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Old 07-26-2010, 11:47 PM
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Default Chronos

Most people put a plot or a prologue up but this story will not need one to because it should be pretty easy to find out what the plot of the story is while reading it.

Every time i put a new character in the story that will stay with the group will show up were the characters chart and with chapter they will appear in at the end.
here will my story be here pm me about anything.


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Default Re: Chronos Characters

Gotin: 17 years old. Blond hair with silver highlights. He wears a dark blue shirt that's open down the middle to show the white shirt underneath it, gray jeans, a brown belt and brown shoes.

Harry: 9 years old. Blond hair. He wears a sliver shirt, red pants with brown shoes.

Tyi: 17 years old. Short silver hair with blue eyes and fair skin. She wears a light gray zip up hoodie with black lining, and a black shirt underneath it; with blue jeans and black-topped, white-bottomed shoes.

Fai: Age unknown. Short blond hair with bright green eyes. He wears a black dress shirt with a white shirt under it, with black pants, black tie and black shoes. Comes into story in chapter 3.

Pearl: 9 years old. Have long light pink hair. She wears a white shirt that's opens sown the middle to show a pink shirt underneath, white shorts and pink shoes.

Maya: 17 years old. Have short purple pink hair. She wears a blue shirt that have a white collar and red tie, blue skirt with 2 red lines with one white in between the two red lines and black shoes. Comes into story in chapter 4.

Master: 90 years old. He have the most wisdom in the whole town of Glory. He wears what monks wear. Short gray hair.

Bad Guy Dolosa: 15 years old. Brown hair. He wears a black cape over a black shirt and black pants with black boots.

His Good side Dicey: 15 years old. Brown hair. wears a green shirt, blue pants with red shoes.
here will my story be here pm me about anything.

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Default Re: Chronos

Chapter 1

Glory is one of the last peaceful towns in the country of Dragon. Despite the name, there are no longer many dragons left in the region. When the first groups of people settled the area almost 2000 years ago there were over two million dragons. Now only 150 remain. More than half of their population lives in the mountains outside of Glory. When Glory has been in danger from its more violent and aggressive neighbors, the dragons have come to its peoples' aid to protect their town and their way of life. The dragons know that if Glory is conquered they will have to leave the sanctuary they've found in the surrounding mountains. It's been generations since the last attack, so long that the people of Glory have known only peace in their lives. But now there is someone coming to the peaceful town to take revenge on one who lives there, and it is here that our story starts….

In a small, two bedroom house a boy is waiting for his friends to arrive for breakfast. Gotin is the older of the two boys in the house, but at the moment his little brother was still rummaging around his room getting dressed, and he is alone in the house's main room. Normally he would have waited and let his brother open the door for their friends, but today was a special day for someone. Their friends have never been able to sneak up to the door without him hearing them, but today they've managed to get almost as far as the front step before their giggling gave them away.

They're getting better and better each day, he thought with a smile.

He waited a moment next to the front door, listening to his friends on the other side trying to stifle their laughter, and then just as one was about to knock he opened it.

"Hey, Tyi! How's it going?" he asked the girl who had her hand raised to knock, startling her, and turning to the smaller girl beside her, "and how are you Pearl?"

"We're both fine," Tyi answered before Pearl could say anything, "where's your brother, he always gets the door."

"Its you-know-what today Tyi, so I thought I would open the door today so he could get ready," said Gotin, who never understood why his brother would insist on opening the door before getting dressed for the day.

"I like seeing what he was wearing last night before he changes for the day," Pearl said smiling, before her face turned red and she tried to hide it.

"He should change before getting the door. But what good does it do telling him, he does what he wants anyway," Gotin said, leaning against the doorframe.

"We should get going before it gets any later Gotin," Tyi said, her voice telling him that they'd stood around talking instead of eating breakfast, and that she'd like to be on their way already.

"Yeah. Hey, Harry! C'mon, you're making us late!" Gotin yelled at Harry's bedroom door. He heard the door open and footsteps moving quickly down the short hallway.

"You set everything up, right?" he asked his little brother when he appeared in the kitchen.

"Yeah, I did, so let's go," replied Harry, following them outside and closing the door behind him.

The four started off down the dirt road, a path that would take them past the park as it wound through the town.

It may seem strange that Gotin and Harry woke up and set off that morning, as they did every morning, of their own accord, with Gotin, rather than a parent urging Harry on so that the four would not be late. It may seem that Gotin acts as more than just a big brother to Harry, but that would be because the two boys are all the actual family they know. Tyi and Pearl have found themselves in the same situation, as Tyi has taken over the role of, not only big sister, but parent as well for Pearl. It is not uncommon in Glory for children to be left to take care of themselves at a young age, and Gotin and Tyi have done so exceptionally with Harry and Pearl. This day, specifically will be proof of that.

In Glory, when a child turns nine there is a certain ritual they must perform for their teachers. It is meant to demonstrate their skills of concentration and coordination, as well as their physical abilities. If they pass they are allowed to move forward with their training. But if they fail they must train for a full year before they are allowed to attempt the ritual again. Usually it is the parents who take the child through the ritual, but if there are no parents, as in Harry's and Pearl's cases, that responsibility falls to the eldest sibling.

