

1.) Shiny Pokémon are allowed, but only one pure Pokémon and one owned Pokémon per two or so pages.
2.) No pure or owned Legendary Pokémon. Latios and Latias are NPC’s controlled by those that I pm. (One by me and one by someone for two pages, etc.)
3.) Legend humans can NOT have more moves than six at any given time.
4.) If you read the rules put Latias rocks! In your post.
5.) Pokémorphs can not be shiny.
6.) You can have as many characters as you can handle, but only two Legend humans and one shiny Pokémon.
7.) No god-modding, Bunnying or flaming is allowed at ALL. NPC’s are people too.
8.) Keep cursing, romance (Up to small kisses), gore and all that stuff to a minimum. You can use curses that have words blocked out/censored.
9.) Have fun!
10.) I’m done, why are you looking at this?

Legend humans SU

Name: (OMG, you should know this by now)
Legendary Pokémon: (Apparently not Latias or Latios)
Gender: (Just guess; think of their personalities and chose.)
Appearance: (If you post no picture than 2 detailed paragraphs, if with picture than just one.)
Ability: (Look it up)
Attacks: (Up to four)
Nature: (Again, look it up.)
History: (Past, leading to present, 3 descriptive paragraphs or more)
Personality: (How your character acts towards others, 2 descriptive paragraphs or more)
Other: (Anything else?)

Humans SU

Age: (Please, nothing above 30.)
Appearance: (2 Paragraphs without a picture)
Pokémon: (What Pokémon do you have?)
History: (Three descriptive paragraphs)
Personality: (Two descriptive paragraphs about how the character acts)
Other: (Anything else?)

Pokémon SU

Level: (Nothing unusual, not a Lv X or EX or whatever)
Appearance: (2 Paragraphs without a picture)
Moves: (Four for now)
Trainer: (If any)
History: (3+)
Personality: (2+)
Other: (Anything else?)

Underlander SU

Bat: (A thing they fly around on)
Appearance: (2 Paragraphs without a picture)
History: (3+)
Personality: (2+)
Pokémon: (If any)
Other: (Anything else?)


Tokyokit; Mew human

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I'm alive! -coughnotcough-

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