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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Old 12-30-2010, 08:45 PM
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Red face The transformation [ready for grade]

One day Emma had come home from school and asked her parents if she could go play in the forest with all the animals, they agreed so Emma grabbed her things and headed out the door to find her freind, Shuan standing at her doorstep "Oh!" he said "I was just going to knock!" "Well anyway do you want to play for a while?" Emma agreed and they headed for the forest. Emma called out for a squirell she named Mimble, and he came. Emma loved Mimble with all her heart, Shuan was just a freind who wandered off alot. Emma looked around for her freind, he had wondered off again. She heard Shuan's voice calling for help in the distance, Emma ran as fast as she could twoards the yelling. Emma came to a hard stop skidding across the moist dirt and found her freind dangling from a huge tree trunk above a fourteen foot drop into a rushing river, Emma pulled her freind up from the drop by grabbing Shuan's hand and pulling with all her strength. Once Shuan was up he thanked Emma over and over, Shuan said "Thank you, oh thank you so much! C'mon lets get out of here!" Emma and shuan started carefully walking back across the log, Suan made it across safe and sound. Halfway across Emma started to wobble and slide her feet, so she quickly started to run across, but once she started she fell down into the water and was immediatly knocked out when she hit the water. Emma woke up to Shuan's voice "Emma wake up!" Emma got up and looked around, she was in the same forest she had fallen into the water in but something was different, there where pokemon everywhere! Emma felt weird she felt smaller even though she was standing up she looked at her arms and feet realizing she was a pokemon! But pokemon werent real....were they? Emma looked around calling out for Shuan. Emma heard Shuan's voice "Emma, I'm right here turn around! I also found out that we have become pokemon too, but arent they just little monster things from a game?" Shuan awnsered his own question by saying, "Well of course there not real, but then again how could we become them I mean look at you, you became a pichu and how could i have become a dratini?!"

"You there, in the bushes. You have until the count of five to show
yourself before I start throwing sharp objects. One...two...four..."

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