They walked quietly down the road, past the homes in which people are still going about their morning routines. Smoke rising from many small chimneys reminded the four of the breakfast they had missed. They left the main road and walked underneath a wooden trellis into the town's park, and from there Gotin led them through the trees to a small clearing that Harry had roped off the day before.

"So should we eat or do the ritual first Pearl?" Gotin asked, already knowing what her answer would be.

"The ritual first," Pearl replied, jumping up and down, excited to get to see it, ignoring the other three laughing at her she jumped.

Gotin and Tyi went inside the roped off area and stood on opposite sides facing each other. They each took a deep breath and nodded slightly before running straight at each other. Four feet from each other they jumped, flipping one over the other. They landed back to back and spun around to face each other, hitting their forearms together. They moved rhythmically, as though fighting, striking out, blocking each other. Their eyes were locked on each others' as they knew without seeing where the other would strike and how to defend. They moved faster and faster until their arms became a blur of movement. As the frenzy of their movements reached their crescendo Gotin and Tyi slammed their arms together and flew backwards away from each other, twisting in the air and landed where they had started from.

"So Pearl, were you able to follow what we did?" Tyi asked as she and Gotin walked over to where they had left her and Harry.

"Yes," replied Pearl quietly, sitting down on the grass as though she were exhausted, "I could follow what you were doing, but I could see it before you even did it."

"Before we did it? Gotin has that ever happened before?" Tyi asked, looking between Pearl and Gotin.

"I don’t know. I don’t know Tyi, but the Master might," Gotin answered, staring at Pearl. "You didn't watch when we did this for Harry did you?"

"No, I've never seen it before. You and Tyi wouldn't let me watch when you brought Harry here. Its like the dreams I've been having," replied Pearl, looking now at her sister, fear creeping slowly across her face with each word she said.

Gotin sat down in front of her, his eyes focused on hers, hoping it would help her to relax and to focus her thoughts.

"When did they start Pearl? What happens in your dreams?" he asked slowly.

"They started about two years ago," she began timidly, "They're always the same, but they end at different spots. There's a boy who's about eleven, he's smiling and then scared, he gets so scared. Then there's this flash of light and he's different. He's four years older and wearing all black. He's calling out someone's name and looking around for them. There's a mark on the wall near him. Then another boy comes running down the road towards him. I never see who it is though. It's like there's a shadow over that side of the road. Then a girl runs down the road too, after the boy, she's calling his name, but I can't hear her. There's another person, another shadow. The boy in black says something to the two of them; I think they're arguing, they're all angry about something, angry and scared. Then there's a flash of light, like an explosion, and everything disappears. I don't know what happened, but then the boy and girl, the ones I couldn't see, the ones in the shadows, I see them, like I'm standing behind them. They're in front of this huge building, and there's a woman there, she was waiting for them. Sometimes it ends before that, but it's never gone past that woman. She opens her mouth to speak, but it ends before I hear anything. Sometimes it ends with the flash."

Gotin and Tyi looked at each other in shock as Pearl finished speaking. As she had described the boy, the flash that aged him four years, the black clothing, they both knew who she was describing. They remembered his words, his promise that he would be back. And they knew where they had to go now.

"Harry, take all this stuff back to the house and stay there, do you understand? Stay at the house," said Gotin, standing up. He looked at Tyi, afraid for her, afraid that the boy had returned. "Pearl, you and Tyi are coming with me to see the Master. We need to tell him about this."

Harry started to pack their things back up, preparing to walk back to the house alone. While he did this Gotin, Tyi and Pearl headed farther into town to seek out the Master. Just before they reached his house Pearl touched Gotin's arm, halting the three of them.

"Gotin, I remember something else from my dream," she said, looking up at them, waiting for them each to nod for her to continue, "Before he sends them to that lady, something happens to him, like he splits himself in half. I don’t know exactly, but it's like there's two of him, likes he's staring into a mirror. I don’t know what that means though."

Gotin reached out and put a hand on her shoulder, hoping to calm her down. He didn't like seeing her so upset, not understand what her dream was trying to tell her, to warn her about, had begun to worry her. He hoped the Master would be able to help them. Gotin turned from Pearl and knock on the door.

"Come in," a deep voice called out from within, "come in and close the door behind you three," the master instructed, sensing the number of people outside his door from the sound of the knocks.

Gotin pulled open the door and held it for the girls to enter first, then followed them inside, remembering to close the door behind him.

"Now, what do you want?" the Master asked.

"Pearl has something to share with you," Gotin said after each of them had bow out of respect, and stood behind Pearl next to Tyi.

"Master," Tyi asked, when Pearl had finished telling the Master about her dreams, "has this ever happened before, what Pearl can do, has that happened?"

"It has happened," the Master began slowly, contemplating what Pearl had told him, "it is odd that she was unable to see everyone in the vision. Has she passed the ritual?"

"Yes," Tyi said, not noticing in her agitation that the Master smiled at this, "but what does her dream mean?"

"It means he had finally discovered the forbidden knowledge his village had tried to hide," the master explained, "but I do not believe he understands how to use that knowledge. Gotin, did you beat him alone before?"

"No, Tyi helped me in the end," replied Gotin shakily, his suspicions over the mysterious boy in Pearl's dreams confirmed by the Master's question, "What shouldn't she have helped me?"

"It is fine that she helped you Gotin, but now your shared enemy has returned. He has returned to eliminate the two of you. The mark that Pearl has seen in her dreams, the mark upon the wall? You both know that mark well, you have passed it for years. It is located between your two houses."

"What is the mark?" Tyi asked.

"That is the place where the people of the town and the dragons made their pact, where they swore to protect one another, should danger ever come to them," the Master replied.

"We have to go," Gotin said more to Tyi then the Master, "I have to get to Harry."

"Go," the Master said, and led Gotin and Tyi to the door. Pearl stood at his side as though the two had already agreed she would stay behind.

"I will keep Pearl here with me, I will instruct her and protect her. You will not see us again for a very long time, but you two must go now," he said and pushed them out the door, closing it behind them.

Gotin and Tyi started running as soon as the Master shoved them out the door, heading for the building he had described for them. They knew the building he spoke of, the place he meant, but they had never noticed the mark, had never noticed the evidence of the pact that had been made so many generations ago. They ran around the corner onto the road, the building just ahead of them when they heard a voice call out to them:

"Gotin! Tyi! I knew you would both come!"

The slowed down as the figure ahead of them laughed. Tyi suddenly thought of the third shadow in Pearl's dream. She wondered where Harry was. It couldn't be him, he couldn't be the third shadow, could he?

"How do we do this, Gotin?"

"We do what Pearl said we do," Gotin replied, "We face him and we hope she isn’t wrong."

He walked slowly out of the side street into the road where the figure from Pearl's dream stood waiting for them. Tyi followed closely.

"What do you want Disey, why have you come back?"

"That's no longer my name, Gotin," he snarled at them, "My name is Dolosa, and I've returned to kill you, Gotin."

Dolosa began speaking in a low voice, speaking a language Gotin couldn't make out. A sphere of light began to form around him, with smaller, intense bulbs of light taking shape in his hands. Gotin and Tyi shielded their eyes from the light, the intensity burning into their eyes, making them see double. Gotin thought he saw two of Dolosa, two of them standing next to each other within the sphere of light, but as he strained his eyes to see for sure the brightness overcame him. Dolosa continued speaking, his voice growing angrier as he went on. Then there was another flash, an explosion of light and sound, and the four people on the street were thrown back by the force of it.

The light had faded away from Gotin and Tyi, and they slowly got to their feet. They found themselves, just as Pearl had said, standing in front of a large building. They looked around for Dolosa but if he had been thrown by the force of the explosion, he had ended up somewhere else. The building was the only thing near them.

"So you two are finally here," a woman's voice said, "You two take your time don't you? You have a journey to begin, you two, you must find your brother," she pointed a long boney finger at Gotin, "and you must something that Dolosa has lost, something he believes he has destroyed. You must find it, it will be the only way to stop him. You will meet many people, many people you think you know. They are not the same. Some may be good, some may be evil. You must be careful. You will have to find those with the marks, follow the marks."

"What has he lost, what are the marks, I don’t understand?"

"You have met Dolosa, now you must find Disey. You must find him before Dolosa does, before Dolosa destroys him. You know the mark. It's like the mark your people receive in their ninth year when they have passed their test. Each mark is different. Follow these marks, tell no one but those with them where you truly come from. Now you must go, you have a long journey ahead of you both."
here will my story be here pm me about anything.

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Default Re: Chronos

Chapter 2

"There is just one last thing," the woman continued, "Your journey will take you to many lands, and you will visit many worlds. In each place there will be some task you must perform, or someone you must help. There will be a task for each of you to complete in order to get their mark. None of these tasks will be easy."

The old woman's lips curled into a smile as she finished speaking. It was a smile that made both Tyi and Gotin uncomfortable, as though she knew very well the dangers that awaited them.

Suddenly there was a great flash of light that blinded them as it surrounded them. When they opened their eyes they were standing outside a town entirely surrounded by a wall that rose nearly twenty feet above them. They turned in circles, taking in as much of this place as they could, knowing as they had before that this world was not their home. As Gotin stared off at the barren horizon Tyi settled on a poster nailed near the entrance to the town advertising a tournament.

"Gotin, do you know what this is? What's a tournament?" asked Tyi, looking at the poster.

"No," he answered, giving staring at her as if to ask how he was supposed to know about anything on this world, and joined her in staring at the poster.

"It looks like it's something you have to sign up for. Whatever it is, we might not be able to enter it," he said.

There came a girl's voice from behind them, "You two can enter, there are many contestants from different worlds who compete."

Gotin and Tyi spun around shocked that someone was able to come up behind them without them noticing. The girl had moved to within only a few feet of them, but she showed no sign that she had intentionally snuck up behind them. Instead she stood with her hands folded in front of her, her expression calm, helpful, punctuated by a sweet, childish smile, as though she was used to answering strangers' questions.

"Well that's good, I guess," said Tyi hesitantly, "But what is a tournament?"

"It's a competition. Those who enter the tournament fight to see who is stronger," she said slowly.

"It sounds like our final exams," said Tyi, "to see who stays and who leaves to choose what they want to master without having a teacher on them all the time. Where do we sign up?"

"When you go through the entranceway here, you go straight down this street until you come to the square. It's on your left," replied the girl.

"Thank you. My name is Gotin, and this is Tyi. What's your name?" asked Gotin, who liked to know other people's names.

"My name is Blue Jay. You'll have to choose an animal name on this world, everyone does, even those from other worlds," she replied and promptly turned and walked through the entranceway into the town.

"That's odd isn't it? That they have animal names, don't you think, Gotin?" asked Tyi as they started to walk towards the entrance.

"Not really. Maybe it's like how we do a ritual when someone turns nine, when they reach a certain age they chose an animal name," replied Gotin, his voice unsure.

They walked down the street, following the directions Blue Jay had given them. The street they were on was empty, as were those that intersected it. The few shops they passed were closed up and they couldn't hear anything coming from inside any of the buildings.

"Do you think everyone's at the tournament already?" Gotin asked, becoming uncomfortable with the silence around them.

"Maybe, or they could be hiding. Maybe they're all scared of us," Tyi said, watching Gotin out of the corner of her eye, holding back her smile until he laughed.

They stopped as they came into the town square, and looked around them.

"Is this it? She called it the square, but … it's really a circle isn't it?" Tyi asked.

"Yeah, it is, but if they call it a square let them. Look, there's the sign up table," said Gotin, pointing to their left at the table behind which sat a single man, his head down, eyes pouring over the registration forms he was shuffling. When they were a few feet away his head popped up, his eyes shifting quickly back and forth from Gotin to Tyi.

"You here to sign up or watch?" he asked rapidly.

"To sign up," replied Tyi, trying to decide on the name she would give.

"OK. To sign up. OK. What name are you going to use?" he asked as he pulled out two blank forms and began to check boxes on them.

"I'm Dragon and this is Tiger," said Gotin, picking two names he hoped would intimidate their opponents.

"OK. Dragon. OK. Tiger, it is. OK. What world?"

"What?" asked Tyi.

"World. What world are you from? Have to have the world. What world are you from? Then you can go in."

"Chronos," Tyi blurted out, not knowing exactly where the name had come from, as it was not the name of their home world.

"OK. Chronos. OK. OK, go right into the building behind me there. OK, go in there, and then go right, OK, until you find the stairs. Go down the stairs there, OK, you go down and there you are, that's it, OK. OK?"

They both nodded cautiously and moved slowly at first to the side to edge around the table, as if afraid that moving too quickly would scare the strange man who had just finished checking boxes on their registration forms and was now shuffling them into the piles of forms on the table in front of him. As they approached the building they could make out the sounds of a large number of people, their voices and shouts all blending into one muffled clamor. When Gotin opened the door for Tyi to enter first, the sound rose to greet them, but was still too low and indistinct. They turned right and followed the hallway past five doors and two staircases that led only up until they finally came to the stairs that would take them down. At the bottom of the stairs they found themselves in a large room filled with people, whom they could only assume were the other competitors. Gotin and Tyi stopped just inside the door, surprised to be faced with the other contestants.

"Ha, look at this guys, we have to fight a couple of kids this time around," came a mocking voice from somewhere in the back of the room.

"Does it matter if they are children or our age?" asked a man standing near to the door Gotin and Tyi had come through, "They both look as though they have fought before. They look as though they have trained for a long time, don't they?"

The man seemed to direct his comments more to Gotin and Tyi, out of respect, rather than the disembodied voice that had derided them.

"Thank you, sir," Gotin said, making eye contact with the man, before leading Tyi off away from the contestants. "He's right, Tyi, age is nothing without experience."

She nodded in agreement, but before she could offer her own sentiments a voice echoed through the room from the speakers positioned in each corner of the room.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the voice crackled, "our group for today's events has finally assembled and we are ready to begin! Let's bring out our fighters!"

The room at once began to shift and turn, heading for the door at the opposite end of the room. Gotin and Tyi waited as the others filed through, choosing to be last into the arena rather than be pushed through the narrow corridor by their competition. As the neared the end of the tunnel the sounds from inside the arena grew louder and louder; the shouts and cheers as the contestants emerged, the stomping, booing and clapping became clearer and more thunderous. The sounds of the crowd grew almost silent as Gotin and Tyi came out, except for the whispers that circulated the arena filled with the surprise at their age. The other contestants were surprised at the sudden silence that surrounded them and those who were not searching the spectators and focused their attention on Gotin and Tyi.

"OK, let's get our first match underway!" came the announcer's excited voice, ignoring the reaction of the crowd, "Can we have Lizard," and here he paused as the crowd erupted into a mangled explosion of cheers and boos, "and Tiger of Chronos, whose first time ever in our tournament! For those of you who are new to our tournament, here are the rules: there are no weapons allowed at all, it is strictly hand to hand combat. There are no ring-outs and no safe zones, no area is out of bounds, so that means you can fight anywhere inside the stadium! But let's try and not kill anyone this year, you know who you are… Snake. All right, then without further ado, can we have our first two contestants please!"

Lizard walked into the center of the ring, his eyes focused on Gotin as he did. He assumed Gotin was Tiger and ignored Tyi completely. Lizard, like the rest of the contestants in the tournament, was big, looking more like a bodybuilder than anything else. Like the other contestants Lizard looked as though he had been competing in tournaments such as this for a long time.

Tyi hesitated to get into the ring, suddenly shy at having to fight in front of the huge crowd. She took a step forward but stopped and may not have entered the ring at all had Gotin not shoved her in at that moment. Her head whipped around to glare at him as she toppled into the ring, but quickly regained her footing and straightened up to face Lizard across the ring.

"Hey, hey I can't fight a girl. What are you thinking? I want that one," said Lizard waving off Tyi as she walked towards him and pointed at Gotin.

"Well I'm your opponent, not him dumphead," yelled Tyi. She hated when people dismissed or put her down simply because she was a girl.

"I'm sorry, the contestants have been chosen. I'm afraid you're only recourse is to forfeit this match and withdraw from the tournament."

Lizard looked carefully at Tyi, sizing her up and weighing his options. His eyes drifted to the other competitors, standing together just outside the ring, and to Gotin, before looking back at Tyi. He said nothing, only nodded in agreement.

"Tyi, you can win this. You can beat this guy. He wouldn't last a day in Chronos," called Gotin, remembering to use the false name they had given for their home world.

"Yes, I can win Gotin. I will win," she called back, turning towards him as she did.

Lizard took her momentary distraction as an opportunity to charge at her, but she anticipated this cheap move and spun back around to face him, stopping him cold while he was still too far from her to attack. She smiled to herself as this feigning distraction to throw off her opponent was something her and Gotin did intentionally.

Lizard started shouting, unable to control his anger, and only infuriated more by the smile on Tyi's face. Lizard was prone to the same habit as most anyone that when faced with some maddening aggravation he tended to say things he shouldn't. Gotin was well known amongst his friends for this tendency even though he knew from experience it would get him nowhere.

"Your hair looks like an old lady's hair!" Lizard screamed, gesturing wildly.

Tyi bowed her head and brought her hands to her face. The crowd was silent, thinking she was crying. She wasn't. She hated when anyone criticized her hair. She had tried several times to dye it a normal color but each time the following day she would wake up and it had returned to its natural silver.

Along the sidelines Gotin stared in disbelief.

"Did he just say what I think he said?" he asked the man who had spoken up for them earlier.

"About her hair? Yes," he replied, "My name is Wolf, by the way, I didn't get a chance to introduce myself earlier. Why shouldn't he say that?"

"The first and last person to say that is six feet under. She knows I joke about it, but I've never said anything like that before," replied Gotin, glancing at Wolf to see the shock on his face at the revelation about the young girl standing stone still in the center of the ring. "That was when we were eight though. It was before we started our training though, so she should be able to control herself better now. I hope."

"You hope? Look at her! She's so tense she'll probably kill everyone here," said Wolf.

"Tyi, calm down!" Gotin yelled, seeing what Wolf meant.

Tyi had begun to shake as the anger swelled inside her, fighting against every control she had learned throughout her training. Her anger broke through the barriers she had tried so hard to maintain. She didn't hear what Gotin had said, she couldn't. The only thing she heard was Lizard's insult, repeating over and over. Her head jerked up, her eyes boring down on Lizard across the ring. Lizard saw death in her eyes, and had he the chance he may have been very afraid. At that moment though Tyi took off running straight at him with such fury and determination that Lizard could never have reacted in time. Three feet away from him Tyi leapt into the air and with a violent spin-kick caught Lizard on the side of his head and knocked him to the ground. He fell hard on his side and rolled onto his back, but before he could work his way back to his feet she was on top of him, punching at any exposed spot she could get at.

"Tyi, stop!" Gotin screamed from the sidelines, but she couldn't hear him. He took a step towards the ring but the other fighters moved to block him so he couldn't enter the ring but with their backs to him so they wouldn't miss the fight.

"Get out of my way!" he yelled, "I'm the only one who can stop her when she's like this, you have to let me through!"

Ignorant of her history they would have continued to bar his path for the sake of a fight had Wolf not turned on them, forcing them out of Gotin's way with a look. Gotin ran to the ring trying to think of something to say. Only one thing came to mind, but he would use it only as a last resort. He was about to climb into the ring when the announcer stepped towards him, opening his mouth to speak. The announcer's eyes caught Wolf's though, and he stepped back without uttering a word. Gotin stepped into the ring, taking a deep breath as he resolved to say the only thing he could, the only thing that would stop her from killing Lizard, even though it meant she would turn on him instead.

"Tyi, he's right about your hair!" yelled Gotin.

Tyi froze in midswing, her arm frozen back. Her head jerked towards Gotin and she stared murderously at him, her breathing ragged like a wild animals'.

She stood and faced him, but Gotin was not afraid. They had grown up together, trained together. He knew what she was going to do. She ran towards him, and leapt to kick him to the ground as she had Lizard, but Gotin caught her foot in one hand, and with the other knocked her from the air. She hit the ground hard, but Gotin held her as she did to avoid her head banging off the packed earth of the ring. She tried to break free of his hold but couldn't.

"Tyi calm down!"

She could hear him but his words had no meaning to her. Still she struggled against him, fighting to get away and finish what she had started. Gotin raised himself up, not wanting to take the next step but knowing he had no choice. While holding strong with his left hand he let go with his right and slapped her hard across the face. Instantly the fight went out of Tyi and her body slumped back against the ground. As she registered Gotin staring down at her tears came to her eyes.

"No… Gotin… I didn't kill him did I?"

"I don't know," he said quietly, hoping his voice would calm her, "I don't know. You did beat him a lot though. I'll go and see."

He stood up and pulled Tyi to her feet. She stood for a moment, as if unsure her legs would support her.

"Tyi," Gotin said with a smile before he turned towards Lizard, "how many times do I have to tell you your hair is fine?"

"Stop right there, the medics will see to him" the announcer instructed Gotin before he had taken two steps, and then, turning to face the crowd, "The winner of our first match, and in her very first appearance before us, is Tiger! Oh, but it doesn't look like Lizard's partner likes the outcome very much, he hasn't moved an inch since Lizard was knocked off his feet!"

As if the announcer's mention of him set him in motion, Lizard's partner stalked toward Gotin, coming up behind him.

"I am your opponent Dragon. Our match starts now," he growled.

"That's fine with me," Gotin answered calmly, turning his head to see his opponent out of the corner of his eye, "Tyi, you should go stand by the statue of the tiger."

Gotin turned to stare at Lizard's partner as Tyi made her way quickly to the statue.

"I haven't called the next match yet Snake!" the announcer corrected, "Before the match starts Lizard must be moved to the med station."

The medics appeared with a stretcher, lifting Lizard carefully onto it, and securing him to it before returning the way they came.

The announcer waited a few moments until the crowd had forgotten the sight of the medics officially bringing to a close the first match.

"All right, and now for the second match of today's festivities! We already have Snake and Dragon, ready to go, and apparently very anxious to continue what their partners began!"

The crowd fell silent.
here will my story be here pm me about anything.

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Default Re: Chronos

Chapter 3

Gotin and Snake stood opposite each other, their eyes locked, their lips moving, snarling, whispering warnings and insults at each other until the announcer ordered them to begin fighting or both forfeit the match.

Gotin snuck a look over to Tyi to see how she was holding up, and quickly back at Snake. He stepped forward toward his opponent and in the split second of that single step he disappeared. He re-appeared a foot in front of Snake, his arm drawn back for the hit. Gotin's fist connected with the center of Snake's chest and the man flew backwards, landing hard on the ground a few feet outside of the ring.

While this is happening, along the sidelines the world around Tyi began to slowly dim. She closed her eyes, opened them again, but the blackness was sweeping in and swallowing everything around her. She looked to her left and right, struggling to see the others around her but couldn't find them. Tyi closed her eyes again. Before she could open them a soft breeze moved over her, pushing her hair back off her shoulders. When Tyi opened her eyes she threw her hands up to shield her eyes from the bright sunlight. As she grew used to the sunlight Tyi looked around. She was no longer in the arena. Instead, she found herself standing before an archway, covered in small paintings and engravings. Extending from the archway to form a huge circle were trees, stretching out high above her that met another identical archway on the other side. Within clearing this created were patches of flowers growing in similar, smaller circles. In the distance was a huge castle that looked familiar to her, although she couldn't remember why. Before she could take a single step forward or move her head a voice call out.

"Oh mistress, I finally get to see you again after all these years," said a young voice.

Tyi turned all the way around but couldn't find where the voice was coming from.

"Up here mistress!"

Tyi turned her search upwards to see a boy sitting atop the ancient archway. Like the castle, he too looked familiar, but for what reason she couldn't quite place.

"Who are you? Why are you calling me mistress?" asked Tyi, her head tilted to the right as she looked up at the boy.

"You'll find out in time, mistress," the boy laughed, "Before we can start the task and test, I need to see the mark of your people first."

Tyi looked at him quizzically.

"So I know it's really you and not someone else, mistress."

Tyi unzipped her hoodie and pulled her right arm from the sleeve. She rolled up the sleeve of her shirt to display the mark on her arm.

"OK," the boy nodded, "Now to the task and then of course, the test. You have to find the right path through the maze on each of the twenty pillars—in order."

While he spoke he spread his arms out and as he did so twenty pillars rose out of the ground from the center of each circle of flowers.

"Every time you correctly finish the maze, it will disappear and only the line you've drawn will remain. But there is one more thing. Your anger needs to be controlled, it must be beat. So while doing your task you will have to listen to this."

With a wave of his hand the air was suddenly filled with every hateful thing that had ever been said to Tyi and those said behind her back. They overlapped and interrupted but still she could make out each insult, remember each instance of hurtfulness.

"How can I do this while listening to all that?" Tyi asked, looking between the boy above her and pillars behind him.

"You will need to find that out on your own. You should probably hurry mistress, if you wish to see your friend's fight," the boy said as he pushed himself backwards off the top of the archway and disappeared.

Tyi walked through the ancient archway towards the first pillar. As she got closer to the pillar she saw that what she had originally thought were carvings of chessboards were actually the mazes the boy had spoken of. She looked over at the other pillars around her and realized there were multiple starts and ends to the maze. The one in front of her started in the top left corner and ended around the bottom right corner. She remembered hearing that you should start at the end of a maze and trace your way back to the start, but what if you couldn't tell which one was which. Tyi started at the bottom with her right index finger, drawing a line from there to the top left. She moved her hand to the left and stopped. Her path spilled into three different directions, all heading diagonally up. Only one of those three would get her onto the next maze. She picked the one in the middle but it led her to a dead end. She backtracked and followed the path to the left which led her right where she wanted to go. The line turned a glowing red and the design of the maze faded away to the color of the pillar. She turned and quickly completed the next nine mazes, not even noticing the voices of insults around her growing louder.

Tyi had just stepped in front of the eleventh pillar when the voices finally got to her. This maze should have been easy; it was an upside down V with the start and end at the bottom corners. But the voices grew louder and more insistent, angrier as their volume increased. Her anger began to rise inside her, but she knew if she lost control and broke any of the pillars she would fail the test entirely. She was about to punch the pillar when a whisper send the voices running. She looked around for the source of the whisper but couldn't see anyone around her. She looked back at the pillar and realized it was actually much easy then the first one. She quickly moved on the next one and all the way to the last pillar when the voices came back louder than before. The shouting around her seemed deafening and it was becoming difficult for her to concentrate. She took a deep breath, hoping it would calm her and slow her pounding heart. The pillar had multiple starts and endings however, some of the paths crisscrossing each other. As she finished two of the five the voices grew in volume again, breaking her concentration. Then a voice she knew came to her, louder than the insults.

"Tyi don't listen to anything they say! Only listen to me! They're jealous of you, they're jealous of you and your skills—don't listen to them!"

The voices around her dispersed and she turned back to the pillar feeling as though a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. As she finished the pillar she realized the mazes on the pillars made a picture of something.

"Good job mistress, for not letting your anger get the better of you. Somehow, it seems, he got through to you," said the young boy, "Now for the next part—"

Before he could finish he disappeared and pillars sank back into the ground. In their place appeared a huge creature that looked like an orc but much, much larger. The big guy looked around the clearing until his eyes settled on Tyi. Tyi returned his stare, hers growing more intense, reminiscent of the angry stare when someone has insulted her.

"So I finally get to meet the girl with the old lady hair, hahaha," said the big guy.

Tyi put her head down, which made the big guy think he had gotten to her about her hair. She looked back up at him with fire in her eyes. She didn't know why she wasn't mad anymore when he said that, but she felt perfectly calm now. She took a step forward, disappearing as she did, and reappeared behind him. The big guy looked around but couldn't find her, not realizing what she'd done. As she stood close behind him, shadowing his movements to keep hidden, she remembered the pictures from the pillars that showed a man with an X on his chest or back. She jumped straight up while shouting "Dragon fire!" and she reached the spot right between his shoulder blades she finished with "Punch!" She punched as hard as she could. He yelled out in pain and turned so fast that his right hand hit her hard in the chest and sent her flying at the ancient archway. The young boy reappeared at just the right time to catch her before she hit the archway.

Tyi looked up at him as the big guy yelled, "YOU SHOWED HER HOW TO KILL ME DIDN'T YOU?!"

"No, I didn't. But I showed her how to find her enemy's weak spots," replied the boy as the big guy suddenly exploded.

At that moment Tyi remembered everything that the big guy had been hiding from her like the boy's name and her memory of everything they had talked about.

"Fai, thank you for helping me remember who I used to be. So that dream really happened, didn't it?" she asked, looking around the clearing that she finally remembered. It was the same as she remembered; the same as 12 years ago.

"Yes, that dream was real and it happened to the others you are looking for mistress," replied Fai, "And you're welcome. I couldn't leave you like that forever. I'm sorry I had to lie to you about the task, and that I told you the faster you got done the less you would miss of your friend's match—it stopped when you came here, you haven't missed anything."

"Fai, you don't need to say anything more. I know. So what's next?" she asked.

"Nothing. That was all you had to do," replied Fai, jumping down from the archway, Tyi still in his arms, "There is one thing though. About the mark the old lady told you about. Where do you want it? Only the people you want can see it."

"On my right forearm," said Tyi, putting her feet on the ground.

"It's done. That mark will be different then all the others who pass their test," said Fai, as everything went dark for Tyi again, "I'll be able to talk with you mistress, if you need any help."

Before she could open her eyes again she heard the announcer from the arena.

"Did you all see that?! One second Dragon and Snake were at opposite sides of the ring and the next Dragon was right in front of him! Sent him flying right out of the ring!"

Tyi opened her eyes to see the same scene she had left. Snake was still on the ground, and Gotin was frozen in his stance, the closed fist he had struck Dragon with still out in front of him.

Gotin stood up, his arm dropping to his side as he walked towards Snake. When he got there he leaned down to see if Snake was okay. That was when Snake's hand shot up and grabbed him around the throat. With his hand fiercely anchored, Snake stood up. Gotin wasn't surprised that Snake had done this. This type of cheap move had been done too many times back home in Glory for him not to know how to get out of it. He brought his right foot back, beyond the attention of Snake, and swung it in a semicircle right into Snake's left side so he would drop him. Just as his feet hit the ground he sensed there was someone in the crowd he knew. He looked quickly to try and spot them. Snake saw this momentary distraction and swung his right foot in a circle at Gotin's feet, hoping to trip him. Snake's move hit Gotin's feet and he fell backward, slamming his head hard against the ring floor. Instead of being knocked out though as Snake hoped, Gotin was only dazed. But Gotin also remembered another move he had once shown someone. He started to whisper, his lips moving quickly, silently, and Snake leaned closer to hear what he was saying. Snake only heard the final words, "do it—Dragon fire punch," and Gotin brought his up his right hand, now engulfed in wild flames, and struck Snake in the face. Snake flew backwards, not straight up in the air as one may expect, but in a high, wide arc that sent him crashing into the announcer's table.

The announcer jumped back just as Snake hit the table. The announcer walked around the demolished table to see if Snake could still fight. He leaned down and opened one of Snake's eyelids, then the other, and saw that no one was home at the moment.

"And that is the match! Dragon of Chronos wins! This is exciting—a new team taking out our tournament veterans! And so early on in the tournament! Oh, it’s a good thing I'm here and not hearing about it tomorrow from you who came today, I would never have believed it! Let's have our medics take Snake over to his partner Lizard and the medics can look them over together!"

After a series of matches featuring the other contestants, which allowed Gotin and Tyi to rest a while, the announcer stepped into the center of the arena again to address the audience.

"There you have it—our four teams! And here are the matchups: Dragon and Tiger versus Grasshopper and Ant; Wolf and Fox versus Badger and Otter," called the announcer, "Let's have the first two teams in the ring!"

"Tyi, take these off so we can fight better," Gotin said, taking off his dark blue shirt. Tyi followed by taking off her hoodie and they set both of them down on the bench and walked out into the ring as Grasshopper and Ant did the same.

The four of them stood facing each other until Gotin took a step forward towards Grasshopper and disappeared. He reappeared right in front of him with his right hand coming fast towards his opponent's chest. Grasshopper moved out of the way and grabbed Gotin's arm below the shoulder. While all that was going on Tyi ran at Ant too fast for him to stop her. She threw herself into the air, her side kick catching Ant in the chest. He didn't fall though, as she thought he would. He staggered backwards but quickly regained his footing and threw himself at Tyi. He grabbed her around her neck and lifted her off the ground. Tyi tried to speak but Ant squeezed harder, cutting off her words.

Mistress, say the attack, say it in your mind, Fai's voice came to her.

I can't do that—only the master can.

I'm here. It will work. Do it!

Tyi closed her eyes. Flame burst! And she burst into flames. Ant dropped her and stumbled back, shaking the hand that had been holding her. Tyi landed on her feet and without thinking did a back flip, kicking out her right foot. Her foot connected with Ant's chin, sending him flying into the air. She landed on her hands and pushed as hard as she could to jump into the air. As she got close to Ant she spun to her left and brought her right foot down on his chest to send him falling back to the ground. Ant hit the ground harder then she wanted but the end result was the same. Ant was KO'd.

Grasshopper looked over to his partner and saw him on the ground out cold with Tiger sitting next to him. With him looking over at his partner, Gotin took the opportunity to yank his arm free of Grasshopper's grasp, but as he did so the sleeve of his shirt tore free, bearing his arm. The crowd gasped as they saw the mark on his arm, remembering that not long ago there had been two others with the same mark.

Mistress, you can Gotin can do what your Master can—look what he's doing to Grasshopper.

Tyi turned just as Gotin was saying the name of the attack and his hand burst into flames. Grasshopper was surprised. He'd expected Gotin to do the same attack he'd used on Snake. He didn't have time to react and instead found himself flying through the air and landing right next to his partner.

"Oh! And that is the match! Team Chronos wins!" called the announcer as Grasshopper tried to sit back but gave up, falling back into the dirt of the arena floor.

Badger and Otter put up a good fight but lost to Wolf and Fox. There was only one match left to decide who would go on to the final round.

Gotin and Tyi walked into the ring to face off against the two who had won last year's tournament. All four did everything they could to overcome their opponents but none of them could land the crucial finishing blows. Finally the announcer called the match a draw.

"Well folks, that'll do for this year's tournament. It looks like we'll have four winners this year instead of one, we could let these four go until only one is left, but we'd be here until next year and I think we all have a few things to do before then," called the announcer as he handed out the medals amidst the crowd's laughter and cheers.

Gotin and Tyi walked over the bench where they'd left their things. Before they could put them back on Wolf and Fox walked over.

"Hey, that was something that's never happened before—the draw. You two get stronger and come back next year," said Wolf, who despite having to share his first place medal looked happy about the outcome of the fight.

The four were able to talk briefly about their different fighting styles before Wolf and Fox were called away by fans cheering for autographs. As Gotin and Tyi watched the two walked away they felt themselves engulfed in a white flash of light and they felt the world around them dissolve.
here will my story be here pm me about anything.

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